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Heroes Community > Newcomers Inn > Thread: Community Members Vital Statistics
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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted April 09, 2015 06:41 AM

Yea this thread isn't a hot talk about the protein propaganda, we recommend to Tavern, easy, if we own a stick! We look! Young people have no sensation of anything, if you say you're better, you have used only adolescence, but isn't the only reasons, snail snowy and impossible good! Welcome back, Neraus! DD is dead when he dosen't have a pop and a girl. We remember! Next

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Legendary Hero
Logically Illogical
posted May 15, 2016 10:46 AM

What happened with all the people here?!

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: I think I shrank actually
Weight: around 75 kg
Overall build: average/chubby, though I look skinny because of my height
Heritage: eastern Serbian (Serbian with some Romanian or Vlach blood)
Hair: short, brown
Facial hair: depends on whether I wanna shave or not
Eyes: green/dark green, a mix of those two
Birthmarks: I don't have any
Scars: a small dot on my forehead, a short line on my right wrist, another short line on my right arm, lots of small, almost unnoticable scars on my hands which I've gotten from my brother's claw-like fingernails, two more lines on my right arm, a visible dot on my right arm I got because I placed it above a candle

Sexual orientation: Straight
Marital status: Alone
Occupation: staying (sic)
Religion? Officially: Irreligious
Hobbies: Doodling, writing poetry here and there, also DotA
Drink? Ohyes
Smoke? No
Drugs? Caffeine
Languages: Serbian, English, some Russian, very basic Latin + I know like 5 phrases in Romanian

Location: (For now) Bor, Serbia
Siblings: none... wait, I do have a brother what the hell
Pets: I gots a cat with kittens! And two fish(es?)
Abode: two-story house on a hill; a flat

Specific skills: I am able to bore people to death, I have above average intelligence (the more you know... )
Personality Flaw: see above, stubborn, unemotional in front of the other people, cannot say "no" to anything, I am cynical, lazy
Personality Strenght: intelligent, nonemotional (it's helpful sometimes), stubborn, objective

Things I value in life: a good DotA player I can have a good game with, poetry, peace, good music
Things I hate in life: school, school related stuff, smart@$$es, 14 years-old wannabe-popular-snows, my dead dawg (just to make it clear, he kept waking me up in the middle of the night), good-for-nothing celebrities, waking up early, ignorant people, junkies who could possibly kill me when I go outside (lots of them in the neighborhood)...
Things I hope to achieve: live a happy life
Things I will achieve: finish writing this
Things I hope to avoid: painful death and getting sucked in by a black hole, rejection from a special someone
Things I didn't avoid, though I wanted to: Bad highschool, bad roomate... It's all good now

Favourite Colour: GREEN
Favourite Element: Earth
Favourite Food: DAT
Favourite Drink: Sprite, apple juice, Schweppes Tonic Water
Favourite Music: SLIPKNOT NIRVANA, System of a Down, Lostprophets ((screw Ian, I like their music >:U)) , Godsmack, Deftones, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Iron Maiden, Tool
Favourite Songs: Surfacing (Slipknot), Spit it Out (Slipknot),... it would take too long to finish the favorite Slipknot songs list -moving on- Come as You Are (Nirvana), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana), Bulls on Parade (Rage Agaist the Machine), Toxicity (System of a Down), Right Now (Korn), a lot of Deftones and Godsmack material (too much to list), Parabola (Tool), Vicarious (Tool)
Favourite Books: The Trial
Favourite Movies: LOTR, The Human Centipede 2, post-apocalyptic movies
Favourite Television Series: Don't watch that stuff anymore
Favourite Anime series: N/A
Favourite Comics: N/A
Favourite Game: Warcraft 3 TFT just because DOTA 1 IS THE BEST FRIGGIN MOBA OUT THERE w00t

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Legendary Hero
zone assistant
posted May 15, 2016 02:43 PM
Edited by Celfious at 14:47, 15 May 2016.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde/brown
Sexual Status: <3 Females
Marital Status: Dating
Location: Illinois, USA
Ethnic Background: How many really know beyond 3, 4, maybe 5 generations?
They say I am Irish, Polish, German, English
Religion: Hope, Agnostic/Christian
Drink/Smoke/Drugs?: Rarely / Vape / Legalize pot please
Major: Leaning twoards finsihing a degree in the field of animal rescue. (There is a particular variety of these sorts of degrees but they slip my mind)
Current Job: Machine Operator
Pets: In the near future I will probably have cats again

Liked School Subjects: Philosophy, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, A lot of Science (not all), Some history
Disliked School Subjects: Math, Language, and anything to do with reading books I don't like (not referring to text books but novels, plays, etc)

Hobbies: Video games, rollerblading, facebook pages, movies, ART - which I am about to get back into very soon
Music, Bands: wide variety
Movies: Limitless, I am Legend, Berserk - this is my old top 3, I have not put much thought into this lately. Lucy was good... Post Apocalyptic
Television: N/A.
Terry Brooks Shanarra Trilogy (wow they put this on MTV)
Dean Koonts - Various
Alistair Reynolds - Chasm City
Calvin and Hobbes - and a bit of other similar humor comics
Post Apocalyptic (ty noobx for reminder)

What I love:  Unlimited, unconfined, and the ability to think beyond definitions. Myself. Comprehension and awarness, companionship with signifigant others.
What I hate:  HILARY ******* CLINTON AND THE CORRUPT SIDE OF THE US GOVERNMENT WITH A PASSION - The fact that people support the ***** inspite of what is clear as day.
Future Goals: Standard: House, marriage, no kids unless the USA turns around for the beter and the environment is no longer abused. Love, passion, eating healthy yet awesome, Helping animals, responsible and moderate minimal cannabis use without oppression of the moronic law.
Impossible Wish: Save the world, inspire the potential and means to cognitive and behavioral EVOLUTION. Improve our race. Humanity to open its eyes collectively and stop destroying the world, realize we live in predefined perceptions which have failed, are failing and will continue to fail. While there is virtually no perfection - completeness involves owning my own emptiness and flaws. Much like the world and our species needs to do.

Favorite Games: Runescape has been a go to game for me for over ten years, on and off. I really get into stats and leveling things. Elderscrolls online had wicked PVP which calls for my return someday perhaps. Castle Sieges with the trebuchets, catapaults, live PVP action? Yes please. SKYRIM 2 NOW!
Favorite Animal: Meow
Favorite Colors: answer to complex, I have no favorite stand alone color.
Favorite Numbers: 9, and 7
Favorite Food: Carcuss free pizza though I will hit the peporoni from time to time.
Favorite Drink: Water, energy drinks, good coffee, coke (i wish not though)
Favorite Element: AIR

I copied this format from Khaelo.. I have always wished she would would drop by again.
meow (I'm a little evil, but a lot of good)

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Famous Hero
Life and Freedom
posted May 15, 2016 05:24 PM
Edited by phe at 18:53, 07 Jun 2016.

Real name: Marcin Piech
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (born in 1979)
Height: 183
Weight: 75-80kg
Overall build: average
Heritage: eastern Polish, possible some eastern ancestors (Ruthenian?,  Finno-Ugric?, Varangians?)
Hair: short, dark blond
Facial hair: none
Eyes: gray-blue
star sign: Gemini, Goat(Chinese astrology)
Sexual orientation: Straight
Marital status: married with Dorothy, two kids (Jan born 2008 and Laura born 2015)
-philosophy of politics (pro-freedom (pro - minimal state),  pro-life, vegetarian, vegan, pro-monarchy, pro-gun, polexit supporter, anti-gay, anti-EU);
-Earth's dissident waiting for revolution
Religion: solar
Hobbies: now: family, cooking, astronomy, bike, heroes and other pc-games, drawing; used to and missing: skydiving, tennis, swimming, running
Drink? sometimes
Get drunk? slightly
Smoke? No
Drugs? none
Languages: Polish, English, some German, some basic Danish, some basic Dutch

Location: home Krosno, Poland; work Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personality Strenght: ingenious, intelligent, stubborn, objective, hardworking

Things I value in life: truth, life, freedom, family, love, good entertainment, fun
Things I hate in life: lie, dishonesty, politicians, lobbies, human parasites, criminals, mind-control, disasters, secret-services, bad people
Things I hope to achieve: get rid of them (what I hate); spacefaring  

Favourite Colour: lavender
Favourite Element: air
Favourite Food: pizza, bouquet of vegetables, artichokes
Favourite Drink: champagne, beer, coke, bitter lemon tonic
Favourite Music: depeche mode, black metal, techno, dnb, house, good disco from early 90ties, rock
Favourite Songs: a lot...
Favourite Books: Ayn Rand - Anthem, encyclopedias
Favourite Movies: S-F
Favourite Television Series: Star Trek TNG
Favourite Anime series: N/A
Favourite Comics: early Thorgal
Favourite Towns: Conflux, Sorceress, Tower, Rampart
Favourite Creatures: Phoenixes, Firebird, Faerie Dragon
Favorite Spell: Lightning
Favourite Games: H3+WOG, H2, UFO, Panzer General, Warcrafts, Doom, Halo, Mame
Favorite Animal: roe-deer, cow, goat
favourite number: 17,7

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Supreme Hero
By the power of Vivendi!
posted May 17, 2016 08:12 PM

First time doing this.

Gender: Male
Age: 28 (until july)
Height: 190+ cm
Weight: arround 110 kg
Heritage: Serbian
Hair: short, dark
Facial hair: beard, not too long, I just shorten it from time to time (when my mustaches start entering my mouth )
Eyes: black

Sexual orientation: Straight
Marital status: I have a girlfriend
Occupation: researcher - computer science
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Politics: monarchist, anti-communist
Hobbies: reading, national history,  video games
Get drunk: I can drink a lot...
Smoke: no
Drugs: no
Languages: Serbian, English

Location: Belgrade and Zajecar, Serbia
Siblings: none
Pets: a dog and 4 cats
Abode: house in Zajecar, rented flat in Belgrade

Things I value in life:family, good friends, honesty
Things I hate in life: I don;t really  hate, rather dislike. There are a lot of things: liars, dishonesty, many of the current things accepted by the current society
Things I hope to achieve: to have my own family and children

Favourite Colour: RED
Favourite Food: Where do I start Mostly things that are common in Serbia, but I like to try out different food.
Favourite Drink: Rakija and Beer.
Favourite Music: W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden, Tom Waits, traditional
Favourite Books: The Brothers Karamazov, Idiot, Crime and Punishment, Bridge on Drina, Dune, The Wheel of Time, Mistborn,...
Favourite Movies: nothing comes to mind
Favourite Television Series: N/A
Favourite Anime series: N/A
Favourite Comics: N/A
Favourite Games: SC2 and HoMM games (not MMH)
"Occam's shuriken: when the answer is elusive, never rule out ninjas." -- Dr. Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)

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Undefeatable Hero
Chewer of Expensive Shoes
posted May 18, 2016 03:14 AM

Sex: yes
Age: i'm still alive?!
Height: grizzly bear shoulder height
Weight: mid great dane
Heritage: Old-School American
Hair: some on head, sparsly populated on body
Facial hair: i'm a professional
Eyes: naughty and playful
Disposition: see "Eyes". sometimes angry/hateful(but i've been gradually reducing these)

Sexual Preference: females
Marriage Status: what are you, crazy?
Occupation: i help people
Hobbies: self-destruction with a chance of occasional growth
Drinky: Pina Colada whenever i can
Smoke: gives you cancer
Drugs: employment gets in the way
Languages: english, foreign cuss words
Abilities: i'm good at stuff. pleasing the opposite sex, mostly

Location: at ya mammy's
Siblings: a few
Offspring: not from MY loins, mothersnower
Pets: all dead
Cave Dwelling: currently living amongst human beings
Social Inclination: i come out for sex, work, or personal entertainment

Things I value in life: people i care about, nature, honesty, sex, drugs, a paycheck
Things I hate in life: dumb mothersnowers, dishonest mothersnowers, parasitic mothersnowers, mothersnowers who don't care about the environments/nature(falls under dumb and parasitic, really)
Things I hope to achieve: becoming peaceful with what i can't change... by hopefully seeing it collapse under it's own stupid weight

Favorite Colors: black and red
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Season: autumn
Favorite Smells: food, wood smoke, rain in the woods, some flowers
Favorite Food: lasagna. no, steak. no... cake and ice cream. snow. i don't know, i snowing love food.
Favorite Drink: chocolate peanut butter milkshake
Favorite Music: everything that doesn't suck monkey balls
Favorite Books: weird books, drug books
Favorite Movies: horror movies, drug movies, things that make you go "hmmmmm"
Favorite Television Series: currently, game of thrones
Favorite Games: poker, homm3, rummy, role-playing bedroom games
Favorite Body Parts: my legs and feet

Favorite Knife: switchblade
Favorite Gun: yes
Favorite Blunt Weapon: chain
Favorite Other Weapon: tazer *tzzzzzzzzzt!*

Favorite Bedroom Weapon: my hands, my lips, my tongue, my teeth
Favorite Projectile Weapon: take a wild guess
Favorite Sexual Positions: doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, 69
Favorite Womenz: pale redheads, mixed girls, blondes, brunettes... the less tattoos the better; the less piercings the better; the more sensual the better

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Famous Hero
posted July 10, 2016 11:19 PM
Edited by frostysh at 23:23, 10 Jul 2016.

A very weird topic.... anyway.
[*]frostysh's Real Life Name: The data has been lost.  
[*]frostysh's Age: Like the all humans are.
[*]frostysh's Gender: No data has been found. Perhaps someone can say more about this subject.  
[*]frostysh's Height: No data has been found. perhaps someone can say more about this subject.
[*]frostysh's Weight: No data has been found. perhaps someone can say more about this subject.
[*]frostysh's Eyes: frostysh have some eyes.
[*]frostysh's Hair: frostysh have some hair.
[*]frostysh's Marital Status: What O_o?
[*]frostysh's Religion: Christianity (the all branches, and a cults of which is also included..), Islam (the all branches, and the cults of which is also included..), Hinduism (hell do not know much about this stuff), China folk religion (the same as Hinduism), Buddhism (I know little bit more than about Hinduism and China stuff, but still not enough..), Nationalism, Communism, Anarchism, Monarchism and the others similar but less spread, utopical attempts to explain the world around and the human society in particular...  
[*]frostysh's Ethnic Background: I do not know, I do not care.
[*]frostysh's Current Location: The corrupted Paradise in the Hell, that is exactly near a Rotten Bull Swamp that has been build over a long-time forgotten Time Machine, ah yeah this is place on the planet Earth.
[*]frostysh's Politics: I like the theater too.
[*]frostysh's Zodiak sign: CANCER.
[*]frostysh's Occupation: The World.
[*]frostysh's Hobbies: frostysh have no hobbies.
[*]frostysh's Favorite Color: GREY
[*]frostysh's Favorite Number: ??
[*]frostysh's Favorite Subject: The World
[*]frostysh's Favorite Sport: Survive running.
[*]frostysh's Favorite Music: Era (particulary"Avatar", "Atayal folk song", ...), Gregorian (particular as "Lady in Black"),  Butterfly Tea ("Hear of Medieval"), Warhammer Shadow of The Horned Rat soundtrack ("Shadow of The Horned Rat", "Age of Reckoning"), King's Bounty: The Legend soundtrack ("The Legend", ...), The Shield soundtrack ("The Black Maria Betrayal", "Demon Called Deception", ...), Statler Brothers ("New York City"), Enzo Carlino ("Lost Love"), Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ("Straight Out of L"), Rolling Stones ("Paint in Black"), Nancy Sinatra ("These Boots Are Made For Walking"), Jimi Hendrix ("All Along The Watchtower"), Jefferson Airplane ("White Rabbit"), Edwin Star ("War"), The Doors ("The End"), Buffalo Springfield ("For What It's Worth"), unknown author ("The Letter" - "Give me ticket to the airplane..."), Bobby Fuller Four ("I Fought The Law"), V. Vysotsky (rossian) ("Medical History/The History of decease", "Ice at the Earth, ice", and many other songs ... ), DDT (rossian) ("Do not shoot!", "The Birthland/The Motherland", ....), Nautilus Pompilius (rossian) ("Jesus Christ", "The Mungal's Steppe", .....), V. Tsoi (rossian) ("The Song With No Words", and the many other songs....), and the many other bands/songs with some "soul" involved
[*]frostysh's Language Abuse: I do not know, perhaps English - low skill, Rossian - low skill too. .
frostysh's PC Video Games: I do not like to play in games, I like to play in video-games, only on the maximum available difficulty, only hardcore...
[*]frostysh's Favorite Movies: , some Anime (only a very good one) and Hentai.  is there anyone knows some fun movies that I can download with 2 KiB / 1 sec connection speed???
[*]frostysh's Favorite Books: Only the books with an images inside, because without it the books is very hard to read... .

I may will add this stuff to my profile..

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Known Hero
Nighonese National Front
posted July 27, 2016 04:28 PM
Edited by AnkVaati at 01:32, 28 Jul 2016.

Gender: Male
Age: 20's
Height: above average
Weight: too much
Overall build: meh...
Location: Earth
Hair: ash blonde or whatever it's called
Facial hair: None. I'm no hipster.
Eyes: blue

Sexual orientation: Straight
Marital status: Single. Kinda.
Occupation: ...heh...
Religion: Catholic Christian
Politics: Conservative
Hobbies: Drinking, gaming, hanging out with friends, listening to metal, fishing, gyming (...not as much as I should...)
Drink: Beer (preferably Ale), whiskey, vodka. Red wine if a nice gal offers me. Never white wine though. Makes me puke (yep that goes for champagne as well, that overrated brat-urine... )
Smoke: No. Love chewing tobacco though...
Other drugs: Coffee, video games
Location: World
Pets: Cat

Specific skills: Being grumpy. I'm an average bandy player as well. Bandy > Hockey.
Personality Flaw: Can't concentrate on boring stuff. Totally useless in the mornings.
Personality Strength: ...ehhh... I love cheese. I'm good at making friends that can borrow me stuff for an eternity.

Things I value in life: Beer, chicks, guns and cars. And my computer ofc.
Things I hate in life: Studying boring stuff, SJW:s, the way the M&M/HoMM genre turned out after NWC went bankrupt
Things I hope to achieve: Having a good time
Things I will achieve: lol
Things I hope to avoid: Still being a bachelor at 40, dying in a jihadi terror attack
Things I didn't avoid, though I wanted to: Playing the last HoMM games.

Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Element: Fire. But Air is kinda cool as well. Love air balloons.
Favourite Food: Blue cheese
Favourite Drink: Beer
Favourite Music: Saxon, Alestorm, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Five Finger Death Punch, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Hammerfall, the list just goes on....
Favourite Songs: Hangover (Alestorm), Bleed for Ancient Gods (Amon Amarth), Crusader (Saxon), Lionheart (Saxon), Burn MF (Five Finger Death Punch), Counterstrike (Sabaton), Hearts on Fire (Hammerfall), this list just goes on as well...
Favourite Books: Dear Leader: My Escape from North Korea
Favourite Movie: Braveheart
Favourite Television Series: GoT, Vikings. Other than that: Simpsons, Charmed, Stargate: Atlantis, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. TV series where better back then you know, just like HoMM..
Favourite Anime series: ehhh... Ash Ketchum?
Favourite Comics: ehhh... Donald Duck?
Favourite Games: HoMM/MM pre-NWC:s bankruptcy, Baldur's Gate, Elder Scrolls

How YOU can save the HoMM series

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Omnipresent Hero
Rejuvenation process
posted August 01, 2016 08:59 AM
Edited by Elvin at 14:46, 01 Aug 2016.

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 183cm
Weight: Around 80+kg
Hair: Short dark
Facial hair: Slightly unshaved, a week at most
Eyes: Brown
Birthmarks: None
Scars: A few here and there, hardly noticeable
Cat scratches: A few here and there, noticeable ^^

Sexual orientation: women
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Food commerce
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: I enjoy mental as well as physical activities.
Drink: Every now and then. Somehow I can hold my liquor without particular practice.
Smoke: Nah
Drugs: Nah
Languages: Greek, English, some French
Things that fascinate me: Dreams, martial art techniques, travelling, learning how to operate in new ways.

Location: Athens, Greece
Siblings: Younger sis
Pets: Two cats, out of sis' intervention. On occasion have taken in a hawk, a sparrow, a parrot, a grouse, a rabbit..
Cat or dog: Both are awesome.

Specific skills: Economics, martial arts, drawing or otherwise creating art.
Personality Flaw: At times complacent, not as daring or sharp as I'd have wanted.
Personality Strenght: Resolute, loyal, intelligent, constant self-improvement.

Things I value most in life: A healthy body, inner strength/peace, understanding, capacity and willingness to learn or unlearn.
Things I hate in life: Irresponsibility, unreliability, excuses, whining.
Things I hope to achieve: Make my business prosper, find balance in my life.

Favourite Colours: Blue, green
Favourite Element: Water
Favourite Food: Hard one, like to expand my horizons there.
Favourite Drink: Depends on mood? Don't drink much.
Favourite Music: Too many to count, not tied to specific music types.
Favourite Books: Chronicles of Amber, I hear they will make it a series!
Favourite Movies: Hard one, will have to reflect on that.
Favourite Television Series: Carnivale
Favourite Anime series: Black lagoon, full metal alchemist brotherhood, deathnote
Favourite manga: EDEN: It's an endless world, berserk, Rain, vagabond
Favourite Game: Baldur's gate 2. Honourable mentions: Planescape torment, kotor, nwn: hordes of the underdark, divinity original sin, broken sword 2, syberia, so blonde, DK country 2..
Restoring the light, facing the dark.

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Famous Hero
posted August 07, 2016 08:48 AM
Edited by frostysh at 08:51, 07 Aug 2016.

Elvin -

"The Black Lagoone"-


The naked bodies + melodrama + guns, pfea,pfea,pfea . Even the stupid foolish brainless "Jormurgang" is a much more better, especially by name .

"The full metal alchemist brotherhood" -

The Best TV Shows Ever: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

- "Ma' alchemist-robot hitting your mega-beast with a tentacle!"
- "And ma' mega-beast is answering with a death ray!
- "And my ..., and I, and I do not playing with you anymore!"

Whahahahhaaaaaaaa. What a stupid japan cartoon it is... .

"deathnote" -

ANIME REVIEW: “Death Note: Omega Edition”

Jesus ... Christ - what the hell kind of nonsense is that!? Even on the poster, this cartoon is looks, hmm, braindamaging .

AnkVaati -

"Ash Ketchum" -

Ash Ketchum from Pokémon Is Insanely Strong

Yeah... ;/ . Even the Elvin's anime stuff is better than this one, but Idk for sure, I have not saw this "Ash Ketchjum" stuff.

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Known Hero
Nighonese National Front
posted August 07, 2016 09:37 PM
Edited by AnkVaati at 21:43, 07 Aug 2016.

Actually, let me rephrase that - my favourite manga character is probably this dude from Spirited away. Had totally forgot about the movie, must have been in 2004 or something.

Or maybe Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist. Never actually read/seen any Fullmetal Alchemist but it's the only anime character that made me react like "whoa sexy lady" lol.

...... wanna be my gf?

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Famous Hero
posted August 08, 2016 09:02 AM

Yeah, this anime about the weird hotel and the spirits is a not so bad at all.

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Omnipresent Hero
Rejuvenation process
posted August 08, 2016 01:20 PM

Stop embarrassing yourself pls. Even as a trolling attempt this is just sad.
Restoring the light, facing the dark.

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Famous Hero
posted August 09, 2016 02:11 PM

Elvin said:
Stop embarrassing yourself pls. Even as a trolling attempt this is just sad.

But you typed that you saw this particular anime, I thought that you actually saw its on your own eyes. Of course, I thought that you like this anime (like a Black Lagoone).
And of course I have a hell no idea how such, hmmm, nonsense anime can be good for someone...

Perhaps I was a too , I was a too, ohh this crazy English language... , I was a too egocentric, yes I was a too egocentric!, but still there are a much more better anime stuff  exists with no braindamaging stuff included (like in Death Note' endless nonsense) .

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