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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted May 14, 2007 10:30 PM bonus applied.

Sheerly awestruck, Falther fell on a sharp stump, which was lying broken nearby. A large insubstantial phantasm, the size of a titanic behemoth, stood straight before him, floating in mid-air. Silvery wisps circled around him as he fixed his pupilless eyes on the sage, lifting his arms up and down.

"I see. You are surprised to see me, or, better to say, one of my kind. After all, it was us who had thwarted your plans so many years ago..."

Many years ago, before he dared to ascend to the throne, the falconer ventured far into the north to found the tower of Nexus. Back at the times, his deals were not kept hidden and he would share them with many interested adventurers, especially, the travelling wizards of the Coast, a nomadic guild of magicians from Regna Isles. The Nexus was meant to work as a source of pure energy for the magicians delving into the ancient magic lore and as a barrier to counter the invading forces, especially from the daemonic rifts.

The tide turned in no time. The mages of Ironsand desert came to aid, driven by incomparable lust for power and recognition. The two guilds conflicted and a massacre ensued, leaving the Coast guild shattered, its members scattered throughout the icy regions. The Nexus as a consequence was tainted with ghastly ethereal inscriptions, provoked by the mutual anger. Ironsand wizards, coming victorious, cast Falther down, taking over the tower, yet the pure power corrupted their bodies, enchaining their spirits in magical containers. The djinn arose.

"You remember, that is good." A lifeless grin crept the djinn's face. "We did not pass away, as you would have thought. We-" he felt the urge to discontinue his speech for something foul could be sensed. "-We served our kindred as advisors and helpers, the best of our kind as one would tell, but they were quick to learn of our secret and take control over us. Not until recently we were held captive and enchained..."

Falther felt some sort of disdain in his thunderous voice. Hints of the snake-like hissing made him think of Dagda Mor and his foul hordes of demons. Something about this spirit in front made him reminisce of his nemesis. Could they be related?

"Just moments ago I was inclined to serve a magician and his own demon lord master." Falther's guess was right, Dagda Mor had been related. "Just moments ago someone you know, blind sage, involuntarily set me free... Just moments ago your blindness helped me..."


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The Nothingness
posted May 15, 2007 01:09 AM bonus applied.

Dagda Mor stood in the chambers of Capaal, the anscient demon temple. He grinned, the demons slowly came alive, some had already woken up and leaved to search the area. He stood still as the ancestor of Reaper stepped out of his tomb. More than 10 feets tall he were the highest of the Strakens. Dagda Mor watched his own race of demons come awake, finally they were here.

"Gather, dear fellows." he said, they gathered around him, those who were still there. "Today we shall find new fellows, the other ones were captures behind a Forbidding Wall which I cannot break, it were done by undeads. They are captured by undead souls, which still follows me."

The Strakens looked about. No one there.

"We shall destroy the elves ones for all, they first, then the humans. We are maybe not many, but we are strong. We need fellows, and I bet the creatures in the caves are still with us. We need red dragons, medusas and manticors. We shall slay our enemy once and for all!"

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted June 28, 2007 06:00 PM

The momentum seemed to have stopped. The djinn stood tall and proud, as if a heavy load was lifted off his shoulders. The magical spark in his motionless face beckoned, emanating gratitude for what had happened. The falconer, holding his staff ready to attack anytime, softly breathed, transfixed . Although in complete silence, Falther was constantly lifting his head up and down, still reminiscing the dialogue, eyeing the surface beneath the djinn's vortex.

"And what do you see, blind man." The mockery in the djinn's thunderous voice could be clearly felt, but Falther ignored. "Just another seer trying to predict the future, aren't you?"

"Do not play with the word or it will be redirected back at you, phantasm." He heard, after all. "After all, the power of Nexus is as powerful as easy to destroy, or worse - enslave."

Had the djinn been a human, he would have gulped from despair. A threat like that wouldn't have scared anyone off, but the creature shivered at the thought of it. Mumbling and murmuring of the old man seemed more than enough to freeze the tainted soul within.

"Speak for I will no longer hesitate."

Djinn was used to following orders, yet he hoped this old man in front would do no such thing. Yet, his destiny was bound to enchain him and strip him off his freedom sooner or later, he hoped the time was yet not to come.

"Tides have turned. A maggot under the name of Seraf has just assassinated his very own brother." Falther shivered at the thought. The very knowledge of a slime like Seraf having a brother and the murder ignited fury within him. "However, thus he thwarted his own plans and was unable to overthrow the demons, leaving himself in a world full of false hope. And so he ventured forth and dived into the lava rifts below the surface, erasing the fact of his very existence - and thus of his brother - from the already corrupted soil of the earth. Both had been twisted and both were punished.,,"

"... and all of this was doing of Dagda Mor." Naturally, he urged the name out of his mouth with utter disgust. The tone was even fouler. "Do not worry, for it is the worry that I see behind your ethereal mask. That is how it always goes with the cursed, especially by the Nexus."

It came like a flickering thought to the eidolon that the falconer knew more than the djinn thought he might have with his inexplicable ignorance and carelessness. Maybe the bond with the birds provided him with more knowledge than he guessed? Yet, he presumed it right - the sage would never have guessed where was this Seraf slime or what were his goals, even though related they were.

"There is more than meets the eye to you, blind bird friend."

"I am falconer, and that may be - you never know..."


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The Nothingness
posted June 28, 2007 07:22 PM

Every time his name were mentioned Dagda Mor could here it. It had been more and more talking about him and his demons the last few days, and he understood it was because of his slaughter of the undeads. He closed his eyes, the ghosts were still there, punishing him for what he had done. He sighed, pain. There was no such thing to him, he had the power of a Jachyra, as all Strakens. The Jachyras were creatures of darkness, just as the demons. But they were red, with powerful bodies, spiked backs and with poison that attacked the soul and not the body. Not even a cure from the strongest wizard could heal that, to be free from the poison and survive the greatest offer had to be made; sacrefice of someone who loved you. The infected person would have to drink blood just from the heart of a person who loved you. The Jachyras could not feel pain either, they enjoyed it. He opened his eyes, the Straken Lords about him were still coming to life. Some of them had ones had artifacts or weapons needed to unleash their full power, it was time to get those artifacts again. They could not be destroyed, just hidden.

"But we shall find them!" Dagda Mor hissed.

He moved over to Reaper, one of the other ones that had been hidden from him. This one didn't have a name, but it was an older version of the Reaper.

"Search out the capitol of the elves, search out Arborlon, that's what it's called. Reaper told me so." Dagda Mor hissed.

Reapers answer was a silent nodd before he ran away with the speed that was amazing to the enormeus size of the being.

"Lord," a being, half mwelrett half human, said, "What is the plans?"

"The plans are simple, Morgawr." Dagda Mor hissed, grinning satisfied of his own evil. "We are going to the elves to kill them all. If we can get on the inside they are dead. They don't know of us yet, and they are the only ones that has the magic to ban us from this world." he grimaced at the memory of the Forbidding Wall. "If we can get the Ilse Witch to help us we can break the walls, they are dead. My fire combined with the Krakens power will be enough to sweep the walls clean of elven longbows." he laughed of the others face. "Yes, they have water outside their wall, so we can summon a Kraken there."

"You're a genious my lord." Morgawr said in astonishment. "I will find the Ilse Witch, she is in here somewhere, I am sure!"

He ran off, looking for the Ilse Witch, his own daughter.

"Time to suffer, elves!" Dagda Mor hissed low for himself.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted June 29, 2007 05:43 PM
Edited by TDL at 17:45, 29 Jun 2007.

The tension had yet to seize as the two of them reviewed each other silently. Each of them wanted to say something to the other but either the lack of courage or little knowledge how to start and where from. It looked as if two mythical opponents clashed and wanted to remain victorious despite the tragic conditions they had to face.

"There is no such thing as silence for all the time somewhere someone is talking." Falther concluded. The silence was starting to get on the djinn's nerves but he remained calm - no wonder for it was impossible for him to show any emotion. "But there are short gaps in time and space when nothing seems to be happening to the eyes of someone who does not study it.

Confused by the phrase and the hidden meaning behind it which the djinn immediately tried to sort out, he made a gnarly growl, finally lifting his gaze off the man in front, staring sideways into the plains before him. Something about the words unsettled him and he failed to remain calm. He did not want to interrogate the person as it would make it too easy to take control of the phantasm. It was their secret which the falconer undoubtedly could not know for he seemed to tremble at the sighting of the creature. He was the creator of the Nexus and as such he had always feared that something may disrupt his plans...

"Do not falter, Falther." for the first time the djinn pronounced his real name. The sage's face twitched as his face turned pale. The djinn knew. "My inner sight tells me fears have you enchained in their web... Confusion, that maybe is. Nevertheless, something troubles you and I suspect that it has nothing to do with what I am and how it came to be."

"For once, the information you gather is more than only true. But would I do right if I revealed it to you when you are free to deliver it to somebody else, especially Dagda Mor?"

"You may not believe in what I say for trust is not a permanent warrant that you will keep it safe and secret. Moreover, you were free to choose an option like killing me, or worse, taking control of me..."

"I would prefer the latter option, thank you."

"That may be. You are the patron of your own will after all. But, as I wanted to say - and was discontinued - at the current moment I have more to fear than you do. Especially than you."

"This is the part where you are wrong. The options you spoke of were known to me all the way and I am beginning to like the possibility of taking it on. Nevertheless, your doubts and thoughts prove nothing as long as there is no confirmation. As do my. It would break the rules of logic otherwise. Furthermore, I have the right not to reveal the reasons or, even more, the EXACT reasons of my anxiety, lack of patience and other negative traits you see in me at this very moment, especially fear. Yet, time will tell if what I am about to do will be failed and what you see in me will not be merely a glitch in the momentum of time that you saw. My guess how it all shall go would mean nothing to you for I know you know more about the outer world than I do but the knowledge which I inherited from my masters is hidden from the world and not even the wisest djinn cannot know it."

"And what might that be?" the djinn interrupted, curiously.

"That is, dear Er-Saff, kept between me... and Dagda Mor."

The djinn trembled as the old "blind" man uttered his name. Vaguely, silently, yet with ultimate control and power. The sage knew.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted June 29, 2007 10:21 PM

(Meanwhile in Regna Island...)

The sun shone high above the white marble towers of Eastern Borders as a tiny silvery bird penetrated the wispy clouds, leaving a scorching trail of white dust behind his tail. With but a silent buzzing sound of his wings echoing in the vast void, it dived into the blue, making its way towards the largest of them. A skim white fog surrounded its immense arched windows as if defending from uninvited guests. Yet, like a flickering thought in one's mind the bird rushed straight, miraculously evading the mist and its haziness.

"Something uninvited is trying to breach the security zone..."

A mature elven voice commanded the three archers behind the defensive barriers to arm themselves as if to strike down an enemy of utter importance. His silvery brow was hidden in a white scarf that softly twitched everytime he exhaled. A bow the length of a large wolf hung on his shoulder, bound to his waistcoat, his curved golden dagger ready to strike if necessary.


A young elf was running towards the marksmen squad with a small envelope in his hand. A red bloody seal shone brightly, reflecting the sunlight that emanated through the windows.
His small and pale figure scurried across the stairs like a lightning bolt.

"Senior Aleger, I have a letter for you."

The youth exhaled - presumably he was still not used to running long distances at an enormous pace.

"Not now, Halear. We have a target behind enemy lines..."

"You do not understand!" the youth exclaimed, proving his rights to be higher than his. Silence followed his words, the elven archers closing their eyes. "I come from the court... It is of utter importance." The elf was not assured. A soft sigh was lashed out before Halear inhaled and continued. "It carries... the Seal!"

One of the elves dropped his bow, trying to quickly recover from his misfortune. Aleger, the senior elven commander, seemed not to notice what happened behind him, but narrowed his eyes, transfixed on the envelope. He felt to urge to grab it from the youngster, but he respected the youngster interest and worry about the matter.

"Indeed, it is. Open the envelope! Fast!"

A golden parchment slid from its womb, gliding into the youngsters palms. Halear quickly read the note, instantly moving his gaze towards the senior elf. His eyes, even more narrow, expressed the anxiety he tried to contain within.

"Yeomen, halt! The battle is not ours! Time has yet to come for our lord feels like it. Prove your skill. Let the tips of your fingers rest and use your wit and agility - catch the bird. Do NOT harm him."

The archers nodded, evaporating into the silent shade. The sun rays reflected from the metallic bows they left lying on the floor. The remaining two elves faced each other, one pale and frightful as always, the other plainly annoyed and frustrated.

"Halear, commendable behaviour, but I would rather you did not talk to me like that or I will be unable to hold off my arm before grabbing yours and cracking the wrist."

Halear took a deep breath, letting a silent gasp go. Aleger felt self-confident once again, proving it was his job to keep everything under control. A smile was etched in his beautiful elven face, for the first time in a long time making his face shine. The scarf had been long since gone.

"Commander Aleger, it is a bird, probably from the mainland."

A tiny bird fell onto Aleger's palm, squeakily coughing and reviewing the elf's face. It chirped as if laughing at the elf's puzzled face and the emanating confusion. A tiny note was hidden under his puny beak, making the bird look as if it was bearded. It carried the very same Seal the letter had.

"Let us read it, will you, young boy." he smiled at the bird as it whizzed a few circles around his head. Aleger opened the note, a mysterious mist suddenly rising around him. "Blimey, news from the mainland!" the sudden cheer made his crew a bit more relaxed, but the youngster still felt the tension hanging in the air. "Curse it! The matters are seriously worse than we thought. Our kindred is constantly attacked, many of our villagers and townsmen slaughtered and massacred." Of course, the youngster was right. "This ought to be the news we seeked. They seek our lord to dispatch a legion in the mainland to help repel the enemy."

Silence took over, but Halear felt that Aleger did not finish his sentence.

"Come with me boy!" Halear turned his pale face towards the senior elf, running. No details were explained to him, nor to the crew, other than the order to defend the towers at all costs "according to your own free will and justice". "Come, the lord will need you once again. Something urgent, it must be told to him and you are involved in this. He must be alerted. Regna Island has to be alerted. Graver than we predicted... Much graver..."

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The Nothingness
posted June 30, 2007 10:26 AM
Edited by wog_edn at 22:24, 30 Jun 2007.

Reaper ran through the scattered elf-bodies. He searched for survivors in the village he and another Straken had just ruined. He called out, and the call were responded. An elf ran away as Reaper closed into his hiding-place, and Reaper followed in a speed that were ten times what his size told should be possible. He cought the elf within seconds, and with his powerful claws he ripped half of the back away. Some other elves came flying, their stumacks open. There was some rumbling, and a huge black thing crashed through one of the buildings close to Reaper. It were bigger than a dragon, and all black. The skin were shining as it were streched over the enormeus muscles of the body, and the arms ended in long claws. The face was all theeth, except for two narrow, red eyes. Another of the villages ruined and without survivors that could tell anyone who did it. But the elves would understand, no one except demons did this to elves. Dagda Mors plan was simple and genius; when the elves understood that the villages were ruined, they would send out an army to fight against the demons. If the demon-army had been full-size it could have attacked and ruined the elven-capitol without great effort, but only Strakens remained. They were the most powerful demons, yes, but they were few. Only a horde or so. They only had one goal, destroy and burn the ground the magic were brought forth, the magic that had sealed the demons away. But Dagda Mor also meant that if they managed to kill the royal family they could bring chaos to the elves, they would not be able to help the other races without a true and respected king. Reaper studied the other being, he was not afraid of it, he were much smaller, but still much deadlier. He nodded, and walked away, the other following like a dog after its master. Then an elf sprinted for the forests, and the black thing threw itself after it. But Reaper cought the demon in the air and it struck to the ground.

"Let him go, he will tell the elves and make them send soldiers." Reaper growled harshly.

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Legendary Hero
Mostly harmless
posted July 01, 2007 01:36 AM
Edited by baklava at 17:10, 02 Jul 2007.

Rain was closing in heavily on Aeldon. Due to the wolflike methabolism of his, he doubted he'd be sick; but he was still cold and wet, and rejoiced when he saw a town in the horizon.

It was quite large, in fact one of the most populated he's seen in weeks. One of those where there are lots of inns, and lots of work and useful information. Besides, woods are scarce in these areas, so his connection with his lupine friends has been considerably lowered. Despite the city's high population, it seemed very few people moved in or out of it.

As Aeldon was about to go through the city gates, a guard approached him with a simple "Halt!"
He halted.

"We have orders from the mayor not to let anyone in. There is heresy in this town and no one is allowed in or out until it's rooted out."

It seemed the guard was in no mood to stand outside in the rain and turn back random wayfarers.
Aeldon raised his head and saw tall pillars of black smoke rising from somewhere behind the palisade surrounding the town. The Inquisition used grim means to get what they want; and prove what they say. While in open conflict with druids, they strongly disliked bards too. Stories of pagan folklore and mythology spreading around would significantly lower fear in believers, which would have great impact on the Church's authority in the place. Bards didn't like inquisitors anymore than inquisitors liked them. But Aeldon needed shelter and information, and his resolve to get in was unbreakable.

"Good man" he said, "I am but a harmless traveller, devoted to the Church much like all the other believers."
That sentence left a bad taste in Aeldon's mouth, but it was after all a harmless lie. The guard shaked his head.
"Devoted or not, you cannot go in. Orders were simple."

Aeldon sighed and took out a purse from his, now completely wet, dark green cloak.
"Your loyalty is admirable, sir. Fine men like that are hard to come by these days... But you seem to misunderstood that I am far from being a threat to the community you're guarding. I am even willing to finance your further career efforts," he prepared to toss the purse to the guard, "if you will simply let me in."

The old guard frawned. "Fine," he said, "but you'd better not cause any trouble."
"Me?" said Aeldon with a smile, giving the purse to the guard, who almost dropped his halberd in greed. "How could that even cross your mind?"

The gates were opened and Aeldon stepped in. He looked around, but watched out not to get too suspicious-looking. Inquisitors burned people for less.
The rain was intensifying. Hurrying through the town, Aeldon saw a tavern sign on a two story tall wooden building. "The Jolly Watermelon". He never understood how taverns got their names; but it didn't matter, he didn't have time to think about that. Wind was beginning to blow too. Storm was approaching.

He pushed the door and entered the tavern. It wasn't in very good condition; the walls were greasy, corners dusty and the floor squealed under his boots. But it had a roof, which was the most important thing. The tavern was empty and the bartender was napping at the bar. Aeldon approached him.

"Excuse me?" he said. The bartender napped on. "Hello?"
Aeldon looked around and found a reasonably wet cloth somewhere at the table. He took it and slapped the sleeping man with it. The bartender jumped with a loud "Huh?"
"Is this place open?" asked Aeldon.

"Open?" The innkeeper seemed confused. Then he seemingly remembered something.
"Ah... Some inquisitors have rented a room upstairs. People decided it would be best not to disturb them and left the tavern."
He wasn't angry, he was resigned. Where inquisitors sleep, even flies don't dare to buzz.
"I'd rather leave too, but they might need something..."

After a moment of silence, Aeldon said:
"I will need a room. And something warm to eat."

The innkeeper stared at him in disbelief. Aeldon winked compassionably.

"I shall keep quiet."

The bartender looked at him gratefully.
"Very well," he said, "just a se-"

The door opened with a smash. A tall, rugged man stepped through. His chin seemed bearded even though he did not have a beard; he had a huge cutlass stuck on to his belt, and, what concerned Aeldon the most, he had a cape made out of wolf skin and a wolf-tooth necklace. He noisily made his way across the tavern and stood in front of the bar, pushing Aeldon slightly. Aeldon merely nodded, a hardly visible smile dancing on his face.

"Beer!" the rugged man more yelled than said. Barkeep looked at Aeldon, who put a finger across his mouse, giving him a sign to keep quiet. Barkeep acknowledged that. The stranger didn't seem to notice the silent conversation around him. Instead he just repeated, even louder:
"Bring me beer! Me bones are aching, I need grog to keep them calm, harr harr harr!"

Aeldon calmly walked to the other part of the room and waited for the man to drink his pint. And another one. And another one. After four pints, the man was completely drunk and even louder than before; while the innkeeper was increasingly desperate. Aeldon then took out his mandolin and slowly let his fingers go down the strings. That got the rugged man's attention.

"A loud, dark man opens now the door"
A chord follows. The man is interested.

"In his boots he's threading on the wooden floor"
Another chord is heard. The man puts down his pint.

"He yells at the barman, ordering a beer"
Fingers pull the strings into another chord. Although drunk, the man concentrates maximally on the song, realising it is about him.

"To hide the fact that he's a queer."

Not moving at first, the words slowly got to the man's brain. He tossed his pint away and started stomping towards Aeldon.
"Some smart guy huh?! We'll see!"

Aeldon stood up and waited for the man to approach. The man tried to hit him, but he evaded that.
"Come here!" the man yelled. Thunders had more tender voices than him. "Come here ya elven coward!!!" He slammed a table.

Aeldon carefully avoided all the blows, and suddenly heard footsteps from above - the room area. Three men - bald, in special tunics with engraved suns and symbols of light, appeared at the top of the stairs.

"What is going on here?" one of them asked.

"This little wretch 'ere insulted me!" the man thundered.

"Insults?" the inquisitor said calmly. They started descending down the stairs.
"Are insults the reason to prevent men of faith and order from the little rightful rest they manage to get?" he continued.

"This imp is gonna get what's coming to him, prevent you that or not!" the wolf-skin clad man yelled.

"I believe you need to be taught a lesson in obedience... A harsh one. Come, brothers," the inquisitor said and all three of them started moving towards the thug.

"Oy! Don't you dare touch me!"

The next thing that could be seen was the flash of inquisitorial hammers, followed by the sound of a cutlass hitting a wall. The inquisitors, after a short battle, overcame the man and dragged him out in the street, taking him somewhere in the rain.

Aeldon closed the door and walked over to the bar. He fixed his cloak and looked at the innkeeper.
"Now, about my room..."

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The Nothingness
posted July 01, 2007 03:10 PM

There were a scream from Rolands bedroom, the guards hurried to see what had happened. Roland were king over the humans in Erethia, and he were a gentle king. The guards smashed the door open and scattered around in the room, the king was sitting in his bed.

"What is it mylord?" one of the guards asked.

"Nothing, just a nightmare." the Changeling answered, smiling assuring to the guard. "Everything is ok, you can leave the room and let me sleep again."

The guards went out of the room, and closed the door behind them. The Changeling smiled faintly, Dagda Mors army had been ruined, so he needed another army. The humans were easy to persuade if their king asked them to go to war. The humans had never met demons before, because the demons were banished before the beginning of human civilization. They could surely join the demons if their king assured it to be safe, and if Dagda Mor found a reason for the humans to attack the elves to kill them all.

"You can come out again." the Changeling whispered, harsh.

From under the bed some black-skinned elf stepped, he were of such pure black-ness that it was amazing to look at. The body were wrapped a white cloak with a red pentagram on it. The elf hissed, and a split snake-tongue played on his lips. He had long, thin and sharp teeth, and the nails looked like those on the big cats, sharp and great. He didn't have any hair in his face, nor on his head. The elf touched the kings dead body that lay at the beds side, and slowly it started to dissapair. The elf were no Straken, but an outlaw called Panamon, once elf and now he survived by using magic. When Dagda Mor had saved his life once hundreds of thousands of years ago, he promised to serve him forever. His magic had subverted him, and he were now no normal being, he were beyond the rules of life others had. He hated the elves, because they had driven him away like he were one of the others.

"Tomorrow," Changeling said, "Will we start mobilizing Dagda Mors new army."
The black elf slipped into the shadows and dissapaired.

In the north something slipped from shadow to shadow with twice the speed of a cheetah, it was something of darkness, it had to be. It headed for the Dungeon Overlords, they had been allied last time the demons fought. They would like to hear that Dagda Mor had returned, and would surely join when they would hear that he could persuade the humans and also had killed the undeads. He approached a cave careful, then suddenly something huge grabbed him. A black dragon, it would bring him to the Overlords. In just a few minutes the dragon stopped in front of seven thrones. The seven Overlords.

"Who are you, and why are you here?" one of them spoke, the demon recognized him as Dace.

"I am here after orders from Dagda Mor." the demons answered, a mocking smile crossed his lips.

The Overlords looked at each other, then one of them jumped up. He ran over and grabbed the demons throath and lifted him clear of the ground.

"Lie, Dagda Mor died centuries ago. Who sent you?" he roared.

It was Shakti, he recognized him as the only brown troglodyte. There had once been eight Overlords, but Gunnar had left them.

"I were sent by Dagda Mor." the demon replied again, "He never died, we never died. We were banned from this world, but are finally free. Dagda Mor led his army against the undeads and won, but an anscient wisdom locked away all of his army except himself and me. He found the Strakens again, and sent me to you to seek your aid against the elves. The Changeling has been sent to the humans to take the role as Roland."

Shakti released him, and walked over and sat down at his throne again.

"I believe you." he simply said, "Now, give us one reason to aid you in the war against the elves!"

The demon thought quick, then smiled grimly.

"They think you are the ones behind the killing of those elves the demons have slaughtered." he hissed.

"Then we must prepare our defences, not go out and meat them on open ground!" Lorelei said, she leaned slightly forward.

"Why? If you have our magic to break the walls your minotaurs and medusas can enter the city, and you black dragons, scorpicors and manticors can come in anyway. The humans will aid from the other side of the city, so they can only use half of their defence to defend against you. We will also summon monsters to disturb the east and west walls." the demon growled.

"I think there is a good idea attacking the elves that way, we will lose just a small part of our army. Much less than if we would have defended our city." Ajit said, the others nodded. "Then it is settled, we will aid you." he finished.

"I and my lord thank you, Overlords." the demon said, head lowered slightly.

"Where are Dagda Mor now?" Lorelei asked.

"I am here." a voice rasped from a corner, as Dagda Mor stepped out of the shadows.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted July 01, 2007 06:35 PM

The two elves rushed through the corridors, their feather-light boots making but a silent whisper in the spacious halls. Every second they wasted may have drawn the existence of the elves towards extinction. The main portal was already shining in front of them, the golden doors sparkling. The throne room was behind, they were not far. With a loud bash the doors opened as the magical gust of wind teared them apart. Two elves, panting, entered the throne room, scurrying towards the senior elf, instantly kneeling in front of him. He motionlessly gestured them to stand up and explain the situation. He had already been waiting.

"I understand that this rush of your meant that the news were to be delivered fast. Urgent matters are something I am not fond of, although they are inevitable in times like these."

"Sire, the mainland is being slowly cut off. Elves are being slaughtered and many of our settlements are already destroyed. Reports of various rifts opening, demons emerging from the unholy fires and twisted undead storming and enslaving the reinforcements we keep sending them reached us. They seek for help and guidance, asking for a fleet with a legion of elite elven defenders and druids."

"We are scarce, yet we must defend our kinsmen." The elf stood up, silver hair shining white in the rainbowy light that surrounded his throne. Tall and strong as an oak, wise and omniscient like an owl. His awe-inspiring appearance and inner charm probably were one of the factors that made him their leader. "Demons must be stopped but all may fail in an instant if we do not take on the necessary measures. Alert the messengers so that they report to the mainland that a legion of elves shall be sent." The elves bowed and started moving towards the entry, but the lord seized them. An incinerating light was shining in his eyes, a spark of hope lighting up. "Whereas I have other plans for you two..."

Aleger and Halear, forced into a halt, looked back at the lord, their eyes full of fear and confusion. The lord had a cause for doing this and it must have been graver than they thought as he adressed the matter at them. The lord instantly changed, his face grew even paler and older.

"Have you ever heard the legend of the great artifacts that led the world to destruction?"

The confusion grew even more dense as they heard his words. The myth was known to many elves, but no one really believed in it and the ones who retold it were regarded as senile.

"Even though highly unbelievable, they exist. Long ago it was said that once we, folk of the Regna Island are cut off from the world, the darkness shall reign and the artifacts are the key to it. The actual power of the artifacts was hidden and revealed only to those who were deemed worthy. The Dark Gods had poured their souls into the artifacts, twisting the bearers to delusional ways. All who crossed their path to Ravenshore suffered from agony, misfortune, pain, diseases and, eventually, sudden death. Therefore, once the descendant of evil disrupts the free port of Ravenshore, we shall fail. Artifacts must be sealed out of this world."

"And which part in this is ours?" Aleger inquired, hesitating if that was what he wished for.

"You, commander Aleger and this young elf here, Halear, shall travel to the mainland and try to secure the artifacts." Aleger smiled at the thought of travelling with a young inexperienced elf into the unknown. "Although this mission is beyond your capability to fulfil, you can perfectly infiltrate into the mainland and sneak past the hostile armies. You must win us time. There is no other way..." the lord silently added as he saw that Aleger was about to disagree. "Our fate lies in your hands. Find help in the mainland, among the local elves, humans and other kingdoms. Hurry, not much time left."

Halear gulped and bowed his head, agreeing to do what he was told. He was respected, he felt, for he was the one to receive such a mission. Adventures, dangers - little did he care as he pictured himself great, proud and victorious. Aleger, however, became silent and lowered his head, unhappy. He felt what dangers loomed at every corner of the unknown land, especially where the artifacts were located.

"Here, take this map and this key. They will help you on your way to the first artifact." The lord quickly added as he stood up, performing an ancient incantation. A huge maelstrom appeared within the throne room - the gates to the mainland. "I wish you luck. Your luck decides our lives. We shall keep in touch,"

The two elves nodded. Aleger looked at the kid for one last time in Regna Island.

"You ready, kid. This may be our last chance of survival."

"We have a plenty on our hands to do. Let us not waste time."

With this he grinned and leapt into the teleport, seizing the senior elf by the hand. Mainland was just one step ahead...

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The Nothingness
posted July 01, 2007 07:53 PM
Edited by wog_edn at 00:10, 02 Jul 2007.

Nine black dragons flew in front of a great army, the army of the Overlords. The dragons carried the seven Overlords, the demon-scout and Dagda Mor. They had to hurry if they were to barricade off the shores. Reaper and his Ogre Straken had worked to good, the elves were frightened and already had a plan. They wanted the artifacts, he knew, the ones that could bring their own destruction or his. His ears had told him so, he had spies everywhere now, and he had gotten to hear of those two elves who seeked them. They had to die, somehow he had to find them. His head lowered, and he called the Reaper.

"Reaper!" he thought, "I want you to seek out the artifacts that can bring our destruction."

He waited some minutes, then the answer came: "I will use my sense to feel their magic. It is some of the strongest in this lands, so it will not be hard to find them. Shall I bring them to you?"

"No!" Dagda Mors thoughts were hard as stone and struck the Reaper with force, "If you touch any of them you will be turned to ash. They are not for us to use, but we shall therefor kill those who try to use them against us. Bring the Straken Ogre with you, if there are back up you may need him."

There were some sarcastic laugh, and then silence.

"I will, but just to satisfy you." Reaper finished.

Dagda Mor turned his black dragon downward and it flew and landed at the stones by the sea. Hard times this were, he couldn't attack the elves yet either. By some reason his old army had begin to come back again, through rifts, back from the deep. They would be many enough to attack the elves soon, just a week or so and they could cross the sea. Or better, they could make Krakens carry them over. The elves were fools, building their city on an island, in the sea. Krakens could only be controlled by the strongest dark magic, which meant that the Ilse Witch and Dagda Mor could bring them to help them with merged magic.

"She should be here any minute now." Dagda Mor declared, as the others unmounted their dragons. "She should bring a Kraken just to be sure it were possible to still tame them."

Then the water in front of them became darker, something came up. It grew in size, and were even bigger than the Titans. It rose and stood at the bottom of the sea, coming forward against them. It were huge, black but covered with mud and sea-plants. The face were a huge round mouth filled with enormeus teeth, and just above were there two small red eyes. The whole back were filled with tentacles, and the hands were scissors. It rose before them with such size that it dwarfed the black dragons, one of the dragons were so frightened that it escaped it's master. Instantly one of the tentacles shot forth and grabbed the wing, another one grabbed the other wing, and in short time it couldn't do any resistance. It were slowly dragged into the Krakens mouth and consumed. Then a sharp cry sounded from on top of the Krakens head, there stood a beautiful girl, she didn't look old at all, but her eyes were red, and there were something evil about her. She jumped forth and turned into flames. The ball of fire landed in front of Dagda Mor, and turned into the Ilse Witch again.

"I made it." she said proud, "The Krakens are under our control, we just have to summon more first."

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posted July 02, 2007 12:56 AM
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Aeldon let the sip of wine slide gently down his throat. After the inquisitors had gone, the tavern soon got full, with people drawn in by the joyous sounds of Aeldon's mandolin. Now he was on a pause from playing, and decided he can enjoy a nice, relaxing glass of wine. It was on the house of course, because of the huge favours he did for the owner.

"So," he asked casually, more from a habit than anything else, "have you ever heard anything about a certain Luniel Sorrowleaf?"

The barkeep thought about that a little. He finally said:
"No, no I haven't. Sorry."

Suddenly, as Aeldon was nodding slowly and preparing to take another sip, a person quietly drinking at the bar turned to Aeldon. He was an elf - young, not too tall for an elf, with a brown hood. His hair was dark blonde - it could as well be said light brown, and long - falling across his face, covering more than half of it.

Aeldon looked toward the man quickly. "Yes? Do you know something about her?"

"Not about her exclusively, no. But Sorrowleaves are quite a powerful family in our realms..."

"Your realms?" Aeldon asked suspiciously.

"Yours too, my halfling friend. All of our kin, even those who are just partially elves, are welcome on Regna." He smiled.

"You come from Regna? I've heard few of its inhabitants ever have the need to leave it..."

"Indeed. But mine is a survivalist spirit, a perk rather endangered on Regna recently... I am now a refuge from my own homeland; neither by choice nor by exile - but by cowardice..." His head lowered in shame.

"Tell me more," Aeldon said, his eyes widening in interest.

"It is said that great horror is closing in on Regna. Vast, demonic hordes forging unholy alliances are closer than ever to set foot on its holy lands, and when that happens, all of the inhabitants shall be butchered - the lucky ones, that is... There is no telling what they will do to those they enslave... So I ran, afraid to face them..."

"Demonic armies?" Aeldon interrupted him. "Commanded by who?"

"Have you ever been on Regna?" the elf suddenly asked.

"No... No, I haven't. Why?"

"A place like no other... Warmer, heartier than anywhere else..." Suddenly, the rogue snapped.

"Be it as it may, everyone who has ever been there has heard of Dagda Mor. You might have heard of him too."

"Dagda Mor? Yes, there are songs about him... Quite mysterious, neither fully mortal nor demon. Daemonic mind in a mortal body; wielder of the Doomstaff. Burning hatred towards natural ways of the world, especially druids and elves. He was defeated and his schemes were crushed long ago..." That was the information Aeldon managed to gather from Undro's tales and ancient songs.

"I see you are familiar with him. He has been brought back to life, and he walks the world once again."

Aeldon was stunned. The Herald of Death (meaning of Dagda Mor in the language lost in times past) was nothing more than a distant legend, a boogeyman used to frighten children into eating their vegetables... And he is up once again. Certainly a grim thought.

"How great is his army?"

"No one knows for sure. Countless. Some say it consists of thousands, some of millions, some simply claim it's endless. It's more of a huge daemonic tidal wave than an army. The only certain thing is that, with their allies cut off, the elves of Regna will have a small chance indeed to stop it." Hope seemed to have vanished from the elf almost completely.

The inn crowd started cheering for Aeldon to resume with entertainment. He seemed to ignore them.
"Where is the Sorrowleaf family seated?"

"In our capital, Arborlon. But the city is well hidden; one might never find it unless he knows the way."

"And you say you lived there, right?" Aeldon continued, looking intensely at the elf, who seemed to petrify.

"No... No, I couldn't return there... I am sorry, bard, but I once ran away and cannot come back and be exposed to eternal shame..."

"What is your name, elf?" asked Aeldon.

"Enduil, son of Tolensil Whiterain" he said.

"Well, Enduil, son of Tolensil, I see you are still young for the elven standards. You certainly could've left your home in search of adventure, or just from confusion. Your name is still not cast in mud. You can stay a refuge and live in shame your entire life, or you can return and save your pride and good name; and stop running away from your destiny instead of facing it. Choose wisely."
A pause endured, broken by loud cheers from Aeldon's audience.

"Very well," Enduil finally said, "I am going back - to protect my honour and people. In the end, what other choice do I have? I will help you find Arborlon. My father will also be glad you brought me back, probably, and reward you handsomely."

"Your father is a powerful man?" Aeldon asked. Enduil nodded.

"He is the leader of the Whiterain family and holds a seat in the Elven Council."

"So you're a family prince" Aeldon noticed.
He has read a book about the elven political system once. Besides the king, elven realms were also ruled by a council of seven most powerful elven families - only the delicate nature of the elves as a specie has prevented constant backstabbing about strength and power between the families. Rivalries did occur sometimes, but never ended in intimidation, assassination and such activities. The head of the family represented it in the Council.

"Was. Politics do not interest me, and I have let my brother be the next head of the family for me."

"But you are still a prince, my friend." Aeldon smiled. "That has nothing to do with politics, you are a prince in your heart."

Enduil shaked his head.
"If I had the heart of a prince I wouldn't have left Regna in the first place..."

"We shall see, Enduil. There is much ahead of us."
He turned to the people.

"You are truly a great crowd, I have to say that now outloud. But I must leave you, I must say; perhaps winds bring me back some day... So with a loud and painful sigh, I hereby bid you all goodbye."

Disappointment could be heard in the mass. Aeldon turned to Enduil again.
"Now let's move before they decide not to let me go..."

Stepping outside, after Aeldon finished appologizing to everyone, they stopped for a while. Enduil mounted his horse.
"Where is your mount, bard?" he asked.

"Oh, I prefer to travel on foot."

"Are you sure? It's a long way."

"I am completely certain. Now let's go; Arborlon awaits. And by the way, we'll be meeting some... friends of mine outside. Don't be surprised when you see them."


"Sort of..."

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The Nothingness
posted July 02, 2007 02:22 AM

Reaper approached the place where the artifacts were hidden in not too long time, it had been close. It closed his eyes, Dagda Mor were wise, but if Reaper could use one of those artifacts it would be stronger than even him. It opened them again, and turned against the giant Straken Ogre that stood behind him. It jumped like a cat against the ogre, which screamed in rage and surprise. Reaper landed on it's face and cut its eyes out with a slash with both hands. The ogre stumbled backward, both hands in front of it's face. The blood flooded down its face and created pools of blood. Reaper evaded the hands without effort, and jumped down again. It went into the forest and waited a short time before it jumped out again, and this time it grabbed the throath with both hands and used as much force as he were able to. It had never killed anything on this size, but he knew he could do it. He pressed his legs against the creatures breast, and tried to tear its throath out. The creature grabbed Reaper and puller him up to his mouth. The throath were armored by some kind of leather-skin, Reaper realized. But with his powerful claws, and the ogres strenght the throath finally opened. Blood flooded, and the ground around looked like hundred of goblins had died there. It would have been a dream-place for vampires, a shame there were none at the island. Reaper jumped off again, and ran against the place the artifacts were kept. In no time he had found them, but he didn't recognize any of them. He weren't good at such, he had never touched an artifact in his whole life. He picked up something that looked dangerous, and then he felt something he had never felt before; pain. He felt pain beyond imagination, it tore through him, and slowly burned him. He dropped the artifact, but too late. His hands were already stone, and his arms and the cowl were also turning into stone. He hurried for the exit, but finally out he fell. His breast were stone now, and he felt death grab him, as he had grabbed many before. In an instant he were a statue.

Dagda Mor gasped, Reaper had been a fool. But he deserved the faith he had gotten when he wanted to be the ruler of demons.

"When can you bring me more Krakens?" Dagda Mor roared to the Ilse Witch.

"Me?" she answered, "Never, I don't really want to help you. I just wanted to use your powers to create my own army, and now it's done."

Around the first Kraken four more shadows appeared, and lifted to the surface.

"Time to taste what you wanted to use, demon-lord!" Ilse Witch hissed, still Dagda Mor could hear it. "Time to die!"

The Ilse Witch dissapaired in flames, and were gone. The Krakens moved against the army of the Dungeon Overlords. Dagda Mor raised his staff, and the fire struck into the tentacles that sought to take him. He should not fall! Black dragons and manticors flew at the Krakens, some of them managing to reach their targed, most of them died when they tried. One Kraken went down, as the fire of the Doom Staff burned inside it's mouth. The brain were fried, but the wave created were enormeus. Dagda Mor reached the other hand forth, and created a force field to stop the waves. He succeed, but were struck to the ground by a tentacle. He sweared some bad words I cannot write here because I don't want any warning, and rose again. Three of the Krakens went for him, while one fought against the army of the Dungeon Overlords. Suddenly someone was at his side.

"You didn't think you could get all the fun alone, did you?"

Dagda Mor looked at his side, and smiled, for the first times in several centuries, with pleasure and happiness. Uhl Belk stood by his side, old as earth itself, Uhl Belk were almost strong as Dagda Mor. In his hands he carried two asphinxes, Dagda Mor looked at them, and smiled even bigger. Uhl Belk threw them, one at each Kraken. Instantly the Krakens stopped, their legs turned to stone, and quickly rest of the body also did.

"Damnit Dagda Mor, those were my last ones. You must learn to be more careful." Uhl Belk laughed.

He raised his hands and gray fire struck one of those who still came on, Dagda Mor did the same, and together another one died. The last two escaped into the water, one of them still holding on to some Dungeon creatures. None of the Overlords had died, but more than half of the army had been ruined.

"Well, what now?" Uhl Belk asked, his human face hardened a bit.

"I really don't know." Dagda Mor sighed, "I guess we depend on Changeling and the demons that come every day now."

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted July 02, 2007 01:07 PM
Edited by TDL at 13:14, 02 Jul 2007.

Nothing really looked different from what they saw in Regna Island. Same trees growing around, same grass growing from the solid ground. Even the animals and birds, although less colourful, were of the same origin. The whole place where they landed looked just the same, although a grim shadow was cast upon the soil - the hostile powers etched their marks upon this region. The elves could feel the sinister fear surround them, attempting to enchain them in their cobweb. But they need not have feared as they had a mission far more important than security and well-being of their lives... Than their lives all in all...

Aleger took off his bow which was still lying calm on his shoulder. His palms were sweaty, drops of hot salty liquid dripping onto the bowstring. Something made him unsteady, but the inner sense could not exactly tell him what the cause was. He removed his backpack, untieing the leather straps. He felt he had to take a look at the map as if some sort of force was driving him towards itself.

Halear sat on a stump nearby, playing with a grasshopper that hopped onto his lap. He trusted the elder elf and followed his orders, no matter how unpleasant they were. He knew that something big was bound to happen soon and Aleger will be the source. Nevertheless, whatever had to happen, he felt good in the mainland. A change in place helped him recover from all the difficult errands he had to run, especially when he could reminisce Regna Island and see its nature in the surrounding world.

"What a-?"

A flash! A sonic beam erupted from somewhere nearby as both of them jumped dumbstruck. Aleger's map was torn open, magical wisps around it glowing in white and gold. Presumably the map was the source of the flash, but the raw power within was beyond any other than they have encountered. The elves approached the parchment, sneaking as if when stalking a hostile being.

Whack! A rupture on the soil suddenly opened up, encircling the map and the elves on a tight spot. In an instant, a vortex surrounded the elves, seemingly teleporting them onto another location. The time seized to flow and the light dimmed out. They were in a shade, watching something happen. They were flying above the ground, swiftly, faster than any bird. Everything around them shimmered, mixed up into a continuous flow of light and colour. All of a sudden, they came to a halt in front of a building that looked like ruins of some sort. A massive entrance was guarded by demons, undead and other various monsters.

Another crack echoed in the night as they whirled back into where they stood, the ground still solid. A dream. A mirage.

"That was neither a dream, neither a mirage, young elf." Aleger contradicted himself, beaming his head. "The map showed us the place where the first of the three is held."

"The first of the three? Do you think what I think?"

A middle-aged man stood in front of them, smiling, gazing at the elves with a stupid owly expression. By his side, a large phantasm stood, glowing like a lightning bolt, emanating flashes from his impermeable body. The unknown couple knew something the elves did not want to reveal...

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The weak suffer. I endure.
posted July 02, 2007 06:42 PM

"Life is not like it used to be. As light and darkness clashed, irrevokably setting their weight on the scales of balance, the world trembled. Every time they fought, the scales of balance moved towards either side. The harmony and peace were substituted by wars and decay, a constant battle between good and evil. The terms "wrong" or "right" no longer existed..."

So began the first ever conversation between a djinn, a human and an elf. No matter how distrustful of the djinn the elven rangers were, they believed that the human nearby could clearly control him. Their arrogance that such a foul being approached them was clearly to be seen, but the djinn was ignorant. He expressed his wish to contact and communicate with the elf as he and Falther saw them chattering around a parchment of some sort, placed on a nearby rock. His entrance seemed rather pompous to the common eye, but the elves acknowledged his words.

Falther was sitting cross-legged on the grass, staring at the elves. For the first time in his life, he saw elves from such a close distance. For a moment, he felt he had lost all the wisdom he acquired over the years to understand the lifestyle of an elf. No matter how deep into he delved, all his attempts went in vain. Nevertheless, what he heard just a few moments before made his curiosity go up a level. Were the elves talking about the artifacts he seeks?

"Who are we if we do not undergo a proper introduction? I daresay we would equal the worst of the demons if we walk this path." Falther began, trying to sound as welcoming and as friendly as possible. Aleger glared at him, but something about the man forced him into a smile. "My name is Falther and this djinn here is Er-Saff." He gestured towards the motionless phantasm. He saw the elves close their mouths shut, mistrusting the couple. "However, this is but an introduction. If my deductions are correct, we are seeking the same thing..."

Falther's face suddenly grew pale. Fear took him by its firm grip and at the very same moment Aleger could clearly sense that the man did not hold anything hostile towards them - towards the elves on the whole. Still, something about him was strange and he could not clearly answer what it was. Not hostile, not evil, but strange - something he had not encountered before.

"What are you seeking, old man? Falther, by your name." Aleger stood up, gazing anxiously at the man. He wanted to show that he was the authority here, although he really did not belong to it. "Speak!"

"If you say so. We are looking for the divine artifacts... They need to be erased from existence."

The elves dropped onto the grass, awestruck. A twist of fate...

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posted July 02, 2007 07:54 PM

"Wolves!" Enduil shouted, as a pack of gray beasts showed up around them. "Bard, call your friends for aid at once!"

The animals stared at him in confusion, yet they were still ready to leap onto him if need be. But Aeldon glanced at them peacefully, and they dropped their battlestances.

"These are my friends, Enduil. And now they know that you are too. You have nothing to fear from them," he said.

"Friends? They are wolves, for Spirits' sake! They will befriend only the most powerful druids!" Enduil stated, his voice shivering.

"Or other wolves..." Aeldon said. At the same time, he covered his mouth. People tend to lose their trust if they find out they travel with a werewolf.

"What do you mean?" Enduil said suspiciously.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Let us continue, before that gate guard we've bribed hears all this. Perhaps he even did, when you shouted like that..." Aeldon added grimly. He looked back towards the gate, back in the fog.

And so they continued. They travelled for nearly two days; deciding it would be best if they skipped staying in taverns for entire nights. Enduil did not know why; but Aeldon was unbreakably determined to get to Regna as soon as possible. Enduil wasn't too anxious to return; after all, there were bound to be some hard questions back at home. But between Aeldon's tales and, sometimes, songs, and of course constant watching of the wolves, he didn't have much time to think about that.

They have fought a band of bandits along the way; they weren't attacked. Rather, Aeldon seemed to have seeked out their camping place and decided to attack along with the wolves at night. First, he tossed some alchemist flares he bought who knows where; then he let wolves charge ahead and butcher the stunned brigands while they were regaining consciousness. Enduil stayed out of the fray - he was completely confused with the perfect communication between Aeldon and the wolves, without saying anything. He was also astounded with Aeldon's brutal ways of fighting just pouring from him; as if he pushed all the anger inside him and saved it for battle. A completely unusual bard.

Aeldon took out his dagger from a dead bandit.
"I don't usually do this," he explained, "I just hate brigands."

After a small pause, Enduil simply said:
"I see..."

The next day, they arrived at the elven borderlands. Enduil was astonished. He dismounted his horse, and fell on his knees, gently touching the surrounding grass.
Aeldon watched him patiently for some time, before saying:

"Would you mind? I have a past to discover..."

"Ah. Yes. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there..." Enduil said, quickly jumping back on his feet. "There's a hamlet just behind that hill. I thought we might rest there for a while, now that we're on elven territory..."

"If there's a village over there, why isn't there anyone around, in the fields and such?" Aeldon noticed.

"I'm not sure..." Enduil mounted his horse and rode to the top of the mound, and looked over. Horror suddenly crossed his face. He turned around.

"Come, bard. Quickly."

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The Nothingness
posted July 03, 2007 01:26 AM

Tael Riverine turned, he were the one behind the raiding of the villages. He were hidden from the rider on top of the hill, he were not sure about them. For all he knew they could be powerful, and he only had several furies and a few demon wolves. He looked over at one of his companions, the only one able to get close to get a look. It were a black elf, it looked at the rider that went back to the other side. The black elf dissapaired and ran fast after, Tael Riverine closed his eyes to see and hear just what the black elf saw and heared.
The black elf ran quick over the top, and down on the other side without a sound. It stopped a couple of meters away from, and listened.

"It seems like we've gotten here to late." Enduil said, "It seems like demons are already destroying the villages, this one is totally ruined."

Then Aeldon suddenly cought some smell in the air, it smelled blood close. He put one finger in front of the mouth, and stepped off the horse. The smell was close, and he turned until he found the direction it came from. He drew a knife forth and threw it. The black elf cought the knife in the air and dropped it to the ground, he drew forth two short swords, polished black with a white edge. Tael Riverine sent five furies over to help the black elf, and the black elf started circling. Aeldon howled, and out of the forest wolves came running. The furies smashed into them, and a fight on life or death started.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted July 03, 2007 02:17 AM
Edited by TDL at 02:18, 03 Jul 2007.

Falther knew not why he trusted the elf from the first sight and told him about his mission. He had his own deductions, yes, but could it have been a mere coincidence that they met in such an innocent way and they are looking for the same things, no matter what goal had been beset. The man had been charmed by the elven aura, but a part of his remaining will was telling him he had been right to have done so. Havind done everything the other way around might have led to contempt and disdain prior to even trying to reach a mutual agreement.

"Of all humans, the first one I run into actually KNOWS about the divine artifacts. For harmony's sake, does every human know where they are kept and what they are?"

Aleger was anxious, his anxiety flowing all around. He had never met a human before aside from the seafarers that pass by the towers' guardposts when he and his squad are on duty. This human here, although no matter how curious about him the elf was, mentioned a thing that was known to him only as a myth, a childish story to soothe the children. For such a long lifespan of an elf, his outrage and astonishment seemed natural.

"Time is short, we must make haste. Senior elven archer commander Aleger, calm down now or I will be forced to calm you down."

The djinn spoke, his thunderous voice bellowing across the forested plains. He rose above the elven heads, his own head tilting down towards the elf's face, his brow twitching. Aleger disliked magical beings that had nothing to do with nature. Threats to use force made his heart beat faster as he was not used to defending against bulky brute force, neither magic, nor might. The moment his name was pronounced was etched in his mind for ever as he had never felt fear take over him so swiftly.

"The spirit is right, we must hurry. His wishes and goals are beyond ours. He will not harm us."

Halear, who ignored the whole situation, adhered to the solution the phantasm proposed. Even though scary, the phenomenon attracted the attention of the young elf. He had always fancied magic, especially that was based on the core elementals. Storm and wind were the ones he had been most fond of, so the creature looked like a dream come true to him - a true elemental emissary. He ducked behind its huge bare blue back, swiftly crouching by Aleger's ear, whispering.

"Talk to the human... He knows something... He can be our ally..."

Halear swiftly returned back to his spot, grinning at the creature. The djinn showed no emotions, but deep within he knew what Halear thought and that his proposal would lead the whole party onto the right track. He could have told Falther to alter his behaviour and propose him to attempt to reach an agreement faster, but he felt that whatever Falther had to do, he was right. The blindness he saw in that man evaporated the instant he showed his power.

"Tell us what you know, Falther." Aleger finally overcame his arrogance and looked at the youngster. The latter nodded in agreement. Something about this kid was strange... "I can assure we mean no harm and we hope you think likewise. Considering our fates got intertwined, we must settle down and share the information we have. The enemy is hostile unto both factions, humans and elves alike..."

"Many humans, many ways..." Falther quickly added, his everlasting omniscience returning to him. "Elves are no different - traitors can be found among you as well as us. However, you have not separated into factions like we did. Lust for power and dominance overcame the humanity within."

"True, but we all have a common enemy."

"Forget not, elf, that what is the enemy to us might turn out to be the ally to them. We cannot know for sure if a certain bond won't be severed. Even family bonds can be torn apart, relatives, brothers, sisters competing, battling, waging war."

Aleger was amazed. He could not understand how can family members battle one another, seek death and decay for one another.

"True, no matter how difficult to imagine. We, elves..."

"Elves differ from humans like geese differ from eagles."

Wisdom flowed vividly out of Falther's head and every second Aleger grew even more astonished. The anxiety disappeared, anger was lost, the confusion that sieged him obliterated. He trusted in this man and would risk his own life to protect his, if the situation called for that.

"You are certainly worthy to have been entrusted such a mission concerning the divine artifacts. A wise man, powerful and strong."

"You are so wrong, elf... No one entrusted me with this... I have a debt to pay and this is my only chance of success..."

"Whatever debt needs to be paid, forget not, your success is ours as well. As of many others. Heed my words, human... We all have only a single chance... A hint of hope to survive and surpass these wicked times... alive."

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The Nothingness
posted July 03, 2007 02:58 AM

Changeling opened his eyes, it were changed. It sat up in bed, and in front of it stood an arch angel. The arch angel looked on him, then gasped.

"You're not Roland, I see in your eyes something Roland never feel; hatred!" the angel whispered, "Who are you, and where is Roland?"

Then the angel looked on him, and then his eyes widened in shock.

"Moric!" he said, backing away. "I killed you, you can't be alive!"

Changeling sat up, he felt more powerful by some reason, like he were changed. He hissed, and in a blur of light the arch angel fell dead over, the head cut off the body. The black elf looked over at the Changeling, a bloodied long knife in his hand.

"You are changed." the black elf said, "I can see it too, you have evolved into the stronger version of yourself, into the Moric. He were killed by this arch angel, ambush, and now he has found himself in you again. I guess it is the soul of Reaper merged with yours that is the reason for this change."

The Moric sat up, he knew all Roland had done in the whole life, he knew everything about everyone. He knew what was needed to act just like a victim would have done. He looked at the black elf in shock.

"You're right, I am changed." he whispered, "But I don't know if it's good or bad yet."

"It's good, you can now be more convincing and get an army faster." the black elf said at once.

"But what if the others recognize me too?" the Moric said doubtfully.

"They will not, not humans. Angels have deeper sight, they can see what humans can not. That's why the arch angel knew you, and that one also knew Roland pretty good I am sure." the black elf said, "You shall be glad I was here to protect you, if it hadn't died then it would have alarmed the guards. That would have been the end of you, if you had not used your powers wise enough."

"I want you to follow me to the counsil, they gather tonight and I want you to advice me about what to say." the Moric said.

"Fine, I will. But I don't think I can be much help, if I speak they will probably hear me." the black elf replied.

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Legendary Hero
Mostly harmless
posted July 03, 2007 01:55 PM
Edited by baklava at 13:57, 03 Jul 2007.

Aeldon didn't have time to think. He followed his instincts, pulling out two alchemist flares and tossing them at the enemy. It didn't seem to have the desired effect, although it did stun one of the strange otherworldly creatures that were charging them. While the wolves were battling them, immediately using the flash of light to bite the stunned abomination by the neck, Aeldon saw the corrupted elf circling around them. He sneaked up carefully to Enduil, but Aeldon's throwing dagger caused him to lose balance, although he evaded it.

Enduil noticed the black elf and faced him, hissing:

Then he drew out a shortsword and swinged towards him. Several fast blows and parries followed, and it became obvious that Enduil has been taught in martial arts by the best teachers there were in Regna. He was more than a match for the black elf.

Aeldon quickly took out Undro's flute and started playing the spelltune of protection; these creatures, whatever they were, were much tougher than bandits and Aeldon's party may have required an edge over the battle going on - a magical one.

And indeed, as he was playing it, it seemed that the wolves had gotten stronger, and even Enduil managed to finally stab the black elf. Facing towards Aeldon, Enduil saw a black shade leaping behind him.

"Bard!" he yelled, but too late.

The demonwolf hit Aeldon with all its mass, and he collapsed on the ground, defenceless. Two wolves turned around and charged at the demonic hound, laying it off Aeldon. While they were distracting it, Enduil jumped towards it with great speed and agility, and stabbed it in the back. Then he drew his sword back from its back and cut its head off.

"Halfling!" he said and kneeled besides Aeldon. He was hurt and unconcious.

Enduil immediately pulled out a strange purple herb and layed it on Aeldon's forehead. Then he cut himself slightly and let three drops of blood fall on Enduil's lips.

"He will be alright... He is just unconcious, but the bloodherb spell should return his life functions to normal" he said, facing the two wolves beside him. Then he paused for a second.

"Why am I talking with wolves?!" he whispered to himself. The strangest thing was, they seemed to have understood what he said to them.

He stood up and raised Aeldon on his shoulders, carrying him.
"Come with me" he told the wolves, though he felt that was rather redundant. Then he added, more to himself:

"I just hope they couldn't get to the Portal of the Forefathers yet..."

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