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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #3: Inferno
Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #3: Inferno This thread is 3 pages long: 1 2 3 · «PREV

Known Hero
posted September 24, 2020 03:42 AM


I'm going to mostly look at originality here - essentially the same thing I was trying to do (and got good marks for, so thanks!). I feel like it's especially important here, more than in most other towns, just because the inferno is a peripheral town - the majority of Heroes games do not have it, so it's necessary to come up with a good concept that justifies including it as the seventh town on top of the H2/4/7 six. With that in mind:


Almost 10/10, but not quite. This feels like this would be 10/10 as the generic evil town, and I like the mixture of monsters like dragons, afarit, pazuzus, homunculi, and salamanders. The 15-map campaign seems epic. It just feels a bit all-over in the context of a game that's practically defined by having 920690222.5 different factions. It's really creative, it should get a high mark, I just feel a good chunk of this might better belong in the dungeon or necropolis.

So, overall, 9/10.


I like how you're thinking in terms of RPG-strategy synthesis with individual hero skills and creature abilities. And I do like the cultist buildings. But the lineup feels pretty conventional. The wheel of torment is cool but feels weird as a living unit rather than a construct or war machine?

So, overall, 7.5/10.


People before me have fixated on the incomplete proposal in criticizing this. But I want to talk about one specific detail that kind of annoyed it - the art for the killer/bringer of death. The units themselves are fine, if very traditional, but the art for the killer looks very horrorlike, including holes for triggering trypophobia. The horror-inferno feels kind of jarring since I don't think the mechanics are very horror-y, unlike the necropolis, which has its endless skeletons and disease-spreading zombies...

So, overall, 5.5/10. Sorry.


I love the simp jokes .

This feels kind of cool, especially the inferno-as-underground bit (that's literally what inferno means - inferior, as in below ground). And I especially like your campaign concept and may crib it if I ever write something up.

The main thing I feel weird about is that even though the flavortext is cool, the lineup is still very conventional. I'd like it a lot more if the simp were an actual simp - some cultist who will run into enemies in the hope of getting noticed by the idol as a result.

So, overall, 8/10.


Okay, I'm reading, this seems pretty interesting but hits some of my pet peeves, like hell-as-fire and D&D monsters (dracolich)... and then there is the 7 deadly sins system. <3 <3 <3

Overall, 8.5/10.

Final note

Re this:

Alon: He's got some interesting concepts going on (not like everyone else doesn't, but he puts an accent on it).

*They, not he. (You didn't know, I don't have pronouns in my sig, but it's they/them, not he/him.)

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Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted September 24, 2020 05:30 AM

Well, I know I said 5 days but the Sylvan thread is up and it seems like everyone has already scored so final scores are:

Alon: 9
Rimgrabber: 9
PandaTar: 8.75
Jiriki9: 8.38
FirePaladin: 8.25
Galaad: 4.1

Great job to everyone except Galaad huehuehue I'm having a lot of fun with this! The next round starts tomorrow, Rampart/Preserve/Sorceress/Sylvan

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted September 24, 2020 11:12 PM

PandaTar said:
@Fire Paladin and Jiriki9

It's fairly understandable, as it doesn't follow strickly any sort of previous Heroes games' tier system or so, and there's a lot of information to take in. Overwhelms a bit, when you're not the one creating it. After I read it a couple of times, things seem much simpler and organic, so it feels like things are clear; and they are not quite clear.

In my defense, I was reading the original post to check if it should follow something specific, and there was nothing. That's why I am not taking into consideration if I would play these factions in any actual base-game, but mainly to feel the general vibe of the faction, if they are really convincing, if they would make me curious how they would fare; and that's how I am basing my judgement when giving scores also. Of course, a lot of things needs polishing because it is the crude format, with many things noted that might be divided and redirected somewhere else (it's like a big notepad). Not all creatures are available at the same time at town, and some have their upgrades that part still needs to be addressed on all proposals. I am also not considering balances or multiplayer (I hate multiplayer's influence on Heroes games).

My motivation upon creating these factions rests on the fact that you must learn each faction uniqueness and the uniqueness of their heroes, actually learn them. And not being forced to follow strickly other Heroes' systems is a plus in my book, as today I feel like old Heroes games are much too simple and uninteresting, even with mods.

In case it did not get through: You created a great faction here! Maybe it's the learning part I'm having a hard time with, because I am pretty occupied by work and child and such, and find it hard to actually try to find time to learn the details of your faction. I'm currently, f.e. playing the H3 campaign, very casually, 30 minutes here, 20 there, and I am actually enjoying it BECAUSE it is simple and easy to get in, and I can just put the pc on, play, and immediately end it any time, when my son needs attention, when I get to tired, or when my  colleagues write me a message that makes me go back to work. And thinking about that I find it might also reflect in my proposals these days, which might be a tad more conventional and slimmer than I used to be (f.e. considering the number of units, of abilites, etc.). It might also reflect in my judging.

As I felt some people mentioned me doing a conventional line-up: aside the structure, and maybe the names, it did not feel so to me, due to the abilities, which I tried to make straying away. =D The only Unit I would relaly like to change is the Fiend, into a even more castery unit probably.
Also, for me, personally, recreating a faction is something different than just creating a new one roughly based on the old one and creativity plays a different role here. The challenge I feel myself in is to keep what is iconic, but to add and alter it in a way that it also feels partially new - but my goal is not that former games' versions of the factions are not recognizable in the proposals.

The wheel of torment is cool but feels weird as a living unit rather than a construct or war machine?

I did not give unit types, which would be there. Actually, to me none of the Inferno units, except Cultists, are "Living", but instead they are "Demon". The Wheel of Torment of course is both "Construct" and "Demon" type. It does not have all classical Construct bonuses though, because it does have a kind of twisted, wicked will, so it is not immune to mind magic.
The Lost Soul, btw., has both "Demon" and "Undead" as type.
...this was just a part of the informations I did not add, to save time and energy. I'll try to add unit types in the next rounds (though I am not sure I'll find time for a proper rampart, sadly.)

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