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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Sky map
Thread: Sky map

Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted June 14, 2015 08:41 PM

Sky map

As one of the ideas of Heroes of Might and Magic 8, to have even more gameplay ideas, I think a sky map should be made.

Basically, one should go at the mountains (by using an "over"terranean gate), buy an air craft and flow through the sky, similar to water.

Why all this?
*Sounds new, has been featured in small amount of games nowadays.
*Expands the gameplay and brings in innovations.
*Could be the cause to create faction tied to the sky (Ashan's Ylath faction).
*Two level maps, for newer Heroes games, sometimes feel a bit short.
*Could give Navigation more effects.
*Who can say no to battles in the sky?
*Could take out the H3's Skyship (Grail construction from Tower) and use it for transportation. Bet you felt surprised to construct that at your first times with H3.

From sci-fi part, one could claim that some ancient people (let's call them the Clouders), who had ties with outer worlds (outside Enroth/Axeoth/Terra/XEEN/VARN/Ashan, depending on which world is your favorite), wanted to explore beyond. They crafted machines running on magic and bred winged beasts. However, an internal rebellion between the Clouders, on how to reach the beyond realms (since they traveled the skies, but not outer space) caused destruction of Clouders, leaving only the workshops. Fortunately, experts were able to discover the paths to the mountains and find old blueprints on crafting machines, or the fact the winged beasts, believed extinct, were seen occasionally in the realms.

Even if it is not produced as an idea, can it be realized as a mod?

Anyway, what do you think? Does this have potential in your eyes?

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted June 15, 2015 11:48 AM

Well, it certainly intrigues me. I see some problems though:
-I think many HoMM-ships coudl dislike airships, unless they are quite magical, because any "technology" that was tried to be added into the game was not accepted that well.
-it could be a bit complex to balance it because if you do it logical, airships could land anywhere...and that would bust most maps' balance, certainly. This of course could be handled by airships being bound to certain places of entering them.
-the backgroudn story is a bit rough yet and I think rather than bringing ancients or such in, simply someone "inventing" the airships would be better.

But as I said, it does certainly intrigue me and having another map layer might be really nice.

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