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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: C1M5: Defeat "The Garrison"
Thread: C1M5: Defeat "The Garrison"

Adventuring Hero
posted July 24, 2006 05:16 PM
Edited by maltz at 17:29, 24 Jul 2006.

C1M5: Defeat

First let me show you a picture that I got from the web.

Original source: http://game.ali213.net/attachments/day_060523/h5vic_FP3sgS4migEp.jpg

This is how the author "bound" did it. First, lets all give him some loud applause because this is a great achievement.

If you can't read simplified Chinese, then I am translating it below:


Defeat the "BT (Chinese slang, means insane)" garrison in Haven mission 5:

The garrison gets 5 devils and some other inferno units daily. (Note from me: I remember seeing the garrisons as always a clean hundred number like 600 devils. So my personal guess is it never grows, which is a good thing.)

Even if you get 2 towns, your unit production rate is hard to catch up. (Note from me: post patch 1.1 the Instant Travel spell has been removed from the Haven campaign, so I think this guy did it with the unpatched version.)

So we have to rely on hero's magic and Imperial Griffin's battle dive.

When I did it, I had 279 Imperial G. I separate them in 5 stacks, 275, and 4 1s. The hero Isabel had a stats of 18 18 13 18, and traveled underground to get the fountain of double mana for the week. (360 mana)

(Note from me: 18 18 13 18 is perfectly possible with expert Enlightenment, but he could have done it with artifacts, too.)

The spells used in the battles are:
Mass Haste, Mass Slow, Blind, Frenzy and Phantom Force.
My artifacts provided my Imperial Gs with 5 extra initiatives, making it 20.

Please see the image for what the garisson has. Here is what happened:


Battle starts. The 1000 Imps took 250 mana, 110 left.
Imperial G. battle dive to dodge 2000 succubus mistress and 300 succumbus's first round attack. The key is that the 275 Imperial Gs land in the very back, while the other four little stacks serve as obstacles. (Note from me: Eh... I thought the sucubbus mistress could take them all out in one hit? Maybe the chains hit the war machines, lol.)

The hero's first round cast Mass Slow. The Pit Lords gave the 275 Imperial Gs a vulnerability. The 275 Imperial Gs killed the 1k imp and 300 sccubus in the next 2 rounds, and return to the bottom row. (Note from me: That really requires some luck).

The hero's 2nd round cast Blind on the 2000 succubus mistress. The surviving 1-2 1 unit Imperial Gs block the 1750 nightmares.

Since the enemy aren't attacking very frequently now, I could easily haste the Imperial Gs and let them battle dive to dodge the attacks. Next, the core thinking is to Frenzy the devils to kill all the other stacks. Finally, I phantom imaged 4-5 stacks of the Imperial Gs to finally killed the 400+ devils.

Finally I had 20 mana, losing only 1 stack of phantom forced Imperial Gs. Lost 4 real Imperial Gs and 3 war machines.


Note from me: So I inferred from the post that his Isabel build is: Dark, Light, and either Sorcery + Magic Insight / Summoning, plus perhaps Enlightenment. I guess he doesn't have enlightenment or he would have got much better attack and defense, and who would bypass intelligence in such a circumstance?

In order to have both blind and frenzy, one needs to take the infernal castle and use its magic guild. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible after patch 1.1 since the instant travel spell is gone.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.

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