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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest?
Thread: Anyone for a faction recreation contest? This thread is 8 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 · «PREV / NEXT»

Legendary Hero
posted June 16, 2017 09:51 AM

Except that I wouldn't be voting on the originality of the theme as LizardWarrior wants, but instead on how closely I feel the factions fitted to a theme within my own head. Therefore, my voting would be biased anyway.

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Supreme Hero
As i dream, so shall it be!
posted June 16, 2017 11:05 AM
Edited by Articun at 11:49, 16 Jun 2017.

Hahaha. Come on. Give it a try. We are all voting based an idea we have on our heads and an archetype we think should make a faction what it is. But whatever comment is given is a plus for all since it is a way to see how the other think and what he expects. Also an observation/comment may make us etter on the next entry

Also, a question. Only thise that contribute a faction can vote or can anyone that wants to judge be able to even if he or she didnt post a faction?

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Legendary Hero
posted June 16, 2017 12:27 PM
Edited by MattII at 12:44, 16 Jun 2017.

Okay fine, but under protest, and scores only:
PandaTar: 8/10
Jiriki9: 6/10
Rimgrabber: 7/10
markmasters: 7/10
Varnoc: 6/10
Methven: 9/10
Articun: 7/10

Now, can we please start on Sylvan?

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Supreme Hero
As i dream, so shall it be!
posted June 16, 2017 12:51 PM

Very much appreciated mate!!! It is only fair that we all vote. And i know it is hard. I have said so in my post. Still, it is essential so that we can all see how others see our factions and how to fix or tinker with our next proposals.

I for one can now see that i have made the Porcupine quite OP to be fair I had in mind that it is a tank unit with very low attack value but i have kinda made it unkillable

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Known Hero
posted June 16, 2017 01:36 PM
Edited by leiah2 at 13:37, 16 Jun 2017.

I'm late again I knooow but here comes my scores if you need them!

PandaTar: 9/10
MattII: 6/10
Jiriki9: 7/10
Rimgrabber: 5/10
markmasters: 5/10
Varnoc: 6/10
Methven: 8/10
Articun: 8/10

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Legendary Hero
Age of erwins is over
posted June 16, 2017 07:48 PM
Edited by LizardWarrior at 19:20, 19 Jun 2017.

Oh boy, I hope I didn't screw up the math . Here we go!

PandaTar :        8 + 9 + 9 + 7 + 9 + 5     => 7.83
Jiriki9: :        6 + 7 + 8 + 6 + 7 + 8     => 7
Rimgrabber:       7 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 6 + 4 => 5.57
Markmasters:      7 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 6     => 6
Varnoc :          6 + 7 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 8     => 6.5
MattIII :         5 + 6 + 8 +6.5 + 6 + 6     => 6.25
Methven:          9 + 8 + 8 + 9 + 6 + 9     => 8.16
Articun           7 + 7 + 8 + 8 + 7 + 6     => 7.16

Our first winner is METHVEN with 8.16! Congratulations!
The 2nd place is PandaTar with 7.83!
The 3rd place is Articun with 7.16!


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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted June 16, 2017 08:22 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 01:01, 18 Jun 2017.




Song theme.

Coat of Arms Motto

    Y gwir byth yn newid ac yn llifo.


    Elvish and Nature-Growth.


    All old wooden realms converge in time and persevere. As the world changes, the great forests remain watchful, unwavering. Some of the oldest and wisest of inhabitants dwell in those forests, not meddling with the affairs of others unless forced to, keeping their balance, and to keep it, they must understand the forest, respect it and all those who dwell in there. The ever flow of races, creatures, changes and magic revolving about the world detaches from every element, and once they are lost, they find their way back by attaching to the edges of the wooden realms, giving form for wisps. Deeper within, old and wise elves and treeants stand watchful, defending their domains, learning and respecting all aspects of their power. Meanwhile, high up the highest trees are the nests of suzakus, casting their warm aura to fend off the fierceness of wild, wicked magic and cold from their woods, as the psyches and boitatas dwell in deeper places, finding the astray, the fool, the bold, tricking and leading them into the darkest parts never to be seen again. And meandering all those realms are the kirins, bringing tides of fortune, news, life and helping keeping the real enemy at bay.

Featured buildings

    • Dendroid Saplings – surrounding fields are covered with saplings that will hinder, bind and damage foes who invade their lands every round. Effects halve walkers’ movement points and flyers lose their ability to fly; floating foes are immune. Damage escalates with Spell Power of a defending dendroid hero. Whilst defending treant stacks can bind up to two different melee targets at once. Also increases weekly treant growth.
    • Enchanted Glade – once per week, visiting hero gets 50% movement points and mana restored. Permanently makes unicorn mounts provide heroes with increased movement and base magic resistance to all troops. Lycanthrope’s Enhancement has improved effects per level of skill.
    • Mists of Gaia – on the area of control, decreases range of sight of enemy heroes and enemy ranged damage. The mist protects allied troops from the effects of fire, poison and necromanturgy. Druids can use Divination to find and damage enemy armies remotely through the mist by using their magic.

Native Terrains
    • Grassland and Woods: + 50% movement, 1 mana recovered per day|turn.
    • Dirt and River Basin: +50% movement.

Hero Classes

Druid is an optimal class for nature spell casting, preemptive strategies and scouting. Their powers are linked to the nature surrounding them, and their omniscience extends through the bonds they have with spirits and elements of their domains. It’s composed by elves, fauns, dryads and satyrs.
    • CLASS SKILL | Divination: knowledge of lands allows druids to detect concealed foes, treasures, passages, armies on explored lands. Knowledge of elements allow druids to cast some battle spells on adventure map and detect points of interest, being able to remotely damage and cripple enemy armies, cast illusions to conceal passages and other abilities. Effects vary depending on what’s being divined.

Lycanthrope is an optimal class for hunting and adaptation. Lycanthropes turn themselves into physical manifestations of the many natural spirits of the old and ancient forests, using the many facets of the creatures they embody to help communicating with native folk, and defending their lands from foes. Most fae folk can become shapeshifters, except for treants and dryads. Lycanthropes don’t use mounts, but they have unique perks for their embodiments.
    • CLASS SKILL | Shapeshifting: shapeshifters change their form to fit and provide different capabilities to troops, or adapt better to situations which require more physical prowess or magical, or any other exotic setting on the adventure map. Some perks may be shared through different forms.

Dendroid is an optimal class for magical defenses, resilience and scouting. It’s composed by dryads and treants. Treant heroes don’t use mounts, but they have unique perks for racial abilities. Their capabilities are very good for defensive roles, as they can massively cripple opponents, providing cover, time and opportunity for counter-attacks, not to mention their capability to summon forces from their surroundings to aid in battle.
    • CLASS SKILL | Summoning: depending on terrain and climate, elementals or spirits can be summoned to battle or on adventure map to perform simple tasks. The higher the summoning level, the stronger are the summoned elementals and the more complex spirits are brought forth. Elementals fight in battle, but spirits work tasks on the adventure map.

Magna Faction Skill | Preserve

    Magna faction skill is a passive global skill. Its effect is based on the number of hired heroes and on which classes they represent.
    • Druid – one hero represents a fixed base of 2 mana regeneration on areas of control, or on native terrain, and a cumulative mana regeneration per additional hired druid. Cumulative effects double for each additional area of control with the presence of a druid. Druids also spend half mana casting nature-based spells on adventure map.
    • Lycanthrope – additional nearby shapeshifting heroes next to a battle site gives part of their powers to the engaging allied hero, adding effects for shapeshifting perks. Highly boosted shapeshifting allows hero access to ultimate forms.
    • Dendroid – a base global 10% of summoning effects added to all dendroid heroes, and a cumulative value for each additional dendroid hero. Maxed out summoning dendroid heroes have a chance to summon a second stack of elementals in a single summoning.

Units | 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 (2 flyers, 2 floaters (1 ranged), 2 walkers (1 ranged) and 1 underground walker)

Base Tier | Will-O’-Wisp – these are volatile, floating magical pixies who populate the edges and clearings of the forests. They use their own life force to coat other beings, protecting them and augmenting their power. They can even ignite dormant abilities, benefiting both. And such as their intertwined fate, both will die, if things get dire.
    • Floater: unit is never affected by terrain effects or binding.
    • Volatile: mild reduction against all sources of damage, but when destroyed, it never returns again.
    • Ranged.

    • Ignis Fatuus (on the other units, the blue ability is the one dormant that only appears when wisps are coating those units): upon activation, a matching number of units will detach from their group to coat an allied stack, improving their battle capabilities (where they are lacking) and awakening dormant abilities. Coating wisps only return to their original stack after battle. If units they are coating are killed, wisps vanish. They only coat living beings.

Core Tier | Boitata – huge flaming snakes which dwell forests, preying on any invading forces. They move underground or underwater and attack their foes by surprise, rendering them unable to retaliate. The searing heat coating their bodies gives a blueish hue, often mistaking them as wisps, but it harms anything that closes in which such overwhelming heat that addles foes, who start seeing illusions unable to tell apart the real from the fake.
    • Large.
    • Underground: moves underground, not being affected by terrain penalties or obstacles of the surface. Upon activation, boitata will retreat to the underground until next turn; still, some spells can make it resurface, such as Earthquake.
    • Surprise Attack: attacks following resurfacing cannot be retaliated.
    • Immolation: coating fire surrounding this unit will damage all adjacent units with searing heat, and also blocks any upcoming fire-based damage.

    • Steaming Mirage: an illusion appears due the intense heat when boitata resurfaces. It mimics original, lasts until being attacked, or if original moves underground.

Core Tier | Elven Ranger – the elves were ever deadly and silent guardians of all fae realms, even those they often conflict with, because they hone their society on balance, and they deem all aspects of their environment vital for their evolution. That’s how they train their rangers, able to go about almost any place deep in the woods, silently and stealthily, where nothing goes unnoticed by their keen eyes.
    • Ranged.
    • No Melee Penalty.
    • Eagle Eye: never misses target, also having a chance of critical hits.
    • Camouflage: mild chance to completely evade projectiles, if positioned nearby natural obstacles or at the edges of the battlefield.

    • Mark of the Eagle: shoots a second arrow, if the first arrow deals critical damage.

Core Tier | Psyche – psyches are great flying butterfly-looking beasts which dwell the deep wooden realms. Their mystical origins provides them with a unique capability of spreading and absorbing magic, not to mention the mesmerizing effect caused by patterns on their wings.
    • Large.
    • Wind Rider: unit resists any air-based damage.
    • Cocoon: when using the Defend ability, psyche will turn itself in a cocoon, with a spike-covered skin. In addition to defense, it reflects a small part of damage taken from all melee sources and deflects part of effects from spells. Psyche is unable to retaliate while cocooned.
    • Eyes of the Monarch:  no critical effects work on them in frontal attacks, and a variable part of total damage miss them, or any adjacent target beside or behind them. Doesn’t apply when in a cocoon form.

    • Diffusion: absorbs effects cast on itself and releases the last absorbed one upon all adjacent targets, when breaking out of cocoon form. Effects can be buffs or debuffs. Each additional adjacent unit adds a chance to fail upon all other targets.

High Tier | Treant – immense tree-like beings, treants are the toughest and most resilient of the fae folk, as old as the elves, which makes them very familiar to the elven lore. Nothing on their domains can escape their grasps, due their roots going deep to find and bind their foes, as they can also seed trees on the battlefield to aid allies with cover, heal and positioning.
    • Large.
    • Heart of Tree: unit can be deployed to any wood or forest on the adventure map and provide vision on the area. When a hero enters a forest while treants are in the army, the whole linked forest becomes visible.
    • Enroot: upon activation, enroots itself on the ground, making it impossible to be displaced. Its defensive values double, at the cost of no retaliation. Physical attacks (melee or ranged) prompt a binding root that will hold the enemy still, unable to move or act until the next round. Enrooting increases effects of all surrounding dendroid saplings. This link to the earth makes them immune to earth-based damage.
    • Bind: passive ability, attack binds foe to the ground. Only one foe can be bound per time, and the effect vanishes, if treant moves or changes target.

    • Guardian Tree: grows a tree anywhere visible on the battlefield. It cures a random ailment on adjacent allies at the beginning of each round, provides cover for allies and obstacle penalty for foes. It requires 2 hits to be destroyed. Each treant sustains one guardian tree per time and trees cannot be planted adjacent to each other. Fire-based damage instantly terminates the tree)

Elite Tier | Suzaku – the flying magical vermilion birds holds fair weather powers, ever warm in healing flames, implacable against foes, reducing them to cinders. When the wisp finds their way to the suzaku, suzaku even gain the ability to return to life, if they are taken down, embedding powers of the long-gone ancient entity named Phoenix, whilst its magic slumbers upon the vast magical world of the wisps.
    • Flame Dweller: fire-based damage heals this unit, but won’t resurrect the fallen.
    • Summer Flight: once per battle, unit can change the weather on the battlefield to clean and fair, nullifying massive weather spells and bad weather. It grants allied units a variable regen every round, if ability is used on native terrain.
    • Ember Strike: attack disintegrates physical targets, which cannot be healed nor resurrected. And those that survive can be even blinded by the luminous power emanated from suzaku.
    • Phoenix Rise: when killed, returns with a third of its max life. This power wanes with time, weakening steadily. Passively makes fire-based damage restore last instance of Phoenix Rise power back to a third. Suzaku automatically casts it, if whole stack dies.

Prime Tier | Kirin – the floating entity Kirin is a river-deity, bringer of life, meandering and connecting woods and lands, carrying riches and providing hope. However, when threatened, it can summon typhoons and flooding that will wipe out all foes from sight, washing away everything with them.
    • Large.
    • Floater.
    • River Deity: unit is immune to water and ice-based. If positioned on water terrain, any enemy walking on any linked water terrain will be slowed and suffer a small water-based damage. On the adventure map, allows hero to cross shallow waters and rivers.
    • Raging Typhoon: whenever attacked, it turns itself into a water typhoon damaging and displacing all surrounding foes, clock-wise, dealing mild and mixed damage.

    • Flux Rapids: turns its own body into water to absorb a third of any physical damage when attacked. When moving, passes through units, completely cleansing allies from body-affecting ailments, and damages for a third its damage any enemy in its path, including a small chance of killing them by drowning. Passively increases Raging Typhoon damage and grants immunity to body-affecting ailments. In deep cold weather or snow terrain, this ability may freeze foes on the spot.

Siege Units

    • Alraune Vise – a fixed living war|siege machine that will release clouds of spores that will damage and affect enemies within the AoE. Skilled dendroid heroes can increase the range of effects of these spores on enemies. Random ailments ranging from slow, sleep, paralysis, weakness and blind can be triggered. Non-native ranged units lose a tad of their damage output.
    • Peacock Spiderling – a moving war|siege machine that swarms enemies almost unseen, attacks with crippling bites, and deceives foes, drawing fire and attention to it, whilst its advantageous diminished size grants it protection from direct harm; enemies may spend their retaliation fruitlessly. Larger foes are harder to prompt into retaliation.
    • Salamander – a moving living siege machine that resembles a huge fiery turtle and will damage defensive structures with its shell. While not moving and waiting to act, it’ll retreat to its shell that will sting and damage any enemy target that gets to an adjacent position. It’s more effective against gates and wooden structures.
    • Dolmen Archon – a moving living siege machine that causes shockwaves and earthquakes to damage structures remotely, as it can shift position and gets too far for direct targeting, only other ranged siege weaponry can reach it. However, at closer range, the shockwaves are stronger, more effective. It has a chance to unbalance enemy lines, slow or even cancel their initiative. When defending from a siege, they counter earthquake powers by neutralizing them, greatly prolonging the lifespan of defensive buildings.

Mount and Ultimate Artefact

Unicorn: Fae Rampart heroes mount unicorns.

Everlasting Flame: heals and spawns a random number of will o’wisps per round during a battle. The more existing wisps present, the greater the odds of higher numbers of spawning new wisps. They’ll always add to the existing stack, or create a new one, if none is present, beside the hero wielding the artefact. Treants seeds two guardian trees per time. Boitata creates two illusions. Improves suzaku’s phoenix rise ability power to half of their life, and grants it unlimited time for activating. Only Fae Rampart heroes are allowed to use this artefact.

P.S.: tried to give more lore to explain how units came together, pruned numbers here and there. Tried to prune text as well, but not that successful at that. Tried to tweak formatting a bit, but content-wise, it shows the same elements as the previous proposal.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Known Hero
posted June 16, 2017 11:25 PM

Whoa, this is fun. I'll maybe cook something up for this. Hope I'll have enough perseverance this time. Been a while since I've been here.

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted June 17, 2017 12:01 AM
Edited by markmasters at 15:06, 04 Jul 2017.

Rampart (Nature alligned): Rampart town

Town music Protectors of the earth

Some humans possess magical powers, but decided not to use them for the purpose of the light, neither for the darkness but for balance. Unfortunatly even those were seen as heathens by the followers of the light and from a young age these humans knew they had to find a path for themselves, and fled into the forest.

Here they learned to contact with the beings of nature, and learned that not only the animals lived, but also the plants and even their surroundings. By performing powerfull magic, they learned to communicate with the entire forest, and this showed them that only nature is pure. Thus the group of humans called themselves Druids, and allied nature with all their strength. The forest, accepting these different humans accepted this alliance, together with their creatures and plants.

Druid (magic): Druids specialize themselves in restoring magic and communicating with nature while also able to conjure powerful natural elements like storm, rain and earthquakes. Druid

(racial bonus for druids: depending on the type of terrain they stand on, druids cast spells with increased effect or even special bonuses).

Warden (might) After the druids started getting offspring, some children seemed not able to harness the magic powers as well as their ancestors. Upon age, they were called wardens for their support for the forests in their own way. They have learned to track down their enemies, travel easily over most types of terrain and rely on their vision and swiftness. Their weapon of choice is often a bow.

(racial bonus for wardens: initiative for army in forest and grassy areas is increased, pathfinding is more efficient then other races)

Town strategy: Defensive, supportive and positioning are key, a lot of their creatures can hinder the opponents movement. Their weakness is not having much flying units.


Tier 1
Carnivora/Sturdy Carnivora
The druids learned quickly that, even while they had an alliance with nature, the rule of ‘survival of the fittest’ applied, and this meant they had to defend themselves as well. One of the druids grew a special type of plant by mixing different species of plants. The plants lived of flesh and would bite anything that came near and did not have the scent they were used to. The druids used these plants to protect their supplies against vermin and later even enchanted the plants in a way they could walk.

Basic melee creature. Upgraded: Can root in the ground to increase it’s defence by 100%, but lose it’s ability to walk until the uproot action is used (which takes a full turn)

Tier 2:
Serpent Fly/Dragon fly
Some species of insects grow to enormous sizes and have proven to be quite intelligent creatures. The serpent flies mainly eat other insects that were in plenty of numbers at the settlement of the humans.
Flying creature.Upgraded: Upon age, the serpent flies gain more colors and are then called dragon flies, the dragon flies have a chance to apply a venomous bite (25%) that makes the victim act slower (reduces enemy speed by 25%)

Tier 3:
Kobold scout/Kobold pathfinder
As an experiment, an old civilization of wizards crossed humans and animals and created kobolds, half lizards, half humans. Unfortunately, the kobolds seemed to have lost most of their human intelligence and were not up for the difficult tasks the wizards had in mind, nor for the hard labour they already used golems for. Not wanted any more mouths to feed they exiled the kobolds who sought shelter in swamps and forests. Some of them learned the human tongue, and found contact with the druids that settled in the forests later and they made a trading pact and become allies eventually.

Basic ranged unit with a melee penalty Upgraded: The Kobold pathfinders have put an extraordinary amount of training in their tail muscles, when attacking a small sized enemy within melee ranged they use their tail to slam that enemy one hex backwards (if there is space) and then perform a ranged attack.

Tier 4:
Shape shifters / Elder Shape shifters
Some of the druids felt so connected with nature and animals that they wanted to become an animal themselves and learned the magic to transform into an animal. Most chose to shape into large beasts like wolves and bears, the unfortunate ones accidently transformed themselves in a toad or a worm….and were quickly devoured by their natural enemies.

Special melee unit, can shape shift, before combat it can be selected to transform into either a wolf or a bear.

Wolf: Swift melee unit that can strike twice
Bear: Slow sturdy unit that can sustain a lot of damage

Upgraded: Elder Shape shifters have increased stats and have the ability to change forms in combat (using it’s turn).

Tier 5:
Giant spider/Goliath spider
One of the most effective predators in the animal kingdoms are spiders, using speed, deadly traps and venomous fangs to catch their prey. Although many humans fear spiders the druids learned that spiders rarely eat humans, only when they have their young to feed. Just like the dragon flies moved towards the druids settlement to feed on the insects, the spiders moved toward the settlement to feed on the animals that hunted on the dragonflies. As the druids first feared these huge arachnids, they learned to communicate with them and found out the spiders meant them no harm as long as they don’t try to hurt their broods. Any unfortunate enemy that will try might end up in a web….

Large ranged unit with no melee penalty that can fire webs accurately, small enemies hit by the web have a 10% chance to lose their turn and flying enemies lose their ability to fly for 1 turn
Upgraded: Goliath spiders can spin webs with tremendous speed and use them to catch unwary enemies in their tracks. Once per combat goliath spiders can spin a web on 3 nearby adjacent hexes that will trap any small enemy walking into it, making them unable to move for 3 turns.

Tier 6:
Unicorn/Radiant Unicorn
Considered blessed, (and deadly,) unicorns emit a healing presence to nearby allies while some of them posses the power to blind enemies. Nothing in the forests hunts on these beautiful creatures and the druids obtained their respects by healing scarred nature and taking care of wounded animals.
Special melee unit, adjacent allies heal a portion of their HP on their turn
Upgraded: Radiant unicorns can channel a radiant light blinding an enemy for two turns, if the unicorns stop the channel early, the blinding will stop.

Tier 7:
Earth Elemental/Earth Guardian
Various explorers wanted to see an Earth elemental  in their lives but only a few have seen them. Well, many have actually seen them without knowing. Most humans think an earth elemental lives on a mountain, little do they know it is often the mountain itself. Earth elementals are gigantic creatures that most often are in a deep slumber and are said to have formed a large part of nature themselves. And thus they can feel when their creations get destroyed, they have noticed the druids are trying to preserve nature, and are willing to assist them.

Huge sturdy melee unit with a passive ability: Towering The Earth elementals/guardians are so big that they make it hard for opposing ranged units to hit anything directly behind them, 50% of the ranged  damage taken by a unit directly behind the elemental/guardian is transferred to the Earth elemental/guardian instead.
Upgraded Earth Guardians are very valuable in sieges, when next to a castle wall they can damage it with their strength, but also pick up a nearby allied unit and place them on the other side of the castle wall (takes an action). (this sort of compensates the lack of flying creatures while assaulting a town). In addition, Earth guardians are not hindered by moats (and other defensive tools) in a town siege.

Special buildings:
Spider nests (requires spider cave): While defending a Rampart town where spider nests are present, the walls and areas above the walls are coated with spider webs, increasing their defense against siege attacks and reducing damage from non-magic ranged attacks by 25% to creatures within the walls.

Mystic pond: Various critters from the forests gather here every week. Every week (like week of the fox) information about enemies, nearby resources and rumors can be obtained here.

Botanic grounds: Resource mines and sawmills you own within X radius of the town are guarded by an amount of Carnivora’s  (tier 1) with an amount equal to your highest level hero multiplied the amount of weeks in-game (so hero level 10 in week 4, will mean your mines are guarded by 40 carnivora's). These Carnivora’s cannot be removed from the mines. This building can stack with nearby other Ramparts

Ent of the ancients (grail building): Ent of the Ancients grants 5000 extra gold per day, 50% unit growth and allows you to recruit Ents that function as a warmachine. Each hero can recruit one Ent that throws rocks and has a chance to stun enemies with that attack. HP and power depend on the hero’s level.

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Adventuring Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted June 17, 2017 08:42 AM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 11:24, 17 Jun 2017.

Congratulations to Methven for winning the first round! I'm sorry I didn't vote, I had some stuff going on but I'll try to this time.


Motto: Civilization is a disease, we are the cure.

Terrain: Forest; all rough terrain penalty is reduced by 50% everywhere at least 5 tiles away from roads, roads and the surrounding areas incur a 60% penalty

Architecture: Very little, if any, actual buildings, instead their "towns" are mostly made up of re-purposed plants and fungi.

Example 1

Example 2


The Fey are a race of spirits that were trapped on this plane when an overzealous druid attempted to summon them as allies in protecting the Elves' forests from the ever-expanding cities of Men and Dwarves. Little could she have anticipated that the Fey would see not only the shorter-lived races as a threat, but the Elves as well. The Fey view any who would level forests, plow the earth, or mine minerals from the mountains as parasites who will eventually destroy their host. While, understandably, other races tend to view them as evil creatures hell bent on the world's destruction, the Fey truly believe their cause is just.

Might Hero: Hunter


Hunters are Fey or their allies whom have specialized in hunting down and destroying any life forms that would dare exploit nature to create abominations like constructs or undead. As a result, creatures under their command receive an X% bonus to damage dealt to these types of creatures.

Magic Hero: Thornsower  


Thornsowers practice a slightly modified version of druidic magic. While the Elves preached harmony between all things, the Fey turned their own magic against them and utilized it to raze their cities to the ground, returning them to the forests they came from; thus Thornsowers were born. They thrive on channeling nature's powers to destroy their foes, and as such receive a bonus to spellpower every time an enemy stack falls to a Sylvan unit.

Faction Skill: Back to the Dirt

When an enemy stack falls in combat, Sylvan creatures receive a +X% bonus to initiative, depending on Hero level.


Tier 1: Jackalope --> Warrior Rabbit

Jackalopes are a large species of rabbit with the antlers of an antelope, and while they may appear to be cute animals that pose no real threat, the Fey have trained them into surprisingly dangerous scouts.

Luck is always positive.
Increase scouting radius of hero by 2 tiles
Loses Cowardice

Tier 2: Faun --> Satyr

When the Fey first arrived, they were not met with universal resistance from the current inhabitants of the forests. Fauns and the more powerful Satyrs were like-minded creatures, and sided with the Fey in their war with the Elves.


Tier 3: Dryad --> Spriggan

Dryads are all that remains of the Elves. After the Fey turned on them and nearly slaughtered them all, it was decided that the remaining Elves that had given up on resistance were more useful "alive" than dead. Thus, the Dryads were born. An Elf's body with the soul of a dead Fey, these creatures wield powerful magic.

Immune to earth magic
Caster (Regeneration, Entangle)

Tier 4: Dendroid --> Dendroid Soldier

Dendroids are trees that have been possessed by the Fey. They differ from the Elves' Treants in that they are smaller, but more vicious.

Immune to Slow
Rage of the Forest (same as savage treant's ability from H5)

Tier 5: Werewolf --> Fenrir

When the Fey first arrived on this plane, a mysterious disease swept over the world, causing fevers, and occasionally madness in humanoids. The stranger effect, however, was seen in wolves. It started out that areas with large wolf populations saw the number of sightings shrink during nights with a full moon, but these occurrences happened more and more often until wolves were virtually unheard of in these places. Nobody but the Fey and those whom they have invaded know the horror of what truly happened.

Maddening attack (creatures that suffer an attack from a werewolf have a chance to suffer the effects of Frenzy 2 turns after being attacked)
Frightful Aura

Tier 6: Unicorn -->Alicorn

Unicorns and Alicorns were once steadfast allies of the Elves, however they have been enslaved by the Fey as a means of transportation, and as powerful fighters in their conquest to return the world to it's beginnings.

Blinding Attack
The stack that kills a stack of Unicorns or Alicorns has negative moral for the rest of the battle
Aura of Magic Resistance

Tier 7: Zomok --> Coatl

Okay I know Zomoks upgrading into Coatls doesn't any sense whatsoever at face value but hear me out hear lol

Zomoks appear to be large, hulking lizards made of stone, dirt and moss, and are too heavy for their wings to be of any use for flying. However, while powerful, these Dragon-like creatures are actually a cocoon-like state that the brilliantly colored, winged serpents known as Coatl must go through while they undergo a metamorphosis from their juvenile form (often mistaken for anacondas). Once they emerge from their "cocoons", Coatl are a magnificent sight to behold, dazzling any enemy that comes near them.

Once per combat, Zomoks can use their wings to blow any unit adjacent to them back 2 tiles
Loses the ability to blow away units
No Enemy Retaliation
Enemy units that begin their turn adjacent to a Coatl take light damage equal to 30% of it's attack power.

Special Buildings

Totem of Fury

Increases initiative of all units by 5%, and adds +1 to the attack of all Sylvan Heroes for every enemy town captured.

Mystic Pond

Increases gold income by 250 per day, and grants 2-5 units of a random rare resource at the beginning of each week

Grail Building-Primeval Altar

Increases gold income by 5000 per day and creature growth by 50%. Resources can be converted into Experience here, with better rates for every Totem of Fury in your kingdom.

Phew! That's that!
^ my dead proposal thread. Maybe I'll update it again someday
^ My novelization of HoMM 5

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted June 17, 2017 11:05 AM
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Symbol: The Tree of Life, its roots entangling in a complex knot.
Motto: Live with the Land
Terrain: This faction has no home terrain, but instead varies with the terrain it finds on spot.
Architecture: All buildings are part of the terrain or blend into it. Typical are Huge trees made houses, but also Treetop-Houses (Which trees, depends on the terrain, from snow-covered pines (snow) over palm trees (desert) to mushrooms & giant roots (underground)). There are stone buildings made from the stone of the surrounding are, and often only half outside of it.
The Preserves are no cities in the conventional sense. They rather are refuges for the beings of the forest. Usually most of these are free, proud and seclusive. But the retreat of the Wilderness and the advance of the so-called civilizations have driven them into a wild, fierce alliance. Their leaders, Wardens and Druids, are those who initiated this union, which is both fragile and stabile at once. Though they tend to stay in their forests and focus on the defense of their borders, it is not unknown for them to wage offensive wars - for they, too, know a good attack can be the best defense.
Music theme examples:
King of the Woodlands for the town screen
???Wolf Blood[/url] for the battle theme and Heart of the Forest for the Adventure Map.
These are, of course, only examples for the kind of song I'd like!

Might Hero:Warden
The Wardens are defenders of the Land, rallying the forces of nature to defend it against the sprawling cities, mines, streets and mills of other nations.
Equipment: Brown Leather Armor with Cloth parts in the player colors; A Cap in player color as well; A huge wooden Longbow, including a Cache worn over the shoulder
Attack: Range (projectile)
Scenario Heroes' Races: (12) Elves, Dendroids, Satyr, Human
Mount: Unicorn (none for Dendroids)
Class Skill: Guardian of the Lands
The Wardens benefit from the specifics of certain terrains by enhancing their troops with abilities specific to the terrain. The Perks/Subskills allow the Warden to actively use the Terrain for their advantage, especially on the Battlefield.
-Cursed Land: -
-Desert: Sandholes (Activated. This unit burrows itself within the sand. In the sand, it cannot be seen. However it takes damage from area effects and Earthquake. It can move a third of their speed unseen. It can attack directly from the sand for 50% damage but without retaliation. After that, the sand is left.)
-Earth: Forest Guardians [Only if the battle happens close to Woods/Forest] (This units' Initiative and morale rise after each turn. This bonus is cumultative.)
-Grassland: Nature's Hunt (This unit has +50% speed for performing a melee attack. If an enemy further away than the normal speed is attacked, they cannot retaliate.)
-Jungle: Toxic Thorns (This units' physical strikes have a chance of 10/25/50/75% (Core/Advanced/Elite/Champion) to inflict poison.)
-Mountains: Climbing (This unit can pass Walls and height-based obstacles, although it needs more movement points to pass them.), Fall Attack (When attacking an enemy while on a height-based obstacle, this unit deals additional damage and pushes the enemy away to take their place.)
-Sea: Silent Boarding [Only if the Warden is the attacker] (This unit is placed anywhere the border of the enemy ship - after the enemy has finished their placement.), Steady [Only if the Warden is the Defender] (This unit cannot be moved by enemy spells, abilities and effects).
-Snow: Winter Warrior (This unit has 2/3/4/5% (Core/Advanced/Elite/Champion) damage resistance (that part of any damage is ignored).)
-Steppe: True Freedom (Any effect decreasing this units' stats has its duration halfed.)
-Swamp: Swamp Stalking (This unit starts the battle hidden and stays hidden, until it attacks, travels more than half their speed in one turn, uses an ability, or an enemy is directly adjacent to it.)
-Underground: Immune to Blind, Tunnel-Sight (This unit can see hidden enemy units within 5 tiles)
-Volcanic: Ashen Heart (This unit is immune to any effects of morale and any Fear- or Joy-based effects.)
-Wasteland: Wild (This units' attack and initiative are increased after they attack or retaliate, but reduced after they wait, defend or use a non-aggressive ability.)

Magic Hero:Druid
The Druids are powerful spellcasters, gaining powers directly from the Land around them
Equipment: Long robes in differing tones, depending on the terrain, with the faction symbol woven on it in the player color; an antlered Hood in the same colors as the robe; a Long wooden Staff, the color also depending on the terrain
Attack: Ranged (Magical)
Scenario Heroes' Races: (12) Elves, Pixies, Dryads, Satyr, Human
Mount: Changes with the Terrain - Elk (Snow), Deer (Earth, Grassland), Tapir (Jungle, Swamp), Antelope (Steppe, Wasteland), Oryx (Desert), Capricorn (Mountain), Giant Mole (Underground), None (Sea, Volcanic, Cursed Land)
Class Skill: Nature Magic
While a Druid can also learn and cast spells the normal way, they are most efficient in using the land for that. Staying whole days on one terrain gives them the chance to learn spells fitting to the terrain. Casting spells fitting to the terrain also decreases their cost and increases their effect. The rate in which this happens depends on the skill level. One should note, though, that on all terrains, some other spells are diminished in their power because they are too far from the lands character. The Perks/Subskills allow the Druid to focus on a group of terrains and to alter the terrain itself both on Adventure Map and Battlefield.
-Cursed Land: Druids have it harder casting ANY spell here.
-Desert: Illusion & Mind-Altering Spells are enhanced, all Water spells are weaker
-Earth: All Earth spells and Healing Spells are increased, Damage Spells and Fire Spells are weaker
-Grassland: Blessings are increased, Curses are weaker
-Jungle: Curses are enhanced, Healing spells and all Ice Spells are weaker
-Mountains: Air and Earth Spells are enhanced, Curses and Healing Spells are weaker
-Sea: Water spells are enhanced with twice the normal enhancement - all other spells are weaker
-Snow: Curses and Damage Spells are enhanced, Healing Spells, Blessings and Fire Spells are weaker
-Steppe: Air Spells are enhanced, Fire Spells are weaker
-Swamp: Water Spells and Curses are enhanced, Blessings, Healing Spells and Direct Damage spells are weaker
-Underground: Earth Spells are increased, Blesses and Mind-altering Spells are weaker
-Volcanic: Fire Spells and Direct Damage Spells are enhanced, all other are weaker
-Wasteland: Damage Spells with Air or Earth Element are enhanced, Water Spells and Healing Spells are weaker


Universal Ability: Nature's Bond
All Preserve units have this ability. It alters the stats of them, depending on the Land they are on.
Cursed Land: -2% for all stats
Desert: +10% damage, -5% hitpoints, -5% initiative
Earth: +5% defense, +5% hitpoints, -10% speed
Grassland: +10% speed, -10% defense
Jungle: +5% attack, +5% defense, -5% speed, -5% hitpoints
Mountains: +10% defense, -10% attack
Sea: 3 random stats are changed, 2 by +5%, 1 by -5%
Snow: +5% damage, +5% defense, -5% hitpoints, -5% initiative
Steppe: +5% speed, +5% attack, -10% defense
Swamp: +5% defense, +5% Attack, -10% speed
Underground: +10% hitpoints, -20% initiative
Volcanic: +5% damage, -10% hitpoints
Wasteland: +5% attack, -5% initiative, -5% defense

As everything this faction, upgrades are also bound on the terrain - this time, the terrain of the town in which the upgrade happens. Unwanted combinations can partly be avoided by multiple terrains for each upgrade, partly by using caravans to transport troops.


-Wolf-> Elfhound (Earth, Grassland, Steppe) / Warg (Mountain, Snow, Swamp, Wasteland) / Redmane (Desert, Jungle, Volcanic)
The Wolves of the Wild Forests follow the Call of the Preserve whenever they receive it. The fight fiercely and ferociously against all enemies of Nature. Elfhounds live with the Elves and thus are more quiet and calm - but it would be a terrible mistake to think them less dangerous. The wild, angry and bulky Wargs follow only strength, hunger and their lust for combat. Many civilized people fear and despise them as the most aggressive and dangerous beasts. Redmanes are the wolves of the warmer lands. While smaller and thinner, they are more cunning and almost as aggressive as Wargs.
Stats: Good Speed, Initiative and Damage, Weak Hitpoints and Defense. Elfhounds are even faster and quicker, but deal less damage. Wargs have more Hitpoints and Attack. Redmanes are slightly better in Attack and Initiative.
  •Circling (If another friendly unit is adjacent to an attacked enemy, that enemy cannot retaliate against this unit.)
  •Harass (When an adjacent enemy moves away from this unit, it will follow and, if it still has a retaliation, use it to perform an attack against that enemy.)
  •Pack Defense (When an adjacent friendly unit retaliates, this unit retaliates with it.)
  •Pack Hunt (Adjacent stacks with this ability strike together when one of them performs a melee attack.)
  •Scent of Blood (This unit's attack increases with the number of fallen living enemies on the Battlefield.)
  •Wild Beast [Not for Elfhound] (There is a chance this unit ignores a command if it is not an attack command, and instead attacks the nearest enemy.)
Dwelling: Wolf Den > Wolf Cave

-Pixie-> Sprite (Desert, Jungle, Snow, Volcanic) / Fairy (Earth, Grassland, Mountain, Steppe) / Fae (Cursed Land, Swamp, Underground, Wasteland)
Pixies are a mysterious and ancient race, once numerous all around the world. These half-spirits of Nature react sensible to the violation of their surroundings and thus have been diminished with the growing civilizations more and more. To defend their homes they can be fierce and cunning fighters. The solitary Sprites are not often seen outside their small nests. The call of a Warden or Druid might bring them into battle, though. A Fairy is usually peaceful and friendly and only the constant attacks by ignorant people of the "biggers" - as they call almost any other humanoid race - have driven them into a reluctant defense. Fae on the other hand are always cunning and cruel. While in times of peace for themselves this results mostly in strange japes and riddles, in times of war they can inspire awe into the heart of many enemies.
Stats: Great initiative and Speed, but rather weak in all other stacks.
  •Confusing Attack (Enemies attacked by this unit use up their retaliation without performing it.)
  •Dust Attack (When this unit attacks an enemy, it also hits adjacent enemies.)
  •Flight (When attacked, this unit does not retaliate but instead flies away as far as it can)
  •Fairy Dust (Activated, once each 3 turns. When using this ability, all friendly units within 5 tiles are healed and cured from one poison or curse effect.)
  •Fae Dust (Activated, once every 2 turns. Target enemy unit gets 2 random negative effects from a broad array.)
  •Hates Humanoids (This unit deals +50% damage against humanoid units, but gets a morale penalty if it is capable to attack them and commanded not to do so.)
  •No Enemy Retaliation
  •Pixie Dust (Activated, once per battle. When used, target friendly unit is healed and any poison effect is removed.)
Dwelling: Treetop Colony > Treetop Town


-Satyr-> Faun (Mountain, Volcanic, Wastelands) / Pan (Desert, Grassland, Snow, Swamp) / Bacchan (Earth, Jungle, Steppe, Underground)
Satyrn are an old and wild halfblood folk. They love music and dancing above all, which can even be seen in battle. Fauns are teh most warlike of their people, having developed a strange battle dance, elegant but deadly. A Pan is a great musician and leader of his people. His inspiring tunes can both lighten and heaten the hearts of allies. It is rare for a Bacchan to be seen in battle. This Satyr tribe favors physical lust above all and are also masters of it. They can even seduce enemies within battle. However, due to their races preference, their song works only on women.
Stats: Good Hitpoints and Initiative, Weak Attack and Damage
  •Battle Dance (This unit fights using a special dancing technique. Thus, instead of having one retaliation they use up, they can retaliate as often as they want, but each retaliation prolongs their next turn.)
  •Beautiful music (When this unit plays any tune on the flute, all friendly units get a temporary boost on Morale and Luck.)
  •Dance Steps (When attacking an adjacent enemy, this unit moves sideways around it, if possible. If it does so, it ignores a part of the enemy defense.)
  •Lustful Song (Activated, once per 3 turns. Target female living unit temporarily falls for the Bacchan and you gain their next turn.)
  •Satyr Flute (When Satyrs only move, wait or defend in a turn, they play their tunes, raising one stat for all allied units. Which stat depends on the terrain.)
  •Song of Life (Activated, once per battle. This unit sings the song of life, healing all friendly unit (ressurrection possible, but limited.))
  •Voice of the Beasts (This unit copies abilities from adjacent Beast units. Not all abilities are mimickable, though (nothing stemming directly from the body, mainly. For example, a Satyr cannot get the Winged Stags' ability to fly, but it can very well copy "Pack Hunter").)
Dwelling: Dancing Glade > Feasting Glade

-Wood Elf-> Sharpshooter (Desert, Grassland, Mountain, Volcanic) / Ranger (Steppe, Underground, Wasteland) / Woodguard (Earth, Jungle, Snow, Swamp)
The Wood Elves might well be the most ancient of elven peoples. It is said they never left their woods and they live as part of them, instead of ruling and controling. They are especially famed for their skill with longbows, in which they excel all other races. The best bowmen, however, are clearly the Sharpshooters. They alone can decide a battle beforeany blades are crossed. Some elves rather become Rangers, roaming the land far and wide. They protect the lands and beings which cannot protect themselves and are skilled in close combat as much as in archery. The Woodguard, finally, is usually found around elven settlements, born defenders of the forest. Their strikes from the shadows have earned the wood elves the reputation of a ruthless, dangerous folk.
Stats: Great Attack, Good Damage, Very Weak defense and Weak Hitpoints. Sharpshooters have even better attack, but are more fragile; Rangers have less attack, but a better defense and Initiative and Woodguards sacrifice some damage for better hitpoints.
  •Beast Friend (This unit knows how to talk to beasts, giving adjacent beast units a bonus on initiative)
  •Double Shot (This unit performs two ranged attacks in a row. If an enemy can retaliate in range, the retaliation happens between these shots.)
  •Forest Stealth (This unit is considered hidden whilst adjacent to a tree/Bush obstacle. It can be discovered by the usual means of discovering hidden units.)
  •Hidden Shots (When this unit performs a ranged attack while hidden, it is NOT discovered by the enemy. Such attacks also deal +10% damage.)
  •No Melee Penalty
  •No Range Penalty
  •Ranged Retaliation (This unit can perform a retaliation when it is attacked with a ranged attack.)
  •Roaming the Land (This unit increases the range of sight an army has on the Adventure Map. Anything hidden on the Adventure Map is spotted easier.)
Dwelling: Elf Tree > Life Tree


-Dryad-> Huorn (Desert, Earth, Mountain, Wasteland) / Nymph (Grassland, Jungle, Swamp) / Erlqyn (Snow, Steppe, Underground, Volcanic)
Dryads are Tree-spirits in a female shape. They guard their trees and groves with wild ferocity. On the other hand, they are often fascinated by mortals and often search to talk with them if approached peacefully - and do more, or so it is said. Such talk cannot be heard of Huorns, however. Dark and brooding spirits, they look least mortal of all dryads. And they strike against any intruder with mistrust and hate. Nymphs are much more peaceful. Yet their playful, sometimes lustful demeanor should not be taken as granted. They can be as dangerous as any other dryad. Erlqyn are a myster to most mortals. Great schemers, old and wise, but also cunning and sometimes cruel. They are often blamed by humans to exchange human children with changelings.
Stats: Good Hitpoints, weak Damage and Speed. Huorns are even slower, but their damage and defense are better; Nymphs have even better hitpoints and initiative; Erlqyns have excellent speed and better defense.
  •Bloom (This unit increases the morale of all friendly units within 4 tiles range.)
  •Caster (This unit can cast spells. As with druids, the terrain determines which spells exactly can be cast. Dryads usually have curses and blessings though. Huorns change blessings to damage spells.Erlqyn have more offensive blessings. Nymphs have a defensive spell array.)
  •Forest Spring (Activated. All adjacent friendly units recovere some hitpoints.)
  •Hates Humanoids (This unit deals +50% damage against humanoid units, but gets a morale penalty if it is capable to attack them and commanded not to do so.)
  •Seduce [Not for Huorns] (Activated, once per battle. Target living unit temporarily falls for the Dryad and you gain their turns, until you decide to stop. During that time, the Dryad has no turns.)
  •Shadow of the Forest (This unit and all adjacent units suffer 50% less damage from ranged attacks.)
  •Tree-Bond (This unit gets a bonus to max hp as long as it stands adjacent to a tree or bush obstacle.)
  •Veil of the Grove (This unit cannot be single-target for enemy spells or active abilities.)
Dwelling: Spring Grove > Summer Grove

-Winged Stag-> Peryton (Desert, Grass, Mountain) / Antlered Shadow (Snow, Volcanic, Wasteland) / Crowned Stag (Earth, Jungle, Steppe, Swamp)
These rare and wild beasts of unknown origins are fearsome fighters despite their relation to prey animals. They are said to feed on other animals instead of grazing on the meadows. More siniser even is the talk of the Peryton, the man-eater among the winged stags. Crowned Stags are of a different kind, proud and intelligent. They are said to be honorable and benevolent. Antlered Shadow is the name the dwarves gave a mysterious type of winged stags, hiding themselves in mist for unknown purposes.
Stats: Great Speed and Attack, Very Weak defense. PEryton does more damage; Antlered shadow is even faster. Crowned Stag has more Attackand Initiative.
  •Antler Thrust (When this unit attacks in melee, it will move the target creature by 0-3 tiles in a random direction away from them. If the target was moved, it cannot retaliate.)
  •Feed (After this creature killed a living enemy, its next turn is prolonged, but it gets a bonus on attack and damage for 3 turns (not cumultative).)
  •Majestic Presence (All adjacent friendly living units get a bonus on defense, and all adjacent enemy living units a malus on attack.)
  •Man-Eater (After this creature killed at least one humanoid creature, all other enemy humanoid creatures on the battlefield get a malus on morale (not cumultative) and initiative (cumultative up to 25%) for 5 turns.)
  •Shadow Veil (This creature cannot be target of ranged attacks.)
  •Spiked Antlers (When an enemy is moved by this creature with "Antler Thrust", it becomes "bleeding", making future physical attacks against it more effective.)
  •Strike and Return
Dwelling: Hidden Meadows > Mytic Meadows


-Dendroid-> Wood Wrath (Desert, Steppe, Volcanic, Wasteland) / Ferndroid (Mountain, Snow, Swamp, Underground) / Forest Elder (Earth, Grassland, Jungle)
Dendroids are a weird species of Giant, sentient, feeling humanoid Trees. Their origins are unknown, but they have always been the Guardians of the Forests. "Wood Wrath" is a name the Orcs have given a certain group of Dendroids, which seem to be the strongest Warriors of the Treefolk. Their Anger and Hate for all disturbers makes great Knights and vile Necromancers all shiver in fear. Ferndroids are more peaceful, but still a power to behold. These dark green Tree Giants are considered weird even by other Dendroids. Finally, if a mortal is lucky, they might actually meet a Forest Elder. These ancients dwell in the deepest Forests only. And those lucky enough to meet them have to be twice that lucky to survive the meeting, should they be foolish enough to harm the Elder or its Forest in any way.
Stats: Great Hitpoints and Defense, Very Weak Initiative and Speed. Wood Wraths do more damage; Ferndroids have better Initiative and Attack; Forest Elder have the weakest Initiative and the Highest Hitpoints of all Creatures in the Game.
  •Deep Roots (When in the Taking Roots stance, this unit regenerates 25% of its max hp each turn.)
  •Entangle (When this unit deals melee damage to an enemy, that enemy gets entangled until this unit is defeated or moves. Entangled units cannot move and their only available target for attacks is the stack which entangled it.)
  •Hates Humanoids (This unit deals +50% damage against humanoid units, but gets a morale penalty if it is capable to attack them and commanded not to do so.)
  •Stir (This unit has a special stir-meter, starting at 0 when the battle begins. This rises whenever the unit or friendly Preserve units, are damaged. It also rises when a friendly structure or a tree-/bush-obstacle on the Battle Map are damaged or destroyed. When this unit is burning, any rise of the stir-meter is doubled. This unit gets a bonus on Initiative and Attack based on the current Stir-value.)
  •Take Roots (Activated. Until deactivated, this unit has taken roots and cannot move. It gains unlimited retaliation, +25% defense and +25% retaliation damage, though.)
  •Stoic (The Stir-meter of this unit rises half as fast normal.)
  •Treefolk(This unit takes double Fire damage and +50% Ice and Lightning Damage, but -50% Wind and Earth Damage. It counts as a tree obstacle for all abilities referring to such.)
  •Warden of the Forest (All friendly Preserve units and structures get +20% max hp.)
  •Wrath of the Forest (This unit starts is Stir-meter filled so much, that they get a +25% Attack & Initiative bonus at the beginning of the battle. In a Siege (Defense OR Attack!) it starts at +50%.)
Dwelling: Heart of the Forest > Soul of the Trees

The PreserveTown

Special building #1:Vast Forest
This "building" increases forests around the city, thus increasing the number of Tree and Bush obstacles that will appear in that area. The Range depends on the City size.

Special building #2:Angry Forest
In a large area around the city (depending on city size), Enemies will get damaged when travelling alongside forests, trees and bushes. There is a small chance that the passing enemy army gets attacked by a group of Preserve units. Only units whose buildings are built in the town can be part of such attacks. The size of the attackers depends on the city size.

Special building #3:Stone Circle
The Stone Circle gives visiting Magic Heroes a onetime bonus on experience. Additionally, it can be used to change the terrain around the city. If a powerful enough druid stays in the city, the terrain will slowly change to the Terrain you wish it to be. It does not start with the Terrain the town is on, though. (So you can NOT that easily switch terrains for upgrade purposes!)

Grail building:Eldest Oak
Additional to the income and growth effects you gain sight of all tiles on the Adventure map which are adhacent to forest.

The Walls of the Preserve are not built stone Walls. Instead, it are rough Walls of natural Stone, strengthened and helt by Strange Tree Roots. The Towers are specializeds Dendroids, throwing stones at the Enemies. The moat has no water, but is made of a thorn thicket. The thornes do not only stop enemies, but also damage them and can inflict poison (chance rising with defense building level.)

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Known Hero
posted June 18, 2017 12:41 PM
Edited by leiah2 at 22:25, 10 Jul 2017.

Theme Song:Town Music (O1:27-03:28) ||Battle Music || Adventure map Music (40:11-43:37)
Terrain and Architecture:

"The forests and mountains that cover the vast realm of the Trikru, literally meaning 'People of the Woods', are shrouded in a constant veil of mist. Not much is known about the area or it's inhabitants to the rest of the world as few people who enter without permission ever make it back alive. The forest is steeped in magic, and it is unlike any other forest in the world. Only the towns and villages inside the forest are devoid of the mist.
Most settlements of Rampart are smaller villages and towns, consisting of predominantly wooden buildings and only the central building and walls are partially made of stone. Only three settlements can truly be considered cities and one of them is their capital Quandc (top right image). This is where all Oracles and Commanders finish their education.''

The people of Rampart, known as the Trikru in their own language, the Aethrai to scholars around the world or just the fae folk to the vast majority, are a reclusive, secretive and highly isolationist people. The majority of the population consist of Elves, Nymphs and Dryads but still have large contingents of Humans and Centaurs living in their towns. The last race that could be considered a major one are the Fairies as their entire population live within the forests, but since there are so few left of their once great people they don't take an active part in the defence of the forest, a few of them only serving as generals and leaders. Individuals of almost every other race can be found living there as well, having been offered refuge, preferring to live in peace with nature.

Rampart is neither a good nor an evil faction, they prefer instead to live out their lives in Nature's embrace beneath the enchanted forested canopy of their realm. They simply do not care much about the world beyond their borders, they maintain trading deals with some factions but that's where it ends. If any faction would try to harm their forest or forcefully try to enter, the Rampart host will not hesitate to wage war against them, whether they're men, demon or orc. If any faction is hostile enough and seen as a big enough threat, they can send out their mighty armies to bring battle outside of their own realm.

Rampart Heroes generally consist of Elves, Dryads, Nymphs, Centaurs, Humans and Fairies.
All Rampart heroes have access (not forced to have) to:
Basic Luck: Increases luck of all creatures in hero's army by 1.
Basic Earth Magic: Allows hero to learn Earth Magic spells of the third circle and makes Earth Magic more effective overall.

Might Hero:Tracker

"Trackers are the ones who control the borders of the realm, making sure that no unwanted visitors are allowed to enter. They are master scouts and spies and are the ones who see the most of the outside world. They don't hesitate to be in the middle of the fray should combat be necessary and have a very powerful hero attack."

Always has access to (not forced to have):
Advanced Logistics: Increases hero's movement speed over land by 20%.
Scouting: Hero receives +4 to his range of view and gets an ability to see precise number of creatures in neutral troops, in enemy armies, towns and garrisons within his range of view.
Advanced Leadership: Increases moral of all creatures in hero's army by 2.

Magic Hero:Oracle

"Oracles, or Witches as some call them are the magical elite of Rampart. They study all schools of magic except Fire Magic as it is seen as too dangerous and volatile to be allowed, if someone loses control it could cause great damage. Only Aeskil (second to the top left) is allowed to use fire magic as he has been trained by the wizards of Academy. All oracles are highly adept at Earth magic and most are proficient in Light and Dark magic as well."

Always has access to (not forced to have):
Basic Light Magic: Allows hero to learn Light Magic spells of the third circle and makes Light Magic more effective overall.
Basic Dark Magic: Allows hero to learn Dark Magic spells of the third circle and makes Dark Magic more effective overall.
Advanced Earth Magic: Allows hero to learn Earth Magic spells of the Fourth circle and makes Earth Magic more effective overall.

Mixed Hero:Commander

"Commanders are the leaders of Rampart. They govern the towns and are the ones who lead the largest armies into battle. They are master tacticians and diplomats and they are the only Rampart heroes who can use the summon allies spell."

Always has access to (not forced to have):
Advanced Summoning Magic: Allows hero to learn Summoning Magic spells of the fourth circle and makes Summoning Magic even more effective.
Diplomacy: Increaces the chance of wandering creatures joining hero's army, lowers the cost of surrendering.
Tactics: Allows you to arrange your troops on the battlefield before combat begins.


T 1: Fox -> Enfield

"Foxes and Enfields are the forever loyal companions of the Trikru. Despite being quite small creatures they are extremely brave. While they may just seem to be simple animals, they are very clever creatures capable of understanding human speech."

HP: 7 -> 11
Speed: 6 -> 8
Initiative: 11 -> 14
Attack 1 -> 2
Defense: 1 -> 1
Min - Max dmg: 1-3 -> 2-5
Growth: 12
Cost: 35 -> 55
- Immunity to debuffs: This creature is not affected by abilities/spells that reduce stats or otherwise hinder it.
- Clever:The creature may move four tiles away from the first enemy that moves within it's radius each turn.
- Flyer (Upgrade)

T 2: Nymph -> Dryad

"The Nymphs and Dryad make for a resilient backbone in the Rampart armies. While Nymphs always appear to be young and beautiful men and women, Dryads always resemble a tree or plant to some extent. It can range from simply having bright green eyes to having leaves for hair or their skin having a bark-like texture. They have a natural resistance to magic."

HP: 10 -> 16
Speed: 5 -> 6
Initiative: 7 -> 11
Attack 2 -> 5
Defense: 3 -> 5
Min - Max dmg: 2-2 -> 4-6
Growth: 9
Cost: 60 -> 110
- Magic Resistance: This unit only takes 25% of all Magic damage.
- Sacrificial Rite (Ability): This unit can give it's own life to resurrect dead beast units from the Rampart faction. (Peryton, Enfield and Dragon)
- Magic Immunity (Upgrade): This unit is immune to all kinds of Magic damage.
- Magic Shield (Upgrade): Grants all friendly units on tiles adjacent to it Magic Immunity.

T 3: Hunter -> Ranger

"Hunters are the everyday citizens of Rampart and mainly consist of Elves and Humans. Having trained to use a bow since they were young they are masterful archers and are the ones who keep their people fed. Rangers are those who show exceptional skill, enlisting in the permanent armed forces. They scout the borders, watching for any threat that might come to their home."

HP: 10 -> 12
Speed: 4 -> 6
Initiative: 10 -> 12
Attack 4 -> 6
Defense: 1 -> 4
Shots: 12 -> 16
Min - Max dmg: 4-7 -> 6-9
Growth: 7
Cost: 130 -> 180
- Shooter
- Double Shot: Can shoot twice each turn.
- No Range Penalty: This unit suffers no range penalty.
- Fleetfooted (Upgrade): This unit can choose to either fire two shots, move first then fire once or fire once then move.

T 4: Seer -> Mystic

"Those who are adept at magic have the option to become Seers and Mystics. They are the ones who tend to the magical mist that forever cover their forests. People might come to them to have their fortune told as Seers are known to sometimes see glimpses of the future. Mystics are more attuned with nature than the other citizens of the forest and have learned the ability to summon the creatures of the forest to aid them in battle."

HP: 20 -> 32
Speed: 5 -> 5
Initiative: 8 -> 10
Attack 8 -> 12
Defense: 5 -> 8
Mana: 8 -> 16
Min - Max dmg: 8-10 -> 12-14
Growth: 4
Cost: 300 -> 450
- Caster
- Haste (Spell): Grants a unit increased speed. 4 Mana, 1 turn cooldown.
- Blind (Spell): Blinded creatures cannot move or attack, but regain sight if attacked. 4 Mana, 1 turn cooldown.
- The Sight: Reveals hidden units within 6 tiles of the unit.
- Deadly Mist (Spell)(Upgrade): Summons a 4x4 tile wide mistcloud that damages any creature that starts their turn inside it. 8 Mana, 2 turn cooldown.
- Summon Allies (Spell)(Upgrade): Summons a stack of allied creatures on any chosen tile within 4 tiles of the unit. May spawn either Wolves, Ravens or Forest Elementals. 12 Mana.

T 5: Centaur -> Centaur Captain

"Centaurs might seem uncivilized and barbaric to people who have never talked to one due to their preference of not having much clothing and slightly wild appearance. But they are actually very noble individuals who inspire bravery in everyone fighting alongside them. "

HP: 55 -> 80
Speed: 7 -> 9
Initiative: 11 -> 11
Attack 12 -> 18
Defense: 12 -> 16
Min - Max dmg: 10-20 -> 16-24
Growth: 3
Cost: 600 -> 920
- Bravery: Creature always has positive morale (no less than +1).
- Cleave: If this creature's attack kills at least one creature in the target stack, it performs an additional strike.
- Inspire (Upgrade): Whenever this creature attacks an enemy creature all units in the army receives a +1 morale boost.
- Charge (Upgrade):Creature gets a 5% bonus to damage it inflicts during attack for each tile it covered on the game field before the attack.

T 6: Peryton -> Peryton Stag

"Don't let yourself be fooled by their gentle appearance. While they are loyal to the Trikru and generally don't hurt their masters, they are highly aggressive creatures and viciously attack the enemies of Rampart. They are omnivores but tend to mostly be fed vegetation as eating fresh meat tend to throw them into a vicious frenzy. Victims attacked by the stag also bleed profusely from the many deep wounds from the sharp teeth and antlers."

HP: 85 -> 140
Speed: 6 -> 7
Initiative: 10 -> 11
Attack 12 -> 14
Defense: 14 -> 20
Min - Max dmg: 5-20 -> 15-35
Growth: 2
Cost: 1000 -> 1600
- Frenzy: Any time this unit attacks or retaliates and it kills at least one unit in the enemy stack it's damage increases by 20%.
- Flyer
- No Enemy Retaliation (Upgrade):Enemies never retaliate after melee attacks by creatures with this ability.
- Bleed (Upgrade): Enemies attacked by this creature bleed during the next 2 turns causing them to lose speed and take damage.

T 7: Forest Dragon -> Golden Dragon

"The Forest dragons are the undisputed kings of the mountains and forests of Rampart. Highly aggressive while young, as they mature their scales harden and turn golden. Golden dragons have learned to control their temper, and release it only on those who wish to hurt the forest. In the capital of Rampart, Quandc (pronounced Kwan-dee-cee), Trikru children can be seen running around and playing with some of the Golden dragons that lay sleeping in the area around the city."

HP: 175 -> 235
Speed: 9 -> 10
Initiative: 10 -> 12
Attack 30 -> 33
Defense: 20 -> 32
Min - Max dmg: 30-60 -> 45-62
Growth: 1
Cost: 3500 +1 Gem -> 4500 +2 Gems
- Breath Attack: When attacking the creature damages not only the target but any other unit positioned directly behind it.
- Flyer
- Dragon Hide: Resists all enemy spells from tier 1-4.
- Armoured (Upgrade):This creature takes 40% less damage from all Physical damage and resists effects that decrease Defense.
- Regeneration (Upgrade):Creature restores its health by 30 - 50 HPs each turn.

Town aligned creatures:

Wolf: Tier 2 creature. Double Strike.
Raven: Tier 1 creature. Flyer that gives morale debuff to enemies it attacks.
Forest elemental: Tier 3 creature. Tanky creature that emits a healing wave.
Griffin: Tier 5 creature. More offensive than Hippogriff.
Hippogriff: Tier 5 creature. The more defensive option.

War Machines: Standard War Machines.

Special building #1: Hidden Valley
"The Hidden valley is a place where wild creatures and spirits gather and find refuge, defended from external threats by the nearby town. In turn some of the creatures offer their services to it's inhabitants.''

Let's Rampart recruit two random creatures that are aligned to the town. Can be either Wolves, Ravens or Forest Elementals. Can be upgraded once more to be able to recruit one extra creature, also random, which will be either Hippogriffs or Griffins.

Special building #2: Grove of Dodona
"The Grove of Dodona is a collection of trees standing in a circle and it is the source of almost all prophecies that the people of Rampart know of. Their whispering voices can be heard throughout the entire forest, turning weak-minded intruders insane, luring them into the deepest parts of the forest."

Hostile armies in the town's area of control have reduced movement points and start taking attrition after a certain amount of turns depending on the leadership of the commanding general.

Special building #3: Scouting Outpost
A building that let's Rampart gain more information of their enemies. Increases information shown in scouting reports of towns, creatures and heroes.

Grail Building: (Insert generic Grail building, a.k.a ain't got time for this.)


Horses, Pegasi, Unicorns, Stags or Peryton.

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Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted June 21, 2017 06:25 PM

LizardWarrior, deadline and timeline for judging this one. Have you decided?

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Age of erwins is over
posted June 21, 2017 07:49 PM

Well, it's still the same, 2 weeks for making factions and 5 days of voting, that means judging will start on 30.

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Legendary Hero
posted June 22, 2017 12:22 AM
Edited by MattII at 03:46, 28 Jun 2017.

Oh ****, instead of stealth-editing my post this morning I went and deleted it. Okay, I'll give in another go, but I can't guarantee I'll finish in time.


Motto: The forest is the heart of the world, and so must be protected.
Terrain: Grasslands (forest)
Architecture: Tree shaping
Description: A forest-dwelling faction, with the army made mostly of beasts.
Symbols: The world tree, the thistle

Might Hero: Warden
Wardens are those who have forsaken the normal life of raising a family to help protect the forest at large.

Magic Hero: Druid
Druids are those who seek to learn all kinds of magic, not merely the healing and protective magics commonly seen in the forest.

Faction Skill: Brotherhood
When a stack is attacked, nearby friendly stacks will move to attack the aggressor.

(unexplained abilities from H5)
Wolverine Gulon Wolverine

Despite their diminutive size, the wolverine's ferocity makes it among the most respected creatures in the forest.
Despite a well-deserved reputation for glutton, few would wish to tangle with a gulon wolverine, for their vitality is as legendary as their appetite.
* Bravery
* Unlimited Retaliation
* Bravery
* Unlimited Retaliation
* Scavenger

Satyr Archer Satyr Ranger

Well aware of their rather small size, most satyrs prefer to keep away from a melee and use their arrows to hurt the enemy.
The more experienced satyrs, despite having no intention of getting into a melee, prepare for the possibility, knowing that sometimes, the eventuality can't be avoided.
* Shooter
* Shooter
* No Melee Penalty

Boar Bloodtusk

Although sometimes a bit flightly, once a boar has engaged in battle, it can be surprisingly tenacious.
Where boars are flightly, bloodtusks aren't, making them even more dangerous, indeed often a lethally wounded boar will charge straight at the enemy.
* Enraged
* Enraged
* Death Charge - A bloodtusk stack will retaliate against any melee attack in which one or more of their number is killed.

Wood Gryphon War Gryphon

Many find it surprising that wood gryphons aren't good flyers, forgetting that in a forest, flying often isn't possible for an animal their size.
While normal gryphons aren't good flyers, those the see use in the military are very much so, having been trained hard to build up their strength.
* Large Creature
* Short Flight - The creature can fly, but only for half its walking movement range.
* Large Creature
* Flyer

Dryad Woodmother

While not all tree spirits are known as dryads, ignorant outsiders often can't tell the difference, and so use the name, regardless of whether or not it's correct.
Where dryads can only really heal vegetation, woodmothers are far more capable, able to heal animals as well as plants.
* Flyer
* Heal Treant - The dryad can heal an adjacent stack of treants for 5 hp per dryad.
* Entangling Roots - The dryad can entangle a normal-sized enemy stack with roots, preventing it from moving. The stack remains entangled until the dryad either moves or is killed, and up to two stacks can be entangled at once.
* Flyer
* Healing Touch - The dryad can heal any adjacent stack of living creatures for 10 hp per dryad.
* Binding Roots - The dryad can entangle an enemy stack of up to large size, preventing it from moving. The stack remains entangled until the dryad either moves or is killed, and up to three stacks can be entangled at once.

Shining Stag Qilin

The origin on the shining deer is a mystery, but that doesn't prevent them being a valued and effective addition to Preserve's military.
Where the shining deer are barely more intelligent than most other cervines, the same can not be said for the qilin, who display both keen intelligence and significant magical capabilities.
* Large Creature
* Jousting
* Large Creature
* Jousting
* Immune to Slow
* Aura of Magic Resistance
* Reflect Spell - There is a 20% chance that any enemy spell cast on the qilin stack is instead reflected onto some enemy stack.

Treant Elder Treant

Treants are the very epitome of the living forest, the trees themselves moving to protect their homes.
The older a treant gets, the more it is revered by the other denizens of the forest, with some of the oldest being very nearly worshipped.
* Large Creature
* Take Root - When in a defensive stance, the treant takes root, granting it healing of up to 50 hp per turn.
* Broad Attack - The treant attacks all space in front of it, doing full damage to those stacks on adjacent tiles, and 50% to those on corner tiles.
* Heal Dryad - The treant can give up 50 hp to heal a dryad stack of 100 hp of damage, including resurrecting fully dead dryads.
* Large Creature
* Deep Root - When in a defensive stance, the treant takes root, granting it healing of up to 100 hp per turn.
* Broad Attack
* Heal Dryad
* Break Walls - The treant does half base damage to walls and other defences.

Special Building 1: Healing Spring
During a siege, all friendly creatures gain regeneration, at a rate of 10 hp per turn for Basic, 20 hp per turn for Core, 35 hp per turn for Elite, and 50 hp per turn for Champion creatures.

Special Building 2: Evergrowing Roots
During a siege, all walls regenerate at a rate of 50 hp per turn, even from destroyed.

Special Building 3: Woodland Paths
All friendly armies within 20 spaces of the town move as if on roads, regardless of their home terrain.

Grail Building: Tree of Life
Generates 5,000 gold per day and increases the creature growth rate in the town by 100% and for dwellings in the surrounding 20 spaces by 50%.

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As i dream, so shall it be!
posted June 24, 2017 12:42 PM

Hmmm..... That's why i always make my faction on a word document and the copy paste it here and do the edits i need. This way i always have them on backup

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posted June 24, 2017 08:23 PM
Edited by MattII at 03:50, 28 Jun 2017.

An important lesson for next time. Still at least I remember where I got most of my pictures.

Also, this looks like being a smaller round, four completed factions (including my own), and two more ongoing.

And I do hope we get some non-contributor voters this time.

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 29, 2017 07:05 AM
Edited by Methven at 07:07, 29 Jun 2017.

Well, I’m certainly pleased with the feedback from my last proposal- it’s really encouraging! Thanks also for the criticism and suggestions.

For Sylvan I created two vastly different line-ups and struggled to know which to finalise and submit. Seeing as this is a competition of originality and creativity, I’ve decided to go with the more adventurous one. I recognise that some of the names here might not be the easiest, and I’ve seen some criticism of ‘obscure’ names here at HC before. So, I tried to choose simple enough names so that it wouldn’t be an issue.


Motto: Don’t give up what is precious, don’t lose your circle.
Architecture: Enchanted Polynesian-style village, with huts, nearby water and elegant structures. Like in these pictures.
Symbol: Rough circles resembling tree rings (Image)
Description: This line-up alludes to many deities, creatures and mythologies of Polynesia, the Philippines and Australia, often quite loosely, in order that there might be a coherent theme and ‘town’ feel to the creatures. Most sources have themes of nature, the wilds, and/or creation; they therefore suit the core idea of the Sylvan town.
This faction has two main types of beings, the Wati Kutjara, and the Diwatas. Wati Kutjara are wistful, crafty and overall good-natured lizardmen of the coastal forests and plains, while Diwatas and their lesser forms represent the spiritual aspect of trees and nature. They are accompanied by a varied set of fantastic creatures. In terms of gameplay, each unit tends towards a specific role quite strongly. Sylvan is a primarily magical faction, with focus on cleverly using the unit’s abilities to outwit any opponents, and on bolstering the units with spells. There is a rich spiritual aspect to this faction, where spirits are considered to be part of a mystical, universal cycle.

Might: The Totemist - Upstanding warriors, totemists defend their villages and towns in small local scuffles, and answer the call to fight for their homelands when it is threatened. They are considered to have the spirit of a Dirawong inside them. Those totemists who are particularly wise, strategic or experienced are tasked with leading larger groups of fighters.
All units gain the ‘Defender’ ability, which gives them +20% defence until they attack the first time in battle (+40% during sieges). Starts with Defence and either Leadership or Earth Magic.

Magic: The Dreamcatcher - The dwellers of the forests call upon Dreamcatchers in times to strife, whether the issue be large or small. Respected within their communities for their vast knowledge of myths, legends and the spiritual realms, they are able to lead troops effectively in times of war. (Referring to the ‘dreamtime’ but also spiritual aspect of magic in this faction.)
Dreamcatchers start with a random low-level blessing spell aside from their individual specialty, and can cast it at 150% effectiveness. They can also cast this spell on mass for no extra mana from level 10. Starts with Earth Magic and either Sorcery or Water Magic.

There are seven tiers of Sylvan units. Abilities in brackets are for the upgraded form only.

1. Hunter/Trapper - Most Wati Kutjara are not well suited to war, but rather live as farmers, merchants, nobles, scholars. Yet some gain great skill in surviving in the dense bushland forests, and willingly lend their skills in any battle worth fighting.
Abilities: Evasive, (Take Down)

2. Mimi/Mimi Sage - When Engkanto die, they may be reborn and assigned a particular tree. The resulting creatures are stronger but also bound to the physical realm. Mimis, as they are called, tend to be fragile on the battlefield. This doesn’t mean they are useless- they inspire a strong desire in their allies to push back against opposing forces.
Abilities: Spirit, Mystic Wind

3. Bunyip/Bunyip Striker - Known far and wide as elusive, evil creatures waiting to make prey of innocent, unsuspecting wanderers, Bunyips do tend to live up to their reputation. They are capable hunters and stalkers, though the label of ‘evil’ probably has more to do with their sleek appearance and preference to leap from the shadows.
Abilities: Keen Eyes, (Vengeful)

4. Waugal/Waugal Creator - In Sylvan myth, the great First Waugal, who shone with many bright colours, went over all the land, creating and shifting mountains, valleys and oceans. This seems to fit with the Waugals seen in the coastal forests today, who are not only fierce fighters but also able to magically conjure objects into the landscape.
Abilities: Flyer, Pulsation, (Form Landscape)

5. Diwata/Divine Diwata - Diwatas are considered one of the most elevated spiritual forms, and are much more powerful than Mimis or Engkantos. They gain unprecedented abilities that tie them to the forest and to the forest’s will. As the lone ranged unit of the Sylvan armies, their ability to hide in any environment is critical in preventing them from being picked off first.
Abilities: Spirit, Shooter, Camouflage, (Natural Growth)

6. Veo/Ancient Veo - Veos are present in many legends as benevolent guardians of the heroic figures, and even today use their incredible strength and arcane powers to aid noble causes and valiant heroes.
Abilities: Wondrous Scales, Stream of Magic, (Lurid Spikes)
Image (Top, then middle for upgraded. Could look more magical.)

7. Dirawong/Sacred Dirawong - Wondrous beasts that dwell deep in the bushland, Dirawongs have little cause to interact with humanoids. However, in times when their homeland and sacred sites are under attack, or when there is an enemy too malevolent to ignore, Dirawongs hear the cry of their Diwata servants and contribute their mighty force to a Sylvan army.
Abilities: Flyer, Imposing, Chosen Vessel, (Fearsome)

Aligned Unit:
1. Engkanto - Feeble wisps of nature, they flit about Sylvan towns and spiritual sites. They often take a humanoid form to talk to humans and other humanoids.
Abilities: Flyer, Spirit

Unique War Machine
Totem Tree - The Sylvan armies use enchanted carved trees, which heal just as well as a First Aid Tent. The added bonus to the Totem Tree is its power to increase the luck of allied units within 10 tiles of it by 1. It is also sturdier, and hence longer-lasting than a First Aid Tent.

Description of Abilities:
- Evasive: Large creatures have a 30% chance to miss this creature with any attack
- Take Down: Deals an additional 30% damage to large targets.
- Spirit: Receives 50% less damage from spells and recovers from debuffs one turn earlier than usual.
- Mystic Wind: When moving past allied units, this unit gives them an additional retaliation for that round.
- Keen Eyes: May attack enemy units through any obscuration by abilities or spells, and never misses its attacks (may not pass through obstacles like Force Field).
- Vengeful: This unit deals full damage when retaliating.
- Flyer: Unit can move to any free location within its movement range, even over any obstacles or units.
- Pulsation: While moving, this unit deals minor damage to all enemy units it passes.
- Form Landscape: This unit may use a turn to select an area within its movement range and create a small obstacle there (3 tiles).
- Shooter: This unit may deal ranged damage to any unit on the battlefield, though deals less damage to units far away or adjacent to it.
- Camouflage: This unit cannot be attacked by units more than 6 tiles away from it, or by ranged units without full range (e.g. an enemy unit 7+ tiles away cannot move and attack this unit in one turn).
- Natural Growth: Every two turns, before its normal action, this unit may bless a friendly unit with a 30% defence boost.
- Wondrous Scales: Immune to all debuffs of any sort.
- Stream of Magic: This unit’s presence increases the friendly hero’s spellpower by 1, and restores them with 1 mana point per round.
- Lurid Spikes: Melee attacks to this unit deal the attacker 10% of the damage.
- Imposing: Deals an additional 30% damage to small creatures.
- Chosen Vessel: All buffing spells cast by heroes are also cast to this unit at half the cost of mana (rounded up).
- Fearsome: When this units is attacked by small units, the attacker suffers a -1 morale penalty.

Special Buildings:
Special Building 1: Kauri Lord Tree - Adds one random blessing spell to the mage guild at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. (Tāne Mahuta is a landmark kauri tree in New Zealand, connected to the benevolent Maori forest deity)
Special Building 2: Engkanto Grove - Gives a visiting hero either +1 attack or +1 defence for their next battle. A small number of Engkanto aid to defend the town during a siege.
Special Building 3: Shining Terraces - +2 gems or crystals per week, +1 luck to defending army. (‘Pink and white terraces’ of New Zealand are considered a lost eighth natural wonder)
Grail Building: Stone of all Spirits - +5000 Gold per day. Unit production increases by 50%. If a hero loses more than four fifths of their army (by number of units), Engkanto Wisps equal to the number of lost units (allied or opposing) join the battle to help aid the army. (Referring to Uluru)

PS: Also I’d like to explain that if some word choice seems odd, there’s probably a reason I chose it. For example with the Colony faction, a gallery is a type of cavern in a termite mound but also a human location (Royal Gallery), a hooded moth is one name for a species of moth (Hooded Priest), and I chose to use ‘human’ names for insectoid units to tie in a human-like culture to another race (especially some from dominant cultures - Gladiator, Cavalier). Every name was chosen for a reason, and still is. Yet, I can understand if something comes across as though it doesn’t fit, and the criticism and questioning is welcome. After all, part of my job here is to put everything together in a way that things don't feel out of place.
PPS: Also again, the art isn’t mine but belongs to the artists/owners. I don’t know if I have to keep disclaiming this each time? While I feel I should, I don't think I have to, and it's probably pretty obvious anyway. Apologies if some of the links don't work- they work for me at time of posting.

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Dragon of justice
posted June 29, 2017 10:05 AM
Edited by markmasters at 10:05, 29 Jun 2017.

Due to madness at work I'll try to update my town tonight, but else it would be tomorrow night (which kinda is the deadline). Hopefully I can make it, but  else I just wanted to let you  guys know I'm still interested in the contest but just had some struggles

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As i dream, so shall it be!
posted June 29, 2017 11:16 AM

Guys, i have a draft of the faction ready but i am in hell due to moving and i need to pack and find places to leave furniture and whatnot so i will do my best to upload on weekend

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