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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Best three unit of evertimes
Thread: Best three unit of evertimes

Known Hero
Rest in Peace Juvia (48-499)
posted July 31, 2015 09:06 AM

Best three unit of evertimes

What you think wich is the top three best unit of evertimes? According to any game what you been played, Warcraft, Starcraft anything. For exemple here is my top three:

1. Urumi Swordsman (Age of Empires 3): Well efective Indian hand-to-hand soldier. It's the oly unit (I know), which cloud deal whit 5 times numerical superiority of enemy units!

2.(Shared) Behemoth (Might and Magic: Heroes 3): The Behemoth is a very strong creature perfect for brake the lines of the enemy.

2.(Shared) Maiev (Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne): Maiev have perfect abilityes meening on fan of knifes and vengence which make her the most efective hero in Warcraft 3.

3. Zergling (Starcraft): Quick moweing unit which have the ability that makes from on egg two Zergling births. This way Easy to accumulate large armies from this unit.

So What you think wich is the top three best unit of evertimes?

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted July 31, 2015 10:19 AM

Only two units will ever top my list: Col. Xiao and Astrid "Carrier" Laurent, sniper and support in my first X-COM playthrough. Xiao was the greatest Sniper to have ever lived but the fateful day during the mission "rising star" she was Killed in action. It was also where Laurent (who had been around for a good while, picking up kills here and there but never standing out much) began her path to become the greatest soldier mankind has ever seen, culminating in sacrificing herself in order to save the planet. You are both forever in my heart

for third place... Dragon flies from H3 is a big personal favourite.
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Legendary Hero
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posted July 31, 2015 10:45 AM

I... never played RTS so much to know the true usefulness of units, and in TBS I choose units I like...

Pardon my noobishness

1. (If we count mods) Norman Barons (Milites Normannorum) Medieval II: Total War: Bellum Crucis; Awesome unique units to Sicilians and English, these are a beast of early cavalry that crushes everything in their part, they even cause fear.
1. (If we don't count mods) Norman Knights Medieval II Total War; Unique to Sicilians, they are a great unit of early cavalry, still pretty powerful.
2. Pit Lords in Heroes V
3. Teutonic Knights in Age of Empires II because they're OP.
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Supreme Hero
posted July 31, 2015 11:25 AM

1. Tanya from the Red Alert series

2. Heroes IV's Black Dragons

3. AoE II's Teutonic Knights are indeed pretty awesome
Can you make a faction including these units?
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Legendary Hero
Scourge of God
posted July 31, 2015 03:03 PM
Edited by Tsar-Ivor at 15:26, 31 Jul 2015.

1. Knights of Dol Amroth in Rise of the Witch-king BFME 2. 3 battalions of these bad boys can reduce your fortress to rubble in a blink of an eye, beasts, and they do it in style.

2. Grand Elves Heroes 3. 'Manly' elves that don't look like frigging dandies, also a sweet sword to boot, that combined with being badasses.

3. Fetch, Myth the Fallen Lords, you have had to have played the game to fully appreciate these guys, each mission you're given a hand full of units to control (less than 30 most of the time) and these mofos can reduce a dozen of them to ash in a blink of an eye, no other unit made me ready myself for the auto-load like these galls. A small demo of what they do to your toughest units. Not to mention the best death animation ever.
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