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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Best Nature 2lvl spells
Thread: Best Nature 2lvl spells

Undefeatable Hero
Therefore I am
posted October 10, 2022 07:35 AM

Poll Question:
Best Nature 2lvl spells

Hi Druids!

Welcome to discuss the huge problem of spell, because all spells look like OP, but if you know something, you're Druid then. My Nature 2lvl spell rankings are unknown too, and debate is also unknown.. Because I'm not concentrated too much also I can't remember rankings, maybe I played H4 so Windows Vista time.. Now's Win10, what I own.. I can't play on the battlefield, it caused slow, you know Swamp, but my display card is so old does everything battlefield in Win10.. I must to use a autocombat and advanced difficulty level.. But I know Nature's debate is 5lvl, where are Summon Mantis from Uludin Foothills.. Depends on your skill to manage earlier campaign..but perspective says rare spell. Ok I can't vote, but I can tell you in here, my best Nature 2lvl spell is Wasp Swarm, it after Quicksand by Return to the Avenger (H4 map).. When all lessons, tricks went to map..
Fight MWMs - stand teach

Giant Strength
Snake Strike
Summon Elf
Summon Satyr
Summon White Tiger
Wasp Swarm
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Undefeatable Hero
posted October 10, 2022 09:42 AM

I pick Wasp Swarm as the best.
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Known Hero
posted October 10, 2022 03:40 PM
Edited by Albyx at 16:51, 10 Oct 2022.

1. Wasp Swarm and Quicksand. Both are great. Quicksand is OP if it's cast by water elementals, especially by summoned. It's useless against flying enemies and shooters tho. So I voted for Wasp Swarm, because it's always good, like Confusion.

2. Summon satyrs. Satyrs have 2 casts of mirth (2 level 2 spells for cost of one, stonks).

3. Snake strike and Giant strength. Solid buffs. First strike turns griffins into death machines.
Giant strength helps to deal more damage and to take less casualties early on. Nature creatures are weak on defense and hp, so it's always good to have this spell. Works with tigers and elves, unlike snake strike, so early on it's more preffered.

4. Summon tigers. Tigers help to distract enemies and can absorb some damage, good when you don't have satyrs or they already buffed your army.

5. Summon elves. They deal some damage, and that's it. Not a fan of summoned elves, but they still are useful in some situations.

6. Fortune. We have Summon leprechauns. Level 1 spell that in fact does the same thing, but also gives free troop. If you don't have leprechauns, you may cast it with hero, Fortune is still good of a spell. But if you do have leprechauns, it's a waste of magic guild slot.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted October 10, 2022 05:16 PM

First of all, Quicksand is a great spell for Water Elementals - but not for the guild. Why? It's useless against flyers and shooters, plus, you need something to make use of the additional time the grunts need to reach you, which is somewhat difficult, since most games I at least can't afford Elves and go for the more affordable and very good Tigers. However, Water Elementals CAN kill the dudes they stop with Quicksand with their Icebolt, so that's a nice combo to have.

Wasp Swarm is great - most of the time, but not always. One of the good things is that your two side guilds may deliever Confusion or SoP, if Wasp Swarm isn't in it (which is somewhat true for Snake Strike as well). Giant Strength increases HP and damage by 25%, which is pretty good. Lastly, I prefer Tigers or Satyrs as Summoning spells, because Elves take too long to accumulate for any effect.

Bottom line is that I'm not really sure that Wasp Swarm is the best L2 spell for Nature. I'd take any three out of the 5 (WS, GS, SS plus either Summon Tigers or Satyrs).

The worst guild would be Quicksand, Fortune and Summon Elf - which says a lot about how good that guild is.

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