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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: MMH6 Ideas - Creature Themes
Thread: MMH6 Ideas - Creature Themes This thread is 4 pages long: 1 2 3 4 · NEXT»

Adventuring Hero
Heroic Adventurer
posted November 27, 2010 02:35 PM
Edited by alcibiades at 22:47, 01 Dec 2010.

MMH6 Ideas - Creature Themes

This is a collection of my best ideas and opinions. Tell me what you think about them, what to add, remove or change. Tell me your ideas and opinions, and discuss.

Faction template

Core - Faction race creature melee walker
Core - Faction race creature ranged walker
Core - Faction race creature caster walker

Elite - Faction allied creature melee flyer
Elite - Faction allied creature melee teleporter
Elite - Faction allied creature ranged walker

Champion - Faction allied creature melee flyer

Faction race creature - A creature which is the native race of the faction: Human, High/Wood/Dark Elf, Dwarf, Orc...

Faction allied creature - A creature which corresponds with the faction dragon or theme.

The melee, ranged, caster, walker, flyer, telepoter and the core, elite, champion traits could be switched but their total number should stay the same.

This template would work for most factions, but probably not for Necropolis and Inferno.

1. Haven: Humans + creatures allied with Light
2. Preserve: Elves + creatures allied with Nature
3. Fortress: Dwarves + creatures allied with Mechanics, Fire, Snow
4. Stronghold: Orcs + creatures allied with Might
5. Academy: Humans + creatures allied with Magic, Mechanics
6. Dungeon: Shadows + creatures allied with Darkness
7. Inferno: Demons
8. Necropolis: Undead

Creature names

I think that single word names are the best, if they are the creatures real mythology name, or if they describe the creature well. It is also important for the upgraded name to correspond to the unupgraded name.


Sentinel/Praetorian + +
Crossbowman/Marksman + +
Priesess/Vestal + +
Griffin/Imperial Griffin + - (Griffin/Griffon)
Radiant Glory/Blazing Glory - - (Lux/Lumen)
Sun Rider/Sun Crusader - - (Incandescence/Luminescence)
Seraph/Celestial + +


Skeleton/Bone Guard + - (Raised/Risen)
Ghoul/Grave Ghoul  + - (Ghoul/Zombie)
Ghost/Spectre + +
Lich/Arch Lich + - (Lich/Embalmed)
Vampire/Vampire Lord + - (Vampire/Returned)
Putrid Lamasu/Festering Lamasu - - (Lamassu/Shedu)
Fate Spinner/Fate Weaver - - (Spinner/Weaver)


Hellhound/Cerberus + +
Succubus/Temptress + +
Maniac/Demented + +
Tormentor/Excruciator + +
Juggernaut/Juggernaut Ravager + - (Juggernaut, Dreadnought)
Breeder/Mother Breeder - - (Brooder/Spawner)
Pit Fiend/Pit Lord - - (Overseer/Overlord)

Adventure map objects

I think that adventure map objects should have a minor or moderate effect in multiplayer and a minor, moderate or serious effect in single player. That's because you don't want your victory of defeat to be determined by an adventure map object insead of by yourself or other players, except in single player where you can load a saved game.

Here are my suggestions for the old ones

1. "Gold or experience" chest
2. "Win a fight, win a prise" object
3. "Sphinx riddle" object (single player)
4. "Increase temporary movement, morale, luck..." object or subject
5. "Buy spells" object
6. "Trade resources" object
7. "Creature dwelling" object
8. "Thieves guild" object
9. "Gain a level for a price" object or subject
10. "Whirlpool" object
11. "Change the week effect for a price" object
12. "Upgrade creatures for a price" object

Here are my suggestions for the new ones

1."Trade an artifact for an unknown artifact of the same level" object
2. "Fight against a mirror army of your army, without suffering losses if you win" object (single player)
3. "Create an Illusion of your army to scout and scare your opponents for a price" object
4. "Have 1 very strong creature join you for a price (H4 Megadragon)" object
5. "Change your mount into a flying carpet for 1 day to go over obstacles" object

Might hero abilities

Helpful might abilities

Offensive Command +attack
Defensive Command +defense
Inspiring Command +morale
Entertaining Command +luck
Encouraging Command +initiative
Advising Command +hit points
Spiritual Command +mana points
Accelerating Command +speed
Preserving Command +shot number
Empowering Command +damage

Harmful might abilities

Intimidating Shout -attack
Frightening Shout -defense
Demeaning Shout -morale
Insulting Shout -luck
Discouraging Shout -initiative
Disabling Shout -hit points
Interrupting Shout -mana points
Decelerating Shout -speed
Wasting Shout -shot number
Ridiculing Shout -damage

Creature themes by type

1. Humans - Footman, Swordsman, Archer, Rifleman, Paladin, Crusader, Priest, Monk, Pikeman, Halberdier, Squire, Peasant, Mage, Crossbowman, Marksman, Thief, Spearman, Wizard, Knight, Inquisitor, Zealot, Champion

2. Elfs - High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Swordsman, Archer, Druid, Mage, Assassin, Scout, Thief, Witch, Knife thrower

3. Dwarfs - Axeman, Shiedguard, Hammerer, Javelin thrower, Axe thrower, Hammer thrower, Rune mage, Tinkerer, Rifleman

4. Orcs - Swordsman, Hammerer, Flailer, Shaman, Chieftan, Brawler, Axeman, Voodoo doctor

5. Animals - Wolf, Bear, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Gorilla, Bull, Buffalo, Mammoth, Bison, Panther, Horse

6. Magical Animals - Unicorn, Pegasus, Manticore, Chimera, Dragon, Hydra, Cerberus, Thunderbird, Roc, Phoenix, Wyvern

7. Mounted - Wolf rider, Bear rider, Tiger rider, Lion rider, Elephant rider, Bull rider, Mammoth rider, Bison rider, Buffalo rider

8. Magical Mounted - Unicorn rider, Pegasus rider, Manticore rider, Chimera rider, Dragon rider, Wyvern rider

9. Beastmen - Centaur, Minotaur, Harpie, Gnoll, Anubite, Lizardmen, Snakemen, Insectmen, Arachnidmen, Elephantmen, Lionmen, Wolfmen, Bearmen, Tigermen

10. Mechanicals - Golem, Balista, Catapult, Trebuchet, Dragon Golem

11. Magical Humanoids - Genie, Efreet, Titan, Gargoyle, Mummy, Fairy, Giant, Troll, Cyclops, Spirit

12. Undead - Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul, Ghost, Vampire, Lich, Wight

13. Demons - Succubus, Inccubus, Imp, Pit Lord, Overseer, Overlord

14. Elementals - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Darkness, Magic, Energy, Blood

Creature artwork opinion

Sentinel/Praetorian - Excellent work.
Crossbowman/Marksman - Excellent work.
Priestess/Vestal - Units which go to battle should be equipped and ready for battle. They should wear armor and weapons, and they should have a battle-ready physique.
Griffin/Imperial Griffin - Good work. The Griffin needs to wear some armor too, and I hope that the wings will be correctly done in the game.
Radiant Glory/Blazing Glory - Units which go to battle should be equipped and ready for battle. They should wear armor and weapons, and they should have a battle-ready physique. It is an elemental, but that doesnt change much.
Sun Rider/Sun Crusader - Excellent work.
Seraph/Celestial - Good work. I hope that the wings will be done correctly in the game. (They were not done correctly for the Griffin and Angel in Heroes 5. Type "birds flying" or something similar on google images to see what I mean.)

Hellhound/Cerberus - Good work. Cerberus needs three heads.
Succubus/Temptress - Excellent work. Should have an Inccubus/Tempter alternative.
Maniac/Demented - Good work. The whip has already been used. Looks weak, but it is a demon. Looks similar to Tormentor/Excruciator and Ghoul/Grave Ghoul.
Tormentor/Excruciator - Good work. Looks similar to Maniac/Demented and Ghoul/Grave Ghoul.
Juggernaut/Juggernaut Ravager - Excellent work.
Breeder/Mother Breeder - Does not correspond to the Inferno faction or to the Heroes game.
Pit Fiend/Pit Lord - Excellent work.

Skeleton/Bone Guard - Excellent work.
Ghoul/Grave Ghoul - Good work. Looks similar to the Tormentor/Excruciator and Maniac/Demented.
Ghost/Spectre - Excellent work.
Lich/Arch Lich - Excellent work.
Vampire/Vampire Lord - Excellent work.
Putrid Lamasu/Festering Lamasu - Excellent work.
Fate Spinner/Fate Weaver - Excellent work.

Creature abilities

Active abilities

1. Holy land - The creature is healed for every square it crosses.
2. Silk trap - The Fate Spinner/Fate Weaver places a 3x1 spider web which holds the creature that walked into it for 1 turn.
3. Lords call - The Pit Lord goes through a portal and returnes after one turn with reinforcements for all creatures.
4. Transfusion - The Vampire is able to use his lifesteal to heal another unit instead of itself.
5. Blue tooth - The Vampire is able to transfer the life he stole into mana and give it to the hero.
6. Switch - The creature is able to switch places with a friendly creature.
7. Missile shield - The creature is able to create a 3x3 missile shield where damage taken from ranged attacks is reduced.
8. Spell shield - The creature is able to create a 3x3 spell shield where magic damage taken is reduced.
9. Mimic - The creature is able the cast the last spell cast in combat.
10. Sharp blade - When this creature is hit by the next ranged attack it will split it into 2 attacks with 1/2 of the original power which then hit units next to it.
11. Sharpshooter - The creature is able to shoot down an enemy ranged missile.
12. Guardian - The creature casts a spell which protects a creature from the next attack.
13. Elevate - The creature elevates a creature in the air making it immune to melee attacks for 1 turn
14. Counterspell - The creature is able to cast a missile spell which intercepts the next enemy missile spell before it reaches it's target.
15. Giant - This 2x2 creature takes half damage from 1x1 and deals double damage to 1x1 creatures for 1 turn.
16. Giant killer - This 1x1 creature takes half damage from and deals double damage to 2x2 creatures for 1 turn.
17. Bone missile - The Lich/Arch Lich is able to use 10 Skeletons/Bone Guards to deal damage equal to the their hit points.
18. Twist - During 1 turn this creature cannot attack but all damage received will heal it instead of damaging it.
19. Spell manipulation - The next helpful spell cast by the enemy will be transfered to an ally and the next harmful spell cast by the enemy will be transfered to an enemy.
20. Geometrical spells - The creature is able to cast spells which have an area effect.
xxx    x    x x    x    x x
x x   x x    x    xxx
xxx    x    x x    x    x x

Passive abilities

1. Killing spree - The creatures attack increases as long as it kill atleast one creature in every turn.
2. Absorb spell - Every time the creature resists a spell it replenishes it's health and mana.
3. Adaptation - Every time the creature is hit by a spell it's spell resistance increases.
4. Adrenaline - Every time the creature is hit its attack and defense increase.
5. Parry - The creature cannot be damaged unless it is the primary target of the enemy. (no splash damage)
6. Mark - When this creature hits a creature it becomes marked and takes more damage from ranged attacks.
7. Long weapon - The creature is able to attack a creature 1x1 empty square away from it.
8. Learning - If the creature casts the same spell the hero previously cast it will be equaly powerful.
9. Experience - The creatures attack and defense increase as creatures are being killed and damaged in the battle.
10. Veteran - The creatures attack and defense increase if 3 or more creatures are standing next to it.
11. Monster - The creatures morale increases as creatures are being killed and damaged in battle.
12. Backstabber - The creature deals additional damage if it attacks a unit from behind.
13. Bladestaff - The creature attacks a creature directly infront and behind itself.
14. Empath - The creatures morale increases whenever a creature is healed or ressurected in battle.
15. Recycling - When a certain number of these mechanical creatures die they return some gold. wood and ore to the player.
16. Magic blade - Every time this creature is targeted with a damage spell is splits it into 2 spells with 1/2 of the original power which then hit units next to it.
17. Bone recycling - When the creature dies a skeleton is created.
18. Demon blood - When the creature stack dies it ignites dealing damage to units around it.
19. Leader - The creatures damage increases for every positive point of morale.
20. Sun horse - The Sun Rider/Sun Crusader gets 1 bonus speed for every light magic spell cast on it.
21. Meat recycling - When the creature dies it creates Imps.
22. Magical - The creature gives mana to the hero when it dies.
23. Inspiration - The healing the creature receives increases for each point of positive morale.
24. Butcher - When this creature kills a creature it reduces the stacks and stacks next to it morale by 1.
25. Intervention - If an enemy is going to hit a friendly creature next to this creature it hits the enemy first.
26. Blade dance - The creature hits every enemy on its way to the primary target with reduced power.
27. Ethereal blade - The creature deals additional damage to summoned, raised and ressurected creatures.
28. Accumulator - This creatures damage increases every turn until it hits and enemy.
29. Light magnet - Every time a creature on the battlefield gets healed this creature is healed for the same amount.
30. Blessed touch - This creature heals every friendly creature it passes by when moving.
To fail to plan is to plan to

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Undefeatable Hero
of Gold Dragons
posted November 27, 2010 03:48 PM
Edited by alcibiades at 15:50, 27 Nov 2010.

I prefer to think in races rather than themes. Humans, Elfs, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Orcs, Lizardmen, Minotaurs, Undead, and Demons all make good cores for factions. Magical Creatures don't make a good core, as the individual beast will be more likely to associate with a race than to the group of beasts in general.

That does not mean that a faction needs to be ALL that race - i.e. Heroes 5 Fortress was a bad idea, because some of the units simply didn't make sense (Thanes, or Giant Dwarves, probably being the most silly idea ever conceived in a Heroes game).

One thing that's important for me is that the faction should make a credible reflection of a society of a specific race, and not just a random association of creatures.
What will happen now?

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Adventuring Hero
Heroic Adventurer
posted November 27, 2010 04:01 PM
Edited by Aatos at 16:05, 27 Nov 2010.

I agree. Creatures need to be used in such a way that they create unique and distinct factions in which creatures have something incommon, and not just jumbled up bunch of monsters. Of course, they shouldn't have to much incommon so as not to make a faction of almost identical units.

Although the Thane and it's upgrades looked excellent.

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Legendary Hero
Castle/Haven player
posted November 27, 2010 04:05 PM

Agreed with alci.

For that reason I didn't like Fortress nor Stronghold, the latter also being a bunch of small, medium and big same creatures, with a few pets here and there, IMO. And centaurs, which I like in the series, for some reason didn't feel like themselves anymore.

HoMM should stick to its own pattern and no-one else's.

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Supreme Hero
Servant of Asha
posted November 27, 2010 05:01 PM

Well I think that sometimes if themes are made good, they really are cool and interesting. I didn't have that much of a problem with Dwarves and Orcs in the V. Still races are the better decision than themes, because themes can't be that various. The races that combine also some other beasts or different creatures are truly the best, though.

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Known Hero
Hail Hydra!
posted November 27, 2010 05:41 PM

One thing that's important for me is that the faction should make a credible reflection of a society of a specific race, and not just a random association of creatures.

Yes, I agree, as I said in other topic. But most people seem to care more about creature mix-ups instead. And I'm not saying that is bad and neither inherently incoherent, but IMO is very likely.

I also like race themed factions. And what makes them become factions is exactly that. They should represent big societies, with an expressive and cohesive army, led by a race that was good enough to achieve the sovereignty and power enough to be a major force in the world. And that does not exclude the possibility of other race being part of the lineup. And also of one race having more than one faction, as Academy and Haven have not much in common in the battleground nor in culture, I believe.

For example, if its a society of treacherous dark elves that dwell underground, I like the idea of their units being shadowy, assassins, witches and enslaved monsters. Of course there should be variety, but that is lineup concept, which could have hundreds of variations mostly depending on creativity, not the faction concept.

And I believe Thanes are more of Giants allied to dwarfs than overgrown dwarfs. And I think that's awesome. But Fortress indeed needed less dwarfs and some animals, constructs or something.

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Supreme Hero
Lord of the Swamp
posted November 27, 2010 05:44 PM

I think races should be limited to 1-2 units of the same race per town max; any more gets stifling, as evidenced by H5 Dungeon and Fortress. If the devs want to convey that a particular town is led by a particular race, it's easier to do by making all the heroes that race than making too many units too similar.
They can take my swamp, they can take my town, but they will never take my FREEDOM!

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Adventuring Hero
Heroic Adventurer
posted November 27, 2010 06:03 PM

Of the 7 units that every faction has the relation between the units which belong to the faction race and those which are allied with the faction should be 2+5 or maybe 3+4.

The units which belong to the faction race should probably consist of 1 melee unit, 1 range unit and 1 caster unit perhaps 1 in the core and two in the elite section or 2 in the core and 1 in the elite section.

It seems that pretty much everyone agrees on something like this and they have been writing that in various ways.

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Known Hero
The Griffin Rider
posted November 27, 2010 06:14 PM

A theme based faction is harder to become cohesive, to make sense, but, somethimes the result can be very good - H3 dungeon, i'm looking at you.
I usually don't like the 'evil' factions, but Dungeon is one of my favorites in the whole series. You didn't had two units of a same race and yet it looked good.

The race themed concept is largely used in other games, but it worked well to most factions in H5 - Sylvan was the best exemple: 3 racial creatures and 4 other magical creatures linked to the race. Of course, we had the dwarven faction. The point i didn't like about it wasn't having lots of dwarves -all of them looked very good!- but the lack of magical creatures - excuse me, but the only one (that bizarre dragon) was the most weird of the game.

I'm anxious to see what is being done to the other 2 factions of H6.
I mean, in fact, the heaven, inferno and necro factions always had almost all of the creatures of 'the same race',
I mean, in inferno they all are demons...
And in necro they are... well... undead.
Haven was ever a lot of humans + angel (since H3) + griffin (H3 and H5). This time they changed things a little, putting the paladin in a spiritual horse and bringing that shiny female elemental - glory, isn't it?-, showing up the priestess (does disciples 3 have a priestess in the human faction, doesnt it?) and taking out the old monk (they were one of my favorites). I'm not sure i like changing the the iconic group of armored, bearded, virile, sweaty, stinking, war veterans for beautiful, attractive (and seminude in case of glory) ladies.
in this particular case they really used the 'holy light of glory, mercy and good' theme top choose the creatures.

Someone talked about centaurs. I agree, they just don't really feel like them in ashan, being that half hell stallion half human thing.

As for core races of possible factions, just some: humans, wood elves, dwarves, lizardmen, demons, undeads, nagas, orcs, minotaurs, and i would add centaurs and genies, if not being the core race, with a more important role in the faction society - it annoyed me that we just have only 2 djinn heroes in heroes 5.

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 27, 2010 06:17 PM

man are you crazy Thane and Magma were the best! dwarves all the way!
and stop giving some dumb reasons why you disliked them! We dont care what you liked/disliked and you are missing the point of this thread!

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted November 27, 2010 06:21 PM

Ok, nightterror, why do you have such a hatred of fantasy races being clever enough to go "hang on, we need to be a bit more diverse in our armed forces effort." is this some belief that only humans can possibly think of going "Wait a moment, we're lacking in something, so lets train people to fulfil that role."

I hated the thane unit, I freely admit that, and I also hated the bear cavalry unit. to my mind, they should have made the thane some kind of giant, and moved the beserker down to level 3 and given the dwarves a fighting brew-master!

just because you think that every race apart form humans should only come in two flavours, does not mean the rest of the sane, cheese-eating public want's that. do you really think that a society of just archers and mages would exist?
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Known Hero
Hail Hydra!
posted November 27, 2010 06:23 PM

To me problem in this matter is not much about the amount of monsters or humanoids. Its about the feeling. (I do like 2+5 or 3+4 distribution, but ok, one or two factions can do different, no problem.)

If it is a faction of superpowerful lizardman that can control thousands of beasts with its mind, so be it. Its better than most excuses people like to give as faction 'motive'. It will have lizardman hero and lots of things as creatures, an they will like in super-lizard city where the work is propably done by their mental slaves and they live as gods. Awesome (or not).

But the problem starts if the faction is something like the many "Sea" factions we see around here, and that is a theme problem:

(And I'm not poking anyones faction specificly, just an example of how odd it can look if we just get a lot of sea creatures together, compared to a more consise lineup.)

Pirate, Coral-thing, Siren.

Sharkman, Giant Crab, Water serpent.

Giant octopus that shoots laser.

Now I ask you: how the hell this is a faction? How their city survive?  How they came to the agreement of being a faction and began to fight the griffin empire or Kha-Beleth? They make sacrifices of virgins to get the aid of giant octopus that shoots laser?

The answer is simple: it just doesn't fit as a faction, because its a bunch of things put together.

And that is the problem with themed-only factions. On the other hand, with a race comes a 'theme' by default. The lineup should reflect this race-theme. Nothing too complex.

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Known Hero
Hail Hydra!
posted November 27, 2010 06:45 PM

It worked fine in HOMM3 for me and million of others.

And that was a million years ago, that is why I believe they are doing it different now.

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Adventuring Hero
Heroic Adventurer
posted November 27, 2010 06:56 PM

I didn't play H3 a lot but i know that it is a good game. However you cannot just create a remake of H3. It would probably be excellent for players of H3 but not so much for others, and a lack of new things would make it boring quickly. They have to try something new in every game and every developing company has their own ideas. If H6 doesn't turn out the way someone wanted, H7 will most probably be different.
To fail to plan is to plan to

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted November 27, 2010 07:39 PM


If you go outside do you encounter armored bears and dwarves?


HOMM3 is still one of the most loved homm games out there so the creature-linups with race based heroes WORKS!

No need for dwarf heroes and still have all units to be dwarves.

The HOMM5 Fortress was the worst town ever because so many good things were possible and they ruined it by putting 3 melee dwarf units in that town and still yet another raider dwarf + a mage dwarf AND even another boring ranged dwarf.

Dungeon was another ruined faction... matriarch could be made into beholder/medusa and fury could easily be the harpy.

Much better.

Oh, for f**ks sake.

when you go outside, do you encounter Meduas's, beholders, trolls, harpies, minotaurs and dragons?

if yes, then you are tripping acid, and if no, then why are you complaining about H5 fortress like a f**king broken record.

YES, WE ALL GET IT. H3 was a good game, but so was Command and conquer, So was dawn of war, so was disciples! does that mean all games after it that don't follow it's formula of factions types and creation is the festering turd on the sphincter of the devil?!

I'll go out on a limb here, and I will say that I f**king loathed some of the H3 towns. Fortress, dungeon and rampart were the biggest offenders. There was no rhyme or reason for a bunch of monsters to club together in one place like that apart form "Oh, they live in a swamp," or "Oh, they live underground." It was poorly designed and a trite excuse to have a troglodyte shacking up next to a manticore. At least in H5, we are given reasons for creatures in dungeon to be there, they were enslaved by the dark elves, taken and forced to work down there.

I'm not disagreeing with you on the H5 fortress faction. It really was poorly handled, and the designers should have tried something else with it. I know that, We all Know that, WE SAID THIS BEFORE YOU CAME ON THE F**KING SITE!!!!!!!

stop snowing about H5 fortress, I think everyone who is working on H6 gets that it wasn't the best choice. and stop with your demands for totalitarian restrictions on other races apart from humans. I've already stated why I think it's ridiculous, so until you can convince me that Elves and Dwarves can only have 2 types with an argument beyond "Well, Heroes 3 did it," Kindly pipe down!
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Known Hero
Hail Hydra!
posted November 27, 2010 07:52 PM


You are my hero, bixie.

But seriously, indeed H5 had far more mature approach to lineups than H3 people, that's a fact. (and I'm not talking about semi-nude dark elves here).

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Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted November 27, 2010 08:15 PM

We had a huge debate on this before, so I'll paraphrase. I like factions with races, but I didn't enjoy H5's approach at all for the most part. I prefer a balance, leaning slightly more favourably towards theme over race. My own principles are as follows:

- the faction's dominant race is much better represented by the heroes than four creatures in the lineup.
- abusive overuse of racial creatures and not enough mythological units generally make for a dull faction.
- however, there should ideally be at least two racial units per town, and at least one clearly defined main race in every town, no matter what.

Unfortunately, you could've made an entire town by combining all the Elven units in H5. Hell, they did make an entire town out of just one race - Dwarves.

I think the perfect balance was struck by the H5 Sylvan faction: the golden rule should be no more than three racial units per lineup. The Academy was just as problematic as the Fortress for me: overuse of theme, with no clear race at all.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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Adventuring Hero
Heroic Adventurer
posted November 27, 2010 08:32 PM

If we disregard the concepts and aestethics, and look at Heroes from a gameplay and game mechanics point of view the most important parts are the creature and hero skills and abilities and their synergy, in my opinion. If this is done well then the game will be fun no matter what the factions and creatures are.
To fail to plan is to plan to

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Legendary Hero
posted November 27, 2010 10:57 PM

Totally agree Bixie, I mean sure, H5 Fortress was terrible, but was that because it was an all-race town, or because the lineup was so thoroughly stuffed? Also, if I were drawing up the factions I'd be tempted to try to keep it to just 2-3 race units, 1 junior spellcaster/healer (senior spellcaster would be the magic hero) and 1-2 archers (or 1 archer and 1 melee troop), let the beasts do most of the melee stuff. That's not to say that all the factions would be like that, just most of them.

Also, I wonder how many people are complaining about H5 Fortress because they were secretly bored with Haven, but didn't want to admit that one of the oldest factions in the game could ever possibly be 'wrong'.

Also, H3 is still well-respected today because it's actually reasonably balanced and un-buggy, not because it's actually a good game (the graphics are old, the campaign setup in the first game is laughable, and most of the mechanics have seen better decades).

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Famous Hero
posted November 28, 2010 02:08 AM
Edited by SkrentyzMienty at 02:10, 28 Nov 2010.

I obviously agree that the amount of dwarves in H5 Fortress was too much, however with a lineup change(throwing out the Skirmisher, Berserker, Thane, and maybe making the Bear on its own, without the rider), that faction would have been really interesting:

Level.1 - Defender
Level.2 - Gog/Magog
Level.3 - Wolf
Level.4 - Bear/Blackbear or Bear Rider, as one prefers
Level.5 - Rune Priest
Level.6 - Efreet
Level.7 - Magma Dragon

As you can see, I have included the Wolf in here, as well as Efreet and Gog (which perfectly suit the castle being formed on some sort of a dormant volcano). Balance-wise, the Level.6 is still a flyer and Level.2 is still a shooter. Moreover I have moved the Bear up to Level.4 and replaced it with the Wolf, as it's powerful enough to be there IMO What do you think?

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