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Date Registered: July 3, 2008
Status: Honorable Undefeatable Hero, Altar Dweller
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Personal Info: 22 year old Male. Pisces star sign.
Location: NRW, Germany
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Untitled Post in Heroes and Creatures for Heroes 7. JEmo Version (Altar)
I always like to see proposals :grin: I'll comment rather Faction-wise than hero/unit split... ...

Untitled Post in HoMM Mixes (Altar)
[quote]I haven't played Borderlands at all, but I can comment the "heroic" stuff[/quote] quite a...

Untitled Post in HoMM Mixes (Altar)
Here, now, already come first ideas for Mix 2, which shall be [b][u]Rings of Might and Magic[/u][...

HoMM Mixes in HoMM Mixes (Altar)
Well, just some idea I had quite often...how could it be like merging HoMM-ish gameplay with other s...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
[quote]Or it occurs to me that I have NO IDEA how long sections like the skills and other core rules...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
[b]Wolf Duchy[/b] Basics sound fine. Again, Wolf commander sounds pretty boring to me, I'd advi...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
COmments to the Haven faction... [b]Subfaction Choice[/b] While staying in Ashan (Which is not m...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
[quote name=JeremiahEmo]Please. No to Lynx. Lynx is boring, uncool and will just destroy Sylvan as a...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
Depends on how you feel uniqueness and how you view Haven. If "Haven" is mainly a human faction wi...

Untitled Post in Subfactions - 2 (Altar)
Fine to see someone posting a new proposal. As Matt said, we had some similar proposals here, but I...

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