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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: [HotA] Bugreports. Critical bugs.
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Supreme Hero
posted January 10, 2016 04:53 PM
Edited by frostymuaddib at 16:54, 10 Jan 2016.

This may have been reported/or noticed, but when casting force field on dunes combat arena, you can reveal quicksand fields (image below)

"Occam's shuriken: when the answer is elusive, never rule out ninjas." -- Dr. Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)

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Tavern Dweller
posted January 11, 2016 06:30 PM

nik312 said:

Well, it seems that you either got some "optimized" version or Polish Golden Version by itself has some important original files missing from it (probably some that were considered "unused"). It is not guaranteed that installation will work on anything other than SoD or Complete edition (as clearly stated in main topic).

Also, it is possible that you don't have enough access rights to the place, where you installed HotA. And also, it is possible that something went wrond during the donwload of HotA files.

Problem solved - I've downloaded HotA from the updater instead, and I'm happy to report that it's working perfectly. Like you said, it must have been some sort of error with the downloading itself.

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted January 19, 2016 12:00 AM
Edited by phoenix4ever at 00:24, 19 Jan 2016.

This is a small bug, but still a bug.
If you have a hero in an Inferno town and teleport another hero to that town via Castle Gate from another Inferno the new "hero interaction button" does'nt seem to be working. (Exit the town screen and enter again and it works fine though.)
Maybe the same happens with Town Portal, I don't know.
It's a minor bug, but still nice if it could be fixed.  

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Legendary Hero
posted January 28, 2016 10:03 PM

I don't know if this is a knowed bug and I didn't bother to read the entire thread, sorry. If you have a tome of the respective school equiped, the level 4 shrines say the spell is already learned even if it is not.

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 18, 2016 08:59 PM

Various BUGS


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Famous Hero
posted February 18, 2016 09:09 PM

Ydalgo said:

File doesn't exist error. Please, submit it by some other means

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 24, 2016 09:48 PM

Multiplayer bug

I'm having a bug in multiplayer.
hd+ mod and Hota installed. Playing with 2 friends trough hamachi using tcp/ip.

After setting a match with us 3 in other side and bots in other side in random map and setting all "More options" to "No" we get a game and everyone gets connected.

Problem comes with simultaneous movement. We haven't set it on and first 2 player can move in the first day and 3rd cannot.
The game crashes for the 2nd player after the 1st player ends his day1. Game then keeps going for the 1st and 3rd player.

Crash log for the 2nd player: http://pastebin.com/kAPXjhm4

My guess is that the simultaneous turns are somehow turned on when they shouldn't be and the crash happens


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Known Hero
posted February 25, 2016 07:56 AM
Edited by Sav at 11:59, 25 Feb 2016.

Probably it is problem of last HD-mod version. Try to use previous one until it will be fixed. You can remove last update in HD launcher.

UPD: fixed in new HD-mod version.

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 26, 2016 11:20 PM

Some very weird bugs occurred in our last 2-player multiplayer match, simultaneous turns on, HD version 4.100 RC11.

My friend captured an originally neutral castle. A few weeks later we noticed the AI started using Town Portal on it, while it was still under his control. We didn't pay much attention to it then, but only noticed after we killed off the AIs supposedly last hero that the game didn't finish. I even used Expert View Air to scout the map and sure enough, there were no enemy heroes or castles left on the map.

We waited around for a few days, and suddenly the AI buys a hero on the very same castle it used Town Portal on earlier, still under my friends control. In the end we were unable to finish the game, because the AI wouldn't leave the castle and we weren't able to attack, since it was still considered a friendly castle.

Other funky stuff occurred as well, such as the AI buying a hero that we owned, and the game crashing every 5 minutes toward the end of the game ("This was not supposed to happen but it did happen").

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted April 12, 2016 01:19 PM

I don't think this is a HotA bug, but probably an original bug.
Ogre Mages can't cast Bloodlust on Cursed Ground, why not?, it's a level 1 spell...

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Legendary Hero
posted April 12, 2016 08:14 PM
Edited by bloodsucker at 20:15, 12 Apr 2016.

phoenix4ever said:
Ogre Mages can't cast Bloodlust on Cursed Ground, why not?, it's a level 1 spell...

That is a bug but from the original developers. Originally in RoE it was impossible to cast any spell on cursed ground, then in AB they changed it to only level 1 (wich is pretty easier but also a non-sense) but didn't bother to actualize creature habilities.

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted April 12, 2016 08:40 PM
Edited by phoenix4ever at 20:53, 12 Apr 2016.

But would'nt you agree it should be fixed?
It also affects Master Genies, Ice & Energy Elementals, Enchanters and Fairie Dragons, which actually means Stronghold, Tower and Conflux are weaker on Cursed Ground.

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Adventuring Hero
posted April 23, 2016 06:45 PM




start logging

compability_dir = C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hota





HOMM3 HD version: 4.100 RC11

HotA version: 1.4.2



  04/06/2016 00:02:12




  Module: h3hota HD.exe

  Adress:      0x0055D41D


  Flags:       0x00000000

  Information: read of address: 0x280E4536


Call stack


                     ? called from before 0x005C74CC

            0x005C74B0 called from        0x005C75B4

            0x004B0950 called from        0x004B0A74

            0x004B09D0 called from        0x005BE65B

            0x00407AE0 called from        0x0040AA31

            0x0040A530 called from        0x0040992B

                     ? called from before 0x200133D3

            0x20012AE0 called from        0x0256AA72

                     ? called from before 0x20013FDE

            0x20013F10 called from        0x0256A9E2

            0x2005D910 called from        0x02571EE8

            0x2004F1A0 called from        0x0257231B

            0x004B0BA0 called from        0x004F0516

                     ? called from before 0x20014FC0

            0x20014F80 called from        0x0256B4A8

                     ? called from before 0x10008173

            0x10007EC0 called from        0x0255005A

            0x5E8FD7B0 called from        0x025500A1

                     ? called from before 0x74CC38D0

                     ? called from before 0x00000000

                     ? called from before 0x00A151EC




  0x00400000: h3hota HD.exe (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completeh3hota HD.exe

  0x10000000: _hd3_.dll (size: 0x00217000, entry point: 0x10016C18) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_hd3_.dll

  0x001D0000: smackw32.dll (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x001E084C) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completesmackw32.dll

  0x007F0000: binkw32.dll (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x00801705) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completebinkw32.dll

  0x009A0000: IFC20.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x009AF04E) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 CompleteIFC20.dll

  0x5FA60000: patcher_x86.dll (size: 0x0006D000, entry point: 0x5FA6E106) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completepatcher_x86.dll

  0x02420000: HD_MCR.dll (size: 0x000EE000, entry point: 0x0249B5ED) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataHD_MCR.dll

  0x20000000: HD_HOTA.dll (size: 0x000B8000, entry point: 0x20078679) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataHD_HOTA.dll

  0x21100000: Mss32.dll (size: 0x0005F000, entry point: 0x2112F2E5) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataMss32.dll

  0x5E980000: cursors.dll (size: 0x0004A000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll

  0x5E8E0000: hota.dll (size: 0x0009A000, entry point: 0x5E946EDF) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completehota.dll

  0x26F00000: Mp3dec.asi (size: 0x0002A000, entry point: 0x26F0A805) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataMp3dec.asi

  0x77BC0000: ntdll.dll (size: 0x0017B000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ntdll.dll

  0x74CB0000: KERNEL32.DLL (size: 0x000E0000, entry point: 0x74CC3980) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32KERNEL32.DLL

  0x74EA0000: KERNELBASE.dll (size: 0x0017E000, entry point: 0x74F51CE0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32KERNELBASE.dll

  0x73F00000: apphelp.dll (size: 0x00092000, entry point: 0x73F40380) - C:WINDOWSsystem32apphelp.dll

  0x5E9D0000: AcLayers.DLL (size: 0x00278000, entry point: 0x5E9E5E90) - C:WINDOWSAppPatchAcLayers.DLL

  0x756D0000: msvcrt.dll (size: 0x000BE000, entry point: 0x75705630) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32msvcrt.dll

  0x77790000: USER32.dll (size: 0x00147000, entry point: 0x777A1D00) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32USER32.dll

  0x75EB0000: GDI32.dll (size: 0x0014F000, entry point: 0x75F66820) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32GDI32.dll

  0x761F0000: SHELL32.dll (size: 0x013FE000, entry point: 0x763AFB10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32SHELL32.dll

  0x77990000: cfgmgr32.dll (size: 0x00037000, entry point: 0x77993B50) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32cfgmgr32.dll

  0x757F0000: windows.storage.dll (size: 0x004FA000, entry point: 0x759F7EA0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32windows.storage.dll

  0x77A00000: combase.dll (size: 0x001BD000, entry point: 0x77AE2AF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32combase.dll

  0x75E00000: RPCRT4.dll (size: 0x000AD000, entry point: 0x75E14F00) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32RPCRT4.dll

  0x748F0000: SspiCli.dll (size: 0x0001E000, entry point: 0x748FB640) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32SspiCli.dll

  0x748E0000: CRYPTBASE.dll (size: 0x0000A000, entry point: 0x748E2A00) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CRYPTBASE.dll

  0x778E0000: bcryptPrimitives.dll (size: 0x00058000, entry point: 0x779225C0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32bcryptPrimitives.dll

  0x77620000: sechost.dll (size: 0x00044000, entry point: 0x77639D80) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32sechost.dll

  0x77670000: advapi32.dll (size: 0x0007B000, entry point: 0x7768E970) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32advapi32.dll

  0x76000000: shlwapi.dll (size: 0x00045000, entry point: 0x7601DE90) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32shlwapi.dll

  0x76050000: kernel.appcore.dll (size: 0x0000C000, entry point: 0x76053930) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32kernel.appcore.dll

  0x74A90000: shcore.dll (size: 0x0008D000, entry point: 0x74AD9B90) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32shcore.dll

  0x75CF0000: powrprof.dll (size: 0x00044000, entry point: 0x75CF7410) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32powrprof.dll

  0x77610000: profapi.dll (size: 0x0000F000, entry point: 0x77612E40) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32profapi.dll

  0x76150000: OLEAUT32.dll (size: 0x00092000, entry point: 0x76188CF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32OLEAUT32.dll

  0x75140000: SETUPAPI.dll (size: 0x0040B000, entry point: 0x7516ADF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32SETUPAPI.dll

  0x61760000: MPR.dll (size: 0x00016000, entry point: 0x617621D0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32MPR.dll

  0x66680000: sfc.dll (size: 0x00003000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32sfc.dll

  0x73FD0000: WINSPOOL.DRV (size: 0x00067000, entry point: 0x73FE59D0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINSPOOL.DRV

  0x744A0000: bcrypt.dll (size: 0x0001B000, entry point: 0x744A9050) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32bcrypt.dll

  0x620A0000: sfc_os.DLL (size: 0x0000F000, entry point: 0x620A63E0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32sfc_os.DLL

  0x779D0000: IMM32.DLL (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x779D5680) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32IMM32.DLL

  0x76060000: ole32.dll (size: 0x000EB000, entry point: 0x7609D650) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ole32.dll

  0x74540000: VERSION.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x745417B0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32VERSION.dll

  0x6D6C0000: WINMM.dll (size: 0x00024000, entry point: 0x6D6C4820) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINMM.dll

  0x5FAD0000: DDRAW.dll (size: 0x000EE000, entry point: 0x5FAE6BD0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DDRAW.dll

  0x75130000: PSAPI.DLL (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x75131460) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32PSAPI.DLL

  0x68480000: WSOCK32.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x68481740) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WSOCK32.dll

  0x75790000: WS2_32.dll (size: 0x0005F000, entry point: 0x75794AF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WS2_32.dll

  0x6D5E0000: WINMMBASE.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x6D5E8940) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINMMBASE.dll

  0x61730000: DCIMAN32.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x61731FC0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DCIMAN32.dll

  0x71E10000: uxtheme.dll (size: 0x00075000, entry point: 0x71E49A60) - C:WINDOWSsystem32uxtheme.dll

  0x6DA20000: WININET.dll (size: 0x00228000, entry point: 0x6DB26EB0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WININET.dll

  0x6D210000: iertutil.dll (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x6D44CAF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32iertutil.dll

  0x6C930000: ondemandconnroutehelper.dll (size: 0x00012000, entry point: 0x6C934510) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ondemandconnroutehelper.dll

  0x74380000: IPHLPAPI.DLL (size: 0x0002F000, entry point: 0x7438BB70) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32IPHLPAPI.DLL

  0x6C890000: winhttp.dll (size: 0x0009B000, entry point: 0x6C8CF960) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32winhttp.dll

  0x744E0000: mswsock.dll (size: 0x0004F000, entry point: 0x744ED850) - C:WINDOWSsystem32mswsock.dll

  0x73FC0000: WINNSI.DLL (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x73FC1FC0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINNSI.DLL

  0x74D90000: NSI.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x74D91E10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32NSI.dll

  0x743B0000: DNSAPI.dll (size: 0x00084000, entry point: 0x743D6530) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DNSAPI.dll

  0x6D750000: urlmon.dll (size: 0x0017D000, entry point: 0x6D7CC660) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32urlmon.dll

  0x74320000: rasadhlp.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x74321920) - C:WindowsSystem32rasadhlp.dll

  0x68560000: mscms.dll (size: 0x0007F000, entry point: 0x6856EF20) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32mscms.dll

  0x6C7D0000: USERENV.dll (size: 0x00019000, entry point: 0x6C7D47E0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32USERENV.dll

  0x616C0000: icm32.dll (size: 0x0003C000, entry point: 0x616CAF40) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32icm32.dll

  0x74330000: fwpuclnt.dll (size: 0x00047000, entry point: 0x743458D0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32fwpuclnt.dll

  0x74910000: MSCTF.dll (size: 0x0011F000, entry point: 0x74955CE0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32MSCTF.dll

  0x6BA40000: aticfx32.dll (size: 0x00128000, entry point: 0x6BAE0BD3) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32aticfx32.dll

  0x6C240000: atiu9pag.dll (size: 0x0001C000, entry point: 0x6C24AAD0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32atiu9pag.dll

  0x6B330000: atiumdag.dll (size: 0x0070C000, entry point: 0x6B331060) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32atiumdag.dll

  0x6AB90000: atiumdva.dll (size: 0x00799000, entry point: 0x6AB9A4E0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32atiumdva.dll

  0x6E520000: dwmapi.dll (size: 0x0001D000, entry point: 0x6E523B10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32dwmapi.dll

  0x75020000: clbcatq.dll (size: 0x00084000, entry point: 0x75046220) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32clbcatq.dll

  0x685E0000: DSOUND.DLL (size: 0x00086000, entry point: 0x686284A0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DSOUND.DLL

  0x6C950000: MMDevApi.dll (size: 0x00055000, entry point: 0x6C972EE0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32MMDevApi.dll

  0x74440000: DEVOBJ.dll (size: 0x00022000, entry point: 0x744491F0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32DEVOBJ.dll

  0x6C080000: PROPSYS.dll (size: 0x0014B000, entry point: 0x6C0E1660) - C:WINDOWSSystem32PROPSYS.dll

  0x621D0000: AUDIOSES.DLL (size: 0x00068000, entry point: 0x621EDA50) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AUDIOSES.DLL

  0x73BA0000: wintypes.dll (size: 0x000C8000, entry point: 0x73C0AE90) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32wintypes.dll

  0x6D5B0000: avrt.dll (size: 0x00009000, entry point: 0x6D5B1B70) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32avrt.dll

  0x5E860000: dplayx.dll (size: 0x00038000, entry point: 0x5E890250) - C:WINDOWSsystem32dplayx.dll

  0x6C9B0000: schannel.dll (size: 0x00064000, entry point: 0x6C9CBB40) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32schannel.dll

  0x75550000: CRYPT32.dll (size: 0x00178000, entry point: 0x755A8A90) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CRYPT32.dll

  0x775F0000: MSASN1.dll (size: 0x0000E000, entry point: 0x775F5410) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32MSASN1.dll

  0x6D1F0000: mskeyprotect.dll (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x6D1F4600) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32mskeyprotect.dll

  0x6C870000: ncrypt.dll (size: 0x00020000, entry point: 0x6C87D120) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ncrypt.dll

  0x6C840000: NTASN1.dll (size: 0x0002C000, entry point: 0x6C85BB10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32NTASN1.dll

  0x6CD10000: DPAPI.DLL (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x6CD11D70) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DPAPI.DLL

  0x77940000: WINTRUST.dll (size: 0x00042000, entry point: 0x77956F10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINTRUST.dll

  0x742D0000: CRYPTSP.dll (size: 0x00013000, entry point: 0x742D9950) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CRYPTSP.dll

  0x742A0000: rsaenh.dll (size: 0x0002F000, entry point: 0x742B95E0) - C:WINDOWSsystem32rsaenh.dll

  0x6C1D0000: cryptnet.dll (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x6C1DF0A0) - C:WindowsSYSTEM32cryptnet.dll

  0x6C820000: ncryptsslp.dll (size: 0x0001A000, entry point: 0x6C82FA70) - C:WINDOWSsystem32ncryptsslp.dll


Command Line


  "h3hota HD.exe"


Data files:















_HD_Files (120):


"adrollvr_b.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadrollvr_b.bmp

"advmap_d.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_d.bmp

"advmap_date.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_date.bmp

"advmap_fill.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_fill.bmp

"advmap_l.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_l.bmp

"advmap_ld.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ld.bmp

"advmap_lu.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_lu.bmp

"advmap_r.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_r.bmp

"advmap_rd.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rd.bmp

"advmap_rr.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rr.bmp

"advmap_ru.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru.bmp

"advmap_ru_v2.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru_v2.bmp

"advmap_u.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_u.bmp

"aresbar2_l.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_l.bmp

"aresbar2_m.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_m.bmp

"aresbar2_r.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_r.bmp

"aresbar_l.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_l.bmp

"aresbar_m.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_m.bmp

"aresbar_r.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_r.bmp

"artslot.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonartslot.bmp

"bckpck.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonbckpck.def

"BkPack.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonBkPack.bmp

"CampBr_d.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_d.bmp

"CampBr_l.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_l.bmp

"CampBr_r.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_r.bmp

"CampBr_u.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_u.bmp

"CCNSShd.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCCNSShd.bmp

"ChkBlue.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonChkBlue.def

"ComOpB2.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonComOpB2.bmp

"Crspell.ani" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCrspell.ani

"cursors.dll" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll

"ddb.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonddb.def

"default.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommondefault.def

"DlgBluBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBk.bmp

"DlgBluBo.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBo.def

"DlgDBlBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgDBlBk.bmp

"DrDoCoBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDrDoCoBk.bmp

"Files.ini" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaFiles.ini

"FM_Dir.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonFM_Dir.bmp

"FM_DirBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonFM_DirBk.bmp

"GARRIPOP.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGARRIPOP.bmp

"GENRLTXT.RUS" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGENRLTXT.RUS

"H3ac1.asi" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonH3ac1.asi

"hd3_cbar.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_cbar.bmp

"hd3_copl.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_copl.bmp

"HD_CamCu.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CamCu.bmp

"HD_CBar.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CBar.bmp

"HD_CoPla.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CoPla.bmp

"hd_fr_d.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_d.bmp

"hd_fr_f.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_f.bmp

"hd_fr_l.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_l.bmp

"hd_fr_ld.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ld.bmp

"hd_fr_lu.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_lu.bmp

"hd_fr_r.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_r.bmp

"hd_fr_rd.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_rd.bmp

"hd_fr_ru.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ru.bmp

"hd_fr_u.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_u.bmp

"HD_GSelP.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_GSelP.bmp

"HD_kResB.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_kResB.bmp

"hd_mov1l.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1l.def

"hd_mov1r.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1r.def

"hd_movl.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movl.def

"hd_movr.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movr.def

"HD_OvCas.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_OvCas.bmp

"HD_Puzzl.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_Puzzl.bmp

"HD_QVBK.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_QVBK.bmp

"hd_split.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_split.def

"HD_THBCS.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBCS.bmp

"HD_THBRM.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBRM.bmp

"HD_THBTW.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBTW.bmp

"HD_TownS.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaHD_TownS.bmp

"HD_TPCa7.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa7.bmp

"HD_TPCa8.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa8.bmp

"HD_TPMag.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPMag.bmp

"HD_TPRan.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPRan.bmp

"HD_TStat.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TStat.bmp

"HD_VWrld.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_VWrld.bmp

"hd_xchng.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_xchng.def

"HPSRAND4.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHPSRAND4.bmp

"HStInf.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHStInf.bmp

"iam_dig.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_dig.def

"iam_puz.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_puz.def

"iam_turn.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_turn.def

"iam_view.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_view.def

"List10Bk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Bk.bmp

"List10Sl.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Sl.bmp

"mapgrid.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonmapgrid.def

"Mov1LM.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1LM.def

"Mov1RM.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1RM.def

"Pack.ini" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaPack.ini

"PassEdBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPassEdBk.bmp

"PSKIL21.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPSKIL21.def

"qcb.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonqcb.def

"radar_h.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_h.bmp

"radar_v.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_v.bmp

"repmt.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonrepmt.def

"RmgTTBk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonRmgTTBk.bmp

"SCSelBck.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSCSelBck.bmp

"SimpFram.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSimpFram.def

"SpelBk2.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSpelBk2.bmp

"stripe3d.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonstripe3d.bmp

"SwAML.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML.def

"SwAML_M.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML_M.def

"SwAMR.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR.def

"SwAMR_M.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR_M.def

"SwCML.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCML.def

"SwCMR.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCMR.def

"SwFL.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFL.def

"SwFR.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFR.def

"SwSpl.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwSpl.def

"SwXCh.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwXCh.def

"TeamPlSl.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTeamPlSl.bmp

"timchebk.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontimchebk.bmp

"TM_RANMA.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTM_RANMA.bmp

"tp_mag_title.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontp_mag_title.bmp

"tp_sel.def" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontp_sel.def

"trade3.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontrade3.bmp

"TRADE626.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRADE626.bmp

"TRARROWL.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWL.bmp

"TRARROWR.bmp" C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWR.bmp


Main INI


<Version> = 4100209

<Language> = "#en.ini"

<Graphics.Resolution> = 1180, 664

<Graphics.Mode> = 5

<Graphics.ComplexFilter> = 2

<Graphics.Threads> = 8

<Graphics.SimpleFilter> = 2

<Graphics.SystemCursors> = 1

<HD+> = 1

<HD+.Settings> = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 60000, 60000, 0, 0, 0, 6, 0

<Misc.TournamentSaver> = 0


<Sys.NoCD> = 0

<Sys.CPU.ReduceUsage> = 0

<Sys.WriteToIniInsteadRegistry> = 1

<UI.AdvMgr.SkipMapMsgs> = 1

<UI.ClipCursor> = 1

<UI.DarkTransitions> = 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr.Settings> = 3, 144, 2, 1, 7, 1, 2, 7, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr.Folders> = 1

<UI.Ext.TownMgr.AvailableInsteadGrowth> = 1

<UI.HiRezCore> = 1

<UI.QuickArmyManagementMode> = 0

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet> = 1

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet.Max> = 0

<UI.Tavern.InviteHero> = 0

<Update.CheckAtStart> = 1

<Show Intro> = 1

<AppPath> = "C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete"

<Music Volume> = 2

<Sound Volume> = 4

<Last Music Volume> = 2

<Last Sound Volume> = 4

<Walk Speed> = 3

<Computer Walk Speed> = 3

<Show Route> = 1

<Move Reminder> = 1

<Quick Combat> = 1

<Video Subtitles> = 1

<Town Outlines> = 1

<Animate SpellBook> = 1

<Window Scroll Speed> = 1

<Bink Video> = 1

<Blackout Computer> = 0

<First Time> = 0

<Test Decomp> = 0

<Test Read> = 0

<Test Blit> = 0

<Unique System ID> = "MEF"

<Network Default Name> = "Player"

<Autosave> = 1

<Show Combat Grid> = 1

<Show Combat Mouse Hex> = 1

<Combat Shade Level> = 1

<Combat Army Info Level> = 1

<Combat Auto Creatures> = 1

<Combat Auto Spells> = 0

<Combat Catapult> = 1

<Combat Ballista> = 1

<Combat First Aid Tent> = 1

<Combat Speed>

<Main Game Show Menu> = 1

<Main Game X> = 10

<Main Game Y> = 10

<Main Game Full Screen> = 1



HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion


  ProductName:    Windows 10 Pro

  CurrentVersion: 6.3

  BuildLab:       10586.th2_release_sec.160223-1728




  PlatformId  = 2

  Version:      6.2

  Build:        9200

  CSDVersion  =

  ProductType = 1

  SuiteMask   = 256


Some ingame values


  FullScreen Mode = 1

  Game Type       = 0

  Network Game    = 0

            Me: Red

 Active Player: Red

  Active is Human = 1

  Map file = Player vs Computer 16Apr04 2240.h3m


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Hired Hero
posted April 24, 2016 07:25 PM

Some bugs

Hello all, I'm new to all this new updates, just fond it yesterday and was pretty axcited about it, cuz I play HOMM for a long time since Heroes 2 and I love this game!
So I've downloaded it yesterday and checked it out.

First of all, I must say a big applause to the team who made the new features, and that the new Horn of the Abyss is cool! and the new Cove Town is awesome.
And here is some of the bugs I saw:

1) The Oceanids creature defence is very weak, i can have 200 of them and and 2 strikes they die like nothing cuz of their 1-2 damage defence and 4 helth.

2) There's some bug with the new update, it's not allowing me to update.

3) There's a tiny bug whem the heroes doesn't has a Spellbook, and entering inside The Shrine of Magic, and do not show the spell picture or saying anything like "the hero don't have a spellbook".

4) I've noticed that every time I enter to a monster building or inside the town it's showing the "Recruit" set on "1" by defult and not "0".

I hope my report will help somehow.

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted April 25, 2016 12:09 AM

Remarks about statistics in the game (like the power of oceanids) should be placed in proposal/wishlists since it's not really a bug . (also they have 1-3 upgraded damage and rock with bless).

I don't know about the spells with spellbook problem, that might be something for the developers to look into.

About the creature recruitment set to '1', it's something caused by the HD addon (and not HOTA itself).

You can fix it by doing the following:

Start the HoMM HD program.

In the option bar click on 'tweaks'

Scroll down untill you see '<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet> = 1 .....Change this to 0

Now the number will be set to 0 in game

(additionaly you can also set <UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet.Max> = 0' to 1. Now when you click on a dwelling the game will offer you the maximum amount of units available right away.

Hope this helped!

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Hero of Order
Part of the furniture
posted April 25, 2016 12:44 AM
Edited by Maurice at 00:45, 25 Apr 2016.

1) The Oceanids creature defence is very weak, i can have 200 of them and and 2 strikes they die like nothing cuz of their 1-2 damage defence and 4 helth.

This is actually by design. They're glass cannons, so to speak. They can deal a lot of damage, but they can't take much and die easily. Luckily, their growth rate is also pretty high. Furthermore, they're teleporting around the battlefield, so essentially you can compare them to pixies. Those die like flies too (pun intended ).

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Hired Hero
posted April 25, 2016 01:26 AM

Thanks @markmasters, it has fixed the amount problem

Do you know anything about the update error I got?
it's happened when I run the game, but now I don't see it anymore.

About the spellbook, it's happening when I enter inside a Witch Hut as well.

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Tavern Dweller
posted April 29, 2016 11:15 AM

The 3rd mission in the latest campaign seems to I think be buggy, the eastern cove town (south of the area with monks) the enemy owns is completely isolated and can only be accessed through sea (but there's no shipyard for the AI to get it). The mission is way too easy as with just Jeremy and Bidley you can take out the 2 pre-garrison Towns and then route your forces and 1 shot any other enemies.

Also there is a campfire which you can't use in mission 4. Here's the one, its in the top-right area : https://i.sli.mg/GTrr7K.png You can just walk over it or stand in it and it does nothing.

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 02, 2016 12:40 AM

Is there a possibility of an option to purchase a spellbook at spell shrines?  This is already in fheroes2 and I miss it in H3 HOTA.

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted May 02, 2016 08:22 AM

No you can't. I also asked for this feature in the HotA wishlist/proposal thread not long ago, as I would also like this feature.

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