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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: What is the optimal battlefield size?
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Supreme Hero
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posted August 29, 2014 01:50 AM
Edited by TDL at 01:52, 29 Aug 2014.

I guess you are not really trying to figure out what the best option would be and rather discuss the malignant aftereffects of your encounters with the ghosts in the past. Let bygones be bygones, but no matter what you say about how obnoxious the "luck" part of the ghost ability was, it added strategic depth to both tackling them and having the enemy tackle them with them in your army. Those who say the chance part reduces strategic depth clearly never played poker and even if they did, they would not understand why it is a strategic game.

That said, such an ability should persist (after all, H5 was not the first game to include the ability -- minotaurs had a very similar ability in H4 and boy was it obnoxious) as there is valid reason to keep it in (both logical: ghosts are apparition, therefore resistant to physical damage with a chance of completely eluding it, and strategic). However, the ability should henceforth be updated to include downsides: for example, if ghosts are incorporeal (let's say, immune or very resistant to physical damage OR with a very high chance of receiving next to no damage due to the chance ability), they should be extremely susceptible to magic damage and elemental effects (see SUPERNATURAL for further influence). That would add even more strategic depth to their usage.

Ideally, since they are a core unit, they should have more downsides then let's say magic birds (who seem incorporeal at first glance), if a champion would indeed have such an ability, but still keep it without being too restricted/restrictive.

P.S. If wraiths are included and incorporeal in the next game, ghosts should be out of the lineup but that is just my humble opinion.

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Supreme Hero
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posted August 29, 2014 06:46 AM

You seem to have missed the parts where I said
  I don't mind risk analysis but this isn't strategic its just gambling.
  Incorporal could mean other friendly units can walk through it, or simply damage reduction from physical sources. It doesn't matter.
  I don't see how attacks going through them half of the time, but then not the other half of the time even makes sense. Its like they are incorporeal, but only 50% of the time -- depending on who won the coin toss
I hate repeating myself in arguements, but when I've already said the counter to your point, what else can I do?

I agree that wraiths/ghosts are redundant, but there aren't that many undead to choose from.
I wish I were employed by a stupendous paragraph, with capitalized English words and expressions.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted August 29, 2014 03:45 PM

minotaurs had a very similar ability in H4 and boy was it obnoxious

there was actually an incorporeal ability in H4, but it doubled physical defense. I read it also made them immune to binding, though I don't see what would be the benefit of attacking ghosts with mantises, especially when their retaliation will divide your speed by 2...

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