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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Heroes 6 strategy: Playing Haven faction
Thread: Heroes 6 strategy: Playing Haven faction This thread is 3 pages long: 1 2 3 · «PREV

Tavern Dweller
posted December 29, 2011 04:26 AM


I know. But I mentioned in my post earlier, there're alot of Specials I'd rather have.

Like what? I think it is the most powerful special because you can position your troops everywhere without being worried that your marksman will hit them.

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Adventuring Hero
Wandering knight
posted December 29, 2011 05:29 PM

Blade master would be good at higher levels. Haven also needs alot of wood. So the +wood special should be good in certain maps. +250 gold/day is always a great additon till mid-game.


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Known Hero
posted January 02, 2012 01:04 PM

Playing Haven. When I choose to perform the Upgraded Glories special attack, the special attack description says --- "Uses its own life essence to attack, after battle it is restored". But when I do such an attack, I lose for example 20 Glories, then after battle they don't come back - they are lost.
(Also, I can't heal the lost units back with Vestals.)

Is it a bug in the special attack, or a mistake in the textual description? Is there a way to heal them back?

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Undefeatable Hero
Unimpressed by your logic
posted January 02, 2012 01:17 PM

Yes, they don't come back. It appears to be a bug of sorts.

You know what you can do to counter it? Reinforcements II on Glories, which usually is enough to avoid losses from that stack

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Undefeatable Hero
Unimpressed by your logic
posted January 16, 2012 06:11 PM

Skill tree for Clerics?

I could have posted in this in the campaign thread, but eh, this is about strategy so I'm posting it here.

I'm replaying the Haven campaign right now with Anton as a Cleric. I'm not 100% certain what is the best combo for Clerics, but I'm planning to give him the following skills in this order:

1) Enlightenment
2) Regeneration
3) Tactics I
4) Logistics
5) Pressed Attack
6) Heroism

I think those three skills are pretty standard and every hero should get the hands on 1-5 during the first five levels at least, while Heroism is a must for Haven, Might and Magic alike. (could be replaced by Inner Fire I suppose)

7)-14) (in any order):
- Burning Determination
- Stone Skin
- Haste
- Snatch
- Pathfinding
- Mass Heroism
- Mass Regeneration
- Reinforcements I

I'm sorely unimpressed by the Inquisitors special ability, so I'm definitely taking a more Tear-Oriented path. As for the skills I'm taking

Reinforcements I is priceless in the early game to protect your Sisters and make sure you don't waste your heal too early.

Since Clerics tend to have reasonably weak Might Defence skills, Stone Skin is really important imo (and another reason why I feel it is important to follow the path of Tears with Clerics). It is something I'd rather take earlier than later.

Burning Determination is a MUST for Haven, regardless of Hero Class. (additional morale for your Guardian Angel gauge).

Haste is not that important for Might classes (they have better skills), but Magic ones can take ii as a filler skill. I personally like to use it with Haven due to the sluggishness of the Sisters and the movement based-attack of the Sun Riders (plus, Clerics cannot get Heroic Charge). I also like it better than Slow.

Reinforcements and Mass Regeneration are skills that I'd prefer to have at the start of a mission, so they are likely going to occupy slots #7 and #8. Both are very important skills to avoid losses, especially since Haven misses out on the extremely powerful Life Drain ability.

Mass Heroism is a live-saver in some battles, but since I'm going for Tears, not that important (although still very usefull)

Snatch and Pathfinding are always handy and I always take them, usually in slots #13 and  #14.

Then from Level 15 onwards:

15) Petrification
16) Time Stasis
17) Meditation
18) Mentoring

Time Stasis/Petrification are very powerful utility spells that any magic hero should grab if they can, and preferably as soon as possible.

Time Stasis disables all possible actions of the enemy power stack (plus, it works on Phoenixes!), and while Guardian Angel can help to soak up enemy retaliations for you (and with Burning Determination/Heroism, it isn't that hard to fill up your gauge), I would still pick it before Petrification. Petrification is more usefull when you have blasting spells to kill enemies with while protecting your units or disabling opponents for a longer periods of time. I think that, given my current skill line-up, I'm better off taking Time Stasis first.

Meditation is another strong skill for a magic hero, and I can't miss it, as it's the perfect counter to running out of mana.

Mentoring around level 18 allows you to mentor your heroes to level 15, giving them instant access to Architect III, Economist III, Scouting III and other usefull skills for your main supply hero to have. You can take it earlier, but I'd take it now. At least, by level 19 you should have it on your main

The other levels 19-30 I'm planning to get the following in any order:

- Retribution Aura I
- Retribution Aura II
- Retribution Aura III

I'm planning to check these out in favor of Heal/Mass Heal, which I feel Haven doesn't exactly need. (as it has other means of conversing troops). 30% damage reflected on ALL TROOPS sounds fairly powerfull. I'm not planning on getting RA before level 15 though.

- Mass Haste
- Mass Stoneskin
- Reinforcements II

Reinforcements is really good on elite units. (especially since the enemy LOVES killing your Griffs and Sun Riders on sight). In addition, since the special ability of the Blazing Glories is bugged, Reinforcements II is, so far, the only way to use their special attack without losing them permanently (plus, it does more damage that way as well ^__^).

Mass Stoneskin is important during long battles, I'll probably grab it before level 20.
Mass Haste is not that important, but +1 speed to all units NEVER hurts.

- Ambush
- Battle March
- Teleport

All enemy heroes will have Ambush by this point, so I'm going to grab it in order to cancel out the enemy's. It is also useful enough while battling neutrals .

Battle March is important during Sieges. The quicker you can block enemy shooters and dispell enemy buffs with your Stoneskinned Glories, the better. Or, alternatively you could teleport a stack of buffed Celestials or Griffins right within enemy ranks. Teleport is very handy, albeit not that usefull early on (one of the last skill I would pick, personally)

- Inner Fire
- Mass Inner Fire


- Summon Elementals (Light?
- Mass Purity


- Heal
- Mass Heal

I'd love to take Inner Fire (it stacks with Heroism and Burning Determination), but a sound alternative would be Mass Purity for its curse-protecting abilities. If I go elementals, I'm probably picking Light Elementals. Or alternatively, I could just go Heal/Mass Heal to ensure my troops NEVER die (and it counts as a damaging spell against Demons, undead and orcs), since Heal is stronger for Confessors. (which I'm planning to become). Personally, I'm not planning to use Heal (since Confessors already have TWO special abilities that heal/resurrect) but for the last two slots I'm fairly undecided.

I think this would make a solid build for a Magic Haven Hero.

Any suggestions for changes or anything?
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Hired Hero
posted January 23, 2012 12:02 AM

countering ravagers

Started playing with other humans, got smacked by petrify spell on ravagers.  Units got dragged out and hit for nothing, lacerators and cereberi fill in the gaps and lilim prevent them getting back into position.

Any similar experiences?

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Adventuring Hero
posted February 02, 2012 06:20 PM

Haven doesnt require much strategy, beside how you place your units with tactics before battle.

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Hired Hero
posted July 23, 2012 05:04 PM

I'd like to ask help here.

How do I fight against Necro? Is there any good match-up strategies...?
I usually play very defensive with Paladin+tears skill, but I have only one relatively weak ranged unit compared to Necro's well... about 4 ranged units. So I'd imagine playing like that wouldn't do much for me.

Only strategy I've come up with so far is defending with;
Praetorian: giving defensive support around him
Marksmen: basic ranged attacks
Sisters: healing and support
Glories: defending marksmen and attacking from far away
Griffins: defending with unlimited retaliation and using it's cooldown ability

I provoke them near me since they can't retaliate against Glories and Griffins can deal some decent damage with their rush. Basically they need to get close to my defenses because my 2 large unkillable units are blocking their ranged units.

And attacking with;
Angels: using improved Intimidation makes them untouchable + I heal them with the level 4 faction racial + using taunt to them which is even more op considering I already used Intimidation which holds enemies attacking them for about 6 turns
Crusaders: Charging all-around everywhere while blocking the ranged units and remaining invulnerable due to their skill.

...so is Paladin or Vindicator better for this match? Or should I go for Healing class?

I also try to stack morale so I get the racial to lv. 4 faster and make good use of it's healing and immunity in melee. Rest of the skills I take makes me more resilient. I won't take any economy skills either for my main hero.

I'd appreciate if someone with brain would help me. I don't want to get manhandled by my friend.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted July 23, 2012 06:43 PM
Edited by xerox at 18:46, 23 Jul 2012.

Your strategy seems pretty offensive, so I think going for the Vindicator might be better. Heroic Charge is a great ability, and it's probably great to use on the Glories. Generally, Haven is a faction that's all about positioning.

I think you should push out with more of your units, but try to keep them stacked up around Praetorians since they absorb damage.

Haven has two really good CC:s with the Vestals and the Glories. The Vestals deal good damage, and if their CC triggers they will both avoid retaliation and disable the enemy stack.

Glories are really powerful. Their AoE dispell is amazing, so good teleportation placement is essential. If you place them well, you will practically never suffer from debuffs and you can purge enemy buffs such as Vampirism.

A trick against Necro is to stan on top of their corpses so they can't raise them! Also avoid stacking up to much around a single Necro creature, as that maximizes the Ghost's healing ability.

Keep in mind that the Archangel Ressurecion also gives a huge intiative boost.

I don't think Taunt works against Necro and the racial is also good to use on Vestals as they deal a lot of damage don't risk dying if their CC fails to trigger.

The Haven Magic heroes are also great.
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Hired Hero
posted July 23, 2012 07:03 PM

Thanks Xerox, really good points I didn't take in consideration.

I guess I'm not experienced enough so I didn't take these things in account, but your post helps a lot. I'll play around with different builds before tomorrows battle of epic BROportions.

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted July 23, 2012 07:07 PM

Intimidation indeed does not work on the undead and they have no reason to ever leave their position if you want to provoke them into coming to you. If anything it is likely they'll hide the spinners behind vamps, ghosts and ghouls to the front, lamasu to their right(tactics II) and the rest of the shooters behind the lamasu. God I hate turtling If they do though an inquisitor could maximize the effect of aoe abilities like acid cloud, firestorm with ignite etc. I cannot claim to have multi experience yet but I would definitely try to have mass dispel or purity, just to be on the safe side. Whether they curse you or they buff themselves it is going to be useful. Elemental summons or teleport could block their ranged units if there are holes in his defense and similarly heroic charge, rush or haste could help your units reach into weak positions across the battlefield. Personally I fear spinners, ghosts and liches the most so I'd focus on them first, just not from the very first because spirit form would give the former two a 50% dmg protection. Unless you kill a stack on the current turn he could raise it and attack with its numbers replenished whereas raising a fallen unit would not allow it to act on the same turn. Keep an eye out for that too.
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Tavern Dweller
posted March 18, 2013 05:14 PM

Which is better might or magic for heaven ???

and please write main skills what we need to learn and to use during the big battle


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Undefeatable Hero
Chaos seeking Harmony
posted March 19, 2013 10:18 PM

In general it SEEMS as if magic is stronger then might.  Spells like Time Stasis, elementals and such really boost the survivability...

However, if they meet early enough Might will generally crush magic.  I guess it would depend on the size of the map.  Once magic reaches level 15 or so, they start creeping faster/easier..getting more experience and more loot.
Message received.

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Famous Hero
posted July 05, 2013 10:33 AM
Edited by NamelessOrder at 12:14, 04 Sep 2013.

So i'm playing a duel from time to time while eating (why not it's better than watching some TV during dinner/breakfast/supper) and mostly i encounter (surprise, surprise) necro, magic this time more often than might.

I decided to finally test how Sacrifice (lvl 2 Necro magic tears ability) works.

Sacrifice - Target friendly stack channels all damage done to friendly creatures to himself. Lasts for 2 turns, or until
the sacrificed stack is destroyed. Damage taken is reduced by 33%.

As always, i'm writing in regard to duel mode but i guess it should be helpful for maps players as well to improve their battle skills.

Conclusions (to make it crystal clear: sacrificed unit - the unit your opponent put sacrifice on, targeted unit - the unit you target, e.g. purid lamasu, but the dmg will be tranferred to the sacrificed unit):
- dmg reduction abilities, whether the targeted unit defended or not doesn't matter, the dmg is transferred to the sacrificed unit
- it does make a difference if the sacrificed unit defends, it makes no difference if the targeted unit defends
- mark of the heretic has to be put on the sacrificed unit and not on the targeted unit
- for reasons i don't understand dmg transferred from lamasus is 10% bigger

So i guess if they put sacrifice on Fate Weavers, you should try to get pressed attack on archers, put them under GA (b/c if you target Fate Weavers the Baleful gaze would deal around 1,5k dmg to the archers) and target Weavers. Then the rest of your army, that waited can engage. You may think of using angels resurrection not for the healing but for the +30 morale and +10 ini.


Data from my research (hot seats, duel, haven might tears vs necro magic tears):

all dmg: angels
as a reference: dmg from angels to spiders with spirit form after defending: 369

sacrifice on spiders with spirit form, target: purid lamasu, dmg: 296
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form, target: purid lamasu after they defended, dmg: 296
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: purid lamasu, dmg: 247

sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: ghouls, dmg: 225
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: ghouls after they defended, dmg : 225

sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: vamps, dmg: 225
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: ghousts, dmg: 225
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: skeletons, dmg: 225

sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and they defended, target: purid lamasu with mark of the heretic, dmg: 247
sacrifice on spiders with spirit form and mark of the heretic and they defended, target: purid lamasu, dmg: 286 (16% bonus - excatly as it should be from mark of the heretic)

*spiders = Fate Weavers (human)


I wanted to know whether it is worth it to add +6 light magic to might heo in might vs might matchups involving haven tears hero. Specifically i wanted to know how much more angels will heal with the added 6 light magic power. 146hp more

Angels healing with +6 light power (plus normal 13 magic power) = 1196
Angels healing without +6 light power (just normal 13 magic power) = 1050

imho not worth it (maybe magical army (haven 2) vs inferno might but i don't think so, i general the 2cd haven army is weaker than the main might army)
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Hired Hero
posted July 01, 2020 08:34 PM
Edited by bknight2602 at 20:35, 01 Jul 2020.

alcibiades said:
This thread is for discussing the strategy for playing Haven in Heroes 6.

Strategy Thread Group: Haven | Inferno | Necropolis | Sanctuary | Stronghold

I have a question on the third mission

Tempt not a Desperate Man

I have played this mission to completion, however on a restart of all the campaigns, I am having trouble with this mission.  I have captured all the enemy towns with exception of the last "behind" the closed gates. I remember one needs to obtain the Tome of Sieges from the guy located mid map.  However I can't trigger a session with him and the mission can't be completed.  I must have forgotten to do "something".  Any suggestions on proceeding other than restart the mission?

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