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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Firearms technology in Antarich/ Axeoth? (HoMM4)
Thread: Firearms technology in Antarich/ Axeoth? (HoMM4)

Adventuring Hero
Askin' for war :p and payments
posted January 09, 2008 07:34 AM

Firearms technology in Antarich/ Axeoth? (HoMM4)

..... This is vital for modding....

for the whole Might and Magic universe. there are two big leaps of technology.
pre-firearms technology
spacefaring technology (remember Blaster guns appeared at the final chapter of Might and Magic 7 ?)

but there are missing chapters....

land wars still fought with swords , axes , pikes , bows, crossbows , bolt thrower (ballista) , catapult. but..... no cannons!

however. i've saw one of Tawni campaign's briefing page.. it featurs naval combat (Vessels against vessels), two vessels fight with broadside guns just like what happened in 16th-18th century (especially in Pirates of the Caribbean movies, trafalga, francis drake's pirates VS the whole spanish armada(and he still win!) ).....

and if i remember correctly. in some HOMM3 (Armageddon's blade) campaign. i've saw regnan pirates carrying a flintlock long rifle!)...

plus...... in actual game play. (Might and Magic 8) there are some cannons for play (for fun. of course ) ones are naval guns used against regnan pirates. installed at Daggerwound islands, another gun is a big howitzer.... player needs cannonball to operate the gun. but once used. the gun can destroy the whole regnan fleets with one shot!!!!

Can anyone here knows how advance firearms technology (NOT the Ancients one!!!) is, Are pirates the only nations that can have guns? at the few next decades (modding story... of course!)... if I decided to rearm those crossbowmen with small firearms.... what is the possible choices?

A. Matchlock Harquebus/ musket
B. Wheellock musket
C. Flintlock musket / rifle
D. Percussion caps firearms

under which "loading" options
A. Muzzleloading single shot/multibarrelled
B. Muzzleloading revolvers (remember early colt guns)

C. Breechloading trapdoors with loose powder/paper cartidges
D. Breechloading trapdoors with metal cartidges

^ Trapdoor rifle
E. Martini Henry

^ This is the way Martini Henry works
F. Bolt Action. singleshot
G. Sharps carbine
H. Bolt Action. repeating rilfe
I. Lever action. repeating rifle
J. Pump action. repeater
^ hit the link because the pic is extremely big!
K. semiautomatic rifle
L. full auto rifle.

there are other races to be rearmed..... ASSYLUM races should get guns i guess

and so do ACADEMY

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