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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: My Experience for All Heroes of Might and Magic Games
Thread: My Experience for All Heroes of Might and Magic Games

Tavern Dweller
posted August 09, 2018 02:22 AM
Edited by LordBoogieBlue at 03:04, 09 Aug 2018.

My Experience for All Heroes of Might and Magic Games

I would like to share with you what I thought of each game and invite other people to do the same if they wish.

Heroes 1:

I was just turning 16 when this came out and boy it was the best thing I had ever experienced I played the demo to death before I managed to get the full game. It was so unique and you got to go gather resource and troops in this magical world. Losing my last castle with 1 peasent in it was the most exhilarating moment ever weirdly enough. The art style for the creatures was just amazing I just wish there had been more.

Heroes 2:

Once again absolutely amazing games and I really appreciated all the extra creatures and upgraded creatures involved, I played this game to death friends and family on hotseat. I just wish they hadn't shrunk the creatures so much though I liked the larger creatures . The maps were also amazing and I again played this game to death.

Heroes 3:

Well things just kept getting better and this was absolute amazing. They took everything from heroes 2 and made it bigger and better with an amazing amount of factions and variety. I realised that more was always better and the vast number of creatures and upgraded creatures was incredible. I played the campaigns and hotseated with friends and had an amazing time and revisited this game for a long time. There was one disappointment that lingered in me though, why can't heroes fight? I really hope they do this in future heroes it would be awesome.

Heroes 4:

Well my dream came true the heroes could now fight in battle and I was utterly blown away by the amazing new feature that I had wanted for so so long. The game had a incredibly unique feeling and the music and sound was the best thing I ever heard in my life. I loved the overall art style and the way the battleground worked and the combat. Yeah the game had problems but for me the changes were immense and heroes was on it's way to something truly great. I was however disappointed that they had reduced the number of factions and creatures, for me more was always better. Finally the skill and magic system was incredible basic to grandmaster in all skills it was perfect.

Heroes 5:

Loaded the game up I cried I absolutely cried the series I had loved for so long had gone back in time, I had so hoped make the hero fighting and stuff a lot more awesome but it turned out the heroes were back to none fighting dudes who stood at the sides. Then I went into combat and gone was the awesome detailed battlegrounds of heroes 4 and had reverted to static large grid squares again and again my heroes were no longer part of the battles so I cried some more. The only redeeming factor was they had improved somewhat the faction and creature count again. Yeah I had some fun in this game but the dream of it being an improved heroes 4 was gone. Then finally the was the skill tree the dumbed down skill tree, I was hoping for heroes 4 skills expanded but now it all dumbed down into some horrible looking wheel I cried once again.

Heroes 6:

Everything felt like it was now just about perfecting the old heroes formula I mean the campaign was ok for me and stuff. But once again I was hoping for heroes to be to able to fight again and stuff and for there to be a huge amount of creatures and factions, it felt more about just making itself polished as possible but with no ambition towards great ideas.

Heroes 7:

A bit better than heroes 6 I felt like heroes recovered a little with this game, but once again no great ideas and heroes once again stood at the side of battlefield. The units were better than heroes VI units though.


Favourite of Series: Heroes 4
Reason: Amazing new battlefield and ability to fight with heroes. Incredible music that was inspiring, amazing skill and alignment system.

Worse Of Series: Heroes 5
Reason: Ability to fight with heroes gone, amazing battlefield gone, skill tree dumbed down. The step where they progressed backwards.


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Tavern Dweller
posted August 09, 2018 02:55 AM

This was supposed to be in Heroes 7 and beyond forum, how it end up here Im confused.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted August 09, 2018 03:49 AM

It's ok; you made a lot of mistakes with your first post in this thread, but see, you're already improving with your second post. Here's hoping that by the 3rd post you realize homm3 was the best in the series, followed closely by homm2.

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Known Hero
posted August 09, 2018 09:16 AM

That's not true. H4 is the only true Heroes game. All the others are just Creatures of Might and Magic with no heroes...

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Supreme Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted August 09, 2018 10:15 AM

Lol radmutant has a point.

H4 actually is the most fideling to the source... that is, the Might and Magic games that came BEFORE the Heroes games.

In Might and magic games, you fight with heroes vs creatures.

Only H4 can do that
Discover H4 Greatest Mod!
(Also biggest of only two 2 mods for HOMM IV)

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Hired Hero
posted August 10, 2018 09:11 PM

Heroes IV is the best !

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Adventuring Hero
posted August 13, 2018 04:42 PM

Heroes IV is the best !
of might and magic 4 on-line
World Championships

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Famous Hero
The quickest H4 player
posted August 24, 2018 10:28 PM


Heroes IV online is the best!



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Supreme Hero
posted August 24, 2018 11:48 PM

Only played Heroes 3 (SoD and WoG only!)... Heroes 4... Heroes 5... and briefly Heroes 6, so I'm only giving my verdict on these 4 games.

Heroes 3... I still play it several times a year due to:

- nostalgia: the 1st HOMM game I've ever played and I lost college because of it, but I don't care;
- adventure map: it's so easily navigable and uncluttered, unlike Heroes 4 for example;
- complexity: the sheer amount of artifacts, spells, towns, hero's specialties, and creatures, along with the decent amount of skills increases the game's replayability manifold;
- the design: I absolutely LOVE how most of the creatures look like, with my absolute favorites being (in no particular order): the Magic Elements, the Wyvern Monarchs, the Efreeti Sultans, the Titans, the Arch Devils, the Dread Knights, the Naga Queens, the Mighty Gorgons, the Gold Dragons;
- mythical creatures' popularity: in no other game have I ever seen so many mythological creatures battling together. Archangels, Devils, Minotaurs, Titans, Dragons, Hydras, Phoenixes, Elves, Dwarves, Unicorns, Golems, Ogre, and so many others. If you're a mythology fan and a strategy games fan you're in for a treat with Heroes 3;

Heroes 4... for me this looked like the real contender to dethrone Heroes 3... HAD it been finished. Sadly, it had been released unfinished, therefore it was just another game in the franchise. What stood out about H4, however, were these:

- adventure map: I hate it with passion. It's so hard to discern anything on the adventure map that only multiple plays and willpower have made me figure out the different elements;
- the skill system: innovative (therefore a breath of fresh air) but too few skills, and too linear: you knew that with each level you'd only get a % increase in whatever that skill was giving. The combination of 2 main skills to turn your hero into a particular class was a nice addition but the class bonus was not spectacular, therefore I never gave a crap about picking particular classes. I just picked the skills I wanted, and never cared about what class the hero would turn to be;
- the playable heroes: again a good innovation. I didn't like it at first (probably because I was too used to Heroes 3's mechanics), but... in the end I was OK with it. I've grown neutral towards the playable heroes. I could play with, or without them, I don't care;
- the potions: never liked them because I don't like managing lots of stuff. They proved VERY useful, though, because there have been games where potions literally have made the difference between my hero dying or surviving. After going through these scenarios a few times the potions have become mandatory for my gameplays. I wouldn't leave town without buying at least 3 potions of each important type for each of my 3 heroes (I'd usually play with 3 heroes in my army)... So, potions: I still don't like them, but they're important so I could go either way about them;
- the creature upgrades: I know that the game is unfinished, so I'm not gonna cry too much about the lack of upgrades. But, maaan! It hurt the Heroes experience so badly... I think this is one of the main points (if not THE main point) where Heroes 4 has failed;
- the spells: I LOVED them. There are a good amount and variety of spells, both carried over from previous HOMM games, as well as new ones, and I absolutely LOVE most of them. I think they are one of H4's strong selling points;
- the 3D battlefield: again, one of the things I could go either way about. Not really fond of 3D when it comes to HOMM, but... that's not a turnoff for me. I didn't mind the 3D aspect of the game;
- creature design: I think they nailed it. Some of the creatures looked really really REALLY good (I'm talking about the Dragon Golems, the Black Dragons, the Champions and Swordsmen, the Zealots, too, the Minotaurs, the Efreeti, too, the Unicorns, the Faerie Dragons...) Many of the creatures in H4 look really cool, much better than in Heroes 5 for example, where I could hardly distinguish the details of each creature;
- artifacts and combos: kind of disappointed how they look like. In Heroes 3 the artifacts are so uniquely and clearly designed even if they're 2D, but the 3D arties of Heroes 4 don't stand out in any way. There's not even a combo animation of some sort when you equip a complete set of artifacts and you'd expect to see this from a 3D game much more than a 2D one. To be honest, if the game thrived in all other important aspects (creature quantity, upgrades, as well as increased number of skills, hero class bonuses) I would have let the artifacts aspect go unnoticed. But otherwise, it just adds up to the list of (albeit minor) frustrations;

Heroes 5... I didn't really dislike the game, but I'm not having it installed on my computer anymore, while I still have Heroes 3 and 4 installed. Again, I don't necessarily thing Heroes 5 is bad, it's just that my expectations have been high after seeing Heroes 3, then, with Heroes 4 they have dropped, and by the time Heroes 5 has come around I have kind of lost interest in the franchise.

Still, I'm not saying that Heroes 5 is bad. It's just that I haven't played it long enough to assess it properly. The few things that have stuck with me since when I've played are these, though:

- creatures: I don't like their design. Actually, both creatures and adventure map are too flashy, too not so well outlined. It seems like the creatures lack something that make them stand out. They're not well contoured, I don't know how else to put this but they lack that special something that makes them easily remembered and getting attached to, like you'd get attached to the Dread Knight in Heroes 3, or the Archdevil, or whatever. Speaking of Inferno, I like the Pit Lord in Heroes 5. I think that's the only creature that really has BADASS written all over it. How it looks, how it moves, but more importantly how it freaking hits and cast spells. Yeah, that's one of the few creatures I really like from Heroes 5, and one of the few I remember
- adventure map: like I said above, the adventure map is too flashy. Well, maybe it's a little less flashy than Heroes 4, but it's still hard to distinguish the objects on the map. I think 3D is not always good when it comes to strategy games;
- skills: I liked the skills. For some reason I don't remember what they did specifically, but... I remember that I liked the new skill system, and the fact that you could dig down into the main skills and pick some specializations of those main skills. Or something like that... I don't remember because it's years since I last played Heroes 5, and I didn't play it thoroughly, but I do remember that I liked those skills;
- spells: I don't remember much of the spells, but if I remember correctly there are less spells than in Heroes 3 and 4, right? Regardless, the spells have not stood out in any way for me. There isn't a single spell that I can name right now without googling;
- the font type: yeah, I hated that font type. It was very hard for me to understand what they were saying with that cursive font. Probably that it's not very important from a gameplay's perspective, but... it's one of those little things that can ruin the mood for you, and for me it just added to the already hard to scout adventure map, so it mattered;
- the heroes: I don't remember too well what each hero did, or what their specialization was, but... I think I remember that there were less heroes than in Heroes 3, or even Heroes 4. No bueno
- artifacts: unimpressed by the artifacts. Well, I don't remember what they did or how they looked like anyway, but that's also due to the fact that they haven't impressed me well enough to remember them. Like the skills for example. Even though I don't remember the skills or what they do, I still remember that I liked the skill system. Can't say the same about the artifacts;
- the town building: I HATE it. You can barely make out what each building is, or what you need in order to have it built. And on top of this there's also the horrible cursive font that makes figuring it out even harder than it already is. I don't like it;

Heroes 6... only played it occasionally and out of curiosity, and the reason I didn't play it more often has been mainly because by the time it had come out I had already been disappointed by how downhill the HOMM franchise had gone. All I remember about H6 is that there's less resource types than in all other Heroes games, and that there's also a dominatrix as one of the creatures (I don't remember which faction has it but there's a bloody porn-star type of creature that looks like a Mistress / Dominatrix of some kind). Pathetic...

CONCLUSION: I still have Heroes 3 and Heroes 4 installed on my computer, which means I still play them from time to time (and I do) even if only for nostalgic reasons. Actually, the only reason I play Heroes 4 is... there's 2 reasons actually: 1) I like the Dragon Golems and the Order spells, and 2) I like buffing up the hydras (I usually have 3 spell caster heroes) with bless, dragon + giant strength, bloodlust, cat reflexes, vampiric touch, slayer, and snake strike. I buff the hydras with all these spells (or as many as I can anyway over 2 turns) and then teleport it behind enemy lines and I let the enemy hit them with whatever they want. It's so much fun watching the enemy decimate itself while you drink your coffee. Too... much... FUN

Other than this, I'd really like to give Heroes 5 another try, but the horrible font, the sprite-y adventure map and the hard to make out town buildings don't compel me to do it.

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