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HC UserName: Send Elvin an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Elvin Elvin
Date Registered: June 6, 2006
Status: (Moderator) Hero of Order, Stillness within Movement
Quality Count: N/A
Post Count: N/A
Personal Info: 28 year old Male. Scorpio star sign.
Location: Athens, Greece
Current Email: bakogiannos@yahoo.gr
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Posts 0 to 10 of 21112 made by Elvin.

Here we go again.. in Sanctuary Lineup (Some New Forum)
Jeremiah's posts could individually be taken as neutral or not necessarily containing negativity, m...

Untitled Post in RWBY - 6 (Tavern)
I thought so myself but.. perhaps too easy? And yes, Blake's dust-powered aura was impressive. Make...

Untitled Post in Dungeon lineup - 13 (Some New Forum)
No Guts no glory.

Untitled Post in RWBY - 6 (Tavern)
That was too damn fun :grin: The dog? The umbrella girl? Yang's wink? Weiss back in action? The new...

Untitled Post in Inferno lineup - 5 (Some New Forum)
Champions for sure! H6 pitlords were one of the most awesome champions ever designed :grin: I also r...

Untitled Post in Inferno lineup - 5 (Some New Forum)
@moonshade At first I saw cultist and I was like meh. Then I saw demonic transformation and I lik...

Untitled Post in The official movie thread! - 113 (Other Side)
The ultron trailer looks fantastic. I really love that voice :grin:

Untitled Post in Random Thoughts: Butterscotch Dinosaur Pussy ... - 4 (Wastelands)
Damn. Take care man, glad you got out of this. Sounds.. pretty extreme.

Untitled Post in Inferno lineup - 5 (Some New Forum)
If earth dragons look like Sylanna, it's not a stretch to get red dragons looking like [url=http://...

Untitled Post in Random Thoughts: Champions of the Wastelands - 70 (Wastelands)
[quote name=Adrius]Home from Prague. Took pics of wizard castle, drank lots of beer, ate one of t...

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