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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Cave - My own faction
Thread: Cave - My own faction

Adventuring Hero
posted August 21, 2017 10:20 PM
Edited by Cortes at 22:30, 21 Aug 2017.

Cave - My own faction

It has been a while.

I always wanted to create my very own faction. Not just doing old factions in a new light.
Well, not much to say, my attempt on this:


What Cave is about? Monsters of the underground, under the leadership of Dark Elves. A sneaky Dungeon, so to say.
Oh, I based it very much on H5 in terms of stats, skills and so on. I think, Area of Control may be the only exception to this.

I owe none of the pictures and none of the music:



Main Theme: :

Architecture: Mostly very close to the natural surroundings, otherwise a filigree, forestlike architecture.
Associated colors: black, gray, blue
Core philosophy: We have fought out of the shadow and have been thrown into the shadows. But there is no light without shadow, and every night follows the day.


The origins of the Dark Elves begin with heroism, sacrifice, and end in reproaches and bitterness.
Once the kingdom of the elves was threatened by demonic hordes who attacked it from the underground. It was a long and bloody war and only the ability of some elves to adapt to the subterranean environment ultimately gave the victory over the Demons. To prevent this threat from ever coming again so close to the realm of the elves, some elves should live permanently down there. Volunteers were called and they came. Down there went those who had lost everything and had nothing, that would bound them to the surface anymore. But also those who wanted to be heroes or who had to prove themselves, to whomever. The years passed and the fame of the "Dark Elves" grew. They defended Demons, sometimes Dwarves or simply monsters and whenever they called for reinforcements, they also got some. They became an elite unit, to which some of the best swordsmen, hunters, and magicians switched, and whenever an elf announced that he would become a "Dark", the family was both a source of joy and a cause of grief. But the years were not without traces and the elves adapted to their new environment. Some got white skin and black hair. Again, other white hair and dark skin. There were also some with a skin color like ash and red hair.
But with a different look, another character came and the elves realized that they had begun to differ. But the past was not forgotten and new candidates were still coming to them. Then came the great tremors, a side effect, triggered by a ritual of mad Dwarf Rune Priests and the entrances between surface and subsoil were spilled. The Dark Elves were hardly able to recover from this shock, as a gigantic quarrel of the Demons attacked their positions. With the back to the wall, outnumbered and without hope of reinforcement, there was only one possibility: retreat.
The Dark Elves gave up their positions and fled, demons on their heels and trusting into the rock, into areas of the underworld they had never before entered. That they could flee at all was due to a sacrifice made by the commander of the Blade Dancer and many of his warriors, in which they bought their brothers and sisters time.
The years that followed were hard, but the Dark Elves survived. They adapted, learned and claimed new areas for themselves. The years passed, their number grew and finally they returned to the surface. They wanted to know, they had to know what had become of their cousins. But on the surface, things had changed:
The Demons who had thrown the Dark Elves into flight had worked their way through the rock and had entered the Dark Elvens old home. There they had set up terrible devastation before they could be repulsed. But the former heroes had lost their status. For those who had to suffer losses during this war, they were traitors who had not fulfilled their duty, even if it had meant to die until the last man. Others saw this not so badly and were just glad that some had still survived. But then the Dark Elves asked how they had looked after the new entrances.
Through a magical ritual, was the answer.
The Dark Elves were perplexed. A ritual? Strong enough to close the entrances? They asked why this had not been done before, since there would never have been Dark Elves in the first place. Certainly, this ritual was already known in the past?
The stationing of troops appeared as the easier solution, was the answer.
Anger flashed into the Dark Elves, but they were restrained. After all, the ritual was not carried out until their cousins thought that there were no more elves in the underground.
But then an old, grumpy druid, who had lost his wife and daughter, chattered the words that should destroy the relationship between the different elves forever. Words with a hidden truth, as the look on the other faces would prove it.
"The Demons laughed when they told about your flight. Do you think we were not looking for you because we were so busy with the reconstruction and thought you were dead? We did not seek you because we were so busy with reconstruction and no one cries about cowards! "
Now the Dark Elves could not restrain themselves anymore, but they still felt a last remnant of connectedness and wanted to withdraw peacefully. But when they were stopped, they fought their way out. They lost their last supporters, but they did not care. They returned to the ground, told the others about their cousins and cut off any connection. They were once Dark Elves and were heroes. Now they were Dark Elves and were outlawed.

Over the years, the Dark Elves continued to wage war with their cousins and they also met the dwarfs and demons hostile. But with most other races, they did not associate any particular friendship or disgust. For many, they were merely expensive but good assassins. If there were something like allies, then it would probably be the necromancers, but this connection was more due to a two-sided, intensive and variated use of Dark Magic. The Dark Elves, however, have always been able to play their part in the events of the world, even though that may have escaped so many.


The society of the Dark Elves has two great uniqueness. First, they have the biggest Black Market in the entire world. If you can pay for it, you can have it, which does also include assassination contracts. And if it is not there, at the moment, they will collect your object of interest as soon, as they can.
The other one is the constant rivalry between the two great orders, the Order of Assassins and the Order of Wardens. Almost the entire politic of the Dark Elves is somehow connected to, at least, one of the two orders. Though the rivalry is not as strong, as it could be, since they agree on the greater cause of the protection of their kind. Only their methods are different. And that the head of the Assassins is traditionally married with the head of the Wardens has also some impact on this, though this can go both routes.

Capital & Symbol

Their capital is Galea, the city of thousand gems and a dagger with a mask is their symbol:



The sword of the Dark Elves. Assassins are masters of alchemy, traps, surprise attacks and fast retreats. They attack, kill and are long gone, before anyone understands, what actually happened.
Assassins start with racial and have the highest chance to learn Luck and Logistic.

Varoya is known for always wearing a black mask to cover the lower half of her face. There are lots of rumors about what is behind the mask. However, Varoya gives the answers only through her blade, so no one has the courage to ask. But some do assume, that her knowledge of magic or rather to withstand magic, has something to do with it.
Spellbreaker: All creatures in hero's army gain 5% Magic Resistance and + 1% per hero level.

Milgot is considered a very useful ally due to his ability to win a battle before it starts. Though he has served many decades, his intimate knowledge of the more exotic poisons and diseases remains undimmed. Enemy troops approaching the field may feel the effects of Milgot's spells and concoctions even before the fighting begins, wise enemies have been known to start their attack by retreating.
Poison Master: There is a chance of 10% +2% per level of hero, that enemy unit start the battle poisoned.

All man of Keyros familiy have lived under the shadow of his namesake, the great commander and his fellow warriors, who sacrificed themselves to buy time for the others. But, as one can guess, Keyros pressure was greater then the others. Some would have succumbed before it but Keyros is always open for a challenge. And surpassing his ancestor seems like a great challenge. Great but not impossible, as others would say.
Blade Master: All Grey Striders, Shadow Walkers and Shadow Blades in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

Areyla was never very keen about becoming an Assassin. Her sole interests goes to Manticores. Her family is also known as THE family for taking care of Manticores. But live is not always about what one wants and her father had a dept to the Order of Assassins. Many years later, her father as well as the Assassin, who claimed the debt, explained the details to her favorite Manticore. Areyla does only care about her Manticores.
Manticore Queen: All Manticore, Scorpicores and Feral Manticores in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

Vishdar is a great Assassin but was a rather rare side since he was traveling through the world. He had never really a feeling of “being at home”, when being among his kin in their lands. At first, his traveling was only a way to escape this uneasy feeling but over time he realized, that his home was the street. Then, one day, he came back from a journey into the east, wearing his new name, showing a darkened face and cold eyes, never seen in his face before. From this day on, he never traveled again and used his knowledge of path solely for his missions.
Pathfinder: Hero's movement points are increased by 1% per hero level.


The protectors of the Dark Elves. They over watch the caves, the tunnels and their scouts and spies report to them immediately, should enemies appear. Once Druids, the Warden swore an oath, that their kin would never be forced to run from the lands ever again. As Druids, the protected the nature, as Wardens, the protect only Dark Elves.
Wardens start with racial and have the highest chance to learn Defense and Dark Magic.

Said to be one of the most beautiful Dark Elves of all times, Ileya has a very Succubus-like behavior of seduction, manipulation and letting others do the dirty work. But she is also one of the most powerful Wardens and her knowledge of the mind is outstanding.
Mindreaver: Strength of all spells of influencing the mind is increased by +1% per level of hero.

Looking eternal young like most Elves do, Tonveri is actually one of the oldest Elves. She remembers the beginning of the Dark Elves and she was already old back then. She was also the one, who came up with the idea of taming and using Bats. And she has been the greatest master on this case ever since.
Bat Master: All Bats, Ahools and Camazotz in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.

Aryion has great magical power but not such great will. Compared to other Wardens he is quite aggressive, hot-headed and energetic. It is not that much of a surprise, that this red-haired Warden is a master of Fire Magic.
Flame Wielder: Effective Spellpower of the hero is increased +1 for every X(doubled level of specific fire-based spell equals level of hero) level of the hero, starting with level 1, when casting fire-based spells.

This old Dark Elf does usually only teach young Wardens. But from time to time, he goes out to battle, on a journey or simply vanishes. Whenever he comes back, he is asked, what was he doing. He only answers with a soft smile: Deepening my experience.
Experienced: Experience, gained by the hero is increased by +1% per level of hero.

Maheh has lived among the Necromancer for many, many years. First as emissary and later on out of own interest. Some say, she may have been with them for too long but she is fulfilling her duty like before and only very few know, how much she has learned and changed during this time.
Souldrinker: The Curse of Weakness spell not only lowers creature's damage, but also reduces creature's Defense by -1 for every three levels of the hero, starting on first level.


Moving Shadows:
For the Dark Elves, surviving by hiding, has always been the way on the battlefield.
For each of the 3 ranks, the chance of getting hit by a single target ranged attack, including single target spells, is reduced by 15% for small and 10% for large creatures.


Black Hand:
Additional effects of attacks are now reducing morale and luck by -1 as well. Lasts 2 turns of specific stack.

Black Hand leads to Surrounding Shadows:
Every time a unit performs a melee attack, every friendly melee unit, able to attack targeted enemy stack, will perform a additional attack, dealing 10% of normal DMG.

Dark Shield:
Spellpower of enemy hero is decreased by -1/-2/-3 when casting spells affecting friendly targets.  

Dark Shield leads to Hiding:
Friendly unit, standing on an adjacent tile to something, that needs more tiles, then they do, are now hidden. Hidden creatures cannot be affected by enemy spells, effects or ranged attacks, with exception area ones, until an enemy unit is standing close to them or they attack. They can hide again, if they stay close to something, that is not connected with their first hideout.

Hiding leads to Dark Portal:
Special combat ability of the hero. Once per round, the hero can teleport a friendly unit within a certain space, equal to doubled SPD of selected unit. Unit attacks automatically a close enemy unit. Randomly chosen, if they are more then one.

Dark Gift:
Neutral stacks are 15% more likely to join.

Dark Gift leads to Friendly Shadow:
Every time an enemy unit performs a ranged attack on a friendly unit while friendly unit is having an enemy unit on a surrounding tile, there is a chance of 10%, that enemy unit will hit own ally.

Battle Theme: :

Bat / (Ahool / Camazotz) – flier, melee


Bats are numerous within the caves and have been tamed a long time ago. They work as scouts, vanguard and a distraction on the battlefield. The use of bats was doubted at first but they have proven their use on several occasions by now. Though this has given the bats a bad reputation as others do now believe, that every single bat is a spy, even if that is not the case.

A special breed of bats, primarily created to counter any enemy, who has a chance of avoiding DMG, the effectiveness against their own skills was not planned by the Dark Elves. Though the use of Ahools is not without critique, they have always been used, for good or bad.

Just because they are on good terms with the necromancer, does this not mean, that they really trust them. As a back up, the Camazotz was born. Their attacks free the soul itself from any bond to the mortal world, making it impossible to resurrect fallen units. It has also been proven useful against other opponents.  

HP: 4 / 5 / 5
ATK: 2 / 2 / 3
DMG: 1-1 / 1-2 / 2-3
DEF: 1 / 2 / 1
INI: 14 / 15 / 14
SPD: 7 / 7 / 8
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 0 / 0 / 0

Screams: Melee attacks have a chance of 85% to inflict DMG. 70% for both upgrades.

(U1)Ultrasonic: Any effect of enemies creature's, which would allow to avoid DMG with % chance has no effect in an area of 2x2 tiles around this creature.  

(U2)Final Death: Enemies, killed by this unit, cannot be resurrected.

Growth – Cost: 14 – 30 / 45

Watcher / (Lurker / Evil Eye) – flier, ranged


When the Dark Elves fled deep into the underground, the Watchers were there. When the Dark Elves claimed land for themselves, the Watchers were there. They are a mystery but seem to have taken a liking to the former elven heroes. Though it is not clear, what intention they really have.

It took the Dark Elves quite some time, until they understand, that these strange creatures were not Watchers but rather a similar but stronger being. Compared to that, they needed only very little time to be able to call them like they do with the Watchers.

Evil Eye:
Big and bulky, the Evil Eyes doesn't rely on speed as much, as their cousins do. They prefer to scare enemies away and their big eye does help with this a lot. They have been proven to be useful in risky battles, being able to defend themselves in close combat much better, then the others do.

HP: 6 / 7 / 10
ATK: 3 / 4 / 4
DMG: 2-4 / 3-5 / 3-8
DEF: 1 / 2 / 3
INI: 11 / 11 / 9
SPD: 4 / 4 / 4
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 8 / 8 / 8

Hexing Attack: After a successful attack, the target creature also suffers the effect of one of the following damnations: Weakness, Slow, Suffering and Vulnerability. All the effects are equal to those of Expert-level spells.

(U1)Immune to Slow: This unit cannot be slowed down.

(U2)No melee penalty: No penalty during close combat.

Growth – Cost: 10 – 60 / 75

Grey Strider / (Shadow Walker / Shadow Blade)  – walker, melee


Grey Strider:
All Dark Elves learn the way of the sword, to honor the ones, who sacrificed themselves. Grey Strider are the master of the old war dances and relying on evasion and quick action rather than resistance or brute force, Grey Striders wear only little armor, and are therefore exposed to enemy strikes.

Shadow Walker:
Some Grey Striders receive a cloak made by the witches and become a living shadow. Solid matter no longer presents any hindrance, since even the small crevice or gap is sufficient to pass through. On the battlefield they simply run through the hostile ranks, as if they were not there at all.

Shadow Blade:
Experiened warriors, the Shadow Blades know, that surviving is sometimes more important than honor. For that, they coat their swords in a deadly poison and their war dances behold a a second danger, being able to poison every enemy, they hit.

HP: 15 / 18 / 18
ATK: 8 / 10 / 10
DMG: 5-10 / 5-10 / 7-10
DEF: 4 / 5 / 4
INI: 11 / 12 / 12
SPD: 6 / 7 / 6
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 0 / 0 / 0

War Dance Combo: Creature attacks every enemy on a surrounding target at once but deals only 50% DMG to every enemy besides targeted stack.

(U1)Shadow Walk: On its way to the selected stack, this unit phases through everything on its way, dealing 20% of normal DMG to enemy units, without suffering retaliation.

(U2)Poisonous Attack: 50% of original DMG over 3 rounds.

Growth – Cost: 5 – 130 / 200

Witch / (Grand Witch / Blind Witch) – walker, ranged, caster


Most magicians of the Dark Elves are woman. This has something to do with the fact, that most magicians, who survived their darkest days, were females. And for some unknown reason, the connection to magic staid on that gender.

Grand Witch:
Stronger and more experienced, Grand Witches form the Witch's leader. Not only do they possess stronger, magical abilities, they also undergo a special training to use their spears, a memory of the druid's staff, without difficulty.

Blind Witch:
Some witches blind themselves to gain the power of the third eye. And they can indeed see in a different way. It gives them almost no problems. On the contrary, they achieve their own advantages.

HP: 30 / 35 / 34
ATK: 8 / 10 / 9
DMG: 7-12 / 10-14 / 7-15
DEF: 8 / 10 / 9
INI: 10 / 10 / 10
SPD: 4 / 4 / 3
MP: 10 / 20 / 22
SHOTS: 5 / 5 / 5

Caster: Slow, Vulnerability, Righteous Might, (U1)Confusion,  (U1)Vampirism, (U2) Blindness, (U2) Puppet Master

(U1)No melee penalty: No penalty during close combat.

(U2)Immune to Blind: Creature cannot be blinded.

Growth – Cost: 4 – 350 / 470

Centipede / (Obsidian Centipede / Shadow Centipede) – walker, melee


Big and large insects, feral centipede hunt everything that is small then them and would not mind going on a bigger hunt as well. The Dark Elves had a hard time, dealing with these creatures until they were able to get their hands on a nest.

Obsidian Centipede:
“You want to know about the difference between a Centipede and an Obsidian Centipede? Try and kill one by trying getting through his exoskeleton. The Obsidian in within their name for a reason.”

Shadow Centipede:
Centipede who have excelled at hiding and waiting for the moment to strike upon their prey. Shadow Centipede are feared throughout the underground for their sudden and unpredictable appearances.

HP: 50 / 60 / 50
ATK: 18 / 18 / 20
DMG: 16-20 / 16-20 / 17-21
DEF: 12 / 18 / 12
INI: 11 / 11 / 12
SPD: 6 / 6 / 6
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 0 / 0 / 0

Large Creature: Unit needs 2x2 tiles on the battlefield.
Mandibles: Every attack ignores 15% of enemies DEF.

(U1)Fire-proof 50%: Fire-based spells deal 50% less DMG.

(U2)Invisibility: Once per combat, this creature can become invisible to the enemy for 3 turns. If the creature attacks anyone or stops on a tile adjacent to a hostile stack it will be disclosed. If an enemy movement is blocked by an invisible unit, the enemy stops and performs a melee attack. Enemies do not retaliate to the attacks of invisible creatures. No enemy spells or effects (except area ones) will affect an invisible creature.

Growth – Cost: 3 – 650 / 810

Manticore / (Scorpicore / Feral Manticore) – flier, melee


Deterrent creatures with a lion's body, a dragon's wings and a scorpion's tale, the Manticores are worthy opponents. In battle, they are able to overtake their enemies quickly and poison them with venom so deadly that the stuff used by the Dark Elves would seem liquid medicine if compared to it.

Manticores are strong but they could be stronger. Their poison is useful and deadly but it could be better. To sum it up, the entire existence of Scorpicores is based upon the idea of evolving the Manticores.

Feral Manticore:
Feral Manticores are not exactly feral by its original means. They are rather another breed of Manticores but a rather aggressive one. Especially if hurt.

HP: 120 / 130 / 120
ATK: 15 / 18 / 18
DMG: 30-45 / 35-45 / 35-50
DEF: 15 / 18 / 15
INI: 10 / 10 / 11
SPD: 5 / 5 / 5
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 0 / 0 / 0

Large Creature: Unit needs 2x2 tiles on the battlefield.
Manticore Poison: 75% of original DMG over 4 rounds.

(U1)Scorpicore Poison: As long as an enemy gets DMG because of Poisonous Attack, his ATK will be reduced by -3.

(U2)Fierce Retaliation: Creature inflicts twice its DMG on retaliation.

Growth – Cost: 2 – 1800 / 2100

Wereworm / (Earth Eater / Abyss Worm) – walker, melee


Giant but mindless, the worms a rather controlled by magic, instead tamed and breed. Though the Dark Elves do now how to lure them to their cities, the results of raising fresh born Wereworms are rather average but using them for new caves and tunnels provides more then satisfying results.

Earth Eater:
Some Wereworms prefer the minerals of the earth self. All Wereworms burrow through the world but this kind does actually completely eat the earth. Though this does raise some problems here and there, it does benefit them on the battlefield, while making a tunnel.

Abyss Worm:
From the deepest depths and the darkest places comes the Abyss Worm. They dwell in caves and tunnels, so strong afflicted with Dark Magic, that it practically evolved the use and the protection of them. The only problem here is the fact, that the use is totally random and could backfire on allies while the Abyss Worm is not affected by it.

HP: 240 / 270 / 280
ATK: 28 / 30 / 29
DMG: 45-50 / 45-60 / 50-60
DEF: 28 / 30 / 29
INI: 9 / 9 / 9
SPD: 6 / 9 / 8
MP: 0 / 0 / 0
SHOTS: 0 / 0 / 0

Large Creature: Unit needs 2x2 tiles on the battlefield.
Tunneler: Creature has burrowing movement and once per battle, it can create a tunnel within a range, equal to its SPD for every friendly unit. Using this tunnel will cost them one turn.
Man Eater: Unit deals 150% DMG against small creatures.

(U1)Earth Eating: Unit restores 50 HP for every tile, the exit of the tunnel is away from its entry.  

(U2)Immune to Dark: Dark-based spells cannot harm this creature.
(U2)Abyss Attack: With every attack, this unit puts its target under influence of one spell, randomly chosen of all existing spells, of Dark Magic. All the effects are equal to those of Expert-level spells.

Growth – Cost: 1 – 2900 / 3600 (1 / 2 gem)


Town Theme:


Halls give a certain amount of gold per day.

Village Hall: Gives 500 gold per day.
Town Hall: Gives 1000 gold per day, costs 2000 gold. Town level 6
City Hall: Gives 2000 gold per day, costs 4000 gold. Town level 9
Capitol: Gives 4000 gold per day, costs 8000 gold. Town level 15

Defense your town!

Fort: Gives defensive walls, costs 5000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore. Town level 3
Citadel: Increases base creature growth by 50%, adds a keep and moat-like terrain obstacles to a town's defenses. Costs 5000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore. Town level 6 and Fort.
Castle: Adds two arrow towers, fortifies town's defenses, and doubles base creature growth. Costs 5000 gold, 10 wood, 10 ore. Town level 12 and Citadel.

Towns Life

Tavern: Allows to recruit heroes and increase morale of defending troops by +1. Costs 500 gold, 5 wood.
Marketplace: With the Marketplace you can exchange resources and sell artifacts (exchange rates decrease with each Marketplace you own). Costs 500 gold, 5 wood.
Blacksmith: Provides War Machines. Costs 500 gold, 5 wood.
Ressource Silo: Upgrade of the Marketplace. Provides 1 additional gem per day. Costs 5000 gold, 5 ore.  
Articaft Merchant: Sells 6 artifacts randomly. New artifacts at the start of each month. Costs 3000 gold. Town level 3 and Marketplace.
Shipyard: The shipyard allows you to purchase ships. Ships cost 1000 Gold + 10 Wood. Costs 2000 gold, 10 wood, 10 ore. Town level 12


Bat Cave / Bat Hall
Allows you to recruit Bat / Ahool. Costs 600 gold and 5 ore / 1000 gold.

Altar of Eyes / Altar of Shadows
Allows you to recruit Watcher / Lurker. Costs 1200 gold, 5 wood / 1000 gold, 5 ore. Town level 3 and Village Hall.

Battledance Arena / Shadowdance Arena
Allows you to recruit Grey Strider / Shadow Walker. Costs 1700 gold, 5 ore, 2 gem / 2000 gold, 5 gem, 2 sulfur. Town level 6

Witch Hall / Witch Tower
Allows you to recruit Witch / Grand Witch. Costs 2500 gold, 10 wood, 10 ore / 4000 gold, 4 gem, 4 crystal, 2 mercury, 2 sulfur. Town level 9

Centipede Pit / Centipede Prison
Allows you to recruit Centipede / Obsidian Centipede. Costs 3000 gold, 10 ore, 5 gem / 6000 gold, 10 wood, 5 ore, 2 gem. Town level 9

Manticore Lair / Scorpicore Lair
Allows you to recruit Manticore / Scorpicore. Costs 5000 gold, 10 wood, 10 ore, 5 crystal, 5 gem / 8000 gold, 10 crystal, 10 gem, 15 sulfur. Town level 12

Wereworm Tunnel / Wereworm Nest  
Allows you to recruit Wereworms / Earth Eater. Costs 10000 gold, 20 ore, 10 sulfur, 10 crystal, 5 gem / 15000 gold, 20 wood, 15 gem, 10 mercury.


Mage Guilds
For your heroes to learn spells. Mage Guilds of Cave have a tendency to Dark Magic and distance themselves from Light Magic. Summoning Magic and Destructive Magic are equals and standing between Dark and Light. Town level 3.

Mage Guild level 1. Costs 2000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore.
Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 3 spells of the first circle.

Mage Guild level 2. Costs 1000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 1 gem, 1 crystal, 1 sulfur, 1 mercury.
Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 3 spells of the second circle.

Mage Guild level 3. Costs 1000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 2 gem, 2 crystal, 2 sulfur, 2 mercury.
Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 3 spells of the third circle.

Mage Guild level 4. Costs 1000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 3 gem, 3 crystal, 3 sulfur, 3 mercury.
Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 2 spells of the fourth circle.

Mage Guild level 5. Costs 1000 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 5 gem, 5 crystal, 5 sulfur, 5 mercury.
Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 2 spells of the fifth circle.

Monument of the Fallen
Increase weekly growth of Grey Strider / Shadow Walker by +1. Costs 1500 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 1 gem. Town level 6 and Battledance Arena.

Mother of Darkness
Grail Building. Boosts growth by +50%, provides your kingdom with 5000 gold every day, defending Assassins getting +5 to their ATK and defending Wardens getting +5 to their Spellpower. Places 30 mines, DMG equal to Town level*5 per mine, on randomly tiles, outside of the walls.


Cover of Darkness
Enemy heroes, moving through your area of control, have scouting range reduced by half. Costs 3000 gold. Town level 6

Dark Runes
Attacks of Towers during a Siege will now have additional effect of Hexing Attack. Costs 3 gems, 3 crystals, 3 mercury, 3 sulfur. Town level 9 and Citadel.

Hidden Path
Sends a stack of friendly units at the start of a new round as reinforcements, during a siege. Reinforcements appear inside of the walls and equal the current growth of besieged city. Number of round equal to tier of reinforcements. Also, if besieged city is lost, defending hero moves to another city. Costs 2500 gold, 5 wood, 10 ore, 2 mercury. Town level 12


Set bonuses:

For 2 items: INI of all creatures during combat is increased by +1.

For 4 items: Attacks without suffering retaliation are dealing 5% more DMG.

For 6 items: renders all creatures in heroes army immunity to Curse of the Netherworld.

For heroes of this faction:
For 2 items: INI and DEF of all creatures during combat is increased by +1.
For 4 items: Doubled % of normal effect for heroes not from this faction.
For 6 items: gives every friendly unit additional Magic-proof 50%.

Black Dagger
Weapon. Increase ATK of hero by +1 and gives his attack the “Poisonous Strike” ability.

Shadow Spear
Left handed weapon. Spellpower of hero is increased by +4, when casting spells of Dark Magic.

Night Mantle
Shoulders. Increase DEF of hero by +2 and gives +10% magic resistance.

Boots of demonic Skin
Feets. Increase movement points of hero by +150 and DMG units are suffering while moving, is reduced by 50%.

Cuirass of the exiled Guardians
Chest. Increase morale of friendly creatures by +2 and effects which would force them to live their tile, like Fear for example, have to master a second chance to trigger.

Darkened Hood
Head. Increase scouting range of hero by +3 and increase knowledge and attack by +1.


Vishdars last Journey:
You want to know. All want to know. Why should I tell you? But on the other hand, maybe the time has come. I does not matter anyway, its past after all. Fine. Let me tell you a story. The story about my last journey into the east. About a land, full of sand and secrets, mages and miracles. And about Jasmine, pearl of the desert and her death through my hands.

My idea for necropolis
Fortress with guns and cannons

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