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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: [HotA] Bugreports. Critical bugs.
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Legendary Hero
posted March 18, 2017 04:54 PM

I hate to report this cause I'm having fun with it but: in the map I'm making I clicked the "Allow monster/plague weeks" and from time to time I get a "Astrologers proclaim the month of the (space)." and the map gets full of stacks of legions of creatures, once it was nix, another War Unicorn and today was mage.

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 31, 2017 12:07 AM
Edited by sadr at 00:09, 31 Mar 2017.

Signs block movement. In my case, I had to go a sign from a land with some water between these two, using water walk. And my hero can't make it to other side.

This makes every map using this kind of placements impossible to finish.
I've also tested this specific case with H3 Complete, and no problem on that side whatsoever.

The map in this case is Ringing of Victory.

Heroes 3 Complete - Also tested with HD+ mod on and off and without any kind of HD mod (Pic is from HD+)

Heroes 3 HOTA - Using HD+

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted April 03, 2017 09:28 PM
Edited by phoenix4ever at 12:09, 05 Apr 2017.

There is a bug with Nymphs/Oceanids:
Creatures immune to a certain magic school, like Fire Elementals, Efreets and Phoenixes are immune to Fire and therefore immune to Magic Arrow.
Nymphs/Oceanids are immune to Ice, meaning they should also be immune to Magic Arrow.  

Edit: Hmm since they can be affected by positive water spells, I guess they are not supposed to be completely immune to Water Magic?
Then you should probably change their description to "Immune to Ice Bolt and Frost Ring" instead.

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Legendary Hero
posted April 22, 2017 09:20 AM
Edited by bloodsucker at 09:25, 22 Apr 2017.

bloodsucker said:
I hate to report this cause I'm having fun with it but: in the map I'm making I clicked the "Allow monster/plague weeks" and from time to time I get a "Astrologers proclaim the month of the (space)." and the map gets full of stacks of legions of creatures, once it was nix, another War Unicorn and today was mage.

And today it was Rings of Infinite Gems, artifacts all over the place, some you can pick freely, some custing 2500 gold and 3 crystal, some with pseudo fights against 0 creatures and some I can't pick at all, even with diplomacy (still didn't try with Leadership cause I have noone with it right now). Am I reporting a new feature?

Note: maybe this is related to Creature Month program but I am absolutly sure it happened in months when I didn't click any option even if the program was running, so the hack could be active.

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Known Hero
posted April 22, 2017 12:07 PM
Edited by Sav at 12:09, 22 Apr 2017.

It is known bug: there is some chance that the incorrect creature will be generated at the start of the month and it causes incorrect objects to be placed to map. Sometimes these objects cannot be drawn and the game crashes. In other cases these objects are turned to be some real objects with random settings.

This bug is fixed for the next version.

Actually the artifacts have the settings that make them possible to be picked only after paying or after fight or by hero with certain skill. Such option persisted in Heroes 2 and RoE (it was randomly chosen for each artifact at the start of the map). In SoD/HotA there is no way to activate this option. But the code for it still persists in the game and if we load RoE savegame the artifacts will work this way. In this bug case the object options are selected randomly, so the artifacts with such properties appear.

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Legendary Hero
posted April 22, 2017 02:50 PM


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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted April 22, 2017 02:56 PM

I guess that is what makes my game crash every time there is month of the pixie, seaman or stormbird?
Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.

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Known Hero
posted April 22, 2017 03:17 PM

phoenix4ever said:
I guess that is what makes my game crash every time there is month of the pixie, seaman or stormbird?
Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.

Yes, the problem is with these three creatures (although the name often is not written in this case, and another objects are generated or game just crashes).
It is fixed for the next version. Currently you can either disable months of creatures or replay each month start until there will be no month of creature or the month of the correct creature.

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Legendary Hero
posted April 22, 2017 04:21 PM
Edited by bloodsucker at 16:24, 22 Apr 2017.

phoenix4ever said:
Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.
And I will be so desapointed... So, tecnically I can cross my fingers and hope for a month of the Azure or Crystal Dragons? Month of the War Unicorn was so funny, legions of level 6 creatures month 2. I've finnish it with more then 100.000 of them and several heroes at level 72 (I capped the map at 72, cause of the crazy levels after).

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 19, 2017 03:03 PM

Why i always get this error at 3rd week?
I cannot play anym map longer than 3 weeks :?

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Legendary Hero
posted July 04, 2017 01:45 PM
Edited by bloodsucker at 04:59, 05 Jul 2017.

Since I recently got a month of the stormbird, I suppose you have already corrected the problem with the "Month of the [space]" by now but today I got a message of the week of the Imp (imp and familiar grows +15) at the start of a new month. This means the grail was found and built in one Inferno town but the "month of the imp" message is wrong. I reached the second week of the month and it was again the week of the imp, it is just the new month message that is wrong.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 15, 2017 08:33 PM
Edited by dr_kolossus at 20:46, 20 Aug 2017.

problem solved, post obsolet

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Famous Hero
posted August 19, 2017 12:44 PM

I don't know if this is related to HotA directly, HD-mod or original Heroes III because I've never played much multiplayer before but on two maps me and my brother have played we have encountered a strange bug that soon becomes gamebreaking. We keep seeing AI do the same turn over and over again when we end our turns. Their turns accumulate so after a couple of turns of playing it becomes unbearable because we see them do several turns in a row.

It becomes gamebreaking once an AI player vanishes, since I guess the game tries to show turns of a player that has vanished from the game and we both crash. Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? It's corrupted two game sessions now which sucks to be honest...

Any help is welcome! Thanks.

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Hired Hero
posted September 10, 2017 02:32 PM

I downloaded a lot of scenarios mappacks. But i like neatness so i placed common scenarios to different folder named "old" then RMG stopped working. After pressing BEGIN button nothing happens. All new maps can be in my new created folders but old ones can't? And why RMG stopped working? RMG needs scenarios?

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 02, 2017 11:40 PM

So I decided to have an ally in a random map...
First hero on the picture is mine. Second one isn't.

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 02, 2017 11:42 PM

So I decided to have an ally in a random map...
First hero on the picture is mine. Second one isn't.

THE picture: http://prntscr.com/gshr8y

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 31, 2017 07:26 PM
Edited by Maurice at 20:11, 31 Oct 2017.

critical error

Hi, i was playing hota for 2 years without any crashes. Suddenly bam critical error when i press begin game in hota. SOD working perfectly. HD launcher doesnt help. It happened when i used CCleaner and updated nvidia driver. I always use ccleaner and update my drivers, but this time went something wrong. Tried to reinstal about 10 times in different locations and use other compability. Any suggestions?

[HotA CRASH INFO file]

Time: Tue Oct 31 20:21:54 2017

HotA.dll version: 1.4.2
HotA.dll test version: 0

HotA_Settings.ini version:
Test features disabled

HotA internal map version: 0
HotA internal savegame version: 3
HD version: without HD

  Adress:      0x008E1202
  Flags:       0x00000000
  Information: "0x00000008" of address: 0x008E1202

Call stack
                     ? called from before 0xCF29A4E2
                     ? called from before 0x3B3F74FF

  EAX: 0x0A108C34
  ECX: 0x00000004
  EDX: 0x0A108C30
  EBX: 0x00000000
  ESP: 0x00197708
  EBP: 0x00000000
  ESI: 0x0047AAD0
  EDI: 0x00000004

  main module:
  0x00400000: h3hota.exe  (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00)

  D:Heroes 3 Complete
  0x10000000: BINKW32.DLL  (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x10011705)
  0x00400000: h3hota.exe  (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00)
  0x68F50000: HotA.dll  (size: 0x0009A000, entry point: 0x68FB6EDF)
  0x00770000: IFC20.dll  (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x0077F04E)
  0x22000000: MP3DEC.ASI  (size: 0x00027000, entry point: 0x22007FC0)
  0x21000000: MSS32.DLL  (size: 0x00058000, entry point: 0x2102FCB0)
  0x690E0000: patcher_x86.dll  (size: 0x00079000, entry point: 0x690F0E63)
  0x007A0000: smackw32.dll  (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x007B084C)

Command Line
  "D:Heroes 3 Completeh3hota.exe"

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion
  ProductName:    Windows 10 Pro
  CurrentVersion: 6.3
  BuildLab:       15063.rs2_release.170317-1834

  PlatformId  = 2
  Version:      6.2
  Build:        9200
  CSDVersion  =
  ProductType = 1
  SuiteMask   = 256

Some ingame values
  FullScreen Mode = 1
  Game Type       = 0
  Network Game    = 0

            Me ID = 4
 Active Player ID = 4
  Active is Human = 1
         Map Name = [HotA] Terra Incognita.h3m

  D:Heroes 3 CompleteBINKW32.DLL
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteH3AB_Manual.pdf
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3ccmped.cnt
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3ccmped.exe
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteH3CCMPED.HLP
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3hota.exe
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3hota_maped.exe
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3maped.cnt
  D:Heroes 3 Completeh3maped.exe
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteH3MAPED.HLP
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteH3SoD_PC Manual.pdf
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHeroes III Tutorial.pdf
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHeroes of Might and MagicŪ III.isu
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHeroes3.cnt
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHEROES3.EXE
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHEROES3.HLP
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHOMM3.pdf
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHotA.dat
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHotA.dll
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHotA_launcher.exe
  D:Heroes 3 Completehota_me.dll
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHotA_Settings.ini
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteHotA_Update.dll
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteIFC20.dll
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteMP3DEC.ASI
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteMSS32.DLL
  D:Heroes 3 Completepatcher_x86.dll
  D:Heroes 3 Completepatcher_x86.ini
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteREADME.TXT
  D:Heroes 3 Completesmackw32.dll
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteData
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3ab_ahd.snd
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3ab_ahd.vid
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3ab_bmp.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3ab_spr.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3bitmap.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataH3sprite.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataHeroes3.snd
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataHotA.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataHotA.snd
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataHotA.vid
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataHotA_lng.lod
  D:Heroes 3 CompleteDataVIDEO.VID

HKLMSOFTWARENew World ComputingHeroes of Might and MagicŪ III1.0
  AppPath: D:Heroes 3 Complete
  CDDrive: F:

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 25, 2017 12:08 PM

Hey Heroes Community .. me and a friend are playing on the user created map, "Crapcore", and we keep getting a crash log.. It crashes every time we play multiplayer (either over the built-in HD mod interface, or by using Gameranger).. Strangely enough, the critical error doesn't seem to happen when you play 2 people on 1 computer.. But that's hard to do, when you're not physically together. Does anyone have a solution for this? I have also e-mailed the guy listed in the crash log, but to no avail.


compability_dir = C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hota


Max.Sent = 0

HOMM3 HD version: 5.0  beta 17

HotA version: 1.4.2

  11/24/2017     22:45:32

GUN1: [844953557332HZMWRHP HW1HMZG743T8997]
GUN2: [NZX: 515479W772X6]
GUN:  [844953557332HZMWRHP HW1HMZG743T8997]

  Module:           Heroes3.exe
  Adress:      [ 0x005004BA ]
  Flags:       0x00000000
  Information: read of address: 0x00000004

  EAX: 0x00000005
  ECX: 0x00000004
  EDX: 0x0FB735AC
  EBX: 0x00000000
  ESP: 0x0019921C
  EBP: 0x00199228
  ESI: 0x17239714
  EDI: 0x033AFC18

Call stack
                             [ 0x00500440 ]  called from                        [ 0x00507C40 ]
                             [ 0x00507B20 ]  called from                        [ 0x004FE2C1 ]
                             [ 0x004FE210 ]  called from                        [ 0x004BCDD5 ]
                                                                                         ? called from before        [ HD_HOTA.dll+0x95206 ]
                             [ HD_HOTA.dll+0x951E0 ]             called from                        [ 0x04730FC3 ]
                             [ HD_HOTA.dll+0x8D0F0 ]            called from                        [ 0x047415E8 ]
                             [ 0x004BEFF0 ]   called from                        [ 0x0041A0C7 ]
                             [ 0x0041A060 ]  called from                        [ 0x00405E68 ]
                                                                                         ? called from before        [ hota.dll+0x59261 ]
                             [ HD_HOTA.dll+0x72390 ]            called from                        [ 0x0473031A ]
                             [ HD_HOTA.dll+0x86050 ]            called from                        [ 0x047306D4 ]
                                                                                         ? called from before        [ 0x03860000 ]
                                                                                         ? called from before        [ 0x00000000 ]

  0x00400000: Heroes3.exe         (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 CompleteHeroes3.exe
  0x10000000: smackw32.dll       (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x1001084C) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Completesmackw32.dll
  0x00810000: binkw32.dll           (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x00821705) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Completebinkw32.dll
  0x02490000: IFC20.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x0249F04E) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 CompleteIFC20.dll
  0x024C0000: _hd3_.dll               (size: 0x0021E000, entry point: 0x024DBAA9) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_hd3_.dll
  0x6F410000: patcher_x86.dll    (size: 0x00078000, entry point: 0x6F41FB43) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Completepatcher_x86.dll
  0x0F1E0000: hota.dll   (size: 0x0009A000, entry point: 0x0F246EDF) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Completehota.dll
  0x21100000: Mss32.dll              (size: 0x0005F000, entry point: 0x2112F2E5) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataMss32.dll
  0x03A40000: HD_MCR.dll         (size: 0x004AC000, entry point: 0x03AC760E) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataHD_MCR.dll
  0x03EF0000: HD_HOTA.dll        (size: 0x004F1000, entry point: 0x03FABFAB) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataHD_HOTA.dll
  0x0F730000: cursors.dll             (size: 0x0004A000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll
  0x26F00000: Mp3dec.asi           (size: 0x0002A000, entry point: 0x26F0A805) - C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataMp3dec.asi

  0x771B0000: ntdll.dll   (size: 0x0018E000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ntdll.dll
  0x73E40000: KERNEL32.DLL     (size: 0x000D0000, entry point: 0x73E506A0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32KERNEL32.DLL
  0x75250000: KERNELBASE.dll   (size: 0x001C2000, entry point: 0x753412E0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32KERNELBASE.dll
  0x73AE0000: apphelp.dll            (size: 0x00093000, entry point: 0x73B14270) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32apphelp.dll
  0x60890000: AcLayers.DLL       (size: 0x00276000, entry point: 0x608A50C0) - C:WINDOWSAppPatchAcLayers.DLL
  0x74530000: msvcrt.dll              (size: 0x000BD000, entry point: 0x745655E0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32msvcrt.dll
  0x74390000: USER32.dll            (size: 0x0013C000, entry point: 0x743BBB80) - C:WINDOWSSystem32USER32.dll
  0x74EC0000: win32u.dll             (size: 0x00016000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WINDOWSSystem32win32u.dll
  0x75520000: GDI32.dll               (size: 0x00021000, entry point: 0x75526900) - C:WINDOWSSystem32GDI32.dll
  0x75AC0000: gdi32full.dll          (size: 0x00158000, entry point: 0x75B7A9A0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32gdi32full.dll
  0x73F20000: msvcp_win.dll      (size: 0x00079000, entry point: 0x73F34180) - C:WINDOWSSystem32msvcp_win.dll
  0x73BB0000: ucrtbase.dll          (size: 0x00118000, entry point: 0x73BDA3D0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32ucrtbase.dll
  0x75CB0000: SHELL32.dll          (size: 0x01348000, entry point: 0x75E209D0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32SHELL32.dll
  0x77000000: cfgmgr32.dll         (size: 0x00039000, entry point: 0x7700EBD0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32cfgmgr32.dll
  0x77110000: shcore.dll              (size: 0x0008C000, entry point: 0x7715C910) - C:WINDOWSSystem32shcore.dll
  0x77050000: RPCRT4.dll            (size: 0x000C0000, entry point: 0x7707FB20) - C:WINDOWSSystem32RPCRT4.dll
  0x73B90000: SspiCli.dll               (size: 0x00020000, entry point: 0x73B9C9B0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32SspiCli.dll
  0x73B80000: CRYPTBASE.dll     (size: 0x0000A000, entry point: 0x73B82A00) - C:WINDOWSSystem32CRYPTBASE.dll
  0x741B0000: bcryptPrimitives.dll            (size: 0x00057000, entry point: 0x741EDE40) - C:WINDOWSSystem32bcryptPrimitives.dll
  0x73FA0000: sechost.dll            (size: 0x00041000, entry point: 0x73FB3400) - C:WINDOWSSystem32sechost.dll
  0x74B80000: combase.dll          (size: 0x00238000, entry point: 0x74C9E060) - C:WINDOWSSystem32combase.dll
  0x745F0000: windows.storage.dll          (size: 0x00587000, entry point: 0x7481ABD0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32windows.storage.dll
  0x75440000: advapi32.dll          (size: 0x00077000, entry point: 0x7545E8A0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32advapi32.dll
  0x73FF0000: shlwapi.dll             (size: 0x00045000, entry point: 0x74009260) - C:WINDOWSSystem32shlwapi.dll
  0x75A20000: kernel.appcore.dll             (size: 0x0000E000, entry point: 0x75A23E30) - C:WINDOWSSystem32kernel.appcore.dll
  0x74EE0000: powrprof.dll         (size: 0x00045000, entry point: 0x74EE7C50) - C:WINDOWSSystem32powrprof.dll
  0x77040000: profapi.dll             (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x77043940) - C:WINDOWSSystem32profapi.dll
  0x750C0000: OLEAUT32.dll       (size: 0x00096000, entry point: 0x750F8FB0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32OLEAUT32.dll
  0x75600000: SETUPAPI.dll        (size: 0x0041A000, entry point: 0x75628DE0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32SETUPAPI.dll
  0x6BAE0000: MPR.dll  (size: 0x00016000, entry point: 0x6BAE2150) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32MPR.dll
  0x66680000: sfc.dll      (size: 0x00003000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32sfc.dll
  0x72C80000: WINSPOOL.DRV  (size: 0x0006E000, entry point: 0x72C98AA0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINSPOOL.DRV
  0x73460000: bcrypt.dll               (size: 0x00018000, entry point: 0x73468F30) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32bcrypt.dll
  0x65D70000: sfc_os.DLL            (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x65D77AB0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32sfc_os.DLL
  0x75090000: IMM32.DLL          (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x750947D0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32IMM32.DLL
  0x73D40000: ole32.dll                (size: 0x000F3000, entry point: 0x73D7A100) - C:WINDOWSSystem32ole32.dll
  0x73A10000: VERSION.dll         (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x73A117C0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32VERSION.dll
  0x72550000: WINMM.dll          (size: 0x00024000, entry point: 0x72554D00) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINMM.dll
  0x50840000: DDRAW.dll            (size: 0x000ED000, entry point: 0x508576A0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DDRAW.dll
  0x72BF0000: WSOCK32.dll        (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x72BF1770) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WSOCK32.dll
  0x73CD0000: WS2_32.dll           (size: 0x00067000, entry point: 0x73CE86F0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32WS2_32.dll
  0x72520000: winmmbase.dll    (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x72528230) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32winmmbase.dll
  0x6F490000: DCIMAN32.dll      (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x6F492000) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DCIMAN32.dll
  0x74F30000: PSAPI.DLL              (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x74F31460) - C:WINDOWSSystem32PSAPI.DLL
  0x731E0000: IPHLPAPI.DLL       (size: 0x0002F000, entry point: 0x731EC1A0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32IPHLPAPI.DLL
  0x72380000: uxtheme.dll          (size: 0x00078000, entry point: 0x723B85B0) - C:WINDOWSsystem32uxtheme.dll
  0x6E320000: WININET.dll         (size: 0x002C1000, entry point: 0x6E4C6050) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WININET.dll
  0x6D1A0000: iertutil.dll             (size: 0x00213000, entry point: 0x6D347B20) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32iertutil.dll
  0x6EA10000: ondemandconnroutehelper.dll     (size: 0x00015000, entry point: 0x6EA14B30) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ondemandconnroutehelper.dll
  0x73210000: winhttp.dll            (size: 0x000AD000, entry point: 0x73254D10) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32winhttp.dll
  0x732C0000: mswsock.dll         (size: 0x0004E000, entry point: 0x732CCDA0) - C:WINDOWSsystem32mswsock.dll
  0x72C70000: WINNSI.DLL         (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x72C720D0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32WINNSI.DLL
  0x74EB0000: NSI.dll     (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x74EB1E80) - C:WINDOWSSystem32NSI.dll
  0x6D570000: urlmon.dll             (size: 0x0019C000, entry point: 0x6D5FE800) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32urlmon.dll
  0x63EC0000: msiso.dll (size: 0x00061000, entry point: 0x63EEC790) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32msiso.dll
  0x730E0000: DNSAPI.dll             (size: 0x0007F000, entry point: 0x730F0A60) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DNSAPI.dll
  0x72C00000: mdnsNSP.dll         (size: 0x00021000, entry point: 0x72C04F16) - C:Program Files (x86)BonjourmdnsNSP.dll
  0x72F30000: rasadhlp.dll           (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x72F31940) - C:WindowsSystem32rasadhlp.dll
  0x72EE0000: fwpuclnt.dll          (size: 0x0004A000, entry point: 0x72EF6500) - C:WINDOWSSystem32fwpuclnt.dll
  0x72DF0000: dhcpcsvc.DLL       (size: 0x00014000, entry point: 0x72DF3AE0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32dhcpcsvc.DLL
  0x64470000: mscms.dll              (size: 0x00084000, entry point: 0x64481D80) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32mscms.dll
  0x73AA0000: USERENV.dll        (size: 0x00022000, entry point: 0x73AA7970) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32USERENV.dll
  0x5E340000: icm32.dll               (size: 0x0003D000, entry point: 0x5E349C20) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32icm32.dll
  0x74F40000: MSCTF.dll              (size: 0x00146000, entry point: 0x74F9A200) - C:WINDOWSSystem32MSCTF.dll
  0x65DF0000: TextInputFramework.dll   (size: 0x00067000, entry point: 0x65E1C720) - C:WINDOWSSystem32TextInputFramework.dll
  0x65B40000: CoreUIComponents.dll     (size: 0x00227000, entry point: 0x65B9A4D0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32CoreUIComponents.dll
  0x65AB0000: CoreMessaging.dll             (size: 0x0008F000, entry point: 0x65B0A180) - C:WINDOWSSystem32CoreMessaging.dll
  0x72F40000: ntmarta.dll            (size: 0x00028000, entry point: 0x72F47CF0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32ntmarta.dll
  0x6FBC0000: wintypes.dll          (size: 0x000D1000, entry point: 0x6FC30D20) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32wintypes.dll
  0x65DE0000: usermgrcli.dll       (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x65DE57A0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32usermgrcli.dll
  0x72350000: dwmapi.dll            (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x72357330) - C:WINDOWSsystem32dwmapi.dll
  0x75A30000: clbcatq.dll             (size: 0x00083000, entry point: 0x75A55B70) - C:WINDOWSSystem32clbcatq.dll
  0x54970000: DSOUND.DLL       (size: 0x0007E000, entry point: 0x5499E790) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DSOUND.DLL
  0x722F0000: MMDevApi.dll      (size: 0x00059000, entry point: 0x723146C0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32MMDevApi.dll
  0x73A20000: DEVOBJ.dll           (size: 0x00022000, entry point: 0x73A294E0) - C:WINDOWSSystem32DEVOBJ.dll
  0x72F70000: PROPSYS.dll          (size: 0x00164000, entry point: 0x72FDB470) - C:WINDOWSSystem32PROPSYS.dll
  0x6FCA0000: AUDIOSES.DLL     (size: 0x000D7000, entry point: 0x6FCD9830) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AUDIOSES.DLL
  0x72510000: AVRT.dll (size: 0x00009000, entry point: 0x72511CA0) - C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AVRT.dll
  0x0FC10000: Windows.UI.dll    (size: 0x000C5000, entry point: 0x0FC643F0) - C:WindowsSystem32Windows.UI.dll
  0x63120000: dplayx.dll              (size: 0x00038000, entry point: 0x6314F880) - C:WINDOWSsystem32dplayx.dll

Command Line

Data files:

_HD_Files (153):
"48x32bFr.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommon48x32bFr.bmp
"adrollvr_b.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadrollvr_b.bmp
"advmap_d.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_d.bmp
"advmap_date.bmp"       C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_date.bmp
"advmap_date2.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_date2.bmp
"advmap_fill.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_fill.bmp
"advmap_l.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_l.bmp
"advmap_ld.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ld.bmp
"advmap_lu.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_lu.bmp
"advmap_r.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_r.bmp
"advmap_rd.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rd.bmp
"advmap_rr.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rr.bmp
"advmap_ru.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru.bmp
"advmap_ru_v2.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru_v2.bmp
"advmap_u.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_u.bmp
"aresbar2_l.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_l.bmp
"aresbar2_m.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_m.bmp
"aresbar2_r.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_r.bmp
"aresbar_l.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_l.bmp
"aresbar_m.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_m.bmp
"aresbar_r.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_r.bmp
"artslot.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonartslot.bmp
"bckpck.def"       C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonbckpck.def
"BkPack.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonBkPack.bmp
"Bl3DCcav.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonBl3DCcav.bmp
"Bl3DCvex.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonBl3DCvex.bmp
"BuyAllBk.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonBuyAllBk.bmp
"CampBr_d.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_d.bmp
"CampBr_l.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_l.bmp
"CampBr_r.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_r.bmp
"CampBr_u.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_u.bmp
"CCNSShd.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCCNSShd.bmp
"chat_2cn.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchat_2cn.bmp
"chat_2cp.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchat_2cp.bmp
"chatabk.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchatabk.bmp
"chatbbk.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchatbbk.bmp
"chatobk.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchatobk.bmp
"chatstat.def"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonchatstat.def
"ChkBlue.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonChkBlue.def
"close16.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonclose16.bmp
"ComOpB2.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonComOpB2.bmp
"csb.otf"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncsb.otf
"cursors.dll"        C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll
"ddb.def"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonddb.def
"default.def"      C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommondefault.def
"DlgBluBk.bmp" C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBk.bmp
"DlgBluBo.def"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBo.def
"DlgDBlBk.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgDBlBk.bmp
"down16.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommondown16.bmp
"DrDoCoBk.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDrDoCoBk.bmp
"Files.ini"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaFiles.ini
"FM_Dir.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonFM_Dir.bmp
"FM_DirBk.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonFM_DirBk.bmp
"GARRIPOP.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGARRIPOP.bmp
"GENRLTXT.RUS"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGENRLTXT.RUS
"GldBtn.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGldBtn.bmp
"GldBtn2.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGldBtn2.bmp
"global16.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonglobal16.bmp
"H3ac1.asi"         C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonH3ac1.asi
"hd3_cbar.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_cbar.bmp
"hd3_copl.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_copl.bmp
"HD_CamCu.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CamCu.bmp
"HD_CBar.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CBar.bmp
"HD_CoPla.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CoPla.bmp
"hd_fr_d.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_d.bmp
"hd_fr_f.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_f.bmp
"hd_fr_l.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_l.bmp
"hd_fr_ld.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ld.bmp
"hd_fr_lu.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_lu.bmp
"hd_fr_r.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_r.bmp
"hd_fr_rd.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_rd.bmp
"hd_fr_ru.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ru.bmp
"hd_fr_u.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_u.bmp
"HD_GSelP.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_GSelP.bmp
"HD_kRes4.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_kRes4.bmp
"HD_kResB.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_kResB.bmp
"HD_Maker.exe"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_Maker.exe
"hd_mov1l.def" C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1l.def
"hd_mov1r.def"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1r.def
"hd_movl.def"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movl.def
"hd_movr.def"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movr.def
"HD_OvCas.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_OvCas.bmp
"HD_Puzzl.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_Puzzl.bmp
"HD_QVBK.bmp"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_QVBK.bmp
"hd_split.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_split.def
"HD_THBCS.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBCS.bmp
"HD_THBRM.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBRM.bmp
"HD_THBTW.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBTW.bmp
"HD_TownS.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaHD_TownS.bmp
"HD_TPCa7.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa7.bmp
"HD_TPCa8.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa8.bmp
"HD_TPMa4.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPMa4.bmp
"HD_TPMag.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPMag.bmp
"HD_TPRan.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPRan.bmp
"HD_TStat.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TStat.bmp
"HD_VWrld.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_VWrld.bmp
"hd_xchng.def"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_xchng.def
"HPSRAND4.bmp"            C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHPSRAND4.bmp
"HStInf.bmp"      C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHStInf.bmp
"iam_dig.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_dig.def
"iam_puz.def"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_puz.def
"iam_turn.def"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_turn.def
"iam_view.def"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_view.def
"icons.otf"          C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonicons.otf
"ircma.def"         C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonircma.def
"ircmi.def"          C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonircmi.def
"List10Bk.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Bk.bmp
"List10Sl.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Sl.bmp
"lock16.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonlock16.bmp
"magtitle.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonmagtitle.bmp
"mapgrid.def"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonmapgrid.def
"Mov1LM.def"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1LM.def
"Mov1RM.def"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1RM.def
"msgs16.bmp"    C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonmsgs16.bmp
"ncs75.otf"         C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonncs75.otf
"Pack.ini"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaPack.ini
"PassEdBk.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPassEdBk.bmp
"persof16.bmp" C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonpersof16.bmp
"person16.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonperson16.bmp
"playin16.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonplayin16.bmp
"privat15.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonprivat15.bmp
"PSKIL21.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPSKIL21.def
"qcb.def"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonqcb.def
"QuesLoFr.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonQuesLoFr.bmp
"radar_h.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_h.bmp
"radar_v.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_v.bmp
"rating16.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonrating16.bmp
"repmt.def"        C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonrepmt.def
"RmgTTBk.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonRmgTTBk.bmp
"saved16.bmp"  C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonsaved16.bmp
"saved16o.bmp"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonsaved16o.bmp
"SCSelBck.bmp" C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSCSelBck.bmp
"SimpFram.def" C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSimpFram.def
"SpelBk2.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSpelBk2.bmp
"stripe3d.bmp"   C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonstripe3d.bmp
"SwAML.def"      C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML.def
"SwAML_M.def"               C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML_M.def
"SwAMR.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR.def
"SwAMR_M.def"              C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR_M.def
"SwCML.def"      C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCML.def
"SwCMR.def"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCMR.def
"SwFL.def"          C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFL.def
"SwFR.def"          C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFR.def
"SwSpl.def"         C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwSpl.def
"SwXCh.def"       C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwXCh.def
"TeamPlSl.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTeamPlSl.bmp
"timchebk.bmp"                C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontimchebk.bmp
"TM_RANMA.bmp"          C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTM_RANMA.bmp
"tp_sel.def"        C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontp_sel.def
"trade3.bmp"     C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontrade3.bmp
"TRADE626.bmp"             C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRADE626.bmp
"TRARROWL.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWL.bmp
"TRARROWR.bmp"           C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWR.bmp

Main INI

<Version> = 4207201

<Language> = "#en.ini"

<Graphics.Resolution> = 1536, 864

<Graphics.Mode> = 5

<Graphics.ComplexFilter> = 2

<Graphics.Threads> = 8

<Graphics.SimpleFilter> = 2

<Graphics.SystemCursors> = 1

<HD+> = 1

<HD+.Settings> = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 60000, 60000, 0, 0, 0, 246, 1

<Misc.TournamentSaver> = 0

<Misc.BattleSaver> = 0


<Sys.NoCD> = 0

<Sys.CPU.ReduceUsage> = 0

<Sys.WriteToIniInsteadRegistry> = 1

<UI.AdvMgr.SkipMapMsgs> = 1

<UI.ClipCursor> = 1

<UI.DarkTransitions> = 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr.Settings> = 2, 72, 2, 2, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr.Folders> = 1

<UI.Ext.TownMgr.AvailableInsteadGrowth> = 1

<UI.HiRezCore> = 1

<UI.QuickArmyManagementMode> = 0

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet> = 1

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet.Max> = 0

<UI.Tavern.InviteHero> = 0

<UI.Battle.ShowAlwaysHeroInfo> = 0

<Update.CheckAtStart> = 1

<Show Intro> = 1

<AppPath> = "C:GOG GamesHoMM 3 Complete"

<Music Volume> = 0

<Sound Volume> = 0

<Last Music Volume> = 0

<Last Sound Volume> = 0

<Walk Speed> = 2

<Computer Walk Speed> = 5

<Show Route> = 1

<Move Reminder> = 1

<Quick Combat> = 0

<Video Subtitles> = 1

<Town Outlines> = 1

<Animate SpellBook> = 1

<Window Scroll Speed> = 1

<Bink Video> = 1

<Blackout Computer> = 1

<First Time> = 0

<Test Decomp> = 0

<Test Read> = 0

<Test Blit> = 0

<Unique System ID> = "ZKI"

<Network Default Name> = "Zytrax"

<Autosave> = 1

<Show Combat Grid> = 1

<Show Combat Mouse Hex> = 1

<Combat Shade Level> = 1

<Combat Army Info Level> = 1

<Combat Auto Creatures> = 1

<Combat Auto Spells> = 0

<Combat Catapult> = 1

<Combat Ballista> = 1

<Combat First Aid Tent> = 1

<Combat Speed>

<Main Game Show Menu> = 1

<Main Game X> = 0

<Main Game Y> = 0

<Main Game Full Screen> = 1


HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion
  ProductName:    Windows 10 Home
  CurrentVersion: 6.3
  BuildLab:       15063.rs2_release.170317-1834

  PlatformId  = 2
  Version:      6.2
  Build:        9200
  CSDVersion  =
  ProductType = 1
  SuiteMask   = 768

Some ingame values
  FullScreen Mode = 1
  Game Type       = 2
  Network Game    = 1

            Me: 2
 Active Player: 2
  Active is Human = 1
  Day = 1 11
  Map file = Crapcore vores.h3m
  Last RMG Seed = 0


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Hired Hero
posted December 10, 2017 11:25 PM

Can somebody help how can i install this if i installed wog before it?

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted December 23, 2017 04:43 PM

Not really a bug, more of an incorrect information on the feature page of the HotA mod: http://forum.df2.ru/index.php?s=53449034654a12f974a5fbd94061996e&showtopic=32286&st=0&p=629898&#entry629898

Coves chances at spells in their Mage Guild are listed close to the top of the page, but Protection From Air is listed as a level 3 spell (It is only level 2)
Also Destroy Undead is listed as 0%, this is not true, Destroy Undead can appear in Coves Mage Guild.
I hope the other percentages listed are correct?

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