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HC UserName: Send Jiriki9 an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Jiriki9 Jiriki9
Date Registered: July 3, 2008
Status: Honorable Undefeatable Hero, Altar Dweller
Quality Count: 18
Post Count: 5805
Supporter: -
Personal Info: 22 year old Male. Pisces star sign.
Location: NRW, Germany
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Posts 0 to 10 of 5989 made by Jiriki9.

Untitled Post in Ranked Best HoMM Game Poll (Altar)
Not THAT surprising results so far...except wog, at least to me. I mean, of course it WAS fun to pla...

Untitled Post in Reviving ICTC? - 2 (Coliseum)
[quote name=DagothGares] This was done in rounds, right? I'd be willing to judge, if I get to makin...

Untitled Post in Reviving ICTC? - 2 (Coliseum)
then how about a limited number of pics? I see it a bit different, though. I personally nevrer fe...

Untitled Post in Age of Wonders III - 19 (Other Games)
Overall, that Necromancer Class looks amazing to me, so far. Though I must agree on the wailer - it ...

Untitled Post in Best fanart - 2 (Some New Forum)
These are AWESOME

Untitled Post in Reviving ICTC? - 2 (Coliseum)
[quote]What are the rules?[/quote] Actually, in former times the rules were not so strict, to lea...

Untitled Post in Reviving ICTC? - 2 (Coliseum)
Should we mabye advertize in the "Flacon's Last flight" (H7)-Forum for this? We may get soem newer p...

Untitled Post in A creational game [masterpost on page 224] - 419 (Altar)
Maybe :/ Hmm, I'll think about how to advertize this...I certainly do not want it to die out!

Untitled Post in A creational game [masterpost on page 224] - 419 (Altar)
seems activity is dwindling again? =( Any reasons?

Untitled Post in Reviving ICTC? - 2 (Coliseum)
Well, that seems not so bad for a start...4 willing to participate and 2 willing to judge or partici...

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