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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: A creational game [masterpost on page 224]
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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted January 28, 2012 02:27 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 09:11, 18 Sep 2012.

New Main Posts on this page!!!
Note: from now on, this post only contains index, faction overview, Terrains, Ressources, General Town Structures, True Neutral Units, Diplomacy Features and general features.


-Section I: Features, Neglection |Post 2|
-Section II: Factions, General Town Buildings |Post 4|
-Section III: Creatures, Creature Abilities |Post 6|
-Section IV: Heroes (Neutral&Advanced Calsses, Skills), Magic System |Post 9|
-Section V: Adventure Map Locations & Artifacts |Post 10|
-Section VI: Setting|Post 13|
-Section VII: Ambience (Including looks of creatures and faction Architecture)|Post 15|


<FacXYZ> leads you to faction with name XYZ

Section I


Game Mechanics and Features
We take the Core Elite Champion Unit System.

Adventure Map:
-Turns on AM last one day.
-Units can travel, attack, pick up resources, pick up treasure chests, can conquer garrisons and enter ships, without being under the command of a hero. In a battle, they will still follow your command then.
-When with a hero, units have no influence on the AM movement.
-We have Fog of War.
-When boarding a ship, Hero looses a large amount of movement points, but not the whole turn.
-3 ship types: fast ship, medium ship and combat ship.

-Turns on battlefield work like in H3.
-Battlefield has hex-fields.
-Heroes participate in battle like in H5.

-Main Campaign: You have a few campaigns at the beginning, where you can branch out with different scenarios in each one, after you finish, unlock a new campaign depending on your actions, happens two or three times for each campaign.
-New Campaign Mode 1: World/Continental Campaign. Some may know this from "risk", or the "total war" games or other games. The campaign plays on a world/continent/camoaign screen, showing all the covered part of the world. This is divided into (some to many) regions, which you can conquer and expand. Each round on this screen takes a given amount of time 8reasonably between a week and a year, that would be determined later). When two players meet in a region, a scenario is played in the map of that region, with all the advantages an owning player may allready have (towns of a certain strength, defending armies, etc.), over the time of one World-Screen turn. ...this jsut to give you the general idea, it is variable and we could specify it
-New Campaign mode 2: Tournaments. Not real campaigns in fact. Designed for multiplayer. A row of scenarios is played one after another, without connection storywise. After the end of the scenario, the players get points. In the end, these are summarized to a final score.

-Each Faction has 3 special War machines, 1 unique and two specialized.
-Factions have some neutrals aligned to them, but not a fixed number for
all factions. There are also True Neutral units.
-Each faction has a various number of symbols, of which you choose 1 at
the beginning of the game

-The outer Terrain a Town is reflected in the Town screen to some extent.

-Mixed armies result in morale penalty

Faction Overview:

Scenario Specifications: (=all that can be chosen when starting a game - player colour, difficulties, etc. Can someone put it into better words?)

General thigns:
-maximum number of players: 12

Player Colours:

Neutrals are Grey!

As in former HoMMs, diplomatic status cannot be changed during scenario.
There are 3 diplomatic statuses:
1. Ally (no battling, can interact without battle, can pass garrisons,
shared sight, win together)
2. Neutral Neutral (Can interact without battle (but battle is also
possible), AI is not that aggressive against you as enemies, with "defeat
all enemies" victory condition, you needn't defeat Neutral Players)
3. Enemy (cannot interact without battle, AI is aggressive against you)

This game has a trade screen, where you can trade various things for one another:
-Ressources/Turn (but you have the option of only doing it for a day up to the end game and can cut the supply at any time.)
-Adventure Map Locations you own
-Garrison Passage (The player with whom you trade this with is now allowed to pass your garrisons without a fight.
Here, you can also reveal your sight of the AM to another player, but only as a gift (you get nothing in return).
Some things can only be traded though, when armies are interacting:
Indeed, only units/artifacts present in the interacting forces (armies, heroes, town&army, etc.) can be traded. However, you can also trade
artifacts&units for ressources, adventure map locations, etc., here...
units can only be placed if the enemy has the same type of unit in their army or a free stack

Cold Volcanic
Dead Land/Cursed Land
Earth Tunnels/Underground Earth
Forest Earth
Hot Volcanic
Underground Rock/Stone


Neglected Things(counted from 10th May, 2011):

Adventure Map
-Mage Guilds on AM
-Place where heroes can build spells for ressources.
-Recruit Building for Azure Dragons


-ranged retaliation for anyone with shooting
-spell research

-Exhaust the Offender / Exhaust enemy / Exhausting Endurance / better name [Grandmaster Defense + Parry + Vitality] (Whenever an enemy attacks this unit in melee, it gets a malus on its Initiative, Attack and Defense, lasting X turns. The Malus is cumultative!) {X will be a number form 3-5, of your choice}

Fire Shield
Fire Wall
Sacrifice (sacrifices 1 stack for reviving of units of another stack)
Summon Sea Serpent
Summon Mantis

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted January 28, 2012 02:40 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 09:10, 18 Sep 2012.

Section II

General Town Structure:
Here are the Town structures listed which are available for any faction.

Basic Income Buildings
-Village Hall
->Town Hall
-->City Hall
--->Capitol (player-unique)

Basic Defense Buildings
-City Wall - Adds walls Level 1
->Bastion - Adds Level 1 Tower & moat
-->Fort - Adds more Level 1 towers & upgrades the walls to level 2
--->Castle - Upgrades the Walls to Level 3 and the Towers to Level 2, adds
the portcullis

Other Basic Buildings
-Market Place
->Ressource Silo
-Caravan (allows this town to create caravans for quick unit & artifact
-Thief Guild (gathering information about other players and/or the map
AND/OR stealing gold, maybe ressources, maybe even artifacts AND/OR
sabotage acts|||could come in levels, liek mage guild)
-Warrior Guild (allows upgrading of non-faction troops AND/OR lets you
recruit special Warrior Guild Units here ||| should come in levels)

Magic Buildings
-Mage Guild Level 1
->Level 2
-->Level 3
--->Level 4


Colours: Dark Purple, Pink, Dull Iron
Ingame Faction Symbols
-Horned Bull Skull
-Vampire with bat wings extended.
-A thorned vine around a heart
-A clawed hand clutching a (real-looking) heart.

Blood Lord


Similar to H5. The Blood Lord can order their demonic troops to  call in reinforcement for the battle. Doing so, the creature uses a turn and palces a gate, from which, after a while, a stack of the same creature will appear and fight alongside you, until the battle is won, or the creature dead.
Advancing Gating increases the percentage in size the gated stack has in relation to the gating stack, as well as which units can be gated.

-Basic Gating
Allows Core Units to use Gating
-Advanced Gating
Allows Elite Units to use Gating, but with 50% efficiency
-Expert Gating
Allows Elite Units to use Gating with full efficiency
-Master Gating
Allows Champion Units to use Gating

Soul Gathering:
For every being with a soul killed by the blood lord or his units, the blood Lord gains a Soul. With souls, powerfull abilities can be used.
The Level of the racial determines which abilities a blood Lord can use. THe Maximum of Souls he can carry is determined by the Racial and his Hero Level. And the power of the Abilities is influenced by the hero level, too, as well as Spell Power Value of the Hero.


Infernal Troglodyte
>Troglodyte Heretic
>Infernal Troglock

>Master of Sin
>Incubus Tempter
>Hell Serpent
>Tartarian Cerberus

Abyssal Destroyer
>Abyssal Devourer

>Vizier of Chaos
Locust Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:
Cold Volcanic

Town Structures:

-Hall of Mischief - Allows you to recruit Gogs/Imps
->Tower of Mischief - Allows you to upgrade Gogs/Imps and recruit Daemons and Magogs
->Breeding Pool - Increases weekly growth of Gogs/Imps
-Blacksand Desert - Allows you to recruit Deathwings
-> Bloodsand Desert - Allows you to upgrade Deathwings and recruit Mortei and Bolerics
-Vennel of Disarray - Allows you to recruit Infernal Troglodytes
->Abode of Disorder - Allows you to upgrade Infernal Troglodytes and recruit Troglodyte Heretics and Infernal Troglocks
-Hall of Sins - Allows you to recruit Incubi
->Palace of Sins - Allows you to upgrade Incubi and recruit Masters of Sin and Incubus Tempters
-Serpent Court - Allows you to recruit Hebbini
->Serpent Orchard - Allows you to upgrade Hebbins and recruit Dianguis' and Hell Serpents
-Purgatory - Allows you to recruit Cerberi
->Perdition - Allows you to upgrade Cerberi and recruit Tartarian Cerberi and Cherufes
->Den of Vice - Increases weekly growth of Cerberi
-Hell palace - Allows you to recruit Abyssal Destroyers
->Abyssal Palace - Allows you to upgrade Abyssal Destroyers and  recruit Abyssal Devourers and Annihilators

-Grand Portal - increases the effect of Gating for all of your heroes

-Walls of Damnation - On first visit, increases the defense of a hero
-Town Portal - Allows direct travelling between two towns with town portal...but non-demonic troops will suffer losses travelling through the demonic paths.

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit Mithril and arcanite each day

Special War Machines:
-Planescraper (unique. needs a better name! Opens cracks between this and the demons' plane on the battlefield. The cracks can only be crossed by demonic creatures, all others would suffer a great deal of damage (since it's a crack in reality). It opens 2 1*1 cracks at random positions per turn)
-Dark Hole Creator (Catapult. Name to be changed. This hald-machine-half-demon creature creates a mysterious hole at the target wall, that sucks matter in. Also all units within a range of 4 Hexes will be drawn to it (1 Hex for large, 2 for small units. If this way a unit reaches the Hole, it also suffers damage.))
-Cursed Cart (Ammo Cart. Unlimited ammo + The ranged attacks of your
ranged units will inflict a random negative spell on the hit enemy)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
The Abyss society is rather hierarchical, build up into many classes, more or less. The classes are roughly represented by the Demon Specieses - with human, elven, dwarven, etc. worshippers in different ranks. But the strength (the overall strength, not jsut physical) is also important, and individuals can also rise through the favour of higher ones.

--DUKE of HELL--
-Abyssal Lord (a Rank)
-Blood Lord (a Rank [and the hero class])
-Abyssal Destroyers=Draconians (non-demon class)
-Hebbini=Malbregard (non-demon Class)
-Infernal Troglodytes
-Mugor (non-demon class)

Ambition 50
Cleanness 17
Compassion 0
Courage 75
Creativity 65
Curiosity 45
Freedom 90
Greed 90
Honour 10
Justice 0
Knowledge 40
Lust 70
Modesty 0
Pride 90
Productivity 50
Rage 80
Unpredictability 75
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 100

Colours: Black, Purple, Iron
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. A faceless Head
2. Cave maw.
3. Broken crown
4. Lightning around a Sword
5. Bat Swarm



Empowered Spells
Can cast any spell which has a variable as "empowered", increasing the variable.

Slave Hunting:
After a victorious battle, some enemy living creatures are taken slaves. You can decide if you want to sacrifice them (moral bonus), sell them (Money) or take some of them into your ranks with decreased stats.
How many of the enemy units are taken as slaves is determined by the number of your units, the hero level and the level of the racial, which will also improve the gain of what you do with the slaves.


>SHadow Light
>Flickering Allurer
>Silk Spinner

>Mirror Eye
>Cursed Manticore (big, black, with venom that falls from his tail,
flashing eyes, poison falling even from his mouth, with big claws.)
>Faceless Duke
>Black Eminence


Bat Swarm (Summon)
Black Dragon
>Deep Dragon
Shajrin (Rat-Beastman, ranged/support)
>SHajrin Plaguebringer
>Cave Troll
Candle Golem
>Wax Golem

Home Terrain:

Town Structures:

-Bog/Misty Chasm - Allows you to recruit Wisps
->Misty Warren - Allows you to upgrade Wisps and recruit Shadow Lights and Flicking Allurers
-Mycellium - Allows you to recruit Mucegai
->Allows you to upgrade Deathwings and recruit Myconid and Sporecreeper
-Subterranean Chasm - Allows you to recruit Spiders
->Maze of Webs - Allows you to upgrade Spiders and recruit Silk Spinners and Widows
->Webbed Growth - Increases weekly growth of Spiders
-Pillar of Eyes/Beholder Mother - Allows you to recruit Beholders
->??? - Allows you to upgrade Beholders and recruit Mirror Eyes and Arguses
-Manticore Gorge - Allows you to recruit Manticores
->Feasting Pit - Allows you to upgrade Manticores and recruit Cursed Manticores and Dragicores
-Windowless Halls - Allows you to recruit Faceless
->Timeless Halls - Allows you to upgrade Faceless and recruit Faceless Dukes and Black Eminences
->Shadow Dead-End - Increases weekly growth of Faceless
-Shadow Depths - Allows you to recruit Soulless
->Shadow Pool - Allows you to upgrade Soulless and recruit Voidwalkers and Heartless

-Shrine of Natural Empowerement - Decreases the cost of empowered spells a bit

-Shrine of Ulterior Knowledge - On first Visit, increases a hero's
spellpower permanently.
-Mana Vortex - doubles max mana of a visiting hero for some time

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit Arcanite each day
->Black Market - Decreases the Trade Rate for other players...they need to
pay ressources as if they had one market less

Special War Machines:
-Mana Bowl (unique. A mystical bowl filled with masses of magical energy. Restores 5 mana to each of your caster units and your hero when it's at turn)
-Dragonscale Tent (Healing Tent. Can heal friendly units or grant them
with one random black dragon ability (magic immunity, fire odem, etc.))
-Blood Cart (The Cart carries not only ammunition for ranged troops but also blood in which the battlers cover themselves. This fearfull
appeareance lets them sometimes induce fear to humanoid enemies)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
The warlocks have a generally high status, and can commadn most other beings in a dungeon.

Ambition 100
Cleanness 60
Compassion 0
Courage 45
Creativity 50
Curiosity 70
Freedom 60(personal)/20(others)
Greed 95
Honour 45
Justice 80
Knowledge 95
Lust 70
Modesty 10
Pride 65
Productivity 45
Rage 0
Reliability 30
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 95

Colours: Orange, Light Brown, Bronze
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. Two crossed Pickaxes.
2. anvil beneath an hammer
3. A Fist, surroundeed by Diamonds
4. A braided beard with two pickaxes
5. A Boar



Like H5. The hero can, in battle, cast certain runes on their units, which cost ressources and give the units specific bonuses.
There are 4 Levels of runes.

-Basic Runemagic
Allows the Hero to learn and cast Level 1 Runes.
-Advanced Runemagic
Allows the Hero to learn and cast Level 2 Runes.
-Expert Runemagic
Allows the Hero to learn and cast Level 3 Runes.
-Master Runemagic
Allows the Hero to learn and cast Level 4 Runes.

In a Fortress town, the Hero can create Equipment for their Fortress Creatures, which will increase their stats. There are different types of equipment however, and except combined effects, which you can also do, but are high expensive, each equipment type can only have a certain stat, for exapmle Shields allways give a defense bonus. Forging will cost you ressources - and, on higher levels, permanently Experience Points of the Hero.
Advancing in the Racial increases the strength of created equipment.


>Drunkard (Unlike with other folks, some dwarves are proud of their drunkenness and it makes them even stronger. However, they are kinda unpredictable)
>Javelin Tosser
>Dwarven Ranger
>Kobold Operative

>Obsidian Gargoyle
Giant Worm
>Magma Worm
>Abyssal Worm
Dwarven Priest
>Earth Elder

Crystal Dragon
>Diamond Dragon (Extra strong defense)
>Onyx Dragon

>Inferno Nidhogg
Clockwork Golem
>Mechanical Golem
>Ornethopter Striker
Earth Golem (summon)
Stoneling Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:
Underground Rock

Town Structures:

-Gateside Barracks - Allows you to Recruit Defenders
->Wall Barracks - Allows you to upgrade Defenders and recruit Drunkards and Ironguards
-Spearbrow Ridge - Allows you to recruit Javeliners
->Impaler Ridge - Allows you to upgrade Javeliners and recruit Javelin Tossers and Dwarven Rangers
-Skid Row - Allows you to recruit Kobolds
->Slums - Allows you to upgrade Kobolds and recruit Kobold Operatives and Rascals->Warren - Increases weekly growth of Kobolds
-Sculpture Hall - Allows you to recruit Gargoyle
->Grotesque Halls - Allows you to upgrade Gargoyles and recruit Obsidian Gargoyles and Wargoyles
->Mason Sweatshop - Increases weekly growth of Gargoyles
-Loamy Fields - Allows you to recruit Giant Worms
->Wormhole Dunes - Allows you to upgrade Giant Worms and recruit Magma Worms and Abyssal Worms
-Inner Sanctum - Allows you to recruit Dwarven Priests
->Court of Elders - Allows you to upgrade Dwarven Priests and recruit Judges and Earth Elders
-Crystal Cavern - Allows you to recruit Crystal Dragons

-Smithmasters' Guild - Somehow embetters the Forge-racial for all of yourheroes

-Escape Tunnels - You can retreat & capitulate even in a defensive siege in this city
-Craftmen's Guild - All War Machines in this town can be purchased for a much cheaper price.

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit stone and Mithril each day

Special War Machines:
-Mineur Cart (unique. Places a number of mines on random places of a
battlefield at the beginning of the battle. Mines will not affect your
troops, but explode with a good damage when enemy steps on them)
-Ground Ballista (Ballista. This special Dwarven invention uses the power of earth and shoots a bolt just beneath the ground. This way, it deals devastating damage to ground units, and can ignore obstacles, but it cannot hit flying units)
-Beer Wagon (Ammo Cart- On the cart not only ammunition, but also beer and other alcoholic staff for the soldiers is kept. The morale of your living units is increased highly, as well as eternal ammo for any ranged unit.)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
The fortresses have a guild-based society. (Almost) everyone is in one of the (more or less many) guilds. The influence of the guilds and thus the concrete social status can differ highly between the regions, and even between two towns, and can possibly alter quick in time as well.

Ambition 80
Cleanness 45
Compassion 30
Courage 90
Creativity 100
Curiosity 50
Freedom 40
Greed 100
Honour 100
Justice 60-100
Knowledge 45
Lust 0
Modesty 90
Pride 70
Productivity 90
Rage 10
Reliability 95
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 0

Colours: Light Brown, Orange, Gold
Ingame Faction Relation:
1. A Sun
2. A Crown surrounded in light
3. A Heraldic Flower and a Sword.
4. Angel silhouette
5. A Shield with a stag  on it



Some Haven Core Units will join the Priest at the beginning of
each week.
The exact number is a bit random, so, with the same conditions, the priest may get 3 units in one week, and 2 the next. Anyway, it is determined by Hero Level, the number of Haven towns the player controls and the "Week of..." (So in a "week of Macemen" you can get more macemen through Crusade)
Which creature appears is random, as long as the hero has a free stack placeholder. If not, only creatures which are in the army will appear. If there are neither a free stack placeholder nor a Haven Core unit stack in the army, no creatures will appear. An exception for the randomness is when the hero has a creature specialty, which will increase the chance of this creature to appear.

Sets free certain abilities for haven units.
It works like this: The Haven Creatures have 2 abilities belonging to each of some chosable paths, which are set free when they are in the hero's army. Additionally, not all stacks are influenced by the racial - which, is to be chosen in hero screen - and not all tiers can be chosen from the beginning on.

-Basic Training:
Allows you to choose a path and to choose up to 2 Core Unit stacks to train.
-Advanced Training:
Allows you to choose up to 4 Stacks of Core or Elite units to train.
-Expert Training:
Allows you to choose up to 6 Stacks of any Haven units to train.
-Master Training:
Sets free a second special ability for all affected stacks.


>Crusher (Armed with a morning Star)
>Heavy Infantry (Armed with Sword. Heavy Armoured)
>Holy Archer (His arrows/bolts are imbued with flaming Holy energy)
>Clouddiver Griffin (an especially small, swift looking griffin)
>Obsidian Griffin (a large, dark, badass Griffin, with a black armor an a
dragon skull on his head)

>Winged Chariot (Pulled by a Pegasus; Flying)
>Warrior Chariot
>Spirit of War
>Caller of the Fallen


Glory/Spirit of Light (Summon)
Living Armor
>Arcane Warrior
??? Swarm (Summon)

Home Terrain:

Town Structures:

-Barracks - Allows you to recruit Macemen
-> Troop quarters - Allows you to upgrade macemen and recruit Crushers and Heavy Infantry
->Armory - Increases weekly growth of Macemen
-Archer Tower - Allows you to recruit Bowmen
->Sentry Tower - Allows you to upgrade Bowmen and recruit Longbowmen and Holy Archers
-Griffin Tower - Allows you to recruit Griffins
->Griffin Conservatory - Allows you to upgrade Griffins and recruit
Clouddiver and Obsidian Griffins
-Chapel - Allows you to recruit Clerics
->Cathedral - Allows you to upgrade Clerics and recruit Zealots and Abbots
-Chariot Builder/Works - Allows you to recruit Chariots
->Chariot Arena - Allows you to upgrade Chariots and recruit Winged and Warrior Chariots
->Carpenter's Workshop - Increases weekly growth of Chariots
-Temple of the Fallen - Allows you to recruit Valkyries
->Temple of the Martyr - Allows you to upgrade Valkyries and recruit
Spirits of War and Callers of the Fallen
-Sanctum - Allows you to recruit Crusaders
->Temple of Order - Allows you to upgrade Crusaders and Recruit Templars and Paladins

-Emblem of Light - Increases the effectiveness of Crusade by 10% for all Heroes
-Militia - In a Siege, you will have an additional stack of Haven Core
creatures to place.

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit stone and wood each day

->Trade Port - Increases the trade rate in your favour as if it was a
market place. Also sometimes offers things for sell (Artifacts, Units,

Special War Machines:
-Battering Ram (unique)
-Tryapult (Catapult. A new invention in Haven, this Special Catapult fires 3 Stones, thus hitting three adjacent Wall-Parts)
-Ballisticoloco Bombardi (Ballista. Has spiked, flaming, black arrows.
Ignores part of target defence.)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
In the Empire, to which the vast majority of Haven towns belong, the Emperor is the Highest Social Position, lifted far above all. Directly below the Emperor is the Tribunal of Ascendance, with a few members having great influence, almost enough to rival the Emperor's from time to time.
Most angels are born into high positions, and are part of ancient families. However, they can be evicted, just like any human if they do not perform well enough. Sometimes, the heads of ancient families will disown their children, and they are considered "freaks" and "mutants". Sometimes you can even see an angel begging on the streets, though that level of poverty is rare indeed.
Generally, there is a nobility, with strong privilegues. Originally, this nobility is formed by ancient families, but any noble can grant a person a (lower) title, as long as they deem the person worthy and as long as the Emperor + Tribunal don't raise objections. If the emperor agrees but the Tribunal doesn't, the person isn't allowed to become the rank. Same if the tribunal agrees but the emperor doesn't. However, for the tribunal to overrule the emperor, it must be more than 9/10 of them.
Below the Nobility come 4 more classes. The further down in the latter you go, the more people belong to a class and the less rights and privilegues they have. Directly beneath the Nobles are the Knights, which are enforcers of law and usually leaders in Empire armies and troops. Often, Knights are raised Squires - who are the rank below the knights. Squires are travelling warriors, gallant compatriots, and chivalrous individuals, known everywhere to be the protectors of the weak, and to fight of evil, whatever its source may be. All hail the gallant Squires!...Or so they say. Few know of Squires' true nature: they are brutish, filthy individuals. They do have a code of honor of sorts, which can be summed up in three words, "Follow the emperor". Blindly listening to the emperor's orders, they will do whatever it takes to gain his favor. Deadly swordsmen and warriors, they are also top-class actors, ensuring the few nobles and people of high position know who the emperor's servants really are. Sent on dangerous missions, they are rewarded handsomely for their deeds, and if they perform very well, they may be lifted to be a knight.
Below the Squires come the Merchants and Tradesmen, to which also skilled craftsmen (who are memebrs of a guild) belong. Below them comes the huge caste of Serfs, most people in the Emprie belong here. They do not have many rights, but the more work and duties. Peasants belogn ehre, as well as most Craftsmen. And finally, there are those poor people nto even belonging here, beggars, snows, cripples and other poor beings. Classless they are, rightless, practically criminal by status, protected by no law.
The Clergy stands beside this classes, having its own ranks and ways. Below the Tribunal of Ascendance, the Priests are amongst the Highest position in there.

Ambition 80
Cleanness 80
Compassion 25 (?)
Courage 95
Creativity 45
Curiosity 70
Freedom 0
Greed 20
Honour 95
Justice 100
Knowledge 20
Lust 1
Modesty 80
Pride 80
Productivity 80
Rage 60
Reliability 90
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 0

Colours: Light Blue,Orange,Silver
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. An open Book, surrounded by a Circle of Stars
2. A Circle, similar to Yin & Yang, but with water & Fire
3. A Lion Head
4. A red-eyed raven on a skull
5. 4 different shaped staves that make a square



Like Eagle Eye, the archivist can learn spells used by the enemy, creatures and heroes, after battle, but not abilities.
Advancing in the racial allows a hero to learn higher-level spells.

-Basic Archive:
The hero can learn Level 1 Spells.
-Advanced Archive:
The hero can learn Level 2 Spells
-Expert Archive:
The hero can learn Level 3 Spells
-Master Archive:
The hero can learn Level 4 Spells

After each battle they are able to spend a relatively small amount of resources to raise some their fallen troops. This only applies to non-living units.
Advancing in this racial allows you to repair higher-level troops, and increases the number of units that can be repaired.


>War Minotaur
>Tortured Minotaur
Arcane Spirit
>Arcane Avatar
>Grand Spirit
>Elder Mage

>Riddle Queen
>Criosphinx (Rams head)
Steam Elemental
>Power Elemental
Crystal Golem
>Arcanite Golem

>Flying Dragon-Golem

Azure Dragon
Iron Golem
>Rust Golem
Phoenix (summon)
Falcon Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:

Town Structures:

-Labyrinth - Allows you to recruit Minotaurs
-Spiked Maze - Allows you to upgrade Minotaurs and recruit War minotaurs and Tortured Minotaurs
-Arcane Junction - Allows you to recruit Arcane Spirits
->Astral Junction - Allows you to upgrade Arcane Spirits and recruit Arcane Avatars and Grand Spirits
->Rune of Arcane Arts - Increases weekly growth of Arcane Spirits
-Mage Tower - Allows you to recruit Mages
->Ivory Tower - Allows you to upgrade Mages and recruit Elder Mages and Enchanters
-Riddle Palace - Allows you to recruits Sphinxes
->Conundrum Palace - Allows you to upgrade Sphinxes and recruit Riddle Queens and Cryosphinxes
-Elemental Portal - Allows you to recruit Steam Elementals
->Elemental Vortex -Allows you to upgrade Steam Elementals and recruit Power Elementals and ???s
-Crystal Factory - Allows you to recruit Crystal Golems
->Arcanite Works - Allows you to upgrade Crystal Golems and recruit Arcanite Golems and ???s
->Crystal Artificier - Increases weekly growth of Crystal Golems
-Dragon Factory - Allows you to recruit Dragon Golems
->Dragon Forge - Allows you to upgrade Dragon Golems and recruit Flying Dragon Golems and ???

-Scholars' Guild - Increases the effect of Archive for all of your
heroes [possibly increasing the chance of getting stronger spells]

-Library of knowledge - On first visit, increases the Knowledge of a hero permanently
-Lookout Tower - reveals an area around the city

->Ressource Silo - Gives you some Mithril each day

Special War Machines:
-Holy Totem (unique. a totem with 3 animals,a lion,a crocodile and a eagle with wings in the top)-randomly cast on a friendly stack every turn a level 1-3 bless
-Bolter (Ballista. An arcane war machine setting bolts of lightning onto the enemy units, dealing heavy lightning damage instead of physical one)
-Mage Tent (Healing Tent. Instead of normal healers, specialized mages are inside this tent. It can either heal friendly units, or cast a spell from a small spell book (spells levl&kinds probably determined by War MAchines Skill&Magic Skills of the hero))

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
The social structure is not class-divided by birth or such, but mostly by money. One can raise his/her social status through hard work by discovering something important, inventing something new, contributing a lot to the general knowledge of Keep, etc. Basically if that person has a deep impact on the culture, that person will be honored regardless of his/her wealth.
Here a list of how wealthy certain professions usually are (some are in more than one category, meaning they are in that range widely spread.
Very Poor:
-Blacksmiths, Workers, and similar Crafters
-Farmers, Fishermen, Hunters and similar
-Miners, Lumberjacks, Stonecutters and similar
-Traders, Innkeepers, etc.
-Clergy of Skynver
-Engineers, Inventors, Etc.
-Merchants (far-Land; not so many, more are rich)
-Engineers, Inventors, Etc.
-Merchants (far-Land)
Very Rich:

Ambition 100
Cleanness 70
Compassion 30
Courage 65
Creativity 70
Curiosity 70
Freedom 70
Greed 50
Honour 65
Justice 60
Knowledge 100
Lust 10
Modesty 55
Pride 80
Productivity 60
Rage 5
Reliability 85
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 60

Colours: Light Green, Dark Blue, Copper
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. Skull & Hourglass

2. Hourglass and Bone, crossed

3. Skull with sharpened teeth, no lower jaw

4. Skeletal hand crushing a rose

5. Skull Pile



Allows the Necromancer to revive fallen living units as undead
after Battle.
After battle, a certain % of the Fallen units of each revivable stack is revived as the corresponding undead units.

Necromancer can transform living units into undead units.
When this racial advanced, you will be able to transform Better creatures and in a better ratio. Performed outside a Necropolis Town, it costs the hero some kind of energy.


>Body Eater
>Soul Eater (A headless Ghoul with mouths on his hands with long teeth.)
Corpse Beast
Bone Guard
>Flesh Guard

>Blood Knight
>Vampire Count
>Spiked Horror

Grim Reaper
>Angel of Death
>Dark Avatar

Bone Dragon
>Zombie Dragon
Scorpion Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:
Cursed/Dead Land

Town Structures:

-Corpse Pile - Allows you to recruit Ghouls
->Corpse Hill - Allows you to upgrade Ghouls and recruit Body Eaters and Soul Eaters
->Unearthed Graves - Increases weekly growth of Ghouls
-Beast Graveyard - Allows you to recruit Corpse Beast
->Feral Graveyard - Allows you to upgrade Corpse Beasts and recruit Deathclaws and Razorfangs
-Crypt - Allows you to recruit Bone Guard
-Tower Ruins - Allows you to recruit Wraiths
->Grave Monolith - Allows you to upgrade Wraiths and recruit Haunter and Shade
-Mansion - Allows you to recruit Vampires
->Vampire Citadel - Allows you to upgrade Vampires and recruit Blood Knights and Vampire Counts
-Death Fields - Allows you to recruit Abominations
->Death Moors - Allows you to upgrade Abominations and recruit Spiked Horror and Desiccator
->Dread Catacombs - Increases weekly growth of Abominations
-Black Palace - Allows you to recruit Grim Reapers
->Mortis' Palace - Allows you to upgrade Grim Reapers and recruit Angels of Death and Dark Avatars
-Transformator - Highly increases the effectiveness for transformation
when used in this town

-Crypt of Secrets - On first visit, a hero gets a boost of +1000 Exp

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit arcanite each day
->Dead Man's plank - You can recruit ghosts here. However, their growth is not weekly, but with every battle fought on water. The number of growth is determined by how many living units died in it.

Special War Machines:
-Undertaker Cart (unique. Returns some of the fallen living units as
Undead after battle - like a seperate necromancer, and for free)
-Skull Thrower (Catapult. A Catapult that also throws the skulls of fallen enemies over the walls. Enemies standing in a line behind or adjacent to
the target wall segment suffer a moral loss.)
-Plague Tent (Healing Tent. When the tent is at turn, it can either heal a friendly troop or damage an enemy living unit. When daealing damage, it also inflicts a poison that will damage the enemy every turn.)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
Many of the Necropolis inahbitants of course are mindless udead, having not really a place in any social structure. There are, however, quite some sentient beings here. The necromancers have the leading role, obviously. Following them are the reapers, which are above most others, but not the necromancers. For Vampires, their rank is determined by their power. And finally, there are also quite some other living beings in a necropolis, of various different ranks.

Ambition 90
Cleanness 0
Compassion 0
Courage 20
Creativity 70
Curiosity 80
Freedom 2
Greed 50
Honour 5
Justice 70
Knowledge 100
Lust 0
Modesty 40
Pride 40
Productivity 80
Rage 0
Reliability 100
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 95

Colours: Dark Green, White, Bronze
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. Large ancient oak(or any similar) tree

2. A Stag

3. Panflute and Leaves

4. An acorn nut

5.  The Celtic knot



Can summon creatures(wolves,bears,eagles etc) depending of
hero level and skill,once per battle.
Advancing in the Racial, hero can summon more and better creatures.

Soul of the Land:
The Wardens are Wardens of all the land, they can gain power of the land they fight on - different boni depending on what terrain they are on.
The Higher a hero's level in this racial, the better the bonus he/she gets is.


>Creek Spirit
Elven Warrior
>Blade Dancer
>Elven Veteran
Satyr Beastmaster
>Faun (enhances the Pack Leader abilities onto other types of creatures
than beasts)
>Satyr Pathfinder

>Cernunnos Lord
Fairy Dragon
>Spring Dragon
>Magi Dragon

>Inferno Bird

Carnivorous plant (Summon)
Elven Archer (Campaign only)
Leprechaun (summon)
Songbird Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:
Forest Earth

Town Structures:

-Forest Spring - Allows you to recruit Nymphs
->Nereid Spring - Allows you to upgrade Nymphs and recruit Creek Spirits and Nereids
-Elven Hut - Allows you to recruit Elven Warriors
->Treetop Lodge - Allows you to upgrade Elven Warriors and recruit Blade Dancers and Elven Veterans
->Elven Smithy - Increases weekly growth of Elven Warriors
-Brushwood - Allows you to recruit Satyr Beastmasters
-Dancing Glade - Allows you to upgrade Satyr Beastmasters and recruit Fauns and Satyr Pathfinders
-Ancestors' Glade - Allows you to recruit Cernunni
->Ancestor's Shrine - Allows you to upgrade Cernunni and recruit Cernunni Lords and Capricorns
-Hall of Stories - Allows you to recruit Bards
->Hall of Legends - Allows you to upgrade Bards and recruit Legendmasters and Troubardours
->Hall of Tales - Increases weekly growth of Bards
-Fairy Forest - Allows you to recruit Fairy Dragons
->Magic Forest - Allows you to upgrade Fairy Dragons and recruit Spring Dragons and Magi Dragons
-Pyre - Allows you to recruit Phoenixes
->Flaming Pyre - Allows you to upgrade Phoenixes and recruit Sunbirds and Inferno Birds

-Druidic Circle - Increases the effectiveness of "Soul of the Land" of all your heroes by 10%.
-Avenger's Hall - verytime you loose a defensive battle, the avenger hall gives you something, depending on what kind of battle you lost: For battles lost on the sea, you get an artifact. For loosing a defensive town siege you get a spell in the town with Avenger's Hall. When loosing a garrison, you get a stack of un-upgraded units, and when loosing a dwelling or a military post, you get units, too, but not necessarily un-upgraded. When loosing a battle over a mine, you get ressources and for any other defensive battle lost, you get gold.
-Mystic Pond - Grants you some random ressources at the beginning of the week.

->Ressource Silo - Gives you some wood each day
->Mangroves - Turns the area around the city into a special terrain
(mangrove) that will be like swamp for enemies but like Forest Earth for your heroes.

Special War Machines:
-Fog Basin (unique. A mystical Basin carried by some humanoids(Nymphs,
Elves and/OR Satyrs) Summons a permanent fog onto the battlefield, giving ANY ranged attack a 50% chance to fail.)
-Thorn Tree (Ballista. A movable massive Tree without leaves, but with
masses of Thorns, which he can shot at the enemy. Can, once per turn,
intercept enemies which try to melee-attack one of your units.
Intercepting works like an attack, dealing damage, but additonally stops the enemy in the middle of their attack movement (halfway to their target))
-Equipment Cart (Ammo Cart. Your ranged units gain eternal ammo and the "No melee penalty" ability.)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
There is a social ranking in Ramparts, but only based on age, experience and reputation. Those with a higher rank merely are given priority in unimportant things and must work as hard as one of a lower rank to survive. Leaders do not keep their power for long, generally giving it up and helping with reconstruction the instant the crisis is over. Those with skill in a craft are recognized for it and are rewarded accordingly.

Ambition 15
Cleanness 75
Compassion 75
Courage 75
Creativity 100
Curiosity 50
Freedom 100
Greed 20
Honour 70
Justice 100
Knowledge 50
Lust 100
Modesty 60
Pride 80
Productivity 50
Rage 75
Reliability 35
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 10

Colours: Turquoise, White, Silver
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. The ouroboros. In the center of the ring, there is a 5 pointed star

2. A knot of Snakes

3. Cyclops Head

4. Lotus flower

5. Cat's Eyes



Honour Guard:
Every Wizard has an honour guard, a special unit that does not need a stack placeholder, unless it's the last stack - so a wizard can survive with only their honour guard. Strength and number of the Guard
depend on many things, but the hero level has greatest impact.
The Honour Guard of any hero has a maximum value, which increases with increasing racial Level, and a weekly growth, by which the Guard will grow (even when it has been reduced to 0 before) until it has reached maximum. The stats and abilities are determined by hero level.

The Wizard can bind spells into units. For the time the spell is bound to the unit, the unit gains unique abilities through the spell. (For example a unit to whom "lightning bolt" was bound, would deal
aditional Lightning Damage).
With increasing level of the racial, the hero can bind more powerfull spells in more powerfull units for a longer time.


>Feral Jaguar
Naga Warrior
>Naga Guardian
Turtle Rider
>Dragonturtle Rider
>Rider Testudinis

>Bloodrage Wyrm
>Wyvern Monarch

>Bloodeyed Cyclops
>Farseeing Cyclops

>Kirin Cloudwalker
Calebrinoptrean (Hornet/Beetle)?
Poisonous Toad Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:

Town Structures:

-Jungle Cave - Allows you to recruit Jaguars
->Savage Cave - Allows you to upgrade Jaguars and recruit Leguars and Feral Jaguars
-Guardhouse - Allows you to recruit Naga Warriors
->War Pavillons - Allows you to upgrade Naga Warriors and recruit Battlemasters and Naga Guardians
-Turtle Pond - Allows you to recruit Turtle Riders
->Turtle Creek - Allows you to upgrade Turtle Riders and recruit Dragonturtle Riders and Rider Testudinis
->Hanging Gardens - Increases weekly Growth of Turtle Riders
-Wyvern Hatchery - Allows you to recruit Wyverns
->Wyvern Nest - Allows you to upgrade Wyverns and recruit Bloodrage Wyrms and Wyvern Monarchs
-Forbidden Ruins - Allows you to recruit Custodians
->Eternal Ruins - Allows you to upgrade Custodians and recruit Lorekeepers and Centurios
->Spira Musem Annex - Increases weekly growth of Custodians
-Canal - Allows you to recruit Dragon-Eels
->Deep Canal - Allows you to upgrade Dragon-Eels and recruit ??? and ???
-Ziggurat - Allows you to recruit Cyclops
->Great Ziggurat - Allows you to upgrade Cyclopses and recruit Bloodeyed Cyclopses and Farseeing Cyclopses

-Focus Crystal - Using spellbinding in this town is more efficient, highly increasing the time a bound spell can last on a creature

-Circle of Initiation - On first visit, a hero gets an exp boost of +1000
-Altar of the Ancients - Luck bonus for defending units

->Ressource Silo - Gives you a bit wood and Arcanite each day
->Sea Serpent Nest - This building allows sea serpents to join all your naval combats that are being fought nearby the town.

Special War Machines:
-Sanctuary - makeshift pallisades that protect units hiding behind them from tower fire. usable of course only when attacking a city, not when defending. (unique)
-Aqua Ballista (Ballista. Fiering compact magical missiles of water, the Nagas have adapted a weapon to alter the battlefield itself in their favor. Upon hitting a target, that square(s i large) is doused with water. Naga creatures count that square as none-existant when passing through it (adds +1 movement in the particulrar direction) while enemy non-flyers count it as two squares. A naga standing in water also gains a 30% defence boost against melee and fiery attacks. Squares remained waterfilled for 3 rounds if normal-sized, 1 round for large.Projectiles temporarily reduce defense of target by 30% for 1 round (applied after damage).)
-Voodoo Tent (Healing Tent. The Tent looks a bit gloomy. can either heal friendly units or, every three turns, summon Zombies from dead stacks)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
The Social rank of a person in a society is determined by race and profession. For the races, the general order is:
Jungle Dryads and Non-Fighting Lizardmen

Ambition 10
Cleanness 50
Compassion 40
Courage 85
Creativity 60
Curiosity 90
Freedom 50
Greed 10
Honour 90
Justice 50
Knowledge 95
Lust 75
Modesty 35
Pride 95
Productivity 55
Rage 25
Reliability 60
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 80

Colours: Red, Dark Brown, Iron
Ingame Faction Symbols:
1. Fist in Fire

2. A howling Wolf

3. A burning Axe

4. Wolf-head Axe

5. A bunch of sharp teeth in circle formation, pointing inwards



Blood Rage:
Similar to H5, but blood rage comes quicker, yet you loose control over the raging unit.
Advancing in the racial allows your units to reach higher stages of rage - and gives you a chance not to loose control when a unit rages.

-Basic Blood Rage:
Your Stronghold Units can reach Blood Rage Level 1. You definitely loose control over them when they rage.
-Advanced Blood Rage:
Your Stronghold Units can reach Blood Rage Level 2. You have a chance of 7% to keep control over them in rage.
-Expert Blood Rage:
Your Stronghold Units can reach Blood Rage Level 3. You have a chance of 15% to keep control over them in rage.
-Master Blood Rage:
Your Stronghold Units can reach Blood Rage Level 4. You have a chance of 25% to keep control over them in rage.

Your hero can learn special "Warcry" abilities. The Level of this racial determines, which Warcries a hero can learn.
When having used a Warcry, a Hero must wait some time before using a Warcry again - the timer is carried into future battles as well...


>Harpy Hag
>Wolf Rider
>Son of War (Thrower with awesome double-axes)

>Storm Crow
>Blood Ritualist
>Armoured Behemoth
>Ancient Behemoth


Red Dragon
>Alpha Werewolf
Fire Elemental (summon)
Crow Swarm (summon)

Home Terrain:

Town Structures:

-Cliffs - Allows you to recruit Harpies
->Harpy Crag - Allows you to upgrade Harpies and recruit Harpy Hags and Bloodclaws
-Wolf Den - Allows you to recruit Wolves
->Wolf Cavern - Allows you to upgrade Wolves and recruit Wolf Riders and Lycantropes
->Howling Stone - Increases weekly growth of Wolves
-Orc Shack - Allows you to recruit Axe Throwers
->Orc Barracks - Allows you to upgrade Axe Throwers and recruit Frontliners and Sons of War
-Thunder Peak - Allows you to recruit Thunderbirds
-Thunder Top - Allows you to upgrade Thunderbirds and recruit Storm Crows and Sandstormbird
-Spirit Tent - Allows you to recruit Shamans
->Trance Hall - Allows you to upgrade Shamans and recruit Dreamwalkers and Blood Ritualists
-Behemoth Crag - Allows you to recruit Behemoths
->Behemoth Schism - Allows you to upgrade Behemoths and recruit Armoured Behemoths and Ancient Behemoths
->Monster Cave - Increases weekly growth of Behemoths
-Time-Lost Valley - Allows you to recruit T-Rexs
->Eternal Valley - Allows you to upgrade T-Rexs and recruit Emperosauri and Allosauri

-War Totem - Increases the effect of Blood rage for you everywhere on the map a bit

-Combat Arena - On first Visit, a hero's Attack stat is increased permanently
-Magic Dampener - Increases the Magic resistance of all your units a bit

->Ressource Silo - Gives you some stone each day

Special War Machines:
-A giant Roc that can once in every three turns trow a rock from above
that falls randomly. Can damage only enemies. (unique)
-Heavy Catapult (Catapult. The Orcish catapult throws extremely heavy
boulders, which are so massive they can fly THROUGH enemy walls, not only dealing massive damage to these, but also to all creatures in a line behind the wall)
-Harpoon Ballista (Ballista. Deals good damage and draws hitten enemies closer)

Faction Relations:

Social Structures:
Basically, there are only 2 big classes in any stronghold: The lowly "Dust-Suckers" and the upper Dwarha. A person enters a class by birth. Single Persons can of course be outside the classes.

Ambition 75
Cleanness 25
Compassion 5
Courage 95
Creativity 50
Curiosity 75
Freedom 100
Greed 50
Honour 40
Justice 60
Knowledge 10
Lust 70
Modesty 0
Pride 88
Productivity 90
Rage 95
Reliability 50
"Who has the Power, can do as he/She pleases" 100

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
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Section III


Average Stats:

Core Creature
Attack 8
Defense 8
Damage 4-15
Health 25

Elite Creature
Attack 26
Defense 26
Damage 14-33
Health 100

Champion Creature
Attack 68
Defense 68
Damage 49-110
Health 320

Initiative: Determines an order in which the creatures act in a turn. Can vary from 1 and 100 for creatures (teh extremes will mostly only be reached through spells, abilities, etc.). Middle value is 50.



Abilities: Shadow Bolt, Shooter;


Abilities: Flyer;

Infernal Troglodyte:

Abilities: Dark Reconnaissance, Immune to Blind;


Abilities: Icon of Sin;


Abilities: Constrict, Foul Odem;


Abilities: No Enemy Retaliation, Three-Headed Attack;

Abyssal Destroyer:

Abilities: Devestation;






Abilities: Flyer, Spiritual/Astral Body;





Abilities: Parasitism, Spores;





Abilities: Crawling, Spider Venom;





Abilities: Gaze, No Range Penalty, Shooter;





Abilities: Flyer, Gluttony, Sting;





Abilities: Caster, Dark Arts, Immune to Blind;





Abilities: Immune to Dark, Teleport, Touch of Darkness;



Abilities: Defensive Combat, Large Shield;


Abilities: Pinning Throw, Shooter;


Abilities: Destroy Mana;


Abilities: Flyer, Stone Claws;

Dwarven Priest:

Abilities: Caster, Mana Channel, War Blessing;

Giant Worm:

Abilities: Underground Approach;

Crystal Dragon:

Abilities: Crystal Scales, Reflect Magic;

Unit Details:


Upgrades: Crusher and Heavy Infantry

Abilities: Crippling Wound, Heavy Strike;
Additional Crusher Abilities: Chain Reach, Piercing Strike(replaces Heavy Strike)
Additional Heavy Infantry Abilities: Enchanted Armor, Ground Holder


Upgrades: Longbowman and Holy Archer

Abilities: Rain of Arrows, Shooting;
Additional Longbowman Abilities: Concentration, Cover Fire
Additional Holy Archer Abilities: Guiding Light, Searing Aegis


Upgrades: Clouddiver Griffin and Obsidian Griffin

Abilities: Ferocity, Flyer, Unlimited Retaliation;
Additional Clouddiver Griffin Abilities: Battle Dive, Flying Mode;
Additional Obsidian Griffin Abilities: King of the Skies, Patronage;


Upgrades: Zealot and Abbot

Abilities: Caster, Smite;
Additional Zealot Abilities: Mark the Heretic and Divine Influence


Abilities: Chariot Charge, Ride-by-attack;


Abilities: Caster, Flyer, Soul Escort;


Abilities: Double Attack, Holiness;



Attack: 10
Defense: 6
Damage: 5-17
Health: 28
Initiative: 27
Speed: 5

Abilities: Shatter Armor;

Arcane Spirit:

Attack: 8
Defense: 3
Damage: 2-12
HP: 17
Initiative: 90
Speed: 10

Abilities: Arcane Bolt, Arcane Presence;


Attack: 9
Defense: 9
Damage: 3-14
HP: 12
Initiative: 70
Speed: 5

Abilities: ARcane Studies, Caster, Shooter;


Attack: 15
Defense: 29
Damage: 12-29
Health: 140
Initiative: 55
Speed: 4

Abilities: Clever One, Flyer, Guardian;

Steam Elemental:

Attack: 28
Defense: 18
Damage: 12-39
Health: 75
Initiative: 65
Speed: 9

Abilities: Boil, Paradox Absorption;

Crystal Golem:

Attack: 27
Defense: 31
Damage: 13-37
Health: 80
Initiative: 28
Speed: 2

Abilities: Dazzling&Transparent, Mechanical, Reflect Magic;

Dragon Golem:

Attack: 66
Defense: 68
Damage: 50-115
Health: 317
Initiative: 65
Speed: 6

Abilities: Large, Mechanical, OhGodWhatIsThat, Steam;



Abilities: Disease;

Corpse Beast:

Abilities: Ambush, Death Growl;

Bone Guard:

Abilities: Skeletal;


Abilities: Caster, Incorporeal, Wraiths' Curse;


Abilities: Flyer, Life Drain;


Abilities: Impale, No Enemy Retaliation;

Grim Reaper:

Abilities: Death Scythe, Faith Drain;



Abilities: River Blessing, Seduce;

Elven Warrior:

Abilities: Dual Blade Sweep, Swift Retaliation;

Satye Beastmaster:

Abilities: Beastmaster, Pack leader;


Abilities: Patience;


Abilities: Bard's Tongue, Singing;

Fairy Dragon:

Abilities: Astral Connection, Random Blessing, Random Curse;


Abilities: Fire Breath, Flyer, Rise from the Ashes;



Abilities: Follow;

Naga Warrior:

Abilities: Block Enemy Retaliation, Whirlwind;

Turtle Rider:

Abilities: Swimming, Turtle Shell;


Abilities: Flyer, Intervene;


Abilities: Caster, Vengeance;

Dragon Eel:

Abilities: Flyer, Electric;


Abilities: Fastball, Heavy Crush;



Attack: 12
Defense: 4
Damage: 3-14
Health: 14
Initiative: 77
Speed: 10

Abilities: Shriek, Strike and Return;


Attack: 7
Defense: 6
Damage: 5-17
Health: 17
Initiative: 65
Speed: 9

Abilities: Harrass, Pack Hunter;

Axe Thrower:

Attack: 11
Defense: 5
Damage: 5-16
Health: 22
Speed: 4

Abilities: Battle Triumph, No Melee Penalty, Shooter;


Attack: 35
Defense: 26
Damage: 18-42
Health: 95
Initiative: 91
Speed: 11

Abilities: Flyer, Immune to Lightning, Thunderstrike;


Attack: 22
Defense: 17
Damage: 11-30
Health: 55
Initiative: 85
Speed: 3

Abilities: Caster, War Drums;


Attack: 35
Defense: 24
Damage: 22-44
Health: 175
Initiative: 20
Speed: 2

Abilities: Critical Hit, Massive Crush;


Attack: 75
Defense: 75
Damage: 55-125
Health: 300
Initiative: 4
Speed: 6

Abilities: Predator, Swallow, Tailstrike;

True Neutral:
Giant Owl
>Barn Owl
Magma Toad
>Magma Battle Toad
>Ogre Mage
>Siege Breaker
Dragon Rider
>Dragon Lord
Rust Dragon
>Corrosive Dragon
>Royal Mummy
>Killer Mantis
Flying Scimitars (summon)
Fire Elementals (summon)
Mosquito Swarm (summon)

Creature Abilities:

-Ambush (When attacking an enemy stack that can't retaliate and has an
ally stack standing next to it, this Creature ignores a large part of the enemy's defence)
-Arcane Bolt (Activated ability. Once per battle, arcane spirits can set off a Strike of Arcane Energy, that can hit any target on the battlefield, for a good amount of arcane damage)
-Arcane Studies (The mages have studies magic their entire Life, and they will allways go on studying. Each 7th day mages have spend with a hero/in a town, they learn 1 random spell from the hero spell book/the town mage guild)
-Astral Connection (Due to it's connection with the magical world, a fairy dragon regenerates a bit mana each turn)
-Bard's Tongue (Having a bard around decreases the cost of capitulation and increases the chance of troops joining you)
-Battle Dive (After selecting a target (direction sensitive), the creature will take to the skies for one turn. It will swoop down in the next, causing damage to the target and any other creature currently occupying any space in the row of the selected creature.
After this it will return to its spot on the battlefield.)
-Battle Triumph (When this creature finish off an enemy stack they get a strong Buff, making them MUCH more effective for the rest of the battle (mainly increasing damage, initiative, morale and attack, but quite much of them.) The Bonus is not cumultative!)
-Beastmaster (This creature gets a bonus of attack & defense against
beasts of any kind)
-Block Enemy Retaliation (No Enemy Retaliation for ALL creatures adjacent to Naga warriors)
-Boil (When a fire-water-elemental dies, it explodes in a burst of hot
steam, damaging the adjacent creatures. The damage goes up the HIGHER the enemy's defence is, and is multiplied by some additional multiplier if the enemy has "Armored".)
-Caster (This unit can cast spells, it has mana and a spell book.)
-Chain Reach (Active Ability. Attack reach +1 of adjacent hex. Deals 30% lower damage but prevents enemy retaliation. Cannot be used to hit enemy stack at adjacent hex. Crippling Wound can still be triggered.)
-Chariot Charge (The More tiles this creature crosses on it's way to the target, the more damage it deals and with more then 3 tiles, there is a chance to stun the enemy for it's next turn, also preventing the
retaliation. this chance also increases with more tiles.)
-Clever one (Activated ability. 3 times a battle, sphinxes can use this ability to find the weakness of the chosen enemy stack. For this battle, the sphinxes will deal double damage against that stack.)
-Concentration (Each consecutive ranged attack against the same stack does 20% more damage. Concentration bonuses are cancelled if the Longbowman attacks or retaliates against a different stack or uses an active ability.)
-Constrict (This creature can wind around large enemies, preventing them form acting, and dealing them damage every turn, until' they manage to struggle it off . chance for that is 50% at first next turn of choked enemy, then increasing)
-Cover Fire (Once a turn, the Longbowman may choose a target friendly stack to cover. When an enemy stack moves to attack the chosen stack, the longbowman spends its retaliation to shoot the enemy for 25% normal damage before the enemy is able to attack and before retaliation.)
-Crawling (This creature can crawl over many obstacles and over walls, but it won't avoid things like rivers, moats, etc. nor can it travel over enemies)
-Crippling Wound (In a successful attack, this creature has an additional chance of decreasing the target's Speed (-50%) and Initiative (-30%))
-Critical Hit (This creature a 15% chance to half the enemy's numbers that it's attacking.
-Crystal Scales (Chance of Blidning an approaching enemy through
reflection, causing him to stop in front of the dragon instead of
-Dark Arts (Whenever someone else than the faceless casts a dark magic
spell, they regain a bit mana, depending on the spell - mightier spells will let them regenerate more mana)
-Dark Reconnaissance (Heroes accompanied by Infernal Troglodytes receive a temporary scouting bonus whenever the hero is underground.)
-Dazzling&Transparent (Attacks against the Crystal Golem are treated as if only 80% of the enemy stack executes them, 40-60% if it's a ranged attack, as it's hard to target being so shiny and they miss.)
-Death Growl (Once per battle, this creature can perform a Death
growl,scaring all living enemies in a certain range, decreasing their
-Death Scythe (After damage of a reaper attack is dealt, there is a chance that for each grim Reaper in the stack, one more creature dies)
-Defensive Combat (When using the defense command, the defenders' damage is increased for their next retaliation. this bonus is not cumultative)
-Destroy Mana (At the beginning of their turn, this unit will destroy some mana from the enemy hero)
-Devestation (Activitated Ability. Once per battle, the Destroyer can
invoke a massive destruction onto the battlefield, dealing physical damage to ALL units, war machines, walls, etc.)
-Disease (This creature is made of rotting flesh, and spreads diseases
onto living units adjacent to them)
-Divine Influence (This creature's Spellpower increases by 25% when affected by Light Magic. Different Light Magic spells stack, adding additional percentage bonus.)
-Double Attack (When attacking, this Creature strikes an additional time, after the enemy retaliation.)
-Dual Blade Sweep (This creature hits three tiles in front of them)
-Electric (This creature is electric, dealing additional lightning damage to all enemy units it passes or attacks)
-Echanted Armor(Granted +20% protection against magic and spell damage. The damage reduction is calculated after the initial damage calculation.)
-Faith Drain (The attack of this unit dispels positive magic effects and lowers Morale. That is the power of the Grim Reaper - anyone attacked by one loses hope of getting away alive.)
-Ferocity (This creature has tasted blood. Whenever enemy creatures die as a results of this creature's attack, it receives an Attack boost.)
-Fire Breath (We knwo it, fire damage instead of physical one, and hits the tile behind the target, too)
-Follow (When an adjacent enemy moves away from Jaguar, Jaguar will follow and attack 'em)
-Flyer (This creature can fly over most obstacles and enemy units,
treading them as not existent)
-Flying Mode (Activated Ability. Griffin enters flying mode, suffering 30% more damage from range attack but can only be retaliated by another flyer, and increasing critical hit chance.)
-Foul Odem (The Hebin sets out a foul Odem, decreasing the enemy attack when attacking a Hebin)
-Fungal Spores (When this creature attacks an enemy, they leave spores in this enemy. Spores decrease enemy stats, and their effect increases every turn, while the spores spread in the enemy stack, up to a certain maximum)
-Gaze (Cannot shoot through obstacles)
-Gluttony (When this creature kills the last creature in a stack, it will "devour" it, removing the corpse from the battlefield which prevents revival/resurrection.)
-Ground Holder (Immune to fear and knockback effects due to weight and discipline. Can be magically moved by a hero (Spell).)
-Guardian (THis creature's attack and defense are higher when fighting in a Siege)
-Guiding Light (The Holy Archer's ability to fire ranged attacks can not be reduced by spells and active abilities)
-Harrass (Instead of a normal attack, this unit can also perform a
harrassing attack, dealing less damage, but decreasing the enemy unit's stats for a while)
-Heavy Crush (Attacks by a Cyclops reduce the enemy defense by 10% for the rest of the battle (cumultative up to a malus of 50%))
-Heavy Strike (Attacks of this units can ignore a bit of the enemy
defense, though not much)
-Holiness (This creature has 150% attack against "evil" factions like
Abyss, Necro and so and has 150% defense against them.)
-Icon of Sin (the Incubus is the symbol of sinnery. With a stack of incubi present, all friendly evil creatures gain +1 morale)
-Immune to Dark (This creature is immune to all kind of Dark damage)
-Immune to Lightning (Any kind of Lightning damage is uneffective on this creature.)
-Impale (The long spikes impale any enemy coming to close. He will get
damage when attacking an abomination or when being attacked by it)
-Incorporeal (This creature is incorporeal so any non-magical attack
against it has only 50% chance of inflicting damage and friendly creatures can pass through this creature, as well as it can pass through many obstacles and walls.)
-Intervene (If enemy flyers try to fly over or pass this creature, it will intervene, attacking them and, by that, stopping them from moving on.)
-King of the Skies (All enemy flying creatures receive -1 to morale and -5% Initiative.)
-Large Shield (+25% defense against range attacks)
-Life Drain (Activated ability, can be used unlimited. Using this ability the vampires can target any living stack. They deal less damage than in a normal attack, but this damage is converted to Hit Points 1:1, used to heal and even ressurrect themselves.)
-Mana Channel (If hero has no Mana left, but the Dwarven priest has, the Priest can use this abiltiy to give all it's mana to the hero)
-Mark the Heretic (The Zealot attacks mark it targets, making them more vulnerable to the attacks of friendly creatures. Each Zealot stack may mark only one enemy at a time (marking new target remove the older mark), and each enemy may be marked by only one mark at a time (new mark replace the older one). The mark is also removed if the Zealot stack is completely killed.)
-Massive Crush (This unit is capabl of attacking and destroying walls,
towers & gates)
-No Enemy Retaliation (Enemy Creatures cannot retaliate against his creature)
-No Melee Penalty (This creature with ranged attack does not deal less
damage in Melee)
-"OhGodWhatIsThat?" (Induces fear in attacked units, making them run and not retaliate)
-Pack Hunter (When one unit with pack hunter attacks an enemy creature, each friendly unit with pack hunter in reach will do so)
-Pack Leader (Gives all Beasts under your commando the ability "Pack Hunter")
-Paradox Absorbtion (This creature gets no damage through fire or water, but even absorbs 50% of the damage into healing)
-Parasitism (These creatures can grow themselves onto a large enemy
creature any time. Every fungal turn, the enemy creature is damaged and the fungal is healed, including ressurection. The fungal has no other option of acting. The enemy creature and other enemy creatures can attack the fungal creature, still. However, ANY external damage (not coming from this ability) goes half to this creature half to the enemy it's parasiting. The ability lasts until half of the fungal creatures or the enemy stack are dead.)
-Patience (Whenever this creature waits or defends, it increases the
damage for her next melee attack or retaliation by 25%.)
-Patronage (This creature will assault any adjacent enemies that attack friendly units.)
-Piercing Strike (The Crusher reduces the opponent's Defence by substracting it with his own Attack value. If the enemy's defence is reduced beyond zero, the attack is guaranteed to inflict Crippling Wound. The defense reduction is temporary and is negated after the Crusher has finished his attack.)
-Pinning Throw (The ranged attack of this unit has a small chance to
prevent the enemy from moving in their next turn, pinning them to the
-Predator (After having killed a stack, it's possible that this unit will loose their next turn and stay at the corpses to feast)
-Rain of Arrows (Can three times per battle target one hex tile. This tile and all surrounding tiles are hit. Any stack hit gets 50% of normal ranged damage of this creature.)
-Random Blessing (Can cast, for a cost of a bit mana, cast a random
blessing on a chosen friendly unit)
-Random Curse (Can cast, for a cost of a bit mana, cast a random curse on a chosen friendly unit)
-Reflect Magic (This creature reflects spells cast on them onto a random target)
-Rise from the Ashes (When phoenixes of yours had died in a battle, and you won that battle, the phoenixes are revived after battle)
-River Blessing (Once per battle, the Nymph can put a blessing onto a
friendly unit, that will heal the unit a bit each turn)
-Seduce (These creatures are beautifull females, which can seduce enemy males. Seduced males are under the control of this creature for a while. This creature cannot act but you control the enemy unit)
-Searing Aegis (The Holy Archer fires an imbued arrow into an unoccupied Hex, engulfing the Hex in holy flames. Any non-allied creature passing through the Hex receives Fire damage equal to the Holy Archer's normal damage. Allied creatures occupying the Hex receives a Flame Shield ability that deals Fire damage to creatures attacking it. Searing Aegis does not disappear over time, but can be targeted and removed by Cleansing abilities and spells.)
-Shadow Bolt (This creature's ranged attack's damage is Dark damage, not physical. And has a chance.)
-Shatter Armor (The heavy weapon of this unit crushes enemy armours. Takes "Armoured" ability from attacked enemy. Enemies without that ability get a defense reduction of 25%)
-Shooter (This creature can perform ranged attacks, as long as it has
-Shriek (Once per battle. Harpies can use half their turn to let out a
loud shriek. All hearing units (friend or foe) within range are afflicted by "Harpy Shriek" and are unable to move, retaliate or use abilities or cast spells in any way (e.g. not even Lizard Bite or such passive abilities). When it's their turn, they skip that turn and the "Harpy Shriek" effect wears off (effectively all hearing units are useless and vulnerable for one turn).)
-Singing (Allows the bard to play one song per battle. He has Song of
Courage, of Vengeance, of Terror, of Peace and of Rest available.)
-Skeletal body (Ignores 50% of ranged damage because the projectiles fly through the skeletal body)
-Smite (Holy power leave enemies dazed. This unit has a chance to reduce the enemy's initiative by half, but only for 1-2 turns)
-Soul Escort (Each friendly living creature dying will heal a stack of
Valkyries for 25% of it's max health.)
-Strike and Return (When performing a melee attack, this creature returns to it's former position afterwards)
-Spider Venom (When a spider attacks, it inflicts the enemy with a wicked poison, dealing damage every turn)
-Steam (The dragon can, once per battle, blow off his hot steam, dealing air/water/fire damage to all adjacent fields, hurting all units standing there)
-Sting (This creature has a poisonous sting, which will sometimes work in an attack. An enemy poisoned by this creature is slowed Down and it's defense is reduced)
-Stone Claws (Gargoyle melee attacks ignore part of the enemy defense)
-Swallow (When attacking small creatures, additional to the damage dealt, each T-REx may swallow one of the creatures [small chance], thus killing it directly)
-Swift Retaliation (This creature retaliates before the enemy strikes)
-Tailstrike (When an enemy unit stands behind this unit, there's a small chance that this unit will attack it for 50% damage with their tail)
-Swimming (This creature can move freely through water-moats and
water-obstacles like rivers, ponds & lakes)
-Teleport (This unit moves directly to the target hex when moving, thus it does not care at all for ANY kind of obstacle, unit, wall or anything in the way)
-Thunderstrike (When this creature attacks, sometimes a Lightning strikes from above, hitting the target creature)
-Touch of Darkness (Activated ability. This creature performs a melee
attack like it would normally, but instead of dealing damage, the target creature loses a turn and has 1-3 random curses cast on it.)
-Turtle Shell (When Defending, the turtle retreats into it's shell, and the Rider follows as best as possible. Defense command has double effect on this creature)
-Underground Approach (This unit can, if you wish, not begin the battle with your units, but appear on ANY pre-chosen tile of the battlefield (without an obstacle, wall, etc.), some turns later. Any creature standing on that Tile will be damaged and pushed away. The appearing costs the worms their turn...)
-Unlimited Retaliation (This creature can retaliate unlimited times)
-Vengeance (When retaliating, the Custodian will also inflict a free
random Curse upon the enemy which attack them)
-War Blessing (Activated ability. Once per week, on the Adventure map, the Priests can use this ability to enhance all units' stats (probably Defense, morale or such, maybe maxHP a bit) for the next battle)
-War Drums (The shamans play on their special drums of war all the time. All friendly stronghold units in range of the drum sound will receive a bonus on their attack.)
-Whirlwind (Once per battle, this creature can perform a melee attack that strikes all units around them)
-Wraiths' Curse (Once per battle, the Wraiths can target an enemy creature and make it shiver in fear, lowering it's morale highly)

still need sortin or reforming the phrase:
-Arcane Presence - Gives the hero a spellbonus for every x number of
friendly Arcane Spirits on the battlefield.

-Spiritual/Astral Body (name to be changed. Takes less damage from
physical attacks but more from magic & non-physical attacks)
-??? (Chariot ability, same effect as ride-by-attack in H5)
Fastball - use small Core units as ammo for throwing, just like in H5!
Damage depends on the thrown creature's attack and HP.

--Bard Songs--
-Song of Courage (Activated ability, once per battle. When used, all
friendly units get a huge morale boost for some turns)
-Song of Peace (Activated ability, once per battle. When used, NO unit can
attack this turn.)
-Song of Rest (Activated ability, once per battle. When used, all friendly
units are cleasned from any negative spell or ability effect.)
-Song of Terror (Activated ability, once per battle. When used, all enemy
units get a morale penalty for some turns)
-Song of Vengeance (Activated ability, once per battle. When used, all
friendly units get a damage boost for some turns)

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted January 28, 2012 11:45 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 16:20, 22 Jul 2012.

Hero Skills and Classes

Neutral Hero Classes:
General (might-based)
Enchanter (Magic-based)
Freelancer (AdventureMap-based)
Cruormancer (Magic-Might-hybrid)
Monk (no focus)

Advanced Classes:
at a level up, you can choose an advanced class for the hero, if he/she meets the prerequesites of the certain class. Each class has 3 skills as prerequesites, all of them must be at least at Advanced Level.
Advanced Classes give acces to some Unique perks each class (6-10).

The Advanced Classes:
Alchemist (Metal Magic, Enlightenment & Anti-Magic)
Aquamancer (Water Magic, Sorcery & Navigation)
Arbomancer (Wood Magic, Art of War & Estates)
Archmage (2 Elemental Magic Skill & Light or Dark Magic)
Assassin (Dark Magic, Scouting & Rush)
Barbarian (Battle, Offence, Antimagic)
Beastmaster/Beastlord (Wood magic, battle & nobility)
Captain/Admiral/Sailor (Navigation, Scouting, Leadership)
Conqueror (Offense, War Machines & Estates)
Dark Knight (Leadership, Dark Magic & Offense)
Demon Hunter (Light Magic, Battle & Battle Lore)
Demonologist (Dark Magic, Sorcery & enlightenment)
Dragon Hunter (Battle Lore, Water Magic & Art of War)
Elementalist (2 elemental magic skills & Sorcery)
Explorer (Logistics, Navigation & scouting)
Ferromancer (Metal Magic, Defense, Offense)
Field Marshal (Leadership,Offense and Art of war)
Forgemaster (Defense, War MAchines & Estates)
Geomancer (Earth Magic, Enlightenment & Defense)
Greycloak (Light Magic, Dark Magic & Anti-Magic)
Guild Master (Estates, Scouting & Sorcery)
Heretic (Dark Magic, Battle & Estates)
Illusionist (Water Magic, Sorcery & Dark Magic)
Inquisitor (Light Magic, Fire Magic & Leadership)
Knight (Leadership, Defense & Offense)
Lich (Dark Magic, Earth Magic & Sorcery)
Lord (Nobility, Estates & Leadership)
Magelord (Nobility, Sorcery & Diplomacy)
Merchant (Estates, Diplomacy & Navigation)
Overlord (Nobility, War Machines & Battle)
Prophet (Enlightenment, Water Magic & Sorcery)
Protector (Defense, Leadership & Anti-Magic)
Pyromancer (Fire Magic, Battle & Offense)
Ranger (Battle Lore, Scouting & Wood Magic)
Rebel (Rush, Art of War & Diplomacy)
Reaver (Battle, Rush & Leadership)
Sage (Enlightenment, 1 Magic School & Sorcery)
Seer (Enlightenment, Art of War & Scouting)
Siege Master/Siege Engineer (War Machines, Rush & Fire Magic)
Slayer (Battle, Offense & Art of War)
Sorceror (Sorcery, 1 magic school & battle)
Summoner (1 magic school, Nobility & Leadership)
Thief (Scouting, Logistics & Art of War)
Tyrant/Oppressor (Dark Magic, Estates & Offense)
Witch (Sorcery, Scouting and Wood/Earth magic [to be decided later!])


At level-up, some skills are shown and 1 can be chosen.
There is no limit on how many skills a hero can have.
For each main skill, a hero can have a maximum of 10 sub-skills.
Main Skills have 5 levels: Novice, Veteran, Master, Grandmaster, Legend
Some sub-skills will have levels, but less than 5.

Wood Magic
-Rainbow Walker (Increases the effect of "4-leaf-Clover/Fortune" and
"Summon Leprechauns")
-Season Magic (Improves "Autumn's Touch" & "Bloom/Spring") [Note: could also effect "Nature's Boon", maybe)
-Soul of the Trees (Improves "Briar Wall" & "Summon Wood") [Note: could also effect "Bridge" maybe)
-Toxic Swarm (Improves "Wasp Swarm", by adding it a stunning or poisoning effect)

Metal Magic
-Lore of Erosion/Lore of Rust (Improves "Rust" and "Quicksilver")
-Lore of Metallurgy/Lore of Magnetism (Improves "Treasure Hunt",
"Precision" and "Deflect Missile")
-Lore of Sheen (Improves "Silver Tongue" and "Summon Mithril)
-Lore of Shredding (Improves "Impalement" and "Summon Flying Scimitars")

Fire Magic
-Ashen Veil (Highly Improves "Smoke")
-Burning Sensation (Improves "Battle Heat" and "Frenzy", and maybe "passion")
-Flame Caller (Improves "Fire Strike" and "Fire Ball")
-Zest of Conflagration (Improves "Searing Aura" and "Pyrosphere")

Water Magic
-Frost MAgic (Improves "Frost Ring" and "Frost Bolt")
-Mana Well (Improves "Gift" and "Mana Fountain")
-Sea Magic (Highly Improves "Good Currents")
-Variation/Turbulence (Improves "Confusion/Forget" and "Flexibility")

Earth Magic
-Grounder (Improves "Grounding" and "Anchoring Ground") [Note: Could also
effect Landslide or Slow]
-Sediment Mastery (improves Landslide and Slow)
-Stone Forming (improves "Stone Skin" and "Stone Blade")
---one missing?---

Dark Magic
-Manipulator (Improves "hate" and "Sorrow")
-Master of Concealment (Improves "Hide/Cloak" and "Shadow Aura")
-Master of Curses (Improves Curse and "Fear")
-Terror Swarm (Highly Improves "Summon <X> Swarm")

Light Magic
-Blinding Magic (Improves "Blind" and "Da Ze")
-Glorious Slayer (Highly improves "Word of Light" [note: probably
enhancing it's target range])
-Master of Blessing (Improves "Paragon" and "Bless")
-Master of Virtue (Improves "Glory", "Joy" and "Dauntless")

Arcane Refinement
-Arcane Barrier (increase the cost of spells cast by enemies)
-Channeling (Can spend a turn to fully regenerate mana)
-Enduring Spells (Increases the number of turns your spells keep effective)
-Mana Regeneration (Doubles Mana Regeneration)

Gives troops under the heroes command a bonus to attack.
~With no prerequesite (except you of course need the main skill)
-Archery (increases your troops' ranged attack/Damage)
-Battle Frenzy (Strong damage increase on cost of defense loss)
-Melee (increases your troops' melee Damage)
-Preparation ("Defend" becomes "Prepare" command, increasing attack instead of defense)
~With one Basic Offense Sub as Prerequesite
-Battle Pride [Battle Frenzy] (Units under the hero command gain an attack bonus based on the strength & number of friendly units adjacent to it having died this round. The bonus is redetermined every round!)
-Calculated strike. [Preparation] (Creatures have the active ability to lose half of their move, but gain the ability to ignore a % of enemy defense)
-Curtain Fire/Stopping power [Archery] (Ranged attacks of your troops
reduce the enemy movement/speed by 1)
-Overwhelm/Flanking [Melee] (When 2 or more of your units are adjacent to a small enemy unit, the enemy unit has a chance not to be able to perform their turn)
~With two Basic Offense Subs as Prerequesite
-Aim [Archery&Preparation] (When using "preparation", your units do
maximum damage on ranged attacks for X turns)
-Push back [Battle Frenzy&Melee] (when your units meelee-attack an enemy, if possible, they move back this enemy in the opposite direction from which they attacked, and take their position)
With Advanced Offense Sub/s as prerequesite
-Battle Triumph [Battle Pride] (For every battle won by the hero this day, units under their command gain +1 morale until the beginning of the next day)
-Disarming [Calculated Strike] (Attacks by your units have a chance to
reduce the enemy attack)
-Ranged Support [Grandmaster Offense + Curtain Fire +
Preparation/Calculated Strike] (When one of your units attacks an enemy in melee, there is a small chance that one of your ranged unit swill also attack this enemy, before the enemy retaliation. The ranged unit will still loose their turn on this action) {note: of course the turn loss could also not be in}
~With Cross-Skill Prerequesites
-Battle Prince(/ss if the hero is female) [Expert Defense + Expert Art of War] Permanently raises attack and defense of the hero.
-Dazzling blades [Light Magic(->Blinding Magic?)] (Chance for any melee attack to slow or stun enemies. Does not work on retaliations.)
-Erosive Strikes [Metal Magic->Lore of Erosion/Lore of Rust] (Attacks by your units have a small chance to decrease enemy defense)
-Grief Strike [Dark Magic->Master of Curses] (Your units have a small
chance to put "curse" on enemy units when attacking them)
-Offensive Tactics [Advanced Scouting] (as we know it, but it only
increasees the placement radius when the hero is in the offense)
-Opportunist [Grandmaster War Machines]
-Pushing Onwards/better name [Grandmaster Offense + Melee + Battle Frenzy + Grandmaster Leadership + Grandmaster Rush] (Whenever dealing damage through attacking (not retaliation, abilities or casting!) your units have a chance of X% to do an additional strike on that attack. X = ((<damage dealt>/n)/<number of strikes allready performed on that attack>/<unit tier> {n will be determined when we know more about stats and hwo much damage an attack deals} {prerequesites could be altered a bit.}
-Relentless Assault [Legend Offense + Battle Pride + Grandmaster Rush + Adrenaline Rush] (Attack for one creature stack increases for the rest of the turn based on the # of creatures killed in an attack made by the creature stack under your control/ n*2 (the number of creatures you attacked with). High tier creatures gain two retaliations until the end of the turn if they kill X creatures in one attack (Number is lower as the hero levels up))
-Sensation of Battle [Fire Magic->Burning Sensation] (Each time units of you attack, they gain +1 morale for 3 turns. THis effect can cumulate up to +2)
-Vengeance [Master/Grandmaster Defense & Battle Pride] (When enemy units attack one of your units who still has their retaliation, not only this unit will strike back at the enemy, but every unit adjacent to that enemy, as long as they have a retaliation left)
-Witch Hunt [Mage Bane] (Your units deal double damage to caster units)

Increases the effect of "defense" command for friendly troops when the
heor is present in battle.
-Evasion (Reduces damage taken from ranged attacks)
-Fortitude/Steadfastness (Increased defense to all attacked friendly units (that didn't move in the previous round.))
-Parry (Reduces damage taken from melee attacks)
-Resistance (Decreases damage taken from spells)
~One Basic Prerequesite
-Counterstrike [Parry] (Gives all your units an additional retaliation)
-<XYZ> Impervious [Resistance] (Exists in variants for any form of non-physical damage (so <XYZ> can be fire, arcane, etc.), decreasing the damage your units take from this damage - not only from spells but also by units using this damage type!)
-Ranged Retaliation [Evasion] (Allows your ranged units to retaliate against ranged attacks.)
-Vitality [Fortitude/Steadfastness] (Slightly increases the max-HP of all of your units.)
~More than one Basic Prerequesite
-Endure [Fortitude+Resistance] (Your units take only X% damage from any spell, effect and ability that deals damage over a number of turns (liek poison and such...)) {Variant: An extreme variant would be X=0}
-Warding stance [Evasion&Parry] (Increases the basic defense (before anything else, like hero defense, other skills, artifacts, etc. come in) of units by X)
~At least one Advanced Prerequesite
-Prevent [Warding Stance + Resistance + Parry] (Passive attack abilities of an enemy are less effective.)
-Ranged Aid [Ranged Retaliation] (When a friendly unit is attacked without having a retaliation left, the closest friendly ranged unit with a retaliation left will perform the retaliation for the attacked unit, as if the attacker had attacked the ranged unit.)
-Revenge [Counterstrike] (The damage dealt in your retaliations gets a bonus which is dependant on the damage dealt in the retaliated attack)
~With Cross-Skill Prerequesites
-Anchorman's Stand [Veteran Navigation + Buccanneer] (The enemy cannot move your units through non-magical or magical means during ship battles.)
-Defensive Tactics [Advanced Logistics]
-Game of Smoke [Evasion + Master Fire Magic + Ashen Veil] (Your units cannot be targeted for range-attack by enemies on long range.)
-Glorious Defense/better name [Fortitude + Parry + Valor(Leadership)] (Your units get their morale value added to their defense. This bonus is also doubled for 1 turn when good morale triggered.)
-Power through Pain [Parry+Master of Blessing(Light Magic)] (Whenever this unit gets melee damage, it gets a bonus on their damage)
-Protect Ally [Master Defense&Veteran Nobility]OR[Master Defense&Veteran Estates] OR [Master Defense&Protection(Battle)] OR [Master Defense&Veteran Leadership]??? (Allows your units to switch between "Retaliating" and "Protecting" in the ability menue. Units for which you choose retaliating act normally in battle. Units which are protecting will instead use up their retaliation when close friends are melee attacked, add X% of their defense onto the attack, and take half of the damage dealt.)
-Seize Chance [Counterstrike + Carefullness(Art of War)] (Whenever an enemy gets bad luck when attacking one of your units, this unit gets a free additional retaliation against this enemy.)
-Take Cover [Veteran Defense + Veteran War Machines] (Your units take X% less damage from Ballistas and other damaging war machines)

Increases the speed/movement of your units.
Basic Subskills
-Adrenaline Rush (Advancing units who use up their maximum movement points
receive a temporary %* boost to health (Duration: lasts one round, until
the affected unit's next turn))
-Gung Ho (Run) (The selected* unit spends an entire round resting (has to
wait, cannot move or defend, but retaliations don't count). In the next
round, the selected unit can move twice, but will lose this ability right
away upon attacking an enemy)
-Motivation (Units get a bonus on initiative)
-Sprint/Glorious Charge (When they have only moved, your units have a
higher chance for good morale to trigger)
Subs with one Basic Skill as Prereqs:
-Athletics [Adrenaline Rush] (If creatures did only move, their defense
gets increased for every 2 hexes they moved)
-Chain of Command [Motivation] (Your units get a bonus on initiative
whenever a creature of a higher tier is adjacent to them at the start of
the turn)
-Energy Saving [Sprint/Glorious Charge] (For each 3 movement points that
are not used in their turn, your creatures gain +1 movement in their next
turn -as long as they did move at all)
-Strike and Return [Gung Ho] (All your units who do not allready have it
gain "strike and return" on melee attacks, when they need no more than
75% of their movement for the atttack. Units with "Strike and Return"
gain no profit from this subskill)
Subs with more than one Rush-Sub as Prereq:
-Morale Booster [Adrenaline Rush + Sprint/Glorious Charge] (When good
morale triggers, your unit gains +1 movement/speed)
-Prove Yoursself [Motivation + Gung Ho] (When a slower friendly unit is
close to a faster friendly unit at the beginning of the faster unit's
action, the faster unit may perform a movement to any position in their
movement range and take the slower unit with them. Both units will use up
their action for this turn to do so.)
Skills with an Advanced Subskill as Prerequesite
-Commandment [Chain of Command] (Your units can sacrifice their turn to
grant a unit of a lower tier an extra turn which these can perform
-Inexhaustable [Athletics] (The Speed/Movement of your units cannot be
reduced by enemy spells or abilities)
-Patience [Motivation + Energy Saving] (For every 3 movement points not
used (if they moved at all), your units get an initiative bonus in the
next turn)
-Strike and Press On [Strike and Return] (Instead of just returning to
their original position with striek and return, your units get abel to
choose a position to move to after a melee attack. This position must be
in 50% of the movement range of the unit)
Cross-Skill Subs:
-Battle Ready [Army Scout] (On the first round, your units get a bonus on
-Cautious Advance [Master of Concealment] (Units gain +X% defense against
ragne attacks for 1 turn, for each hex they walked over)
-Charge [Prove Yourself + Energy Saving + Grandmaster Offense] (For each
tile moved in an attack, your units gain +2% damage for that attack)
-Fire Trail [Master/Grandmaster Rush + Master/Grandmaster Fire Magic +
Flame Caller/Zest of Conflagration] (For every tile your units move over,
they have a chance to incinerate this tile. Most units stepping over an
incinerated tile will take fire damge (not flyers of course).
Incineration lasts N turns, with N= your heroe's level in fire magic.)
-Into the Breach [Catapult+Motivation+Master/Grandmaster Rush] (When your
catapult crushes a wall, all freindly units standing adjacent to that
wall tile may immediately move)
-Path of Light [Blinding Magic + ] (On Melee attacks your units have a
chance of 2.5*(tiles they moved over on the attack movement)% to blind
the enemy unit for this turn (their next if they allready acted this
-Patronage(?) [Motivation + Protection] (When a unit of you is attacked,
the hero gets a one-time initiative bonus)
-Use every Opportunity [Grandmaster Rush + Grandmaster Art of War] (When
Luck triggers on your units, they may afterwards immediately make a move
(only movement!) with 50% speed - before the enemy retaliation)

Increases the Morale of your troops in battle.
-Peacekeeper (Reduces the penalty/penalties which come through having
units of different factions in the army)
-Pressure Resistance (When a friendly stack is attacked and has many
casualties, that stack gains a short-time damage bonus and its turn comes
quicker. Also better resistance to stun effects and displacement)
-Valor (Inspired by your hero's valor, your troops can never have negative

Art of War
Increases the Luck of your troops/their chance for critical hits.
-Arcane Prowess/Art of Magic (With this perk, positive Luck also applies
on damaging magic spells cast by your units)
-Carefullness (Decreases the chance of good Luck/critical Hits for enemies
fighting your troops)
-Tactial/Feint Maneuver (Increases the chance for %-based creature
abilities of units in the hero's army to trigger)

Battle Lore
Your troops get stat boni against certain unit types (because the hero
knows well about them). He can only choose types against which he has
allready fought. A hero beginning with this Skill also begins with one
random creature type they can choose.
-Know yourself (Battle Lore bonuses also apply when fighting against your
own kind [=1 decided creature type for faction, f.e. undead for necros])
-Their way of thinking.../Acquainted enemy (Units of the chosen type deal
much less damage to your troops)
-Reveal Vice (your units deal much more damage to the chosen creature type/s)

Increases the (land) army movement per day.
-Pathfinding (reduces the influence of difficult terrain)
-Restless March (Highly raises your AM-movement this turn, but until the
begin of your next turn, the max-HP of your units is reduced)
-Safe Retreat (keeps some of your units during a retreat)
-The show must go on! (Sacking friendly troops grants the commanding hero
additional movement points (+1 for each dismissed creature Something with
percentages =S).)

This skill increases the heroes movement on water.
-Boarding (reduces the movement cost of changing from water to land and
vice versa)
-Buccanneer (Gives your units a huge starting bonus on initiative (they
get a headstart in the first turn) when fighting on the sea)
-Ship Control (Activated Ability. Using this ability in a battle on ships,
the enemy units are all moved in one direction of your choice. This may
improve in effect and/or time it can be used with increasing "Navigation"
-Shipwright (reduces costs of ship building)

Increases the Sight Range of the Hero.
-Army Scouts (Increases the detail of information gathered about enemy
forces when they are in sight range of the hero.)
-Astrologer (At day 4 of a week, the next "week of" is revealed)
-Battle Scouts (The enemy will place their troops first in battle, and you
will see how they are placed)
-Espionage (Allows to send spies to enemy towns or heroes for free,
permanently oserving them, showing you their stats and troops in a spy
screen. number of spies a hero can send is limited, as well as scout

War Machines
Increases the effect of your war machines.
-Ammo Cart (Increases the effect of Ammo Cart and it's variants)
-Ballista (Increases the effect of Ballista and it's variants)
-Catapult (Increases the effect of Catapult and it's variants)
-Healing Tent (Increases the effect of Healing Tent and it's variants)

Decreases the number of EXP a hero needs for a Level-up
-Excursion - Gives an additional stat+ every X levels the hero gains)
-Intelligence (Increases maximum Mana by 50%)
-Learning (When chosen, this sub-skill allows the hero to choose 1
sub-skill of another main skill than enlightenment directly. This skill
won't appear when none such is possible)
-Visions (The hero will get randomly visions of some things, like
locations on the AM, enemy strength etc. The range, frequency and strength
(which things are shown) of the visions increase with SKill and hero

Lets some enemy creatures join you before battle.
-Defamation (AM ability. All hostile heroes within the area of effect (all
visible land or water surrounding a hero the hero who uses this ability)
suffer from negative morale. The effect lies on the area for one week.)
-Easy Money/Racketeering (If neutral creatures belonging to the same
faction as the player's starting town defeats an enemy hero,
the player will gain some money (does not affect the enemy player's
-Negotiation (Reduces Capitulation Costs)
-Respected/Good Repute/High Regard (Increases chance&number of creatures
joining the heroe, if they are the same faction)

Gives the hero's troops a magical Resistance against negative spells.
-Mage Bane (Your hero deals double damage against Caster units)
-Mana Vortex (Every (!) unit with mana on the battlefield, and both
heroes, loose a bit mana at the beginning of their turn)
-Reflection (when your troops resists a negative spell, there is a chance
of X% that the spell is even thrown back to an enemy stack)
-Spoil (The resistance for negative spells of your troops also applies for
the enemy now - but for positive spells)

Increases the damage a hero does in battle and allows him to get
might-based combat abilities. THese are learned when choosing a subskill
of "Battle".
-Archer/Aiming/Marksmanship (Increases the effect of Range-Based Battle
Abilities and the chance to gain such when increasing the level of
"Battle". Choosing this sub, you will definitely get a Range-based Battle
-Aggression (Increases the effect of Offense-Based Battle Abilites and the
chance to gain such when increasing the level of "Battle". Choosing this
sub, you will definitely get an offense-based Battle Ability)
-Trickery (Increases the effect of Stealth-Based Battle Abilites and the
chance to gain such when increasing the level of "Battle". Choosing this
sub, you will definitely get a Stealth-based Battle Ability)
-Protection (Increases the effect of Defense-Based Battle Abilites and the
chance to gain such when increasing the level of "Battle". Choosing this
sub, you will definitely get a Defense-based Battle Ability)

Increases the weekly growth of creatures in a town the hero has been
assigned, too (Normally, only 1 per hero).
-Fame (at the beginning of a week, a few core creatures of the heroes
faction will offer the hero to join him for free)
-Golden Tongue (Decreases the gold costs of creatures by a minor
percentual value)
-Heritage (THe Hero gains a minor artifact when choosing this perk)
-Majestic Presence (At the start of battle, a small percentage of the
enemy army (affected by leadership?)will join the player's cause,
provided that the player already have creatures of the same faction in
the army)

The hero gains a certain amount of Gold per Turn.
-Architecture (Decreases the gold cost of buildings when the hero is in town)
-Barter/er (Betters your rate of ressource trading when the hero is present)
-Mine Owner/Geology (The hero gives ressources every few days, depending
on his faction)
-Real Estate (Improves effects of adventure map buildings, including
-If a hero can learn a spell, is determined by his Spellpower and/or
-In a mage Guild of a faction, there is one spell school of which there
will definitely appear spells on every level. Otherwise, the spells
appearing are random
-In a mage guild there will appear 4/3/3/1 Spells at level 1/2/3/4

we have 7 schools:

Wood Magic:

Level 1:
-4-Leaf-Clover/Fortune (Increases units' luck)
-Autumn's Touch (decreases some stats with a minor value)
-Briar Wall (Kinda works like the Fire Wall, damages trespassing enemies)
-Summon Leprechaun (Summons a stack of Leprechauns)
-Wasp Swarm (Direct damage)

Level 2:
-Bloom/Spring/better name (Turns the battlefield into Grass as long as the
spell works.)
-Bridge (SUmmons a bridge over a river for one turn. EXPENSIVE!)
-Nature's Boon (Direct Heal)
-Summon Wood (Summons some Wood. Can only be cast once a day)

Level 3:
-Growth (makes a small creature Large and increases it's HP and damage
-Shrink (makes a large creature small and decreases it's HP and damage
-Spirit of the Ancients (increases morale, speed and damage)
-Summon Bridge (over a moat or some obstacles)

Level 4:
-Grow Wings (gives a non-flying target unit the "Flying ability". This
spell will also finish when the unit suffers fire damage)
-Summon Carnivorous Plant/Waspwort (Summons some Carnivorous Plants)
-Symbiosis (Two creatures are bonded. If either creature is attacked, both
creatures will retaliate. This effect only takes place if a) attacker is
adjacant to the second creature (i.e. the one not attacked but part of the
symbiosis) *or* b) the first and second creature are adjacant to each
other, *and* only if first creature has retaliation left. In case b),
second creature will move if necessary to perform the retaliation strike.)
-Woodwalk (allows a hero to travel through woods for the rest of the turn,
it still costs a bit more movement though)

Metal Magic:

Level 1:
-Impalement (Can be cast at any currently unoccupied tile. deadly spikes
protrude from the ground if an enemy crosses it, dealing moderate damage
and ending that enemy's turn.)
-Precision (Increases the ranged damage the target creature deals)
-Rust (defense-)
-Silver Tongue/Forgery (used in battle, it reduces the costs of Capitulation)
-Treasure Hunt (AM - Reveals all treasure Chests in an area around the
hero [about 2xsight range])

Level 2:
-Deflect Missile (Reduces ranged damge on target)
-Quicksilver (lowers ini and def)
-Summon Flying Scimitars (Summons some "Flying scimitars")
-Summon Mithril (Summons some Mithril. Can only be used once per day)

Level 3:
-Adamantium Soul (some blessing effect)
-Antimagic Zone (Nullifies any magic in the target area, as long as it lasts)
-Metal Shards (Direct Damage)
-Wall of Blades (Summons a wall onto the battlefield that deals physical
damage to anyone passing it)

Level 4:
-Iron Cube (Places a unit within a cube of iron, this cube has it's own
defenses and hit points, any attack or spell directed at the creature is
instead directed to the cube. The creature is trapped/protected inside the
cube and cannot move or use attacks or abilities on targets other then
itself or the cube.)
-Liquid Metal (summon in an area of ??? hot liquid metal,any creature
which walks in it is blocked 2 turns and suffer serious damage.Can be
summoned on occupied hexes(but not obstacles) affecting the creatures
which is summoned on.)
-Reflect Magic (When aspell is cast on target creature, it gets reflected
and cast on a random other creature)
-Splinter Rain (physical damage on all the battlefield)

Fire Magic:

Level 1:
-Battle Heat (Target unit will gain +1 speed for every attack it performs,
to a max of +3. The effect ends when the spell ends of, course)
-Fire Strike (The unit deals additional Fire damage)
-Passion (unit gains double strike)
-Searing Aura (All creatures adjacant to the target stack (friendly or
none-friendly) suffer moderate Fire Damage)
-Smoke (Places a hex of smoke on the battlefield, that can be passed
through, but counts as an obstacle for shooters) [maybe does not effect
big creatures]

Level 2:
-Cleansing Fire (Cleans from all negative effects)
-Fire Ball (Fire Damage on target tile and all surrounding tiles)
-Frenzy (Target unit will attack any close unit, be it friend or foe)
-Pyrosphere (creates a veil around the targeted stack that reduces damage
received from fire-based magic & attacks by 50%)

Level 3:
-Burn Ship (AM. Destroys an unused ship, highly damages an army on a used
-Conflagration (A very powerful but unreliable spell that hits three
random hexagons within an area of 7. The spell lasts for 3 rounds)
-Incinerate (does fire damage for X turns)
-Summon Fire Elemental (Summons some fire elementals)

Level 4:
-Armageddon (Direct damage for anyone)
-Drought (AM. Targets an enemy town. Reduces this town's growth for the
beginning for next week)
-Summon Phoenix (Summons some phoenixes)
-Volcano (Summons a Volcano onto the battlefield. The volcano lasts some
times and is a big obstacle. Each round it will target 4 random hexes on
the battlefield. a unti on such a hex will suffer fire and physical

Water Magic:

Level 1:
-Flexibility (Allows target unit to pass through friendly unit)
-Frostbolt (Ice damage)
-Frost Shield (slows down enemies attacking in Melee)
-Good Currents (AM. Can only be cast when on a ship. Highly increases the
hero movement on water)
-Mana Fountain (grants an allied unit a bit mana back)

Level 2:
-Confusion/Forget (Targets a ranged Unit, which looses their ability for
ranged attack)
-Frost Ring (Direct Ice damage to all hexes around the target hex)
-Gift (Creature gets a random stat bonus)
-Summon Arcanite (Summons some Arcanite. Can only be used once/day)

Level 3:
-Deep Freeze (Renders target immobile and more susceptible to physical
damage. Also does a moderate amount of damage)
-Hail Storm (area of a hex and 2 hex rows around it get massive
water/Physical damge)
-Healing Rain (small AoE, low-medium heal)
-Summon Water Elemental (Summons some Water Elementals)

Level 4:
-Flood (decreases speed drastically, may do some damage; large area, maybe
whole battlefield)
-Healing Mist (Creates a mist over a ? area, but centered on the creatures
that are inside of this area and follows them. Each round the spell
increases power slightly, starting with power 1*sp, then 2*sp, then 4*sp,
8*sp, and finally 16*sp. Can not resurrect creatures, or remove any
negative effects.)
-Phantom Army
-Whirlpool (AM. Summons a whirpool to a destination of you choosing (has
to be in water). The spell can be used to trap enemy vessels. If the enemy
tries to get past, it will loose troops and be put in a random spot on the
AM (not sure about the duration of the spell).)

Earth Magic:

Level 1:
-Anchoring Ground (Creates a patch of magical soil on the battlefield.
Friendly units can't be moved off it unless by own spell or teleport, and
enemy units get a movement penalty for passing through)
-Barricade (Creates a vertical 3-tile long barrier out of solid ground.
The barrer is destructible. Ranged creatures suffers a 50% penalty to
ranged attacks. Flying creatures are not affected)
-Grounding (Target enemy flyer looses the ability to fly)
-Slow (Decreases Ini/movement)
-Stone Skin (defense+)

Level 2:
-Landslide (Some form of direct damage)
-Shield (reduced hand-hand damage taken)
-Stone Blade (Units effected by this spell add X% of their Defense to
their Offense)
-Summon Stone (summons some stone, can only be used once per day)

Level 3:
-Earthquake (damages walls)
-Petrify (Turns target into stone, making it impossible for it to act or
retaliate. Also deals some damage)
-Raise/Animate Dead (Corpse Reviving)
-Summon Earth Golem (Summons some Earth Golems)

Level 4:
-Dullness (all special abilities of the unit, except movement abilities
(Fly, teleport, etc.) and some untakeable abilities, are inactive when
this spell is on the creature)
-Meteor Shower (Damage on an area)
-Stone Walls (In battle summons a complete wall row onto the battlefield
in favor of you)
-Travel Underground (AM--IF possible on the position the hero is, directly
travels between underground and aboveground. WOuld maybe use hero

Dark Magic:

Level 1:
-Curse (target deals minimum damage)
-Misfortune/Clumsyness (lowers luck)
-Shadow Aura / Aura of Darkness / Aura of Death (dealing Dark damage to
any creature attacking the unit under the spell)
-Sorrow (lowers morale)
-Summon [Spider/Bat/Rat/VErmin/Beetle/Locust] Swarm (Summons a swarm of
the little creatures)

Level 2:
-Bloodlust (+damage)
-Fear (Instead of retaliating, target creature will run away when
attacked; does not work on fearless creatures)
-Hate (Choose 2 creatures on the battlefield, 1 of you, 1 of the enemy.
They will deal double damage through attacks against each other)
-Hide/Cloak (The enemy do not see the hero on the AM, unless they stand
next to them, as long as the hero does not move after having cast this

Level 3:
-Death Ripple (Damages all units except of undeads&demons)
-Grimbolt (Dark Damage on single Target)
-Summon Wraiths (Summons some wraiths)
-Teleport (directly moves target creature over the battlefield)

Level 4:
-Curse of the Fallen (Damages an enemy unit on the base of the number and
strength of all living units which have by now died in this battle)
-Hypnotize/Puppet Master (gain control of enemy unit)
-Implosion (massive damage for single Target)
-Shifting (Gives the target of the spell the "Incorporeal" ability)

Light Magic:

Level 1:
-Bless (Target deals allways max damage)
-Dauntless (unit gains "fearless" ability)
-Da ze (creates a large, multicolored flash in a spot of the battlefield.
All enemy units not behind obstacles or other enemy units get (very)
small, non-percentage penalties to attack for a short time)
-Glory (AM. Raises the morale of the target army/town/etc. for 1 day)
-Joy (morale bonus, opposite of sorrow)

Level 2:
-Blind (Units cannot act or retaliate when they are blind)
-Dazzling Light (Creates orbs of light that circulate the target,
causing it to lose inititive (last one to move before new round))
-Paragon (target friendly creature takes a % of the damage dealt to all of
your other creatures for two or three turns)
-Word of Light (damages demons&undead, single target)

Level 3:
-Lightning Bolt (direct lightning damage)
-Martyr (Target Stack gets damage for other target stack, both friendly)
-Summon Glory/Spirit of Light (Summons some Spirits of Light)
-Vengeance (some form of direct damage that also takes damage dealt by
enemy in sight)

Level 4:
-Gleaming Beam (Releases three orbs of immense energy on the battlefield.
If an enemy creature walks onto any adjacent hexagon of one of the orbs,
it will reappear and dazzle the creature, effectively stopping it in its
tracks. Each orb can only be used once, but the spell remains in effect
until all of the three orbs are gone.)
-Glyphs of Neutralization (Target an area of 3x3, all magical effects are
neutralized, units inside cannot be damaged by magic spells. (if they
leave the area, the spells will return.))
-Guardian Angel (If all units in one stack would be killed in a single
shot, 10% of them survive. Works only once per creature stack per battle,
but lasts the entire battle, or until it is activated. Can only be cast on
one stack at a time.)
-Ressurrection (ressurrects units)

Schoolless Spells:

Level 1:
-Magic/eldritch Arrow (neutral damage)

Level 2:
-Dispell (dispells all spells on a target)
-Summon Gold (Summons some gold. Can only be used once per day)

Level 3:
-Town Gate (Teleports the hero to a friendly town)

Level 4:
-Dimension Door (Teleports the hero to a chosen location in range)


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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
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Section VI:

Adventure Map Buildings

Dwellings of Neutral Creatures
-Calebrin Hive: Allows you to recruit Calebrinoptreans.
-Centaur Stables: Allows you to recruit Centaurs.
-Clock Tower: Allows you to recruit Clockwork Golems.
-Corroded Cavern: Allows you to recruit Rust Dragons.
-Darkness Cavern: Allows you to recruit Black Dragons.
-Dragon Bastion: Allows you to recruit Dragon Riders.
-Dragon Crypt: Allows you to recruit Bone Dragons.
-Enchanter's Forge: Allows you to recruit Living Armours.
-Fencing Ground: Allows you to recruit Fencers.
-Golem Foundry: Allows you to recruit Iron Golems.
-Great Hive: Allows you to recruit Mantises.
-Gremlin Workshop: Allows you to recruit Gremlins.
-House of Wax: Allows you to recruit Candle Golems.
-Junkyard: Allows you to recruit Shajrin.
-Landing Bay: Allows you to recruit Ornethopters.
-Lunar Refuge: Allows you to recruit Werewolves.
-Mermaid Lagoon: Allows you to recruit mermaids. Exists only on Water.
-Nidhogg Spire: Allows you to recruit Nidhoggs.
-Palace of Brass: Allows you to recruit Efreeti.
-Palace of Lust: Allows you to recruit Succubi.
-Pyramid: Allows you to recruit Mummies.
-Redcap Mine: Allows you to recruit Redcaps.
-Regimental Halls: Allows you to recruit Pikemen.
-Rogues Den: Allows you to recruit Rogues.
-Ruined Tower: Allows you to recruit Ghosts.
-Shining Bastion: Allows you to recruit Angels.
-Siege Workshop: Allows you to recruit Rammers.
-Treetop Village: Allows you to recruit Pixies.
-Troll Bridge: Allows you to recruit Trolls.
-Volcanic Vent: Allows you to recruit Red Dragons.


Altar of Sacrifice
You can sacrifice either creatures or artifacts (which depends on your faction) to gain EXP here.

Tree of Knowledge
Gives a visiting hero +11 Level (one time). Sometimes these trees take a price for that, gold, arcanite or an artifact of certain quality.

Gives +1000 Experience on a hero's first visit.


Arcane Shrine
A visiting hero, if he is able to, learns a level 1 Spell.
Aethyr Shrine
A visiting hero, if he is able to, learns a level 2 Spell.
Magic Spring Shrine
Restores all your mp, than doubles them. Limited use (once per week?)


Arcanite Mine
Ressource: Arcanite
Gold Mine
Ressource: Gold
Lumber Mill
Ressource: Wood
Mithril Mine
Ressource: Mithril
Ressource: Stone


Gives you a great bonus on morale, but you loose all movement points you have left.

Faerie Ring
Gives +1Luck until next battle.

Fountain of Fortune
Gives -X to +Y Luck until the next battle.

Mushroom Circle
Gives you a great bonus on Luck, but you loose all movement points you have left.

Obelisk of Shadows
Gives +1 morale and some movement points for "evil" factions.

Rally Flag
Gives you +1morale, +1 luck until next battle and a few movement points.

Shrine of Hopes
Gives +1 morale and some movement points for "good" factions.

+1 morale on visit


Gives you a lot of movement points and a slight bonus on morale.

When visiting, the heroes Max Movement is increased for one week.

One-Way Monolith
Teleports an army from an entrance to a/the fitting exit.

Two-Way Monolith
Teleports an army from one monolith to another of the same kind.

Teleports hero to another whirlpool at the cost of X% of the weaker troops in the hero's army.

Skill-enhancing Locations
As long as you control one such location the respective skill is considered 1 level higher if applicable. (GM skills will not be bumped by a lavel, since they are already capped.) If it isn't applicable then the skill is bumped up by 10%. Also, if your hero does not have the skill, he is considered to have the basic level of the skill without it taking up a skil slot but he will lose this skill if you lose control of the building.
-Academy of Swords: Enhances your Offense Skill.
-Armor Master: Enhances your Defense Skill.
-Basalt Rock: Enhances your Resistance/Anti-Magic Skill.
-Battle Academy: Enhances your Art of War Skill.
-Captain's Log: Enhances your Navigation Skill.
-Erdacquaint: Enhances your Earth Magic Skill.
-Eternal Pyre: Enhances your Fire Magic Skill.
-Engineer's Guild: Enhances your War Machines Skill.
-Great Embassy: Enhances your Diplomacy Skill.
-Halls of Wisdome: Enhances your Enlightenment Skill.
-Hawkeye Tower: Enhances your Scouting Skill.
-Horseshoe Supplyer: Enhances your Logistics Skill.
-Lale of Metallurgy: Enhances your Metal Magic Skill.
-List Field: Enhances your Rush Skill.
-Lords Guild: Enhances your Leadership Skill.
-Pinnacle of the Divine: Enhances your Light Magic Skill.
-Shrine of War: Enhances your Battle/Fighting Skill.
-Stately Home: Enhances your Estates Skill.
-Temple of Shadows: Enhances your Dark Magic Skill.
-Tidal Shrine: Enhances your Water Magic Skill.
-Title Giver: Enhances your Nobility Skill.
-Tree of Yore: Enhances your Wood Magic Skill.
-Veteran's Lodge: Enhances your Battle Lore Skill.
-???: Enhances your Arcane Refinement Skill.


-Armorsmith: On first visit, a heroes Defense is increased by 1
-Collosseum: +2 Attack or +2 Defense (choosable in game) on a heroes first visit, if you pay X gold then - X can be chosen as 1000, 1500 or 2000 by who choses this building to be in.
-Fencing Guild: On first visit, a heroes Attack is increased by 1
-Library of Enlightenment: If your hero is considered to be worthy enough, then all four primary skills are raised by + 2. Once per worthy hero. What a worthy hero is would ahve to be determined.
-Memory Bank: Visiting heroes can forget a skill. (DECISION TO MAKE: price? one-time-use?)
-Obelisk of the Ancient Philosopher: On first visit, a heroes Knowledge is increased by 1
-Power Node: On first visit, a heroes Spellpower is increased by 1
-School of Magic: You can pay to increase either your power or knowledge by one. once per hero.
-School of War: You can pay to increase either your Attack or Defense by one. Once per hero
-Witch Hut: If possible (=if you have a free slot) you gain one Subskill when visiting the Witch Hut. During one scenario, each witch hut can only grant subskills of one main skill. Which it is is normally random, but can be defined in scenario editor.

Treasure Locations
Treasure Buildings are locations in which you can fight some units to claim a reward after the fight. Rewards can be Ressources, Artifacts, Skills (permanently learned), Spells (permanently learned), Units and even Heroes. Some buildings can have more than one level. Once a level is beaten, noone can fight against it anymore.

Abyssal Treasury
Guardian: Cerberi
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Bandit Lair
Guardian: Rogues, Harpies & Bowmen
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Cavern of Madness
Guardian: Beholders
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Crow Canyon
Guardian: Crow Swarms
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Cyclops Stockpile
Guardian: Cyclops
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Dragon Steamworks
Guardian: Crystal Dragons & Dragon Golems
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Fallen Cathedral
Guardian: Gargoyles, Cerberi, (Faceless?)
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Gate of Secrets
Guardian: Sphinxs
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Guardian: Red Dragons, Crow Swarms  & Werewolves
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Obsidian Crypts
Guardian: Gargoyles
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Guardian: Bone Guards
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Sacred Conclave
Guardian: Centaurs
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Sacred Spring
Guardian: Nymphs
Levels: ?
Reward: ?

Temple of Doom
Guardian: Grim Reapers, Wraiths & Abyssal Destroyers
Levels: ?
Reward: ?


Hill Fort
Allows you to upgrade your troops (for normal price).

Refugee Camp
Here you can hire a random Core creature. The hireable creature changes with each week.


Heroes can buy artifacts here

Den of Thiefs
Here you can pay a high price to one-time see full Thief Guild infos.

Reveals the Terrain & Buildings on the whole Adventure Map for a price. Comes in 4 variants: Sea Cartographer, Land Cartographer, Underground Cartographer, Legendary Cartographer (whole map).

4 armies of different players can stay in the sanctuary and not harm each other, nor be attacked from outside.

Seer's Hut
Can foresee the next "week of"s. Price???

Trade Post
You can trade ressources here for one rate better than at one of your market places (=as if you had one more).

-Buildings where you can get ressoruces once per week: which?
-Shrines of Magic: How name higher levels?
-Recruitment building for Kirins (postponed)

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posted January 29, 2012 12:06 AM

2. Falcons

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posted January 29, 2012 12:21 AM

1. Sanctuary

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posted January 29, 2012 08:44 AM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 13:23, 15 Jun 2012.

The World:

In the North West, we have Magis, the big continent in the Middle is Pius, and to the far south-East lies Nuktor.


Generally, it is not certain, which of the factions' beliefs is true - or if any of them is true at all, and if a god, or gods, or a spiritual energy, really exist - or are, well..."just a belief"...
Also, there is no common belief, but the factions have (in parts VERY) different beliefs, from atheism to all forms of Monotheism...

The Demonst (and their foolish mortal followers) all have the same
principle of belief: Each Demon Tribes worships one "Duke of Hell" as their unholy, powerfull god, obeying their wishes without questioning, or much hesitation. There are quite many of Demon Tribes, and thus, a whole lot of Dukes of Hell - it is said they be 666, in fact. However, most are not really mighty (quite a number of them even less mighty than many beings who are not worshipped) and have not many followers. Of this mass, however, thirteen of the Dukes stick out, possessing immense powers, and a huge number of followers each. These are Asmodeus, Baal, Falthas (also named Avatar of Revenge), Isary, Klithor, Kuruspar, Lucifer, Malustar, Nixiryth, Örtosh the Defiler, Rehzen, Thros and Vorl (----more to come!!!----)
Notable about the religion of the Demons is also the excessive use of any kind of sacrifice - as long as it's living beings, it can be sacrificed before a Duke, and almost all Dukes wish for a good number of sacrifices each day, to satisfy their lust for blood.

The Dark, shadowy dungeon are not only a mysterious and scary place, they are also a strange palce, for foreign folk, in a different way: their inhabitants are Atheistic, not believing in anything supernatural, but only in the rules of the world and the power of Magic - and Might.

Dwarves are largely agnostic, meaning they aren't sure if a divine being really exists, nor do they really care.
Dwarves were introduced to religion via other races, and while not
religious per se, dwarves are curiously enough a very superstituous
people and thus felt it nescessary to include "by whatever guides us" and "by the powers that may be (I dunno)" in normal-day conversation, just to "ward off" anything omnipotent or just to wish each other good fortune.

Dwarven priests are "earthly guides" whose jobs are to meddle in other dwarves' affairs.
They have conducted a "morality codex" that contains everything from "which swear-words to use when minors are present",
to "personal beard hygiene 101".
They also act as judges within the dwarven juridical system.

THe most inhabitants of Haven are Monotheists. They belief that there is one God, who has no name (names are to earthly for HIM), but is, by most, only called "the Creator".
The Creator is believed to be a lovefull father for his people, the
inhabitants of Haven, offering them salvation and forgiveness. On the
other hand, it is common belief he wishes everyone on this world to
worship him, and only him: Conversion is one of the main duty of a
believer in the creator. This goes as far as war: though a loving father to those who believe in him, the creator has no problem with coming to the "infidels" with fire and blade, facing them with the decision: Believe or Die

It is notable that, however, there are some other figures nearly
worshipped: the prophets, and the saints. THe prophets were
historical figures, who are believed to have spoken the word of the
Creator. Saints are historical figures as well, but unlike prophets, they are only declared saint after death, for different reasons, usually when having done something seen as very "worthy", and this declaration is allways an official one. Also saints do not necessarily hear and speak the words of the Creator.

For the hierarchy of the Creator's clergy, there is no single person as leader or central figure, but the religion's leading organ is the
Tribunal of Ascendance, which composes of a pack (11-20) of

The mages and the other inhabitants of the keep are  Monotheists, who belief in a male god they call Skynver". Over all, he is believed not to care much for the world he created, not meddling often in mortal affairs. However, there is nonetheless some kind of "heaven", where good followers of him go after death - and a hell for "bad" and "evil" people as well.

This religion has a central leader, the High Quandarian (High Quandarienne if female) who is also the worldly leader of the large Main Nation of the keep faction. It is notable that the position is achievable for both men and women, and is reached by being elected by the Council of the Nine, which only comes into being for this single election.

Most of the necromancers share a Monotheistic belief in the sexless god Mortis. There also is no other leader of that religion, all bow only before mortis, whose byname also is "The Mercyless Reaper", for mortis cares not for any mortal's deeds or regrets - they will take anyone, when their time has come.
Nevertheless, the Necromancers spend one entire hour each day in their prayers, sitting there in complete silence. Afterlife is commonly disputed by the necromancers, and the beliefs very different, form Death-Worshippers to those seeking to ultimately avoid it. However, it is kind of a common agreement that when you're Dead, you're dead.
Nevertheless the necromancers prefer to be existent in this world.

The beings of the Forest believe in "the Nebulous", a spiritual Energy present in all the world. They do not pray to it, though, allthough some groups swear for meditation.

The Sanctuary People belief the world was created by spiritual
, which still is present in the world. A long time ago, the
Ancestor Rakala rose to a demi-godess, almost an embodiment of
Nature, possessing a part of that spiritual energy. Now, she is the main object of worship in the Sanctuaries.
It is said that Rakalas greatest Strength are Magic, Cunning and Tricks - also form a mortal point of view she is awesome in everything, since she's a demi-godess after all - and that she is calm, but curious and even vengefull, if one in deed manages to make HER angry. Her followers believe, she still walks the earth, but she is both there and on a higher plane. Basically, she is in the "Heavens" and is sending a projection of herself to guide her people. She no longer exists in the world, but she does interact with it.

It should also be noted that the Sanctuary people believe that when you die, you become a part of the spiritual energy of the world again, and thus return into the circle of being...

The wild people of Stronghold are so far the only known big
Polytheistic Religion, having a Pantheon of many gods. All these gods, which are, by the way, in no family relatiosn to another (such is not the gods way), are led by the mighty Yahomen, god of War, Tactics, Sky, Wind and Hunting. He is said to be very muscular, tall, strong, hair is black, eyes are brown, He wears battle garb on his shoulder, but none on his chest. he has a spear made of air, an axe of stone, and a giant recurved bow that only he is powerful enough to pull back. When he appears to his followers, it is as a titan or a giant who walks from the clouds to the earth.
Another important deity is Rhyssh, goddess of law and the forge, garbed in (strangely) a Haven-esque style, she had a flowing robe that does not move with the wind, wears a blindfold over her eyes and caries what she forges to her chosen. If she appears without a weapon, then her blind gaze paralyzes her target as she smites them. The Goddess of order, law and the smith only appears to the most righteous and the most wicked, if at all. The blindfold is the only constant thing about her, as she changes as the law and her people change.
Also a wide-worshipped figure is the godess of Lust, Fertility and Fire, Lathane. She has long red hair, green eyes (flashing with innocence...), white clothes (not much that is ),a veeery nice body structure, is very sexy and has a white demonic smile.
And finally, but not least, there is San Somnus, god of Sleep,
Dreams and Wishes. ----Merged Description of gnomes and avi to be here----

The New Religion:
There is a new religion spreading over the world. More and more numbers of people, mostly those neglected or treated badly in their own culture and religion, turn to worship the Medusas who they few as a divine race. The medusas treat wounds of their believers, help them with their powers - which are indeed grand. On the other side, they, not daily, but not rarely either, demand sacrifices by their followers - and it need to be sentient beings, either captured, or of the followers themselves.
A strange thing about all this is that medusas were on this world quite a time, they were even known...and their cultural summer is long over.
However their followers believe they and all teh others just "realized" the divinity of the Medusas now, and it seems to make their devotion only bigger that medusas didn't play any role in the younger history.

The Matter of Politics in this world is a complecated one. Not every faction of the game is united, there are many nations across the three continents and the three seas. Here, you will find them - ordered not by faction, but by geography. I start out with Magis. Note also that some nations listed here are not really united nations but it is easier to view them like that from outside.

Also, first, an incomplete map with many of the important nations (but not all, and no underground at all...


Location: Northwest of Magis
Faction: Necropolis
Current Rule: Nesmos Strahl
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Nesmosw Strahl currently, a mysterious figure of whom not much is known
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Nortern coastline of Magis
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Rehzen
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Rehzen, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Sacred Empire of Agrynell:
Location: South Magis, except the grand forest inhabited by the Ramparts
Faction: Haven
Current Rule: Blessed Emperor Rolv Harring, in his late 50s
Rules of Rule: Ruled by a Blessed Emperor. The most renowned of the Emperor's sons becomes the next emperor.
Important Diplomacy:


((Note. changes to be made on this one!))
Location: Somewhere in Pius, partly above, partly below ground
Faction: Necropolis
Current Rule: ???
Rules of Rule: ???
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Northwest of Pius
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Asmodeus
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Asmodeus, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Kingdome of Oanborl:
Location: The Northwest of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: None, war for rule between the Assassin Order of Shadow Horn, and the Iron Eye, an Order of Warriors famous for their Archers ((note: maybe change this, since Stronghold has no archers???)). Both parties were highly respected by the former leader Duke Zvyngrad, who also had leading positions in both. The Duke died recently and under dubious circumstances.
Rules of Rule: -
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn:Truce/Cold War
-Eyre: Truce/Cold War
-Ferreth: Truce/Cold War
-Seudinnar: Peace
-Thule: Truce/Cold War
-Wyrmbern: Peace

Free State of Eyre:
Location: The Northeast of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: The 21 Grand Senators of Eyre
Rules of Rule: Ruled by the 21 Grand Senators of Eyre, who reach their position through a tournament.
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn: Neutral
-Ferreth: War
-Oanborl: Truce/Cold War
-Seudinar: Neutral
-Thule: Alliance
-Wyrmbern: Alliance

Free Land of Thule:
Location: The West of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: Rahl, Yahomen's Chosen
Rules of Rule: Yahomen's Chosen
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn: Peace
-Eyre: Alliance
-Ferreth: War
-Oanborl: Truce/Cold War
-Seudinnar: Peace
-Wyrmbern: Alliance

Tribe of Seudinnar:
Location: The Center of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: Chiefthain Gro-Malom
Rules of Rule: Ruled by a Chiefthain, which can be male or female
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn: Truce/Cold War
-Eyre: Neutral
-Ferreth: War
-Oanborl: Peace
-Thule: Peace
-Wyrmbern: Peace

Klithal Desert:
Location: East of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Klithor
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Klithor, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Realm of Chailhorn:
Location: The Southwest of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: Warlord Kolrigar
Rules of Rule: Ruling warlord is determined through a tournament
Important Diplomacy:
-Eyre: Neutral
-Ferreth: Truce/Cold War
-Oanborl: Truce/Cold War
-Seudinnar: Truce/Cold War
-Thule: Peace
-Wyrmbern: Neutral

Location: The Center of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: currently 18 local leaders
Rules of Rule: No central leader. If necessary, the local leaders gather and decide together, with mixed results.
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn: Neutral
-Eyre: Alliance
-Ferreth: War
-Oanborl: Peace
-Seudinnar: Peace
-Thule: Alliance

Protectorate of Ferreth:
Location: The Center of the Grand Pian Desert
Faction: Stronghold
Current Rule: Chiefthain Janaive (female)
Rules of Rule: No cetnral ruler, the cities are self-governed, and have a chiefthain only for relation with other nations and war.
Important Diplomacy:
-Chailhorn: Truce/Cold War
-Eyre: War
-Oanborl: Truce/Cold War
-Seudinnar: War
-Thule: War
-Wyrmbern: War


Location: Northern Nuktor
Faction: Sanctuary
Current Rule: King Typhon, a Cyclops
Rules of Rule: One ruler, holding the power firmly.
Important Diplomacy:
-Zuyl: War

Realm of Arkeol:
Location: On the "Needle" of Nuktor
Faction: Necropolis
Current Rule: ...
Rules of Rule: Ruled by A Group of Necromancers, with one being higher in rank
Important Diplomacy:

Nuktor Jungle:
Location: Southern Nuktor
Faction: Sanctuary
Current Rule: -
Rules of Rule: The sanctuaries here are not united into a nation, each settlement is more or less independent, the internal relations very different
Important Diplomacy:

---South Western Islands---

Kingdome of Lun:
Location: The 2 westernmost islands of the Southwestern Islands.
Faction: Keep
Current Rule: Queen Leuna, High Prince Dosen
Rules of Rule: Ruled by a monarch, switching by a King or Queen, switching with each generation. The monarch is advised by his/her successor, the High Prince/Princess
Important Diplomacy:
-Astura: Tense Neutrality

Location: one/some of the Islands which are dominated by the Keeps.
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Örtosh the Defiler
Rules of Rule: The Abysses are ruled by the Örtosh the Defiler, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Most of the Islands of the South Western Islands.
Faction: Keep
Current Rule: High Quandarian Noltaron, who is very old and likely to die soon
Rules of Rule: Ruled by a High Quandarian or a High Quandarian, who si also the religious leader. The position is achievable for both men and women, and is reached by being elected by the Council of the Nine, which only comes into being for this single election.
Important Diplomacy:
-Kingdome of Lun: Tense Neutrality

---Other Islands & Sea---

Baal Hadad:
Location: The big island in the North Eastern Sea
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Baal
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Baal, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Isle of Sorrow:
Location: ???
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Kuruspar
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Kuruspar, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: A small isles in the sea between Nuktor and Pius
Faction: Sanctuary
Current Rule: Archon Ossilis, a mighty Spirit
Rules of Rule: One Archon, holding the power firmly for a long while now.
Important Diplomacy:


Location: Underground
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Vorl
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Vorl, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Under Magis
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Nixiryth
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Nixiryth, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Underground, three big regions. Main Region Khalas'turn under Pius. Bola'thris under the Northern sea. Nan'drox under Magis
Faction: Fortress
Current Rule:
-Ceremonial Ruler: High King Horothgar.
-Khalas'turn: Protector Olfan
-Bola'thris: Protectorate of 7 Members
-High Guildmistress Proghine
Rules of Rule: they have a central ruler but he has no control, he is only - Ceremonial. Each region is effectively self-governed.
-Khalas'turn: Has a protector
-Bola'thris: Protectorate of 7 elected Members
-Nan'drox: The Masons guild is in charge, and itself has one leader.
Important Diplomacy:

Location: Under Nuktor
Faction: Dungeon
Current Rule: Council of Nox
Rules of Rule: Ruled by the Council of Nox, 5 members.
Important Diplomacy:


Location: On the Faraway Icy south pole of the World
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Isary
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Isary, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: a different dimension, entrances are all over the world
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Lucifer
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Lucifer, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:

Location: The Maelstrom is in the sea, but it truly is just a gateway to another dimension
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Falthas
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Falthas, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell

Location: A mass of land floating through the skies of the world
Faction: Abyss
Current Rule: Malustar
Rules of Rule: Ruled by Malustar, on of the 13 mightiest Dukes of Hell
Important Diplomacy:
Important Diplomacy:

Important Info: Duke of Hell Thros has no own nation, but has undercut a nation of a different faction (TO BE SEEN WHICH!!!)

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Known Hero
posted January 29, 2012 12:06 PM

2. any combination of creatures that fits the building in our eyes (=the combo is still dependent on the building!!!)

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posted January 29, 2012 12:13 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 17:48, 21 Apr 2012.

Section VII - Ambiance

Faction Architecture

Material: Metal&Stone
General/Main Colour: Black, Dark Grey
Shape: No tendency
Height: More High, but some flat
Roofs: Half-Domes
Ornaments: Many
Ornamental Motives: Torture&Pain, Lust/Sex, War/BAttle/Fighting, Death
Ornamental Patterns: Vines&Spikes
Miscallaneous elements: Pillars/Columns, Balconies, Courtyards
Pillars: Romanian
Window&Door Shape: Gothic&Archs
Statues&Gargoyles: Average
Building Arrangement: Very CLose, Wall to Wall
Streets: Paved with some Metal

Material: Metal
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: Underground=Cannot say, buildings are build into the cavern walls; Aboveground=???
Height: Underground=Cannot say, buildings are build into the cavern walls; Aboveground=???
Roofs: Cupolas/Domes
Ornaments: Frequently
Ornamental Motives: Monstrous beings, sacrifice, pain, torture, lust
Ornamental Patterns: Spikes
Miscallaneous elements: Intrusions, Balconies
Window&Door Shape: Arches
Statues&Gargoyles: Many
Statue Form: Mostly Knights
Building Arrangement: Underground=Cannot say, buildings are built into cavern walls. Aboveground=Very Close
Streets: A darkish, mist-like substance that sometimes emanate dim green and yellow "sparks".
The roads are basically magic, and lies somewhat elevated above the ground. looking like this, roughly

Material: Stone/Carved into caves
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: Cubic
Height: Medium-Flat
Roofs: Cupolas
Ornaments: Overweight
Ornamental Motives: Mining, Forging, Masonry, War, Family (in homes and clan halls) & Kings
Ornamental Patterns: Complex Forms & Rectangles
Miscallaneous elements: Pillars & Intrusions
Pillars: Romanian
Window&Door Shape: Rectangles
Statues&Gargoyles: Much
Building Arrangement: Depends on where in the town
Streets: Paved&Cobblestone

Material: Stone
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: 60%cylindric,40%cubic
Height: Medium Height Buildings
Roofs: Flat
Ornaments: Frequently
Ornamental Motives: Clerical Motives
Ornamental Patterns: Spiralic
Miscallaneous elements: Balconies
Window&Door Shape: Gothic
Statues&Gargoyles: Many
Statue Form: Mostly Knights
Building Arrangement: Depends on where in the Town
Streets: Gravel Roads

Material: Ivory & terrain-dependant
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: No Preferance
Height: Flat
Roofs: Pitch & Flat
Ornaments: Few
Ornamental Motives: Elements, magic and studying
Ornamental Patterns: Complex Patterns
Miscallaneous elements: Inner Courtyards & Bays
Window&Door Shape: Triangular
Statues&Gargoyles: Much
Building Arrangement: Spread, not close at all
Streets: Cobblestone

Material: Bones
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: Cylindrical
Height: Flat
Roofs: Pitched
Ornaments: Many
Ornamental Motives: Death and their Death God, and a few eerie motives of youth and beauty in the statues around the vampire-related buildings
Ornamental Patterns: Spiralic
Miscallaneous elements: Pillars
Pillars: Doric
Window&Door Shape: No Tendency
Statues&Gargoyles: many
Building Arrangement: CLose, but not Wall to Wall
Streets: Cobblestone

Material: many buildings are not "built" like one may think but created in/of that what the nature gives, the others are mainly made of stones
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: Cylindric
Height: most high, but some flat
Roofs: Cupolas/Domes, sometimes no roofs
Ornaments: few
Ornamental Motives: Rituals, Animals
Ornamental Patterns: Spikes, Spirallic
Miscallaneous elements: Balconies, Inner courtyards
Window&Door Shape: Arch-like structures, but more "Natural" twists to them.
Statues&Gargoyles: Average
Building Arrangement: spread, buildings tend not to be built to close to each other
Streets: Just pathways; some are more fancy though, with railings growing out of the trees or such. Also roads through the trees, where you walk inside them.

Material: Wood, Ivory & Mud
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: Cylindrical
Height: more high, some flat
Roofs: Domes
Ornaments: few
Ornamental Motives: Religious Elements, Spirits, Jungle Beasts
Ornamental Patterns: spiralic
Miscallaneous elements: Balconies & Inner Courtyards
Window&Door Shape: no tendency
Statues&Gargoyles: average
Building Arrangement: very close, wall to wall
Streets: cobblestone

Material: Wood&Mud
General/Main Colour: ???
Shape: no tendency
Height: Flat
Roofs: Flat
Ornaments: Some
Ornamental Motives: Hunting, War
Ornamental Patterns: Wavelike
Miscallaneous elements: Pillars
Pillars: ???
Window&Door Shape: No Tendency
Statues&Totems: Depends on where in Town
Building Arrangement: Very Close, Wall to Wall
Streets: Gravel&Mud

Unit Looks&Artworks

1. Shall there besuch buildings having multiple "levels" - when you defeat the first you may get something allready, but the true prize is lying  deeper (or higher, could be a tower as well, couldn't it)

2. Who can guard treasure buildings

Only one type of creatures each (+upgrades, that is)
any combination of creatures of the same faction (=the combo is still dependent on the building!!!)
any combination of creatures that fits the building in our eyes (=the combo is still dependent on the building!!!)

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Known Hero
posted January 29, 2012 12:23 PM

1. yes.

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posted January 29, 2012 01:06 PM

2. Cerberus seems obvious

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posted January 29, 2012 01:16 PM

1. Which building shall Cerberi Guard?

2. Which creature shall guard one for Dungeon? You can choose any dungeon creature including neutrals

3. Which creature shall guard one for Fortress? You can choose any fortress creature including neutrals

4. Which creature shall guard one for Haven? You can choose any haven creature including neutrals

5. Which creature shall guard one for Keep? You can choose any keep creature including neutrals

6. Which creature shall guard one for Necropolis? You can choose any necro creature including neutrals

7. Which creature shall guard one for Rampart? You can choose any rampart creature including neutrals

8. Which creature shall guard one for Sanctuary? You can choose any sanctuary creature including neutrals

9. Which creature shall guard one for Stronghold? You can choose any stronghold creature including neutrals

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posted January 29, 2012 04:01 PM
Edited by athas65 at 22:18, 29 Jan 2012.

7. Nymph, Satyr Beastmaster, Fairy Dragon, Pixie.


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posted January 29, 2012 06:04 PM

4. Haven: Centaur

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posted January 29, 2012 07:31 PM

9. Red dragon, Crow swarm and Werewolf. They don't have to all be in each one, but the strongest ones have all three.
*External Screaming*

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posted January 30, 2012 12:46 PM

@athas & gnomes: We're still at the MONO-creature buildings, thus, one of the creatures must be chosen. The other creatures can still be in, even together, but that in other buildings then.

1. Which building shall Cerberi Guard?

2. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Dungeon? You can choose any dungeon creature including neutrals

3. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Fortress? You can choose any fortress creature including neutrals

4. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Keep? You can choose any keep creature including neutrals

5. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Necropolis? You can choose any necro creature including neutrals

6. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Rampart? You can choose any rampart creature including neutrals

Fairy Dragon

7. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for for Sanctuary? You can choose any sanctuary creature including neutrals

8. Which creature shall guard mono-creature treasure building for Stronghold?

Red Dragon
Crow Swarm

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Known Hero
posted January 30, 2012 08:36 PM

6. Nymph

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posted January 30, 2012 10:47 PM

8. Crow Swarm

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posted January 30, 2012 10:53 PM

5. Boneguard
*External Screaming*

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