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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: The lore thread
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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted February 26, 2016 11:28 PM
Edited by Galaad at 23:30, 26 Feb 2016.

That's awesome Verriker, I managed to read a bit from the rough files directly extracted you shared earlier, but will wait for you to post it all here so I can read it in a more convenient way than the mess coming from Ubi files (as well as adding your post to the OP by then), thanks for the effort.

+QP please.

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Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted February 26, 2016 11:32 PM
Edited by EnergyZ at 23:39, 26 Feb 2016.

This makes me even more anticipating for more, even for that second campaign, Every Dog Has His Day.

GenyaArikado said:
Why does the MM wiki say Daeva was a Dark Elf before her rebirth?

Must've been a typo. Thank you for alerting.

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Legendary Hero
We don't need another 'eroes
posted February 27, 2016 10:17 PM

alright entire campaign is up now lol

I only left out some small trivial bits I could tell were fanfic written by Marzin and not Terry lol

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Legendary Hero
We don't need another 'eroes
posted April 27, 2016 05:39 PM bonus applied by Maurice on 27 Apr 2016.
Edited by verriker at 17:40, 27 Apr 2016.

alright mate I managed to get the files, here is the comedy campaign of Dogwoggle, very funny hope you all enjoy lol

Campaign Description said:
Every Dog Has His Day

At the height of his career, Dogwoggle was one of King Kilgor's Barbarian generals, but he soon learned that Kilgor was quite mad and leading the world toward destruction.  Since he was fond of the world (it was where he kept all his stuff), Dogwoggle turned double-agent.  He made a deal with Kilgor's enemies (Erathia to be exact) to steal the Sword of Frost on the eve of his final battle against the Elves of AvLee and replace it with a perfect copy.

Things didn't go as expected...

Dogwoggle Biography said:
Dogwoggle is a hapless hero who has a way of getting into trouble.  He often brags about his abilities (which are questionable) and exhibits unflagging confidence no matter how often he fails.  However, with his mindless persistence, he always manages to stumble out of trouble and come out on top.

Intro said:
To all things come an end.  We are no more than a character in a story, our lives easily extinguished by an arrow, or a stone.

Turn the page and thousands die.  And for what?  For the pride of two leaders who are inexorably drawn together by the power of their swords... and a mutual destiny.

You know this story.  You know about Armageddon's Blade and the Sword of Frost, about the blinding flash, the Reckoning, the portals leading countless refugees to a new world.

But do you know of the failed attempt to thwart fate?  Of the man who called himself hero, held the future of the world in his hands... and then botched it?

Yet, even for the most hapless among us there's a chance at redemption.  After all... every dog has his day.

M1 said:
Map 1 - Critical Failure

When Dogwoggle realizes he has lost the fake Sword of Frost, he panics and flees Kilgor's camp on the eve of battle.  The next morning, a brilliant explosion destroys both armies.  Dogwoggle is the only survivor.  Unfortunately, the Erathian general, Addran, who hired him to steal the real Sword of Frost, now knows that Dogwoggle has failed.

M1 Narration 1 said:
All right, Worton! I'll tell you my story, but only because you bought me those drinks.  First, you've got to swear that you won't breathe a word of this to anyone!

Good. I'll hold you to that promise.  Now, where do I begin?  The beginning, I guess.  It's hard to believe it's only been two years...  I've been a commander in a lot of armies, but none as successful as the Barbarian horde that raged over the land in the months before the Reckoning.  It was nice to be on the winning side for once.  I had wealth, victory, everything a man needs, and it was only going to get better.  So, why did I throw it all away?

I got conscience.

Every day I looked into King Kilgor's eyes I saw something that frightened me.  We were all afraid of Kilgor.  You walk on eggshells when you're around a man like that.  But I truly believe when there was no longer any Elves or Erathians to kill that he would've turned on his own people - on me.  So, I decided to strike first.

Some might call me a traitor.  I like to think I'm a hero.

At this point in the war, everyone knew Kilgor was going to win.  The Erathians were desperate.  I didn't know how desperate they were until I met with an Erathian officer named Addran.  Have you ever met Addran?

No.  He was one of those guys with a purpose.  You know, the type that will die for a purpose.  I've never understood that.  Dying for gold, or a woman, now that makes sense!

Anyway, Addran explained that Kilgor's famed Sword of Frost was destined to come in contact with another powerful weapon, and when that happened the world would be torn apart by the resulting explosion.  I had planned on selling Kilgor's battle plan to the Erathians.  I never thought I would be asked to save the world.  Addran gave me a perfect replica of the Sword of Frost and told me that I was the only person who could get close enough to Kilgor to switch the two blades.

Yeah, a replica!  Looked just like the real thing, I tell you.  No one, not even Kilgor, would be able to tell the difference until it was too late.  Now, quit interrupting me, Worton!

Stealing the Sword of Frost seemed simple enough considering the quantities of alcohol Kilgor and his kin drank each night.  Slipping into their tent and switching the swords would be easy, so I took the job.  And just think - I would be the man who saved the world!  Everyone would know my name.

Instead, I lost the forgery before I could make the switch.  We came to a river late in the day.  Our enemy, the AvLee Elves, were somewhere on the other side.  Ever eager to enter battle, Kilgor pushed us onward, fording the river that night so we could kill the Elves the next morning.  Somewhere in all the commotion, the fake Sword of Frost slipped from where I had tied it to my gear.

I almost caught it.  Almost.  That thing sank like a rock - gone forever like the river swallowed it.

How would you like to be the man who could've saved the world, and didn't because he couldn't tie a proper knot?  Yeah, everyone was going to know my name all right!  Just not in the way I had thought.

I think I was hoping the prophecy was wrong.  I knew I couldn't steal the Sword of Frost without the fake.  I had seen Kilgor torture people before.  Not a pretty sight!

So, I ran.  What else could I do?

M1 Narration 2 said:
It's a good thing I ran, too, because the explosion I saw the next morning was incredible!  I guided my horse behind a nearby farmhouse just in time to avoid the blistering gale.  My other mount, the one I had been saving to keep fresh in case I needed to flee pursuers, wasn't so lucky.

As I stood there next to the burning home, I stared in the direction of the explosion.  There's no way Kilgor survived that!  His army, the Elven army - all of them had to be dead.  And then I said to myself, "I guess I don't have to worry about being a deserter anymore."  How can you desert from an army that doesn't exist?

Later, an Angel soared over me on his way no doubt to investigate the battlefield.  The winged man spotted me, swooped down, and landed next to my horse.  No, I didn't reach for my sword. Do you think I'm stupid?  I smiled real big and waved.

"Hi!" I said.

"You are fortunate to have survived the explosion," the Angel said.

"What explosion?" I said, meanwhile telling myself to be calm.  There was no way this Angel knew I could've stopped all this destruction, but I kept wondering if he knew.

The winged man looked at me as if I had something hanging from my nose, and then he shrugged.

"I must be on my way," the Angel said, "but I thought I should warn you.  This sad event has splintered the world to its heart.  In just a few days, this land will not be fit for life, if it exists at all!"

You've got to hand it to those Angels. They sure are nice.

Anyway, he floated into the air with a single flap of his wings and shouted, "you should hurry to one of the portals. A benevolent force has given us all a second chance to a new world."

I looked around at the scorched landscape. He didn't have to tell me twice.

M1 Narration 3 said:
By the time I made it to the nearest portal, there were earthquakes about every hour and so much soot and smoke in the air the sky had gone black day and night.

I wasn't going to miss it.

But then, I didn't know what was on the other side of that portal either.  I've never liked those things.  Whatever magic was used to create them leave my stomach feeling like I ate some bad meat.  And I always picture some mad wizard somewhere who thinks it's funny to place an exit portal at the bottom of the ocean or inside a volcano.

M1 Narration 4 said:
I guess, if the exit to the portal had been at the bottom of the ocean, I wouldn't be sitting here telling you this story, would I?

And then the first thing I did in this new world was do the chunky shout all over the ground.

M1 Narration 5 said:
Have you ever lit a torch at night and watch as moths fly toward it?  No?  Poor man.  What do you Erathians do for fun when you're a boy?

Anyway, the moths get too close sometimes, the heat burns their wings, and they drop out of the air.

What's my point?  Well, Worton, I am sort of like those moths when it comes to roast pig.  See this scar here on my wrist.  When I was a boy I tried to grab a roast off the fire and burned my hand pretty good.

Well, not long after I came through that magic portal, I smelled the unmistakable odor of pig.  It smelled good enough to stop my stomach from churning.  It turned out to be a longhouse filled with Barbarian warriors - my kind of people!

M1 Narration 6 said:
My jaw dropped, and then I burst out in laughter when I saw the Fleeing Man Inn.  There was a sign by the door with the image of a running man with his arms in the air and his hair on fire.  There was even a welcome mat that said COME IN! YOU'VE COME FROM ANOTHER WORLD TO GET HERE.

I love people.  They've only been in this new world a few days and already the alcohol is flowing!

I was about to go inside for a drink when I noticed a parchment nailed to the wall next to the door.  On it was a crude sketch of my face and my name!

It read:

10,000 gold for any information leading to the capture of this man.  Contact General Addran in the town of New Hope.

I tore down the parchment, wondering how long it had been there.  Would anyone recognize my picture?

What could I do?  Addran could only want me for one reason - revenge.  He was the only man who knew that I could've saved the world.  And I was beginning to think that everyone who knew had perished in the old world.  I couldn't go to Addran.  What could I say?

"Sorry I blew up the world.  You know, everyone loses things.  Can you really blame me?"

I was going to end up at the end of a rope if I didn't do something about Addran.

M1 Narration 7 said:
What's your problem, Worton?  Can't you let me tell the story?

No, I don't know how they managed to make a copy of the Sword of Frost.  They probably had someone who knew what it looked like.  Why do you keep coming back to that part?  That's only the beginning of my story.  There's a lot more left.

I still had to make sure General Addran didn't open his mouth.  I knew if everyone found out that I failed to save the world nowhere would be safe for me.  I would be more hated than Kilgor.

I didn't want that.  I saw a strange scarecrow in a cornfield once and asked some children what it was supposed to be.  They told me it was Kilgor the Destroyer.

I didn't want my face to be on a scarecrow somewhere.

M1 Narration 8 said:
Well, I knew Addran was building an army, and by now he had to know that I had used all the gold I brought with me to create an army of my own.

Remember I told you Addran was a man with a purpose?  Well, now that Erathia had been destroyed, making me suffer became his new purpose in life.  He wasn't going to rest until I was dead.  That's why I didn't even try to make a deal with him.

I considered myself lucky so far that he hadn't placed the reason he wanted me on those wanted posters he placed all over this region.  I didn't understand why he kept that secret to himself.  Could he have felt a little guilty for his part in the destruction of the world?

After all, he trusted me to switch the two swords.  It was just as much his fault as mine!

M1 Narration 9 said:
Do you know the quickest way to spread a rumor, Worton?  That's right!  Tell an innkeeper.

I wasn't getting much sleep at night.  I kept having the same nightmare where a mob of people with torches and pitchforks were banging on my bedroom door.  Why do mobs always have torches?  Anyway, they burst through the door and dragged me outside.

"You destroyed our world!" they yelled.

And then they threw a rope over the nearest tree and tied one end around my neck.  There was nothing I could do.  Thankfully, I woke up shortly after that.

Anyway, I had bags under my eyes and I was falling asleep in the saddle.  Nearly fell off my horse once.  I realized that I was afraid that Addran would start telling people that I failed to save the world.  He was holding that secret over my head on purpose.

So, once again, I decided to strike first.

I went into the nearest Inn, sat down, and had a few drinks.  Speaking of which, you could buy me another round, Worton.  All this talking is making my mouth dry.

Now, where was I?  Yes, I had a few drinks so the innkeeper would think my intoxication was making my lips loose.  I told him that I knew a dark secret, one that would startle him to the core of his being.  Of course, this piqued the innkeeper's curiosity.  And then I told him that before Kilgor became King of the Barbarians that Kilgor had been in an Erathian jail for murdering a noble.  He was to be hanged the next day.  If all had gone well that day, the destruction of the world would never have happened.

When the innkeeper excitedly asked me what happened, I knew he would tell everyone he met.

"Well, Kilgor bribed one of the guards to let him go," I told the innkeeper.  "I know because I was in the prison for being drunk and disorderly.  Do you know who that guard was?"

And I told the innkeeper the guard was Addran.  That rumor spread like wildfire, and it did its job well.  Addran couldn't accuse me of destroying the world without it looking like he was denying that he had been bribed by Kilgor.

What?  Is the rumor true?  Of course not, Worton!

M1 Narration 10 said:
I won't go into all the boring details of my battle with General Addran.  Needless to say, he was no match for the Dogwoggle!  I'm like a war god on the battlefield!

You would think with the last person who knew I had failed to save the world dead that I would finally get a good night's sleep, but that wasn't the case.  That night, I had the same dream except everyone who dragged me from my bed had flaming hair like that silly image on the sign for the Fleeing Man Inn.

I remember waking up soaked in sweat and I said to myself, "now what?"

M2 said:
Map 2 - Twist of Fate

Dogwoggle's life is turned upside down when his employer dies and an army of fanatical crusaders announce that they have come all this way to slaughter him - the Necromancer of this land.  Unfortunately, Dogwoggle can't convince them that he isn't the Necromancer.  To make matters worse, Dogwoggle comes into possession of an artifact with the power to destroy the world.  Oh, not again!

M2 Narration 1 said:
Another round, Worton!  Here's where my tale gets really good.

So, a year after I defeated Addran I found myself in the employ of Koyle the Soulfeeder.

What?  Well, uh, yes.  I had control of my own territory when I defeated Addran.  I had a pretty sizable army, too.  Life was pretty good.

What happened?  Well, that really isn't very interesting.  It's not important to my story.  Oh, if you insist!

If you have to know, some other Barbarian ran me out.  He was the best warrior I've ever seen, and you've got to remember I used to fight next to Kilgor.  Strange thing is, I've never heard of him before.  Somebody that good could make himself the Barbarian King!  But even now, I can't recall his name.  Targor?  Tarnor?  Something like that.

He defeated my army with ease - won every battle.  It was as if he could read my mind or something.  In fact, I think that's how he beat me.  It was inhuman!

Anyway, he could've run me through if he wanted.  I thought it was finally over for the Dogwoggle, but he did the last thing I expected.  He let me go!

I remember he said something about my actions not being my fault, that the Barbarian people were cursed long ago or some sort of thing.  See what I mean?  A strange man.  I got the impression he blamed himself instead.

M2 Narration 2 said:
Now, if I can get back to my story, Koyle the Soulfeeder was a Necromancer.  I usually won't work for Necromancers, but I was desperate.  My belly was empty and he was hiring.  The good thing about Necromancers is they're usually generous with their gold.  Most of them have some lofty plan to conquer the world and they're intellectual enough to believe that the best warriors come at a high price.  The bad thing about Necromancers is they usually end up trying to turn you into a Zombie or something.

One night, Koyle gave me an odd look and asked me to have dinner with him.

When I refused, he said, "I insist!  It's a celebratory meal.  I have just completed my life's work and I want to share my joy with someone who breathes."

I agreed even though I sensed something was up.  I had no idea what the man was talking about, but I felt I could kill the scrawny Necromancer if I was forced to.  So, I joined him for dinner, but I didn't eat anything.  I spent the entire meal shoveling my food onto the floor or secretly flinging spoonfuls to the rats.  At the end, our Skeleton servant brought us each a bowl of honeyed dates - Koyle's favorite dish.

"So," Koyle said as he leaned back in his chair.  He threw one of the dates into the air, caught it in his mouth.  "What kind of name is Dogwoggle, anyway?"

"It's a strong Barbarian name!  Dogwo was a great hero and my grandfather's name was Ogle."

"Sounds kind of silly to me."

I remained silent in case he was trying to aggravate me.  Koyle smiled at some private joke and popped another date in his mouth, wiping his sticky fingers on his black robe.

Then the Necromancer reached for my untouched bowl.  "Aren't you going to eat your dates?"

"No.  They give me a rash," I lied.

Koyle shrugged, took one for himself.

"Good Dogwoggle, you've proved yourself an excellent commander.  I want you leading my army for a very long time.  I wouldn't poison you.  See?"

Koyle threw the date high in the air, opened his mouth to catch it.  The shriveled, dark fruit dropped into his mouth with a wet plop.  When he looked at me again, I knew something was wrong. Was he about to attack? Or cast a spell?

I reached for my sword and pushed myself back from the table to prepare myself for whatever happened next.  And then old Koyle started getting some color in his white cheeks.  Something was definitely wrong!

He was choking.  Koyle punched himself in the stomach several times, clawed at his throat.  I could tell with each spasm of his body that he was attempting to draw air into his clogged windpipe but that sticky, sweet date wouldn't budge.

I froze.  Koyle panicked.

Shortly after Koyle turned a dark shade of purple, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he pitched forward, bounced off the table, and fell to the floor.  Dead.

M2 Narration 3 said:
I was sitting at the foot of Koyle's throne, still in shock over my employer's sudden and unexpected death.  It seemed wrong to sit in the man's chair, especially since I just stood by and watched him die.  I said to myself, "now what was I going to do?"

Then the door to the chamber opened.  A pair of Skeletons led a Knight inside.  This man was clean, his armor was freshly polished, and even his hair was perfect.  Emblazed on his tunic was a brilliant yellow sun.  This was not the sort of man who joined a Necromancer's army, so I came to my feet immediately.  At least he wasn't armed.

"Necromancer!" the Knight said with utter distaste.  "I am a messenger for the Knights of the Holy Light!"

"Uh, I think you've made a mistake," I said.  "I'm not..."

"You're a blight on this holy land!  Our world was destroyed to wipe out the cowardly scum hiding in their dank holes.  Your kind was never meant to pass through the portals to this, the land of our salvation!"

I couldn't get a single word in, and I knew when I saw the spittle flying from this fanatic's lips that I would never be able to convince him that I was not the Necromancer.  Besides, he was probably a lone maniac who thought he could conquer Koyle's land.  I had five towns and the resources to raise a large army. What could he do to hurt me?

So, I decided I might as well have some fun.

"You dare to insult the great and wickedly evil Dogwoggle the Necromancer!  How dare you call me a coward!  I, who have drank the blood of a hundred Angels and butchered thousands just to watch them die!"

You had to hand it to Koyle. His throne room had perfect acoustics so that my voice echoed menacingly through the chamber.

The Knight spat at me, but he was too far away.  I spat back and struck him squarely between the eyes.  I am, after all, a Barbarian.

The Knight wiped away the spittle as if it burned his skin and scowled at me. I smiled back.

"We have freed the people of Eranhold, and the Knights of the Holy Light will not stop there.  Soon, we will march on you, Necromancer!  Soon, we wipe the stain of your evil from this good land!" the Knight said with such confidence that my stomach suddenly knotted up.

"It has been prophesied that a dark one would pass into this world and create the Shatterstaff - an object of such utter evil that it can destroy the world!  Your days, Necromancer, are short!  The Knights of the Holy Light will NOT allow you to destroy this world!"

That was it!  The moment those words passed through the fanatic's lips I suddenly understood what Koyle had been talking about shortly before he choked on the date.  He had called it his 'life's work'.  Koyle had been celebrating his completion of the Shatterstaff.

The fate of the world was once again in my hands. Just my luck!

M2 Narration 4 said:
Wouldn't you know it, the day after my talk with that Knight everything fell apart.  Word of Koyle's death spread quickly throughout his territory, as did the news that an army of enemy crusaders had come especially to kill me.  Suddenly, I felt like a bucket of fish innards that had been left out in the sun for three days.  No one wanted to be associated with me.

So, the other towns revolted, claiming independence from each other and me.  It took all my skills to retain control of Koyle's Keep.  Now, I was truly alone and I no longer had the resources I expected to use to fight off the Knights of the Holy Light.

You know what?  Just thinking about it now makes me want a drink.  Buy me another, Worton.  And maybe we could get some food in here too.  Roast pork shank sound good to you?"

UM2 Narration 5 said:
Koyle's Skeleton servants tore apart the keep to find the Shatterstaff the Knight had spoken of, and after several days of nothing I began to relax.  Maybe the Knight had been as crazy as I thought?

Of course, I was wrong.  On the fifth day a Skeleton brought me a staff made entirely of blackened ivory.  Magical runes were carved into its surface from head to toe, and when I held the item I could sense its power tingling through my skin.  This was the Shatterstaff, I was sure of it.  I was holding an object capable of destroying the world!

And I had no idea how to operate it.  Even if I did, I wouldn't want to use it.

I should've left the Shatterstaff where it was, packed up some gold, and disappeared.  That would've been the smart move - just wash my hands of the entire mess.  But I kept thinking about the earthquakes and the blistering heat of lava that tore apart the land of my birth.  What was the chance that another portal would open up and take us to another world?

Not good, I think.

And I couldn't leave the Shatterstaff to those crazy Knights of the Holy Light either.  Those fanatics were likely to use it to wipe out all the evil people in the world, even if they had to kill the good ones in the process.  Of course, I couldn't leave it at Koyle's Keep with all those Necromancers and things around. That would be just plain stupid!

So, I kept the Shatterstaff. At least that way, I knew no one would use it.

And then I ordered the servants to search for any scrolls mentioning the Shatterstaff.  I had to know more about it so I didn't accidentally say the wrong word or something.  I kept picturing horrible scenarios where I said something like 'honeyed dates' and the world exploded up beneath my feet.

Well, not this time!  This world was going to stay just the way it was - intact - if I had any say in it.

M2 Narration 6 said:
One night, a Skeleton brought me a scroll.  There it was, the answer I had been looking for.  A section of a diary.  I have come to learn that my former employer often wrote down his thoughts when he had to work out a specific problem.  Even though I had read the scroll three times, I scanned the words again.

"All that is left is a good name for my creation.  Something fitting.  Something that will bring shivers to the spine of whatever creature comes to this world in the distant future and finds the utter destruction that I, Koyle the Soulfeeder, have created!

"The Death Dart?  The Demon Dart?  No.  I need something that describes what it does!  Let's see.  Upon command my creation burrows down through the earth to that place deep within the world's heart where many of the best geological texts claim there are oceans of molten rock and metal.  And before it is consumed by the tremendous heat I will give it the command to explode, thus shattering the world and destroying all life.

"So, what burrows?  Worms.  Snakes. Rodents.  Ha, ha!  How about the Rabbit Staff?  No, that's just silly!

"Maggot!  Now, there's a creature that strike fear and disgust into everyone!  Maybe the Death Maggot or the Deathmaggot Staff.  Something like that?  Maybe I need to run these ideas by someone else.  Perhaps, that oaf, Dogwoggle..."

A few words stuck in my mind.  Well, first I was angry because Koyle called me an oaf.  I mean, who was he to call me an oaf.  He was the idiot who choked on a date!

When I calmed down though, I recalled the phrase, "and before it is consumed by the tremendous heat..." and wondered if this was the clue I needed.  Unfortunately, there was no mention of the command word that would cause the Shatterstaff (I thought this was a better name actually) to explode.  Still, if the Shatterstaff could be destroyed by fire, then all I had to do was find a place where I could throw it in some lava.

And the closest place was the burnt-out desolate lands to the east across the Gulf of Shadows.  Unfortunately, the Knights of the Holy Light were between that distant land and me.

Just great!

M2 Narration 7 said:
You know, just when you thought you couldn't possibly get any better, you reach down within yourself and pull off the kind of victory you thought you were never capable of?  At least, that's how I feel sometimes.  How do you improve on perfection?

Well, I took the perfection that is Dogwoggle and stepped it up a notch when I stomped those silly Knights of the Holy Light.  Worton, you should've been there!  All their armor and fanatical talk was nothing compared to my leadership and tactical skills!

What d'you say, Worton?  You might want to hire me some day?  That's fine by me - just remember perfection doesn't come cheap!  Not at all cheap!"

M3 said:
Map 3 - Second Chance

Dogwoggle has come a long way to throw the destructive Shatterstaff in the Fire Lake, thus saving the world from its deadly potential.  But one of his own captains, the ambitious lich, Sandro, has betrayed Dogwoggle to the barons of this region and wants to get claim the Shatterstaff for himself.  Now, Dogwoggle has every Necromancer and Bandit Lord in the area looking for him.  Somehow, he needs to fight his way through this mess to destroy the staff.

M3 Narration 1 said:
Well, Worton, I see by the light coming through yonder window we have talked the night away.  A good thing I am coming to the end of my story, eh?

Let's see.  Have I told you about that double-crossing Lich, yet?  No?  Ah, then we've come to the part of my tale where all seems lost.  Our hero - me! - is about to fall into the darkest pits of the underworld.  Will he be able to fight his way out again?  Perhaps not!

What?  Well, of course I know I got out!  Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here drinking your gold away, would I?  You obviously have no appreciation for a well-told story.  I was attempting to build up suspense and you go and ruin it!

If I get on with it, I was just about to tell you about a Lich Necromancer named Sandro.  He was an important person back in the old world.  He claims he even came close to conquering the entire world - if you can believe such a thing.  Anyway, he wasn't such a big man in this world though.  I guess he fell far after the Reckoning.

Sandro was one of Koyle's Necromancers, and after Koyle's death became one of my main commanders.  Now, only a fool trusts those crazy Liches!  Anyone willing to do that to their body has to be a few bulls short of a herd, if you know what I mean?

Sandro disappeared sometime after I fought my way into the volcanic lands.  I soon discovered that he had blazed a trail ahead of me, telling every Necromancer, bandit, and robber baron along the way that I carried an artifact of mass destruction!

Can you believe that?

Somehow, this Sandro knew what I was carrying and what I intended to do with it, so he sold me out to every maniac in the region!  I suddenly realized it was foolish of me to bring an object as dangerous as the Shatterstaff directly into the hands of the megalomaniacs who ruled this fiery land.  But there was no going back.  I had to push forth.

M3 Narration 2 said:
The Skeleton walked right into camp, never putting up a fight.  It asked to see me.  I agreed to a meeting, but I remained far enough away that if something happened I would be relatively safe.

Then the Skeleton's voice changed.

"Greetings, Dogwoggle!" Sandro's cold voice was magically coming out of the Skeleton.

"I have no interest in talking to you, traitor!"

"Oh, yes, you do! I am offering you your life."

That got my attention.  The more I learned about the barons of this region, the less confident I felt that I would be able to battle my way through them all.

Sensing that I was interested, the Skeleton grinned and said, "good, you're listening.  Now, here's my one-time proposition. Take it, or die.  Understand?"

"For something without a tongue, you sure do talk a lot!" I said.  Sandro ignored me.

"Give me the Shatterstaff and I swear that I will take you safely from this place.  You're just some stupid Barbarian who got in the way - I don't care about you!  But I want that Staff.  You're going to give me that Staff!"

"What do you want it for, Sandro?  It's only good for one thing - destroying the world.  I thought you wanted to conquer the world."

"I do, and I will with the Shatterstaff.  Once everyone knows that I have it, all I have to do is convince them that I am willing to use it unless they surrender their armies and their countries to me!  I guarantee they would rather live under my rule that die a fiery death," Sandro said.

It's always so easy to get these power-mad Liches to reveal their plans.  They're just dying (maybe that's the wrong word - undying?) to spout off about their brilliant plan.  I had to admit though; Sandro's plan was a good one. If I wasn't so afraid the thing was going to blow up in my face, I might've stolen it.  Dogwoggle, King of the World, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Anyway, I also knew that the moment Sandro had the staff he would kill me.  I really didn't have a choice, so this was one of those times when you might as well make it sound good.

"I have a question for you, Sandro," I said.

"What?" the Lich said, impatient.

"How many times does this make that you've tried to take over the world?  Two?  Three?  Five?  Why do you think you're incapable of conquering the world?  Maybe you're not as brilliant as you thought you were?"

"You insolent..."

I had thrown the small axe I keep as a backup weapon.  Before Sandro's words could get out, the axe took off the Skeleton's head.  I just wish Sandro would be so easy to kill."

M3 Narration 3 said:
Do you know what the problem with the Undead is, Worton?  No, besides the stench?

They have an obsessive anger within them, a hatred of everything that is the opposite of them.  Unfortunately, their opposite is all living things, and that's most of the world.  It is no wonder so many Necromancers, Liches, and things have tried to destroy the world!

I used to think their brains had rotted away, which was why they sought to destroy something that would kill them in the process.  Not anymore.  It's in their nature, and the stronger an Undead creature gets the more hatred it has for the world around it.

That's why you can never trust the Undead.  They're also just plain gross!

M3 Narration 4 said:
When Sandro surrendered, I had my opportunity to gloat.  Beating that Lich has probably been my most satisfying victory - and I've had a lot of victories.  But in the end I couldn't bring myself to kill him.

At least, not yet.  I had him locked up until I could figure out what to do.

That was a big mistake!  He escaped later.  He's still out there probably, and I'm certain he has no love for me.

Oh, well, it wouldn't be the first time the Dogwoggle made an enemy.  It won't be the last!

Of course, that remark about him being as incompetent as an Imp when it came to conquering the world probably stung deep enough for his to seek me out in the future.

M3 Narration 5 said:
They were camped on the path ahead, a group of rugged-looking, orange-skinned creatures.  They were Orcs, raiders who committed their lives to battle.  My kind of people.

They spread out in front of me, axes in hand, and scowled as I approached.  Although they didn't seem anxious to attack, they were on the defensive.  They wanted to talk, and I knew how to deal with them.

"Get out of my way, girls!" I shouted.

The Orcs roared their anger, shook their axes, and one of them threw a rock at me.  If he had wanted to hit me though, I would've been on the ground with a bloody gash in my forehead.

"We move for only one man!" their leader replied.

"Really?  Who's this man who sends you running like a bunch of tusked women?"

I certainly didn't expect their answer.

"A Barbarian known as Dogwoggle!  We've come to join his quest to destroy a powerful magic!"

It took some convincing, but when I showed the Orcs the Shatterstaff they immediately accepted me as their friend.  They told me that they were part of a larger Barbarian force that had come here to help me.  I asked them how they knew about my quest, and all they could tell was their leader had known about it.

"He's guarding the passageway to the great Fire Lake in the north.  That's where you can destroy the Shatterstaff, if you can get there!"

And so, I had a destination and some new recruits as well.  I think I was so excited to know that someone out there was helping me that I forgot to ask the name of this man who had found the Fire Lake.  And don't even ask, Worton!  I'm not going to tell you.  That's my little surpise!

M3 Quest 1 Proposal said:
The man who poked his head over the wall had reddish-brown hair.  It was tied back with a strip of leather.  He stared down at the visitor with a confidence seldom seen in any man.  No one was going to pass through this gateway without this man's permission.

"Only Dogwoggle may pass!" the Barbarian leader shouted.

M3 Quest 1 Progress said:
"Only Dogwoggle may pass," is the command of the Barbarians manning the gate.

M3 Quest 1 Completion said:
"I am Dogwoggle," I shouted.

Moments later, the main gate opened and the Barbarian leader stepped into the open.

I immediately reached for my sword although I knew I would lose a battle with this man.  All I could hope for was to scratch his flesh so he would have a reminder of our battle for the next few days.

"Nice to see you again, Dogwoggle," the man said.

Oh, Norton!  You and your interruptions.  I was about to tell you who he was.

I knew this man well.  He was the one who had defeated me a little over a year ago and ran me out of the Barbarian lands.  So, what was he doing here?  And why was he helping me?

"I'm sorry, I don't recall your name."

"It's Tarnum," the man said.  "Don't fear me.  The Ancestors want me to help you this time."

Oh, yes, that was something I had forgotten about this man.  He always seemed to talk about the Ancestors, the gods of the Barbarians.  Kilgor had believed they didn't exist.

"Go," Tarnum said, gesturing for me to pass through the gate.  "Destroy the Shatterstaff.  Save the world, and save yourself."

Slowly, I walked by the big man.  I didn't want to take a chance that he would change his mind.  But later when I thought about his odd presence here and his insistence that he help me, I got the feeling that I wasn't entirely in control of my life.  Someone was manipulating me. Was it this Tarnum guy?  Or some dark being in some distant castle?

Or something grander?

Whatever the case, I was going to get rid of this blasted staff and disappear somewhere.  Then it would finally be over!

M3 Narration 6 said:
Fate, the gods, or whoever is in control of my life has it out for me.  You would think that I did something wrong to deserve this kind of punishment!

What am I talking about?  I will tell you.

We came to a river, and since the horses hadn't been watered in a while I ordered a momentary break.  When I dipped my own hands into the water, I found it warm like a bath - probably heated from by this volcanic environment.  I didn't dare drink from it, but I did wash some of the blood and grime from my face.

Then I gave the order to cross.  It seemed shallow at this spot.  I mounted my horse and rode into the river.  I enjoyed its soothing heat so much that for an instant I forgot about the Shatterstaff.  It wasn't until I rode out onto the opposite bank that I absently checked for the magical staff tied to my staff.

And it was gone!

NO!  Not again.  I am really going to have to learn how to tie a knot that doesn't come loose in the water.

Fortunately, I noticed the Shatterstaff was missing early enough to spot it floating along the surface of the slow-moving river.  I raced along the bank, screaming curses at whatever god had cursed my luck.  When I was slightly ahead of the Shatterstaff, I leaped from the saddle into the river and swam as hard as I could.  My armor and clothing weighed me down, threatened to drown me.  I kept cutting through the water with my arms and legs, never giving up even when I felt a numb exhaustion enter my muscles.

Finally, I reached out and my hand clasped the cool, tingling surface of the Shatterstaff.  Now, I could die if I wanted to.  After that, I wouldn't care if the world blew up.

But, of course, I didn't die.  I turned toward the shore and swam to safety.  And I swore I would never ford another river for as long as I live!

M3 Narration 7 said:
I popped through the magic portal only to be hit with a wave of heat that sucked the air from my lungs.  I didn't have time to be sick to my stomach, as usual.  I was too busy trying to breathe.

I found a shield among my gear and held it in front of me in an attempt to redirect some of the fiery heat.  It helped a little.  Within seconds, I had sweat pouring down my face but it evaporated before it had a chance to drip from my jaw.

Oh, it was horrible!  I thought I would die there, but I had to continue.  After all that I had come through, I couldn't give up now.  I forced myself to take a step, and then another.  All I had to do was get close enough to throw the Shatterstaff and this would all be over!

M3 Narration 8 said:
Well, Worton, I have come to the end of my tale.  No more wars, no more Necromancers chasing me all over.

In the end, I stepped as close to the great Fire Lake as I dared and heaved the Shatterstaff into the lava.  It hit the surface, released an eerie screech as the heat attacked the ivory, and then sunk out of sight.  And that was it.

Yes, well, maybe a little anti-climactic but believe me I was glad for a little calm at that moment.  I had expected the thing to explode or something.  The quiet way the Shatterstaff sunk to its destruction was a welcome relief at the time.

After that, I just wanted to get as far away from the Fire Lake as possible, maybe as far from this land too.  I wanted grass beneath my feet, a mug of something cold in my hand, and a cool wind blowing against my face.  And peace.  I wanted years of peace.

So, instead of returning to claim all the town and castles I had conquered during my long battle to destroy the Shatterstaff, I left it all behind and headed east.  I didn't have a copper to my name, but for the first time in my life I didn't care.

I had saved the world, and although no one was around for me to brag about it, I still didn't care.  I had saved the world!  Sure, I destroyed one too, but all is even now, right?

Anyway, I've finished my last drink and the sun is up.  It's time for me to move on, maybe find a new employer.  Maybe we'll see each other again some time, Worton.

Oh, one more thing!  I almost forgot to tell you that I journeyed here to your fertile land by ship.  I had to sell some of my things, but all that mattered to me was getting as far from the Fire Lake as possible.  Along the way, I befriended some of the sailors and I finally learned how to tie a knot that won't come loose when it gets wet.  You can bet that if an artifact of mass destruction comes into my hands again, I will not lose it in some river!

Good day!

Outro said:
And that is the end of our tale.  This time, Dogwoggle had managed to complete his mission and save a world from destruction.

Well, maybe the Shatterstaff was not as powerful or dangerous as Armageddon's Blade had been.  I for one am glad we didn't have to see its powers in action.

So what happened to our hero after his victory?  He did what he does best - he ran.

His name was still tied to various crimes after all, both as Kilgor's lieutenant and, after the Reckoning, as the hired sword of several shady employers.

Not to mention he had made an enemy of Sandro the Necromancer.  If vengeance is a dish best served cold, then the Undead serve every meal on ice.

So Dogwoggle ran.  And eventually, he boarded a ship bound to the distant lands of Lodwar, where he found adventure, fame, and more opportunities for glory.

But these are stories for another day.


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Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted April 27, 2016 10:58 PM

What an interesting story. But, it did give me the "vibe" from Lord of the Rings - an artifact, thrown away and destroyed in a pool of lava. At least in that regard.

It makes one wonder, why were these stories cut in the first place?

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Supreme Hero
The Clever Title
posted April 27, 2016 11:17 PM
Edited by Gryphs at 23:17, 27 Apr 2016.

Because H4's budget was not quite there enough. After all, just remember the fantastic stories from the expansions....Erutan Revol was such a character!
"Don't resist the force. Redirect it. Water over rock."-blizzardboy

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Legendary Hero
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posted April 27, 2016 11:19 PM

Yeah, but these stories were finished. All what it took was just to use the editor and make the maps, right? And recording voice doesn't seem that difficult, either.

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Supreme Hero
The Clever Title
posted April 27, 2016 11:22 PM

You still have to pay people to make the maps, and, as any mapmaker will tell you, making a good map takes time. Besides, I think H7 has proven to us all that making even the simplest of things is too much for a small budget.
"Don't resist the force. Redirect it. Water over rock."-blizzardboy

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Adventuring Hero
posted April 28, 2016 02:32 PM

Dogwoggle's story was very good. I don't understand why it wasn't in HOMM4. It was more interesting than Waerjak's campaign.

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Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted April 28, 2016 02:40 PM

Selpen said:
Dogwoggle's story was very good. I don't understand why it wasn't in HOMM4. It was more interesting than Waerjak's campaign.

Well, as said, it was due to lack of money and time.

However, if you see clearly, all of Heroes IV's campaigns featured people becoming kings and queens. That could be another reason.

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Legendary Hero
We don't need another 'eroes
posted April 28, 2016 02:40 PM

these campaigns were cut because they didn't play very well and they ran out of spare time to improve them lol

Bullard said:
We did have them planned as campaigns, but started to run out of time and had to cut them. If I remember correctly they were supposed to be a love story.

Bullard said:
At the end of the development cycle when we start running out of time we have to cut maps. The decision is usually based on how well the map plays and then how much time it would take to fix. Those two maps didn't play well and we needed to cut them to polish the main story maps.


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Known Hero
posted April 29, 2016 09:58 PM
Edited by Aionb at 21:59, 29 Apr 2016.

Thanks, mate! Very nice read. It took me back in time to my college and post-college years when I played H3 and H4 for the first time.
Even if I see it as rather childish to praise the writing of a computer game, I have to say that reading a properly conceived text thrilled me, by all means! It has the flow, it has the rhythm ... Very nice! Especially comparing it to the H5&6 "parlour" campaigns
(Heroes Chronicles did the same for me when I played it several years ago for the first time - yes I admit it! - I decided to bear with the annoying lack of difficulty in those maps just to read the story )

P.S. And thanks for the first one, as well.

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Legendary Hero
We don't need another 'eroes
posted April 29, 2016 11:02 PM

any time at all my good mate, incidentally I can't quite put my finger on it, feels there's something a bit different about you, hmm new hairdo perhaps lol

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Known Hero
posted April 29, 2016 11:06 PM
Edited by Aionb at 01:16, 30 Apr 2016.

You hit the nail on its shiny head!
Perhaps we should chat more often by now ... Looks nice and schizo ...

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Legendary Hero
President of MM Wiki
posted April 30, 2016 01:18 AM

Aionb said:

Even if I see it as rather childish to praise the writing of a computer game, I have to say that reading a properly conceived text thrilled me, by all means! It has the flow, it has the rhythm ...

(Heroes Chronicles did the same for me when I played it several years ago for the first time - yes I admit it! - I decided to bear with the annoying lack of difficulty in those maps just to read the story )

Why would it be childish "to praise the writing of a computer game"? Dialogues, storyline and texts can be very well written and mature.

As for Heroes Chronicles, did you know that Terry Ray also wrote the storyline for Chronicles and Heroes IV (vanilla) campaigns?

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Known Hero
posted April 30, 2016 10:53 AM

Thanks for the info, I had no idea about the Heroes Chronicles. That explains why this reminded me of the Chronicles so much.

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted May 04, 2016 02:59 PM
Edited by Galaad at 15:07, 04 May 2016.

Moved from the Discussion thread.

Kimarous said:
With regards to Angels... they're basically "winged humanoid envoys of the Dragon of Light", right? While they don't reflect it in gameplay, the Faceless are basically the same thing, just for Dark. I am operating under the assumption that the Valkyrie are the equivalent for Fire.

So where are the "Angels" of Earth, Water, and Air? Where's our ultrapixies with gigantic leafwings? Our ice angels that would totally rip off Hitsugaya from Bleach? Our... uh... drawing a big blank for Air, alas. BUT THE POINT REMAINS!

Gryphs said:
No, they are a race created by the glorious lord of light Elrath to be his servants. They are now going extinct because of some reason I do not know as H6 was too boring. Lore, LOre, LoooooooooooOOOOOrrrrre! Erwin is a GENIUS ahahahahaha.

Pawek13 said:
Not really. Each dragon in Ashan created one race. Angels come from Elrath, Faceless - Malassa and their equivalents are Dwarves (Arkath,) Human beings (Ylath,) Nagas (Shalassa) and Elves (Sylanna) respectively. Why do Angels and Faceless are the only one with the ability to fly? Reasons...

GenyaArikado said:
The Valkiries are more like Arkath version of Glories/Mizu-Kamis

FrostyMuadDib said:
If I recall Angel lore that was written by our glorious spider messiah for H6, they are human-like to humans, elf-like to elves, orc-like to orcs, etc... 

Minastir said:
About the Valkyrie, no, they are not the envoys of the Arkath (they are not similar to Angel or a Faceless) because they are a fire spirits, manifestations of Arkath. Valkyries are born on the battlefield. When numerous dwarves die in battle, their souls gather and, with Arkath's blessing, they spark this powerful warrior spirit into life. So because they are fires spirits and manifestations I would say they are similar to a blazing glory more than an Angel.

Please continue here.

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted May 05, 2016 01:20 PM

I find it hilariously bad that both valkyries and fire giants are dwarves in disguise. But rest assured, it could have been worse!

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Supreme Hero
posted May 05, 2016 05:32 PM

That is because lore dictates everything. In older HoMM games, there were no lore restrictions on gameplay: so it was easy to mix up new creatures and change their allignement. In here, if it is Valkyre, it must be some kind of Dwarf because Arkath created Dwarves. God forbid it to be a creature that dwarves discovered in their caves with unknown origin.
"Occam's shuriken: when the answer is elusive, never rule out ninjas." -- Dr. Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted May 05, 2016 08:17 PM

Also kobolds are probably half-dwarf. Just lol ^^

But.. kobold? It's a freaking battle hamster! Creatures are supposed to be recognizable but this trend of picking something and then slapping on it some cool/familiar name (that has little to do with the unit) only turns me off.

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