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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: [HotA] Bugreports. Critical bugs.
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Hired Hero
posted March 15, 2015 12:55 PM
Edited by TyrAntilles at 16:56, 15 Mar 2015.

Playing a giant random map (Nostalgia template) and at month 3 week 2 day 7 the game freeze when purple AI opponenet is at move.

Savegame attached (ran20150315_Nostalgia004 FREEZE.GM1).

I will try to load an earlier save to see if it happen again.

Yes, it happen again. I played again one week, and the game freezes in exactly the same point. I tried to end turn with enemy "don't show" and it still freezes.

Savegame attached (ran20150315_Nostalgia006 FREEZE.GM1).
At this point I need to abandon my game .

Hopefully this report would be of some use to patch the problem if possible.

ZIP file with savegames before and right at the problem: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzhz9Y8TMuDCUGQ3RHVEVXVMazg/view?usp=sharing


I think these might be other two small bugs (if not, excuse me):

1. - even if I have activated SPELLS at Auto-Combat Options, my heroes don't seem to cast spells in combat at all (mana remains unchanged when quick combat is active and hero don't cast spells when in combat screen I click auto-combat button).
2. - Spellbook animation don't seem to work even if is selected on settings

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 22, 2015 12:50 AM

Pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen!

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 22, 2015 12:51 AM
Edited by whitebeard at 00:52, 22 Mar 2015.

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted March 22, 2015 01:10 AM

Nothing wrong here: for many reasons, the hero can find himself without army, then is instant death in battle. Usually is harder in vanilla to lose the last creature, but still a seer hut can do it if that creature is part of the quest.

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Famous Hero
posted April 11, 2015 11:17 AM

Known Bug : Missing Objects From Map Editor

As some of you realised, in the map ''Beware Of Demons'' you could find 2 types of fire, and an Aladin's Lamp.
And so in the ''Champions'' map (or something like it), you could find a bunch of red trees not found anywhere. I made a topic, and you could look for it, if you want to find them.

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Legendary Hero
fallen artist
posted April 11, 2015 12:59 PM

whitebeard said:

The future of Heroes 3 is here!

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Supreme Hero
posted April 11, 2015 02:34 PM

Salamandre said:
Nothing wrong here: for many reasons, the hero can find himself without army, then is instant death in battle. Usually is harder in vanilla to lose the last creature, but still a seer hut can do it if that creature is part of the quest.

Hero on screen couldn't shoot one familiar by ballista

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Famous Hero
posted April 11, 2015 05:52 PM

OMG, I though the heroes without army crash the games (there wouldn't be any fight with him, because no monster could attack a hero.), but if it doesn't, I WANT TO USE ONE
What the darn-diddily-doodily did you just say about me, you little witcharooney? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Springfield Bible College, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret

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Famous Hero
of destruction
posted April 11, 2015 06:35 PM

Hehe, indeed it is a funny situation. About unofficial addons, I remember that it also occured in the Wake of Gods when your army was wiped out, but you menaged to win by using your commander (who remained as the only unity alive).

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted April 26, 2015 05:10 PM

I believe this is also possible in SOD if you win a battle while only having summoned units in the end of the battle. You win, but got no units remaining.

Also some other possibilities like turning units in at a seers hut (as mentioned) or defending an ally's castle with a mix of your own and his units and losing all your own units.

Not a real bug but more of a questioning of behaviour: In HOTA I often see the AI casting 'Frenzy' on a unit which has already had his turn......Because Frenzy dissapears the next turn and it lowers the defence of that unit it is completelty useless.

And no, the AI is not on Easy, I play expert or impossible only :-)

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Famous Hero
posted May 13, 2015 09:40 PM

I already posted it here...


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Tavern Dweller
posted May 14, 2015 04:34 PM

Hi, the game crashed after a battle in a city. I have the latest patch (1.38) and the HD mod updated. I also sent an email to baratorch@yandex.ru with the crash log.




start logging



compability_dir = C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hota




HOMM3 HD version: 3.808 build 9

HotA version: 1.3.8



  05/14/2015 16:18:08




  Module: h3hota.exe

  Adress:      0x0045663F


  Flags:       0x00000000

  Information: read of address: 0x040019E0


Call stack


            0x005FEAB0 called from        0x00456494

                     ? called from before 0x005FF652

                     ? called from before 0x10014832

                     ? called from before 0x1003CFE5

                     ? called from before 0x0040409E

                     ? called from before 0x1000EEED

  (spliced) 0x00403F60 called from        0x004173E9

            0x00417380 called from        0x004B0AA9

            0x004B09D0 called from        0x004ADFE3

                     ? called from before 0x1001142B

                     ? called from before 0x10055443

                     ? called from before 0x100445BF

  (spliced) 0x004AD160 called from        0x004AB028

            0x004AACC0 called from        0x004A9F26

            0x004A8160 called from        0x004ACA04

                     ? called from before 0x6E03F32F

  (spliced) 0x004AC990 called from        0x0042FE6D

            0x0042FC50 called from        0x004302E5

            0x0042FEE0 called from        0x00526EB0

            0x00526C90 called from        0x00526A51

            0x005266D0 called from        0x0052647F

            0x00526360 called from        0x00408B38

                     ? called from before 0x1001022E

                     ? called from before 0x10043C48

                     ? called from before 0x004B0C39

            0x004B0BA0 called from        0x004F0516

                     ? called from before 0x10019820

                     ? called from before 0x6DFF6132

  (spliced) 0x004EEA70 called from        0x004F824A

                     ? called from before 0x1003C476

                     ? called from before 0x6DFF61A1

  (spliced) 0x004F80C0 called from        0x0061A95F

                     ? called from before 0x0018FFD4

                     ? called from before 0x7EFDE000

            0x7776928B called from        0x77769280

                     ? called from before 0x00000000




  0x00400000: h3hota.exe (size: 0x002CB000, entry point: 0x00639C00) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completeh3hota.exe

  0x10000000: _HD3_.dll (size: 0x00279000, entry point: 0x10068704) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_.dll

  0x00230000: smackw32.dll (size: 0x0001B000, entry point: 0x0023C0B0) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completesmackw32.dll

  0x002D0000: binkw32.dll (size: 0x0002B000, entry point: 0x002E1705) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completebinkw32.dll

  0x00300000: IFC20.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x0030F04E) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 CompleteIFC20.dll

  0x731A0000: patcher_x86.dll (size: 0x00029000, entry point: 0x731AF0FB) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completepatcher_x86.dll

  0x21100000: Mss32.dll (size: 0x0005F000, entry point: 0x2112F2E5) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataMss32.dll

  0x6E090000: cursors.dll (size: 0x0004A000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll

  0x6DFD0000: hota.dll (size: 0x000BD000, entry point: 0x6E057BFD) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Completehota.dll

  0x6DE50000: NxGraphicsMode.dll (size: 0x000C2000, entry point: 0x6DEA5138) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataNxGraphicsMode.dll

  0x26F00000: Mp3dec.asi (size: 0x0002A000, entry point: 0x26F0A805) - C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataMp3dec.asi

  0x77730000: ntdll.dll (size: 0x00180000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:WindowsSysWOW64ntdll.dll

  0x76FA0000: kernel32.dll (size: 0x00110000, entry point: 0x76FB3273) - C:Windowssyswow64kernel32.dll

  0x770B0000: KERNELBASE.dll (size: 0x00047000, entry point: 0x770B74C1) - C:Windowssyswow64KERNELBASE.dll

  0x74FE0000: VERSION.dll (size: 0x00009000, entry point: 0x74FE1220) - C:Windowssystem32VERSION.dll

  0x77280000: msvcrt.dll (size: 0x000AC000, entry point: 0x7728A472) - C:Windowssyswow64msvcrt.dll

  0x74E40000: WINMM.dll (size: 0x00032000, entry point: 0x74E437F1) - C:Windowssystem32WINMM.dll

  0x77100000: USER32.dll (size: 0x00100000, entry point: 0x7711B6ED) - C:Windowssyswow64USER32.dll

  0x753E0000: GDI32.dll (size: 0x00090000, entry point: 0x753F6343) - C:Windowssyswow64GDI32.dll

  0x76DE0000: LPK.dll (size: 0x0000A000, entry point: 0x76DE36A0) - C:Windowssyswow64LPK.dll

  0x75890000: USP10.dll (size: 0x0009D000, entry point: 0x758C40EA) - C:Windowssyswow64USP10.dll

  0x76BA0000: ADVAPI32.dll (size: 0x000A0000, entry point: 0x76BB4965) - C:Windowssyswow64ADVAPI32.dll

  0x77260000: sechost.dll (size: 0x00019000, entry point: 0x77264975) - C:WindowsSysWOW64sechost.dll

  0x75C90000: RPCRT4.dll (size: 0x000F0000, entry point: 0x75CA0569) - C:Windowssyswow64RPCRT4.dll

  0x750C0000: SspiCli.dll (size: 0x00060000, entry point: 0x750DA3B3) - C:Windowssyswow64SspiCli.dll

  0x750B0000: CRYPTBASE.dll (size: 0x0000C000, entry point: 0x750B10E1) - C:Windowssyswow64CRYPTBASE.dll

  0x75E00000: SHELL32.dll (size: 0x00C4B000, entry point: 0x75E81551) - C:Windowssyswow64SHELL32.dll

  0x75990000: SHLWAPI.dll (size: 0x00057000, entry point: 0x759A9BA6) - C:Windowssyswow64SHLWAPI.dll

  0x755F0000: PSAPI.DLL (size: 0x00005000, entry point: 0x755F1438) - C:Windowssyswow64PSAPI.DLL

  0x6E170000: DDRAW.dll (size: 0x000E7000, entry point: 0x6E171771) - C:Windowssystem32DDRAW.dll

  0x731F0000: DCIMAN32.dll (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x731F1250) - C:Windowssystem32DCIMAN32.dll

  0x76E00000: SETUPAPI.dll (size: 0x0019D000, entry point: 0x76E017E7) - C:Windowssyswow64SETUPAPI.dll

  0x75390000: CFGMGR32.dll (size: 0x00027000, entry point: 0x753958B9) - C:Windowssyswow64CFGMGR32.dll

  0x75480000: OLEAUT32.dll (size: 0x0008F000, entry point: 0x75483FB1) - C:Windowssyswow64OLEAUT32.dll

  0x75720000: ole32.dll (size: 0x0015C000, entry point: 0x7576BA3D) - C:Windowssyswow64ole32.dll

  0x753C0000: DEVOBJ.dll (size: 0x00012000, entry point: 0x753C1441) - C:Windowssyswow64DEVOBJ.dll

  0x72650000: dwmapi.dll (size: 0x00013000, entry point: 0x72651858) - C:Windowssystem32dwmapi.dll

  0x71520000: WSOCK32.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x71521120) - C:Windowssystem32WSOCK32.dll

  0x756D0000: WS2_32.dll (size: 0x00035000, entry point: 0x756D145D) - C:Windowssyswow64WS2_32.dll

  0x75710000: NSI.dll (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x75711782) - C:Windowssyswow64NSI.dll

  0x71FC0000: apphelp.dll (size: 0x0004C000, entry point: 0x71FC2C14) - C:Windowssystem32apphelp.dll

  0x6E0E0000: AcLayers.DLL (size: 0x0008D000, entry point: 0x6E0E1FFF) - C:WindowsAppPatchAcLayers.DLL

  0x75530000: USERENV.dll (size: 0x00017000, entry point: 0x75531C9D) - C:Windowssyswow64USERENV.dll

  0x75470000: profapi.dll (size: 0x0000B000, entry point: 0x75471992) - C:Windowssyswow64profapi.dll

  0x74F80000: WINSPOOL.DRV (size: 0x00051000, entry point: 0x74FA988C) - C:Windowssystem32WINSPOOL.DRV

  0x731D0000: MPR.dll (size: 0x00012000, entry point: 0x731D1200) - C:Windowssystem32MPR.dll

  0x75930000: IMM32.DLL (size: 0x00060000, entry point: 0x7594158F) - C:Windowssystem32IMM32.DLL

  0x75600000: MSCTF.dll (size: 0x000CC000, entry point: 0x7560168B) - C:Windowssyswow64MSCTF.dll

  0x74F60000: KE50FD~1.DLL (size: 0x00018000, entry point: 0x74F6698E) - C:PROGRA~2KEYCRY~1KE50FD~1.DLL

  0x73400000: uxtheme.dll (size: 0x00080000, entry point: 0x734137C9) - C:Windowssystem32uxtheme.dll

  0x71730000: safemon.dll (size: 0x00179000, entry point: 0x71801522) - C:Program Files (x86)360Total Securitysafemonsafemon.dll

  0x71D90000: COMCTL32.dll (size: 0x0019E000, entry point: 0x71DBE6B5) - C:WindowsWinSxSx86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.7601.17514_none_41e6975e2bd6f2b2COMCTL32.dll

  0x74D70000: NETAPI32.dll (size: 0x00011000, entry point: 0x74D71300) - C:Windowssystem32NETAPI32.dll

  0x74D60000: netutils.dll (size: 0x00009000, entry point: 0x74D615A6) - C:Windowssystem32netutils.dll

  0x74D40000: srvcli.dll (size: 0x00019000, entry point: 0x74D41319) - C:Windowssystem32srvcli.dll

  0x74D30000: wkscli.dll (size: 0x0000F000, entry point: 0x74D312A1) - C:Windowssystem32wkscli.dll

  0x751B0000: WININET.dll (size: 0x001D5000, entry point: 0x751B2A30) - C:Windowssyswow64WININET.dll

  0x75520000: api-ms-win-downlevel-user32-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-user32-l1-1-0.dll

  0x75A40000: api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l1-1-0.dll

  0x755E0000: api-ms-win-downlevel-version-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-version-l1-1-0.dll

  0x75880000: api-ms-win-downlevel-normaliz-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00003000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-normaliz-l1-1-0.dll

  0x76D70000: normaliz.DLL (size: 0x00003000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64normaliz.DLL

  0x75A50000: iertutil.dll (size: 0x00232000, entry point: 0x75A53B60) - C:Windowssyswow64iertutil.dll

  0x75510000: api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00005000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l1-1-0.dll

  0x749D0000: Secur32.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x749D10E9) - C:Windowssystem32Secur32.dll

  0x70F20000: api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l2-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssystem32api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l2-1-0.dll

  0x76DF0000: api-ms-win-downlevel-ole32-l1-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssyswow64api-ms-win-downlevel-ole32-l1-1-0.dll

  0x73C50000: mswsock.dll (size: 0x0003C000, entry point: 0x73C5145D) - C:Windowssystem32mswsock.dll

  0x70A10000: wship6.dll (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x70A11673) - C:WindowsSystem32wship6.dll

  0x74DB0000: IPHLPAPI.DLL (size: 0x0001C000, entry point: 0x74DBA431) - C:Windowssystem32IPHLPAPI.DLL

  0x74DA0000: WINNSI.DLL (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x74DA128D) - C:Windowssystem32WINNSI.DLL

  0x73190000: api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l2-1-0.dll (size: 0x00004000, entry point: 0x00000000) - C:Windowssystem32api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l2-1-0.dll

  0x72850000: DNSAPI.dll (size: 0x00044000, entry point: 0x728663F9) - C:Windowssystem32DNSAPI.dll

  0x75550000: CLBCatQ.DLL (size: 0x00083000, entry point: 0x755523D2) - C:Windowssyswow64CLBCatQ.DLL

  0x747F0000: dhcpcsvc6.DLL (size: 0x0000D000, entry point: 0x747F2012) - C:Windowssystem32dhcpcsvc6.DLL

  0x70BD0000: wshtcpip.dll (size: 0x00005000, entry point: 0x70BD15DF) - C:WindowsSystem32wshtcpip.dll

  0x74170000: dhcpcsvc.DLL (size: 0x00012000, entry point: 0x74173271) - C:Windowssystem32dhcpcsvc.DLL

  0x6DF70000: netprofm.dll (size: 0x0005A000, entry point: 0x6DF71F35) - C:WindowsSystem32netprofm.dll

  0x73200000: nlaapi.dll (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x732038CD) - C:WindowsSystem32nlaapi.dll

  0x70BC0000: rasadhlp.dll (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x70BC14B2) - C:Windowssystem32rasadhlp.dll

  0x73C10000: CRYPTSP.dll (size: 0x00017000, entry point: 0x73C13573) - C:Windowssystem32CRYPTSP.dll

  0x724D0000: rsaenh.dll (size: 0x0003B000, entry point: 0x724D128D) - C:Windowssystem32rsaenh.dll

  0x73C40000: RpcRtRemote.dll (size: 0x0000E000, entry point: 0x73C41235) - C:Windowssystem32RpcRtRemote.dll

  0x73180000: npmproxy.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x73182CA6) - C:WindowsSystem32npmproxy.dll

  0x76A50000: urlmon.dll (size: 0x0014B000, entry point: 0x76A52B30) - C:Windowssyswow64urlmon.dll

  0x76C40000: CRYPT32.dll (size: 0x00121000, entry point: 0x76C4158E) - C:Windowssyswow64CRYPT32.dll

  0x77700000: MSASN1.dll (size: 0x0000C000, entry point: 0x7770238E) - C:Windowssyswow64MSASN1.dll

  0x706C0000: fwpuclnt.dll (size: 0x00038000, entry point: 0x706C990E) - C:WindowsSystem32fwpuclnt.dll

  0x706A0000: credssp.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x706A34D3) - C:Windowssystem32credssp.dll

  0x70660000: schannel.dll (size: 0x0003F000, entry point: 0x70662351) - C:WindowsSysWOW64schannel.dll

  0x72670000: ncrypt.dll (size: 0x00038000, entry point: 0x72671489) - C:Windowssystem32ncrypt.dll

  0x73BE0000: bcrypt.dll (size: 0x00017000, entry point: 0x73BE35FA) - C:Windowssystem32bcrypt.dll

  0x73BA0000: bcryptprimitives.dll (size: 0x0003D000, entry point: 0x73BA10F5) - C:WindowsSysWOW64bcryptprimitives.dll

  0x76DB0000: WINTRUST.dll (size: 0x0002F000, entry point: 0x76DB2A35) - C:Windowssyswow64WINTRUST.dll

  0x73B70000: GPAPI.dll (size: 0x00016000, entry point: 0x73B72061) - C:Windowssystem32GPAPI.dll

  0x73B50000: cryptnet.dll (size: 0x0001C000, entry point: 0x73B5145E) - C:Windowssystem32cryptnet.dll

  0x759F0000: WLDAP32.dll (size: 0x00045000, entry point: 0x759F11E1) - C:Windowssyswow64WLDAP32.dll

  0x73970000: SensApi.dll (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x7397125A) - C:Windowssystem32SensApi.dll

  0x6D230000: nvd3dum.dll (size: 0x00C17000, entry point: 0x6D8ECC30) - C:Windowssystem32nvd3dum.dll

  0x08E80000: nvspcap.dll (size: 0x00143000, entry point: 0x08F2AA34) - C:Windowssystem32nvspcap.dll

  0x74E10000: powrprof.dll (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x74E12B71) - C:Windowssystem32powrprof.dll

  0x74E80000: DSOUND.DLL (size: 0x00072000, entry point: 0x74E81576) - C:Windowssystem32DSOUND.DLL

  0x6DF30000: MMDevApi.dll (size: 0x00039000, entry point: 0x6DF3E2DE) - C:WindowsSystem32MMDevApi.dll

  0x71B50000: PROPSYS.dll (size: 0x000F5000, entry point: 0x71B60D9E) - C:WindowsSystem32PROPSYS.dll

  0x6D1F0000: AUDIOSES.DLL (size: 0x00036000, entry point: 0x6D1F9DBE) - C:Windowssystem32AUDIOSES.DLL

  0x73170000: avrt.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x731710C0) - C:Windowssystem32avrt.dll

  0x6D1B0000: dplayx.dll (size: 0x00037000, entry point: 0x6D1DF3A3) - C:Windowssystem32dplayx.dll


Command Line




Data files:















_HD_Files (112):


adrollvr_b.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadrollvr_b.bmp

advmap_d.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_d.bmp

advmap_date.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_date.bmp

advmap_fill.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_fill.bmp

advmap_l.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_l.bmp

advmap_ld.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ld.bmp

advmap_lu.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_lu.bmp

advmap_r.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_r.bmp

advmap_rd.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rd.bmp

advmap_rr.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_rr.bmp

advmap_ru.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru.bmp

advmap_ru_v2.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_ru_v2.bmp

advmap_u.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonadvmap_u.bmp

aresbar2_l.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_l.bmp

aresbar2_m.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_m.bmp

aresbar2_r.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar2_r.bmp

aresbar_l.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_l.bmp

aresbar_m.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_m.bmp

aresbar_r.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonaresbar_r.bmp

artslot.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonartslot.bmp

bckpck.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonbckpck.def

CampBr_d.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_d.bmp

CampBr_l.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_l.bmp

CampBr_r.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_r.bmp

CampBr_u.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCampBr_u.bmp

CCNSShd.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCCNSShd.bmp

ChkBlue.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonChkBlue.def

ComOpB2.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonComOpB2.bmp

Crspell.ani: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonCrspell.ani

cursors.dll: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoncursors.dll

ddb.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonddb.def

default.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommondefault.def

DlgBluBk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBk.bmp

DlgBluBo.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgBluBo.def

DlgDBlBk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDlgDBlBk.bmp

DrDoCoBk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonDrDoCoBk.bmp

GENRLTXT.RUS: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonGENRLTXT.RUS

H3ac1.asi: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonH3ac1.asi

hd3_cbar.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_cbar.bmp

hd3_copl.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd3_copl.bmp

HD_CamCu.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CamCu.bmp

HD_CBar.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CBar.bmp

HD_CoPla.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_CoPla.bmp

hd_fr_d.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_d.bmp

hd_fr_f.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_f.bmp

hd_fr_l.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_l.bmp

hd_fr_ld.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ld.bmp

hd_fr_lu.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_lu.bmp

hd_fr_r.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_r.bmp

hd_fr_rd.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_rd.bmp

hd_fr_ru.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_ru.bmp

hd_fr_u.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_fr_u.bmp

HD_GSelP.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_GSelP.bmp

HD_kResB.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_kResB.bmp

hd_mov1l.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1l.def

hd_mov1r.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_mov1r.def

hd_movl.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movl.def

hd_movr.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_movr.def

HD_OvCas.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_OvCas.bmp

HD_Puzzl.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_Puzzl.bmp

HD_QVBK.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_QVBK.bmp

hd_split.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_split.def

HD_THBCS.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBCS.bmp

HD_THBRM.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBRM.bmp

HD_THBTW.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_THBTW.bmp

HD_TownS.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TownS.bmp

HD_TPCa7.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa7.bmp

HD_TPCa8.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPCa8.bmp

HD_TPMag.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPMag.bmp

HD_TPRan.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TPRan.bmp

HD_TStat.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_TStat.bmp

HD_VWrld.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonHD_VWrld.bmp

hd_xchng.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonhd_xchng.def

iam_dig.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_dig.def

iam_puz.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_puz.def

iam_turn.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_turn.def

iam_view.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommoniam_view.def

List10Bk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Bk.bmp

List10Sl.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonList10Sl.bmp

mapgrid.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonmapgrid.def

Mov1LM.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1LM.def

Mov1RM.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonMov1RM.def

Pack.ini: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCompability#hotaPack.ini

PassEdBk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPassEdBk.bmp

PSKIL21.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonPSKIL21.def

qcb.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonqcb.def

radar_h.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_h.bmp

radar_v.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonradar_v.bmp

repmt.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonrepmt.def

RmgTTBk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonRmgTTBk.bmp

SimpFram.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSimpFram.def

SpelBk2.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSpelBk2.bmp

stripe3d.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonstripe3d.bmp

SwAML.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML.def

SwAML_M.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAML_M.def

SwAMR.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR.def

SwAMR_M.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwAMR_M.def

SwCML.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCML.def

SwCMR.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwCMR.def

SwFL.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFL.def

SwFR.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwFR.def

SwSpl.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwSpl.def

SwXCh.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonSwXCh.def

TeamPlSl.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTeamPlSl.bmp

timchebk.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontimchebk.bmp

TM_RANMA.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTM_RANMA.bmp

tp_mag_title.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontp_mag_title.bmp

tp_sel.def: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontp_sel.def

trade3.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommontrade3.bmp

TRADE626.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRADE626.bmp

TRARROWL.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWL.bmp

TRARROWR.bmp: C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete_HD3_DataCommonTRARROWR.bmp


Main INI


<Version> = 3808408

<Language> = "#en.ini"

<Fix.AutofixMap> = 1

<Fix.Cosmetic> = 1

<Fix.Crit.ArtMerchantDlg.Backpack> = 1

<Fix.Crit.DoubleDeleteNetMsg> = 1

<Fix.Crit.FirstStart> = 0

<Fix.Crit.MapsOver5000> = 1

<Fix.Crit.MpNotMeTownQV> = 0

<Fix.Crit.ReplayTurn.AI7DaysExpireLose> = 1

<Fix.Crit.RMG.AnyUnknownErrors> = 1

<Fix.Crit.ScenarioMgr.MapTime> = 1

<Fix.DefFrame.Draw.ExceptionHandlerOn> = 1

<Fix.DiskFreeSpaceCheckOff> = 1

<Fix.Font.HighlightedText> = 1

<Fix.LodNotFoundExeptionOff> = 1

<Graphics.Resolution> = 1180, 664

<Graphics.Mode> = 5

<Graphics.ComplexFilter> = 2

<Graphics.Threads> = 8

<Graphics.SimpleFilter> = 2

<Graphics.SystemCursors> = 1

<HD+> = 1

<HD+.Settings> = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 60000, 60000, 0, 0, 0, 0

<Misc.TournamentSaver> = 0

<Misc.Misc> = 1

<Misc.RenameRandMap> = 1

<Misc.CombatMgr.LowLevelQuit> = 1


<Sound.Async> = 1

<Sound.Stereo44Music> = 1

<Sound.NewerLibraries> = 1

<Sys.MultiInstance> = 1

<Sys.ReduceCpuUsage> = 1

<Sys.WriteToIniInsteadRegistry> = 1

<UI.AdvMgr.SkipMapMsgs> = 1

<UI.ClipCursor> = 1

<UI.CombatMgr.CursorShadowAlwaysOn> = 1

<UI.DarkTransitions> = 1

<UI.Ext.AdvMgr> = 1, 1, 1

<UI.Ext.ArtMerchantDlg> = 1, 0

<UI.Ext.CombatMgr> = 1, 1

<UI.Ext.CombatOptionsDlg> = 1

<UI.Ext.HeroDlg> = 1

<UI.Ext.LvlUpDlg> = 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr> = 1

<UI.Ext.ScenarioMgr.Settings> = 2, 72, 2, 2, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1

<UI.Ext.SpellBook> = 1

<UI.Ext.SpellScroll> = 1

<UI.Ext.SwapMgr> = 2

<UI.Ext.TextEditBox> = 1, 1

<UI.Ext.TownMgr> = 1, 1

<UI.Ext.TownMgr.AvailableInsteadGrowth> = 1

<UI.Ext.TownPortalDlg> = 1

<UI.HiRezCore> = 1

<UI.HiRezCore.DlgExtraFlags> = 1

<UI.MainMenu.ShowSysMenu> = 1

<UI.MapGrid> = 1

<UI.MsgBox.DblClickSelect> = 1

<UI.QuickArmyManagementMode> = 0

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet> = 1

<UI.RecruitDlg.AutoSet.Max> = 1

<UI.ReplayOwnTurn> = 1

<UI.ShowTimer> = 1

<UI.Suits> = 1

<UI.Tavern.InviteHero> = 1

<Update.CheckAtStart> = 1

<Show Intro> = 1

<AppPath> = "C:Program Files (x86)3DOHeroes 3 Complete"

<Music Volume> = 5

<Sound Volume> = 5

<Last Music Volume> = 5

<Last Sound Volume> = 5

<Walk Speed> = 2

<Computer Walk Speed> = 3

<Show Route> = 1

<Move Reminder> = 1

<Quick Combat> = 0

<Video Subtitles> = 1

<Town Outlines> = 1

<Animate SpellBook> = 1

<Window Scroll Speed> = 1

<Bink Video> = 0

<Blackout Computer> = 0

<First Time> = 0

<Test Decomp> = 0

<Test Read> = 0

<Test Blit> = 0

<Unique System ID> = "IMJ"

<Network Default Name> = "Player"

<Autosave> = 1

<Show Combat Grid> = 0

<Show Combat Mouse Hex> = 1

<Combat Shade Level> = 1

<Combat Army Info Level> = 1

<Combat Auto Creatures> = 1

<Combat Auto Spells> = 0

<Combat Catapult> = 0

<Combat Ballista> = 0

<Combat First Aid Tent> = 0

<Combat Speed>

<Main Game Show Menu> = 1

<Main Game X> = 10

<Main Game Y> = 10

<Main Game Full Screen> = 1


<Sys.NoCD> = 1


HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion


  ProductName:    Windows 7 Home Premium

  CurrentVersion: 6.1

  BuildLab:       7601.win7sp1_gdr.150316-1654




  PlatformId  = 2

  Version:      6.1

  Build:        7601

  CSDVersion  = Service Pack 1

  ProductType = 1

  SuiteMask   = 768


Some ingame values


  FullScreen Mode = 1

  Game Type       = 0

  Network Game    = 0

            Me: Red

 Active Player: Blue

  Active is Human = 0

  Map file = Realm of Chaos.h3m




Las batallas contra las mujeres
son las únicas que se ganan

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 24, 2015 01:38 PM



I just downloaded the HOTA on my macbook, and I am able to launch the game through an application called "Wine". The game then launches and proceeds like a normal HOMM3 game, but I experience quite a lot of lag (to the paint where I´ts not fun to play it. As well, the right click does´t work. When I right click on anything (which is a pretty important part in HOMM), the picture doesn´t show - it just kinda slightly turns on and off really quick (like a TV struggling to get signal). So I can´t really see any information when right clicking.

Has anyone got a solution to this?
I am quite a computer rookie, so if you could give me the detailed steps I would appreciate it a lot!


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Famous Hero
posted May 28, 2015 09:53 AM

PepeBotijo said:
Hi, the game crashed after a battle in a city. I have the latest patch (1.38) and the HD mod updated. I also sent an email to baratorch@yandex.ru with the crash log.

Hello, thanks for your report, but HD crash log won't help us. We need HotA crashlog (latest from folder HotA_logs)

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 03, 2015 02:02 PM

Version 1.3.8 still crashes for me in 2 minutes everytime I start the game... :S The screen just get frozen suddenly, and the music freezes and stops too.
At win 8.1, asus notebook.
I have also tried every compatibility issues, none working, no matter which I set, win xp or 7 or 8, none working.
Can someone help?
Maybe the game would work on win10?

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Tavern Dweller
posted July 20, 2015 12:11 AM

Lupastic said:
Version 1.3.8 still crashes for me in 2 minutes everytime I start the game... :S The screen just get frozen suddenly, and the music freezes and stops too.
At win 8.1, asus notebook.
I have also tried every compatibility issues, none working, no matter which I set, win xp or 7 or 8, none working.
Can someone help?
Maybe the game would work on win10?

Yeah I get something like this too, i can start the game and play it fine but then after a few minutes of playing my game will just suddenly crash and exit to the desktop. I never even get a warning it just closes. I got an error message once and i think i may have a picture of it somewhere if you want me to post it but im not sure. This has all only happened since i updated to 1.8 (or whatever the most current update is) before that update it worked perfectly fine.

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted August 05, 2015 04:51 PM

Hi guys

I have a problem with HotA - sometimes I get map drawing errors, usually it only happens when watching opponents last turn.
But today something strange happened, in a particular area of my map, everything but roads and terrain became invisible. I knew of a town and a hero in the area and could rightclick on the invisible hero and town and see their army and I was able to attack and defeat it even though it was invisible.
Sadly I could'nt finish the map as the game crashed when I defeated said hero in the town. And I tried this several times just to be sure. (And this was the final hero and town I needed to take of the map, so that sucked a bit)

Anyone had experiences with mapdrawing errors, in opponents replays and/or while it was your turn?

I have played the map hundreds of times, but it has never happened like this before. (Maybe I should point out that the map is a HotA-map, not RoE, AB or SoD)

I have a little theory about what could be causing it, but would like to hear if anyone has some theories first...

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Famous Hero
posted August 05, 2015 05:12 PM

Did you manage to make a screenshot?

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted August 05, 2015 06:22 PM

I feel like a complete noob, but how do you insert screenshots?
I have a printscreen of the map and then what?
I see "insert image", but it does'nt seem to work...

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted August 05, 2015 11:38 PM

Most likely a one-time problem, had similair bugs (and others) but it was fine when restarting or reloading

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