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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Heroes 5 Duels: Warlocks
Thread: Heroes 5 Duels: Warlocks

Mage of the Land
Naughty, Naughty Valeriy
posted April 20, 2006 01:30 AM
Edited by alcibiades at 22:10, 10 Nov 2007.

Heroes 5 Duels: Warlocks

Discuss the duel tactics for Warlocks in Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Demo and final game.

Info at AOH: Duel Hero Comparison Table - click portraits to read more about each hero.

Duel Thread Group: Demon Lords | Knights | Necromancers | Warlocks | Rangers | Wizards | HoF Runemages | TotE Barbarians
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Hired Hero
The Forsaken One
posted April 20, 2006 05:15 PM

Dungeon strategy...

The moto of these guys:  Oh how sweet it is to be quick on your feet..

The Dungeon has been made lightning fast to make up for the heavy hitting units which simply are not there.  The blood furies and lizards are probabbly your biggest assets but the ranged units are quite potent as well.

The strategy for this castle may not be as complex as it is for others because you have a variety of ways that you can play here.  This appear to be 1 of the more fun castles to experiment with.  Here are a few things that you should probably find yourself doing:

*Group your lizards into 1 stack and move them somewhere near the top center so that as the battle starts, they have a chance at doing maximum damage to a dangerous unit (similar to what your strategy with a paladin is ... initial charge).

*The blood fury (or harpy) should be placed a few squares to the left or right, but not too far because you want to take advantage of the lizard's special bite ability (when a enemy adjacent to it is being attacked by 1 of it's teammates, the lizard will attack it as well on it's own).  The goal with the bloodfury is to penetrate deep and strike at the ranged units which are difficult to kill on their own.

*Your ranged units, which have a decently powered attack and a great defense (for an archer) are also spellcasters, so in the early stages of the game, your strategy should be to employ them for "vulnerability" and "slow" purposes.  Later on, you can pummel your opponents and especially their ranged units (unless you're fighting an Inferno, where you do NOT want to shoot at upgraded succubus).

*Finally, your hero is essential to your win.  He/she will increase in initive whenever you cast spells so make sure not to attack with them or it'll be like wasting a turn.  You should focus on damaging your opponent as much as possible...direct damage is your friend.

*I'm not 100% sure on the following point, but I have enough confidence to say it:  When you target an individual unit with a spell (meaning that you're not doing area effect like meteor shower, but single target like lightning bolt), then your ranged units have a special ability (whiplash I think) that let's them automatically follow your attack up with their own.  This is an amazing ability and will allow for some serious added damage.  This means that Dungeon's best friend is chain lightning.  This little baby targets 1 creature but also hits others.  I've found this to be thrilling, exciting, and suspensefull so make sure to go out there and do some serious harm!

PS:  it should be the goal to take down those pansy players who only play Rampart with the help of the Dungeon.  Make sure to target the elven rangers when you're doing chain lightning and make them suffer ... (I'm not sure if the chain lighting hits other units if it fails the first strike but if this is the case, then resort to Meteor shower)

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Tavern Dweller
posted April 29, 2006 12:48 AM

I'm gonna share this little "secret" with you all..the key of casting meteor shower and still having your matriaches attack is to cast it on a unit, enemy preferably ( the center of the spell, where you have your spellbook icon should be on a unit).

Its good to remember when casting meteor shower on your own stack surrounded by enemies NOT to point cursor at stack if possible


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Adventuring Hero
Supreme matriarch
posted May 01, 2006 01:09 AM bonus applied.
Edited by Dungeonian at 01:10, 01 May 2006.

 Well , now I'd played some duels with Eruina against any fractions . Here'are my resume :

 vs. Haven - the only danger are paladins , since attack them by 220 blood furies and kill 5-8 , then see on ATB - if our Grim raiders will attack before paladins it's all right , we can crash the whole stack , if paladins will act first we have a huge chance that 1+ of splitting witches can act before , since she would cast slow on pals. allowing raiders attack earlier . The opponent , probably , will try to resurect pals. by archangels , but this can't help him/her , our heroine comes into play and blast these high level unit by meteor shower . Haven hero hasn't any dangerous spells , since our sole casters could buff all our massive stacks with Righteous might ( bloodlust ) giving +7 attack , it's a sufficient help . Without his paladins this haven hero can kill only half of grim raiders and several dozens of blood furies , the other part of Dungeon army will survive .

 vs. Academy - the most dangerous unit is archmagi and heroine Jhora herself ( she has en exellent specability increasing her initiative with each level up ) , but skillful opponent obviously will protect them by golems and gargoyles . Since the first target for our furies should be Djinn sultans , they have huge damage and initiative but low HP . Our sole casters could cast only once cause Jhora and archmagi have strong areal spells , the best choice is again buff furies , raiders and witches +7 attack . Eruina and big stacks of witches and matriarchs should kill as more archmagi as possible , raiders should charge rakshasa rajas .
 Attantion! If our opponent would prefer summon elementals instead of DD spells , we should ignore them and continue kill only academy troops since , in difference from previous parts , in H5 hero will lose as soon as his/her own troops will be destroyed . Also those ,who played against academy should remember about master gremlin's ability to remont golems and war machins , since don't attack golems before gremlins .
 Academy is more dangerous opponent , but if Dungeon player will fight carefuly he/she probably can survive with half of blood furies , witches and matriarchs .

vs. Necropolis - necros in this preset have 15 spectral dragons and 60 vampire lords , these are their most dangerous units . But the main strenght is heroine with expert dark magic and mass decay spell , she also has a puppet mastery spell which can be very dangerous when being cast on the next unit on ATB .
  So , starting attack of blood furies should be archliches ( if they aren't enabled for our raiders first strike ) and vampire lords in other case . 220 furies can kill 30-35 vamps or 13-15 liches , than raiders should charge spectral dragons and kill half of their stack , sole witches again should buff our big stacks , main stacks of witches and matriarchs shoots into vamps and destroy or almost destroy them . Spectres are hard to kill by unit cause their incorporeal ability , since they're the first target of Eruina spells . Necros troops have low initiative , but stacks of spectral dragons and wrights are very tough allowing their heroine , Deirdre several casts . Lets be careful to puppet mastery , especialy on blod furies . Eruina should dispel it without any doubt instead of DD spell . Mass decay could kill a lot of our troops , but high damage and initiative allows a skillful Dungeon player survive against necro , but with critical loses ( first time I'd played vs. Necro only 8 matriachs , 3 witches and 11 raiders survied )

vs . Inferno - this opponent is the most easy for current Dungeon preset , the only danger could come from 60 succubi mistresses .
 Our furies best first target is 80 cerberi and they could be completely killed instantly . Than nightmares could attack our furies and kill 30-40 of them , but it will give them a target for full shots of matriarchs and witchs . Sole witches as usualy buff big stacks , buffed raiders can kill all 5 archdevils , furies have so huge inintiative that they will attck again before pit lords first action and this's their second target . Inferno hero has resistance speciality + 2 resist abilities , so this time is better for Eruina cast 0 mana cost haste ( mana is almost drain by imps ) to furies . When raiders will bind succubi the game is over for inferno player . Usualy 3/4 of our army can survive .

vs . Sylvan - this's the hardest opponent to any fraction in current presets . Ossir has 110 master hunter , his speciality unit and 60 druid elders + golden bow artefact allowing his shooters do full damage on any distance , extremly luck in combination with elven luck ability doing 225% damage every second time and damn 40% resistance ( 70% for units staing near unicorns ). The exactly tactics to beat him isn't exist , we need a lot of luck except perfect play for that .
  However if you will be lucky enough to guess where he'll stand master hunters , you should stand blood furies exactly opposite to this square . Your opponent may be wise enough placing sprites and war dancers in front of shooters and I can advise don't wast your furies turn to crash them , the best is wait . Your furies still will act before hunters , but after your witches or matriarchs , which could destroy that sink stack and open hunters for buffed by sole witch furies . 220 furies with +7 attack buff can easily kill 100+ hunters . Another lucky thing you need is successfuly cast confusion on druids by your sole matriach avoiding resist . In successful case you will keep most of your furies cause confused druids may do only half ranged damage . But it's only a half of victory , in addition to his cheating artefacts Ossir has expert light magic + master of blessing ability . He can cast mass haste and mass divine strengh spells making ancint treants a true juggernoughts . Lizard charge and lizard bite are only abilities to crash those mountains of meat , lets use it wise and don't forget about druids , even with confusion they're still dangerous . Two times I'd tried this strategy and in both cases on final part of combat were several matriarchs against several treants , both heroes just kill 1 unit by direct damage . First time he defeated me with 4 treants survive , but the second one I'd win with 3 matriarchs . How happy I was defeating this true cheating hero , I'd selebrated my victory drinking a full bottle of champagnien !

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Adventuring Hero
posted January 24, 2013 11:35 PM

How do they fare vs Stronghold?  I favor playing with Stronghold faction, don't really know why.

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Legendary Hero
Look into my eyes...
posted January 29, 2013 09:48 AM

If stronghold have tactics and aura of swiftness, they can get up there quickly and decimate the enemy, especially warlock and wizard who have low defense.....if your warlock/wizard hero don't get going pronto with dark/summ or even destruct for warlock, then game over!

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted January 29, 2013 10:39 AM

Duel mode is not worth playing in any case. No balance whatsoever.
H5 is still alive and kicking, join us in the Duel Map discord server!
Map also hosted on Moddb

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Tavern Dweller
posted July 09, 2013 01:57 PM

I've played vs Necromancers. And my big problem was a vampire lord! HE always attacks blood sisters! When you play with Raven, pick a good hero!! or you may end up with no blood sisters and other high troops

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