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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: The Codex of Axeoth
Thread: The Codex of Axeoth

Famous Hero
The Leader of all Hydras
posted March 05, 2004 08:42 AM
Edited By: ThE_HyDrA on 8 Dec 2005

The Codex of Axeoth

In order to eliminate the number of threads posted by new members to the forum and the game, this list has been compiled by myself and Dragon_Slayer. If there are any questions about the game and its faults and glitches, they should be posted here. Also, if there are any requests for questions and answers to be placed here, they should also be directed at myself or Dragon_Slayer.

Dragon_Slayer was responsible for acquiring the information from pages 1-14 of the Lands of Axeoth (Frequently Asked Questions section), while I handled the introductory passages, construction of the thread, and pages 15 – 29 of the Lands of Axeoth. (This includes all troubleshooting and bugs)

This guide has been split up into a number of segments, similar to The Heroic Guide. These segments are:
Frequently Asked Questions
Heroes IV Troubleshooting
Heroes IV Bugs
Patch Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the more general questions that have been asked in the Lands of Axeoth previously, compiled by Dragon_Slayer.

What is Equilibris? Where do I get it?
Equilibris is an unofficial addition to Heroes IV created by a small team of developers who strive to create equilibrium in the game. They have added many elements that have made the game more balanced. It works on all versions of Heroes IV. However, due to the fact that they do not have access to the source codes, they cannot change every detail of the game.
The original thread: Equilibris v.3.3 is Out!
This thread also contains some information: Equilibris Bug Reports and Suggestions
Equilibris Website

How do I download Heroes IV music? How do I convert Heroes IV Music?
Heroes IV music can be downloaded from here (Please note the site is in Russian) Heroes IV Music Downloads
Music converter is here

What is the Undead Transformer good for?
The Undead transformer is good when you own more than one town of different alignments. Instead of making another army with a weak hero you can turn all those creatures into the undead and add them to your existing army. The original thread discusses this in more detail: What the heck is the Undead Transformer?

Can you cast spells on Black Dragons?
Surprisingly yes, you can cast spells on Black Dragons. To do so you must have the Ring of Greater Negation; which disables the Black Dragons magic resistance. Even without the ring Black Dragons are not immune to Stun and Bind. The original thread is here: Using Magic Against Black Dragons?

What happened to 3D0?
3D0 filed for chapter 11 (bankruptcy) in mid 2003. This forced them to sell their assets, which included New World Computing, the creators of the Heroes Series. The company assets were auctioned and Ubisoft purchased the rights to the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
The original thread is here: What’s Happened to 3D0?

Where can I download Heroes 4 maps?
Heroes IV maps can be downloaded from so many places that it wouldn’t be feasible to link them all. Instead here is a link that has about six sites on it:
Where can I Download/Upload H4 Maps?
Also, the main place that hosts English maps is Celestial Heavens.

Will Heroes IV work on my computer?
Minimum system specs:
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2K Pro/XP
CPU: Pentium II 400Mhz or equivalent
Free Hard Disk Space: 1GB
Memory: 64MB RAM
CD-ROM Drive: 4X Speed
Video Card: Supports DirectX 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM
Sound Card: All major DirectX 8.0 compatible sound cards
Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse
Original thread:
I Tested H4 on 3 different comps…Results inside…

Why do my threads disappear
Threads will be deleted after a certain period of time if they are locked or are useless. Forums are usually cleaned every few months by the moderators. When moderators clean a forum they delete unnecessary posts and threads.

Scripting in Heroes IV
There are a number of threads available that concern scripting, however these are the more common and in-depth threads concerning them.

Heroes IV Troubleshooting
Aside from what is found in the readme file of the game, these are the questions that have been asked and answered. They are here to minimize the amount of new threads asking similar questions.

Problem: Why does Heroes IV keep crashing without any warning when I move my army to a certain location?

Answer: There are many answers to this question. Firstly, you should try to download all the patches (up to 3.0) and you should have no problems. Another suggestion is to lower to the resolution.

Problem: My music always skips on my version of Windows. How do I fix it?

Answer: Again, try downloading the first patch, 1.3. You could also try 2.0 if the problem persists. However, rest assured, it is not your sound card.

Problem: Why does Heroes IV slow down after I’ve played it for an hour or so? It then gives a message saying ‘You are out of Virtual Memory’.

Answer: Heroes IV. 1.0 was known to have a memory leak problem which caused this slow down. To alleviate the problem, download patch 1.3.

Problem: When I start HOMM4 it's screen appears in three blurred copies, and it's full of vertical lines.

Possible Answers: Try to disable the nView feature from your nVidia's driver and lauch the game again.
Try downloading the latest patches.
Update graphics card driver.
Lower hardware acceleration. (Control Panel>Display properties>Troubleshoot)

Problem: Whenever I start the game (and throughout the game as well), the mouse cursor is covered with what looks like black and white garbage. Solution?

Answer: Lower the hardware accelerator settings. (Control Panel>Display properties>Troubleshoot).
Link: Mouse Problem.

Problem: Sometimes, when I right click a Quest Hut or Gate, the game quits. How do I fix this?

Answer: Download patch 2.0. This occurs when there is no name or description in the quest hut.

Problem: I’m having trouble casting Quicksand. What can I do to make it easier?

Answer: Download patch 3.0 or buy Winds of War. The Quicksand casting mechanism was improved in this patch.

Problem: When I install Heroes IV, the bar gets to 99% then quits with no error message.

Answer: View the readme.

Problem: After installing the game. At 100% (or any other % value) complete, an error comes up and says this:
An error occurred during the move data process -177
Component: CommonFiles
File Group:

Answer: View the readme.
Link: Install Error

Problem: When I installed HOMM4 (it installed ok, without any errors)it did not work. When I click on icon, screen goes black as it is starting to load the game, but it gets me out after 2 seconds and that happens every time I try to start it.

Possible Answers: Try this link.

Problem: The ‘Adventure Map Objects’ tab does not appear (or any other) in the editor.

Answer: In the editor, go to, Menu --> Tools --> Customize --> Object Palettes -->Reset. Everything should be back to normal. If this does not work, uninstall and re-install Heroes IV.

Problem: When applying a patch, the installer says ‘Old File not Found, but another file with the same name exists. No update was performed’.

Possible Answer: You could be trying to patch the wrong language version.

Known Heroes IV Bugs

The majority of these bugs are sourced from the thread, Known HMM4 Bugs. However, due to the age of the thread, some of the bugs may have been fixed or resolved.

When playing as the Stronghold castle, if you click ‘learn spell’ inside the town, the game crashes.
Status: Bug fixed with latest versions

Resource numbers are incorrect in external creature dwellings. E.g. When you have 15 ore, and 10 wood, it says the opposite.
Status: Bug fixed with latest versions

If you cast a spell on an opponent who has recently been struck by a melee or ranged attack, it will show the damage that melee or ranged attack was meant to do, not the spell description.
Status: Bug fixed with latest versions

When playing a campaign, you place your main hero (carryover) in a sanctuary, and finish the campaign without him/her, there is no carryover hero in the next scenario of the campaign.
Status: Untested

When you hire devils in the town screen, the attack and defense skills read 32 and 32, but in their profile and in battle, they read 33 and 33.
Status: Bug unfixed in latest versions

When you complete a campaign, the name is not the name you entered, just ‘Player’.
Status: Bug unfixed in latest versions

Even after ranged units have run out of shots, they still retaliate with ranged attacks.
Status: Bug fixed with latest versions

In some instances, shipyards place ships where they cannot be reached.
Status: Untested

You are able to relocate creatures between towns in the ‘Kingdom Overview’ screen.
Status: Bug fixed with version 2.0

In a battle, the enemy offers you gold to retreat, and after you select ‘no’, they retreat regardless.
Status: Bug unfixed in latest versions

Note: There are innumerable bugs which relate to incorrect values for artifacts. Many of them can be found in Wub’s Look inside for all the Heroes 4 Charts you will ever need! thread under topic 4.

Patch Downloads

Due to the fact that 3D0 is no longer operating, patches can be downloaded from this page. It is the Celestial Heavens Patch section. There are a few things you should know first.
You must register a free account with FilePlanet/GameSpy to access the free public servers. These files are hosted so there is no wait time to download them, but please note for dial-up users that the files are quite large.


To Check Which Version You Have

To find your version:

1) Go to Start | Click on Run | Type "regedit"

2) Click on the plus next to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder

3) Click on the plus next to the "Software" folder

4) Click on the plus next to the "New World Computing" folder

5) Click on the plus next to the "Heroes of Might and Magic IV" folder

6) Click on the "1.0" folder (Or whatever your version is)

7) Look at "Language"

U.S. Version, it will read "409" in the Data Column
U.K. Version, it will read "809" in the Data Column

Campaign Help

There have mutliple questions asked through the ages concerning campaigns and how to complete their various quests and difficulties. Due to the immensity and sheer number of them, I can provide you with a link to:
Might and Magic Portals. Thanks to Regnus_Khan for bringing this to my attention. There are short, specific tips in his post.

All Cheats for Heroes IV:

To enter cheats, press the ‘Tab’ key at any point in the game.
Also note, that the creature cheats provide you with 20 of the designated monster.
Using these cheats will result in your 'High Score Monster' to be an Evil Eye, and your (unchangeable) rank will be 'Cheater'.

Outcome Cheat Input
Free materials: nwcambrosia
Win combat: nwcares
Lose combat: nwcachilles
Gain skill: nwcathena
Increase level: nwcthoth
Learn spells: nwcisis
Lose scenario: nwcragnarok
Win scenario: nwcvalhalla
Unlimited movement: nwchermes
Reveal puzzle map: nwcsphinx
Maximum luck: nwcsacrificetothegods
Maximum morale: nwcpan
Build all structures: nwccityoftroy
Access cheat menu: nwcimagod
Auto game play: nwcgosolo
Shroud Fog Of War: nwcprometheus
Elven chainmail: nwchephaestus
Dagger Of Despair: nwcettubrute
Ring Of Greater Negation: nwcexcalibur
Sword Of The Gods: nwcnibelungenlied
Crusaders: nwctristram
Champions: nwclancelot
Angels: nwcstmichael
Dwarves: nwcsevenlittleguys
Magi: nwcmerlin
Titans: nwccronus
Vampires: nwcblahblah
Devils: nwchades
Trolls: nwcunderthebridge
Minotaur: nwckingminos
Nightmares: nwcxanthus
Black Dragons: nwcfafnir
Sprites: nwcdoyousmellbrownies
Wolves: nwcfenrir
Elves: nwcfixmyshoes
Unicorn: nwcthelast
Phoenix: nwcra
Ogre Magi: nwcvalkyries
Behemoth: nwcgrendel
Sea Monster: nwcposeidon
Tatooed White Trash: nwcaphrodite
Old Man Jack: nwcoldman

For further information, please read the FAQ/Rules

Hopefully this should answer any questions newcomers to the board may have about Heroes IV’s problems and bugs. If there is something that you would like to be added to the guide, post it on this thread.

Credit Made To:
The Heroes IV Readme

"Dragons may breathe fire, but Hydras have many heads." - The Creed of Hydras
"As the Dragon drew its breath, the Hydra pounced, swiftly but powerfully, and the Dragon was defeated.”

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Hired Hero
posted March 06, 2004 03:37 AM

Access cheat menu: nwcimagod

How does this work?  I tried this cheat on the map screen and nothing happened.  Is there some condition to meet first (e.g. select a hero or town)?
Grant Palin

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Supreme Hero
[ Peacekeeper of Equilibris ]
posted March 06, 2004 09:33 AM

Forgot to add, Hydra

There's a well-known page where you can find walkthroughs (and other things)- http://www.mmportals.com/h4/h4campaignw.html

Here's some copied quick tips from that page:

1'st Campaign, 1'st Map
To get past the last wall, go to the house where they ask to kill black dragons (next to a gold mine) and they give you the Dwarven hammer in return. When you are done give this Hammer to the Quest Hut to the NE of the wall. He breaks the wall and there you go, kill the last hero. --- Lord Of Doom

Emilia Campaign, 3'rd Map
You have to find the Dragon Scale armor to get to the Dragon Graveyard. I can't find it anywhere so I assume that I have to dig it up. The 6 oracles need to be visited in order to dig. They are located: the one the graveyard at the top, the one by the second academy town, the two by the teleporters and the one by the first asylum town, and the one near the top of the last Necro Town

Emilia Campaign, ?'rd Map? (Where Solmyr looks for Emilia)
Emilia is in the hut on the snow patch, you must find another seer that will open the passage for you. I think he requires you to bring some good number of genies. Once you do that the passage to emilia's hut will be open.

Emilia Campaign, 8'th Map
If you search the whole map over and you can't find Magnus, you might be out of luck in that a neutral creature stack got him first. Look for a dead creature symbol (on the sea, even!) If there, you cannot win the map. (bug) (

Emilia Campaign, 8'th Map
You need to get the "Mind Shield" off the Titans in the NE corner. This will open up a way for you to attack Gavin Magnus.

Emilia Campaign, also 8'th Map
You friend teal that you can see is SUPPOSEd TO DIE. Then a path opens up to let you to King Magnus. You can get around this. Use town portal to go to the teal town and you teleport yourself and your army there. Teal doesn't have to die, and when Magnus is in range you townportal and kill him. Also a cheap tip is fight King Magnus, kill him then retreat, as long as he is not in a town he can't be revived right a way and is hence dead, campaign over. --Melkor

True Love Campaign, 3'rd Map
You need a Black Dragon to finish the map. When you conquer the most eastern town you get an option to get a black dragon. Accept it and take it to the red dragon home.

Lysander Campaign, 2'nd Map
You need an Angel and Lysander to pass a Gate. You should enter the one way teleporter that is near the gate that requests that you have an Angel. You will be teleported back at a point that you already visited, but now there's a new road on the north. Head there and there will be no problem. .

Elwin Campaign, (general)
In the White Tigers segment of the Nature scenario (Elwin), you have only one hero to cover the whole map, while the opponents have about twenty heroes and one-way portals to a key Elf generating tower near your base. Practically the only way to hang on to your castles (and crucially, to comtinue to imprison the heroes you have captured) is to keep a big stack of Waspworts on each center tower. Put cannon fodder such as elves on the two side towers to soak up damage while the Waspworts take out the enemies key troops.
If you face an overwhelming army, such as the Death armies guarding treasures underground in in the White Tigers segment, send in a stack of a couple hundred Waspworts by themselves to reduce the armies to a manageable size before risking your heroes. The are especially good against bone dragons, because terror causes them to back up so that they can get a ranged shot against the next target.
To conquer castles, summon a stack of Air Elementals and attack the castle gate with them. They take more damage than any other elemental (32 points). Grand master summoning will produce 13 at a time. Troops in the castle will come up to attack them, and become easy prey for your ranged troops. Just block the gate and defend, as their offense is not that significant and they will last longer on defense

Tawni Campaign, Last Map
In the final battle,(Mer-Queen's Palace), split your forces - have Tawnyiin that ship you bought ih the MQ Palace & Cyrca in the boat you got in the external shipyard so Cyrca goes for the monsters and Tawni for the mermaids. You don't need to enter the hatchery, just defeat the sea monsters. Careful though, you HAVE to defeat the sea monsters and the mermaids around the same time. The whirlpool to the mermaids is located south of the easternmost peninsula. However, you can just take a small river to them.


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Supreme Hero
Disciple of Herodotus
posted March 25, 2004 11:37 AM

One could mention that if you use any of the cheat codes, you'll get a score of 1 point, your "Highscore Avatar" will be a Evil Eye, and your Name will be set as Cheater.

Have fun!
"Sometimes I think everyone's just pretending to be brave, and none of us really are. Maybe pretending to be brave is how you get brave, I don't know."
- Grenn, A Storm of Swords.

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Supreme Hero
posted March 28, 2004 07:35 PM

I'm going away for a week, Hydra will be appointed soon, so lands won't be left without care. I hope I'll get back at saturday.

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Supreme Hero
[ Peacekeeper of Equilibris ]
posted March 28, 2004 07:49 PM

If you need help, you can trust me too.

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Supreme Hero
toss toss toss
posted March 29, 2004 02:00 AM bonus applied.
Edited By: ThE_HyDrA on 19 Mar 2005

No, no we cant...

Anyway to keep this on topic i have an update.

Heroes IV installation Problem
If you try to install Heroes but when it tries to check your system specs it crashes and comes up with an install shield error than this is the solution you need.

It seems that when the program opens the sysinfo.exe it crashes, so i have found a way to bypass the installation. Get someone to install Heroes IV plus any expansions you have on to their Computer. Then get them to burn the HC directory C: Program Files/3DO/ over two Cds or one DVD cd. Heroes is fairly big and may not fit on one CD even if you have no expansions installed. Then you copy it to your Computer and should... will work.

What i found odd about this was that after i copied the burnt Heroes 4 directory with all expansions to my computer i didnt need a the Heroes 4 CD to play the game. I dont have any cracks so i found it odd.

The original thread is here: Install Problem


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Tavern Dweller
posted June 04, 2004 10:46 PM

Hi...Help me.. thx!

I am having a problem with the IP/TCP Connection... Me and my friend tried to play but we could never get a game to work...We have same ver and stuff but when he connects to my ip and refreshes for a map I have made or vice versa it does not show up... Anyone have a clue what i am doing wrong or can anyone confirm that it works?

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Hired Hero
Equilibris Project Coordinator
posted July 17, 2004 04:11 PM
Edited By: Dalai on 27 Mar 2005

Just an update:
Equilibris web-site is here now: http://equilibris.celestialheavens.com
Equilibris project

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Supreme Hero
toss toss toss
posted August 30, 2004 09:02 AM
Edited By: Dragon_Slayer on 24 Sep 2004


I plan to make an update quite soon, just gotta find some time.


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Tavern Dweller
posted June 26, 2011 08:32 PM

Patch Downloads

Due to the fact that 3D0 is no longer operating, patches can be downloaded from this page. It is the Celestial Heavens Patch section.

Dead. Patches (but not the 1.00 to 1.12!) for the original are still available @


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Adventuring Hero
posted August 06, 2011 07:18 PM

Hey, I've been playing a custom map and one of the quests gives me army movement points but I don't seem to notice any difference.  What's going on?

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Hired Hero
posted March 09, 2013 11:07 PM

I'm extremly sorry for the enormous necro-posting I've just done but I wanted to know if someone still had the music converter ? :S

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