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25 Jan 2015: Necropolis Reveal, Academy Faction Theme and More!! - read more
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Untitled Post in Updated NCF thread - 56 (Workshop)
You mean a bull? It's not like it got laser udders so I don't see what there is not to like. Besid...

Untitled Post in Unique Flags depending on faction and color! - 3 (Workshop)
Good question! I have stopped playing H5 entirely, but will now release them as they are at the mome...

Untitled Post in (Mod) second upgrades (Workshop)
Lord Immortal, though some ideas are good, some are questionable. Cultist>Heathen>Heretic? No, that ...

Untitled Post in [REQUEST] Wraith face replace (Workshop)
It would be relatively easy to do, though I always thought the green bits were the ugly ones. Par...

Untitled Post in ~ QUESTIONS Topic and FAQ - Modders Workshop ~ - 108 (Workshop)
The dwarven king's helm looks odd because I think it is a bit too large, and maybe not attached pro...

Untitled Post in Possible Creature - 246 (WOG)
Howler Varg Lycaon Some ideas I had for this wolfman creature, personally I would go with Lycao...

Untitled Post in [NCF Based] Diamond Golem (Workshop)
Unfortunatly, it doesn't work with the RTMG: [quote]AdvMapObject Importer Log -----------------...

Untitled Post in [Mod TotE] Conflux town - 3 (Workshop)
Actually, "Wisp" doesn't mean anything without the "Will o'" suffix, unless it's in the Warcr...

Untitled Post in [Mod TotE] Conflux town - 3 (Workshop)
This is great, though I have a few suggestions; 1, Plasma Elemental sounds too scifi for my taste...

Untitled Post in Updated NCF thread - 56 (Workshop)
I prefer using NCF creatures as bases as they rarely are balanced and too pumped with abilities that...

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