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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Units differentiation
Thread: Units differentiation

Known Hero
death walks with me
posted August 31, 2010 03:45 PM
Edited by whiterider at 15:57, 31 Aug 2010.

Units differentiation

For the sake of giving more abilities to the heroes it will be cool if the units are put in different categories:
1. Infantry (light and heavy armed walkers like swordsman, crusader, hell-hound, ghouls etc)
2. Shooters (all ranged units)
3. Spellcasters (all units that have mana and cast spells - if they shoot they can have different ability like fire, ice, earth, lightning bolts and will NOT depend on ammunitions)
4. Flyers
5. Specialists (all unique creatures like vampires, mage slayer units that deal additional damage vs spellcasters - this unit witch hunter/mage slayer fits IMO in Haven, genies because they dont cast intentionally spells but are random casters without mana etc)
6. Cavalry (units that always deal more damage with greater distances - like champions, unicorns, hell-horses, other units that bull-rush the opponent)

Infantry could be protected against cavalry units and can deal more damage to the cavalry (like halberdiers or spear-wielders that impale the rushing cavalry to them), Spellcasters could not depend on area of sight, because they have inner vision where the enemy is, shooters will depend on the area of sight but are better prepered to handle with flyers attacking them, shooters could have first strike ability against flyers.

Different Heroes can have different skills boosting one of these types - infantry, shooters and cavalry can be boosted by Might Heroes, spellcasters, specialists and flyers can be boosted by Magic Heroes.

And another idea, if they implement a skill named Training that gives the creatures one extra ability per creature (without this skill the hidden ability is not available) they can use secondary perks to this skill like from the main Training skill depends the tier of the affected creature and from the secondary perk its category:
for example
Training level 1 - all 1st tier creatures are better trained and have one additional skill (which is predeterminated for each one), tiers 2-3 depending on the perks (this means all core units)
Trainign level 2 - all 1st tier with one more skill, tiers 2-3 depending on the perks (this means all core units) and all elite units (tiers 4-6) depending on the perks
Training level 3 - all 1st tier and all others depending on the perks

Train Spellcasters - all spellcaster unlock their hidden skill
Train Infantry - all infantry unlock their hidden skill
Train Cavalry- all cavalry unlock their hidden skill
Train Specialist- all specialist unlock their hidden skill
Train Flyer - all flyers unlock their hidden skill
Train Shooter - all shooter unlock their hidden skill

So a hero with Level 2 Training, with the perks Train Spellcasters and Train Specialist will have all units 1, all core units that are spellcasters and specialist with additional skill

A hero with level 3 Training with the perks Train Shooters, Infantry and Cavalry will have all level 1 units and all other units that are infantry, shooters and cavalry with additional skill in battle

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Known Hero
posted August 31, 2010 07:25 PM

i see what your saying and it could be intresting infantry arent always good against cavalry^^ but anyway ya it would be good but it would disrupt tiering slightly

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