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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Might and Magic VII Take 2 — IC
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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted July 05, 2013 04:03 PM

"Oh, all right, little man. If you know where that loudmouth is, we might as well go see him."

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Legendary Hero
posted July 05, 2013 07:06 PM

Belaver, Rincewind, and now Fandral:

About this time Fandral enters the inn.

Helnith Dice Roll Thread
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Legendary Hero
Divine Arcanist
posted July 12, 2013 04:27 PM

I look over at Fandral's entrance.

"Well, looks like he's there. Simple find."

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Legendary Hero
posted September 01, 2013 02:20 AM

((Interest in this seems to have waned, so I'm going to shut this down.))


A growing roar of voices begins at the town hall and works its way to the docks. As it comes closer each of you eventually picks up:

"A winner!" "We have a winner!" "All hail the new Lord of Harmondale!"

Crowds throng the streets to the point where it is difficult even to breath without bumping into someone—curious townsfolk coming to see the individual off, formerly-rival adventuring parties wanting to see who had beaten them or swallowing their pride to curry favor with the new noble. It takes hours to clear up, and there is a big ceremony at the Duke of Glory before she sets sail to take the new Lord to his domain.

After that it is something of a mad scramble among the losing adventurers to catch a ride on the remaining boats (a couple enterprising merchants having sailed into reach of the island early in the afternoon), and more than a few are left to scramble for rooms at the inn instead, to wait for the next ship to come into port.

Irritated at having lost, Fandral manages to drink himself into a stupor, and misses the last boat off the island. He is the only one; Mat, Belaver and Rincewind all learned their lesson about not taking accommodations for granted when there are hordes of other people looking for same, and the three of them manage to get a ride on one of the merchant vessels.


Fandral awakes from his alcohol-induced coma to find the island half-abandoned, at least compared to its contest population. After dunking his head in a barrel and wandering around looking for a way off, he learns that Dais and the rest of his party have remained behind intentionally to continue the search for their friend Calimund. They are quite heartened by Fandral's untruthful claim that he stayed on the island to look for their friend, and offer to pay for his passage on the next ship to come by if he can find out what happened to the mage before then. So Fandral pursues the mystery with his usual lack of dedication and good manners for several days.

This goes on until one day, he manages to insult one of the locals badly enough to get himself locked in the tiny cell in the town hall that functions as a jail on the island. The room is less than a closet: a door, stone walls, and a cobblestone floor covered with dirt. But the food is worse; stale bread and water with an odd aftertaste...and then the drugged water knocks him out.

When he awakens, it's to find he's been bound tightly and is being carried out of town in the pitch black night. He can smell fish, and butchered goat, and can faintly make out the shapes of sharks being carried alongside him by people in the dark. A few of them light torches once out of sight of the village itself, and then he can see some of the faces nearby—the alchemist, the innkeeper, the mayor, oddly no one from either of the Guilds seems to be present... He isn't gagged, but his queries and demands as to his current state and expected destination go as ignored as if he had never spoken at all.

Then Fandral, the shark carcasses and the dead goat are all dumped without ceremony in front of a short cliff with a ship-sized cave at the top, curtained with vines and vegetation that would have hidden it if he weren't so close. The foremost of the people in the procession—Fandral can dimly recognize the mayor—proceeds toward the entrance and bows as though before a god.

"Mighty Morcarak."

A rumbling voice that makes the ground shake issues from the cave entrance: "Speak."

The mayor speaks with rote ceremony and surprisingly little fear. "We bring you tribute as is your due, you who are mighty and without pity. We bring you the choicest of our catch and the offal of our town, that you will keep the refuse of the world at bay."

As he speaks something enormous moves behind the screen of vines. A black scaled head easily the size of Fandral's entire body parts the vegetation, followed by a long neck, taloned fore claws, huge draping wings...

"I accept you tribute, worms. You remain under my protection. Know that all I survey is my domain, and those I deem unworthy shall be slain by claw and fire."

The mayor takes this as his cue and scrambles hastily back to the assembled townsfolk. The big dragon wastes no time; Fandral is within arm's length as the beast picks up a shark it its teeth and swallows the fish whole.

Then it's Fandral's turn. The townsfolk ignore his protests as the world becomes awash with the smell of smoke and sulfur, the dragon giving him no more attention than the shark it just ate. And as Morcarak's jaws close down on him Fandral realizes he knows what happened to Calimund...

Mat, Belaver, Rincewind:

The rest of the handful of otherworlders who were not killed by the hazards of Emerald Island make it to the mainland after a startlingly uneventful voyage.


Rincewind splits off on his own shortly after landfall, and not long after stumbles across the ruins of an old fortress, and another party of adventurers. One of these is a short, bearded fellow in heavy plate armor who turns to stare at Rincewind the moment he comes into view. The stranger continues this disturbing behavior until the Discworld wizard is backed into a corner.

And then the dwarf...vomits. He chokes up something smallish and cloth and holds it out to Rincewind: Rincewind is able to recognize it as a sock. It is sticky, disgusting and smells faintly of lavender. The Luggage, now what the locals identify as a Dwarf, mutely splits off to join Rincewind on the would-be wizard's newest round of unwilling adventures, along with a pyromaniac Fire mage who claims to have been an enchanted staff in his previous life.

Saving the world ends up falling to someone else—several someones else for multiple savings, actually—but Rincewind and his companions manage to carve out a secure little corner of the world (and a reasonable heap of riches) for themselves regardless. And Rincewind happily discovers that, though the magic of the Discworld may be forever beyond his reach, the magic of this world is perfectly accessible to him...he never becomes a famous archmage, but that never seems to matter.


Mat's adventures are a little more straightforward: after traveling and looking for work for a few weeks, he eventually ends up in a mid-sized Erathian settlement in the employ of the woman recently given charge of the town: a handsome, half-elven lady with a nobleman's demeanor and a faint scar across her face, who refers to herself only as "Doom." With Mat's help on a few miscellaneous details, the settlement quickly becomes a prosperous—if strictly regulated—town, and grows steadily for some time.

Along the way Mat discovers the local game, "Arcomage" and runs across a deck of cards. His magical luck having gradually returned after he made landfall on the continent, Mat is able to spend his spare time gambling other peoples' money away from them.

On that front, he eventually meets his match in a friendly young boy named Yugi. The Arcomage matches between the two quickly become the stuff of legends, and draw fans of the game from all over the continent to watch them play.


Belaver has perhaps the strangest time of the survivors from Emerald Island. Useless in a fight, but with extensive (if increasingly inaccurate) foreknowledge of upcoming major events, he spends some time alternating between making heaps of coin preventing assassinations and kidnappings—and getting robbed of said coin traveling between towns courtesy of his lack of fighting skill. Regardless he gradually becomes known throughout Antagarich as a sort of Seer, and is noted as unusual in that he travels about rather than making people go visit him on a lonely mountaintop as such folk were prone to doing.

Perhaps luckily after a few months of this, he is taken in by Gavin Magnus. There he finds a more productive (and if less lucrative, then also less prone to being waylaid by bandits) position in the wizards' employ, where his substantial (by Enrothian standards) knowledge of technology is put to good use. He is still able to foil at least two meaningful assassinations and avert the Reckoning—though as no one knew the last was coming barring himself and a handful of actual Seers, this only gives him the satisfaction of having done some good rather than monetary reward.


While none of you ever finds your way home, and none of you becomes exceptionally famous or powerful, each of you is moderately successful in this new world. There are glorious ends to be had, and terrifying ones too, but for most of you...the end is pleasantly satisfactory, and nothing more.


Helnith Dice Roll Thread
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