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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Armies @ start of week?
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Hired Hero
posted September 27, 2004 06:31 AM

nah....my idea is better

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Known Hero
posted September 29, 2004 03:32 AM

Can someone explain to me why it is a problem that you can conquer a castle on day 7 and get all the new recruits?
And everybody talks as if there is no reason whatsoever to conquer a castle on any day but 7 under Heroes 1-3 system. I beg to differ.

well, you could have a few extra gold. but if gold is not the problem but recruitable creatures is, then i don't care who owns my castle all the week long as soon as i can reconquer it when the new recruits arrive. and i feel that this is not how a good king should treat his castles.

i guess a partial solution to the problem could be tremendously increasing the defendability of the castles while enabling the siegers to camp at the gates and wait until the defenders start to starve. i think that system could be ok but i hope that we could find a solution that deals with the problem more directly.

How are the creatures a problem? You conquer the castle, you get the creatures- It's a simple enough concept. Your post did not explain how creatures are a problem, you merely stated it as if it were fact and for everything I can see, it's not.

The only reason you gave as to why it should be changed is because good kings shouldn't treat their castles that way. But there's not even any way to measure your kingdom's happiness so I really don't see where you were trying to go with that one.

(One thing you might note: I made the assumption that if the game doesn't model it, you shouldn't bother considering it. I think if we were on the same page on this it would really help resolve this argument, which is why I explicitly pointed this out)

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Famous Hero
from the Animated Peace
posted September 29, 2004 05:24 AM
Edited by alcibiades at 20:12, 06 Jul 2009.


yes, i did imply that getting creatures are a problem in homm.

in those games where i have too little money and abundance of creatures to recruit, there is no problem: i always want to own whatever source of income whatever day of the week.

in some games i tend to have too much money and too few creatures to recruit. i can't fight with money, so i desperately need creatures. but, to get creatures, i only have to own the castle on day 1. if i own the castle on day 2..7 doesn't matter almost at all (often it's just a matter of denying the opponent some income, but if the opponent also has enough money and i can get the castle back without losses then it's total waste defending some of my castles).


i played a homm2 game against ai where i was beaten heavily by the computer opponent who finally owned all towns on the map. i only had my last relatively small army of black dragons, a golden goose (10000 gold per day) and some logistics artifacts. i conquered towns on day 1, recruited black dragons, and left the castles undefended. at some point my black dragon army was large enough and my hero was such high level that i could win the game.

imho this was an artifact created by game rules, and it feels artificial also in less extreme cases.

Moderator's note:This topic has been closed, as it refers to an older version of the game. To discuss Heroes 3, please go to Library Of Enlightenment, to discuss Heroes 4, please go to War Room Of Axeoth, to discuss Heroes 5, go to Temple Of Ashan.

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