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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Swimsuit vs Underwear
Thread: Swimsuit vs Underwear This thread is 4 pages long: 1 2 3 4 · «PREV

Supreme Hero
Almost there.
posted May 10, 2007 09:41 PM

I say WHT why wear any of it? Just be free! Skinny dipping is hot!
Learn how to duck and weave because I will throw truth at you all day!

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Undefeatable Hero
there's gonna be hell toupee!
posted April 02, 2018 08:42 AM
Edited by fred79 at 08:44, 02 Apr 2018.

1. Are photos of underwear more degrading than swimsuits?  Men and women – explain please.

photos are only degrading if the person in the photo feels degraded by them. projecting degradation, on the other hand, is the beholder's problem.

2. Is it degrading to the female species {} to post pictures of any of these?  How does this affect woman’s liberation?  How does this affect the image of men?

there's nothing wrong with sexuality, period. removing sexuality from sensual animals like us, is like removing the peanut butter filling from reeses; it's just uncalled for, man. you're stuck with a hollow shell, that just isn't as good. nobody wants that; i don't care how many haters get their male and female panties in a wad over sexuality.

3. Are pictures of real people in their underwear or swimsuits any ‘worse’ than the images in The Sexiest Woman thread?

define "worse". uglier? less attractive? most likely. more deplorable human behavior? sexuality really takes a back seat to some of humanity's... OTHER... vices.

4. Would you post pics of yourself in any of the above outfits?  Why/why not.

yes and no. yes, because i think i look good. no, because hc has a code of conduct. i've posted myself shirtless, tho. my torso is one of my better features, i think.

5. Wonder Woman:  What is this outfit?  Swimsuit/underwear/other.  Comments?

it's a uniform. it stands for the power that woman have because of their sexuality, quite literally. myself, i've never been turned on by it, because it wasn't revealing enough for me(or empowering, or sexy at all, really). but jeannie from "i dream of jeannie"? i would fill her up like a tanker truck. i suspect more men(and some women) fantasized about her during her reign of time in t.v. land.  even now, one would think. she was more sexually charged and powerful because of it, than 1,000 wonder womans; easy. my only qualm, is that they weren't allowed to show their belly buttons back in that day and age. which is some unenlightened dark-ages snow, if you ask me. people with sticks up their asses will take the fun out of anything, if you let them.

also, i would like to add that i completely agree with pandora's post here, and binabik's post here. both are well-said.

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