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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Another wishes for HoMM4 - Sergo
Thread: Another wishes for HoMM4 - Sergo

Mage of the Land
Naughty, Naughty Valeriy
posted March 22, 2001 09:36 AM

Another wishes for HoMM4 - Sergo

Sergo from Heroes Community  
Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 5-18-2000 11:28  

Hi. Let the HoMM4 - not a dream. In this case i suggest some features that will nice-looking for it.
1. Player can customize your own monsters in addition to existent beasts (e.g. Sit Elves to a GoldDragon - this new creature in this case can shoot like elf and h-b-h like dragon.) - Let it be a new heroe's secondary skill, say "Selectionist" ;-).
2. For High-Level magic-users need some new Skill - Spell Creator: player can customize own special spells using all existent spells (e.g. 50%FrostRing+50%Lightning - spell that work like FrostRing with 50% damage plus 50% damage of lightning to the target square)

And some another that i'll write at soon.


Sergo from Heroes Community  
...and another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 5-23-2000 11:15  

Nobody react at my wish );
Ok. Here is another.
1. Player can union some creatures in the bands and set it to any square in the map. When enemy's hero steps on this square then ***Ambush*** and he/she was attacked. Make it by pressing new button. I think that it will be very useful to defend from weak heroes.
2. Some non-combat unit or hero speciality, say Engeneer, to create Fort in any map's place. This will cost some money and resources, but may be useful.
3. Need some new spells such:
a) Telepathy - see information on enemy hero in a map mode: skills, artifacts, quests... let it work like visions (by radius)
b) Wizard Eye - show hiding area around caster with some radius
c) Planeshift - low level spell or skill of hero - can displace hero on map in any random position in some radius
d) Age - ages hero - all hero stats lowered by some number
e) Rejuvenation - cures hero from age spell
4. For high-level monsters need make possible to use some minor artifacts (spell scrolls - cast n-times this spell, amulets) - only when this creature stay one.

Best regards,


valera from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-4-2000 22:44  

Yep, some good ideas. Adding: with ambush - can only do it in forest or some other such locations. Fortification: when empty can be occupied or destroyed (takes 1 turn) by any hero.


Sergo from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-6-2000 07:12  

Agree. Those are good ideas. But what do developers think about this? )
Here some new ideas:
* About external dwellings: it will very useful if this places will have some defender's bonuses like in castles (moat and a tower)
* Additional defender's buldings: <Mage's Tower> - to cast random minor spell on any unit in battlefield each turn; <Dungeon> - tunnel under battlefield, you can quickly displace your units through it in some square on field (let it will random place each turn) - it will be very useful if size of battlefield will increased; <Wide Moat> - double width moat with increased damage.
* To opposite of new defender's bulding some new siege items: <Engineers> - like ballista or Tent - can build destructable bridge across the moat (in addition they can build fort on Adventure map); <Battering-Ram> - to hit wall in any section where B.Ram can reach - let it's have many HP (say 2000) and slow speed.

Best regards,


Kuba from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-8-2000 08:51  

U got really good ideas!
Maybe developers use it in HOMM4.
Who knows...


hotsphan@hotmail.com [guest] from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-8-2000 10:21  

I think it's good if the heroes can build new town at any place that eat (use) high resourses for a week or a month.


Kuba from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-10-2000 10:45  

Good idea but its little like RTS.


Sergo from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 7-11-2000 05:53  

It's not good to allow heroes to build a new settlements... That game named "Civilization"/"Colonization"... I mean that heroes can build only temporary on-map objects.

Best regards,


Sergo [guest] from Heroes Community  
Re: Another wishes for HoMM4  Posted 8-3-2000 06:58  

Hello to all!
I have a little wish for HMM4:
Weather Affecting on the Spells
- Regular Week (80%)- no affecting
- Arid Week (10%) - additional damage by fire spells and decrease water damage;
- Rainy Week (10%)- add to Ice spells, Lightning, decrease damage inflicted by Fire spells
- Storm Day - Double Air spells, disable all other magic. This day is the switch between Arid Week and Rainy Week (when this occurs, then storm day happens)
- Day of Meteorites (5%) - This can happen in every week (arid or rainy). Add to Earth Magic and decrease
of Air spells affecting.
Note: (%) - probability of occuring to according event.
May be someone can add another one... What do u you think about this feature?

Best regards,
You can wait for others to do it, but if they don't know how, you'll wait forever.
Be an example of what you want to see on HC and in the world.

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 24, 2008 09:30 PM

i got a message that i need to reply to a topic before i can post one so here is my reply to this.  nice thread?

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