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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Is WoG a better rule than HotA?
Thread: Is WoG a better rule than HotA?

Undefeatable Hero
Therefore I am
posted May 29, 2023 09:13 PM

Is WoG a better rule than HotA?

I never used a Artifact and Spell Banning, but I gave/made a rule to my map, when they can't decide against the rule. I haven't talked about the Map Rules. So ok, I show a rule to you.

*Spell Banning Options*

Ban spells from Mage Guilds and Pyramids
Ban spells from Spell Shrines
Ban spells from Scholars
Ban spells from Scrolls and Pandora's Boxes
Ban spells from Hero's starting spells
Ban Summon Boat
Ban Scuttle Boat
Ban Water Walk
Ban Town Portal
Ban Dimension Door
Ban Fly
Ban Visions
Ban Armageddon
Ban View Air
Ban View Earth
Ban Disguise

*Banned Artifacts*

Necklace of Ocean Guidance
Sea Captain's Hat
Boots of Levitation
Angel Wings
Tome of Air Magic
Tome of Earth Magic
Tome of Fire Magic
Tome of Water Magic
Spellbinder's Hat
Recanter's Cloak
Orb of Inhibition
Orb of Vulnerability
Shackles of War
Vial of Dragon Blood
Armageddon's Blade
Disable Combination Artifacts Assembly

*Banned WoG Artifacrs*

Magic Wand
Gold Tower Arrow
Monster's Power
Slava's Ring of Power
Ban Commander Artifacts
Warlord's Banner
Crimson Shield of Retribution
Gate Key
Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity
Fight MWMs - stand teach

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