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1 Jul 2015: Heroes VII Beta: Phase 2 Announced, Sylvan Reveal! - read more
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Untitled Post in Ditch Ashan? - 2 (Altar)
[quote name=Steyn]What surprises me even more is that apparently NWC was also developing race-based ...

Untitled Post in Ditch Ashan? - 2 (Altar)
Most of what information there is is recorded [url=http://mightandmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Heroes_of_Mig...

Untitled Post in Where should Heroes VIII be set? - 2 (Altar)
Academy in H3/4 was in snow, but in H2 was in roughlands or desert, so there's some validity there f...

Untitled Post in Ditch Ashan? - 2 (Altar)
Yeah, the games need a new world, one that is more imaginatively constructed than the current Dragon...

Untitled Post in ~ Heroes 7 Artwork thread - please read rules ~ - 2 (Some New Forum)
From [url=https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/blog/post/view/stronghold-s-hall-of-heroes]Stronghold Hall of Hero...

Untitled Post in Minastir's HVIII line-ups - 10 (Altar)
Too universal? Legends abound about boars, all the way from the Celts in Britain, to the Japanese. ...

Untitled Post in War-overlord's Post DM Haven Proposal (Altar)
So a 5-4-2 potential lineup, but presumably only a 3-3-1 is allowable for recruitment?

Untitled Post in [Official Thread] Heroes of might and magic I... - 144 (WOG)
Two points to remember: 1) The tomes and hat are all relics, so rare, and quite expensive too if yo...

Untitled Post in Limbic's Town Screens - 46 (Some New Forum)
All I get is an icon for VGTimes and some crylic script in the middle of a big black screen.

Untitled Post in Game idea: Might & Magic XI: Across the B... - 2 (Altar)
[quote name=Animeman73]MattII Motivation is an interesting point but you forget Angels can resurrect...

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