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Tavern Dweller
posted June 07, 2020 05:57 PM

wow this lizardman looking so cool

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Famous Hero
posted August 01, 2020 09:42 PM
Edited by Lord_Immortal at 21:44, 01 Aug 2020.

After some time I resumed playing H3SW and I also saw a bit the discussions on the Russian forums (using google translate) and the previous replies about the possible lineup of Heretic town.

I like the idea of the 7 tiers = 7 deadly sins yet it is a bit hard to find demons from folklore which are also well-known (orzie already said that the name "lilim" is "too less known and too complex for a Heroes 2 game")...

In any case I will try to give some suggestions hoping that they would be of some help.

For the sin of Gluttony, I'd propose the Hell Hound as a representative, and I'd like to propose taking inspiration from this unique artwork I found yesterday.

Succubi(going by this name) will probably represent the sin of Lust, so I'd suggest at least a design similar to Might & Magic 9 for lore coherence.

Imps also are a very common folk-figure which I doubt could be kept outside the Heretic town. Since they're mana-stealers in Might&Magic universe they can be associated to the sin of avarice/greed.

Now here the difficult options start.

Now there is this interesting artwork which, given the primitive look, I'd call a demon of sloth. While the link suggests a Rakshasa, I'd go for a Div (persian mythology) which is sometimes seen as a large-sized humanoid.

The many-armed and bloodthirsty rakshasa (without wings) I'd propose as the demon of Anger/Wrath. In hindu mythology they are fierce and warlike demons anyway.

Finally the hardest emotions to connect with specific demons are Pride/Hubris and Envy.

Myths related to Pride are those of Arachne and Lucifer so we can have drider-like spider women (we might call Arachnes) or Fallen Angels as the Heretic's creatures of pride.

Finally envy is the hardest to frame. Creatures somehow related to envy (or jealousy) are Lamia and Argus from Greek Mythology. However, Lamia might come off as too similar to the Medusa while Argus as difficult to design. It is also worth noting that, given that Arabs believe sins to be as result of temptation of man from evil genies, the Efreet can be a good candidate for the sin of Envy. In order for them to be envious of other people and most importantly of the Dervish's Genies they have to be of a lesser level (5 or 6).

The lineups (Lv1 to Lv7) could be the following:

Imp | Hell Hound | Succubus | Div | Efreet  | Rakshasa | Fallen Angel


Imp | Hell Hound | Succubus | Div | Arachne | Efreet | Rakshasa

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