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HC UserName: Send Elvin an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Elvin Elvin
Date Registered: June 6, 2006
Status: (Moderator) Hero of Order, Stillness within Movement
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Personal Info: 28 year old Male. Scorpio star sign.
Location: Athens, Greece
Current Email: bakogiannos@yahoo.gr
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Untitled Post in Sanctuary vs Swamp-Fortress - 4 (Some New Forum)
But then we might get a lineup ripped straight from Luisiana voodoo culture. Not that I'd mind ^^

Untitled Post in Here's to you - 2 (Wastelands)
[quote name=William]G'day Geny. Yeah I'm doing very well mate. Started eating a lot better, cuttin...

Untitled Post in ~ Heroes 7 - News topic ~ - 3 (Some New Forum)
Please use the discussion thread for feedback, this one is for news items only.

Untitled Post in Dungeon lineup - 11 (Some New Forum)
[quote name=JeremiahEmo]how about we redesign Dungeon into a faction of Raptors! So, story was.. ...

Untitled Post in ~ Heroes 7 - Discussion thread ~ - 232 (Some New Forum)
[quote name=JollyJoker]What we need is a game you will play on its own, without comparing it with Ho...

Post in MOD SQUAD HQ: Access Denied

Untitled Post in Random Thoughts: Champions of the Wastelands - 67 (Wastelands)
[quote name=kipshasz]my wife[/quote] Whoa, didn't see that coming! How long has it been? :)

Untitled Post in ~ Heroes 7 - Discussion thread ~ - 232 (Some New Forum)
A discussion about homm and aow is most interesting but it would be better if it was moved to a topi...

Untitled Post in Sins of Betrayal - 2 (Gates)
The fact that only heroes with the proper magic schools can use them should give enough differentiat...

Untitled Post in Sins of Betrayal - 2 (Gates)
Poly has risen :good: Good job mate!

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