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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Which Heroes game had the best spell system
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posted May 23, 2018 11:32 PM
Edited by dredknight at 23:36, 23 May 2018.

Hey all nice thread so far!

Have in mind that, love it or not, each of heroes of might and magic series has terrible balance when it comes to magic systems so if you ask which one is the best I read it "which one does not make you mad" xD.

I've played 1,2,3,5 so i leave the rest out of the equation.
Heroes 1 to 3 incorporate pretty much the same system which is improved over the series (more spells, different arrangement etc..) where spells mostly increased in variety but lack any sense of balance in performance and cases of usefulness.

Heroes V brings the first step towards a brand new system which on first look is camouflaged behind the same secondary skill tree.
The addition of perks made it possible to highly customize a hero into a specific spell branch in theory. In practice not so much because perk trees were terribly random and useless. Sometimes you need to pick a number of not that good perks for the hero just to get that one ultra strong. Anyway H5 system even though theoretically superior has the same issues when it comes to balance and usefulness.

AncientDruids said:
@fidanas Could you give any examples?

How MMH55 fixes that can be read in this article. Full changelog (not only spells) can be found here.

Most people that stay away from Heroes 5 have their own reasons and I am not going to convince them in anything but if you want to check how the spell effect/damage progression scales in practice download this external app. It has a spell simulator where you can increase spellpower (1 spellpower per click so a lot of clicking. It will be fixed in the next version where you can increase per 10 with right click) and adjust spell school mastery settings.


P.S. Just remembered that MMH5.5 skill system revolves around Heroes 4 skill/spell system idea. Every hero class specializes in particular skill which is emphasized by  his specialization and the availability of spell schools he can learn or shatter.
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