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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Oasis- A new faction idea for homm3
Thread: Oasis- A new faction idea for homm3

Tavern Dweller
posted January 30, 2020 01:12 PM

Oasis- A new faction idea for homm3

FFirst of all im apologize if i have some grammer issues or my english is not so good, it is not my native languge
So few days ago i had a idea for a new faction or town for homm3 :

Oasis !
I use the guideline of H6 creation guide in altar of wishes on some parts of it, hope you will like it.

The Setting

The Oasis - A new town of enslavers and masters, which lossley base on the free cities of the slaver bay on game of thrones, like meeren.

2. Faction Information

So the oasis faction as i said are a faction of the Masters , Merchants, Mercenearies ,  and slave traders, they use thier force to enslave the weakers to join thier armies on the contininet of Earthia. The alignment of Oasis faction is Neutral Evil, as most of the merceneraies don't care about true causes, only gold, but,  but they are more related for evil , as they don't care to capture the weaks and enslave them to thier own purpose. This faction is more might focus than magic, although they are some guilds in oasis that learn the nature of magic, but they prefer to focuse on brute force.  The native terrain of Oasis is Sand, and the free cities of the mercenearies are mostly in the deserts of Earthia ( Also it's a terrain that none of previous factions are a native to it)

Inspiration: So, the inspiration is lossley based on the free cities of the slavers bay of GRRM A song of ice and fire. Also it's based on the rome empire of system of the collessum and gladiators. Based on merceneraiers and sword sellers, and merchants.

Associated colours: So i know it's mostly H5 and above theme games, but if it was also in H3 , i think that the golden color was the color of Oasis theme.

Symbols: As entioned above it's not H3 theme, but i can say that the symbol of Oasis is two swords acrossed , and a coin of gold.

Worship: Again, not H3 thing, but i can say that the free cities, don't worship the gods at all, they belive that only power and richment is important in life. Do what you please to do , there are no gods to judge you, only the strongest surivive, and so on.

Core philosophy: "Trust in yourself, and no one else."

Country / kingdom: The free cities , cities without any goverment above them, where anyone with enough power or richment can live freely, or the unlucky slaves who are build and serve the masters.

Faction Gameplay
So the specialization of the oasis faction is the enslavemnt , which is similar to necromancy: after each battle , some of the creatures will be enslaved and will be rised as slaves , which are the level 1 creature of oasis. More on that later. Also, as merceneaies, some of the cratures are can be hired from other factions , but this is a balance beacause the oasis faction can be rich really fast, as alot of buildings  and abilities of creatures make more resources in time.

For example, the slave is the weakest crature on the game, beside peasent. But you can use the slaves to "guard" mines to increase thier daily resources, or to sacrifice them on battle to ressurect some of the masters. The merceneries don't care about your cause, if another hero form rival faction has enough gold, 30% of your stack will join the battle, and if they win , they will stay with them. Howevver, this is a risk you should consider, as mercenerairs increase gold income each day.

3. Balance

So as i said: the oasis can increase your daily income ALOT. However, the creatures are really expansive, and also the buildings. Some of the creatures have also a negative ability, like Merceneart treachery which will make them leave your side for the enemey, for a price.

However, as some of the creatures are really strong, some of them pretty weak, and there is only medicore shooters, to consider, and not alot of flying creatures (with only one).

4. The Creatures.

Level 1: Slave, Level 1.5: Trained Slave

Attack 2
Defense 2
Damage 1-2
Health 2
Speed 3
Cost per troop: 20
Sp. Ability: Miner- if guard a mine, will increase the daily reasources of a mine by 1% for each troop in the stack, but no more than 100% ( so if a mine ore provied 2 ores each day, with 100% it will be 4 ores per day!)
Coward- If attacked , there is 10% for some creatures of the stack leave the field, but only after retilate.
Creature Dwellings- Tents

Trained Slave
Attack 2
Defense 2
Damage 1-3
Health 3
Speed 5
Sp. abilites: as slave.

Level 2:


Attack 6
Defense 5
Damage 1-4
Health 10
Speed 3
Cost: 160
Ability: Shooter , Shots: 7

A free soldier who use lancers to throw on the enemies.
Creature Dwellings - Camp

Freelancer Commnader
Attack 7
Defense 5
Damage 2-5
Health 10
Speed 4
Cost - 250
Ability: Shooter , Shots: 9
Long Spear- Can hit 2 adjacnt creatures ( like fire breath of dragons)

Level 3:

Attack 11
Defense 8
Damage 5-7
Health 30
Speed 9
Cost - 300
A horse riding master, using whip to mobbilize the slaves into combat.

Sp. abilities: none.
Creature Dwellings - Cottage

Attack 12
Defense 10
Damage 7-9
Health 31
Speed 11
Sp. abilites: Mobilizer - Increase Slave + Trained slave morale +1
Sacrificer- Once in a battle, can sacrifice up to 40%  ( dependes on stack numbers of Master) of slaves or trained slaves, to ressurect it's own health.
No enemey retilate.

Level 4: Lion

Attack 14
Defense 8
Damage 8-12
Health - 35
Speed - 9

Ability: Roar - can make a creature not to retilate after attack, and instead move back 3 squares.
Creature Dwellings - Lion Den
Armored Lion

Attack 16
Defense 9
Damage 10-15
Health - 35
Speed - 8

Ability: Roar , Fury - when health is 50% or low, it will enter to berserk, attacking anything nearby.

Cost: 550

Level 5: Mercenary
Attack 15
Defense 9
Damage 14-18
Health 42
Speed 8

Cost : 800

Sp. Abilities: High Morale ( minotaur  like) , persuasion - can increase resorces from windmills, campfire, water wheel , by some amount, also can increase the amount of resources of on map , and decrease some of gold that demand by creatures which agree to join you.

Treachery : When enemy hero battle you, 30% of the stack can leave your army by a price, the amount of the price is depending the stack size.

Attack 17
Defense 9
Damage 16-22
Health 42
Speed 9

Cost: 1000 gold, 1 gem

Creature Dwellings - Coliseum

Level 6:

Attack 17
Defense 20
Damage 20-24
Health 130
Speed 4
Sp. Abilities: Gore - can attack Walls, increased damage against siege weapongs.
An elephant rider.

Cost  1000 gold

Creature Dwellings - Pen

War Elephant
Attack 18
Defense 21
Damage 22-26
Health 150
Speed 6
Sp. Abilites: Gore, Trample - Ignore 50% damage of moat - tower mines excluded.
An armored elephant rider.
Cost 1200 gold , 1 crystal

Level 7:

Dragon Tamer
Attack 19
Defense 19
Damage 35-45
Health 170
Speed 12

A dragon rider soldier, that's why the stats of the creature are lower from red dragon, as that dragon is untamed yet. It's color is pink.

Sp. Abilities: Flyer, Breath Attack, Immune to spells level 1-2

Can cast mirth once at basic level.
Creature Dwellings- Dragon Pit

Attack 26
Defense 26
Damage 42-52
Health - 320
Speed- 15

Now that the dragon is tamed, the dragon rider is stronger even the black dragon. The color of this dragon is blue.

Sp. Abilities: Flyer, Breath Attack, Immune to spells
Can cast mirth at expert level.

5. Miscellaneous.

Sp. Builidngs -

Artifact Merchants
Merchant Square ( Instead of resource silo) - increase the amount of resources for the marketplace.
Arena- Each visiting hero gained +2 Attack/Defense bonus once. (Similar to the arena on map)
Slave Market- Can sell creatures for resources.
Trade Road- Each week, a randomaly capture mine will bring double amount of resources.
Court Grounds- Freelancer Horde building

Mage Guild - Level 1-3

Grail- Golden Sword

10k Gold each day additionally, +50% creature growth like other Grail buildings

Heroe Classes: Mercenary (Might) Merchant (Magic)

Special Skill- Enslavemnt - After a battle, some of the creatures who perished will join as slaves into the army, and if it full as trained slaves ( Like Necromancy skill)

I hope you liked my idea, it was really hard to think about it

Improvement / balance ideas are welcomed!

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 28, 2020 10:58 AM

Good idea !!!

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 28, 2020 02:39 PM

Nate_Drake_666 said:
Good idea !!!

Thank you !

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Famous Hero
Making map for HotA then WoG
posted March 28, 2020 02:43 PM

Is it somehow this Oasis?: Oasis Town

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 28, 2020 06:58 PM

FirePaladin said:
Is it somehow this Oasis?: Oasis Town

didn't know that someone though about oasis town! Actually it was an idea i though about it, so cool that some one thought about somthing diffrent with the name oasis

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted March 28, 2020 07:10 PM

Link to the Oasis thread:
Don't know if the project is dead though. I wish it was added to HotA.

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