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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Researching how to add new objects
Thread: Researching how to add new objects

Known Hero
posted March 29, 2017 10:25 PM

Researching how to add new objects

I'm gonna dedicate this tread to the research and discussion about how we can add new objects to H4. NimoStar have already shown a lot of possibilities with his modding, and Namerutan posted a teaser object of a new object, a new column with the Viewing Crystal on top. Also we know Equilibris team managed to add new objects, we just don't know how. I'm hoping others will join me in the search to finding ways to do so.

One of my first steps is to compare the hex codes of the Column Crystal Sphere object with the exported Ora picture of it.

Equilibris also managed to extract some of the combat objects and turn them into adventure objects.
In their version 3.55 they also managed to make Quest Huts based on Creatures.
I hope to find some similarities between the added objects and the original objects, and hopefully find the out how they edited them into new objects.

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