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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Simultaneous Turns (repost)
Thread: Simultaneous Turns (repost)

Mage of the Land
Naughty, Naughty Valeriy
posted March 22, 2001 10:07 PM

Simultaneous Turns (repost)

It has been said that HOMM4 will not be real-time strategy, but this is a different interesting idea, so reposting it here:

What about simultaneous turns, say before players reach a certain distance between themselves, the turns could be simultaneous. A difficult concept to get to work, but could save a lot of time.


Sergo from Heroes Community  
Re: Heroes wishes  Posted 5-19-2000 06:28  

It's a good idea to make simultaneously turns, but it's practical unreal. How can you suggest to calculate distance between players when any of its can use magic (say Town Portal, Dimensional Door, Fly) - e.g. practically in multiplayer environment any user can reach another ones in a theory.

Best regards,


valera from Heroes Community  
Re: Heroes wishes  Posted 5-19-2000 09:42  

True, what about if players could decide before the game on the amount of turns to be simultaneous? That would also satisfy those who like to grab stuff right before opponent's nose or do a run away horse chase in real time!


Sergo from Heroes Community  
Re: Heroes wishes  Posted 5-19-2000 10:59  

Aga. Then need to make real-time battle with a real number of creatures (e.g. 500 Skeletons - 500 moving objects on the battle field.)


valera from Heroes Community  
Re: Heroes wishes  Posted 5-23-2000 05:49  

Well, now that is a bit too far, Sergo, hehehe )


zackary87kr from Heroes Community  
Re: Heroes wishes  Posted 6-6-2000 10:06  

Hi, but to further expand on simulataneous turns, I think it's feasible. Instead of players choosing how many simultaneous turns they'll take or the "proximity" factor just mentioned, how about this? Players are both under a simulatneous timer.. at the end of say 4 minutes (depending on how much time they chose for turns at the beginning of the game) they can't move anymore. Then, both players hit the done button and the next turn is initiated. This goes on until the players are relatively closer to each other.. or in each other's view.. (or they think they might see each other). Then.. what happens is (depending on which color they chose in the game (for example.. red would go first)--- OR (heroes can have something called an initiative factor (depending on which creatures they carry/relative speed of hero determined by logistics and pathfinding/special artifacts) and determines who proceeds first (but not in simultaneous turns.. it turns into just regular turns). They can change to regular turns with a button on the side menu. that way.. for convenience.. players can choose when they want to take regular turns as opposed to simultaneous ones. This would save a huge amount of time.
I dunno.. what do you guys think?



valera from Heroes Community  
Simultaneous turns  Posted 6-26-2000 05:20  

Hey, I would like to expand on simultaneous turns further. Yes, that would be a great time saver. I think this approach would work best:
In the beginning players choose to start in real-time or turn-based. Each player has a button of simultaneous turns. If all players turned it on yes, game will run simultaneously. But if one of the players turns it off, the game turns turn-based in the next 10-15 seconds after giving a warning. This way if all set it on yes later, real time can resume once all end their next turn.
Now as for how the real time will work:
make several speeds to choose from, for example: day = 1 min, day = 2 min, etc. Everything is exactly as turn-based, but the day ends automatically and players do their actions simultaneously. Now that would require reasonable connections. As for the battles, I got an idea from Imperium Galactica 2, where game pauses and all players watch the battle while the oppositions fight it out. Since in HOMM4 it would really blow the secrecy of the army, fighting player(s) will be asked at the beginning of the battle whether battle should be breadcast. If one or both says no, other players will go into "enemy turn" mode - can look at their castles, etc but cannot perform actions.
Now all that could work! What do you think???


mklthrkngl from Heroes Community  
hey zud!!!  Posted 2-24-2001 02:34  

i don't think simultaneose turns could really work. it would turn the game into some thing it isn't. what i think would work is when your turn is over you should be able to do all your town building and stuff. in fact i think you shouldn't be able to do any of the building except when it's not your turn.would clean up a lot of the game play.


kuraizen [guest] from Heroes Community  
turn based  Posted 3-15-2001 06:17  

in lords of the relm, they had a turn based game, in witch each player would do their thing, and in the end they would click an end turn button, and when everyone had clicked the button, the turn would reset, this adds more stradigy, because if you are running a hero from an opponant hero, you have to start your turn hovering that hero, then quickly click it, forcing you to prioritize, problems would be when you get into a battle, would it pause for everyone?? then what if some one is running enless heroes from their town to protect it from one big hero advancing, how long would every one else have to wait through battles??


Rage [guest] from Heroes Community  
GroundBreaker  Posted 3-15-2001 09:46  

I think that the "end turn" button idea would really work.
1)Everyone would start off by building up their castle(just 1 building per castle as per usual) with a time limit or until everyone hits "done".

2)Then would move their heroes at the same time allowing people to "interreact" with other peoples moves (would prove to be very strategic in my opinion with feigning attacks and waiting for opponent to move first or u take initiative). Time limited as well or till everyone hits "done".

3)Then the most interesting part... Battles. In my opinion battles are all day affairs, requiring resting afterwards and preparation beforehand. A hero may battle just once per turn, with battles happenning at the end of the day(maybe even simultaneously to speed up game, wow that one just came to me hehe). If the creatures flee u get to keep going or u can fight them which will end up being reduced movement.

4) Also allows for the possibility of three or more heroes in one battle (eg 2 people battling same hero in one turn) resulting in special 3 or 4 player battle maps. Or in the case of teams, u could end up surrounding ur opponent (or creatures guarding something) like when u fight in the crypt etc.

These ideas will result, in my opinion, better gameplay as every player will get to be doing something at the same time. I think we have a winner here so VALERA! get 3DO to check it out... unless someone else can point out something that really sux with this plan, this is how I waant H4 to be.


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