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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Poetry Thread
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Legendary Hero
posted September 04, 2017 11:55 PM
Edited by NoobX at 23:18, 17 Sep 2017.

This wave of purpur breath I bathe in
Envelopes the venomous pores on the skin
Pale leather tethers to another
The link breaks
It is free

Floating in nebulae beyond the eye's reach
We float
We floated
And we've let eachother down
And now we've let eachother drown
Into the abysmal nothingness

Try and crawl our way up

Forces of volatile nature push me deeper
I extend my arm
I extend my mind
And reflect
But myself I perplex
With the question

Cover me
In dirt
Cover me and put a tombstone above
But let the memory slowly fade
And when it's almost gone
Engrave on it words I proudly spoke
Before the acts of fate so cruel

Because I know you love me
Because I know I love you


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Legendary Hero
posted September 25, 2017 07:42 PM
Edited by NoobX at 00:14, 23 Jan 2018.

Leo's Fangs

Such a misleading feeling
The perception of safety becomes our own demise

I've trusted
We've trusted
We have all felt secure
But deep inside it's hidden
And locked within our unreachable
Of being afraid and alone
And left behind
Our only way to be truly safe

In the moment of my weakness
I've put my trust in Leo
I've let my heart
End up between Leo's fangs

                   25. 9. 2017.


I saw you
This eve
How you've changed your colors
Vibrant as they always were
With a dark twist at the end of the lips

I saw you
This eve
I distinctly remember the person I've known
Bathed in sunlight and an aura of life
Now resembling the Reaper above my soul

Tonight I just wished to see you again
But my wish did not come true without a twist
For I've seen you, there's no mistake
But now it was for the first time

Tonight your facade held strong
A glorious smile as sharp as a knife
A wicked gaze of pure contempt
With just a tiny crack enough for me to know

The facade won't hold
And when it crumbles it will show
All the regret and pain it was meant to hide
But by then I will long be gone

                   28. 9. 2017.

Had It All

The right words never come at the right time
You said it yourself
And you've proven it to be true

This charade I have seen throughout
Even though you had hoped I couldn't

Did it come as a surprise
Sometime before sunrise
That you couldn't close your eyes?

Well, deep down I like it when it hurts
All the stress and overthinking getting to you
Forcing you to go on and on to no end

And deep down I like it when you cry
Realizing that all you had to do was try

Everything I asked for was honesty and trust
Only now I know it was too much
And everything going south
I tried to prevent
Never once did you want to comprehend

Even when you cast me away
Like a pebble into a lake
I gathered all my strength to make you see
That you had it all
Until you gave up on me

Go now
Enjoy another embrace
While it's still not as cold as stone
But don't come back and show your face
When you, like me, end up abandoned and alone

                   30. 11. 2017.


I've been driven all the way through
Mercilessly kill myself
All that I do

Just when you think you had me
I lunged straight forward
Make you bleed

Shed those tears
Tears like crimson rain
And feed my purpose
My purpose is my way

Spill those words
Words like venom's taste
And feed my hate
My love goes to waste

                   14. 12. 2017.

Senseless Senselessness

And now the pieces return to their places
And now the curtains fall
And now the lights are out
And now the love's gone

What has been
Has been
What should've been
Hasn't been
What will be
Will be
What should be
Won't be

Only things I'm left with
Anger and regret
Only things you're left with
Nothing and no one

                   18. 12. 2017.


It's laid out for you
This heart still beating
An offering sincere
And yet you drift
You drift away

It's given you all
This servant to your bidding
And offering sincere
And yet you drift
You drift away

You drifted away

So turn now
If only for a moment
And face what you've done
And turn now
If only for a moment
Say clearly what you've become

And if you cannot
Then disappear like you always do
Disappear and fade away
Like a nightmare in the morning
Washed away by the sun

                   24. 12. 2017.

The Cull

Of figments and whims
Of sleepless nights
And disturbed dreams
Of lost and found
Of boundless and bound
And misery profound

Woven in a fashion obscure
Regrets entwined
Pain and devastation refined
Almost perfectly aligned
Pointed at their mark

The victim lying in a pool of blood
Fresh or stale
Soon there will be more

Butcher's blade rises
And of innocence sanguis drops

It has begun
The tool
Now cues the cull

                   5. 1. 2018.


Alive cannot begin to describe
Seeing through the newborn's eyes
A fresh thrill
The way to truly feel

Finding way back to light
Never thought I might
Look back and genuinely smile
But it has been a while
And now I'll take my time
To savor what's finally mine

I'll never be sorry again
I don't care if you don't understand
My recovery unexpected
Maybe it wasn't a part of your plan
Luckily for me
I don't give a damn

This is a beacon lit once more
Shining brightly like before
A brilliant flash to set the pain ablaze
Focused firmly on this unfortunate craze
Befallen and overbearing
Now to rips I'm tearing

                   11. 1. 2018.


Stretched beyond all means
Walking atop razor sharp beams
One misstep is a mistake
Paid in blood and paid in full

Aiming freely for the heart in the dark
Never one to miss the mark
A perfect score, never settle for less
When the moment is to forever last

Then take a look in the mirror
Reflections dance in their world
Of make believe and wild guesses
That the other side never confesses

The line is fine
Between the outshined and the divine
All of them heroes in the mirror
All until the glass shatters

And in one or two
When the other side comes through
Worlds collide, and vessels implode
The line that stands will erode

And in one or two
All will know who never knew
Who had no control over fate
Who accepts that it's all too late

In one or two
There will be more for me, less for you
Take your time and pay no mind
When there's just more of me
And less of you

                   22/23. 1. 2018.


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Tavern Dweller
posted December 20, 2017 01:21 AM

You are mine, I am yours, / of that you may be sure.
  Deep within my heart / you're safely locked away.
  But I have lost the key / and there you'll ever stay.

Old German poem
The blood in me gives me eyes to see (c)

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted March 01, 2018 08:47 PM

Hey NoobX,
Not penning much these days...hoping to return to the cave and refocus on a book.

Anyway, no title, but merely an honest dabble...not yet approved by my internal-Editor.


The sky grew dark, amid thunder's peal
chilling our hearts,

The sun set far out of sight
while the moon hid all this night
as the wind howled cold ire
We held hands near the fire

The storm arrived, wailed for hours
our spirits dark, drenched by showers

The sun set far out of sight
the moon hid away this night
while the wind howled a cold ire
We held hands near the fire

Alert we waited, inside our keep
till made weary, we fell to sleep

The sun set far out of sight
the moon hid away this night
while the wind howled a cold ire
We held hands near the fire

The morning dawned, warm and bright
smiles and hugs, erased last night

markkur...a few weeks back
"Poetry is a felt change of consciousness"

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