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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 4: The Hamlet
Thread: ICTC 4: The Hamlet

Supreme Hero
Allez allez allez
posted March 21, 2009 08:54 PM
Edited by zamfir at 09:09, 30 Jun 2009.

ICTC 4: The Hamlet

NOTE: For simplity, my faction will be based on Heroes V.

   "Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."

Aka: The farmers, the lowly people
Allignement : Evil wannabes, but too afraid
Associated Colours: Banal Blue, Gruesome Gray, Shinny White (but only on Boxing Day)
Worship: Their masters, usually
Core Philosophy: "Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die."
Country/Kingdom: Greenglade
Capital City: Klanarr
Key Symbols: The Carrot Sword

Faction Info


3 YSD - Birth of the Falcon Empire

    Falcon the Great unifies the human kingdoms.
    The mighty acomplishment is done after many fights against the kingdoms reluctant towards progress.
    The final victory was obtained after almost 7 months of conflict, period during which the Imperial forces had to deal with many internal problems. Lunkbeef notes in his Chronicles:



    n the tavern of Bailey there can be seen, sitting alone at a table, an older man. Nobody speaks with him, nobody cares about him. But when, from time to time, this man tries to talk with others, they spit disgusted and don't even consider responding. On his forehead, if we look in profile, we can see the sign of Urgash. One day, this man traited the Empire. The traitor's name is Jebediah Bloomthistle, farmer from Brookshire. The history of his transom is indeed staggering and it dates from the time when the Falcon people, awaked at the national consciousness, organized military camps. So, in those times of irresistible enthusiams, old Jebediah Bloomthistle commited a deed that throws, even in our days, the gloomy light of transom upon his person and those of his progentiors.
    Many years passed since that day, but he still realises that he didn't washed the shame of transom, when the mob left Bailey, heading to the rebel tonw of Ravenport.
    Those times are gone. After the enthusiasm of that year, the spirits milded, and Jebediah Bloomthistle still feels the shame of the deed he commited.
    There are still in Bailey eye witnesses that can tell you that in that day, before joining the mob, Jebediah Bloomthistle ate some dry peas, drank a mug of whey, and after he drank a tankard of Bailey beer.
    I don't know if Bailey beer was as good those day, but it was, we can only exclaim: "Poor Jebediah Bloomthsitle!"
    In those day of irresistible enthusiams, when the whole range of modern purgatives was not known, you drank form the princiary beer of Bailey!
    Not to add the enthusiam, ardour and, above everything else, the rumbles of the wagon carried by the balky restive horses bedecked with yellow and blue ribbons, wagon that was transporting the mob on the road tp Ravenport.
    Jebediah Bloomthistle's enthusiams was indescribable. He was, actually, the first who started to intone a victory hymn, and the song started to spread that peaceful afternoon in the grove of Stillwater. Butm suddenly, Jebediah Bloomthistle suddenly hushed.
    -By Sylath! he managed to say, while others were singing Your wrath is futile!. Jebediah Bloomthistle grabbed his belly with his hands.
    An old ballad sings the story of Sar-Elam who, gnawed by compunctions, jumped from the cart in a coppice.
    There were not coppices around Stillwater. Near the road there were only some lonely oak trees, vestiges of the great forest under the Grimheim Mountains.
    Like the wizard Sar-Elam, Jebediah Bloomthistle made a spectacular leap and searched for a refugee near a bushy oak tree.
    Fifteen feet away from the oak, the wagon stopped and the expedition's leader looked back. He turned pale and shouted:
    -By Sylath, brothers, come after me!
    He jumped from the wagon, the others followed him, and the mob headed swiftly for the oak.
    Too late however... Jebediah Bloomthistle raised again on his feet and any shadow of sadness from his face was gone. Suddenly, the expedition's leader grabbed him by his shoulder and, poiting up, at the proud oak, said icy:
    Abashed, Jebediah Bloomthistle read, with bulging eyes, the inscription on the panel from the tree's trunk: "Under this oak Falcon the Great rested, when he was heading with his armies for Northcross".
    Jebediah Bloomthistle almost fell, but the others proned him.
    -Traitor! said the expedition's leader. You do not deserve to live on this earth. Go back to Bailey. You cannot come with us.
    And, while the wagon adorned rides for Ravenport, Bloomthistle was idly returning to Bailey, and in his back the song resound:

              "We are the warriors of Sylath..."

    Only the oak that under which Falcon once rested when he was heading to Northcross, seemed to understand the gravity of Bloomthistle's transom. It heavily shaked it's branches and with it's acorns sprinkled the ground, until it generously covered anything related to Bloomthistle's transom.
    I talked with the old man Bloomthistle and with the ocassion remebered him about the historical oak under which Falcon once rested. Bloomthistle imbibed his beer, and said:
    -We know he rested, but who knows how he rested!

28-40 YSD - Wars of Fire

    The first great demon incurssion occurs only 25 years from the Falcon Empire's foundation. Most of the Empire's inhabitants were born free, so they weren't very tolerant towards the brutal regime in the newly-founded country.
   Their simply had to destroy something to calm down, and the demon's soon found out what an unfriendly mob can do.
   And so the perhaps only strong and proud generation of peasants saved Ashan from doom.

48 YSD - The Falcon Empire Becomes the 'Holy Falcon Empire'

     Emperor Brian Falcon gives absolute power to the Church of the Dragon of Light. One of the first edicts given by the overzealous Church was to forbid beer (the clerical figure received were of course privilegiated). In order to avoid revolts, the Church gave the citizens 5 last years with beer allowance. Alcohol consumation was however not recommended.
    Dissent grows among many citizens who resent being forced to abandon their faith in Sylath and, most important, their Bailey breweries.
    More about that saddening year is to be found in Lunkbeef's Chronicles:


ranger Nykles and Deacon Dynacius from the boyar's estate were great friends. Everyday you would see them in the roomy local of the Bailey tavern. There, everybody considered them such an unbreakable pair that any prank were ascribed to granger Nykles and Deacon Dynacius. Granger Nikles considered Deacon Dynacius his brother, but something horrible was between them, something that gave pretty often Nikles a gloomy face. And this thing was indeed so revolting that it had the gift to annoy the poor granger, of course, not more than this kind person could. Let's clarify: each time they sat at a beer tankard in Bailey's tavern and finished their day by a prank (usually catching the local guard and rolling him over in a puddle), the whole village of Bailey said: "Last night, granger Nykles was drunk as a pig, and Deacon Dynacius was a little happier."
    The truth was that both of them were as drunk, both drank too much and both were like a pig. But what's the use, when the village's voice stated: "Granger Nykles was drunk as a pig, and Deacon Dynacius was a little happier."
    We don't have to be amazed that granger Nykels's biggest wish was that, one day, the whole situation will change. That's why, since the village rumors started to annoy him, our Nykle began to be much more sombre, more moderate. So, after Dynacius drank three tankards and he only one, the counting was the followin: the Deacon thirty tankards, and he only ten. In that night they didn't committed any prank. On the road home, Nykles was helping the Deacon to walk. The silent and meditative Deacon was shouting in the whole village and was swearing, while Nykles was having the face of a temperate man. But what use when next day he found out in the tavern the "he was drunk as a pig, while Deacon Dynacius was a little happier".
   Nykels understood that, in this case, there were different classes involved: how can he, Nykles, be put in the same category with the Deacon?
    People, no matter how little Nykles drank, kept telling the same thing. Even more, after the granger and the Deacon sat for a while together in the tavern and then returned, in the half of hour of road Nykles heard many times the Deacon himself saying the horrilbe words:
    -Today I'm a little happier.
   So, seeing he can't do anything, the granger resigned himself and began to drink much, knowing he will always be the pig, while the Deacon will be only "a little happier."
   The Deacon barely walked, while the granger was by his side, upright like a candle. But the Deacon was " a little happier", while the granger was 'drunk as a pig".
   One day it happened that both - the Deacon and the granger Nykles - were equally "happier". The granger drank knowing that moderateness will not help him, and the Deacon knowing the good name he has in the village. Then, they headed for the estate and, stirring a great uproar, caught a guy dressed like a guard and threw him into the lake. It was their habitual joke. But as they say nobody avoids fate, they didn't avoided it either. For that guy dressed like a guard was in fact a ranger from the big city of Bayworth.
    They were risking jail. And so, the trail of the two, accused of violence, began. Both tried to invoke drunkenness, asking to be called as witnesses the tavern keeper, the mayor and three peasants from Bailey.
    The first to be interrogated was the tavern keeper.
    -So, mr. witness, what happened with mr. Nykles? How was he when he left your tavern?
    -Yes, most honorable Sir, mr. Nykles was, if I can say so, drunk as a pig.
    -But what can you say about the Deacon, mr. Poofcute?
    Tavern keeper Poofcute looked with respect at the Deacon, and said with enthusiasm:
    -Most honorable Sir, the Deacon was, if I can say so, a little happier.
    The other witnesses followed, their testimony being stereotype:
    -The granger was drunk as a pig, and mr. Deacon was a little happier.
    The case was very clear, and the sentence came. Deacon Dynacius, because was only "a little happier", was sentenced to jail, while Nykles, the one drunk as a pig, was forgiven, since he couldn't be charged of what he did in that state.
    But, after this, granger Nykles had another satisfaction, because the Deacon started to scream:
    -By Elrath, my god men, I was too drunk as a pig.
    But this didn't changed anything.

5 Times TV

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Supreme Hero
Generation N
posted March 23, 2009 09:35 PM

Cool fonts

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Famous Hero
posted March 24, 2009 12:04 AM

"Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die."

There is a song that goes like that in Sweden Its pretty old though.

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Supreme Hero
Allez allez allez
posted March 24, 2009 04:56 PM
Edited by zamfir at 17:05, 24 Mar 2009.

Well, I can't say I know many Swedish songs/bands.
My faction is suposed to be a parody.

EDIT: Too bad I can't finish it till the endline.
5 Times TV

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