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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Life Campaign Guide H4
Thread: Life Campaign Guide H4

Supreme Hero
posted September 11, 2002 02:11 AM

Life Campaign Guide H4

* Life Campaign (The True Blade)                                            *

* ------------ *
* Introduction *
* ------------ *

Youåll gain a lot of heroes in this campaign, and while you should build them
all up, you should pay special attention to Lysander.  Heåll have to fight a
battle all by himself in the last scenario, so he needs to be as powerful as
possible.  Also, if at all possible, you should train Lysander to be a Lord
Commander rather than a General since the bonus is better.

As for the Life units, itås best to select pikemen, monks, and angels.  
Ballistae are nice ranged units, but theyåre slow as mud, and you donåt
really need them if you have crossbowmen and monks.

* ------------------------------------ *
* Scenario 1: The Drawing of the Blade *
* ------------------------------------ *


  1. Defeat Normic and Caileen.

Carries Over:

  1. Lysander, Proetho, and the best two other heroes (max level 18)


You start out with three towns and three heroes.  Each town has units
garrisoned in it, plus units available to be trained, so have each hero visit
the closest town and collect as many troops as possible.  That should make
them tough enough to handle the neutral creatures nearby.

Then have your heroes explore the areas near the towns, collecting resources
as they go.  There is plenty of gold available on the map, so you should
always pick experience when you find treasure chests.  After about a week,
have your three heroes join together into one army (the portals make this
easy), and put a single squire into a second army so your hero army doesnåt
have to waste time picking up stuff.

The heroes, along with numerous crossbowmen, squires, pikemen, and monks,
should be able to finish off most everything in the triangle formed by your
three towns.  (The griffins to the southwest might still cause problems.)  
While theyåre doing that, continue to build up your towns, and make sure each
one has a caravan.  Then every so often train troops at each town and send
them to the most eastern one, because thatås the one closest to the road
leading away from your part of the map.

Note that there are a couple quests in the area:

1. At location (81,43) youåll find Adamuså Retreat.  If you return the Ankh
of Life to Adamus, heåll help you out (in the form of Proetho, a level 11
priest).  This is a necessary quest, and since Proetho carries over to the
other scenarios, itås best to do it as quickly as possible.  The ankh is
being held by the venom spawn at (53,74).

2. At location (38,56) youåll find a quest hut in the water.  If you kill the
green flagged mermaids and harpies to the east, youåll receive a seamanås
hat.  The quest isnåt necessary or especially useful, but youåll still need
to take to the water so you can visit the blue keymasterås tent at (49,31).  
Also, if youåre in need of money, you can find an oracle at (32,50), which
will lead you to a treasure of 6000 gold.  Plus, if you go to the patch of
land at the eastern edge of the water, youåll find three peasant huts there.  
Peasants pay taxes, so theyåre a good investment.  Just caravan them to a
town and leave them there.

Once youåre ready to push south, put your four heroes together and let
crossbowmen, monks, and either angels or champions take up the other three
slots.  When you pass the monastery (which you should flag so you can get
more monks) head east into a little cul-de-sac area with a gold mine and a
couple archery ranges.  If Proetho is a higher level than your other heroes,
then you can leave him in the triangle of your towns so he can visit all the
skill huts he missed before while the rest of your army explores the cul-de-
sac.  Then you can join them all together before you head west.

To the west youåll finally encounter the lands owned by the Red and Teal
players.  But first you can do another quest.  At (86,79) youåll find the
home of a ôstressed-out womanö and sheåll offer to trade you five healing
potions for 10 peasants.  Since you should have a couple Life magic
spellcasters with you, the healing potions arenåt really necessary, and you
can skip the quest.

Also, before meeting up with Teal and Red, youåll finally have to battle some
griffins.  But with a large army you should be able to deal with them, and
itås even easier if you have angels, since they can resurrect any troops who
get killed.  Otherwise, just let the griffins come to you, and try to whittle
down their numbers before engaging them with your melee troops and heroes.

To the west of the griffins is a Teal town.  It will have loads of ranged
attackers, but you can use your angels or champions to approach the castle
and attract their fire while the rest of your troops clear off the turrets.  
Itåll probably be messy, but you can use Song of Peace to great advantage
here if you have it.  Regardless, taking losses is ok since Teal and Red only
have four towns between them, so every one you take turns the tide in your

Note: If youåre using angels, donåt have them resurrect your heroes.  Your
heroes will be resurrected automatically as long as you win.  Instead, have
the angels resurrect themselves, if necessary.

West of the town is another one, and this is where youåll probably find
Caileen.  So destroy her army and capture the town, and then explore the
surrounding area.  At (129,93) youåll find a quest gate, which will only let
you pass if you have Proetho with you.  Beyond the gate youåll find another
gold mine plus the purple keymaster tent.

Back near the first Teal town is the blue keymaster gate.  Beyond the gate is
another gold mine -- and also a few black dragons.  You need to kill the
dragons for the quest hut at (106,115), so go ahead and do the job.  Then
capture the mine and visit the quest hut so you can acquire a dwarven hammer
(which is needed for another quest).

East of the gate is Redås lands, so if youåve been taking serious losses
during your battles, this is a good time to re-supply your troops.  Between
your five towns, you should be able to create quite an army now.  Then head
east to meet Red.

From here on you just need to treat Red like you treated Teal.  The only
difference is that Normic is a coward, and heås hiding behind Clodmanås Wall.  
So go to Clodmanås house at (85,105) and give him back his hammer.  Heåll
then knock down the wall for you.

Normic is a level 24 General, and heåll have lots of troops with him, so feel
free to wait a while before attacking him.  With seven towns behind you
youåll have all the troops you need (and then some), and once Normic is dead
the scenario will end.

* ---------------------- *
* Scenario 2: The Trials *
* ---------------------- *


  1. Contact the Oracle of Dawn.

Carries Over:

  1. Lysander, Proetho, and the best two other heroes (max level 25)


If you approach the quest gate, youåll find that you need to give up 10,000
gold in order to pass.  You start with 5,000 gold, and there are enough
treasure chests nearby to give you the rest.  But a better plan is to take
the portal in the corner and explore the area it leads to.  Youåll have to
defeat some stacks of gargoyles and trolls (which shouldnåt be too bad if
your heroes all learned combat), but your reward is a gold mine plus several
piles of gold.  With that gold in hand, you can use the treasure chests next
to the quest gate for experience instead.

The second quest gate is to the west at location (29,26).  It requires that
you have the Sword of the Gods.  The sword is located in the southeastern
corner of the map, but itås guarded by some efreeti and friends.  This should
be a tough battle, but luckily you can recruit some crusaders and monks in
the area, and there is a tree of knowledge nearby so you can gain a level
first.  If the battle still gives you problems, then you can just wait for
more crusaders and monks to show up, and eventually you should be able to
overpower the creatures.  Otherwise, just make use of spells like song of
peace and mass heal and bludgeon your way through the fight.

The third quest gate is located underground at (35,44).  Along the way you
should pick up Saint Rananås Staff (guarded by some nature creatures),
because thatås what the gate wants.

Following the path underground, youåll come to the last quest gate at
(65,36).  It will only allow the ôtwo who are oneö to pass, which means you
need to find Lysander.  Nearby is a purple dragon portal.  When you go
through youåll discover the tunnel to the north has changed, and that thereås
now a new area for you to explore.  At the back is a portal leading to a
pandoraås box.  Open the box to receive Lysander back (and get an angel in
your army).  Then take the blue dragon portal back to the quest gate and go

Now you just need to go back up to the surface and follow the trail to the
oracleås house.  Once you get there, the scenario will end.

* ---------------------------------- *
* Scenario 3: The First Step of Many *
* ---------------------------------- *


  1. Contact the Wortonås mother, Desette.

Carries Over:

  1. Lysander, Proetho, and the best two other heroes (max level 30)


Youåll have to do a lot of fighting on this map, as the four computer
opponents (Red, Teal, Blue and Orange) have two towns apiece.  You donåt have
to take all the towns, but you might as well for the extra experience and the
added troops.

So group together your units into two armies.  Youåll receive three more high
level heroes before the end of the campaign, so Iåd recommend putting the two
random heroes together into one army (since you donåt really need to develop
them any further) and putting Lysander, Proetho, and the five starting troops
together into a second army.  Then let Lysanderås army do all the work while
the other army picks up stuff.

To start out, thereås only one way to go, so kill all the creatures you find
and loot all the resources and objects on the ground, and push forward.  
Along the way youåll find a prison with a level 25 hero inside (I believe
itås always a General).  You can either add the hero to Lysanderås army (in
place of, say, the pikemen) or you can add him to the army with the other two
random heroes.  Since you need to make Lysander as powerful as possible, Iåd
suggest the latter course.

Eventually youåll come to a Red town.  It shouldnåt pose much of a problem,
and neither should the second Red town to the northwest.  When theyåre both
yours, Red will be eliminated, and youåll have a nice base of operations.  
Plus, the second town is protected by the first, so you donåt have to defend
it against attacks.  But eventually you might want to think about upgrading
the first town to have a castle.

Now you have a choice about where to go.  You can either go south (towards
Blue) or east (towards Orange).  Theyåre both relatively easy to conquer, but
attacking Orange first makes your lands easier to defend, so thatås probably
the better choice.  Meanwhile, keep building up your towns, and alternate
between having champions and angels.  (You probably wonåt be able to afford
all angels.)  Then, when youåre ready to move on to your next conquest,
upgrade your army to have Lysander, Proetho, champions, crossbowmen, monks,
champions, and angels.

Once youåve taken Orangeås and Blueås towns, you again have a choice.  You
can either attack Teal (to the southwest) or you can finish off the mission.  
There are a few skill and attribute buildings in Tealås territory, plus the
experience for killing Tealås troops, so thatås the better choice if you want
to build up your heroes.

Otherwise, head southeast, but donåt attack the garrison.  Instead, take the
bridge south of the one leading to the garrison.  Itåll be guarded by high
level Might creatures, and theyåll put up a good fight, but itåll be your
last battle of the scenario, so it doesnåt matter if your troops get beat up
or not.  Then just visit the tree of knowledge and take the dragon portal to
Desette to finish the scenario.

* ----------------------------- *
* Scenario 4: Seeking the Steel *
* ----------------------------- *


  1. Defeat Mastero to rescue the swordbearer, Sir Kentaine.

Carries Over:

  1. Lysander, Proetho, Desette, and the best two other heroes (max level


The scenario takes place on a small map, and there isnåt an underground
section, but you still need to move quickly.  The army you have now (with
five heroes) isnåt going to get much stronger, but the castle you need to
take at the end will keep growing.  So try to keep moving forward without
wasting any time.

Youåll face some high level sets of nature creatures on the map, and,
depending upon how youåve developed your heroes, they might either be easy or
difficult to kill.  If youåve developed combat skills, then they should be
easy, and you can pick a variety of ways to kill them.  Otherwise, if, say,
water elementals kill your heroes in one blast, you need to rely heavily on
spells like song of peace, (mass) nature ward, and martyr (once you have
pikemen to absorb the damage).

A little to the west youåll find three guardhouses (pikemen) and a knightås
chapter (champions).  You should flag all the buildings, but you might want
to leave the pikemen behind.  The pikemen can pick up all the stuff on the
ground, and your army will move faster without them.  But let the pikemen
trail along behind, just in case you need them in the battles ahead.

Then continue west, killing whatever you want along the way.  (Youåll mostly
rely on trees of knowledge to level up from here on out, so killing isnåt as
important.)  Eventually youåll come to a blue keymaster gate -- but find that
the blue keymaster tent is on the other side.  Get used to it.  This is just
the first example of many in the campaigns where the computer players will
get one-way gates in their favor.  So you canåt kill the Blue player behind
the gate.  All you have to do is reach the swordbearer before Blue does.  
(And if you leave the efreeti in front of the gate, Blue might not ever
venture out of its area.)

So ignore Blue and continue following the path west, north, and then finally
east.  Along the way you should be sure to stop at the second knightås
chapter, and also the blacksmith, but only stop for resources if you need
them and the pikemen arenåt collecting them fast enough.

At the end of the path youåll find the gate to Orangeås area, and itåll be
guarded by two sets of chaos creatures.  These shouldnåt be too hard, but
concentrate on the medusae first since they can kill your heroes in one shot.

Past the gate, you might want to visit the sacred fountain or the learning
stone, but the oracle will only lead to a scarab of summoning (which doubles
summoning output), so skip that.  Then attack Orange.  If youåve been quick,
then Orange wonåt have as many troops as you found at the gate, and so it
should go down easily.  Plus, Mastero (a level 30 pyromancer) will probably
stay outside the castle, and so you wonåt have to deal with a siege attack.  
Once Mastero dies, the scenario will end.

* ----------------------------- *
* Scenario 5: The Rightful Heir *
* ----------------------------- *


  1. Defeat Worton.


You start out with six level 20+ heroes, and nothing on the map will be able
to stop an army like that.  Since this is the only campaign where you get so
many high level heroes, you might want to keep them together, just for the
novelty.  But itås probably best to put the named heroes into one army and
the two random heroes into another army.  Then the named heroes can do most
the work while the random heroes pick up and flag stuff.

Once you decide how to group your heroes together, head east.  You should
find two quest gates and a tree of knowledge.  The first quest gate is
optional.  If you send a hero with three vials of acid to it, youåll be able
to pass and visit a couple skill buildings.  The second gate leads to one of
the three neutral towns on the map.  Itåll let you pass if you have Desette
and Kentaine in your army.  Then, once you take a few steps past the gate,
the neutral town will convert to your side.  (The other two neutral towns
will convert to your side on their own, several days into the scenario.)  The
tree of knowledge requires gems, so hit that as soon as you can afford the

Once you clear out the area near your first town (being sure to visit it, so
you can set a governor and get Desette more spells), send your main army back
to the starting point while your secondary army uses the portal.  The portal
connects the three towns that will eventually be yours, and your secondary
army should be powerful enough to clear the areas around the towns and flag
the nearby resource buildings.

Your main army should then head south into a fenced-in area.  There youåll
find an optional quest hut (defeat the Blue-flagged peasants to the west for
eight healing potions), lots of troop buildings (peasants, ballistae, monks),
and a blacksmith.  Be sure to visit the blacksmith to get your heroes some

Then head south again, and finish clearing out the areas surrounding your
three towns.  Youåll end up controlling several resource buildings, and you
should even find another tree of knowledge.  Meanwhile, continue to build up
your towns, and go with angels at each one.  You should be able to afford
them in this scenario, although it might take a while to build all the

From here on out youåll have to do battle with the three computer players,
but notice that all attacks on your domain have to go through your southern
town.  So build that town up and keep troops there, just in case the computer
decides to attack.  (It probably wonåt.)

You can do as much conquest as you want.  Teal is located to the southwest,
and it is convenient because your southern town blocks access to that area as
well.  So if you take it, your southern town will still be in a position
protect all of your other towns.  And to get to Teal, you only have to kill a
large stack of hydras.  Since hydras are big, slow-moving melee units, they
shouldnåt present a problem.

Orange is located to the east.  The path there is guarded by a large stack of
thunderbirds, and thunderbirds can be a problem.  But you have to get by the
thunderbirds since the path theyåre blocking also leads to Red (Wartonås
color).  The best way to deal with them is to cast mass slow and then pick
them off before they can get to you.  But if you donåt have mass slow, try to
let your heroes take the brunt of the damage, and keep your angels mostly out
of the way.

After you defeat (or simply pass by) Orangeås first town, you should notice
the entrance to Redås lands.  Red is blocked by a quest gate that only allows
an army with Lysander to pass, so Red canåt go anywhere or attack any of your
towns.  So feel free to defeat Orangeås second town if you want, just to be
thorough.  Then head for Red.

When you capture Redås town, youåll find out that Worton has escaped.  Youåll
find him to the east, past another quest gate.  But the gate will only let
Lysander pass, so make sure he has all the good equipment, plus assorted
potions, and send him through.  Youåll find Worton plus some bandits on the
other side.  If youåve been developing Lysanderås combat skills, this should
be an easy battle.  You might even be able to kill Worton before he gets to
you.  Otherwise, just use potions of immortality and healing if you need
them, and grind the battle out.  Once Worton dies, the scenario (and
campaign) will end.

Don't assume you know anything
about my position on any issue.  
Best idea would be to ask.

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Legendary Hero
The Ultimate Badass
posted September 11, 2002 02:21 AM

Cheers wolfman as soon as I can play the game again I'll try that one out
We're on an express elevator to Hell, goin' down!

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Supreme Hero
posted September 11, 2002 02:25 AM

Okey Dokey!

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Supreme Hero
posted September 11, 2002 02:28 AM

Okey Dokey!

I just hope 2Xtreme doesn't see this, He will make a stink.

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Supreme Hero
Zapper of Toads
posted September 11, 2002 08:20 PM
Edited By: Djive on 11 Sep 2002

Just a small mention:

Due to a bug: garrisoned Peasants doesn't pay any taxes. So I suggest instead to use one of your eight armies to contain only peasants.

About the imprisoned Hero in Third scenario: I'd adviced against putting that Hero in your fighting armies. The imprisoned hero will NOT carry over to the next scenario so any XP that Hero gains in combat or due to chests is XP you take away from your other heroes.

Sure, it makes this scenario harder, but makes subsequent scenarios easier.

Another mention: buy Seminaries and educate your Heroes to the fullest extent possible in them.
"A brilliant light can either illuminate or blind. How will you know which until you open your eyes?"

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Legendary Hero
posted September 11, 2002 10:22 PM

Question: If you have both the lands and altar for heroes4 talk why do you gotta spread it out here aswell? Why not let this be a place for heroes3 tactics and stuff since there are no such place now?

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Legendary Hero
The Ultimate Badass
posted September 11, 2002 10:31 PM

hmmm I think we went over this with 2extreme in the nature thread. Basically it's a strategy, this part of HC is for strategy. It's where people will look for hints when they first arrive. I think the whole lot could be solved if the H4 posters just put something like H4 at the end of their threads all this "I hate H4" could be solved if you just never bothered to look at these posts
We're on an express elevator to Hell, goin' down!

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Famous Hero
posted September 11, 2002 10:35 PM


Just a small mention:

Due to a bug: garrisoned Peasants doesn't pay any taxes. So I suggest instead to use one of your eight armies to contain only peasants.

Garrisoned peasants do pay taxes, it just doesn't show up in the kingdom overview screen (tested it with version 1.3).

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