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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Nature Campaign Guide
Thread: Nature Campaign Guide

Supreme Hero
posted September 09, 2002 02:51 AM bonus applied.
Edited By: Wolfman on 8 Sep 2002

Nature Campaign Guide H4

* Nature Campaign (Elwin and Shaera)                                        *

* ------------ *
* Introduction *
* ------------ *

Elwin is the only hero that carries over in the campaign, so make sure he is
powerful, and make sure he learns as many spells as possible.  Also, since
heåll get the summoning skill, itås best that you travel with a full army so
you can control which creatures he summons.  Similarly, itås better for Elwin
to be a Warden or Summoner than a Beastmaster, although youåll still want to
pick up some combat skills.

The best Nature units are elves, griffins, and faerie dragons.  Elves are the
only Nature ranged troop outside the creature portal, and so by default
theyåre better than white tigers.  Griffins are a good utility troop since
they can fly, and the faerie dragon bonuses are better than the phoenix
bonuses.  Phoenixes are better for summoning.

As for the creature portal, I like to use a combination of water elementals
and fire elementals since they compliment each other, and since the only
other Nature ranged unit is the level 2 elf.  (Waspworts are too slow to use
in an army, but theyåre fine for castle defenses.)

* ---------------------- *
* Scenario 1: The Lovers *
* ---------------------- *


  1. Find Shaeraås father, Gramin.

Carries Over:

  1. Elwin (max level 15)


Elwin starts out with the summon wolf spell, and that plus his weak combat
skills should get you through the initial two battles.  Then continue
following the path, flagging troop buildings and only attacking whatås in
your way.  The idea is to get to the first neutral town as quickly as
possible and with as many troops as possible.

Once you take the town, feel free to go back and collect some of the things
you missed before.  In particular you should fight the earth elementals to
get the wand of fire bolt.  Thatåll help you way more than any other artifact
on the map, and with elves in your army the earth elementals should be easy
to defeat.  You might also want to pick up the mage robe, but the medicine
cart is guarded by 50+ bandits, and it probably isnåt worthwhile to pick up

Note: As you gain levels, donåt focus completely on your Nature skills.  The
second scenario will give you all sorts of ways to gain Nature skills, and so
you should leave several advancement opportunities open.

Then explore east of your town a little and flag the windmill, treetop lodge,
and gold mine.  There is also a neutral Chaos town in the area, but you might
want to avoid it until you can build up your army a little.  Past the Chaos
town to the east is a dead end that contains some creatures to kill and
artifacts to pick up.  Once you do what you want to do there and take the
Chaos town, head north past Orangeås domain.  (Itås protected by a keymaster
gate, and you canåt access it yet.)

If you go north at the intersection, youåll find one of Blueås towns.  It
might be difficult to take, depending on what spells you know and what you
have in your army.  But try to summon creatures to protect your troops from
ranged attacks, and use your elves and wand of fire bolt to kill the enemy
ranged attackers.  Then, when the enemy melee attackers sit behind the walls
doing nothing, summon in a large force of wolves (or better, if you have it)
and let them charge the gate.  Once the gate is down, you should be able to
pick off the enemies with your wand and elves while the summoned creatures
distract them.

Once the Blue town is yours, youåll find a few useful buildings nearby,
including another gold mine.  Also, if you go back to the intersection and
head east, youåll find an underground passage at (79,76) and a quest hut at
(77,94).  The passage is required for progressing through the scenario, so
take on the Chaos group guarding it when you have a big enough army.  (If
youåre having troubles with the battle, and if you have more money than you
know what to do with, you can use an army of Might or Chaos troops to soften
up the Chaos guardians before attacking them with your main army.)  The quest
hut will give you an arrow of stunning for a ring of strength (carried by a
nearby neutral hero with some evil eyes), so complete the trade if you think
itås useful.

When you go underground, youåll find yourself in the middle of a long tunnel.  
If you used the Window of the Magi near your first town, then youåll see that
the southwestern end is where you want to go.  There youåll find the orange
keymaster tent, allowing you to enter Orangeås lands, and also a two-way
portal to the northeastern end of the tunnel, allowing you to scoop up some
treasures without having to face the monks guarding them.

When you get back above ground, head for Orangeås area.  Youåll find the blue
keymaster gate near the entrance, but it leads to a treasure area guarded by
cyclopes, and the cyclopes will probably damage your army too much to make
the treasure (mainly a summoning amulet) worthwhile.

Youåll also, of course, find one of Orangeås towns in the area.  But there
are a few reasons not to attack it: you donåt need to attack it, youåll
probably reach level 15 without attacking it, itåll probably have numerous
ranged troops guarding it, and itås a Chaos town.  Also, once you pass the
Orange town to the north, youåll find a Nature town, and itåll probably be
lightly guarded.  So take that town instead, and then hang around it for a
couple days while you ferry in troops and build up the town to have a level 2
druidås hall.  You can also take the opportunity to flag the nearby resource

Then head east.  Shortly youåll find Blueås second town.  You might want to
try attacking this town, depending upon how well itås defended.  Blueås main
hero will probably inside, and that hero will probably have artifacts and
tactics, meaning that even without cyclopes the inhabitants might cause you
problems.  So save first and then try attacking it.  If you can take the town
without losing too many troops, then do so just for the experience.

Otherwise, continue heading east.  You should encounter Orangeås other town,
but again it will probably be too difficult to attack.  So instead head south
to the coast where youåll likely find a stack of behemoths.  This will be
your last battle, so feel free to sacrifice all your troops if necessary to
win.  But between the behemoths and the treasure chests theyåre guarding, you
should end up pretty close to level 15, if not actually making level 15.  
Then head north through the quest gate and meet up with Gramin and complete
the scenario.

* ----------------------------- *
* Scenario 2: Mark of the Tiger *
* ----------------------------- *


  1. Solve the tragedy of the white tigers.

Carries Over:

  1. Elwin (max level 22)


This is one of those maps that is very convenient for the computer players,
but very inconvenient for you.  If you cross the bridge to the southwest
youåll find not one but two dragon portal exits nearby, giving the computer
players easy access to your town and resource buildings.  Luckily, the map is
only medium-sized, so youåll never be too far away from home, and youåll be
able to use the dragon portals yourself to get home quickly.

So visit your starting town if Elwin has nobility, and then cross the bridge
to the southwest.  Youåll find that you have to help the white tigers with
their ôgreatest tragedyö and that you shouldnåt attack any of the Teal-
flagged white tigers on the map.  (They wonåt attack you, either.)  So clear
out the little island area except for the water elementals, and then cross
the next bridge to the northeast.  Youåll find some Orange-flagged trolls
there eating some white tigers.

After killing the trolls, youåll decide that the trolls are the great tragedy
you need to help the tigers with, and, if you progress a little farther to
the northeast, youåll find a Window of the Magi that will show you the
location of all the trolls on the map.

Now you have a choice: there are two-way portals to the east and west, and
you have to pick one to proceed farther into the map.  However, the best one
to take is the western one since it leads to the Nature towns owned by the
computer players.  (The eastern portal leads to Chaos towns as well as Nature
towns.)  Also, by going west, youåll be able to neutralize the enemy towns
closest to the dragon portal entrances.

So head towards the western portal, stopping to visit the quest hut and some
trolls along the way.  The quest hut will offer you a Nature skill for 15
wood, but if you canåt afford it yet, donåt worry about it.  Youåll be
passing this way often enough during the scenario, and you can complete the
quest later.  (Or you might want to just wait for enough wood.  That quest
hut has given me as many as three Nature skills in the past, instead of the
promised one.)

Once you pass through the western two-way portal, youåll find one of the
dragon portal entrances that leads to your starting town.  If your army is
looking sad at this point, then go back to town to re-supply your army and
learn some new spells.  Then head back to the same place.

Continuing west, youåll find another quest hut willing to trade a Nature
skill for 15 wood, another group of trolls, plus assorted useful buildings.  
Eventually, youåll also run into one of Greenås Nature towns.  So take the
town and then explore the area while you build it up.  Then head south.

Note: When you take enemy towns in the campaign, donåt be too concerned about
defending them.  Just funnel their troops to your starting town, and make
sure you hold your starting town.

To the south youåll find one of Blueås Might towns.  Take it or not, but
explore the area and kill the trolls south of the town.  Then head east to
the ôconnector areaö of the islands on the map.  (Youåll recognize it by the
eight bridges.)  Depending on how much experience you have at this point, you
can go to any of the three areas connected here that you havenåt visited yet.  
Each has a town plus assorted other useful buildings, and you can conquer the
areas as much as you want.  But none of them lead to the last set of trolls
(to the southeast).  To get there, youåll have to head back to your town and
then take the eastern portal that you skipped before.

So once youåve done what you want in the middle of the map, and once youåve
killed the last set of trolls (you should hear that Orange has been
eliminated), head to the quest gate at (130,94) (along the southern edge of
the map).  Youåll have to go back to your starting town first, but
conveniently youåll find a dragon portal entrance with the last set of
trolls.  Youåll still have to walk all the way back to the quest gate, but
along the way you can trouble Green and Blue if they happen to get in the way
(or even if they donåt).

Past the quest gate youåll find the ôTroll Lordö plus 80 trolls, but they
shouldnåt be any match for your army.  In fact, the Troll Lord might attempt
to flee, so kill him before he gets the chance.  Once heås dead, visit the
nearby tiger den to learn that the trolls were only an annoyance, and that
the real tragedy is the recent stillborn deaths of the tiger cubs.

This revelation will open the way to an underground passage plus a red
keymaster tent (to the west), so visit the tent and then head underground.  
Youåll find Redås lands, and all you have to do to finish the scenario is
defeat Redås main hero, Worllarc.  But there are some optional stacks of
undead creatures around if you want to pick up some artifacts or experience,
which you might want to do since Worllarcås army wonåt be very powerful.  In
fact, Worllarc himself will only be level 17, and he wonåt have any level 4
creatures with him, so the battle should be pretty easy.  Once you defeat
Worllarc, the scenario will end.

* --------------------- *
* Scenario 3: True Love *
* --------------------- *


  1. Construct a Mirror of True Love.

Carries Over:

  1. Elwin (max level 28)


Ignore the piles of wood for now and head straight north.  As you exit the
glade, eight white tigers will join you.  They wonåt be much help or
hindrance, so put them into a separate army and let them pick up stuff (like,
say, that wood).  Keep moving north on the second day, and you should notice
a neutral Nature town.  Capture the town (it wonåt have any ranged troops, so
summon in your favorite troop until you have enough to take the town) and
then explore the area.

Youåll find that youåre boxed in -- at least until Elwin visits the quest hut
at (114,60) and gets his first quest of many in this scenario.  It seems that
if you bring potions of mirth, quickness, resistance, and endurance back to
the hut, the alchemist there will give you the cloud-silver you need to
construct the mirror.  So, after you flag the two resource buildings in the
area, follow the path east.

Note: Elwin has to be in the army that visits the quest hut.  If he isnåt
youåll still get the quest, but the trees blocking the road wonåt disappear.  
Elwin also has to be in the army that returns the potions.

Hereås where youåll find the potions:

1. Mirth.  Itås right next to the tree of knowledge at the edge of the path.
2. Endurance.  Itås at the end of the south branch of the path, guarded by
  some cyclopes.
3. Quickness.  Itås along the northern branch of the path, next to the
4. Resistance.  Itås northwest of the path, guarded by some waspworts.

Once you have the four potions, send Elwin back to the quest hut to complete
the quest (and also re-supply his troops), and send the white tigers over to
the blue keymaster tent.  Once Elwin completes the quest, the rocky area in
front of the tent will disappear, and so the tigers will be able to visit it,
allowing Elwin to pass through the keymaster gate beyond the bridge.

Almost immediately upon passing the keymaster gate, you should notice one of
Greenås Nature towns.  Run over and capture the town, and then explore the
area.  Youåll find the second quest hut behind the town to the west.  The
jeweler inside will fashion the cloud-silver you have into a mirror frame
provided you give him 40 gems.  Conveniently, there is a gem mine right next
to the hut, but it will still take a while to accumulate what the jeweler

So head out east and do some more exploring.  Elwin himself needs to go to
the quest hut once you have 40 gems, but there isnåt any hurry to do this, so
you donåt need to keep Elwin close to town.  In fact, itås probably better
for Elwin to ramble as far as way as possible so he can pick up resources and
neutral towns before Green and Red get to them.

But, eventually, once you have 40 gems, go ahead and complete the quest.  The
third quest hut is at (59,98), near a town.  The merchant inside will give
you some pure sand in exchange for 10,000 gold.  But be careful.  This isnåt
one of those quests where they ask you if you want to complete it.  If you
visit the quest hut while carrying 10,000 gold, youåll automatically complete
the quest.  So only visit it when youåre ready.

The fourth (and final) quest hut is at (37,111) (along the coast).  The
dragon there will turn your sand into a mirror provided you free its mate.  
The mate is being held in the Red town in the northeastern corner of the map
(past a quest gate).  Once you capture the town, youåll receive a black
dragon troop, and you should add it to your army.  Then, when you visit the
quest hut again, youåll win the scenario.  So take your time before
completing the quest, and try to get Elwin as much experience as possible
(but chances are you still wonåt get him very close to level 28).

* ----------------------- *
* Scenario 4: Reflections *
* ----------------------- *


  1. Find Mirilass.
  2. Capture Harke Manor.

Carries Over:

  1. Elwin (max level 32)


After flagging the nearby ore pit, sawmill, and tree lodge, head south across
the bridge.  Youåll quickly run into an Orange Nature town, and, once you
capture it (easy enough with summoned creatures), youåll make your corner of
the map much more secure.  (The only way in will be by your starting town.)  
So once the orange town is yours, take your time and explore the area, and
also build up your two towns.

Note: There is a quest hut in the area at (65,104).  If you kill the nearby
medusae (theyåre next to a backpack, but theyåre not flagged), youåll receive
a dwarven shield.

Once you clean out your part of the map (including the treasure areas past
the two portals), head north.  Youåll soon find Splitoak, where Mirilasså
brother lives.  If youåve learned a couple level 5 spells from your first two
towns, then taking Splitoak shouldnåt be too difficult, and when you do
youåll learn that Mirilass is hiding near the blue keymaster tent in the
southwestern corner of the map.

The only way for you to go now is west, so head in that direction.  Youåll
find a neutral Nature town that should be easy to capture, plus another
portal leading to a treasure area.  Eventually, youåll come to the blue
keymaster gate guarding Blueås town (Harke Manor).  Blue doesnåt have access
to the command word, so itås stuck inside waiting for you.

You still donåt have any choice about where to go, so head south into
Orangeås domain.  Orange starts out with three towns under its control, so it
might put up a fight, and it might not.  So play the area by ear, and capture
what you can without losing too many troops.  Everything in Orangeås part of
the map is optional; you just need to travel through it to reach the blue
keymaster tent.

When you pass through the quest gate leading to the blue keymaster tent,
youåll be attacked by a large army of Nature troops (including two faerie
dragons).  Summon in some phoenixes or faerie dragons of your own, and let
them distract the enemy while you pick them off with your elves and
elementals.  Once the army is defeated, visit the blue keymaster tent and
then take the dragon portal to the northern part of the map.

Harke Manor will have a reasonable number of troops defending it, and itåll
have a castle, but the enemy hero will only be level 22, and youåll have
seven towns supporting you (if youåve defeated everybody else).  So if you
canåt take the town on your first attempt, just wait a week and ferry in more
troops and try again.  Once you capture the town, the scenario will end.

* -------------------- *
* Scenario 5: Together *
* -------------------- *


  1. Defeat Lord Harke.


Elwin starts right outside your starting town, but he hasnåt officially
visited it yet.  So if Elwin has nobility, bring up the townås information
screen so Elwin gets set as governor.  Then move him straight west towards
Gramin.  Once he gets close enough, Gramin will be able to move (heås stuck

Gramin starts out level 25, but he canåt do much on his own because most of
his skills are tactics skills.  So you can try leaving the two heroes in
their own armies so they cover more ground, but itås probably best to put
them in an army together.

Note: Elwin starts out with the Bow of the Elf King, which gives ranged units
an extra shot.  That, obviously, makes ranged units much more powerful, and
so you might want to skip water elementals this scenario and rely exclusively
on fire elementals.

So start exploring.  Right next to your town youåll find a quest hut plus a
three-way portal leading to a crystal mine and a small treasure area.  The
inhabitant of the quest hut will give you a ôpot-o-goldö if you return his
Four Leaf Clover to him.  (The pot-o-gold is about 8000 gold, not an
artifact.)  His ôarch enemyö is the stack of leprechauns at the end of the
Ungthorås Path choice in the portal.  Try to do the quest right away since it
will make building up your town easier.

Also notice the red dragon portal exit near your town.  There are no less
than four such exits in your area of the map.  Plus, there are two red dragon
portal entrances in Redås lands (which you canåt get to), and Redås lands
arenåt very large, so youåll be seeing Redås heroes using the portals all
throughout the scenario.  If Elwin is so powerful that you donåt need Gramin
to help him, then just stash Gramin in your starting town, and use him to
hunt Red heroes.  After the first one (or two), which will be around level
27, all the Red heroes will be level 1, and they should be easy to defeat.

(So, for that first Red army, use Elwin in the battle, and have him summon
phoenixes every turn.  Then have the phoenixes attack the enemy heroes while
the enemy troops all attack the phoenixes.  Once the heroes are dead, itåll
just be a case of mopping up.)

Otherwise, try to explore your area of the map as quickly as possible.  South
of your starting town youåll find two neutral Nature towns that should be
easy to capture.  South of that lies Tealås (Harkeås) lands, but there is a
group of behemoths and cyclopes blocking the way, so youåre safe enough from
Teal for a while.  North of your starting town youåll find another neutral
Nature town, plus a multi-way portal leading to a few treasure areas.  (The
treasure areas contain a lot of skill shrines if you need them.)  So explore
as much of the northern area as you want, or until Blue starts knocking on
your door, and then head south.

Once youåre ready to confront Harke, purchase as many troops as possible and
put them and both your heroes into a single army.  Harkeås army will be
tougher than the end-scenario armies youåve seen before, mostly because he
seems to accumulate all the troops from all of Tealås towns.  Harke is also
level 39, plus a tactics specialist, so his army will be even more difficult
than normal.

So when you face him, start summoning and try to kill him first so you can
get rid of his tactics bonuses.  This is the last major battle youåll face in
the campaign (everything else Elwin can handle all by himself), so donåt
worry about losses.  Just make sure Elwin survives and you defeat Harkeås
army (Gramin doesnåt need to survive).  If you have trouble, capture the
first two Teal towns you come across (one might still be neutral), and then
just blockade Harke until you can defeat him.

Once Harke is defeated, go through the quest gate at (197,107) (northeast of
Tealås southwestern town).  Youåll find the red keymaster tent there, which
you can skip, plus a teal dragon portal, which you should take.  The portal
will take you to a blue keymaster tent and a purple dragon portal.  Visit the
tent and then take the purple portal, and then walk all the way back to the
coast near your starting town.

Youåll find the blue keymaster gate there, plus a blue boat waiting behind
it.  (You remember the introductory story about blue sails and red sails,
right?)  So board the blue boat and sail to the island where Shaera is
waiting.  Then just walk up to Shaera to win the scenario (and the campaign).

Don't assume you know anything
about my position on any issue.  
Best idea would be to ask.

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Famous Hero
posted September 09, 2002 03:40 PM

hmm, when i first came here i asked which forum was for what......i remember hearing "Library is for HOMM3"

Khh... all right... You go to Index; you see:

Library of Enlightenment
Strategy, trivia, fan fiction, mapmaking

Note that version isn't specified there.
Now you return to this thread. I think you will NOT disagree if I say that the Wolfman's post is rated as 'strategy'.

Wolfman's post belongs to Library.
Enuf for you?
That's it. You see, my wisdom is expert...

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Supreme Hero
Zapper of Toads
posted September 12, 2002 07:03 PM

Bonus applied. The walkthrough is quite good and you've also done a second one.

I didn't complete the campaign with the suggested advanced classes. I used a bard for the main character. The distance he would travel with Grand Master pathfinding and with all the movement artifacts was huge. Maximum Luck also translated to a much more durable Hero.

I'll notify Hexa that this topic is in need of some cleaning. (Deletion of posts.)

"A brilliant light can either illuminate or blind. How will you know which until you open your eyes?"

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Legendary Hero
posted September 12, 2002 08:05 PM

Thread cleaned with "Mr. Hexa shinny spray!@"
If you want to realize your dreams >>> you have to wake up!@

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Supreme Hero
posted September 13, 2002 02:51 AM

Thanks for the bonus
Don't assume you know anything
about my position on any issue.  
Best idea would be to ask.

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