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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Of Steamworks and Magicks (OoC)
Thread: Of Steamworks and Magicks (OoC)

Undefeatable Hero
Elvin's Darkside
posted December 05, 2018 02:54 PM
Edited by Kipshasz at 13:28, 11 Dec 2018.

Of Steamworks and Magicks (OoC)

Premise, backstory stuff
Eogall. The land where once magick ruled over just a few centuries ago. Now, mages are in decline, as technology rose, with a young lad by the name of Geoffrey Shackley the youngest son of the noble Earl of Esmington, Sir Sterling Shackley the Second from the Isle nation of Granbrettony, an adventurous and inventive lad with the fascination of all things dwarven, had pioneered a steam engine design of his own, based on the prototypes that the dwarves had made, for the purpose of draining their mineshafts of water. Soon enough, young Shackley found more purposes for his steam engine, and other inventors soon caught on as well, thus the Shackley Enterprises took off. The industrial revolution of Eogall has began, and soon Granbrettony was fully engulfed by it, and other nations followed in it's steps. Railroads were laid across the land, and the scientists and inventors working for Shackley Enterprises dabbled in other scientific discipline as well. The numbers of Magick users slowly dwindled, and the mage city-academy of Salemm had enacted a somewhat isolationist policy, as technology usage slowly grew.
A few centuries had passed since Geoffrey Shakley had introduced the steam engine. His descendents still run the industrial complex he founded, being one of the wealthiest in Eogoll. There were rumours of an ill fate that has befallen the mage nation of Bakari, which lied to the west, beyond the Frostwall mountain range. The rumours spoke of a great drought that had ravaged the countryside and turned the once fertile lands to sand, and dried the river from which the Mage-nation took it's name. Those few that returned from the once hospitable land, told stories of empty cities, with no signs of life, nor any corpses of people to be found It had seemed that with this drought, all the people vanished without a trace too.
Recently, Shackley Enterprises had built a marvellous new machine - an airship, named HMS Vibrant Zenith, incorporating the most refined designs into it, making it a luxury cruise ship of the air, the first of it's kind. It's maiden voyage was to be from Lordsport, the capital of Granbrettony, to Korongrad, the capital of the Northern Nation of Krasnorus. Unfortunately, disaster had struck the ship on it's maiden voyage. It fell near the town of Twin Springs, a small silver mining community surrounded by marshy forests. There are many rumours of why the catastrophy happened. Some say it was due to an engine failure. Others say it's elven terrorists. The third group of speculators blame the mages of Salemm. Fourth go even wilder, spinning tales of assasination plots, but of whom, they could not say.
Whatever the case may be, Shackley Enterprises sent a representative to Twin Springs, who is now hiring for adventurers to find out what happened with their downed passenger vessel, and promises of a handsome pay day for those brave enough to explore the wreckage.

So that was the premise of the game. A steampunk adventure, which seems a simple one, yet will unravel into something entirely different.

Other information:
Map of the World
Too stretchy so linking.

Tech level
1880s level basically. in addittion to steam power, people are experimenting with internal combustion engines, although steam powered stuff is still the main form of power. yes, this includes cars, which are currently in the horseless carriage style. Traditional horse drawn vehicles are still in use as well.
gunplay and swordplay still go hand in hand, with the latter slowly becoming obsolete.
Gun tech - early repeater guns (your Colt Revolver Rifle things, early lever actions and such) for your rifle needs, revolvers and such for small arms. lower tech guns exist too. First self loading pistols are made, they are however still in experimental phase and doesn't have a wide use outside of testing ranges(since your mauser and borchardt stuff is pretty much adopted decade later)
There are stuff like automatons and similar contraptions, though most serve as a manservant types, novelty pieces(entertainment, and non sentient)
Armor is mostly reduced to cuirass pieces and it along with swords is becoming obsolete.
Also worth mentioning that the clothing is similar to the 1880s fashion, and does not have gears and stuff plastered all over.

Magick users still exists, despite technology taking over most aspects of life. They still offer their services to people, since there still is a market for it. Magick power is gained through using ones own willpower to bend or even break the laws of nature.

The island of Salemm is a weird place for those who see it, for it incorporates a vast swamp, a small mountain range, a desert, and a dense conifer forest all within the boundaries of itself. Salemm houses a city-academy where all the potential recruits are trained in the arts of magick. Ever since the industrialisation, the mage city has become increasingly isolationist, even more so after the mysterious event that transformed Bakari into a desert wasteland.

Combat magicks include these magick colleges:
Air - Holds the spells that manipulate the first elemental material, that of air and wind.
Earth - Holds the spells that manipulate the second elemental material, that of earth and stone.
Fire - Holds the spells that manipulate the third elemental material, that of fire and heat.
Water - Holds the spells that manipulate the fourth elemental material, that of water and ice.
Force - Contains spells that manipulate and direct pure energy.

Non combat, and combat support magicks include these colleges:
Enchantment - holds the spells that add permanent magical properties to items. Possibly hardest branch of magick to master.
Alteration - Holds the spells that alters it's target atributes and properties for a time
Vitamancy - Holds the spells that heal and restore living organisms
Necromancy - Holds the spells that deal with raising the undead and suck the life out of the living organisms.

More to be added later.

Humans - The most populous inhabitants of Eogoll, they since developed few distinct cultures.
Granbrettony - UK/Irish based, island nation, dominating the islands in and the peninsula in the south east of the continent
Volkerbach - German/French based, is the kingdom within the center of human lands in Eogoll
Krasnorus - Eastern European based, comprises the Northern part of the Continent
Bakari(now extinct) - inspired by ancient Egypt, this culture was found on the usage of magick, and nearly every aspect of it was influenced by spellweaving.
Humans are adept at magick, and technology as well. Average human is 175-180cm tall, average lifespan is 80 years

Dwarves - along the centuries they had split into two groups - Mountain Dwarves, those living in their ancestral mountain keeps, and City Dwarves, those that had settled in human cities. Dwarves that settled in human lands work as factory foremen, inventors and other industrial jobs. They have no magick aptitude whatsoever, but are slighty resistant to magick. up to 140cm tall, stocky build and such. Classic archetype. Lives for up to 300 years

Elves - Naturalistic folk, mostly rejecting the newfound technological avdvances. Mostly tend to keep to themselves in the Glimmering Grove, a massive Redwood forest on the west of Eogol. Some elves do live in human cities, and some practice magic in Salemm. Elves are strong magick users. Average elf is 190cm tall, average age is 500 years

Orcs - Like with dwarves, there are two subgroups of orcs - the Roving Orcs, that still live their nomadic lifestyle roaming the Great Plains region, and the City dwelling orcs. Orcs that dwell in the cities are primarily laborers, though other professions are possible, as some work as craftsmen, work with trade relations with the roving orcs, or do jobs that require muscle i.e. bodyguards. some orcs are moderate magick users, preferring elemental disciplines. Average orc(male) is broad shouldered build and about 185cm on average height. shares a similar lifespan with humans (so average 80 years)

Half-Elves - people of elven and human parentage. duh
Half-Orcs - People of orcish and human parentage. duh
Half-Breeds carry the traits of both parents, however the trait of the paternal line is stronger. So for example, a half-elf with an elf as a father would be a stronger spellcaster than an average human mage. Lifespan depends on the parentage, Half-Orcs have a average human lifespan, half elves live to around 200 years.

Canians - tribal society of what can be described as anthropomorphic wolves, they used to live in the Glimmering Grove, but eventually were driven out by the elves centuries ago, during the Dark Seasons, an epoch of strife and constant warfare, the dark ages of Eogoll. Canians today live in the Taiga of central Krasnorus, and survive on herding reindeer and trapping. while the most common interaction comes in the form of Canian traders selling goods made from reindeer hide and other animal pelts they are curious people by nature, you can find Canians mostly as apprentices to various craftsmen in Krasnorus as well, but some do venture further. up to 1.90 meters tall, average lifespan of 80 years

(Non Playable)
Gnomes - Inventive and very business like, gnomes lived in human lands for centuries. These short people are working in various commerce vocations. about a meter tall. Somehow, they do tend to have plenty of Half-Ogre bodyguards for some reason.
Halflings - They make up some of the richest ranchers and farmers in Eogoll. about 130cm tall on average
Ogres - Formely brutes that would raid the human lands, these mountain dwellers are now more docile due to them being nearly wiped out by the human kingdoms' coalition 300 years ago. Most now serve as manual laborers in various fields, performing simple tasks, due to their child like minds. Large build, about 2 meters high on average.
Half-Ogres - A bit more intelligent than full blood Ogers Half-Ogres are most often seen guarding various gnomish businessmen. While initially rare, they've become far more common sight ever since the introduction of the steam engine, and various other scientific creations.

people can be of any class, but take the setting in mind. the initial objective is to investigate a zeppelin crash, not to save a damsel form a fire breahting dragon dark lord, so an ultra holy paladin of god of justice with an oath of poverty and virtue may not be the most suitable character for this type of game.

"Kip is the Gavin McInnes of HC" - Salamandre
"Ashan to the Trashcan", "I got PTSD from H7. " - LizardWarrior

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted December 11, 2018 06:08 PM

Sorry don't have time for this in the foreseeable future.

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Famous Hero
Well, I'm Ceres!
posted December 12, 2018 12:34 AM

I'm interested but I can't be fully devoted into this. I'm really having a hard time running my own RP. I will read this thoroughly later. Been just skimming on it.
And she told you, laughing down to her core, so she would not cry, as she lay on your lap,
"Nobody here can live forever, quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer."

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