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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: The Saga Reloaded...Even More Legends in the Making(roleplay)
Thread: The Saga Reloaded...Even More Legends in the Making(roleplay) This thread is 6 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 · «PREV / NEXT»

Adventuring Hero
Enemy of the Efreet
posted April 25, 2003 09:28 PM
Edited By: ACC on 25 Apr 2003

The truth will be locked in a dream.

...But for ACC, his time for dreaming was over, or so he thought.

He woke unexpectedly from his sleep, and was shocked to find that not only was he alive, but that there was not a scratch on him.

He was actually quite comfortable.

He then figured he was dreaming this time, but was quickly jerked back to reality by a voice saying: "Ah, you are awake."

The voice continued, "I bet you are wondering what is happening, whether you are actually alive or not. Let me assure you, you are quite alive."

As ACC's eyes focused, he saw the slender illusionist that had defeated him in the forest.

Then, he passed out...

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Supreme Hero
Shaded Scribe
posted August 10, 2003 08:10 AM
Edited By: Shadowcaster on 16 Aug 2003

As ACC came to, he was once again face to face with the illusionist, who introduced himself as Baarta.  

Baarta explained to ACC the reason that he was there, and still alive.

He, indeed, was an illusionist who had tricked ACC into thinking he had been defeated by Artemus, when in fact the genie had not.

"The day we met in the forest, I had known that you were coming for quite some time, and fashioned an imaginary forest in which I had something to do while waiting for you to arrive. You were late, you know."

ACC still had not been notified on his encounter with Artemus and how he had survived the ordeal. He inquired on this matter.

"None of that ever happened. The Tower of the Magi still stands firm, and you have not yet met Artemus again. That was a lesson to you on what you are up against, and frankly you need some help. I can help you, but I will need something in return."

Hesitantly, ACC asked what he required.

Baarta then proceeded to tell the genie of his plight.  

He and a small coalition of powerful wizards and illusionists were given the monumental task of running a city.  The city's name was Loxlia, the genie's hometown that had been destroyed by Jerome's forces years ago.  It was only a memory to ACC now.

"I don't remember you, when did you rule Loxlia?"

"It was not so much a political reign, as a king rules his people.  Instead, the example of a god overlooking and maintaining his creations would prove more pertinent."

"I don't understand."

"I expected no less.  Try and understand, this may be a little hard for you to grasp at first, but the town you grew up in was not a town at all.  It was a grand illusion, created by the band of powerful wizards, along with myself, under strict orders from Jerome.  We thought that there was something in the city worth protecting to Jerome, but we never looked into the matter, the payoff was very large.  For 43 years we held the illusion, then our funding was suddenly cut off.  We instead received a final order from Jerome:  to destroy the illusion and to leave the survivors to Jerome."

ACC stared in disbelief at the illusionist for a moment, then snapped back into conciousness.

"If this is true, which I will assume it is for now, then my whole life has been based around a lie.  Please, tell me this, what is it that you want from me?"

"I need you to do me a favor..."

[OOC: I am ACC, the name change will be explained later.]

EDIT: Forgot one very important detail.

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Supreme Hero
posted August 16, 2003 11:07 PM

*in a underground layer practicaly in the middle of nowhere*

about 10 hooded figures are in the room talking

"you think he'll come?" ask one
"If it's the elf you mean then he better, Liani"
"I'm not sure about him, Dfrei" says another
"we'll jsut have to see, he should come just about now."

*at this the doors open and in walk 5 figures in green hooded cloaks*

"so you have arived!" says Liani
"what did you expect?" says the figure in the middle "now please put down your hoods for we shall do so also."

*At this the green figures put their hoods down reviling 4 elven faces and one human.

"I am Sir Dunco of the Green Forest, This to my left is Vilenith of Thurin, next to him is Hendier son of Haan, to my left Marnaus of Eveon, and Lethla daughter of the Forest. Please introduce yourselves."

*The figures pull down their hoods reveling grey faces aand grey hair.Then the figure called Dfrei smiles and answers*

"I am Dfrei of Anthruen, this is Liani of Umthon, Edthi of Gruit, Sedek of Hutin, Thiber from Reas, Nithrin from Poi, Hansi of Celdin, Ki from Thertin, Beldur of Yvin and Zarch of Weart.
We are the 10 elven lords who didn't bow as to say before Arachna."

"Very Good you have come all, now the reason why i have summoned you all here is this." Starts Sir Dunco "I am the Lord of the Green Forest one of the strongests fortresses in the south of the Elven Lands. The Elven lands are in chaos. The Queen dead the heir is nowhere to be found. So we are here to ask for your alliance."

"How many men do you command?" Asks Ki haistily

"Men, as to say," starts Vilenith " humans we have about 150 infandtry, 60 archers and 25 cavalary. They are stationed and different points thruout the borders of the Humans and Elves. They have deserted the Human army as to serve for our cause."

"The Elven army is the army of the Green Forest." Says Sir Dunco "Consisting of 50 of my elite guard, 200 sharshooters, 350 archers,250 light infantry, 150 heavy, and we have summened an Ice Dragon and a Gold one. They too are stationed at different points thouout the Green Forest."

"Now what about you?" asks Marnaus

"WE, the Dark elven lords combined, command 600 infantry, 250 heavy and 300 light cavalary, 400 archers, 100 of our elite guard, and a few specialy trained guards." Says Ki

"Good." Says Dunco

"Good is that all you will say?" Says Dfrey

"Time for this meating has run out, but if you wish to help us to dethrone Arachna and restore freindship between out kinds the come tomorow to the Elven village 10 miles north of here. You will meet us at a in called The Fallen Leaf. Thank you gentelmen."

The Elves and the Human bow, turn around and then leave the Chamber.

"Shall we go?" Asks Sedek imediately after their departure.
"I sure am going!" Says Beldir.
"the conversation gets out of hand and then Dfrey stops everyone and says "Lets all go there and see, for we don't get this kind of chance every day and especialy not form the elves!"  

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Supreme Hero
Please leave a message after..
posted August 17, 2003 07:28 AM

...at the elvin royal court...

The ElfLord Thisslewood stood still, summoning all his internal fortitude.  All he wanted to do was flee the hall and vomit his meager dinner.  Her Majesty, Luandrian, Queen of all Elves, was having dinner with her Orcish Cheif of staff.  The Elflord was greatful that the Lore was clear and that no non-elf could be prime minister for he knew that this thug Nunzio would be Luandrian's only choice.  He looked back at the dinner table, which was a mistake for he saw a mixture of grease, fat and blood dribble down the Queen's chin and delicately dangle, threatening to drop but not quite doing it.

He couldn't help himself and pulled out a cloth to dab the messy leftover of her orcish morsel.

"Mylord, you forget yourself." said the Queen, "Am I your Daughter to be treated such?  Go fetch us some more darkale."  Thisslewwod blanched and hurried from the chamber with what was left of his dignity.

"You push him too hard Lu." laughed the big Orc.

"I know Nunzio, but try as I might, I still can't stand these elves.  Especially the ElfLords, they are so full of self importance.  And I have grown to like the taste of whatever it is that I am consuming."

"You should realize that Elves have enough trouble with you as it is and flaunting their customs is driving a wedge in your content little kingdom."

"Ha!", laughed Luandrian, "Elves are much too isolated as it is.  They need to be brought down a peg or two if they want to survive in this world of refugees.  The forests are no longer exclusively for the elves."

"Yes, but it would be easier if you gently guided them to where they need to be in stead of hitting them with a two by four."  Replied Nunzio, "And don't forget that alot of the BoarderLords and ColonialLords have yet to present themselves and pledge to you.  If you drive the reactionaries away, they could start another civil war."

"But it's so much fun to watch them squirm." Pleaded Luardrian.

"You acting like that child you teased Thisslewood about."

"Okay, I'll try to be good, but not too good I am queen afterall."


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Supreme Hero
posted August 17, 2003 10:47 AM

* In the Inn of the Fallen Leaf *

Vilenith, Sir Dunco, Marnaus, Hendier and Lethla are sitting on a bench next to a long table and are doing what seems like disscussing plans. Finnaly the door opens and in walk the 10 drow lords.

"Welcome alla of you," greets them Sir Dunco cheerfuly," Glad you could make it."

"So are we." Says Dfrei

"Now please take a seat and we shall disscus everything." Sir Dunco says.

The Dark Elves sit by the table. The Sir Dunco asks.
"So anyone have any questions before we begin?"
"I do!",Says Edhit,"why would you, as an elf that is, want to restore the long torn appart kingdom that we used to share? What interest  do u have in us Drows?"
"Hmm...it is very hard to explain," starts Sir Dunco," but i shall try. I have travelled many places and seen many things. Many times was I in the lands controled by Arachna. When i saw everything going on i was appaled. Then I understood why people like yourself won't join her. And it made me go back to my roots. I returned to Green Leaf, the main center of the Green Forest, and went throug my family library. There i saw it. Past many generations I found out that that about my great-great-grandmother was a drow. So i went back to history books and realized that we all have drow or elven blood in our veins, that before the kingdom was torn appart ther was little or allmost no hate in our lands and I realized that only unitment will make us able to stand in the todays world."

There is a murmur of assent between the dark elven Lords. Then Sir Dunco says. "So we are ready to begin, Vilenith!"

Vilenith stnads up and brings out a couple of maps. "So the humman troops are well on their way to Green Leaf. They shall avoid the main territory controlled by the so called Queen."

There is murmur in the room and then Ki asks. "what good will the humans do?"

"Please let me finish." Says Vilenith, "this army will be in Green Leaf within 3 days. Dunco."

"In Green Leaf they shall meet with my army and the elite guard. We shall march to the capitol, that is Gold Leaf in human tounge, and dethrone the so-called-quuen. We shall try do to this as quickly and peacefuly as possible. The
Elven army is tired of serving the Orcs so they shall surely join us, the rest Marnaus please."

"Well, the biggest trouble is the Orc army, ofcourse." Says Marnaus" but we have news that they shall leave Gold Leaf in 3 days and not return in andother 3. By that time we should have the city securely in our hands."

"What if they return sooner?" Ask Sedek impatiently

"Then we shall have to fight them, but not only with the Human troops and Duncos, but also with the Main Elven army. This united army shall march under the banner of the Golden Leaf, the same banner Dunco shall use. If the orcs strike while we are in the city then a huge seige will happen."

"Now," starts Sir Dunco, "the second part of our plan. Hendiers father Haan is the Lord of the Frozen elven Lands with Frost Leaf under his command. Lethla is the Daughter of one of his Generals. They shall explain their role in this."

"Thank you," Says Hendrier, "tommorow morning we shall set out to Frost Leaf. We shall arive in 4 days from today. Together we shall persaude our fathers to raise an army. We shall move to Gold leaf. That is another 2 days walk."

"What numbers do your fathers command?" Ask Ki

"The main body of the Frozen Army is as follow: 300 swordsmen, 350 archers, 200 cavalary, 100 mounted archers." Says Lethla," A group of 10 frost giants have also informed me that they shall help. This army is not much but we hope it shall help."

"Not bad, Not bad." Says Ki

"Well from Gold Leaf we shall move south, over the river and into your Lands. Here is where i want you to step in. We know that Arachnas number are about 12000,  but never in a single body. The first step I want you to do is to capture this fortress, Umianor, the Fortress that devides your lands from Arachnas. We shall meet there. The army of the Green Forest together with them Main army and the Human army shall march under the banner of the Gold Leaf on a green background. Lethlas and Hendiers army shall march under the banner of a white leaf on a blue background. We shall meet at Umianor two weeks from now. That is all Gentlemen. I hope to see you in two weeks, you may now go."

The Drow Lords get up, whispering something to each other and leave. The elves and the human pack up. The Marnaus ask Dunco.
" You really think it will work."
" It has to Marnaus,  or the doom of all elves shall come."      

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Supreme Hero
Shaded Scribe
posted August 18, 2003 06:07 AM

Pacing across the room, Baarta paused for a moment while carefully choosing his words.

He thought to himself how much of an asset the genie would prove to be in ridding him of the guilt and wondering that had followed him since Loxlia was dispelled.

"I need your help...in finding the rest of those who created and watched over Loxlia, I fear that we are all part of a trap, something just doesn't feel right here in this world."

Baarta again drifted away into thought. He did often wonder whether this genie could be trusted, but as the sole remaining survivor of Loxlia, he would have to do.

Little did Baarta know of Artemus.

"You must listen carefully, I feel that we are living in a lie. A lie fashioned for those involved with Loxlia,and I can't shake this feeling that it has something to do with Jerome. Whatever he was hiding, he must not have wanted revealed."

"Then why do we need the rest of Loxlia's founders?"

"With our combined powers, we might be able to dissolve the illusion, and then we will use your knowledge of those who lived in Loxlia to delve a little deeper into this mystery."

"Sounds good, but where do we start?"

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Supreme Hero
posted August 18, 2003 08:27 PM
Edited By: SirDunco on 19 Aug 2003

*in the court of Green Leaf*

a messanger runs into the main hall and heads directly for
Dunco, who is talking wiht one of his generals.

"What is it,  Northion?" Dunco asks
"Horrible my lord,  terrible things!"
"What?! Where?! Who?!"
"The orcs, my lord, razinings, mass murders! We must hurry!"
"This is the last straw!" Says Sir Dunco turning to the general, "Spread the word,Lovni, we leave tommorow morning first thing!"

The general leaves the room.

"Call in Marnaus and Ronanth,Northion . Call them to the tactics room. Tell the to bring the Generals with them."

The messanger leaves.

*Meanwhile in the elfish mainlands*

...An orc Army of 5000 strong goes on razing and looting...

*In the Tactics room*

The main squad of generals, Marnaus and Ronanth are in. The Door opens and in walks Sir Dunco.

"The troops are getting ready." Says Lvovni.
"Good. Now how quick can we get to Gold Leaf, Hrevi?" Dunco ask.
"Ummm...quick march about 1/2 to 2 days."
"Ehm..." Says Dunco "the orcs left today?"
"Right, Sir" starts Hrevi,"they shall return in three days."
"Ok so have you set out a messanger to Hendrier and Lethla, Marnaus?"
"Yes i have, hopefuly they are alarmed and ready." replies Marnaus.
Then Ronanth interupts "What if the orcs besige the city, Dunco?"
"Actualy i'm quite counting on that. Now go to your chanbers, for we shall need rest for tomorow."  

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Supreme Hero
posted August 19, 2003 09:59 PM

*it is the second day since Sir Duncos army has left the Green Forest, they are about to come to Gold Leaf, actualy their going through a narrow wood road and the city is behind it when...*

"ORCS!" Sreams Marnaus!

*Behind the Turn a scouting group of abot 200 Orcs appear*

"Argh! Bastards!" Says Sir Dunco "I'll deal with them. Guard!! Straight Attack. Sharpshooters Open Fire!

The Elite Guard supported by the sharpshooters charge at the orc group, after 2 minutes onty 50 orcs are left standing and those panic and run of in different dirrections.

The Army resumes the march. Finnaly they see the city, but what is more important the city sees them.

*On the City Walls*

"The golden leaf!" Yells a guard.
"What?" asks another
"The Golden leaf!"
"But that's the baner of the Queens Paladins. And the only one that is left standing and is not in the city is..."
"SIR DUNCO! HE HAS RETURNED! OPEN THE GATES!" Interupst the main guard.

The gates swing open and the army marches in.  

"He HAS returned! We are saved!" yell sporadic voices as the army marches in!"

"Call Thisslewood!" Yells the main guard.

Soon Thisslewood emerges from the royal court.

"Dunco!!!" He yells trowing him self him "how did you?"
"First thing's first. I'll tell you over dinner...first where is the-so-called-queen?"
"She left with the orcs."
"Ok prepare dinner and give my, i mean our men a place to rest."

*Later that night*

The mavelous elven city twinkels in candle light, the streets are lit and life for once resumes it's normal life.

*In the royal dinning hall*

Thisselwood, Juik (another general), Dunco, Lovni, Ronanth, Hrevi, Iminon(Dunco's general),Hendier and Vilenith are dinning and disscusing the plan and situation.
After Dunco told Thisselwood everything he starts asking questions.

"Ok, it's hard to get used to the idea with the idea of the alliance with the drows, but what about the orcs. They will overrun us."

"I was counting on the help of your men..."
"But sir." Interupts Juik "the orcs took our weapons."
"Yes we only have about 400 men that are armed..."
"That is no good news..."
"Umm, Dunco." Says Thisslewood "What about my daughter?"
"She is under orcish control and curses, once we capture her Vilenth here might be able to get her out of it and restore he to her normal self. I hope that is."
"In your plan you mention the northlings...where are they?"
"On the way to the city ."
"Dunco this would be a good time to go to bed, for we must rest." Interrupsts Vilenith
"You'r right, to bed it is."

The company leaves the table and go to bed not knowing what awaits them the next morning.

*at the breakfast table*

It is an ugly rainy morning when a scout runs in, still dirty from mud.

"Sirs he says. The orcs they are returning!!"
"What?!" Ronanth
"How can that be?" Asks Dunco
"They apperantly went to get reinforcments, for their numbers are even greater."
"That can mean only one thing." Says Thisselwood
"Get the men read, a seige is about to begin." Commands Dunco

Everything is buzzing with preparations. The 2000 men inside the city are getting ready, Dunco with Thisselwood take the main western wall(west is where the orcs are comming from), With Hendier and Hrevi to the righ of them, Ronath, Lovni and Iminon to the left and Juik behind them.

After a half hours wait they see the Orcs, 7500 of them there is.

"Archers Ready!" Command Dunco and Thisselwood together.

The orcs are now 500 meter from the main wall.

"Set Now!" is another command

At  300 meters one can see that the orcs are ready with seige equipment, which is unexpected.


Orcs drop like potato sacks, but only more emerge. The main archer squad under Sir Dunco's command consists of(the 200 sharpshooters and another 100 archers)
The Left has another (150 archers),right (200) and the rest and the back are infantry and cavalary.
At this time the first orcs reach the wall and begin to put up ladders. In the Distance once can see 2 seige towers and 2 battering rams.
Suddenly the ground shakes(these quakes seem to come from the north)
       Ladders keep on being thrown down but more and moer emerge with orcs on them. The Soldiers are now fighting, for what seems the fate of the elves. Orc vs. Elf...the Elves may seem to have an upper hand but the orcs beat them in numbers.
       Now the Seige towers are reaching the walls, armed with orcs ready to spring on the walls.

"Fire Arrows!" Commmands Ronanth
"Oil drop!" Yells Thisselwood
"Fire!" Yells Ronanth

The first seige tower, cover in oil, burst into flames leaving the orcs inside at mercy to the fiery inferno.

But the second one serves it's purpose Orcs leap from it to be counter with the higly trained and skilled elvish infatry.

"Arramen, hissi, Amo!" Says a voice. This voice bellongs to Vilenith who has long been muttering something.
A great wave of ice freezes about 1000 on the orcish left wing, but...THUMP THUMP
The battering rams have hit the gate which has been before weakend by the orcihs sappers.
But then a nother northern quake, this time stronger shakes the battle field.
The orcs ram and ram, when...!

"No!They'r comming through!" Yells Jiuk, "The gate won't hold long!"

And just as he preddicts the gate falls, now the orcs leave the walls to stone and try to flood through the gate, where they'r not only met with the Elite Guard but also with the infatry and cavalary and the enchanting Vilenith, but these numbers are not great and the orcs seem to be on the brighter side of things.

But now it can be seen as to what was the source of the quakes, 20 10 meter statues are seen on the north and are heading for the Wester Walls.

"It's Hann with Marnaus and Lethla." Yells Hendier

It is true, the army of the north is drawing nearea dn with this the moral of the orcish army is dropping. The Giants are the first to reach the battle hitting of hundreds of orcs with therir first strike.

"Schelin!" Says Vilenith and therain turns to snow.

With a great roar the Northern army under the banner of the white leaf throws it's self to battle.

The orcs now confused and hopelless begin to panic. This is well used by the inside defenders who put all their remaining strenght at pushig the orcs from the gate.

The orcs are now at the mercy at the northern army which isn't beig mercyful and soon what seemed a lsot battle turns to victory for the elves...

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Legendary Hero
paid in Coin and Cleavage
posted August 19, 2003 11:18 PM

"as the Orcs flee...

a rain of black feathered arrows reduces their numbers even more... from the surrounding woods, twenty two hooded figures step out... all wear dark green cloaks that seem to meld with the shadows and two of them have silver trimming on the gloves and belt as well as a wolf shaped brooch holding the cloak

- an i tawarwaith, faradrim dae...

- an claur! ...an gaultor!

...as the cloaked Shadow Hunters finish the Orcs off with their rapiers, one of the two Moon Watch rangers takes his hood off and approaches a dead Orc... a second later he turns to his companions and shouts...

- daro! halt brothers! ...these are not our prey...

- this is not good... we must find the torturers...

- it will have to wait... unless i'm mistaken, this city resembles those of our High kin up in the mountains... no doubt built by Elves...

- you are right, yet I see the underground dwellers next to the woodsmen... a strange alliance in every world we have seen... including our own...

- they carry a banner with a golden leaf, I remember the Keeper mentioning that symbol once... should we contact him?

- maybe later... first we join them and see what their intentions are... come Shadow Hunters, let us join our kin inside the city...

...with that, the twenty two rangers enter the city and approach the banner with thegolden leaf...
You are suffering from delusions of adequacy.

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Supreme Hero
Please leave a message after..
posted August 19, 2003 11:20 PM

...at the battle of GoldenLeaf...

Luandrian, Queen of all elves, looked across the devastation that was once her beautiful city.  What maddness has renewed the slaughter.  The orcish refugees who stood by her have been betrayed by the border elves and their mutinous cohorts from within the city.  Nunzio and his centaur contingent are still out scouting possible centaur village sites & Thorn is still away on ECF business.  Who will she turn to?  The royal guard have stayed with her but most of the citizens have been quelled or are waiting to see who will emerge victorious.

Across the battlefield she sees Dunco the Betrayer, a thousand curses on that name.  Dunco, once Knight Protecter to the Royal throne.  Dunco, who sold out her mother to the Dark Elf conspiracy and caused the civil war.  No punishment will to too great to repay this elf for his crimes against his own people.

Luandrian goes to the prison.

"Greenleaf are you here?" she asks.

"Yes Your Majesty," replied the mad wildelf with the armegeddon ruby embedded within his eye.  Luandrian winces under the harsh light that is emitted from the stone.

"Have you contemplated your crimes?"

"I am still coming to terms with the rage, and my desire for vengence."

"Do you still seek vengence?"

The Wildelf thinks, "Yes...I think if given a few centuries in meditation I may come to terms with it though."

Luandrian waits...then makes her decision.  A decision that she may come to regret.  "I am sorry to interupt your meditation but I have need of you.  Am I still your Queen?"

"Of course Your Majesty, my life is yours." he said in an archaic elvin responce.

"Dunco is here and has started another civil war.  Do something about it and you are free to go.  You can take your vengence on the Vampire Lith or return to your meditation.  I give you your choice."

The mention of Lith Maethor made his ruby eye start to burn.  He fell to his knees in pain as the power was once again awoken in him.  He began to shake in rage and seemed to lose control...but then he stopped and stood upright.  "I don't think I'll be saying, 'thank you, Your Majesty, but I will do your bidding."

"Then go!" she ordered, "Try not to kill too many innocents."

After letting the beast loose, Luandrian started to cry.  The tears flowed for her people and an ancient dirge came to mind.  So she began to sing, a lament that was both beautiful and agonizingly sad.  Her voice rose to the trees, and the trees began to accompany her song.  One by one elves began to emerge and kneal before her.  

The Magic that has bound the elvish people to their Queen for millenia was finally released.

Soldiers who were fighting the queen began to drop their weapons, while their comrades saw what was happening and ran to escape the growing sphere of influence, that Luandrian was creating.  If she had known that this power was within her she may had been able to stop the needless slaughter, but it was the sadness of the killing that brought forth her Royal Legacy.

Thisslewood came before her, "Please kill me Your Majesty, I have betrayed you."

"There has been enough death this day, and I believe I owe you an apology." Luandrian smiled through her tears.  "Is Dunco here?"

"No, Your Majesty, he and most of his elite force were meeting with the other forces.  I doubt he will risk any elves this close to your throne again, but he believes you are an ursurper and have given the elf lands to these orcs and centaurs."

"Why must my people hate the other inhabitants of our world so much?  I promise to make this Queendom a bastion of tolerance and acceptance.  Hopefully the reactionaries will come to their senses and accept the future."

"Should I order the armies to persue the remnants of Dunco's forces."

Luandrian thought about Greenleaf and sighed, "No.  He is going to have enough trouble very soon.  I just hope that the rage that powers Greenleaf's Armegeddon doesn't destroy us all."

"Greenleaf has escaped???  We must find him at once!"

"No I let him go, and a cruel thing it was,  I believe I have led him to a dark path.  One that he was begining to step away from.  I have made many mistakes, I don't know if I deserve to be Queen."

"You are very young Your Majesty, still a child by anyone's reconing.  It is we who made the mistake, instead of accepting you and guiding you, we decided to isolate you and plot against you.  We have dishonered the race, and will spend many generations making it up to you." said Thisslewood with many of the ElfLords nodding in agreement.



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posted August 19, 2003 11:41 PM

*at the spot where Thisselwood was talking to the Queen*

The Door opens and in walks Dunco with his closest.
He bows infront of the Queen, kisses her hand and speaks.
"Finnaly you have been released your majesty. We were hopping this would happen. the spell that was inpowering you is gone. You have escaped the grip of evil. Before you speak let me explain everything.
This battle of which you may call a dissaster, is not as bad as it seems. The Orcs you have called in have done nothing but pillaged, razed and murdured. Many of our most precious villages have gone down under the flames of their torches. Many of our kind have been either murdured or captured by them. The orcs showed no mercy and were only gripping for power. We did this for your good and the good of our people. I ask you to concider this before you speak. Thank you."


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posted August 20, 2003 03:16 AM

...after the battle of GoldenLeaf...

"Dunco, at last we speak.  You say that these orcs are evil, that they kill and destroy.  Yet again you have been decieved.  The orcs you see around you were most cruely transported from their homeworld during the trans dimentional horror that Gelu unleashed upon the multi-verse.  You need to look Eastward to the mountains of the Warlock to find the perverted creatures that are our ancient enemy.  Is the Glamour of the Black Dragon still confusing you?  Is it your doom to always try and destroy our people.  I have heard many stories of your gloried past, and I see little evil in you."  Luandrian paused while Thisslewood whispered in her ear.

"Milord Thisslewood has reminded me of something, you are outhbound to the throne, and unless I release you you are honorbound to serve.  I was thinking of stripping you of your lands and placing you with the druids for a few hundred years of silent comtemplation but other facts prevent that, so I will send you on a quest."

"I, Luandrian, first of that name, queen of all elves, singer of the ancient song, change you, SirDunco Knight of the Blood Royal to discover the land of the Black Dragon and find a way to slay the foul beast.  You must take with you this orcish squire, CrookedTusk, and teach him the time honored ways of the Royal Knights.  You will be persued by Greenleaf, the wildelf,  The magically immune elf with the power of Armegeddon running in his very blood.  But neither you nor your party will kill him for I am responsible for his redemption."

"Will you accept this charge and all that it entails?"


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posted August 20, 2003 06:46 AM

Destined to roam in shadow,
never to bless the light;
the darkness will consume,
anything in his sight.

ACC awoke with a start, jolting Baarta awake as well.

"Having that dream again, ACC?"

"Y-yes, I see myself, then I see nothing, and all turns to night."

"Strange, this is the third night in a row."

"The sooner we find the last link in the chain, the better."

"Yes, now get some rest, tomorrow is a big day."

ACC and Baarta had long since resolved to dispel the illusion into which they had been cast, and were successful in retrieving all but one of the Loxlia mages, as they were called.

But times were not easy. The genie's dreams haunted him tirelessly, night after night, and they all portrayed the same thing.

First, ACC would lose his heritage, as all of Loxlia denounced him as a citizen. Then, while wandering alone, a great flash would light the heavens and all would go dark, with only ACC remaining visible. He would then fade away.

Nobody could tell what it meant.

The next morning, ACC and Baarta travelled in search of the last remaining Loxlia mage. They had purposefully saved the most powerful of all so that his power could be easily detected. Their search soon led them to the edge of a great, gaping hole with one small building in the middle.

It looked much like a regular old hovel, but the two would not be fooled. Upon knocking, the door opened and a swirling light engulfed the two.

After a moment, the two appeared inside the shack, which fittingly matched the outside. The pair was disappointed.

"I am suprised you two made it through that dimension door in one piece. Such things are not meant to be taken lightly."

Baarta and ACC quickly explained the reason for the intrusion, and the illusionist, whose name was Kalgil, agreed to accompany the duo back to where the others were waiting.

As they arrived, the Loxlia mages gathered in a circle, much like in the creation of Loxlia, but the purpose now was destruction of the false world around them.

While the sphere where the mages' power grew in the center of the circle where those powers combined, ACC began to feel dizzy, he assumed it was simply of anxiety.

After a while, the mages had given all they could, and the sphere was released.

As the world around him dissolved, ACC soon realized what his dreams had meant.

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posted August 20, 2003 08:26 AM

"I will accept...but yet i need to speak." Says Dunco."you say these orcs are peaceful, that is right. For if you look at the bodies of the dead, they resemble don't resemble these orcs, but the orcs of the east. Ifact these orcs have nothing incommon with the army that attacked this city. I know that these orcs are peaceful but it wasn't them who have attacked...Not they. These were the eastern orc, tha harsh and cruel ones. it was them that attacked this city, not i who attacked them. I know that they came here force fully, but it still doesn't give them the right to kill. I am not bewitched, nor crazy. For people from my group saw the monstrosities the orcs did...but there is one more thing i need to inform you about...
I learned of this a long time ago and sinco then I'm looking for him. I found a group of druids, who took me to their elder, one of the most respected men on earth. And he spoke of this prophecy. Vilenith will you."

Vilenith takes out an old parchement and begins reading.

"On the day of the 20 of the spring first days a new leader will be borned. He will be called the restorer and the uniter, for he shall unite what has long been split. Half of him doesn't bear the crown. He will rule allong side his half of whom he 2 cicles older is, but till he's found the lands will run amok..hurry for time is short..."

Dunco resumes. "As you see your majesty, this prophecy changes everything. We have managed to decode it. Your half-brother was born on the 20th of March two years before you.
The prophecy says of your highness rulling along side of him. for he shall be the uniter of the split elven society.

I was shocked when i heard this and wouldn't belive it. But as time goes, I realized that it must be true and your brother and the king of elves must be found...

Before I go i need to tell you again, that our attackers were none other then the orcs from the east, remeber that please your higness. Also remeber that to show my loyalty to you I will accept the quest you gave me and serve you. May I now go?"

Before Sir Dunco stands up the queen stops him as if she had something to say...

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posted August 20, 2003 02:36 PM

...before Luandrian utters the words...

...the doors open and the two Moon Watch rangers walk in... one of them draws his hood back, he has long braided brown hair with gray temples and his brown eyes are glowing with  a strange green light... his younger companion takes his hood off as well, and rests his hand on the hilt of his rapier...

- sidh ah le, linnathiel...

- excuse our manners, bereth eldar... my brethren and me are not of this world and are weary by our travels... we aided the Elven defenders of this city against the Orcish hordes...

...the older ranger pauses and looks at Dunco and his company, then he turns back to the young Elven Queen...

- it was after the Orcs were slain that we heard the song... was it you fair maiden? rarely have witnessed such strength and depth of emotion...

- even though we serve another, by choice and blood, our longbows and rapiers are at your service if you ever need them... twenty two rangers we are but skilled in the art of war and wise in the ways of the forest...

...both Moon Watchers unseeth their rapiers and place them on the floor, bowing infront of Luandrian, yet keeping an eye on all the people in the room...
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posted August 20, 2003 04:02 PM

...at the impromptu council...

"Welcome travelers, I am greatful for your offer.  I have not heaaard of your people and this confuses me for I have been...er...blessed with an affinity to sense the People of this land."


As Luandrian was greeting the strangely clad evlin rangers one of them grabbed a dagger that was thrown by one of SirDunco's companion's retainers.  The elf then bolted and disappeared into the wood.  The rangers quickly gave chase but the would be assassin had already disapeared into a hazy shimmering doorway.

"What foul act is this SirDunco?"  accused Thisslewood, "Did you always mean to kill her during the parley?"

SirDunco looked shocked and outraged.  "I had no part in this.

""That is what you always claim.  But betrayal and murder follow closely in your footsteps."

SirDunco's men began to pull their weapons when he ordered them to cease.  "No blood will be shed by my men."

The heroic ranger whom still had the dagger said, "This poison tastes like Dragon..."

Luandrian was furious, "You see SirDunco, weather you like it or not, the taint of the Black Dragon follows you.  You must dispatch him if we are ever to have peace.  I will think on this prophesy of yours, but I cannot say if its sooth or not.  It sounds like a dark prophesy of the dark elves, for whom else has ever desired to put a "king" back on the throne.  If you find this so called brother of mine, bring him before me and we shall see how he will be judged.  For I would rather live ten thousand lifetimes in civil war than have a Darkelf sit on my Mother's throne."



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posted August 21, 2003 04:41 AM

A light from inside of what seemed to be a dim labaratory was the first thing in the new world anyone associated with Loxlia had seen of the real world in over half a century.

The group found themselves strapped to tables, each unaware of who or where they were. The lab was sloppily arranged and things were carelessly tossed about the room.

The mages were in a circle, just as they had gathered when they dispelled the illusion.

Suddenly, a doctor entered the room and slowly checked a bulletin on the wall.

"Hmph, the elves are at war with the orcs again..."

He then noticed that the group was awake and, with a look of terror in his eyes, shuffled clumsily out of the room, knocking many things over as he retreated.

"Oh no, they are awake!"

He then vanished out the door.

The dazed prisoners looked at each other. ACC saw that Baarta was not an illusionist anymore, but he was still very tall and thin. It seemed he was a sharpshooter.

What Baarta saw confused him. ACC was no longer ACC the genie. Instead, he appeared to simply be a shadow.

Then Baarta spoke:

"What are we gonna do, ACC?"

The shadow replied in a hollow voice.

"Call me..."

He cleared his throat and tried again.

"Call me Shadowcaster."

The shadow then thinned out and slid easily under the straps that held him. The others were free within minutes.

"We have to find a way out of here," said the shadow mage, "and maybe then we can finally figure out what this is really about."

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posted August 21, 2003 10:26 PM

...at the guildhouse of a boarder town...


"IDIOT!" yelled Talon at the would be assassin of the elvin queen.

"but...but..."<CRACK> the elf was hit again.

"Are you so witless that you would jeopardize all of our plans and destroy your valuable position in Dunco's entourage, for what?  A feeble, surely doomed, attempt at the Queen."

"She was wide open and distraced, I took the initiative and she would have died if it wasn't for that stranger." pleaded the elf.

Talon looked at him and quietly said, "Since when was the assassination of the Queen ever in your op plan?  You were an essential agent to help us guide Dunco.  You have made it harder for us, not only with Dunco, but you continued to blunder by taking the dimention door directly here."

"No one can follow me." replied the elf.

"You are an elf, you did see the Queen claim her birthright, you were witnessed by unknown elves of unknown skills, you left your Black Dragon Dagger with enemies, your cover identity is known to your former cohorts, you came directly my guild room where I am at least somewhat known, you have been seen by no fewer than a dozen townsfolk, not all of whom have been identified, your actions are forcing me to abandon this post and find new accomodations further from my quarry,...the list of you imcompetence goes on.  If it weren't for your master, you would be dead now!  But he still wants you alive and I still need him, so you had better start running.  You new job is to lead any pursuit as far from the Dragon as possible.

***at the COurt of the Elvin Queen***

Luandrian looked at the Strange Rangers, "I owe you a great debt."  She came forward and kissed each ranger on the cheek, A touch this intimate was rare in elves, even rarer in Royalty and the rangers were greatly touched.  

"I will teasure this moment always, Your Majesty, I am yours to command, as long as it doesn't conflict with my oaths to my Liege." replied the Ranger leader.

"The Queen deserves unquestioned loyalty!" snapped Thisslewood.

"This from an ElfLord who was in rebellion just hours ago?"

Luandrian quieted the arguement, "Thisslewood, I do not demand anything from these friends, they are forever in my gratitude."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, but please let us find this assassin for you, It angers me that he escaped us."

"You may do as you please, if you find him or any conspirators please let me know, you can contact me through the ECF." replied Luandrian.

The elves looked shocked, "The ECF, maybe we shouldn't mention this detail to Lith, he is a little sore at the ECF."  one of the Rangers said to the Leader.

"That feud goes back before there was an ECF, I know little about it, except that Lith hates one of the ECF founders, for very personal reasons.  But we shouldn't gossip like old fishwives."

"Agreed.  Let us find this assassin, it will give a reason to poke around and discover things that may also help our Liege."



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posted August 24, 2003 08:43 PM
Edited By: Lith-Maethor on 24 Aug 2003

*still at the elven court*

Sir Dunco, just as everyone else, is still confused by the assasination attempt. Shanking his head he speaks.

"I hope, your highness that you accept that i play no part in this assasination. As for the prophecy, it is real and i've been searching for the hier eversince i hear it my self...and that was before my ehm episode with the Black Dragon.
Yet the quest you send me on is very dangerous. I will ofcourse accept and take this young orc with me. I shall contact you at times during this quest."

He then turns to one of the leaders of the Rangers.

"Sire, I have heard that you want to persue the assasin, and i may be able to offer you a deal of some sort. I am sure that the quest I'm sent on is going to sooner or later bring us to him, so it would be a pleasure if you and your men acompany us."

The Moon Watcher turns to the other Rangers and after a while of talking in low voices he turns to Dunco.

"We will accompany you but only for a while... then we must take the path alone..."

"Thank you, your help will be needed. If you please follow us."

The Company leaves the court and heads for the stables. They enter and an elf approaches them

"Dragar! How good to see you."
"Same Here, now how may i help you?"
"We need horses for these rangers. Could you?"
"Sure!" Dragar says taking the rangers to a far par tof the stables. "Now here are some horses that are currently unused, they shall serve you good."

The Rangers approach the horses , whisper in their ears and take the sadles off. Dunco's Company mount their horses. Before Dunco mounts he turns to the young orc.

"Do you have a horse?"
"No, sir."
"Dragar! A horse for this young lad."

Dragar looks at Crooked Tusk and brings him a tough sturdy horse.

"Here you go young master."

The company the rides south east to Green Leaf.

*Later in Green Leaf*

The company arrives at the court of Sir Dunco.

Vilenith walks to the Moon Watcher.

"Sire, we have chanbers for you and your men. But i susspect that we wont stay here longer as one day, for Dunco is very anxious to ride out."

"that'll do... and where are our chambers?"

"Umm...up these stairs and the hall on the left. I'm Vilenith by the way."

The Rangers dissapear up the steps.

Meanwhile Dunco is talking to Croocked Tusk.

"So I'm supposed to teach you to become a knight. Is that right?"
"Yes, sir."
"Do you know how to use a sword?"
"Well I've been tought..."
"Did you ever fight?"
"Well, yes..."
"Can you use the Bow and Arrow?"
"Never tried...."
"ok, we shall talk tommorow...now your chamber is up the stairs in the middle, on the 3rd floor second door on the right. Now go on."

The Orc leaves and soon does the Rest of the company.  

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posted August 24, 2003 10:34 PM

"in the Rangers' chambers"

...the elder Moon watcher walks up and down while the Shadow Hunters sit in a circle and tell jokes about Helf-Orcs... the young Moon Watcher approaches him and puts his hand on his shoulder...

- your mother's blood shows old friend... try to relax...

- I cannot Thorhen... these stone walls seem to drown me... I need to feel the ground under my boots... to see the stars above my head...the sooner we leave the better...

- I know Ferion... we still have to track the wretched Beastlords down... Lith won't be pleased if we fail... we may have to summon him after all...

...Ferion stops for a while and scratches his head...

- what do you make of these names, lad? ...unless my memory fails, this Greenleaf everybody speaks about is the one called Calenlass by the Keeper... but I remember him telling that story more than 20 years ago... people here act as if no more than five years have past since the Keepers were here...

- I think this is because the Realm is in a separate timeline from most worlds... even if this hunt takes us a year, chances are we will return to the Realm on the same day we left...

- I'm afraid it wll take us longer my Elven companion... don't forget we agreed to help the Queen of these lands to hunt the would-be-assassin down... thanks to your quick reflexes that is...

...as the words echoe in the stone rooms, the first rays of the sun begin to show in the horizon...
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