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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: The Angel
Thread: The Angel

Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted March 13, 2007 08:37 PM

The Angel

No one seems to want to comment on this, so I'll make it a new thread to trick people into reading it.  Mua ha ha ha ha!

Campaign: The Angel

Mission 1: Leader
Audya: "General Shane, Their left flank is fleeing.  Should we pursue them?"
General Shane: "No, let them go.  There's another wave of Nightmares coming, strike there."
Audya: "The humans, no offence, are rather frightened.  How do I get them to stand their ground?"
General Shane: "Give them that speech I gave you last year, about honor and peaches."
Audya: [laughs] "I remember that, it was -"
[A blast of Fire bolts through General Shane]
Audya: "Shane!"
General Shane: [disolves into fire]
Audya: [Looks with vengance at the Succubi who blasted General Shane, grabs sword and flies with fury at the Succubi]
Deleb: [Waves Cheekily at Audya] "Fiyero" [Fire erupts in the trees around Audya]

Scenario Begins: Deleb and Audya are in combat.  Audya has a standard Haven army, without Peasents.  On the other side is Deleb, who has Succubi, Succubi Mistresses, Hell Chargers and Nightmares.  Audya's army is roughly enough to defeat Deleb.  After the battle:

Audya: "Where's Deleb?  She's going to join Shane."
Soldier: "She escaped during the fighting.  She probobally went back to her base North of here."
Audya: "Mashal warriors. I'm going after Deleb and I'm bringing down the city with her!"

The Scenario continues.  Audya must marshal forces and build up her city.  Eventually the objective pops up suggesting an assult on Deleb's city.  The battle is large, and if Audya is victorious the scenario ends.  After the battle:
[Audya and Deleb fight.  Deleb gains the advantage and kicks Audya in the chest.  She then escapes through a Gate to Sheogh]
~Fade out~

~Fade in~
[Audya sits morosely leaning against a peice of fallen building.  Two feet step clinking around the building. The face is not seen]
Voice: "She got away, didn't she?"
Audya: [looks up, starts, and rises, reaching for her sword] "Demon!"
Kha-Beleth: [points at the sword. It flys off into a pool of Lava] "Not so fast."
Audya: [after a pause] "What do you want?"
Kha-Beleth: "Peach trees that will grow in the fires of Sheogh.  Failing that, I want to help you.  You want vengance.  I want Deleb with steel deep in her.  So, in the intrests of this, I'll need you."
Audya: "She's one of your best warriors. Why do you want to her dead?"
Kha-Beleth: "Traffic issues."
Audya: "Trafic issues?"
Kha-Beleth: "She opens to many gates.  So I'd like to open one of my own and give you the power to destroy her."
Audya: [Thinks it over] "Fine. Do it."
Kha-Beleth: "Excellent.  You'll need a sword. [He draws Audya's sword out of the lava.  The once blue flames are now Red]

Mission 2: Extermination
Hallein: "Sure, the fighting's fine Honey, but what's with the new outfit?"
Audya: "I thought it fit. Don't you like the dark side?"
Hallein: "It's okay, but I think ya like it a bit too much."
Audya: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Hallein: "This Deleb ya afta?  That spell she did has her linked with ev'ry demon in the area.  She's incredibly as strong, and ya don't even seem to care."
Audya: "She's stronger? I'm stronger.  This power...Its incredible.  Its seeping through me like a blot of red ink. I can feel it filling my whole body. [pause] She's getting power from the demons?  Then I'll just have to kill them.  Then: I avenge Shane."
Hallein: "Audya - "
Audya: "Are you with me or not?"
Hallein: "Fine, Fine, I'm with you."

The Scenario begins.  It's pretty routine.  You go around killing demon stacks hanging about.  Eventually a message box pops up saying, "The area is almost clear of demons.  Deleb's strength can't be all that great anymore."  You (for the last time) defeat Deleb in her castle.  

[Audya and Deleb battle.  Audya gains an easy advantage, and knocks away Deleb's Axe.  She goes in for the finishing strike...]
[There is a flash for a moment.  Audya apears as she did in the first mission: White, not black.  She waits for a moment.  Deleb looks up hopefully]
[Audya flashes back, and stabs Deleb]
Hallein: [Comes up behind Audya] "Feel better?"
Audya: [Turns to Hallein]
Hallein: "Audie?"
Aknaya: [Kills her]

Mission 3: Gold
[Aknaya and Kha-Beleth are standing in an area littered with fallen humans]
Kha-Beleth: "How are you liking the power?"
Aknaya: "Its great! Feels like fire, looks like fire..." [looks at the dead] "...and they burn like fire."
Kha-Beleth: "And people wonder why demons are reigning supreme."
Aknaya: "I don't.  Its fun.  I can't wait to relax."
Kha-Beleth: "Oh. I had a mission of death and plundering for you, but if you'd rather relax..."
Aknaya: "Are you kidding?  Death and Chaos are my Bed and Feasts.  Screams of the living make Beautiful music.  Who do I get to burn?"
Kha-Beleth: "Elves.  I need some gold for my plans, and the Wood Elves seem to have more than enough of it."
Aknaya: "Sounds like my kind of party."

The Mission begins: Aknaya, now fully a demon, commands Demonic armies to attack Elven cities. For each one defeated, the player gets 50,000 gold.  When the Player gets to 500,000 gold, they are victorious.  The map is loaded with mines and cities to raise gold, but much money will need to be spent on warriors.  After the Scenario:

[On Crecent Moon Isle]
Tieru: "This Seraph is dangerous"
Alaron: "You don't say.  What I can't figure out is, what's giving her this power?"
Tieru: "The Demon soverign planted a Vengance Demon in her.  Her power's fueled by vengance."
Alaron: "How do we kill the Demon without killing the Angel?"
Tieru: "Why not kill the Angel?"
Alaron: "Young King Nicolai will get angry if we kill a powerful General.  Also, if we can deconvert her, she could wipe out the demons."
Tieru: [pause] "There may be a way...Alaron, can you send messangers to Heresh?  We need a necromancer."
Alaron: "What? Are you mad?"
Tieru: "Do you trust me?"
Alaron: "Yes, but its impossible for you to convince a Necromancer to help us.  Thus, I know you can do it.  How long will you be gone?"
Tieru: "About a month."

Mission 4: Necromancer
Aknaya: "What?  The stargazing-poets now call on Necromancy?"
Soldier: "Yes.  Scouts report he's comming with a full military escourt."
Aknaya: "Bother.  I'd hoped for screams of the Living, but the crunch of bones will suit me just as well."

The Mission Begins.  A Necromancer will try to get past your city to a nearby Sylvan Capitol with too powerful of an army to defeat.  You must stop him. Zoltan will flee three times, but in the end he will come with an impressive army, and you will recive a message telling you that the Necromancer is too strong to defeat.  You must therefore let him pass.

Zoltan: "I have brought all the materials I need.  Where can I set up?"
Alaron: "We have a special chamber.  Now, remember, one soul only.  You summon anymore, you die.  Permenantly."
Zoltan: "What, don't you trust me?"
Alaron: "Don't get me started.  I've been - "
Runner: [Bursts in] My Lord, Talanar is attacking Aknaya.
Alaron: "What?  The Idiot!"
Runner: "He says that Tieru's plan is crazy, won't work, and somone needs to take action against the...well, I can't tell you what he said about her."
Alaron: "Why?"
Runner: "The last time someone said that word, you exiled them for two days."
Zoltan: "Look, if She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is going to be killed, then you won't need me.  Good bye."
Alaron: "No, wait.  [Turns to Runner] Tell Ythlin to try to hold him back.  Zoltan, get to work."
Tieru: [Emerges from chamber] Are you coming?  There's a war on, you know."

The mission continues.  Aknaya must defeat a large army led by the formidable Talanar.  After doing so, the objective of attacking the Sylvan city comes up.  You attack and defeat it, of course.  When you do:

Aknaya: [Hacks away at Elven Warriors]
Tieru: "Zoltan, hurry up!"
Zoltan: "Atu Atu Elekenaman." [pause] "Atu Atu Elekenaman." [pause] "(Annoyed) Atu Atu Elekenaman!  Tieru, where's that soulstone?!  It's supposed to be at the high point of this Pentacle!"
Aknaya: [Hacks away at an Elven Warrior.  Sees Zoltan, and goes after him.  She slices into him, but just before she does he vanishes in a puff of smoke and a cheeky smile]
Tieru: [Grabs the Soulstone, pushes Aknaya out of the way, puts the soulstone in place, and shouts] "Atu Atu Elekenaman!"
Aknaya: [Starts to slash Tieru, but stops.  Over Tieru's shoulder is the spectral face of General Shane. For a moment Aknaya reverts to White form]
Tieru: [Snaps a binding spell on Audya.  The Elven army runs away, and Audya fades back to Aknaya]

Mission 5: Angel
Kha-Beleth: "You didn't kill Tieru? I asked you personally!"
Aknaya: "They did something!  I don't know what they did, but they made me feel all weak and...well, weak."
Kha-Beleth: "Well, this week, don't feel weak!  I want Tieru fertilizing his own poppies!  Kill him!"
Aknaya: [flashes]
Audya: "No!" [Flashes back]
Aknaya: "See?  That keeps happening!"
Kha-Beleth: "(hastily) I've given you your assignment.  Goodbye." [Vanishes]
Aknaya/Audya: [experiences a moment of repeated flashback/forth.  Aknaya eventually comes out on top]

Mission Begins: Throughout the mission, your character will flash back and forth between Aknaya and Audya, every other day. As Aknaya, she is a vengace demon, with normal Gating.  As Audya, she is a Seraph, with Reverse Gating.  She can send enemy armies back where they came from (only a few at a time) which mercifully lets them survive.  You battle your way slowly through a large map to an Elven Castle, and when you get there:

Aknaya: [Charges at Tieru]
Audya: [Stops]
Aknaya: [Charges again]
Audya: [Stops, shakes herself]
Tieru: [Puts another binding spell on her]
Aknaya: "Let me go, you bast - "
Audya: "Help me, please!"
Aknaya: "Shut-up, Bi - "
Audya: "Be quiet."
Aknaya: "You Bloody Elf!  Let me go, or I'll - "
Audya: "Don't listen to her, she can't do anything."
Aknaya: "Oh, yes I can!  I'll, I'll..."
Audya: "Tieru, Can't you help me?"
Tieru: [Thinks it over] "I can't acually do anything.  The Demon in you is to strong for the Rite of True Nature, and I don't know how to take it from you without killing you.  You'll have to sort this out yourself."
Audya: "How?"
Aknaya: "Don't listen to her, she can't do anything."
Tieru: "You made a deal with Kha-Beleth.  If you make a deal, you don't have to keep it up if the person is dead.  If you can confront Kha-Beleth and kill him, you should be able to defeat this vengance demon."
Aknaya: "You won't win."
Audya: "Yes, I will. Shush."
Tieru: "I'm afraid you can't.  You'll need the demon's strength to get through the Armies."

The Mission continues.  You continue to flash between Aknaya and Audya.  The player can chose between attacking with Elven Armies or Demonic Ones, but either way the attack on the Demon Stronghold must come on a day when Aknaya is dominant.  After destroying the armies of Sheogh, the final cutscene plays:

Kha-Beleth: "What are you doing?"
Audya: "Stoping you."
Kha-Beleth: "I don't think so.  You forget, I gave you that power, and I can control it any way I wish."
Audya: "No you - "
Kha-Beleth: [Points at Audya] "Makla Drajian." [Magic shoots from his fingers]
Audya: [Starts to change] "Sheilden!" [Spell stops]
[They fight]
Kha-Beleth: "You think you can win?  I've killed scores of Angels in my time.  I've seen Urgash locked in his tomb.  I've lived longer than any mortal ever could dream of."
Audya: "Master?" [She hits him with her sword, and he hits a building] "You talk too much." [She drives her sword at him]
Kha-Beleth: [Grabs sword.  The fire turns Red, and Audya converts to Ankaya] "Still not enough Power."  [Kha-Beleth pushes her sword.  She flies backward, and hits a building.  
Ankaya: "Hey!  That hurt!" [Attacks him.  They continue to fight.  She eventually gains the Advantage] "Thanks for the Power" [and stabs at Kha-Beleth]
Kha-Beleth: "Naijard Alkam." [The demon is drained out of Audya, who hesitates.  Kha-Beleth rises by use of Ankaya's Wings]
Audya: "Come back here!"  [She starts to rise]
Kha-Beleth: "Sorry, gotta fly.  Thanks for the Power." [He vanishes]
Audya: [She looks at her White self.  Then she looks to the place where Kha-Beleth was] "You're welcome."

End of Mission.

How exactly is luck a skill?

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Famous Hero
the guy with the dragon golem
posted March 13, 2007 08:57 PM

I like it Even though I think we have had enough stories of demons possessing humans (It sounds a bit like the story of Dark Messiah)

Btw, how is this going to be implemented? Just as text boxes or can you make cut scenes with graphics and audio? That would be really cool...
open source for an open mind

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Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted March 13, 2007 09:17 PM

depends.  I don't know the full capacity of the editor.
How exactly is luck a skill?

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Known Hero
Shadow Elemental
posted March 14, 2007 09:58 PM

I like the story and everything but:

Demon1 kills Angel's Friend, Demon2 offers the Angel help.
The Angel accepts? Vengence isn't powerfull enough to turn an Angel into an evil killing machine. The only way an Angel might do that is the lack of choice. Turning into a Demon servant shouldn't be so easy. I think it should be a desperate act, with a better reason than just revenge. Also... trust. The Angel cannot trust any demon and the demon wouldn't trust any Angel. Trust is difficult to gain, expecially in war, allmost impossible amongst enemies.

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Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted March 15, 2007 12:55 AM

the angel was in a burning city, having failed once again to avenge her friend.  Besides, Kha-Beleth only offered her power, he didn't mention it entailed being possessed by a demon.
How exactly is luck a skill?

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Adventuring Hero
posted April 15, 2007 11:13 PM

How can an ANGEL be possed by a DEMON?
elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo

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