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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Isildur's Saga
Thread: Isildur's Saga

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posted November 23, 2005 11:41 AM
Edited By: Dragon_Slayer on 23 Nov 2005

Isildur's Saga

Ok might start up a story of my own. i'll use the same character i always do.

Isildur, a ranger skilled in the ways of the forest. An excellent swordsman but also skilled in ranged combat. Isildur owns a small smithy shop on the boarder of a large Human town and the forest. Isildur's father disappeared when he was a young boy and ever since then he has had to fend for himself. He has always had the backing of the towns people and the forest dwellers, who knew the rough life he was leading. Isildur is now 17, and like every teenager, has a wandering spirit that wants to explore. obviously running a smithy shop doesnt accomplish this goal, so like every great story we begin with a journey, or an adventure you could say. The time and setting would be the middle ages, with a largley fantasy based adventure. Think LotR, LHW etc.

Isildur: Maxell, ive been doing much thinking recently. I have decided that i want to go on a holiday.

Maxell: Holiday? Why, is the shop getting to hard for you?

Isildur: No no, i would just like to explore the countryside, see whats out there.

Maxell: Well i guess i could watch the shop for a while until you come back.

Isildur: That would be great. I'll stop by later once i get some supplies.

I left the shop in the hands of Maxell, a Dwarf friend who i would trust with all my possesions. I take with me a large travel pack, in which i will carry all of my supplies... once i go to town to get them. Its only a short walk to town, five minutes of scenery at most. Which really isnt long enough considering the beauty of the fields. Lush grass, open planes and tall trees surround. Although it can be quite dangerous at night when an unsuspection traveller can be easily ambushed.
As I make my way through the town gates i am greeted by all the usuall people. I make my way to the mearchants to pick up supplies. Some warm clothing, food, drink and other items of use. As I leave the town i decided maybe it wouldnt be the best idea to stop back at the shop. The old fart would probably convince me to stay anyway. It would be better to just walk straight past and head for the forest lodge, talk to the locals and maybe stay the night. The shop, usually full of customers, seemed empty I draw near. On closer inspection i see that the shop has been locked up and there is a scruff note pinned into the door.

Isildur i have gone out to visit my family. My mother has fallen ill and i have to be by her side for a few days. To all customers sorry for the inconvienience, we shall re-open shortly. Please place any orders on the list below.


-Silver Bow And Arrows... any price paid

Hmmmm, any price paid.... might have to look for one of those on my travels. Well im sorry for Maxell. Hi mother will pull through though shes probably faking it because Maxell didnt go and see her on her birthday...hehe... Better get going if i am to make it to the lodge by sunset. Hopefully Maxell is back soon so we dont lose too many customers.. not that there is much competition around. The smithy in the town is a known crook.
I skip down the shop steps, bashing my knee on the railing as i go. The grass is lush as spring begins to set in. The nights however are still cold so camping out is no at the top of my agenda. I limp over the hill and see the deep forest. It is at least an hour hike to the lodge, only because i am a skilled ranger. Any normal fool would be stumbling over tree roots and the like all day. Isildur walk to the forests edge and felt an ill feeling come over him...

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