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Heroes Community > Summoners Academy > Thread: New Non-Legendary Creature Ideas
Thread: New Non-Legendary Creature Ideas This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · «PREV

Supreme Hero
Tutto è possibile
posted October 05, 2017 07:49 PM

Bragjul said:
Thanks mate! But what does it mean "+QP" ?

"The Erwin is out there as they say once in a while lol" - Verriker.
A felt change of consciousness - Markkur.
Use this code in Creature Quest! t2QEc#j7h

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted October 06, 2017 01:35 AM

New large creature idea:
headless squire/Headless knight/Dullahan
Special: Secretly curses an enemy, when that enemy tries tp use it's special ability damaging effects hit themself, and healing effects heal Dullahan. (affects 1 special)

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Adventuring Hero
aka Titanu88
posted October 06, 2017 08:19 AM

AlHazin said:
Bragjul said:
Thanks mate! But what does it mean "+QP" ?



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Tavern Dweller
posted October 31, 2017 04:21 AM
Edited by Methven at 04:22, 31 Oct 2017.

This list has taken me a lot of time, so I really hope it eventuates to something in the game! I really do think a lot of these ideas would work well. Here goes!

Creatures from fantasy, legend and folklore

Carbuncle - As far as I can tell, the first reference to a carbuncle is as a fantasy creature in Latin America. It is known for a jewel on its forehead- this relates it to the red gem ‘carbuncle’ and carbuncles appeared in Final Fantasy and other fantasy worlds in different forms, but all of them small or minor. The ambiguity of what a carbuncle might have ‘started as’ could give great flexibility in the way it’s put in the game. It could have an ability that produces more experience gems than normal.

Chupacabra - Literally ‘goat-sucker’, it’s a blood-sucking cryptid from the Americas which is described as reptilian, doglike and hopping like a kangaroo. It has gruesome grey skin and quills down its spine. It’s certainly not a nice creature, as its origins lie in domestic animals being found drained of blood during the night. A unique option for a common black creature in my opinion that isn’t a typical spider/zombie/bat etc.

Drop Bear - The drop bear is a ferocious variation of the koala. The drop bear will drop or leap down from trees to ravage people walking below. They are considerably larger than the average koala and have sharp fangs and claws, which they can use to drag people back into the trees. Its descriptions often refer to large cats, and its origins may lie with the marsupial lion.

Muscaliet - Present in medieval bestiaries, these hare-squirrel-boar hybrids burn so hot that they often burn down the trees they try to nest in. Perfect for a cute common red creature that burns. 

Bunyip - From Australian Aboriginal mythology, the bunyip is a swamp creature with very varied descriptions. Common traits include flippers, a crocodile-like head, tusks and horns, but is also usually quadrupedal. This water demon may be a shape-shifter, and is certainly dangerous to humans. When you hear an unusual and disturbing cry in the wilderness, a bunyip may be nearby... The fact that they are so varied in description not only gives license to create something truly unique, but also truly bizarre.

Enfield - Used in heraldry, the enfield has a fox’s head, an eagle’s forelegs, the body of a lion and wolf’s tail. Its birdlike attribute also gives it wings in some interpretations. It is cunning, honourable, diligent and fierce. I personally like to think of a winged enfield using its wings to jump high into snow much like an arctic fox, intent on its prey.

Kappa - The kappa is a type of demon in Japanese folklore. It dwells in rivers and lakes and drags people under the water. It is humanoid with strong amphibian, reptilian, or fishlike character (such as a shell, frog’s legs, webbed feet). It has an indentation on its head, which must always contain water. If the pool on its head dries out or empties, the kappa may die. It could potentially be a good fragile blue debuffer.

Nymphs (I recognise that the ‘Nymph’ is already a creature, and other creatures are sometimes thought of as ‘fire nymphs’ etc. ... but there might be a way to work around it?)
Lampade: Torch-bearers of the Greek goddess of witchcraft Hecate. Sometimes the light of a Lampade’s torch can drive a person mad. In fantasy, they tend to be infernal, fiery nymphs.
Oceanid/Nereid: Honoured nymphs of the ocean who were typically benevolent and appear in several famous Greek myths such as the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece.
Oread: Mountain nymphs who are often associated with hunting, the most famous would be Echo.
Dryad: A tree spirit. Very well-known in fantasy!
Sylph: An air spirit of fairy, but not from Greek mythology, rather alchemy. They can have some sense of invisibility, and are stronger than humans.
Asteria/Pleiade: Star nymphs who may look like a enchanting fireflies when floating in the distant night sky.
Orphne: A personification of the river Styx in the underworld and whose name is literally ‘darkness’.

Akhlut - A wolf-orca hybrid from Inuit mythology. When on land or water, it changes shape to be either more like an orca or more like a wolf. It is vicious and primarily hunts as a wolf on land. If depicted as a true hybrid of sorts then it could introduce a body shape not yet seen in the game (bulky quadruped with a whale’s tail).

Belu - Burmese ogres with fangs, some are benevolent and herbivorous. Other are man-eating and terrifying. They are often depicted with blue- or greenish skin and ornate clothing.

Faun/Satyr - These are certainly no stranger to fantasy worlds. They are half-man, half-goat and vary in depiction based on the role they fill within very different fantasies. Fauns tend to be more light-hearted and gentle, while satyrs are coarse and more goat-like. They are great candidates for buffing/debuffing (silencing?) green, yellow or white creatures.

Hippocampus - An aquatic creature with the front half of a horse and fish’s tail. The sometimes have a bird’s wings, and in ancient myths they drew the chariots of ocean gods. They are noble and are found in quite a few fantasy settings. The name ‘seahorses’ for the species of fish refer to this creature. It’s the sort of creature I’m somewhat surprised isn’t already in the game.

Ichneumon - The enemy of the serpent/dragon in medieval mythology and literature. It is a large mongoose, and is victorious over dragons. The ichneumon/serpent pairing even inspired the Zangoose/Serviper rivalry in Pokémon and this creature could perhaps be more effective against the many draconic units? It would be very attack-oriented.

Kinnara/Kinnari - Male kinnara and female kinnari statues guard Hindu and Buddhist temples. They are clever and musical celestial units who often appear as a romantic pair. Their legs are like a horse’s and they have wings sprouting from their hips. Kinarras are more horse-like, kinnaris more bird-like. They are glamorous and graceful creatures who guide and protect people in dire need. Either would work for a buffing white creature that could also heals, though the Kinnara might work better due to the Muse’s role in the game already. As guardians, a Kinnara would be tankier than the Muse.

Manaia - With the head of a bird, the body of a man and the tail of a fish, the manaia is a mythological creature from Maori culture and can be depicted as widely as a draconic seahorse or lizard; though unlike other hybrid creatures it usually has a very coherent appearance. It acts as a messenger between people and the gods, and guards against evil. The manaia as a symbol is common in Maori design. It would be a good offensive blue creature.

Omukade - Japanese mythology has the Omukade as giant centipedes that dwell in the mountains. With poisonous bites, thick defensive skin and sufficient strength to defeat dragons, this creature terrorises villages near mountain ranges. It could be a more mythology-based addition to the healthy, existing repertoire of insect creatures present in the game. It would hence work well as a yellow creature (where most insect-related creatures are) or black creature (due to its evil nature), but would be a good poisoner.

Pixiu - Winged lions that defend tombs and temples in China. It eats gold and other treasures, and supposedly grants people great wealth. It drains the power from evil spirits and turns it into gold. Pixius have a sleek, almost-serpentine appearance and the males have one antler with the females having two antlers. They would help the deceased by flying them up to heaven. Perfect for a tanky, resurrecting yellow healer in my opinion.

Poukai - A monstrous bird from Maori mythology, akin to the roc. I personally find the poukai more interesting than the roc as its origins allow for more interesting interpretation that the usual ‘big brown bird’ treatment given to the roc. Either way, this would probably only work as a ‘filler’ sort of unit but could be given some good new ‘taunt’ ability to draw fire to give it a special role.

Raiju - A creature associated with thunder and lightning from Japanese mythology. It appears as a wolf, fox, cat or weasel, and its high-energy body glows blue and white. It is not usually dangerous, but becomes erratic and active during thunderstorms. It inspired the Pokémon Raichu. Could be a good yellow stunner.

Taniwha - The taniwha are creatures who live below the waves in Maori mythology. They are predatory and tricksters, and are associated with deceptively calm waters. It appears most commonly as a spined lizard inland but a shark in the ocean. Though dangerous, it can have good relationships with people as guardians. They have limited representation in fantasy settings.

Underwater panther/Mishipeshu - From North American mythology, this “great lynx” dwells in ponds and exist as opponents of the thunderbirds. It is a large cat in appearance, but may have scales or deer’s horns and long tails. Underwater panthers could be bribed for safety nearby the waters where they dwelled, but they were mostly extremely dangerous towards humans. Their primary role is a protectors of the ponds and lakes they occupy. They have an affinity for copper, so maybe drop gold? They would be blue damage dealers.

Vanara - Forest dwellers from Hindu mythology that are predominantly shown as upright monkey humanoids. They have varied supernatural powers and aid legendary heroes on their quests. There is already a monkey king in-game, but Vanaras could still be presented as a lower-tier creature with an exaggerated monkey likeness. A Vanara creature could be most colours and take almost any special ability/role depending on its design.

Veo - Horse- or bear-sized pangolins/ant-eaters from South-East Asian island cryptozoology. They are nocturnal and dwell in the mountains. Veos are sometimes bipedal and are often shown with large scales down its back. They aren’t particularly magical or intelligent, but are powerful and impressive (sometimes colourful) beasts. However, they receive different treatment across fantasy settings. I like the idea of a more magical Veo with brilliant scales causing some sort of confusion debuff.

Ammit - An Egyptian goddess known for her monstrous appearance. The front of this man-easting beast’s body is of a lion, but the back is a hippopotamus’, while the head is a crocodile’s. Ammit has a keen sense of justice and was feared, never praised by the Egyptians. I could see Ammit in-game being a bulky debuffer, with fatigue or a luck penalty.

Berunda - or Gandaberunda- is a two-headed bird from Hindu mythology. It has long decorative tail feathers and acts as a symbol of strength. It is very magical and could be a good candidate for a mend or dispel ability due to its association as a beast that counters destructive forces.

Cherufe - An evil Chilean monster, made of molten rock, Cherufes are sometimes shown as fiery reptilian humanoids and sometimes as quadrupedal beasts of various description. It mythological status has led to it also being investigated in cryptozoology. In legend, Cherufes could only be sated by human sacrifice. A great candidate for burns.

Dingonek - The Dingonek is a large, sabre-toothed reptile supposedly dwelling in the Congolese jungles. Its sharp red and grey scales produce a poison, and its long teeth and scorpion-like tail are used to take down other large beasts. It would be a good tanky poisoner.

Diwata - A Philippine spirit sometimes considered a minor deity similar to a dryad. They bestow wealth, health and good fortune. Diwatas reside in ancient trees and are beautiful and ageless humanoids. Their hair may be gold and their skin is described as almost luminous.

Tennin - A spiritual being from Japanese Buddhist myth that are similar to fairies or angels. Tennins don colourful kimonos and lotus blossoms, and though sometimes shown with feathered wings, a Tennin’s flight is usually attributed to its beautiful and free-flowing kimono. They live at the summits of the tallest mountains. It could be a good candidate for a white, yellow or green healing and cleansing creature.

Yuki-Onna - A Japanese spirit known as a ghostly present in the snowiest and most isolated regions. Yuki-Onnas are born from someone who died under snow, and they resemble pale and serene maidens, sometimes depicted as being literally made of ice, sometimes as vampiric and sometimes as either more benevolent or malevolent. A Yuki-Onna’s special ability could involve freezing her target (silence? stun?), dealing damage and a luck debuff while healing some small amount of health (through vampirism)

Khepri - Another Egyptian god. Unlike Ammit (above), Khepri is humanoid, shown as having a scarab beetle’s body for a head. In fantasy settings, however, the Khepri is usually a large noble or heavenly scarab associated with light, the sun and rebirth. A Khepri could be a good white or yellow resurrector, whose association with jewels might give it some unique experience gem-creating ability too (see the Carbuncle, above).

Ninki Nanka - An African swamp dragon which originated as a bogeyman-style threat to disobedient children. It is supposed to be very dangerous, and has a low-set body, a long neck and tail and a giraffe-like head. To be honest I’m not sure that the Ninki Nanka is too fascinating in and of itself, but I’d much rather something with a unique background over a creature blandly named ‘swamp dragon’. There could be an argument that it would be too similar to the Jabberwocky, but if it were done as a blue (it is at least amphibious) or black (its name means dragon-devil) it could stand out better.

Rainbow Serpent - A deity in Aboriginal Australian myths, the Rainbow Serpent is a creative god associated with life, light, land, water and fertility. Somewhat obvious by its name, it is a large snake that shines with every colour, and it is known to be a good creature, providing life and fortune while punishing evil-doers. There are many variations in the ways different cultures would understand the Rainbow Serpent. It would be a good yellow, white or even blue resurrector.

Rakshasa - Rakshasas are demigods in Hindu and Buddhist mythology with varied connotations and affiliations. In fantasy settings they are usually lion- or tiger-human hybrids, but are often given multiple arms. In myth they are capable illusionists, warriors that eat raw flesh; they were primarily evil characters, though some heroic Rakshasas are known. They are connected to the Asura, but if designed more along the lines of other fantasy Rakshasas they can be quite unique in the game. They possibly fit red or black colours best, and would probably deal damage to multiple enemies alongside a burn or confusion debuff.

Wendigo - An evil cannibalistic monster from Northern American folklore. Its insatiable greed and gaunt appearance makes it a fearsome, ghoulish creature with bones pushing out through the skin. It is associated with the cold and in fantasy settings it is commonly given antlers or a deer’s head, or even made more animal-like with fur, paws, a tail etc. I can’t help but think of it as a more gruesome and powerful version of the chupacabra, though I don’t think their origins are necessarily tied. It would be a black creature and could use a freeze or stun ability, as well as some sort of resistance to debuffs (I don’t know why, it would just feel right to me ).

Expansion on the ideas for real animals:

Puns seem to be the go when it comes to common creatures based on real-life animals, so here are some ideas for how to use the animals I suggested in my last post.
Axe-a-lot-l - An axe-wielding axolotl.
Badge-r - A boy/girl scout badger trying to earn its knots badge.
Blue Ring Octopus - The bright blue circles all over this poisonous octopus makes it a great way to introduce an octopod.
Casso-worry - A perpetually concerned cassowary.
Chameleon - I feel like chameleons are easy enough to give a gimmick to.
Dead Dodo - A skeletal bird with poor luck.
Echid-nail - I dunno, an echidna is just a cool animal. But maybe you could give it big metal nails instead of its normal spikes?
Flamenco Flamingo - A fabulous dancing bird.
Glaucus Antlanticus - A good inspiration for a common blue dragon-like creature.
Horseshoe Crab - A sea creature with a phenomenal luck stat and a highly chance-based special attack.
Gunningbird - I dunno, give a hummingbird a machine gun?
Jaguar Warrior - Aztec warriors not-too-originally given actual jaguar heads, with bright feathered plumes and fearsome weapons.
Lob-ster (Lobster) - A tennis playing crustacean.
Kiwi Bird - I don’t think it’s very hard to connect this to a certain green-fleshed fruit.
Koala - Maybe just do the drop bear, actually...
Kimono (Komodo) Dragon - Who hasn’t wanted to see a large poisonous lizard in a traditional Japanese garment?
Meerkat Burglar - The stripe across the eyes says it all.
Numb-bat - A numbat that’s gotten a little bit too cold and lost feeling in its toes.
Pangolin Warrior - They’re cute, and they were poached to use their scales in bullet-proof armour. :’(
Shopping Spree-cock (peacock) - This glamorous fowl struts its stuff and shops ‘til it drops.
Platy-wuss (platypus) - A fearful monotreme. Maybe it hides behind it tail. Also, poisonous.
Pork-upine (porcupine) - A pig with spiky armour to protect itself from the local butcher.
Seahorse Herald - Have you seen The Little Mermaid? Those little seahorse heralds are cute as anything.
Snail/Slug - As it evolves, the little hut on its back turns into a sick mansion with a pool and home theatre.
Brawny (Thorny) Devil - This spiky little lizard goes to the gym A LOT.
Thylacine - I study chemistry and ‘thylacine’ also makes me think of ‘tyrosine’, an amino acid. Also it’s extinct and scientists kinda want to clone and reanimate it. Hence, it should be a scientist marsupial lion. Because that makes total sense!
Haute Vulture (couture) - This hag of an old, scavenging bird paid to have her clothes made to fit. She judges people who shop at Kmart and sports a hideous brown feather boa.
Wombat - I have no idea why, but I actually envision some stereotypical farmer wombat with a red checked shirt, straw hat and hay bale. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, actually, but the only other thought I have is some random elemental wombat (fire wombat, lol).

If there's something here that seems factually incorrect to you, let me know and I'll try to fix this post.

Please feel free to give feedback even on this list- it's quite long and the formatting might not be clear enough. Also there's undoubtedly a few grammatical errors/typos so please excuse those.
EDIT: fixed some formatting lol

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Adventuring Hero
aka Titanu88
posted October 31, 2017 02:04 PM

@Methven This was really interesting and entertaining to read, thank you for this glympse of fantasy insight!

I really hope I'll see in game at least a few of the creatures you described here.

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