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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Secrets of machines revealed - Its SMOKE!! :D
Thread: Secrets of machines revealed - Its SMOKE!! :D

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posted September 16, 2003 10:11 PM bonus applied.

Secrets of machines revealed - Its SMOKE!! :D

A sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and as I read it, realization of a basic truth came over me. So simple! So obvious we couldn't see it. John Knivlen, Chairman of Polamar Repeater Club, an amateur radio group, had discovered how IC circuits work. He says that smoke is the thing that makes ICs work because every time you let the smoke out of an IC circuit, it stops working. He claims to have verified this with thorough testing. I was flabbergasted! Of course! Smoke makes all things electrical work. Remember the last time smoke escaped from your Lucas voltage regulator Didn't it quit working? I sat and smiled like an idiot as more of the truth dawned. It's the wiring harness that carries the smoke from one device to another in your Mini, MG or Jag. And when the harness springs a leak, it lets the smoke out of everything at once, and then nothing works.

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Legendary Hero
posted September 17, 2003 12:26 AM
Edited By: Celfious on 16 Sep 2003

Are you serious? If so I'm sorry.
Theory of electronics is different. It's more like a string bean, right.. With Nuetrons, electrons, ect.. And it acts like a vaccum while atoms lose 1 of their electrons (proton, neutron, Atom stuff) to replace the next one. I'm sure this info is on the web.

From the web

Electrical current is the flow of electrons. It is produced when an electron from one atom knocks electrons of another atom out of orbit. When an atom contains only one valence electron, that electron is easily given up when struck by another electron. The striking electron gives its energy to the electron being struck. The striking electron settles into orbit around the atom, and the electron that was struck moves off to strike another electron. This same effect in the game of pool. If the moving cue ball strikes a stationary ball. The stationary ball then moves off with the most of the cue ball's energy, and the cue ball stops moving. The stationary ball did not move off with all the energy of the cue ball. It moved off with most of the energy of the cue ball. Some of the cue ball's energy was lost to heat when it struck the stationary ball. Some energy is also lost when one electron strikes another. That is why a wire heats when current flows through it. If too much current flows through a wire, overheating will damage the wire and possibly become a fire hazard.

Exposed metals, that shock ppl, might have smoke deep in its atoms or something Bjorn.. But I dont see any.

Who knows for really sure..?
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posted September 17, 2003 12:57 AM

Is This True???
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