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Heroes Community > Newcomers Inn > Thread: Community Members Vital Statistics
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Adventuring Hero
endangered species
posted October 28, 2001 03:05 AM

oh, this is our real life self, is it?

What's real life?  

Name: Michelle
Sex: Female
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lb
Usual dress: jeans or BDU pants and t-shirt
Age: 22
Marital status: married
Nationality: American
Place of residence: Australia
Occupation: Veterinary Nurse
Hobbies: Sketching/painting/sculpture, computer art, drumming
Likes: Animals, both living (like dragons) and mythical (like lawyers with consciences), archery, daggers
Dislikes: Onions, spiders, Bluescreens of Death.
Fave music: love ethnic/ancient styles and classical.  and WEIRD AL!
Worst music: Pop, rap, and REALLY heavy metal.  
Fave song: "More Human than Human", Rob Zombie version.
Worst song: "oops, I did it again..." *spears Britney!*
Fave movie: Willow, despite the sad lack of dragons.  Dragonheart was good too.
Worst movie: The Mummy Returns.  Great FX, great characters, but the WRITING.......
Fave game: HOMM (any), Age of Empires, you get the idea.
Worst game: games that require fast reflexes ie arcade crap.  Takes me forever to get through that stuff, I need a thinkin' person's game!

"Unreal" life version:

Species: Dragon, western, with some Eastern influence
Name: no way can a human pronounce my name!
Sex: Female
Eyes: glow-stick green
Dominant color: pure white
Horns: gold
Length: 18 feet, nose to tail.  I'm still just a littlie.
Weight: 230 lb
Wings?: yes.
If yes, Span: 25 feet
Age: 22
Place of residence: Anywhere I like, but snowy areas are best camoflage-wise.
Magic use: none
Breath attack: Acid/Ice
Other attack: claws like meat hooks, and carnivore teeth.
Likes: Fresh meat, precious metals, gems, snowstorms
Dislikes: dragon slayers.

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Known Hero
Cannon Maker
posted October 28, 2001 07:33 AM

Oh hell, why not?

Name: Ken
Age: 20

Height: 5'9"
Weight: a svelte140 lbs.
Hair color: brown
Facial hair: only on the weekend
Best T-Shirt: Whatever. (green on white)

Location: Goldsboro, NC, USA
Occupation: avionics technician (Air Force)

Favorite Bands: Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Opeth, Tool, Dream Theater
Hated Bands: none
Favorite Musicians/Composers (non-band): Edvard Grieg, George Clinton, that chick from Cradle of Filth, Tori Amos
Hated Musicians/Composers (non-band): Micheal Kamen, most teen pop icons past and present
# of songs on Winamp playlist: 2400+
Instruments of choice: guitar (2 years), voice

Favorite Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Falling Down, Princess Bride, Tromeo and Juliet, @ssMaster: Sorority S1uts VI (oops, did I say that? *heh heh*)

Favorite Video Games: HoMM3 (duh), Super Smash Brothers, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap,
Favorite Books: anything written by Neil Gaiman, Redneck Manifesto, all Subgenius propagan-er, literature, Chick tracts

Favorite Stalker: Bjork (she is *so* hot for me!) *LOL* j/k
Lyricist's Lounge Champion Wanna test your skills?

Johnny The Ball:... too long to display...

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Known Hero
Look ma!..a glowing ball...
posted October 28, 2001 01:30 PM

me pros...

Name: Ming
Age: 17
DOB: 22nd of Feb
Nationality: Chinese
Eyes: Very dark brown
Hair: Black, kinda medium short
Height: it's being a while since i checked
Weight: da same
Marital Status: wonder if girls will ever dig me...
Location: Syd, Australia
Occupation: Staying alive

Favorite Number: 3
Most dislike no.: 2(just look at my b'day...i m stuck with it...)
Favorite Music: any asian songs
Favorite Spot: tennis
Favorite Animal: Hawk or eagle
Favorite Food: Chines(nothing beats good o chinese food)
Favorite Drink: Pepsi and water
Favorite Games: Fantasy, Strategy, Role-playing
Favorite Books: Fantasy
Favourite quote: Life sux!, i hate life

Where do u go when you have gone too far?

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Legendary Hero
posted November 30, 2001 11:17 AM

HC name: Hexa
RL name: Michael (as some of you already know)
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel-brown
Height: 1,87 meter
Weight 70kgs
Occupation: Purchaser
Favourite colour: pink (j/k) blue
Favourite books: Tolien serie/Feist serie/Hobb series
Location:The Netherlands
Hobbies: Tennis/biliard/HOMM/reading
RL status:Married with Romana

If you want to know more ...ASK!@

If you want to realize your dreams >>> you have to wake up!@

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Famous Hero
Ranger of the good
posted December 01, 2001 12:33 PM

Let Echo Speak!

Hc: Lord_Echo
Real name:... no comment
Eye colour: Blue
Hair: Short Bit blond hair
Hight: 180cm.
Fav game:Iwd and heroes!!!!
worst game: Wolfenstein 3d

To be continued.......

Don`t be simple, be complx-

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Famous Hero
I am 16 now....
posted December 01, 2001 01:08 PM

Here's some of mine

Hair: dark
Eyes: green
Real name: Slava
Full real name: Viacheslav
Age: 15
Birthday: 25/11/86
Race + Religion: Jew

Animals: dogs, tigers, hawks
Food: Italian
Movies: Hollow Man, The LOTR, The One, Matrix .. (I can continue for ever)
Music: All Of The Rock, including HEAVY METAL
Band,Artist: see Music


Animals: I love them all
Music: R&B, hip-hop, rap
Bands,Artists: D12, Eminem, 2-pac, Missy Eliot, The new Michael Jackson (liked the old one hate the new).
I'm always happy to help.. unless I'm helping myself.

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Adventuring Hero
posted December 01, 2001 05:27 PM
Edited By: Kiar on 1 Dec 2001

Realname: Denis
Eyes: Gray/Green
Hair: Brown
Height:1 m 90 cms
Occupation: Student (Assurance), write articles about PC games for http://www.russo.ag.ru
Location: Russia/Moscow
Hobbies: GuitaRRRR

Favorite Music: Deep Purple, MetallicA, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles
Hated Music: B. Spears, Eminem

Sports: Soccer, Chess, Table Tennis
Games: Starcraft, Civilization
Food: Anything, which can be made fast

btw, BD is 6.11.1984


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Supreme Hero
Thx :D
posted January 18, 2002 01:07 PM
Edited By: Romana on 8 Aug 2005

Real name: Romana
Age: 28
Color eyes: brown/green
Color hair: dark brown
Height: 1.80
Shoe size: 41
Weight: 90 (recovering from pregnancy LOL!)
Occupation: Mother of Rhona, Housewife
Hobbies:  beeing creative, drawing, mysteries
Hate: Terrorism
Love: Rhona ,Michael, my family and dog
Favourite game: HoMM, M&M, Diablo2, NWN
Favourite food: Oriental
Favourite sirup: Reine Claude
Favourite music: Nelly Furtado, The Roots, Outkast, Keane (at the moment)
The darkest skies show the brightest stars

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Famous Hero
Ranger of the good
posted January 18, 2002 10:15 PM

ok ill give it a try:

Name:Atle (wierd norwegian name lol)
Eyes: Blue  
Hair: Blond
Facial hair: wear a cap most of the time q
Height: 182cm.
Weight: 60-60kg i dont know!
Usual appearance: jeans, big swetter cap
Age: 14
Marital status: Singel
Country: Norway, Oslo
Occupation: Student  

Hobbies: Fotball, computers and skateboard
Interest: computer
Fave music: Rap, trance
Worst music: Dance YUK
Fave song: hmmmmmm dunno
Worst song: dunno either!
Fave movie: Boondock saints (Rocks!)
Worst movie: dunno
Favourite game: most strategie RPG and adventure
Worst game: Hard action like quake, doom, and loaded

well thats about it!


Don`t be simple, be complx-

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Hired Hero
posted January 18, 2002 11:59 PM

me too

Nameylan King
Eyes: Brown  
Hair: Black, short
Facial hair: usually about a days growth due to laziness
Height: 5"9 ish
Weight: 10 stone or thereabouts
Usual appearance: surf wear
Age: 20
Marital status: Single
Country: UK, Bath
Occupation: Student (Aerospace Engineering with French)

Hobbies: Fotball, computers, cycling, basketball....
Fave music: Rock, indie, grunge (stuff with guitars in really)
Worst music: R'n'B and UK Garage
Fave song: bad habit - Offspring and I will survive - Cake
Worst song: Madonna's version of american pie
Fave movie: Crouching tager hidden dragon, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Worst movie: dunno
Favourite game: homm3, smac, tekken3, iss pro evolution
Worst game: dunno

One king to rule them all
one king to find them
one king to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

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Known Hero
Knight of Justice
posted May 18, 2002 07:48 PM

Real name: Alexandr
Height: 1.78m (5.10f)
Weight: 155 pounds
Age: 23
Marital status: engaged
Place: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Place of berth:  Ukraine

Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.

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Known Hero
Dark Knight
posted May 18, 2002 08:14 PM

Name : Eugene Khazanovsky
Age : 14
sport -hate : Australian strange sport
games -love: Diablo , Ghost Recon , Rainbow6,Homm,Gangsters,AOE,Midtown madness , GTA ,NHL
Game -hate:Bulders gate , FIFA ,RTCW , MOHAA, Quake
Bands -love: Enigma , Winter Horde , poison the well, 40 bellow the summer
Hobbies : roller hockey , inline skating , insult my friend , internet , making mad my brother , to be EVIL AND BAD
HATE - GOOD THINGS , YOU , SKATEBOARDING (archenemy of inline skating )
Extreme sports that itried ... -- BMX , Surfing , skateboarding , ski , hockey 2vs2 HIGH VOLTAGE , inline skating  
want to try : SNOWBOARDING!

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Famous Hero
God slayer
posted May 18, 2002 09:14 PM


Eyes: Brown/Green
Hair: Light Brown, short
Facial hair: None
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 80kg

Age: 22
Marital status:Married
Herritage: Dacian (ancestors of the romanians, of witch i am one)
Place: Bucharest, Romania
Occupation: University student (Law.. )

Spending my time with: Bokoks, computer games...

Hobbies: Reading, Travel, Medieval Weapons
Likes: Animals, medieval weapons
Dislikes: Ignorant people, money ( the lack therof, that is... )
Fave music: and any good music
Fave song: Dust in the wind
Fave movie: Star Wars series, Star Trek...(usually any sf or comedy..)
Fave game: HOMM (all of them), and right now, Jedi Knight II( just have to love those lightsaber duels... )
Least Fav Game: any realted to WWII

Whatever does not kill us, only makes us stronger

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Famous Hero
posted May 18, 2002 10:40 PM

Real name: Andrius (Andrew in English)
Eyes: green/brown
Hair: dark black, short
Facial hair: none
Age: 15 (1987 birth)
Height: aprox 1,8m
Weight: aprox. 60kg
Place: Lithuania, Kaunas
Hobbies: sex
Likes: sex, girls, parties, RPG, fantasy
Dislikes: to be pushed around, arrogant people, to be bored
Fave music: rap, hiphop, other
Worst music: country, Lithuanian pop
Fave Song: Narcotic by Liquido
Fave Movies: LotR, Rock, The Matrix,
Fave Games: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Front Mission 3, Fallout 2, Starcraft (Broodwar), HoMM 3
Worst Game: Dracula 2: Ressurection
Fave sport: basketball
Fave food: pizzas, beer
Fave book: LotR trilogy
Fave car: Dodge Viper
Fave HoMM3 Town: tower
Fave HoMM4 Town: academy/haven


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Supreme Hero
Kneel Before Me Sons of HC!!
posted May 19, 2002 03:54 PM
Edited By: The_Gootch on 19 May 2002

Okay kiddies....

Real Name:  Logan
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde (currently bald)
Height:  5'9"(or 175 cm--stupid metric system)
Weight:  185 (84 kg-- see above)
Facial Hair:  Not allowed
Age:  27
Usual apperance:  BDUs, Chucks, coveralls, etc.
Marital Status:  Married (sorry ladies)

Country of Origin:  United States of America
Nationality:  American (duh!)
Occupation:  United States Marine
Home of Record:  Chicago, Illinois
Current Location:  Beaufort, South Carolina

Hobbies:  Swimming, Kickboxing, Submission Fighting, Reading, Chess, Video Games, Roleplaying, Cooking, Drinking, Hiking, Bike Riding, Socializing

Likes:  See what makes me happy in Tell the truth....

Dislikes:  Eurocentrists, Racists, whining, control freaks, snowy women, people who take advantage of their anonymity to say whatever they want over the 'net when they know full and well that in person they'd get their a** kicked for saying such things, Osama Bin Laden and religious zealots in general.

Favorite Music:  Manchester Rock, Meatloaf, Opera, Rap, etc.
Least Fav Music:  Country, Glam Rock & Death Metal
Fav song:  Story of My Life by Social Distortion
Fav movies:  Chinese Ghost Story I, II, and III.  Lord of The Rings, Bullet in the Head, Patton, The Right Stuff, Fargo, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Movies I hate:  Dungeons & Dragons, Sense & Sensibility, Willow, The Last Unicorn, Legend, Stealing Home, and Nell.

Favorite Games:  Rescue Raiders, Ultima III and V, Homm II and III, Baldur's Gate, IceWind Dale, Diablo I & II, PowerMonger, Tapper, Bruce Lee, Hard Hat Mack, Hero, etc.
Games I Hate:  Chick games like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's holiday shopping mall trip game.

Favorite Sport:  No-Holds Barred Fighting
Least Favorite Sport:  Golf and Bowling(at least to watch)

Favorite Author:  David Halberstam
Favorite Book:  Commander in Chief by Eric Larrabee
Favorite Poets:  Coleridge & Shel Silverstein
Favorite Poem:  Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
Favorite Philosopher:  Bill Watterson
Finally, celebrity I most resemble:  Joe McIntyre of NKOTB fame, embarrassingly enough.


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Famous Hero
posted May 19, 2002 04:53 PM

By people like you (and me now) this kind of treads will become very messy and ugly.. Just post your things and no small stupidthing like you AND ME did now.

To make this some more USABLE.

Realname: Wesley
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Light blond
Clothing Style:Jeans.  
Occupation: Student
Location: The netherlands
Hobbies:Games, Skating,Movies,music Mythologic and fantasy based stories and Creatures.
Favorite Number:22
Favorite Colours: Purple like the undead colours.
Favorite Famous Female: Like the girl from Girl Thing.. Forget her name. and ofcourse kelly.

Favorite Music: Pop and Some others.
Hated Music:  Rap and R&B and Dutch snow.
Favorite Bands: All.
Hated Bands: D-12
Favorite Rapper: I hate them all!

Favorite Movies: Planet of the apes,Jurrasic park 123 Scary movie,Twister,Starship troopers,Sleepy Hollow,Hollow man,House on haunted hill. And many MANY others!
Hated Movies: Lord of the rings and Spiderman(I really hate hobgoblin the only Enemy the movie has ;o(
Favorite Games: Diablo,Starcraft,Warcraft and Homm Many others!
Favorite Fun sites:this one and Warcraft Chat sites. Also like Www.blizzard.com.
Favorite Sport:Skating
Hated Sport:SOCCCCCCCER!!!!

Most Hated things in life:
4:CARS AND snow!

Most hated Animals:Tiger Shark(Theykill for fun!)
Coolest animals:Electic Eels. And i REALLY love Black panthers and tigers.
COolest creature!: Chimera,Incubus,Succubus MANY others!
Stupids creatures:Humans! ;o)
Coolest persons over here: Razor X,OZzyosbourne and El Diablo.
Stupids: Sylloblalalala
Favorite Avatar: Theblackdragon
Stupids Avatar: all NoT Custom ones.
Books: NONE! Ghostbumbs? LOL! picture books maybe!
Favorite town Homm3: Dungeon.
Favorite town Homm4: Preverse
Favorite food: Pizza!
Least Favorite food: I hate cow food(green food you know Like Apples and Spinaze(popey food)
Favorite car: STOP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... Now for the truth!

Realname:Here I use Wesley(So just call me that)
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Light blond
Clothing Style:Jeans
Occupation: Student
Location: The netherlands(To bad)
Hobbies:Games, Skating,Movies,music Mythologic and fantasy based stories and Creatures.
Favorite Number:22
Favorite Colours: Purple/Dark Blue and Black(Wich is not a color but whatever)
Favorite Famous Female:Harmony! From buffy! And ofcourse Cat!

Favorite Music: Pop and Some others.
Hated Music: Rap and R&B and Dutch Music
Favorite Bands:I don't know about a half of them all so..
Hated Bands:Eminem and Limp Biskit
Favorite Rapper:Coolio(the others suck as$)

Favorite Movies:13 Ghosts/Mummy 1/returns
Hated Movies:Spiderman(I guess Atleast)
Favorite Games:Age of Mythology/Warcraft3/Super Smash Brothers Melee/Mortal Kombat 5.
Favorite Fun sites:This one, Mortal Kombat Sites and War3 sites.
Favorite Sport:Skating
Hated Sport:SOCCCCCCCER!!!!

Most Hated things in life:
5eople that want all good instead of evil

Most hated Animals:Tiger Shark(Theykill for fun!)
Coolest animals:Tigers and many other big Cats.
COolest creature!row Elves.
Coolest persons over here:Cat/Lith Meathor.
Favorite food: Pizza!/Chips
Least Favorite food: I hate cow food(green food you know Like Apples and Spinaze(popey food)
Favorite car:None.

That's better

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 19, 2002 10:20 PM

Name: morcoz
Age : 31
Eyes: Grey/Green
Hair: Dark blond
Height: 1.71 m
Weight: 82 kg
Feet: Size 42
Occupation: Truck driver
Marital status: Married
Kids: Yes, 2 lovely girls  
Interests: Heroes
Music: No thanks
Love: My family
Hate: Cheaters
Dream: To win a snow load of money and go professional Toh  


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Supreme Hero
tosser tavern owner
posted May 19, 2002 11:13 PM

Real Name: Hasan

Height:  1.78

Weight:  72

Age:  26

Status:  single

Country of Origin: Chechenia , grozni

Nationality:  turkish

Occupation:  business administrations student , merchant company foreign trade advisor

Current Location:  istanbul , turkey

Hobbies: all kind of natural sports , licensed kick boxer , heroes3 , alcohol  , roleplaying and horseracing

Likes: drink with friends , meeting different people , idealists and clever females

Dislikes:  womens who trusts only to their physical apperance , terrorists , religious , capitalists , racists

Favorite Music:  new wave of british heavy metal stuff(iron maiden etc) , glam stuff...

Fav movies:  shine , fight club , snatch , star wars series , braveheart , spartacus , vikings etc...

Favorite Game : My life... i love to play with my snowing life and feel pain lol

Favorite Author:  Albert Camus , Sartre

Favorite Book:  La chute(camus)

Favorite Poet: Rimbaud

Favorite Philosopher:  My father

Favorite thread : tossers tavern

quoting my post = bullet in your head

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Famous Hero
posted May 19, 2002 11:38 PM

Real Name: Schaaf

Height:  i can reach the little box with dishes on the cupboard without any help

Weight: i can sit on the box and no dish is gonna break

Age:  25

Status:  active

Nationality:  schalker

Occupation:  student of life , homm , and economy

Current Location: livingroom

hobbies : trying to reach that box on the cupboard

Favorite Music: blau und weiss

Fav movies: egg and us, the

Favorite Game : HOMM

Favorite Book: HOMM Manual

Favorite Poet: SirStiven

Favorite Philosopher:  woods

Favorite thread : every thread that got deleted by the admins - that are the most interesting.


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Famous Hero
posted May 20, 2002 12:51 AM
Edited By: arachnid on 19 May 2002

Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: short dark and spiky
Height: just under 6ft
Clothing Style:Jeans.
Occupation: Uni Student, design
Location: Scotland
Hobbies:Games,Movies,nights out with friends
Favorite Number:9
Favorite Colours: Purple/blue
Favorite Famous Female: Natalie Imbruglia
Favorite Music: Most types
Hated Music: Rap sucks
Favorite Bands: Dont have a fav
Hated Bands: None come to mind
Favorite Rapper: I hate them all!

Favorite Movies: I got loads and loads usual suspects, aliens,leon,reservior dogs, lord of the rings etc etc
Hated Movies: Um.....Street fighter was crap that will do
Favorite Games: Diablo,Starcraft,Warcraft,Homm, AOE1/2,quake etc etc
Favorite Fun sites:this one and elysium
Favorite Sport:Watching football
Hated Sport:american football

Most Hated things in life:
Loud Yanks that i see on tv there stupidity makes me cringe.

Most hated Animals:JellyFish
Coolest animals:Tiger Shark(Theykill for fun!) arachnids (spiders and scorpions) snakes
Coolest creature!: Medusa,cyclops
Stupids creatures:leprechauns and fairies
Coolest persons over here: I like most people
Stupids: no one really bugs me
Favorite Avatar: Mine of course
Stupids Avatar: mattys kind of sucks i never understand what it is
Books: stephen king books rule
Favorite town Homm3: Dungeon.
Favorite town Homm4: Death
Favorite food: fish and chips
Least Favorite food: Haggis
Favorite car: anything is fine
Herp: Homer Simpson
Fav tv show: Simpsons then Spaced

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