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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Trials: Lord of Tanaran RPG!
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Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted June 23, 2004 07:51 AM
Edited By: RedSoxFan3 on 23 Jun 2004

RSF wakes up to the sound of birds chirping. He looks outside. It is a great day. The sun is warm and there is a cool breeze coming in from the ocean.

RSF: “What a great day.”

He heads to the river for a drink and to clean off his face. The sun was at his back and shown more clear and bright then ever on such a crystal clear day. It lit up the riverbed wonderfully as he bent over and splashed himself with water. Since the sun not been so bright and at the right angle, he was able to notice something in the riverbed. He reached his hand in and felt something slimy and squishy, not really unusual for a river. Being the curious man that he was, he took a closer look. After further inspection and a pair wet trousers he finds that whatever is in the water it’s quite large. As he clears the silt from the object, he takes a step back being a bit startled to find a decomposing hand. He finds several more bodies and body parts all throughout the waterbed. He remains silent so as to not frighten his men. This is an omen to leave at once. This place has brought lots of death before and RSF will not see the same fate happen upon his loyal followers. He decides at once to pack up and continue on his journey to the town at the ocean.

Once the eleven men had packed up their things, they mounted their horses and headed for the coast.

RSF: “How much longer until we arrive at the town?”

Darwin: “It should be only another day’s journey. Although we might arrive late into the night.”

RSF: “Okay, we ride until we get there. Only a few short stops for meals, water, and to rest the horses. What is this town called again?”

Darwin: “White Harbor. ‘Tis named after the river. The river is called the White River. And since it’s on the coast it’s called harbor.”
Go Red Sox!

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Supreme Hero
toss toss toss
posted June 27, 2004 02:26 PM

You ride off into the open plains hoping nobody noticed your leaving. You 'borrowed' a cloke from the cabbin, it covers your entire body down to your knees. The cloke also covers most of your face. It is a good disguise but anyone who gets too close will not be fooled. As you ride you wonder about that crystal ball and what to do with it. You dont know where you are riding to, but hopfully somewhere more inviting than last time.

Wisdom 7 ---> 8
Through close examination and good use of your inner sences you make the right choice in not staying at the site. You and your men continue to ride down the stream. You pass the fork in the river and enjoy the serene environment. Your not sure why but this ride down the river is calming you down. The sun begins to set and before you is the giant cityof White Harbour. The river that you were following now leads out to sea, behind the city. It is dark by the time you reach the cities large gates. You knock on the door and wait.

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Supreme Hero
Heroine at the weekend.
posted June 29, 2004 01:35 PM
Edited By: Asmodean on 2 Aug 2004

'Archer, here are the plans for the new camp layout when the men return. See that they get underway as soon as they're back and rested.
It was a basic plan, a roughly triangular base site, with two tall towers at the back and one very high one in front.
Eventually I would expand the base so that another triangle matched it equally and oppositely, forming a six-pointed star, then I would go along the boundary and place warding spells.
The six-pointed star would add power to my spells and eventually the base would become a safe haven for my troops - reviving them when they were inside it and replenishing my own spell power rapidly.
All was good.

After that I went back to check on young Luko's progress. He was progressing well, and had mastered most of the mental excercises I had set him.
He could calm himself in seconds, useful when dangerous surprises appear.
He could also now ignore the stifling heat of the jungle, and his sweatless face already marked him out to me as one who was 'skilled'.
I gave him him a scroll with the most basic spell on it - 'Heal'.
I told him to memorise the words until he could recite them backwards perfectly in his head
I would then allow him to venture out into the jungle to look for wounded animals to practise on once I was certain he knew the spell correctly.

Going back outside I saw Archer poring over the plans I had given him. I decided it was time for phase two of my training program.

Creating the illusion of a cloud of moths, I told Archer 'You will practise every day with the sword and the knife, until you can hit every one of the moths on your first try. When you 'hit' the moth it will disappear.
Once you have done this successfully you will then try to do it faster.
Every day I will create the moth cloud for you. Do not disappoint me.

With Archer to be my boyguard and young Luko to augment my own spell-power I would have the beginnings of an effective army, with Slash making an offensive weapon all by himself.
I spent a few minutes grooming the wyvern, to keep it's affection and hand-fed it strips of snake-meat that Archer had hunted up that morning.
It gurgled happily at me and rubbed his long sinuous neck on my shoulder.
Once I was sure he was happy I floated back to my tent to meditate.

Now all I had to do was wait for my men to return with news, or hopefully a fellow adventurer that was interested in joining forces...

To err is human, to arr is pirate.

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Supreme Hero
toss toss toss
posted August 02, 2004 12:47 PM

Your men return with a large supply of lumber. They begin to build the first triangle based on your plans. As it seems everything is working out perfectly for you. Your two body guards are in training and are growing stronger by the day, you have a pet wyvern and you are the only person with a crown... except that mage from the tournament, but he looked weak anyway. As you return to your meditation you hear a piercing screaming comming from the forest...

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Supreme Hero
Shaded Scribe
posted August 04, 2004 12:14 AM
Edited By: Shadowcaster on 3 Aug 2004

After a long journey, Xerxes reached the village of the apes, the single most populated area he had ever seen. To top it all off, none of it was on the ground. An elaborate maze of treehouses and bridges wove seamlessly in and out of the forest's framework. The apes that inhabited this village were also much larger than their counterparts, some soaring over even the death knight's head. Or so he would figure, could he reach those heights.

It seemed that the defense system of this village consisted of whittling all the branches off of the bottoms of the trees and smoothing the trunks to the point where climbing them was impossible. Any ladders that led into the city had been drawn up into the trees once the intruder had been spotted entering the forest. He doubted these apes would welcome him, the dead and the living were never the best of friends. But these apes would know death soon enough.

Over the course of his life, Xerxes had taken it upon himself to become a messenger of death, "converting" those unenlightened living into servile dead. He would have an army worth mastering, could he reach them. The death knight would have to handle this delicate situation in a way he never had--delicately. But they had already seen him, he could not feign a friendshiot with these creatures. The only thing left to do was bluff his way into the trees, then winning the inhabitants of the city over through fear.

Perhaps they had a champion, a hero that would defend them in their time of need, someone on which they would bet their very lives. It was that hope that drove Xerxes on into the forest, though the meaning of "hope" was very twisted to the death knight.

He entered the forest and immediately stabbed his sword deep into the nearest tree, walking into a clearing where much of the town could see him, unarmed and appearing harmless. Xerxes shouted to those in the trees.

"I mean you no harm. This challenge stands until either I am defeated or until one of you is defeated. Send out your best champion, so that I may fight him!"

A humongous ape stood to the railing, then leapt down from the trees to the ground far below, landing effortlessly. From his belt, he pulled out a giant morningstar and bellowed back toward his adversary.

"Fool, none can defeat Brutus, the king of this clan and the strongest being in the land. You think you can match me with that tiny sword of yours? Ha! Don't make me laugh."

"Silence, brute, before I silence you forever!" Xerxes shot back. "You are confident, it seems." His voice rose to the audience that had gathered in the town above. "Here he is, your hero! You would place stock in this fool?"

As he had hoped, his phony bravado sent the apes into an angry frezny, and they began chanting their hero's name as both warriors readied their arms and charged. This would be no easy battle.

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Supreme Hero
toss toss toss
posted August 08, 2004 11:11 AM


Before you can make a move Brutus swings at you with his morning star. You manage to dodge it but the chain whips you on its way past. Your left arm is rattling, but it should hold up. Brutus' morning star becomes stuck on one of the massive trees. You use his brief lapse in concentration to run over to his leg and slash the back of his ankle with your dagger. Brutus flinches but seems unhurt. You move back and watch how he limps after you. He has lost alot of mobility and you realise that he would no longer has the agility to attack two targets. You summon a skeleton warrior and order it to run around Brutus and attack his legs from behind. Brutus decides that you are the only target he wishes to kill, and remains focused on you. Brutus lifts his morning star, ready to smash you with it. As you step back you hit something hard. You turn around and see that your path is blocked by a line of trees, you have nowhere to go...

Just as Brutus is about to drop the giant morning star on you, he lets out a moan and falls to the floor. Blood is squirting from the back of his knee, your skeleton warrior cackles at the sight of it. You walk over to Brutus and put your finger on his forehead. You cast death touch and watc h as Brutus' life strength is drained. He would die very soon, unless you decide otherwise...


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