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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted February 11, 2008 11:02 PM
Edited by War-overlord at 22:21, 21 Mar 2008.

ICTC 3: The Saurid

Warning; this is still under construction, nothing you read is final.

All artwork seen here is not owned or created by me; it is the property of the artists. I just borrowed it to help me explain a few things.

Facts and Traits:
Associated Colors: Green, Bronze and Crimson
Worship: The elements rather then the Gods(see geomancy)
Core Philosophy: Adapt, Divide and Conquer
Motto: Pride is not the same as Honor, Pride will have you loose.
Country/Kingdom: Teritorium Sauridea (The Saurid Realm)
Capital City: Novum Palatium
Key Symbols: Saurid War Banner

(Mind that this is a temporary version, I will post the colored one as soon as it's done, if that is before or after the deadline I cannot say, my artist has been sick for some time now. As for the colors, the speartips, the helmet and the edge of the shield are supposed to be bronze, the crest of the helmet and the topside of the shield should be crimson, the bottom of the shield green, and the rims on the helmet should be mettalic grey)

The Saurid are a reptilian race, standing roughly 7 foot high. Saurid look roughly like humanoid baby alligators
Saurid have very long arms, comprising more then half their body length(usually round 4,5 feet) and they have broad hands with 2 fingers and a thumb. Saurid legs are rather short compared to their arms(2,5 feet) and their feet are shaped similarly to their hands with two normal toes and a "thumb toe" at the side of the foot. The Saurid's body is cover by a fine scales, which vary in color, most commonly they are green, brown or a dull black, however rarely the Saurid can be jet-black. A long lived race, the Saurid live for approximately 160 years. Females are barely distinguishable from males for other races(something on which Saurid disagree), the few features one might recognize a female by is by their less craggy voice, the slighter hunch and the higher placement of the eyes. Saurid are well capable of speech, but their gravely voices can make them less intelligible. Three months after a successful mating, the female Saurid will produce 3 to 5 eggs, of which 2 or 3 will actually hatch after another 3 months. Saurid young are essentially smaller versions of adults, save for the small egg-tooth on the tip of their snout. The egg-tooth is usually lost after a few months, but on rare occasions it will develop into a small horn(this is seen as a sign of a great destiny). Saurid are physically mature after 10 years and are sexually mature 5 years later. As reptiles the Saurid are cold-blooded and as such do not generate their own body heat, this means that they rely on external sources to generate and maintain their body temperature. This also means that the Saurid spend less energy on maintaining their body temperature, leading to them need less food to maintain their active lifestyles. In terms of energy, Saurids use only 40% of the energy a human of similar size would use. In cold climates Saurid survive by heating themselves with fire and wrapping themselves in isolating clothing to keep heat loss to a minimum. Saurid diet consists mainly of meat, but it is supplemented by eggs, mushrooms and other fungi, soft fruits and dairy products. Their originally carnivorous intestines prevent them from digesting most plant products and breads. All Saurid have a tail of roughly 2 feet originating at the base of the hips, though it hardly has any physical use anymore, the tails are used mostly in communication as a form of body language.  

Saurid habits and practices:
Saurid are known as a stoic, honor bound race, and are highly regarded for their honesty, hardiness and zeal. However Saurid are prone to bigotry, cold-heartedness and, much to the disgust of many races, cannibalism. Quirky is that many Saurid are prone to claustrophobia. The Saurid think that mammals and birds are vastly inferior to reptiles, thanks to their short lifespan and wasteful metabolisms and therefore think many of the other races to be beneath them(read: humans, elves, dwarves). Saurid are brutally honest, for their code of honor does not permit them to lie. The very few Saurid that do lie are often honor less beings and are more often then not outcasts of Saurid society. Those not officially banned do easily find employment however, as most Magistrates do recognize the usefulness of spies and informants.
Saurid honor is a set of rules Saurid try to live by and the worst shame a Saurid can endure is the loss of his/her honor. Very few non-Saurid know of the code the Saurid follow but most do know the First Rule.
The Saurid Honor code:
1: Honor is not to be won, but never to be lost.
2: Speak truth or do not speak at all.
3: Do not live for death, die for life.
4: Be thankful for the blessings you are given.
5: Personal insults are to be endured, avenge the insult of your kin.
6: Love your mate and your blood.
7: Pride must never hinder advance.
8: It is better to die poor, then to get your fortune ill.
9: Serve your fatherland and your Caesar when they call on you.
These nine rules dictate Saurid life, but they are not permanent. In history several rules have been added and removed, as rule 7 dictates.
The Saurid are currently led by a single Monarch, the Caesar.
A Saurid town is called a Polis
Saurid are omnivorous, but their diet consists mainly of flesh. As such most Saurid agriculture is focused on herding and raising livestock. Most commonly Saurid farmers raise goats(for meat, wool and milk), hogs(for meat), sheep (for meat, wool and milk) and emu-like birds called Shrubstriders (For meat, eggs and feathers). Although Herdlizards are also raised, they are mainly used as mounts and not eaten because their flesh is very tough and sour. Lastly Saurid raise Taurasaurs for sport, flesh (considered a delicacy) and leather.
Saurid have peculiar burial rituals: when a Saurid dies, its body will be mummified. But before the mummification, the organs will be taken out of the body and they will be eaten by the next of kin of the deceased. The supersticous among the Saurid will tell you that this will embed you with a part of the soul of the deceased. Others however will tell that this is a form of paying the last respects that is a remnant of tougher times, when food was much harder to come by; eating the deceased would provide food for the tribe so even in death the deceased would aid their tribe. All Saurid will agree that this is an intricate part of Saurid culture and not doing this will be heavily frowned upon by other Saurid. After 4 days of seasoning, the mummified body will be laid to rest in a mausoleum cave.
Saurid generally wear little clothing, breeches or a kilt/skirt is enough for them. Clothing for Saurid is more of an expression of individuality then anything else, because, being reptiles they have only their cloaca that needs covering. However in winter or general colder climates, Saurid are heavily clothed to prevent them from losing to much heat. Cold or not, Saurid hate to wear shoes. They claim it restricts their movement and blunts their claws.
Saurid are particularly fond of bathing. Every Saurid bathes at least once a week, most bathe daily and some even bathe several times a day. Bathing usually takes place in the grand public bathhouses the Saurid construct in their cities and besides the actual cleaning it is also a social event. During bathing Saurid socialize, seal deals and conduct virtually every social activity one can think of. In a Saurid Bathhouse one can swim in heated pools, enjoy steam rooms and lavish personal baths, be groomed and massaged.
As all races, Saurid enjoy to throw parties and to visit the local taverns, however most do not know that Saurid enjoy several other forms of entertainment as well. One is the circus, here the Saurid enjoy the thrills of racing and betting on them. In the Saurid circuses, professional riders and cavalry men races each other on their Herdlizards around the long oval tracks of the Circus. Also Saurid enjoy to watch sporting events, which are often also held in the circuses. In these events athletes compete in matches of wrestling, disk throwing, footraces (with or without full armor and with or without obstacles), Taurasaur riding and the peculiar digging races(in which Saurid duos have to dig out a given number of hidden items from the arena flooring within a time limit). Lastly Saurid love to go to the theater, where they watch epic plays: comedy and tragedy and attend bombastic concerts.
The Saurid have tamed and incorporated several other large reptiles in their army: the flying Pterosaurs, the reliable Herdlizard, the volcanic Salamanders, the daunting Chimerasaurs and the rebellious Taurasaurs.

Saurid Politics and Society:
Saurid live in a fairly free society, but it is based in three classes. First there are the Free Citizens, the most numerous class. Citizens are free born Saurid, both male and female, they have full rights and duties and are accountable by Saurid Law. Citizens have the right: to vote, enter and/or found a trade guild, be elected/appointed to hold a public office, be defended by an orator(lawyer) in trail, appeal for trail, move unhindered through Saurid Realm, to not be tortured in interrogation (unless the need is found dire, by three independent Magistrates) and the right to sign or draft legal contracts. However Citizens have the duties to: Serve in the Legions for a minimum of 12 years (Geomancer are the exception to this rule), pay taxes, import duty and toll, to be able to identify him/herself, reenter the Legion should s/he be drafted again, obey the law and to stand trial by jury when s/he is called. Slightly above the Free Citizens are the Aristocrats. Aristocrats basically have the same rights and duties as a Citizen, but they have several more. Aristocrats have to pay 1,5 times tax and can be trialed without jury. However Aristocrats may refuse a second enlistment and have the right to be elected into the Senate. The status of Aristocrat can be bought for a hefty sum, or one can appeal a judge for the status(To which both judge and jury have to agree to elevate the pleader to Aristocracy). As such, Aristocracy can be taken away by a judge as well.
At the bottom of Saurid society are the Honorless. Honorless are marked by a brand on their chest and hands and have only two duties: to pay toll and import duty and to obey the law. However Honorless do not have any rights. One cannot be born Honorless, one can only become an Honorless by having ones Citizenship revoked by trail and judge.
Recently a "fourth class" has appeared, the Non-Saurid. These are basically all other races living in Saurid territory. They fall between Citizens and Honorless, but their exact rights and duties are unclear as they tend to fluctuate and are different in each Colony.
The Saurid realm is too big to be governed by one single ruling organ. To cope with that the realm is divided into multiple Colonies, which all are governed by a Governor-Magistrate and his/her officials. Governor-Magistrate are appointed by and answer directly to the Caesar and the Senate, they are appointed for 10 years and have the authority to act in the name of the Caesar. Each Colony enforces the Main Sauridian laws, but minor laws tend to vary from border to border. The law and peace is enforced by the, aptly named, Enforcers who are the Saurid equivalent of the police or sheriffs. Enforcers have received basic military training, but after training have preferred to become an Enforcer, which can replace the standard Legion Service. Judges are a special kind of official, Judges can only be held accountable to the Senate and not to the Caesar and can only be appointed by a unanimous Senate.
The Caesar is the single Monarch that rules the Saurid Realms. The Caesar has the authority to overule all orders, magistrates and the Senate, is the single person who commands the high officers of the Legions and it the only one who may appoint an Imperator. Caesar is a lifetime term and one holds it untill ones death or voluntairy abdication. Contrary to common belief among the other Races, Caesar is no heriditary title. The current Caesar appoints his/her successor during his/her reign. However Caesar Markronus has set the trend for Caesars to formaly adopt their successor; which is the source of the misinterpretation.

The Saurid military:
The Saurid have the largest standing army in Ashan. They have a minimum of 50 standing legions and are able to triple that number in a bare month. A single legion is comprised of 5000 soldiers, divided into 10 cohorts, which in turn is divided into 5 centurias. All war-beasts and the caravan of bare necessities are not included into the count of the Legions, giving the Saurid a force to be reckoned with by any race.
At the head of each legion is a single officer, the Legion Magistrate. The Legion Magistrate is assisted by 10 Primus Centurions, one Primus for each Cohort. The Primus Centurion was also the commander of the first Centuria of his/her Cohort, with each of the four remaining Cohort lead by a different Centurion. Centurions in their turn have three Legionary Seniors to aid them.
At the Head of all Legions are 3 officers who lead all campaigns, the Martial Magistrates. Handpicked by the Caesar for their tactical brilliance, cunning and foresight. The Martial Magistrates are more often then not the 3 best Legion Magistrates that are available, but the Caesar always keeps the power to disband 2 of 3 Martial Magistrates at a time.
Martial Magistrates have the power to appoint a commander over several Legions. This commander called an Imperator. Imperators are celebrated Saurid, who are known for their mastery of battle and the adoration of the soldiers.
The bulk of the legions consist of Free Citizens, serving their 15 year conscription, which every Saurid has to do. However the Saurid know that if their nation goes to war, every able body can be summoned to do service in temporary Legions.
Saurid Legions are well known for their professionalism and their strict discipline. Another major advantage the Legions have is their ability to adapt. They are known to give up their own practices at momentís notice, if they find that other Legions or the enemy uses more effective methods. The Legions have one major disadvantage, they are very widespread; having to keep peace in the enormous Saurid colonial empire nearly all legions are spread to achieve a maximum overall of efficiency.

Religion and Worship:
The Saurid do not follow the path of any of the Dragon-gods of Ashan. They are fully aware of their existence and of their power, but the Saurid feel that the Gods should not associate themselves with the lesser races and as such the Saurid have cast them aside. Instead the Saurid practice Geomancy: the worship and use inherent magic of objects. There is magic in every thing, from the rocks and trees to the sapient races and the Saurid themselves. The Geomancer study this phenomenon and manipulate the magic to their bidding. This comes with one great disadvantage, Geomancy cannot create or destroy, they cannot create fire that is not there or make a disease go away, just steer or manipulate it. They can however cure diseases by moving it to another host. Geomancy takes years of study and practice, as it requires much patience and adaptability. One of the hardest lessons a young Geomancer has to learn is to be grateful and humble for the magic it has learned to use, which is a difficult lesson for a race as prone to bigotry as the Saurid. Of all elements, most Geomancers have a clear preference to the ever-present earth, rather then the more elusive other elements.
The principles of Geomancy are spread throughout Saurid society, as such one can often see Saurid giving thanks to the elements that have helped them or pleading those elements for a favor.
Saurid warriors have a near cult-like reverence for the spear. They feel that a spear combines the highest simplicity with deadliness. Warriors will often go to great lengths to decorate their spear. Sleek, swift and elegant, a Saurid will not stop praising his/her spear once s/he has started and this goes so far that before a battle a warrior might pray to his/her spear to aid them in battle. As such, spears can be seen all through Saurid society, from war banners, reliefs and tattoos to ceremonial spears for distinct occasions. Their reverence goes even so far that, according to the Saurid, the most honorable way to die is by a spear thrust to the heart. Spears take one important roles throughout all sorts of rituals, so does offering one a spear imply obedience and forcefully taking someoneís spear proclaim their defeat. Even in weddings, the marriage is not sealed as long as the bride, groom and their respected families have exchanged spears.

Saurid architecture is very different from that of the other races in one crucial aspect: they hardly ever use walls because of their claustrophobia. Saurid structures usually consist of a stone floor and a roof held up by several rows of stone columns. There are 3 main exceptions to this, which are bathhouses, which need wall to keep the heat in, City walls, which are accepted because they have no roofs, and banks, which need keep their possessions safe at all costs. If in any other building separate "rooms" need to be made, it is done with screens of wood or of woven reed. Like all races, Saurid prefer to have some private quarters to sleep, but their claustrophobia is a major disadvantage in this. The Saurid have solved this problem by suspending nesting areas from the columns and the ceiling, to give the Saurid some form of privacy. With no walls to keep their possessions safe, most Saurid have their furniture bolted to their floors or columns.

History :
The Ancient Age
Saurid are not a race created, but they slowly evolved into a sapient species. In the ancient ages numerous Saurid tribes and clans rose and fell. Most Saurid live on the Southern shores of Ashan's known continent. Saurid are weary of other races.

The Origins :

16 YSD: The Tritribal Alliance
Three large and powerful Saurid tribes (Bearskull, Stoneheart & Greenpool) form a beneficial mutual alliance. All three tribes prosper and grow.

24-40 YSD: Wars of Fire
Realizing that they are no match for the Demons, the majority of Saurid clans and tribes flee over the Savage Sea to the south and push deeply into the mainland. All tribes that stay are slaughtered by the Demons. Getting no aid whatsoever from the Dragons, the Saurid renounce the Dragon Gods and turn to Geomancy.

45 YSD: Crowning of the first Rex
The Tritribal Alliance and numerous small clans form a single nation, Sauridias. Martius Greenpool I is crowned Rex(king).

78-104 YSD: Unification of the Tribes
Under Martius Greenpool IV and V, all Saurid Tribes are absorbed, annexed, subdued into Sauridias or wiped out. Martius Greenpool V proclaims himself Supremus Rex, Supreme King.

126 YSD: First Coup of Blood
Growing ever more frustrated by the ineffective and corrupt governing of Martius Greenpool V, rebels overthrow and kill the entire Greenpool-line. Pruciria Shinescale I is crowned Rexai, queen.

183-226 YSD: War of Purging
Under the rule of the Shinescale-line all humans are purged from the nation of Sauridias. The scattered and primitive humans offer no notable resistance, however their sheer amount makes this an arduous task.

230 YSD: Second Coup of Blood
Pruciro Shinescale VI is overthrown for no apparent reason. Brocas Bladeclaw crowns himself Rex.

234-240 YSD: Civil War of Sauridias
Brocas Bladeclaw dies without leaving an heir. Three factions within the Saurid vie for the Throne. Pruciro Shinescale VII, claims the throne by right of his illegitimately usurped father. Nucras Bladeclaw, claims her uncle promised her the Throne. Thrapium Ridgeback claims to be a far descendant of the Greenpool line.
Having the largest backing among the populous, Pruciro Shinescale VII defeats his enemies and is crowned Rex.

241 YSD: Establishment of the Senate
Dieing of sickness, Pruciro Shinescale VII again leaves the Throne vacant. Fearing a new civil war, a gathering of Saurid aristocracy and generals establish the Saurid Senate. The Senate is now the ruling body of Sauridias. The Magistracy is established.

330 YSD: 1st Eclipse
With the main force of Demons focused on the Humans, Elves and Dwarves, very few Demons try for Sauridias. The Demons manage to breach the Saurid defenses, but are quickly repelled. The Senate declares the First permanently standing Legion to be formed.

334 YSD: Start of the Expansion
For the first time since the unification of the Tribes the borders of Sauridias are expanded. Minor at first, the Saurid get cocky and start expanding rapidly.

337-340 YSD: War of Leaves
Coming in contact with the Elves of the Southern continent, the Saurid, still cocky from their rapid expansion try to invade Elf lands. The Saurid are brutally beaten back into the Original borders of Sauridias. A weary truce is negotiated. Saurid eventually start to expand their realm but they very slowly expand away from the realm of the Elves.

590 YSD: First Coup of the Senate
An audacious Magistrate gathers several Legions and tries to unseat the Senate. The Magistrate fails bitterly and his/her name is erased from Saurid history.

678-684 YSD: Discovery of the Chimerasaurs
Saurid explores come across the Chimerasaurs. Utterly decimating the explorers with the exception of their guide, the Senate declares Chimerasaurs a national danger and put a hefty prize on every Chimerasaur skull. The Chimerasaurs are almost hunted to extinction. Two Imperators however manage to tame a small pride of Chimerasaurs and convince the Senate of their usefulness. Chimerasaurs are reestablished and incorporated into the legions.

The Modern Ages
724-738 YSD: Decimation of the Elves
Still bitter from the War of Leaves, the Saurid Legions under Imperator Styracus Tauron attack the Elven Nation of the Southern Continent. Though greatly outnumbered, Elven Guerilla's manage to prolong the War. In the end, all Elves are purged from the Saurid controlled part of the Southern Continent.

753 YSD: Second Coup of the Senate
The Senate growing ever more corrupt and elitist, has established something near to a ruling cast of Saurid. Up until the seats of Magistrate and Senator became either to be bought of to inherited. With backing from nearly all Saurid, Styracus Tauron overthrows the Senate. The people appoint Tauron to be Caesar. Tauron establishes a new order, making capability the prime argument of appointment and outlaws any hereditary titles.

795 YSD: The Second Caesar
On his deathbed, Styracus Tauron appoints his second-in-command, Urbania Chimora, the new Caesar. Setting the new way of appointing the new Caesar. Chimora reinstates a small Senate as her advising council.

834 YSD: 4th Eclipse
As the Demons break free, the capitol of Palatium is destroyed and Chimora is killed. The Demons are vanquished, but the Geomancers claim the ground on which Palatium was built to be cursed.

835-840 YSD: Build of Novum Palatium
Under the newly elected Caesar Markronus, the new capitol Novum Palatium is built. Once again the Saurid Empire flourishes.

900 YSD: Halt of the Expansion
The Saurid once again reach the northern shores of the Southern Continent, Caesar Markronus declare an indefinite stop to the expansions. With the realm expanding reaching far into the Southern Continent, Markronus focuses on stabilizing the current realm and its borders

972 YSD: Expansion to the Known.
Fifth Caesar Morgantium takes advantage of the weakened states of the races of the Known Continent after Isabelís War and establishes several footholds along the Shores, the largest of them is the trade port of Karthal. Content with this, and knowing that it would be ill timing to start a new war, Morgantium calls a halt to the rapid, funded expansions once more.  However no one will know just for how long. Still the Saurid expand onto the Known Continent, but their pace is slow and unthreatening.

Race relations:
As stated before, the bigoted Saurid view most races as inferior creatures. They have purged humans, elves and who know what other races from their Realm and they have been almost continually at war with the races that border their empire. The Saurid would purge any other race from their realm, would they offer resistance to their expansions.  However the Saurid have had to adjust that policy seeing as it would be bad to be at war with every other race. Nowadays they adopt a fairly neutral standpoint towards the other races as long as they do not hinder the Saurid in any way. There are however two exceptions to this rule. One is the Demons, their inherent destructiveness and disregard for life will put them at odds with the Saurid. The other exception is the Naga. Naga are reptiles themselves and contact between the Naga and the Saurid has been minimal at best and as such they bare no grudges towards them as they have not in the least tried to halt their advance.
Regardless, the practical Saurid will not back away from anything that might benefit them. As such the Saurid will ally with any race(except the Demons) as long as it proves beneficial. However their bigotry will make them grow aversive of their allies quickly and as soon as an alliance is not beneficial anymore, it will be ended.

HERO might
Name: Imperator
Primary Stat:Attack
Secondary Stat:Spellpower
Description Physical:
A very muscular Saurid, who is clad in a Golden breastplate and segmented metal pants, on its head is an open-faced Greek helmet with a large feather crest. It carries a large silver glaive with a battle standard attached to it. It carries a large Horn at its side.
The hero is mounted on a Taurasaur(see below). The Taurasaur has a saddle on the arch of its back and reins strapped to the base of its horns and a bridle.
Idle: The Taurasaur rears, the Imperator tightly janks the reins and gets his/her mount under control.
Normal Cast: The Glaive/Battle standard glows with a bright golden and vibrates forcefully, the Imperator visibly struggles to keep it under control, after which the glow shatters.
Racial Skill: The Imperator brings his/her horn to his/her lips, inhales deeply and blows the horn causing the horn to visibly vibrate.
Normal Attack: The Imperator riding his/her Taurasaur, the Taurasaur rams the attacked stack frontally.
Racial Skill: Horn Blowing
This works like Battlecries and Runemagic. Hornblowing is an exclusive "magic"school for Saurid Imperators. The Workings are fairly simple, with each level of Hornblowing an Imperator can buy better level horns. Each horn must be bought individually at a special building in the Polis. Every time a horn is blown in battle it affect the units in battle (positive or negative, depending on the horn) and the effect of the previous horn is canceled. Blowing a horn costs Manna. The Imperator can carry 5 horns at one time and only one Expert Horn at one time. (There are 9 horns, horns can be sold back at half price)
Basic Hornblowing: Allows the use of Basic Horns.
Advanced Hornblowing: Allows the use of Advanced Horns.
Expert Hornblowing: Allows the use of Expert Horns.
Ultimate Hornblowing: Allows 2 Horns to be having effect at the same time. (Third cancels the first)
A Taurasaur:

Note: I will provide a list with the unique abilities I've given my units on the bottom of my unit list. They may or may not be balanced, I can't say I have much knowledge on that part so suggestions are welcome.

Level 1 Auxiliary Bowman > Scorchwood Bowman | Composite Bowman
Description: Auxiliary Bowman;
Physical: The Auxiliary Bowman is a simple clad Saurid, wearing cloth breeches and a leather vest. It carries a quiver of arrows over the shoulder. Is armed with a short bow and uses its own claws and teeth in melee defense.
Unit: War calls for inventive measures and this is no different for the Saurid. The Auxiliary Bowmen are basically rookies that have not yet completed their training. However they are deemed proficient enough to do battle and are therefore called to join the army. These archers are mainly used to enforce existing archer cohorts.
Description: Scorchwood Bowman;
Physical: The Scorchwood Bowman is clad in a completely black cloth bodysuit, leaving its tail, feet and its drawing hand uncovered. Like the Auxiliary Bowman, the Scorchwood Bowman carries a shoulder slung quiver and a short bow. Lastly the Scorchwood Bowman have three stripes of Soot running horizontally over it's snout on each side.
Unit: Flaming arrows are used by virtually all races that practice archery. The Saurid have improved on this custom, by replacing burning oil drenched rag with oil filled cylinder and a short fuse behind the arrowhead. Resulting in a small explosion on impact. The use of this tactic is only approved for the highly trained Scorchwood Bowmen. The name of these regiments comes from an ancient tale of a clumsy Bowman who caused a forest fire. Ever since the Scorchwood regiment carry the name with pride, for it recognizes the destruction they can cause.
Description: Composite Bowman;
Physical: The Composite Bowman is clad a leather tunic and a chain mail kilt. They wear metal bracers around their wrists and ankles. They carry a shoulder slung quiver and a large bow with a spike coming out of the handle on both sides.
Unit: The Composite Bowmen are professional archers. They have crafted their own bows to fit their individual preferences. Their bows are mostly crafted from a bone and wood compound, giving it more accuracy while requiring less drawing strength. The Composite Bowmen are masters of their trade and their experience allows them to fire two arrows in the time a normal archer could fire only one.
Abilities(Auxiliary Bowman): Coldblooded; Shooter.
Abilities(Scorchwood Bowman):Coldblooded; Shooter; Explosive Impact.
Abilities(Composite Bowman):Coldblooded; Shooter; Double Shot.
Tactical description (Auxiliary Bowman): Level 1 shooter, not much to say about this unit really, decent stats although it has rather low damage output, mediocre growth.
Tactical description (Scorchwood Bowman): Attack focused upgrade, especially useful when fighting Necros and Wizards
Tactical description (Composite Bowman): All-round upgrade, double shot is used to compensate low damage output
Dwelling: Archery Range > Gallery

Level 2 Spearman > Legionary | Hoplite
Description: Spearman;
Physical: The Spearman is a muscular Saurid wearing leather breeches and a segmented copper breastplate. It has one stripe of black War paint running vertically down from the eyes to the mouth. As the name implies, the Spearman is armed with a spear(roughly 8 foot in length and with a metal tip). It also carries a small, round, wooden shield with a copper edge.
Unit: The Spearmen are the infantry of the Saurid Legions. Conscripted from the less wealthy regions of the Free Citizens, they do not have the money to afford the best armor. Still the Spearmen can and will perform their duty to their utmost ability and use their long spears to impale their foes.
Description: Legionary;
Physical: The Legionary is a muscular Saurid wearing a steel segmented breastplate, a chain mail kilt, steel shin plates, a Greek helmet and a steel gauntlet on the hand it carries his lance with. The Legionary is armed with a  6 foot lance with a 2 foot aluminum tip and carries a large rectangular, aluminum covered shield with a shield spike in the middle.
Unit: Legionaries are professional soldiers and have used their salary to buy themselves better armor and weapons. Having over 15 years of experience, the Legionaries know their way around a battlefield and their experience makes them all the more deadly. Aggressive and zealous, Legionaries prefer to attack rather then waiting for the enemy to advance. As such Legionaries are usually the first infantry to reach the opposing lines, stabbing and smashing themselves to glory.
Description: Hoplite;
Physical: The Hoplite is a muscular Saurid wearing a solid bronze breastplate, a chain mail kilt, bronze greaves, bronze spaulders, a crested Greek helmet and leather gloves. Hoplites are armed with an 8 foot spear with a bronze leaf-shaped tip and a large oval bronze shield.
Unit: Hoplites are conscripts with enough money to buy themselves solid amour and weapons. Having much to live for, Hoplites would rather defend, then throwing themselves onto the enemy. No cowards in any way, Hoplites use tradition phalanx formations to protect themselves and others behind them.
Abilities(Spearman): Coldblooded; Enraged; Long Weapon.
Abilities(Legionary): Coldblooded; Enraged; Long Weapon; Crippling Wound.
Abilities(Hoplite): Coldblooded; Enraged; Long Weapon; Shield Wall.
Tactical description(Spearman): Below average unit, that relies heavily on its ability, has quite high initial growth.
Tactical description(Legionary): Attack focused upgrade with high speed, useful for harassing and all-round attacking.
Tactical description(Hoplite): Defense focused upgrade with high HP, it takes quite a bit of effort to kill these guys.
Dwelling: Encampment > Castrum
Hoard Building: Fortifications

Level 3 Pterosaur Rider > Pterosaur Ravager | Divebomber
(I've included a picture of a Pterosaur)
Description: Pterosaur Rider;
Physical: A Pterosaur wearing a bridle and rains, ridden bareback by a very slender Saurid in leather breeches.
Unit: The flying Pterosaur were one of the first animals incorporated into the Saurid Legions. Swift in flight, the Pterosaurs and their riders serve as messengers and scouts. With strength not the greatest asset, the riders have to follow a strict diet, to ensure that they don't grow too heavy for their mounts to carry them. In times of war, these swift flyers make excellent skirmishers and use their claws and mace-like tails to attack the enemies in their flanks.
Description: Pterosaur Ravagers;
Physical: A Pterosaur wearing a bridle and rains, also wearing rusty, metal blades on their claws, rusted shin plates, and rusted, segmented metal plates over their tails. The Pterosaur has black stripes of war paint covering its wings it is are ridden bareback by a very slender Saurid in leather breeches.
Unit: Ravagers have dropped all their normal tasks to focus on war and training. The riders don their mounts with claw-blades to enhance the potential of their attacks, combined with a few scraps of armor to protect it within it limits to remain airborne. Cleaning however is a different matter, as the proud Pterosaur will not allow its armor and weapons to be removed. This has led to very rusty blades, which can cause putrid infested wounds.
Description: Divebomber;
Physical: A Pterosaur wearing a bridle and rains, also wearing jagged metal beak covers ending in a harpoon-like tip, a spiked collar and small metal spaulders. The Pterosaurs underside is painted completely sky-blue. It is ridden by a very slender Saurid in a saddle, wearing leather jacket and a dark purple cape, next to the standard breeches.
Unit: Noting the devastating effect the Imperial Griffins have, diving into battle; the Saurid quickly copied these tactics. Forming new cohorts, the Divebombers train their Pterosaurs to ascend to great heights to dive recklessly into enemy ranks. Diving works best if done by surprise, so Saurid flyers have painted their mounts blue, to blend in with the sky and not give away their position.
Abilities(Pterosaur Rider): Coldblooded; Flyer; Swift Attack.
Abilities(Pterosaur Ravager): Coldblooded; Flyer; Swift Attack; Rusted Weapon.
Abilities(Divebomber): Coldblooded; Flyer; Swift Attack; Battle Dive.
Tactical description(Pterosaur Rider): Skirmisher unit, has decent damage and high speed, but will die fast if attacked.
Tactical description(Pterosaur Ravager): Good general upgrade, maintains its role as a skirmisher, dies more slowly then a Rider, but still dies fast for a unit of its level.
Tactical description(Divebomber): Small upgrade stats wise, useful for its Battle Dive, but it isn't much better then its predecessor.
Dwelling: Waystation > Hangar

(Generic Pterosaur as I had in mind, perhaps a bit duller in color)
P.S. I know this is not a biologically correct depiction of a pterosaur but it looks a bit cooler and it looks like it is able to actually carry a rider.

Level 4 Geomancer > Geomancer Bishop | Geomancer Templar
Description: Geomancer;
Physical: A Saurid clad in a simple brown, anklelenght robe, with it's tail sticking out of a split on the back. It carries a plain wooden staff.
Unit: After years of study and contemplation, Geomancers have gained control over the elements and in particular the earth. In peace time, these scholars dedicate their time to further study. But when a war arrives, they will not hesitate to lend their aid to the soldiers: Using their power over the elements to pelt their foes with rocks and trying to infect them with the diseases of their comrades.
Description: Geomancer Bishop;
Physical: An elderly Saurid clad in rich purple and gray anklelenght robes, wearing several rings on each hand and bracer-like rings on its tail. It carries a decorated staff with a radiant crystal on the top.
Unit: The elderly Bishops have mastered their practice of Geomancy and as such they are far more capable in manipulating the elements then normal Geomancers, enough to cause earthquakes. Bishops have worked their way up through society and all are respected by normal Saurid. Like their younger counterparts, Bishops will valiantly defend their kin and country.
Description: Geomancer Templar;
Physical: A muscular Saurid, wearing a blue anklelenght robe, metal gauntlets, greaves and a metal crested helmet. It carries a Glaive. (The pole arm, not the throwing weapon)
Unit: The Templar are a different sort of Geomancer. While they study and manipulate the elements like all Geomancers, they are trained for battle both physical and magical. They will fight disciplined alongside the normal soldiers, using their swift glaives to cut their foes down. Templar can meditate during battle, heightening their senses and further increasing their swiftness.
Abilities(Geomancer): Coldblooded; Shooter; Caster(1); Disease Feed.
Abilities(Geomancer Bishop): Coldblooded; Shooter; Caster(2); Disease Feed.
Abilities(Geomancer Templar): Coldblooded; Caster(3)No Enemy Retaliation; Dash;
(spellbooks will be listed along with the abilities)
Tactical description(Geomancer): All-round unit, no particularly good at shooting and casting, but decent enough for a basic unit.
Tactical description (Geomancer Bishop): Adequate shooter, but it is mainly a caster with and all-round spellbook and mana to match and a better chance at debuffing.
Tactical description (Geomancer Templar): An upgrade of stats and role, while better at casting then Geomancer, it is sub-par to most casters of its level; however this unit doubles as a useful assault unit.
Dwelling: Altar Mound > Ziggurat

Level 5 (cavalry) Dragoon > Heavy Dragoon | Centurion
Description: Dragoon;
Physical: A muscular Saurid wearing a long Chain mail shirt, Leather trousers and metal gauntlets. It carries a heater shield and a one headed battleaxe. The Saurid is mounted on a Herdlizard. The Herdlizard wears a saddle, a bridle and reins.
Unit: Many armies incorporate cavalry and the Saurid are no different. Mounted on the trusty and reliable Herdlizards, the Dragoon cohorts will ride down the enemy and crush the beneath heavy feet and sharp axes.
Description: Heavy Dragoon;
Physical: A muscular Saurid in full plate armor, carrying a large heater shield and a double headed battleaxe. It is mounted a Herdlizard that carries segmented plate amour on its back, hind legs and head.
Unit: The strongest cavalry the Saurid have are the Heavy Dragoons. Packing full amour and carrying the best weapons they could get their claws on, these riders are a force to be reckoned with. Only the best warrior will be allowed to join the ranks of the Heavy Dragoons and these veterans have a near unequaled skill among the Saurid with their weapons.
Description: Centurion;
Physical: A muscular Saurid, wearing a shining silvery breastplate, leather trousers, steel greaves, steel gauntlets and a crested Greek helmet. The Saurid carries a sword. It is mounted on a Herlizard, wearing a saddle and a reined, crested helmet. Alongside the saddle, a battle standard is attached.
Unit: The Centurions are the commanding officers of the Saurid centurias. As such they carry their battle standard on their mounts, to maintain it visible for all troops. Centurions lead their troops by order and example and will be in the front lines along side the troops. This way the Centurions will inspired and rally the Saurid Legions to greater heights.
Abilities(Dragoon): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Ramming Charge.
Abilities(Heavy Dragoon): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Ramming Charge; Armored; Assault.
Abilities(Centurion): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Ramming Charge; Troop Rally; Aura of Bravery.
Tactical description(Dragoon): Decent unit with good speed, useful for charging, but not for much else.
Tactical description (Heavy Dragoon): Expensive upgrade, it improves this unit on HP, attack, defense and damage on two fronts, both improving its charging tactics and giving tanking capabilities.
Tactical description (Centurion): Expensive upgrade, higher attack and HP, but its main use is that it improves surrounding friendly stacks.
Dwelling Lizard Corral > Lizard Ranch

(Generic Herdlizard)
P.S. I know it is an Edmontosaurus.

Level 6 Salamander > Volcano Salamander | Drake
Description: Salamander;
Physical: Like the picture that is included below, the Salamander has a dull crimson color.
Unit: It is rumored that Salamanders are the result of a mating between a Red and a Magma Dragon and it does indeed show features of draconic ancestry. Living in lakes of magma and lava, these creatures have the vile habit of regurgitating the lava they ingested. Powerful enough to propel their fat, slug like bodies through syrupy magma, the Salamanders fins can function like wings and lift it of the ground for a limited amount of time. While normally ferociously territorial, the Salamanders have accepted the presence of the Saurid and even made a deal with them. As long as the Geomancers keep the lava in their lakes flowing, the Salamanders will defend the Saurid settlements.
Description: Volcano Salamander;
Physical: A fat Salamander with a smoking volcano-like hump on it's back. It is a brighter shiny hue of crimson.
Unit: The volcanic environment the Salamanders live in can have a major effect on some of them. These Salamanders grow a hump in which they can store large amounts of lava. Now being called Volcano Salamanders, these creatures grow bloated with all the lava they ingest. The growing of this volcano hump has a major side effect though; every now and then the hump erupts in a tidal wave of boiling lava. Even stranger then the eruption is that the Salamander itself hardly seems affected by these eruptions.
Description: Drake;
Physical: A Muscular Salamander with enlarged tusks, enlarged horns on the lower jaw and more prominent back spikes.
Unit: Drakes are a minor subspecies of the Salamanders. While they still live part of their life in the lava lakes, Drakes spend far more time in the air and on land. As such, the Drakes are more skillful then their cousins when it comes to flying. The Saurid noticed their skill and have convinced the Drakes to adopt a new strategy in battle. The Drakes now regurgitate lava while airborne, showering their foes with the boiling rock. This does however deplete their lava reserves by a vast amount; therefore the Drakes do not use this tactic often.
Abilities (Salamander): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Flyer; Lava Spew.
Abilities(Volcano Salamander):Coldblooded; Large Creature; Flyer; Lava Spew; Explosion.
Abilities (Drake): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Flyer; Lava Spew; Aerial Assault.
Tactical description (Salamander): Very cheap creature, basically you get what you pay for.
Tactical description (Volcano Salamander): Still cheap, still sub par, has received only basic stat upgrade but has decent HP now, useful for "suicide bombing" using Explosion and for harassing.
Tactical description (Drake): Still cheap, still sub par, received attack, damage and a minor HP upgrade, useful as vanguard attacker and it's ability is usefull in the start of seiges.
Dwelling: Lava Crater > Lava Lake
Hoard Building: Magma Vents

(Salamander, as I had it in mind in a dull crimson)

Level 7 Chimerasaur > Chimerasaur Fortress | Chimerasaur Alpha
Description: Chimerasaur;
Physical: As seen in the picture below.
Unit: The daunting predators known as Chimerasaurs are the greatest war beasts the Saurid have domesticated. Possessing rudimentary intelligence, the Chimerasaurs are perfectly capable of handling themselves in the fields of war. Chimerasaurs match the mortal dragons in both size and might and will fight to the death with animalistic fury. Their size allows the Chimerasaurs to view virtually any creature as potential prey and a battle is a perfect opportunity for them to fill their cavernous stomachs.
Description: Chimerasaur Fortress ;
Physical: A Chimerasaur with a large, siege-tower-like construction strapped to its back (Covering most of the back and hips). The Chimerasaur has a metal pickelhaube-helmet and segmented metal plate armor covering the remaining parts of the back, legs and tail.
Unit: Not all Chimerasaurs are born aggressive; quite a few are very docile for predators. The inventive Saurid have started to isolate these Chimerasaurs and started breeding them for a special purpose. Strengthened in a specialized training regimen, the giants carry archer filled towers on their back. These living siege engines are particularly deadly at close range, seeing as the archer have clear shots and docile though it may be the Chimerasaur will still get hungry.
Description: Chimerasaur Alpha;
Physical: A Chimerasaur, painted with black tiger stripes painted over it back, flanks and tail, wearing a bridle which straps two hornlike curved stakes to it maw and metal claw-enlargements on its front and back limbs.
Unit: Not many creatures can be as frightening as a Chimerasaur Alpha. These pride leaders are the primes of the Chimerasaur species. Seeing one devour your comrades will make a battle hardened warrior go weak in the knees. That is, until it will unleash on of its bloodcurdling roars. This will make even the most fearless creature flee to safety.
Abilities(Chimerasaur):Coldblooded; Large Creature; Battle Frenzy; Devour.
Abilities(Chimerasaur Fortress):Coldblooded; Large Creature; Shooter; Devour; No Melee Penalty; Carpet Fire.
Abilities (Chimerasaur Alpha): Coldblooded; Large Creature; Battle Frenzy; Devour; Fear Attack; Raging Roar;
Tactical description(Chimerasaur): Basic all-round level 7, lacks real purpose.(Costs 2 ore)
Tactical description (Chimerasaur Fortress): Close range Archer, with an incredible amount of HP and high defense, decent in melee, excels in shooting from the middle of the battle field. Very expensive.(Costs 4 ore)
Tactical description (Chimerasaur Alpha): Hard hitter, this unit excels in attacking and is quite capable to get itself out of tight spots.(Costs 4 ore)
Dwelling: Pride Grounds > Pride Rock

(Generic Chimerasaur)

P.S. Yes I know it is a Giganotosaurus.

New abilities :

Generic trait: All units in the Saurid faction have the Coldblooded ability. This gives them protection from fire magic and a slightly improved movement on Desert terrain, but they are weak to ice magic and suffer from a movement penalty on snow. This trait cancels each other out so to speak: the bonus in the desert is equal to the penalty on snow. The same goes for the magic of course.

Arial Assault: Activated ability, makes the stack of Drakes fly up and attack 3x2 tiles at 150% damage, returns the Drakes to a random free spot on the battlefield. Usable once per battle, using this ability will give the Drakes a 70% imitative penalty in the next turn.

Carpet Fire: Allows the Chimerasaur Fortress to move half it's normal range but it will cover a circle of two tiles around the unit with ranged attacks. Usable twice.

Disease feed: Activated ability, removes random debuff from selected stack and casts it on another stack.(60% enemy/40% friendly for Geomancer | 80 % enemy/20 % friendly for Geomancer Bishop)

Devour: Upon a Melee attack, each creature has a 5% chance to swallow an undamaged creature from the attacked stack.

Explosive Impact: The unit makes fire attacks instead of physical ones. This attack inflicts 1,5 times the normal damage to Elemental, Mechanical and Undead targets.

Lava Spew: Stacks affected by this attack will suffer a speed penalty similar to unskilled slow.

Long Weapon: Unit is able to hit target one tiles removed from them.

Raging Roar: Activated ability; When used all adjacent creatures flee to the furthest unoccupied tile in their movement range. If an adjacent unit is not able to flee it will get a negative morale with a minimum of -1.

Ramming Charge: If the unit has moved before attacking, the attacked stack will be knocked back one tile.

Rusted Weapon: Unit has 25% chance to inflict unskilled Decay on the target. (Spellpower will initially be 1, but it will improve with every 15 units)

Spellbook1: Unskilled Stone Spikes.
Spellbook2: Advanced Stone Spikes, Advanced Wasp Swarm, Basic Earthquake.
Spellbook3: Basic Stone Spikes, Basic Fire Trap.

Troop Rally: Activated ability; When used, all adjacent friendly unit will get an initiative bonus.

NOTE: I do not know how balanced horns are ATM. Remember that you have to buy horns and that they still have a mana cost. That does not mean that my horns cannot be horribly unbalanced. If you have something to say to actively contribute to balancing my horns, please feel free to speak. However, I do expect solid arguments why my horns are imbalanced, just saying so is not enough.


Horn of Advance: Selected stack gets 1.5x speed next time it takes action.
Piercing Horn: Selected stack gets defense penalty that lasts until after it is attacked.
Charging Horn: All units get minor attack bonus.

Advanced :
Horn of Phalanx: Selected unit cannot move next turn, but get's major defense bonus
Ofkey Horn: All enemy selected stacks get negative moral for one turn.
Horn of Focusfire: All friendly shooters will shoot targeted stack next time they take turn att full damage.

Expert :
Counter Horn: Selected unit gets Unlimited Retaliation until for full turn.
Sonic Boom Horn: Damage all enemy stacks.(Has same calculation as Curse of the Netherworld and Word of light)
Horn of Boiling Blood: Target Coldblooded creature gets double attack and speed for one turn.

Note : As I stated before I would like to give some short descriptions of the animals the Saurid use in their army. It will discuss their habits and their roles in Saurid Society.

The Taurasaur
The Taurasaur is a large reptile, standing roughly the size of a White Rhino. Females differ slightly from males, by their smaller horns and the lack of stripes over their flanks A herbivorous creature, the Taurasaur diet is consist of virtually all plant life and their voraciousness drives them to graze the land completely barren. Taurasaurs live in herds led by a dominant male, who hold the right to mate in that particular herd. A typical herd consists of 1 dominant male, 0-4 submissive males and 6-20 females and their young. Taurasaurs are known for their ill temper, they will recklessly charge at any possible threat. The males are often show the worst behavior, although a female that is raising a calf can be just as aggressive as a male. In the wild, Taurasaurs can live up to 25 years of age, in captivity they can grow up to 40 years.
The Saurid have done reasonably well in domesticating Taurasaurs, but they still tend to drug their food to make them easier to handle; bulls can still be dangerous for their handlers, especially in mating season. Taurasaur are held for their meat, which is considered a delicacy; for their skin, which is used to make leather (The supple, yet very tough leather makes it ideal for use as military clothing); and not in the least for sport. Taurasaur Riding as a popular sport amongst Saurid and is not dissimilar to a rodeo. Riders are supposed to stay mounted as long as possible on a wild Taurasaur bull. Some breeders focus on breeding Taurasaurs especially for this purpose and train them to be docile outside of the arena but turn into stampeding berserkers inside. Well trained and/or bred bulls can fetch enormous amounts of money.
Lastly Taurasaurs have one special occupation, they are the chosen mounts of Imperators. An Imperator is given a Taurasaur by the Senate, and in more recent years the Caesar, to celebrate his/her first victory. This Taurasaur is untamed and the Imperator is expected to tame it and afterwards ride it in his/her Triumph. After officially receiving his/her title, the Taurasaur serves as the Imperators mount of honor.

The Herdlizard
The Herdlizard is a medium sized reptile standing roughly the size of a medium horse. Males are usually slightly larger, have a bright blue, 'inflatable' nose and have more distinct back ridges. The 'inflatable' noses are used to make a peculiar honking noise. Herdlizards are herbivorous and feed on fruit and leaves; they can be fed grass and hay, but if anything else is available to them, they will ignore the grass. The Herdlizards have a distinct way of moving; they walk and trot on all four legs, however when they run, they only use their hind legs. Herdlizards are quite unique among reptiles, in the fact that they mate for life and raise their young together. As their name implies, Herdlizards live in herds and quite large ones at that. Herds are comprised of a minimal number of 30 adults but there are reports of herd several hundred big. Herdlizards are a passive species and even if young males are vying over a female, it very rarely goes any further then a honking contest. Herdlizards live up to 35 years both in the wild and in captivity. When Herdlizards feel they are close to death, they tend to leave their herd.
The Herdlizards were very easy for the Saurids to domesticate, due to their docile attitudes. Though naturally afraid of Saurid, if they are subjected to the presence of Saurid from birth the Herdlizards loose this fear. Herdlizards are raised solely for purpose of riding them or having them pull carts; seeing as their flesh is very tough and all but tasty. It requires very little practice to ride a Herdlizard, as the creature seems to respond to the most basic commands by nature. Having them pull carts and wagons is another matter and does require training the Herdlizard; this can only be done after a Herdlizard has reached adulthood or at least semi-adulthood, as the young are to scatterbrained to be effectively train. Even as they near their death and try to leave their herd, the Saurid have found a use for these creatures. When that time arrives the Herdlizard is usually led to a Chimerasaur enclosure, to serve the giant carnivores as food.

The Pterosaur
The Pterosaur is a relatively large flying reptile and it is about the size of an Emu. Males are quite a bit larger then females are and they are far more brightly colored. Females also have smaller crests and less distinct tail spikes. Pterosaurs are carnivorous but they very rarely hunt their prey, they prefer to eat carrion. While on the ground Pterosaurs waddle clumsily and usually have to hop a couple of times, while flapping their wings to take of. In the air they are perfectly capable of flight, in contrast to many flying reptiles who can only glide. Pterosaurs prefer to roost upside like bats, but if necessary they can sleep while lying on the ground. Pterosaurs live in small colonies of 8-20 individuals, based in a cave. Pterosaurs are one of the few reptiles that bare live young; that is to say the single pterosaur egg hatches slightly before or during the birth. Male Pterosaurs are notably more aggressive then females and are often very cocky. Pterosaurs live up to 20 years in the wild and 24 years in captivity.
The Saurid use the Pterosaurs mainly in the army and in Postal service. The Pterosaurs can be domesticated with reasonable success, the females are usually not aggressive towards Saurid unless she is carrying an egg; males on the other hand are quite aggressive except towards their usual rider; with whom they have trained since they were born. Aside from the military, there are few privately owned Pterosaurs, since they haven't much use for anything else.

The Chimerasaur
The Chimerasaurs are very large predatorial reptiles. They equal the size of an actual Giganotosaurus, which is 14-16 meters long, a good 4 meters high and weighing 6-8 tons. Males are only distinguishable by the spiny ridges along the back and neck. Chimerasaurs are carnivorous and it preys on anything that is not very much larger then they are; the only exception to this are the Saurid, as young Chimerasaurs are severely whipped when they show any agression towards Saurid. Chimerasaurs live in prides of 3 to 12 individuals. This behavious is quite peculiar as the Chimerasaurs are solitary hunters and the mothers are very protective of their own eggs, so far the only plausible explaination of this behaviour is that the Chimerasaurs simply ejoy eachothers company. Chimerasaurs posses rudimentary intelligence and are close to be considered to be fully sapient(which helps explain the previous statement of living in prides). They have a limited primitive language of barks and roars. Chimerasaurs live up to 100 years old but their ability to hunt starts to deteriorateat the age of 85.
Saurid use the Chimerasaurs only in their army and they train the Chimerasaurs from birth for this single purpose. Using the primitive language of the Chimerasaurs, the Saurid can easily give the giant creatures orders and the Saurid seem to be able to very easily sway them. The Chimerasaurs seem to be very content with their role as long as they are given food and living areas.

The Salamader
The Salamanders are a large draconic subrace, although they are not as large as one might think given their ancestry. Salamanders are roughly the size of a small Hippo. The diet of the Salamander is still a bit of a mistery. Many scholars believe that they actualy feed on the Lava they ingest, others claim that if Salamanders can survive in lava, so can other creatures, so due to their predatorial appearance they must prey on these other creatures. Salamanders have intelligence that is only slightly lower then that of normal dragons and therefor at least equal to all mortal races. Salamanders do have problems with the speach of the Mortals, due to the very small tongues. The reason that Salamanders can comminicate with the Saurid is because both can speak the primitive language of the Chimerasaurs. Salamanders live solitary in lakes of lava, however Salamanders are hardly teritorial and will share their lakes with others. Salamanders have very bad eyesight and use echolocation to navigate. Salamanders are, opposed to dragons, mortal but they have lifespans of roughly 350 years.
Salamanders are the only creatures in the Saurid Legions that is not a domesticated species. Salamanders have made a Pact with the Saurid. As long as the Saurid provide the Salamanders with plenty of living space, the Salamanders will help the Saurid in their wars. This pact works for both species, so neither has had the idea of giving it up.

Buildings:(below I will describe the buildings of a Polis, (I don't think I need to explain the workings of the common and dwelling buildings so I'll only describe them)
All buildings are made of granite unless stated otherwise, all buildings follow normal Saurid Architecture unless stated otherwise.

Common Buildings:

Village Hall:
A large building reminicent to the Pantheon on top of a small acropolis.
Town Hall:
Adds to round, domed sidestructures at the sides of the Village Hall
City Hall:
Adds a second storey to the original structure.
Adds four round domed sidestructures(smaller then the ones of the Townhall)at the corners and add a statue of a Hoplite on top of the dome of the main structure.
4 large, 4 storey high walls surrounds the cityin a rectangular pattern; it has a small gate at the middle of each wall.
The Wall gets battlements, a pikefilled-ditch and small towers at regular intervalls.
The walls get higher and the gates become larger Gatebuildings.
Mage Guild 1:
A rectangular, flat roofed, marble cloister with a fountain in the middle.
Mage Guild 2:
Orginial cloister gets a second surrounding walkway and on on top of the orginal.
Mage Guild 3:
Incremental of level 2.
Mage Guild 3:
Incremental of level 3.
Mageguilds 5:
Incremental of level 4, but it now has a arched roof.
A square buidling with vineyards at 3 sides of the building.
Several docks and building near the shore at the edge of the screen.
A large square filled with canvasroofed carts.
Resource Silo(provides 2 ore):
A small quarry outside the citywalls.
A square buidling with a large forge at the back and a scrapyard to the side.


Achery Range:
A large fenced field with many targets at one side.
An arched halfdome covers both ends of the field.
Multiple rows of tents(Next to the main gate is a fort is built)
Tents become permanent structures.
A high wooden lookout tower, with a small, archeroofed building at the side.
The small building next to the tower gets replaced by one with similar build but 4x the size.
Altar Mound:
An large marble altar on top of a resonable sized hill.
The hill is replaced by a equal sized marble Ziggurat.
Lizard Corral:
A large fenced field with a herd of (static) Herdlizards at the ouskirts of the town.
Lizard Ranch:
Several barack like buildings at the side of the field, and a second field bordering the first one.
Lava Crater:
(name says it all); a lava filled crater.
Lava Lake:
A larger irregularly shaped lava filled crater.
Pride Grounds:
A small forrest at the outskirts of the town, the forrest has a large open space in the middle.
Pride Rock:
In the open space there is now a large rockformation.

Special buildings
Signal Post:
A large building at the side of the Town Halls, it has a large Bronze Alphorn running down the side of the acropolis.(Hornshop)
A small wall surrounding the Encampment/Castrum. (Boosts growth of the level 2 creature)
Magma Vents:
Two small basalt spires, with lava flowing down them and into the Crater/Lake (Boosts the growth of the Level 6 creature)
A walled Bathouse with a fairly large courtyard with a openair pool in the middle.(Gives +2 morale during seige)
Toll Gates: Tollboothes at the front of the gates.(Boosts gold income)
Grailstructure; Fountain of Triumph:
A huge Fountain in the Middle of the Town, looking like a perched Salamander spouting water, with 6 Chimerasaur heads on the sides, also spouting water.(Boosts gold income and creature growth, allows a defending Hero to use 2 horns, regardless of skill, gives all heroes +2 attack & + 2 spellpower)

Suggestions are always welcome.


Sadly, I've run out of space in this post, so I'll continue in my next one.
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posted February 12, 2008 02:42 PM


cool.mount ankylosaurus maybe

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Undefeatable Hero
Smooth Snake
posted February 12, 2008 04:33 PM

Has been a long time since you where here the last time hasn't it?
I like the idea. I'm looking forward to see how you'll add vareity to the faction (will be kind of difficult when you take a saurid society I guess).
"The superior man is modest in
his speech but exceeds in his
actions." Confucius

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Supreme Hero
Werewolf Duke
posted February 12, 2008 11:53 PM

Love your town, reminds me of my younger days when I was hooked about stuff regarding Dinosaurs

But could you fit in Velociraptors? You know...they look kinda like the things the Dark Elves ride on these days, but they have a hook-like claw on the inner toe.

Where " are the two outer toes and | are the hook-claw.

"| |"

Keep it up!

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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted February 17, 2008 11:15 PM

I've made quite a few updates on the Saurid faction and I have left a little reaction to all who have been kind enough to reply to this faction.

I would like to hear your thoughts on my updates so far.
Iron from Ice.

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Supreme Hero
Werewolf Duke
posted February 18, 2008 02:42 PM
Edited by Orfinn at 14:45, 18 Feb 2008.

Like the green saurid dude a bit better than the orange.
But this saurid army, the most numerous and see most as inferior? I have this shivering feeling that this race could match very well against the undead and barbarian masses, maybe even more.

And if these guys breeds so fast and are the one faction that could save Ashan from the neverending hordes of demons and devils, well I fear they would claim to be the ruler faction of Ashan if they defeat them. Depends if they have a large enough army after such a visionary, titanic war.

more visible teeth

Forget more, put it like this: "with visible teeth"

Otherwise Look'in good

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Famous Hero
posted February 18, 2008 07:54 PM

Kinda a Pre-histroic Dino theme faction?  Cool~

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Supreme Hero
Werewolf Duke
posted February 20, 2008 08:56 PM

But could you try to explain what you meant with that they can match the barberians or the undead?

By numbers, or even more so. Getting numbers quicker than the stronghold guys breed and maybe quicker than necromancers consume souls into their evergrowing army. The dino guys can surely match em with numbers is waht Im trying to say.

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posted February 22, 2008 03:00 AM

I really like the idea!
I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs!

If u not already have been inspired by "warhammer lizardmen" u should check it up.
And some suggestions:

Mabye some giant slug or leech could be cool.

Much sticky slimy poison skills


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posted February 22, 2008 02:31 PM

I had a tough about the lvl 7 creature.

That with no upgrade it would be like kind of wild with two Saurids holding it in chains or similar. Then when u kill it, u first kill the saurids then the Chimerasaur going for one last blow on nearest creature.

Then when upgraded its mounted with 1 or mabye 2 depends how big it is and how small the saurids is.

I like the pic of the Giganotosaurus it would be best if its kept that way so it will be swift and flexible and not being so fat as the dark elves hero mount.

really believe in this race!
It would be so good!


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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted February 22, 2008 08:57 PM

Ok people, once again: THANK YOU ! for all your constructive criticism. I have posted all my creatures and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

The Saurid society, culture, personality and traits, architecture and Racerelations are next. After which I will try to think of some biological descriptions for the Animals.

Again I realy like to hear what you guys think about my work.
Iron from Ice.

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posted February 22, 2008 10:01 PM

Sry for the thing about the lvl 7 creature i think u miss understood me.
The idea i tried to explain was that u have the Chimerasaur in a square 3x3 and in the same square u have two "beastmasters" that controlling the Chimerasaur in chains.
To make it clear it all is 1 creature.
then when i die Chimerasaur goes rampage with one final blow without the "beastmasters".

Just to make it clearer!
now enough with my talking!

Good luck with everything!  


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posted February 23, 2008 02:44 PM


What about the hero mount? have u in mind there?
i tough it would be cool with some dinosaur from the Ceratopsidae family.
Something Styracosaurus or Triceratops look-a-like.

Keep the good work up


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posted February 24, 2008 05:26 PM

The Hero mount pic you found is really good I like it!

Good work!


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Legendary Hero
Mostly harmless
posted February 29, 2008 12:21 PM

Hey, long time no see WarOverlord

Awesome faction, not that I expected anything less from you

Reptiles, a classic concept that never gets old. I'd really like to see a dino faction around, along with lizardmen who've been missing for some time now In this detail, it would rock. Even the whole Latin and Roman scheme is good, though I'm not too fond of Romans myself.

The only weird thing is that the hero name is imperator... Isn't imperator same as emperor, and therefore same as caesar? Maybe change it to General or Strategos (though Strategos is a Hellenic, not Latin word)?
"Let me tell you what the blues
is. When you ain't got no
you got the blues."
Howlin Wolf

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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted February 29, 2008 11:24 PM

With quite a bit of work done, I would like to invite all to read my work and give me their opinion.
I will focus on the animals the Saurid use, for now, but if anyone has any good ideas or suggestions, I am willing to listen.
Iron from Ice.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted March 04, 2008 11:04 PM

a lots of inspiration from our history (especially antiquity).

I have a problem with chimerausaur thing fortress, I like the concept, but is it massive and stable enough to carry a tower with shooters inside it? when I first read the description, I thought it was gonna be some kind of turtle-like dinosaur.

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Known Hero
posted March 18, 2008 12:50 PM
Edited by flackmandan at 12:54, 18 Mar 2008.

overall cool well done

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Known Hero
posted March 18, 2008 12:51 PM

big dinos cud have bowman in boxes firing out reducing defense by 25%

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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted March 18, 2008 01:19 PM

big dinos cud have bowman in boxes firing out reducing defense by 25%

That might have been possible, but I like the idea of having a single structure carried by the creature. Also I'm sorry guys, but I appearantly run out of room, so I lost my notes to you.
Iron from Ice.

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