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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: In love with a Pirate's Daughter
Thread: In love with a Pirate's Daughter

Hired Hero
posted July 25, 2008 01:56 PM

In love with a Pirate's Daughter

Hey. I'm new to this forum, so just a little info about me. I started playing HoMM II shortly before III was released. One of the greatest moments of my life followed, for my favourite hero soon became Sandro - and then, when The Shadow Of Death came out and I read the backside of the package - well, you can believe my happiness.
Even though HoMM III is my favourite game of all time - not only have I played it ever since it came out, I'm still doing so, must be touching on some 5k hours... Really, not only have I played more HoMM III than all other computer games combined, but I may well have played more HoMM III than any other thing I have done in my life (breathing excluded!)

But still, for a HoMM III-diehard, I'm NOT angry af IV. I guess you'd all expect that for the III-diehards are usually those most offended by that, but... well, I think IV's okay. It bothers me that there's no random map generator - had there been, I might have played it as much as III, and that Warlock towns (my favourite town in III - all those 5k hours have been spent as Dungeon, not a MINUTE as anybody else, even if it meant giving up Sandro) have gone from mighty, underground aristocratic black-sorcery stuff to mere hiding places for thieves (more or less, it's the Ovrlord becomes Thief that bothers me... there's quite a difference there). Had it not been for those two objections, I think IV would have been as good as III in my eyes - I love the flaggable stuff, the caravans, the faction-aligned spell system, the heroes with adv classes and presence on battlefield.
Oh, and of course, IV could never be III because it doesn't have those wonderful two combination artifacts: Cloak of the Undead King and Armor of the Damned.

Still, here it comes. I recently played IV again for the first time in years and well... I guess you all have lots of 'you know you've played too much Heroes when you' and then name stuff like...

- you try putting your clothes on in a special way to see if you get a combination artifact
- you expect your fists to be stronger and more powerful for every class you complete in school
- you distribute all your money to passing strangers in the hope of earning experience
- you notice molehills in the garden and think: "Oh God, the Overlords are coming"
and etc. and etc. (I made those up myself and I rather like the last two...)

But I surpass all those. Having played a Pirate's Daughter (oh God that's one well-written campaign - Timed Events I mean), I must now admit that I have FALLEN IN LOVE with Tawni Balfour. And that beats all those lists I can tell you... I mean, she's just so sweet with all her bad memories and you know, you just wanna embrace her so she stops whining And it really bothers me that the HoMM storyline died (strangely dying already after IV, since Gathering Storm and Winds of War didn't bother to build upon the foundation of IV, but just went on and on and about things which seemed for me as a gamer completely irrelevant to the travels of say Tarnum or Tawni - only now that I realize they're supposed to have taken place BEFORE the Reckoning). I'd give my one leg for that storyline to come alive again, but I guess it ain't gonna happen (but with only one leg I'd look like a pirate, at least...)

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Undefeatable Hero
with serious business
posted July 25, 2008 02:07 PM

I must now admit that I have FALLEN IN LOVE with Tawni Balfour.
Your salvation

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